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  1. forums look like me when i dont take my pills

  2. Give me the page function or I'll cry or smthn

  3. Why the forums look like they had a grand mal

    1. rukio
    2. devvy


      i took a hammer to my keyboard

  4. Tome of Equanimity Copies of a tome would be seen newly placed within the any libraries within cities with exposed skies and open gates somehow. The covering marked with a symbol of a the sage herb with blooming white flowers along its stem. Signaling that of the Way of the Sage. "I am no more important than a farmer or a pauper. We all live and work in this world. The only difference is how far we commit ourselves." - Hareven Lorenthus "You put up your walls to me, even now?" - The Owl Druid to Hareven Lorenthus Th
  5. A sneaky bird is going to make fun of Anethra later for this..
  6. The Tundras winds whipped against the mans face when the moment passed. It wasn't an unfamiliar feeling, but this time, it stung. He knew she was gone. He'd left ahead of all the others in anticipation. Running away? Yes, but there was no running from it in the end. He walked out of the camp, making sure the others were settled up in bed, all but the lonesome Keeper watching from atop the wagon. Upon reaching the top of one of the many peaks, he'd let himself go. Tears would flow, heaving breaths behind clenched teeth. He was so tired of loss. So tired. S̷̲̎o̵
  7. She never expected to wake up as she did. Not by way of a stubborn mother and two younglings. But stranger things had happened over the years. Indeed, she herself had happened, but like oft, consigned herself to slumber lest the Three had use of her. But so it was done and done dangerously. She awoke into a writhing, chaotic land once again. The Herald of Order took slight of this, noisily at that, but to her aged eyes it became apparent to The Nature Dragaar. These lands were not safe. Not for long. Calculations were put in place, and as said to the Mother
  8. I'm bad at games so I've decided to stream them. Heeeeeeeeeey guys so I've gotten bored and begun a Twitch Channel, it ain't nothing big right now cause I'm old and I dont understand how to configure alot of this stuff but I do have some things planned out right now for the week to try and get into it. For now at 5PM Central/6PM EST/ 3 PST/ probably midnight GMT I'm doing a Dark Souls 1 Stream with self limitations and death counter. On top of that I have a Questions system set up so people can peer pressure me into doing stupid stuff for shits and grins. If anyo
  9. [!] A letter arrives, delivered by a peculiar sparrow made of metal and gears "My name is Hareven Lorenthus, and I am well versed in escorting and exploring new places. I also have a plethora of means to provide extra amenities to said travel, for protection and comfort. I am interested in seeing these new lands you hail from, and would be honored if chosen to assist. If you wish to meet with me, a time and location is all that need be provided. -Signed Hareven Lorenthus
  10. You were free my brother. You were FREE

    1. Augustine


      Yeah, I was. I like to RP here and there and this is the only outlet I know that isn't some half-baked forum roleplay. Is what it is I guess!

  11. A curious sort in the trees takes heed, and watches the beginnings of the pointless squabbles of a dying land..
  12. Aint ever tried it, I imagine it would be pretty mellow considering the flavor of baked bananas. Not sure how the texture would be though.
  13. Days going alright, finally got some sleep, now I get to have the tremors again from these god forsaken steroids they have me on. AAaaaaaaaaaaa There’s alot. For a specific one? To pick someone outside of my usual RP cadre and communities, Squaks Anethra persona. Cause I’m at the point on Hareven where I know how he acts and reacts and treats people without really knowing how to explain it, so seeing sane foils to it are very entertaining. Anethra is on a similar wavelength, but is the straight faced in the comedy duo of whenever they work together. They went to a piss realm (that’
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