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  1. Tythus

    Spooky Discounts

    Hi Guys, Seems someone has forgotten to post this perhaps it scared them off but until next Saturday we have a 15% discount running on the store for Halloween. Check out our VIP perks and Crown packages here: https://www.lordofthecraft.net/store/ Visit our store here: http://store.lordofthecraft.net And enter coupon code: 2spooky4tythus at checkout for 15% off Regards, Tythus
  2. Im sorry to have to inform you on here and not the Minecraft.net chat but my Minecraft user is jennyz101 and I have applied

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    2. winterforever


      alright thank you so much I was confused at who and alright thank you so very much

    3. Vaynth


      Don't mention it. I know what you mean, seeing all the teams can be a bit overwhelming at first. Welcome to lotc by the way, we're happy to have you.

  3. *Insert Random Quip here*

  4. talked to one of the in-game admins who redirected me back to you, if at all possible can i get my old account back? the whole forum-resetPW nonsense happened and i haven't had access to it since maybe 2016 and i'd like to check my old messages.

    1. Vaynth


      Hey, just letting you know that getting a hold of Tythus through his forum account is pretty difficult. Would be better to ask the admin you spoke to for an email you could use to get in touch with him more easily.

    2. Royced


      will do, also @501warhead maybe you could assist ??

  5. i like burgers. i only eat 3 types of burgers:

    bottom bun + burger + cheese + top bun

    bottom bun + burger + cheese + bacon + top bun

    bottom bun + burger + ketchup + top bun

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    2. Omar Grimmer'Lak

      Omar Grimmer'Lak

      i like fries. also fries with cheese sauce. grilled cheese sandwiches are also good with burgers. i think i once had mashed potatoes and a hamburger in the same meal. i like food :)

    3. Ser Paul Ryan

      Ser Paul Ryan

      Have you ever tried a drink with your food? One time I had a "root bear float" with my lunch and it was very good, I suggest you try it! 

    4. Omar Grimmer'Lak

      Omar Grimmer'Lak

      i usually drink soda, tea, or a milkshake. i don't know if i've ever had a drink that was really really good. the last time i had a food that was really really good was a slice of mint brownie pie (https://www.villageinn.com/pies/special/mintbrownieblast/)

  6. Hey my Updog. Can I get the PW to my old account Akeron reset? 

    Edit: I just remembered our talk from last year let me get to that!

    Edited by Royced
  7. Tythus

    Lobby Server!

    Edit: April fools! Sorry that this joke wasn't great, but we hope you had some fun! The lobby server was not a joke and will be remaining, but the main IP will connect you to the main server, and the lobby will only be used for restarts and maintenance. - Dev Team Lobby Server Lord of the Craft's main address will still connect you to the main server, but for restarts and maintenance you will be moved to a lobby server. There are portals here to each of the two major servers, plus many exciting features such as jump-pads, parkour, a trampoline, and /fly for Aether VIPs. If you have any suggestions for VIP features for the lobby, let us know! You can visit the lobby anytime with /lobby Navigate to the main server via the portal, or with the compass. Changes to Defender Default We are getting rid of the much-despised ‘Defender Default’ and replacing it with a creative solution that we hope you will enjoy! Lord of the Craft will now take place on two parallel servers, featuring the same base map and storyline, though each having unique rules and plugins. Items will not be synced between servers. Items gained or lost on one server will not be gained/lost on the other. Roleplay Default Server This server will become home to those who prefer a combat-free experience. It will be a safe-server, so we ask you to please be mindful of others. This server will have the following unique features: No PVP is permitted anywhere. All combat must be RP. Death will not be permitted. Raiding and warclaims will be permitted, though they must take place in Roleplay. Raid cooldowns will remain the same. Players will be reminded when equipping weapons that they can not PVP. The whitelist will remain active. PVP Default Server This server will become home to those who prefer a the pixel-centric experience. It will be fast-paced, and exciting for all! This server will have the following unique features: RP combat is entirely disallowed. Things such as ‘halt’, ‘minas or die’ or simply ‘you’re looking at me funny’ are sufficient to start a PVP countdown. Weapons can track kills by doing /stattrak on the item. Note this will remove the lore, but who needs that anyways. Death messages will be displayed, showing your weapon as well! There will be a leaderboard for kills, viewable with /ladder. You will be ranked via ‘fame’ which can be seen with /fame. Note that farming kills is a bannable offence. The dreaded new player protection has been removed. Useless roleplay channels such as /shout, /quiet and /whisper have been removed. To compensate, the radius for /talk has been increased to 75 blocks. There will be no whitelist. Villainy and combat may take place at the Cloud Temple. There will be no raid cooldowns or raid limits. Killing non-statuses citizens during a raid is permitted for realism, but please be aware this is a war crime. You can use /tpa and /tpahere Roleplaying magic of any sort will not be permitted. Knockout has been removed. Note to Nations Nations will be moved exclusively to one of the two realms at the end of next week based on player-counts of your citizens. It would be impossible to have nations operate on two realms simultaneously. We hope you enjoy these changes. Cheers, Administration and Development Teams
  8. Tythus

    It's ALIVE!

    Hi Guys, So yeah that quick maintenance turning into something much bigger than I was hoping. What seems to of happened is the new hosting company we were moving to closed our account with no notice or explanation given we did try calling in to ask them why they had closed our account but have only received stonewalling. In other new welcome to our new new old hosting provider from a while back with our new new server and....... BWHAHAHA this took much longer but here we are the miracle of good backups. Regards, Tythus
  9. Tythus

    Forum Maintenance

    Hi, To help with the issues we seem to have on saturday we will be moving host ontop of general maintenance. This will have about 2 hours of downtime and services will then resume gradually afterwords. Regards, Tythus
  10. the administration tythus, hand it over.

  11. aardvark pays uff