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  1. Months would pass since the Last Trial of Taynei'Hiylun The Beacons glow had long since faded, and they began to crumble as structures do, claimed by the wilds. The skittering and sight of excess Fae fades, but in the shadows one would swear a strange sight could be seen. As the Order began it's familiar steps. During the night at which they might slumber. A final vision comes onto those attuned. Taynei'hiylun standing upon a mountain in her true, Dragaar form, speaking unto people. "To you all who suffered my ego. All
  2. A Final Response is jammed for Notice to the Tahorrans "I, Hareven Lorenthus, Brother Bluejay, Herald of the Sage Way, Hierophant of the Mother, Priest of Bolomormma, will mediate discussions between Skana Tahorran and Quillian plus any other parties offended by the behavior portrayed during the moot." "This need not go on further than it should, when greater things brew in our futures. I will see you all in the coming elven hours."
  3. Hareven doesn't know this person or what she intends but mentally agrees.
  4. Hareven sighs at the public reply after having given the proper full story to High Prince Feanor, and just places it on his desk with the pamphlets to the Providence nightclub, on a dusty shelf.
  5. "He's alive?" Comments Hareven resting elsewhere
  6. A_Keefy the sky god starts to sweat profusely
  7. Keefy

    The Duties Begun

    Within the skies of Almaris, a strange bubble slowly grows. Within that bubble, a sight of a truly large and strange bird is seen. No matter how far one is, no matter how close one is, it always seems distant. Flocks that pass through it seem to appear on the other side. Within it's shadow, nature thrives. And amongst the four Beacons, their light intensifies. The Trials Begin. _______________________________________________________________ OOC: Starting Wednesday, Trials can
  8. "We can control chairs?" comments Hareven from his impalement elsewhere, rife with confusion Taynei'Hiylun stares at a chair, trying to control it with her mind. The dragaar somehow fails.
  9. The lands begin swelling with more natural energy. The wilds continue to fester with more and more activity. As time goes on, Almaris starts to become busy. Strange creatures could commonly be seen closer and closer to cities. Briefly in the skies is a dragon with scales of an emerald hue. And soon, into the minds of all those druidically attuned a vision would be seen. "Our Kin have been lacking." A red-headed Mali'ame would begin. Strange tattoos decorate her body, and she seems odd to the eye. "Not enough has been don
  10. Hareven laid with two children on him half asleep when approached with the letter. He reads it before fluttering back to sleep, much busy in the man's mind, with intent to consider it's words properly on the coming elven day.
  11. my kha'cheetra application has been updated


    1. Qctho McAntoine

      Qctho McAntoine

      will you check it for me?


    2. Qctho McAntoine

      Qctho McAntoine

      hey keefy will you check my Kha application


  12. Keefy

    In Search of Thanium

    Hareven quietly squints at Liri from across the street, lifting up a map of possible Thanium sites through the window
  13. Only negative comment is that Golemancy don't work like this no more, it's been displaced from Runes Also maybe space things out in terms of formatting, I probably look like @gamma_byte right now reading it. Emote counts are solid, thankfully we've got two solid rewrites in the bag. Let's hope one of them goes through. forums are doing a **** and it didnt throw this on quotes as well
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