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  1. AutoCat1000

    Atlas Anniversary Art & Writing Contest

    I love music composition (even if I suck at it) so I’d consider applying for that in the future!!
  2. AutoCat1000

    A Open letter to Nottingham And Atlas

    Ashryn reads over the well written note, smiling. “I see someone has put these people in their place. By the grace of Allah, this man has written a mighty well written counter to the Nottingham threat of war. At least some use their minds instead of merely fists.” She laughs, and wanders away, her Kadarsi uniform jangling. These puny imbeciles would fall.
  3. AutoCat1000

    Urgock's Note

    Ashryn’s eyes widen upon reading the note, and her hand clutches her mouth and the note falls to the floor. “Urgock...” she mutters, on the verge of tears. Over the short period of time she had come to respect him as a fellow soldier, and for being the educated orc that he was; she never saw this coming. With a serious nod, she plans on a simple memorial for him. For he was a person too. And he deserved it.
  4. AutoCat1000

    We Want You

    The Kadarsi calls for you Its song rich and deep The Kadarsi calls for you The sound could make you weep If you accept its beating heart Your blood with fill with strength If you accept its beating heart Enlightenment with come at length For one is not alone here, it sings, For one must not drone here, it cries The Kadarsi calls for you Answer, and be born anew
  5. AutoCat1000

    The Ticking Clock (Character PK)

  6. AutoCat1000


    Ashryn is driven by curiosity, and always has been. Originally living with her high elf parents, she fled across the water and land due to fear of the Fall of Haelun’or, and was lost forever to them. Since then, she has wandered the realms until running across the Kadarsi Caliphate, and has since seek to study under their accepting institutions and seeks to know as much as she can about the world. She wishes to find a group that she can call her family, that will truly love her, unlike her biological parents. One day she hopes to change the world, perhaps learning magic, or changing the tide of war. She knows her intelligence, and is not afraid to use it.