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  1. Vasily would sip on some Carrion Black as he responds to his friend Konstatin "Family do nay matter!"
  2. Cant believe the staff are not reprimanding CT members making islamaphobic comments, and are silencing me.

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  3. Astagfurillah

  4. Ahmed Al Kharouf would tend to his herd of goats while he would multitask and read the missive. With haste he would write a missive and attach it to his messenger goat, sent to Sir Gaspard. Written in the missive would be the following. @M1919 " Personally if that was me... I would not take that. (P.S Do you have any goats to trade?) - Ahmed Al Kharouf "
  5. FROM KING TO KING-SLAYER Anno Domini 1952 ☩ ☩ ☩ Frederick Aurelian would hurriedly pack a bindle with a select amount of weapons and hunting gear, with enough food to last a month, a wide assortment of liquor and his prize possession the ICON OF EXALTED OWYN. He would wrap the bindle tightly and ensure that he had sufficient minas in his pouch before running out of Castle Aurelian and straight for Winburghs marketplace in search of a horse. With his leave, a note would also be left on the castle throne. To my son Richard, You must now be aware of today’s events but I wish for you to hear it from me. Today I had rallied a group of our most loyal bannerman, unaware initially until it was too late that the actions I committed today would be treason. To kill the bloody cripple and the two degenerates that assist him. This was my only option to stop the cripple from proceeding with his incompetence. I apologize for doing this all during your travels, taking the men who risked their lives on a cause that could lead to their death. But we were successful, the cripple was killed and his aides' necks were cut open. But my actions have led me to this current event of announcing my leave. I soon will be banished, either by your hand or by the next Protector of Aaun. Nonetheless, I am not a simple man to be killed. If the Acreans were unable to kill me, neither would the Alstions. But use this letter I write to you, to prove your innocence; I am the reason behind Edmund the Cripple and Heinrich Lothar's death. I had never informed you of such actions to keep you from any trouble to come, but I wish to make this letter to ensure that others know. This was not my initial attempt on the bloody fool's life. It seemed the failed attempt in which the hired assassins were unable to kill him as he fell off the pit was money not well spent. But once again, I had not informed you of my plans during that assassination attempt. Neither did I order Baldrick to assault the king but out of sheer coincidence, that had worked out in our advantage. I had recognized that paying assassins would not result in the cripples death, in which I took it into my own hands and rallied men without any knowledge to commit an action to end a tyranny that is needed. The cripple fell. I am sorry, Richard for my actions but I hope that Aaun may strive with three less degenerates. To all those in anger of my actions. Catch me if you can. Frederick Aurelian would tuck the Icon of Exalted Owyn deep into his satchel as he went to place his belongings on top of the horse he had bought in Winburgh. He would climb its stirrups, with a slight grin on his face. He looks to the nearest group of people before saying; “ Want to hear a joke? ” “ I once thought a Cripple and a Ginger could run a kingdom but… ” His newly bought horse would suddenly rear its front legs, causing him to almost fall off. He would quickly regain balance, before the horse would rush into a gallop. The joke never finished… SIGNED, Frederick Aurelian, King-Slayer
  6. UNJUSTIFIED AND JUSTIFIED Anno Domini 1952 ☩ ☩ ☩ TO THE GOOD FOLK OF THE HEARTLANDS, In spite of the efforts of those who forged the Heartland Accords, it seems the Heartlands have yet again been plunged into turmoil. Despite the weakness which plagued their armies and which ails their cities, the moves of the Petran Crown against those who were once considered their allies have only grown bolder since leaving our binding alliance. Just earlier this Saint’s Day, three of the men of Stassion ventured into the Petran Capital city of Vallagne, presumably to see what festivities the otherwise lifeless capital might have to offer. Despite having opened the gates of Vallagne to allow the men of Stassion passage into the city, a group of Petran Knights apprehended the party shortly thereafter without provocation, violently taking Sir Tristand Dresnay, the Baron of Valcour, for interrogation. Though Sir Tristand answered their various unwarranted questions honestly and truthfully, the knights of Petra were unconvinced of his good intentions and sought to make an example of the man. Those barbarians they call knights first considered taking his head as tribute, but reason prevailed as they recognized the folly of such a bold action without the backing of a competent and well organized army to support their stupidity. Thus did the Knights of Petra settle to instead break the man’s hand, with the intention of sending a message to the March of Stassion. What these actions show is that what they did was; UNJUSTIFIED. This message was received and answered by the men of the March in full. With a swift response, the March sent out scouts, in search of any of the so-called ‘powerful’ nobles of Petra, only to find a member of the von Theonus’ family. The man was unknown to many, seeing as the family breeds faster than rabbits. All the same, the men of Stassion brought the man with the same gesture as the Petrans had allowed Sir Tristan and his men into the city of Petra. While the Theonus lay in our halls, enjoying the liquor drank by the pissants, our guests from Veletz arrived. Sir Gaspard and his party entered the room and questioned the Petran noble’s presence. Upon providing the men with the answers they sought, there was but one remaining question— why does the noble still live. The response—“We waited for an audience”. And with it one less Petran noble lived. What these actions show is what we did was; JUSTIFIED. Frederick Aurelian
  7. Frederick Aurelian patiently waits for Stassion to get blamed for Adrian 'the Weak' being incapable at holding onto a woman. He would begin to pen a letter as any 81-year old eligible bachelor would, it starts with 'To Her Royal Majesty Andromeda' he would write with a grin.
