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  1. Keefy

    [PK] Sanctuary

    The news would reach the tavern-keep amongst the mess of another loss. He'd receive it and send the courier off with a tip and a smile, and steps between his breweries stills, leaning against the wall and letting out a loud sigh, sliding to the ground.. "Gods above, please give her some rest. She deserves it. We all know she does." He'd mutter to himself, tossing the letter into the fire of a still and going about his work.
  2. Hareven starts planning cottage designs from the Perch
  3. Discord: Keefy#0001 IGN: TheKeefy Style: Half References: Will send over discord, you know how to get ahold of me homie
  4. "Little plants are always growin', slowly but sureleh'" Uttered Hareven to himself as he walked the woods, foraging things for the next batch of booze. Good things had come indeed.
  5. Keefy


    Hareven would laugh and visit amongst the mess, enjoying his drinks amongst the chaos.
  6. I understand what you're trying to do here. I really do. But this isn't good to be blunt. If you're going to flesh out a new culture it needs more depth that this. If I may suggest you read up on other cultures, such as the assorted Seeds of the Wood Elves, or even the Aaraloq family lore from Fenn. But this is a paragraph that tells me nothing.
  7. "Ye fuckin' idiot" Mutters a man waiting for a still to properly heat up
  8. Keefy


    A small letter appears to whom it may concern. The family both close and distant to Hareven Lorenthus. "I have made mistakes, time and time again. Not just actions that can be mended, but the kind that might have left many of you wanting or hurt. I am sorry for them. It has been brought to my attention I have not all been as well of a man of the family I wished to be. That my selfishness has caused harm, which yes I knew of, but now it has hurt others as well. I do not know when I lost sight of what I wanted to be for all of you, but I do want to improve. I want to be better. So I send these letters, to those close to me. I want to talk, to learn how to be better. Cause I'm tired of hurting, and I'm tired of hurting you. I'm tired. As always, you know how to find me. A small seal lays on each letter, of a strangely simple crest of a Circle with a rigid crack through the center. Directions to the Owl's Perch sits on the other side of the letter.
  9. Keefy


    The Fae writhed. It did not know when it became blighted. It simply burned and hungered. It tore a path across the land to feast. It did not know why it became what it was. But it could learn. It had two to do so from. To learn how to make it stop from. It would find more.
  10. 1. I started Hareven back in May 2017, a little after Jberg went boom. The intent was to meet up in Courland with some people I had talked to before hand and rp having been an adopted Dwarf by GOD fearing humans that just kinda worked the farms ala nexus but it was a nice start. Then well, jberg happened and Courland was dead. I then upscaled the age I intended to start at to 30 and me and @Riftbladestarted together as well as @Gammaand a number of others in mother ******* Sutica. We stayed there for a few weeks, got small property, and eventually started a Guild. This is probably about the time that what goals I had intended for Hareven started going off the rail. The goal never changed and still hasn't: own a tavern outside of the claim of any nation. Just a good roadside tavern. In the process I obtained land with the orcs, we rolled with them for months, we shifted back to Sutica for a bit til map end, I got a spirit blessing on accident, fought demi gods, turned druid, learned to rp so many many things I would have never done so if I didn't take the leap out of Sutica. Harevens started out as a simple grumpy dwarven fellow who know how to bind books, work a field, and wanted a tavern. Now he's a mess, but a nice mess. Through the ups and downs he's developed into a stalwart loon that finally got his tavern and still goes above and beyond supporting the people who have helped him over the years, with a family that loves him. 2. Hareven doesn't really understand the concept of coin. People think this is a meme but from the backstory of what family was supposed to take him in at Courland they just oocly gave their mina to the nation so they canonically didn't handle it often. This turned into a full blown mental schism as part of mental trauma after a Ectorius event back in Axios where he just became incapable of understanding how a sack of coins could cost a people their well earned home and belongings. He doesn't like to be touched on the skin much, at best just brushing people away at worse, violently removing contact. Despite his druidism he still holds a fair bit of canonism in him, but at the same time doesn't pray to gods but to people. That's often the mutterings he begins when situations crop up. Only reason he keeps his beard as short as it is compared to other dwarves, even after becoming not a dwarf, is he feels keeping it long would be disrespectful to actual clan dwed in Uruguan. His roundabout way of speaking is social anxiety; he's not wholly trying to confuse people when he says weird ****, he's just not entirely there sometimes unless it is work. 3. There are alot of these, not including the ones written in like Rifts and Gammas. @TimberBuff main became Hares daughter through a long and heart wrenching series of events, as well as so many others that if I tagged them all I'd get yelled at. When Gammas horror turned descendent from the shelf, it was interesting watching them develop a father daughter connection In regards to romance rp @TheIchorDruidand @OhDeerLord are the favorites, one of which was one of the most confusing but interesting paths I've seen, and the other a very slow burn of two very tired people being together for a whole 2 irl years. I can't recall a direct rival to Hareven but I did enjoy the rp of Hareven trying to hunt Shadow Druid down, and @_Sugs druid and mine have a very interesting respect/hate relationship that's always interesting to see play out. I've got alot of interesting brother sister relationships. Evar'tir (Chase) is a good example of one of the weirder ones, @FloralHedgehogbeing a more standard bro code one. It's always lovely for @Luciloos Niv and Hare to snark at one another. Overall he's a persona that knows a little bit of everyone and tries to appreciate everyone he has. 4. This ones hard to narrow down out of personal preference. Harevens hunting task for druidism he solo'd a wyvern after hunting one with his guild, has managed to survive toe-to-toeing some higher up creatures. Punched a Paleknight into pieces at the cost of more of his fist and forearm in Atlas for gearing up towards one of his daughters. In general I'm fond of any moment in a combat scenario where it's just a man with mens weapons and not magics or feats being used. Those are always the most badass and satisfying, they give me good cut-scene combat vibes, or a high quality anime fight scene. John Wick ****. Going in with a sword and shield and using your head to get out alive. 5. Character Art? 6. Anything else you'd like to talk about regarding your character? Not really! People think he's neat and I haven't gotten bored of him yet, and I hope I can achieve his True Ending level PK clause one day! Stories got to end eventually or it isn't a story!
  11. A worn out fella in his Tavern looks up at the sky and sighs. Busy days.
  12. I'm 29 the clock is ticking
  13. Every morning, while dew still graces the grass. A fresh bunch of edelweiss flowers would grace the grave. No one lingers for long but large boot prints lead to and from. He wouldn't let it happen again. Not at his Perch.
  14. @KalehartWould be better equipped to answering this. Draan I believe is 10, if one becomes both, what tires you out works both ends. So if you use draan and mana to do one thing and then go to do another it'll tucker you out. HOWEVER, I'm just answering what I can to give Kale some sanity after he formatted it. Also I believe the abilities must be taught by older ones. These arent Azdrazi/Nephilim, they dont have the intuition to just know what they are given, so it takes time for them to learn to walk so to speak.
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