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    Corrected the changes
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    Correct Changes have been made, into a new character.
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    Akuma Jackson, The Hunter Born in the Dominion of Malin, Akuma Jackson quickly learned how to use a bow. Although he is not a master, he soon became good enough to hit sometihng 50 Meters away, in the dark. He began traveling the world, learning more about archery, and how to use it. He is now currently looking for a Legendary Bow, and will do anything to find it. He loves traveling, and will hate to become tethered to a single land. When he was back at his home, resting up for a long Sea Voyage, human slave captors jumped him, and his family in their sleep, turning them into slaves. He was abused, but he managed to escape, but not with his family. Now he travels the world, attempting to Find a Legendary Bow, and end slavery. He currently resides in the city of Gotha, where he rests.
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    I have now finished all the correct changes I need to.
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    A baby voice wailed as he was born, and was quickly quieted down as his father stared down at IT.... His wife had just given birth to a healthy Elf, but he hated it....he just hated it. The Child was forced to stay with the King... He was abused...beaten...a slave in his own home. Until one day he snapped. He flew into a rage and escaped, fleeing from his Abusive family. Ventus DragonEyes...his will had just been turned into steel. He is a prideful being, but quite. He tends to seduce woman, with a likable person appearance.. Woman are often blushing around him, taken by his looks. He hopes to find love in the future.