  8. AN INNOCENT’S JUSTICE Anno Domini 1948 A PROMISE OF A DEBT TO BE REPAID A THOUSANDFOLD P R O M I S S I O R E D D E R E D E B I T V M M I L L I E S "Let his death go not in vain, blood must be repaid with blood.” Richard Stassion to his Council ☩ TO THE GOOD FOLK OF THE HEARTLANDS, The unfortunate news of the recent murder of Louis Dresnay, a teenager, a brother, a son, a member of Stassion, a citizen of Aaun. The fact that a teenager entered Haense with no threats, physical nor verbal but as a simple young man to attend the Haense Court with a childish joke as children do. To only be then murdered by the weak-minded King of Haense. The same King who proclaims to be a pious and well-worth King, to slaughter a child in the midst of his barren court and then blame his murder on a possible plot from Heartlanders. But let it be known, this act of unjust violence will not go unnoticed nor will it be forgotten so easily as it is done within the lands off the Highlanders. Louis was not just a member of Stassion but friends among many within the Heartlands, from our neighbors in Drusco to the city of Winburgh and more. As a teenager would never be a threat to those with proper thinking and common sense. There seems to be a lack of proper thinking and common sense within Haense. If our hate must stray away from the degenerates of Balian to the child-murderers of Haense, then so be it. Stassion will not stoop to the levels of killing women or children, but understand this clearly, and individuals who defend the Kingdom of Haense let it be through allegiances or through the bearing of their tabards or weapons will face justly revenge. Blood for Blood. IN NOMINE LEONIS HIS HIGHNESS, Richard Leonus, Prince of Providentia Margrave of Stassion, Baron of Renzfeld, Lord of Fredericksburg, Protector of the Western Marches HER HIGHNESS, Ottavia of Pompourelia, Princess-Consort of Providentia, Margravine-Consort of Stassion, Baroness-Consort of Renzfeld, Lady of Fredericksburg HIS HIGHNESS, Frederick Aurelian HIS EXCELLENCY, Sir Lorenço de Savin, Castellan of Stassion HIS EXCELLENCY, Sir Philip Stassion, Commander of the Stassion Company
  9. Frederick smiles upon seeing Louis Dresnay with his men to his side coming closer to him "For new beginnings, for more growth." He'd say to himself as he welcomes Louis with open arms
  10. Not officially part of this group, but I have done a lot of RP with them. They are an extremely large community and completely deserve getting their own realm setup. Would create great RP for the whole server.
  11. Frederick Aurelian would be cheering as he would dump all of Vivienne's clothes outside the castle "She is finally out! About time!" Shouting would be heard from the background "Father, she still has nearly two years before the wedding occurs!"
  12. Frederick Aurelian would be sitting in the Feast Hall having a conversation with the Count @Timer "Ill-spawn! Quite ironic for a doomed man to say. Stassion will be coming and with it Valogne and Pompourelia!" he would chuckle.
  13. Frederick Aurelian would be standing at the front Castle Aurelian before seeing figures coming from the distance, he would then shout "The Sarkozic's of Pompourelia have arrived." he would state with grin on his face.
  14. "May Baron Rickard as he has done so already in his lands, but with it grow his lands and uphold his duties as not just a Knight but now Baron!"
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