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  1. 5th of Amber Cold, 1899 Frederick Aurelian positioned himself in the midst of a small skirmish, yet the situation proved dire for the Novellen. Recently he had united with a mercenary group for this battle, but his blunder was to pursue its inexperienced commander. Subsequently, it had now ushered Frederick to face a daunting ambush of a battalion of spearmen in front of men. In a swift motion, he immediately parried a lunge from a spearman before sauntering forward and piercing the soldier in his chest. Bathing in a shortened glimpse of glory and advance, the male discovered himself tackled downwards brutally and propounded a mouth brimmed of grit and dirt. The flavour deemed bitter and impure, exceedingly akin to the spoils of fleeting conflict. In a rigid and flailing moment, Frederick’s sword flung - rendering him solely unarmed. Rising valiantly to knee level, a riling palm scrambled and scratched unrelentingly at the muddied floor in search of his weapon. His leverage. The soldier distinctly did not seek to capitulate the stout countenance he rallied and wrought, for grimed arms began to grapple with the Novellen. A rapid reaction transpired in Frederick and, once more, a set of palms attempted to scavenge for his sword upon the crimson floor of battlehood. As a result, the male could only locate a tattered shield, in which he clasped and functioned such as a gauntlet. The shield, sorrowfully, did not have time to be acquainted with its new owner for it persisted forwards to smash upon the soldier’s visage. Cranium-on. A newfound sensation of adrenaline pumped amongst the blood of Frederick as the shield continued to maul its face until the piercing sound of bones crushing and grinding ceased. Laced with a cavernous sigh of repose hindered from Frederick, he shot a glower at this tattered, wearied shield that had halted the threat to his life. An impression of vigorous recognition embraced the blood splattered male, for etched upon the shield lay the sigil of Lorraine. He only had his studies of when he was but a juvenile to thank. A quizzical frown began to seek refuge upon the perimeter of Fredericks dirtied visage, before instantly regaining all senses. Abruptly, he gripped the nearest sword he could observe. Only then did Frederick advance forth, both the tattered shield of Lorraine and the muddied sword tightly gripped betwixt carmine digits. He had to recommence the fight. The Lotharingian Company was first formed in Aeldin, serving as mercenaries for various kingdoms and settlements in an attempt to solve lordly or political disputes within the realms of Marna and Ulmsbottom. With countless unimportant battles being fought in the lands of Aeldin, Frederick believed the value of the company should be shifted back to his homelands, and to the lands of Almaris. The Lotharingian Company, many of whose soldiers consist of a hybrid culture of Orenian and Savoyard, is formed to unite the followers of Frederick Aurelian in these troubling times. The company will be used for both the protection and war efforts in which the soldiers within the company are for hire. Albeit the company is made of the remnant followers of the Kingdom of Oren, the intention of the group is on the followings and beliefs of Lucienism and avenging the death of King Frederick and establishing a homeland within the realm of Almaris. “I shall find a path, or I shall forge one myself” - Augustus d’Amaury The company fights together as one group, as one army and with it the differences in ranks is bare to none. With only one clear defined leader, the officers are exceptional soldiers within the company but with no official rank that is higher. But with their exceptional standard comes the respect of all the other soldiers within the company. The Medal of the Iron Duke This medal is only awarded to soldiers within the company who have shown great leadership in battle, and that has led the company to victory. Those who are awarded the Medal of the Iron Duke, prove to be of great leadership capabilities. The Medal of Arpad This medal is awarded to those company members who through months of arduous training in the blade finally have an opportunity to display the fruits of said training, proving their hand at the blade through tournaments and either in battles or duels against foes in greater number or skill then themselves. These soldiers prove to be formidable soldiers in the midst of combat and customarily are the ones to be placed in the vanguard or in the rearguard position during or following a retreat. The Medal of Frederick Charles This medal is awarded posthumously to the fallen company soldiers who performed the greatest sacrifice and forsook their lives in the pursuit of their duty, dying heroically for the sake of their fellow soldiers who shall stride to follow in their example. Only on the rarest and most extreme occasion shall this medal be awarded to those soldiers that perform a sacrifice nearing the feat of those who passed. The medal is to accompany the fallen member of the company at their place of burial, though not all fallen company soldiers shall receive this honor. Meet with our soldiers within the company Peter Pruvia (lucass#9369) to ensure your enlistment within the Lotharingian Company.
