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    Ecgbert was born in 1663 to two relatively unknown parents from a hamlet south-west of Haense, deep within the woods. Ecgbert's mother was a simple milk maiden and lovingly nicknamed her only son; Egg. Owing to his thick skull, he survived and out-lived his other siblings. Ecgbert's father was a huntsman who worked under the local parish. Ecgbert's father was wholly mysterious to his son yet played an important role in his upbringing, giving him a strong devotion to the faith. Ecgbert was raised up in their small little farm plot developing a strong knowledge of the land and farming, his father also managed to teach him some phrases of faith. By the age of 12, Ecgbert wanted to learn more about his faith and pursue the priesthood. After being accepted to do so by the local parish, Ecgbert was ecstatic to live his life behind and devote himself to GOD. Ecgbert spent most of the formative years of his life in the parish under the guidance of Father Karl Visikrupp who taught him theology of the Church and how to read and write scripture. With this also came the knowledge which far exceeded him such as learning the beginnings of accountancy in order to help the Church. Soon enough the boy Ecgbert grew into the man and finally ached to see more than just the parish, so sought permission to finally travel to Haense and join the Church there as a priest.
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