  2. THE HUNT BEGINS 10th of the Deep Cold, 1898 A Savoyard ship sails through the seas. Frederick Aurelian leaned against the bow side of the ship, in ponderance of his decisions that were soon to come as he stared at the shores of Almaris from far away- which were slowly nearing by the minute. His time away had caused him many restless nights, endless strife as he fled with his late wife to distant lands out of safety with only a handful of loyal men by their side. The weight of the people who believed in him was on his shoulders as he readied himself. He’d ponder over all the choices and lessons he had learned, as now they’d soon be put up to the test as the boat neared land. The lessons of being a great leader, a devout and pious father. The failures and death that the war had brought had allowed him to realize the severity of it all: men, women, and even children were sacrificing their life out of loyalty and he was not able to provide for and support them as he expected. From the knights who had protected and raised him as their own son, to the lords and ladies he dined with as friends in their earlier years, to his sisters and brothers that he cherished and loved, and to his son he must care after as a parent on his own - without the comforts of his wife to assist him through the turbulence of parenthood. He understood the mistakes he made, which deeply marked within him. These mistakes laid rest within his thoughts, even when he believed to have found solace in a few, brief moments - the past found its way to rest on his shoulders. “Soldiers at the shore!” a sailor hollered from the Crow’s Nest. Frederick gazed onto the shores of Almaris. In doing so, a genuine smile came to him, in sight of Ser Darius Olivier and Ser Lucien alongside several men standing next to them. “Do not worry, they are allies.” He then turned to the de Falstaff bastard and his brother, Adrian Tobias, “We are finally returning after many years. Many years of knowing that the Barclays who betrayed us, the Alstions who rule our lands, and the traitors who fought against us take refuge under the Kingdom of Aaun. Today is when we begin. Prepare for anchor.” Frederick turned once again to lean over the bow side of the ship as they nearly reached the shores of Almaris. On them was an entourage of men awaiting his arrival. He murmured his last words before the ship began to anchor. “The Hunt Begins.”
  3. Prince Frederick would just pose knowing the Haenser Prince was not intellectually as capable as he is.
  4. ISSUED BY HIS ROYAL HIGHNESS THE PRINCE OF PROVIDENTIA On the 15th of the Tobias Bounty, 1880 TO OREN, To you I turn, my friends. The treacherous military attack by Urguan on the lands of Fi’Halen, under a baseless pretext, which now holds no credence even in the eyes of the Pontiff, must be resisted by all of the virtuous realms in Almaris. The Urguani forces have set their eyes on conquering Fi’Halen, the border marches of Oren, the western reaches of Krugmar, and parts of the southern continent. Their alliance seeks to expand the range of its influence to all the known states of Almaris in their bid to cement control over the known world. Having failed to do this repeatedly, they, falsely believing they will meet no resistance, march. How could it occur that our illustrious Petran Legion now stands alone against this threat? Are the Urguani and Haeseni troops really as invincible as their bragging overlords are relentlessly proclaiming, too daunting to be met by none but their most hated foes? Of course not! History shows that invincible armies do not exist and have never existed. The army of Ulfric Frostbeard and Sigismund III was thought to be invincible and yet it was defeated by respectively Orenian, Blackvale, and Orcish troops at the Lower Petra. The same should be said about the present armies of Bakir Ireheart and Karl III. This alliance is led by men who were absent upon the field of battle during the wars fought by their predecessors. Now, believing their conquests inevitable, they walk into the trap of their own devisement - the opposition of a United World against them. If as a result of this opposition the best divisions of the Urguani army are defeated by the Orenian Army Group Center, then it means that Bakir’s loathsome army can just as well be defeated and will be defeated just like the armies of Ulfric and Sigismund were defeated by loyal Orenian patriots. Friends! Our forces are boundless. The arrogant enemy will soon experience this. Many thousands of levies, farmers and members of the bureaucracy have already risen up to engage the invading enemy in battle in cooperation with the Petran Legion of the Orenian Army Group Center: vassal levies from throughout the land, leal Lords and Ladies who shall defend their glorious Fatherland, as they have many times before - to great victories, the Orenian Spirit shall triumph over all obstacles in our wake. Thousands of citizens will rise up as well. The commoners and gentry alike of Vienne and Acre have already begun to enlist within the ranks of their local levies and the Petran Legions as we speak. We must raise such levies in every town, every feudal holding, and we must call on all men and women of Oren to commence the struggle in order to defend their sovereignty and honor in our war against Urguani collectivism. As we speak, the forces of Elysium, Krugmar, Fi’Halen, the Holy Canonist Order, and mercenaries from the north and west assembly to defend the island of mali’thill. All our efforts in support of our heroic Petran Legion and are vassals. All efforts by the population for the destruction of the enemy. Forward, for our victory. IN NOMINE DEI, HIS ROYAL HIGHNESS, Frederick Aurelian, Prince of Providentia
  5. Hugo van Aert would have a cheeky smile upon leaving the battlefield.
  6. A P P L I C A T I O N : [RP Name]: Frederick Aurelian [MC Name]: Mamluk [Age]: 6 [Subjects]: Diplomacy, Stassion Etiquette [Role, Student or Tutor]: Student [What Inspired You to Apply?]: [Discord]: Tornado#0015
  7. A likeness delineating a feast being shared amongst a congregation of Orenian nobles, c. 1879 Vassals and nobility of Oren alike are exceptionally fundamental to the Kingdom of Oren. Their loyalty to the Crown is everlasting, which a trait like such should be appreciated- withal, the affinity between both the Royal Family and their vassals is an invaluable bond that cannot be substituted. To reciprocate such loyal gestures as seen from all aristocracy and knights within the Kingdom, the Royal Family has deemed it befitting to cordially invite all vassals, nobility and knighthood to feast among traditional Orenian dishes with relish in the Stassion Castle in means of internally growing ties further. Guests should be expected to accompany the feast in their finest apparel in company of the Royal Family. The banquet will begin with an addressing accomplished by His Royal Majesty, King Frederick I, Her Royal Majesty, Queen-Consort Vivienne of Savoy and His Royal Highness, the Prince Frederick. Subsequently, the feast will begin where the Royal Family and attendees will have the opportunity to confabulate amongst one another whilst consuming food served by the castle head chef. Special Invitations Are Extended To: The Ducal Household of Helvets The Most Honourable, The Margrave of Grodno, Maciej Jazloviecki The Right Honourable, The Count of Susa, Aleksander Basrid The Right Honourable, The Countess of Halstaig, Sadie O'Rourke The Right Honourable, the Count of Azor, Edmund d’Azor His Imperial Highness, The Count of Temesch, Adrian Novellen-Temesch The Right Honourable, The Viscount of Rivia, Philip Galbraith The Honourable, The Baroness of Artois, Evangéline Halcourt The Honourable, The Baroness of Rosius, Hera de Rosius The Honourable, The Baron of St. Lothar, Arthur Komnenos The Honourable, The Baron of Pompourelia, Franz Arthur de Sarkozy The Honourable, The Baron of Ames, Vincent Keen The Honourable, The Baron of Cherskavy, Andrezj Ivanovich The Honourable, The Baron of Acre, Hannes de Vilain The Honourable, The Baron of Corwinsburg, Heinrich von Alstreim The Honourable, The Baron of Aldersberg, Edward Novellen-Aldersberg The Honourable, The Baron of Guise, Conrad de Falstaff The Honourable, The Baron of Castile, Elric Castile The Honorable, The Baronet Of Westfall, Cesar Komnenos The Honorable, The Baronet, Solomon Obedia The Honorable, The Baronet of Rochefort, Guillaume de Rochefort SIGNED, HIS ROYAL MAJESTY, Frederick I, King of Oren, forever August, King of Renatus, Curon, Kaedrin, Salvus, and Seventis, Grand Duke of Ves, Duke of Vienne, Helena, Novellen, Furnestock, Petra, Oltremont, South Arentania, and Lorraine, Count of Mardon, Baron of Renzfeld, Protector of the Heartlanders and Farfolk, etcetera HER ROYAL MAJESTY, Vivienne of Savoy, Queen consort of Oren, forever August, Queen consort of Renatus, Curon, Kaedrin, Salvus, and Seventis, Grand Duchess consort of Ves, Duchess consort of Vienne, Helena, Novellen, Furnestock, Petra, Oltremont, South Arentania, and Lorraine, Countess consort of Mardon, Baroness consort of Renzfeld, Protector of the Heartlanders and Farfolk, etcetera THE LADY SENESCHAL OF THE STASSION COURT, Lady Mathilde Cypriélle Pruvia [OOC] Date: Sunday, June 26th Time: 4PM EST Location: Royal Palace
  8. Darius of Mardon would hear news of the newly-created Orcish Caravan company roaming around the city of Vienne. He'd leave his table at the tavern to go search for the group, intrigued by the goods they are selling!
  9. Konyves would state while looking at the missive with a cheeky grin “This is the start of their fall”
  10. Magic should be more rare to find. Every other person I have encountered knows some sort of Evocation or Magic.
  11. PACT OF DRAGON AND MAGI “We stand proudly with our allies” - Antonius I 6th of Sigismund’s End, 1711 This pact hereby entails the principles to an accord agreed upon by the signees, to be adhered to by both their respective civilians and military alike. Should either principle be broken by a respective participant of either nation, then a truce will be inherently invoked, ergo allowing a maximum of three saints days wherein efforts to re-evaluate the accord, and, or, deem the accord no longer viable. Henceforth, both parties will adhere to a strict non-aggression agreement that will be enforced. Regarding the flow of goods and trade, no customs will discourage any exchange. Mobility between the nations will be enforced by both, and the roads swept of bandits who may harass our fair people. Both parties will aid one another in obtaining fugitives and criminals to their respective civilization unless one has a pact with said respective nation from which the fugitive hails from. Both signatories hereby establish that both parties agree to support one another with no less of the entirety of their military, should it be an offensive or defensive campaign. Recognizing the supremacy the primary signatory holds over the Elysians if this supremacy is contested then for the duration of until the end of the next war, the pact will ascend into a vassalization pact in which the Elysians vassalize under the primary signatory. HIS IMPERIAL MAJESTY, Antonius I of the House of Horen, Emperor of Man, King of Renatus, Marna, Mardon, Salvus, Seventis, Savoy, Courland, Santegia, Kaz’Ulrah, and Norland, Duke of the Crownlands, Avar, and Frederica, Count of Helena, Carlostadt,Alamar, Frederica, Thesmer, Thelen, Lorath, and Cantal, Baron of Darkwood, Pacha, Eastcliffe, and Gravelhold, Fidei Defensor, First Human Prince of Malinor, Protector of the Heartlanders, Highlanders, Farfolk, etcetera Archmage, Auriel aet’Vaelii Lothryne, Archmage of the Vale, Preserver of the Void
  12. when the emperor kills millions of people

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