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    Leaked Logs and You

    Try and keep it civil. Also your link to the Sky incident doesn't seem to work. Have a good day-FM Team
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    ((I understand that this is a rp post but if you cannot find a way to cease this back and forth and take it icly instead of here, I will lock this post, simple enough.--FM Team))
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    Hello. We see your request and would like to assist but FM's cannot do this. Instead please address your concern here.
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    Look what I did mom @Delmodan
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    I love command and conquer magic
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  8. Minecraft Name A_Keefy Discord Keefy#0001 Timezone Central Describe your knowledge on the descendant races We have four basic races, if one doesn't include Kha among them for not requiring a CA therefore accessible to the newer players pretty easily, and halflings. Elves, being a long lived but hard of having children, tend to be played the most among the player base. Long eared and typically greatly varied, the sub types lay with High elves, who are stunning but snobbish from sheltered up bringing in a very hierarchical society, wood elves who are less reclusive and down to earth, and dark elves which tend to be mysterious and considered cold. There is mali'fenn as well but they are just a variant of the high elves. Dwarves who are short and stout, have a predilection towards greed. Unlike the elven sub types, all the sub types of the dwarves typically unite in large cities under a common religion, and assorted clans. This isnt always the case and their appearances are varied none the less between Mountain, Cave, Forest, and Dark dwarf variants. Humans are short lived and fertile, and extremely spread out and varied. They carry many different faiths and cultures, and their societies go under large changes quite often. Farfolk, Highlanders, and Heartlanders, they all tend to hover around a general medieval era life, with the Farfolk being more exotic and Highlanders more rustic and based in countrysides. Orcs are a warrior caste race that has incredible blood lust and honor, with three sub types. The goblins which are diminutive compared to the rest but are exceedingly talented engineers and smiths, the Uruk which are taller than even most elves and powerful, the core of the orcish race, and ologs who are massive with equally great strength, but are mentally dull. A life among unending persecution and rough environments has produced a hardy culture, if not overtly brutal. Describe your knowledge on other pieces of lore that you believe to be relevant I know well the druidic lore and the details that are entailed within it, from general magic lore and rules and such to the religious backgrounds and history of it. The Aspects, the different magics, the different ideologies spread around it, and such. I've also a relatively good grasp on the other communities ranging from the orcish, human, and mixed settlements, from staying in most of them for extended period over time and being on good terms with people from them. I've assisted new players that join into them in getting on their feet and antiquated with the rules and history of each many times. Detail what drives you to become a member of the application team I like to help. I know that sounds really stereotypical but I just genuinely enjoy assisting people. I've been considering applying to other teams but I feel rather than throw myself into a bulwark I'm unfamiliar with, I am familiar with assisting fresh players in an unfamiliar setting. I am familiar with guiding people around the forums to assist them learning about lore that they've never had a inkling of know how about. So I feel I can do some good here, especially in tandem with my duties as an FM and ET. Provide an alternate way to assisting new players apart from reviewing applications When done looking at an application, try and give them tips and pointers on how to integrate themselves into the community within Lotc they are aiming for. This can range from accent tips for Dwarven and Orcish players, links to Guides for the elven player bases religious systems, and more. A good application doesnt always mean a good amount of time has been spent looking into the small but vital things that can easily be overlooked. We want our players to feel like they're fitting in from get go, not rocky starts trying to get accustomed to it. Survey the application process and provide any possible improvements which could be made Essentially what I typed for the above response. A pointer system could be added to provide comments that could assist the players further when they've been accepted. I, for example, had a pretty solid application, but I didn't know some of the niche points of dwarven rp so I wasnt able to get into it, which led to me forming my own rp in return, but not every player is content with doing this. They want a group, friends, people they can see everyday. It'd be nice. Provide any additional information that you believe is needed I've been among the staff for about eight to nine months, and besides some bumps in the road due to personal issues, I've been around the teams enough to know how they work to a good degree, and I feel I can do well. Tell a joke I am a joke. Why do I need to tell you one, just look at me?
  9. Keefy

    [Deity] Unattunement [MA] Toodles

    I taught this one yes.
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    [SA][Cognatism] Assassinofawsome

    Oh my bad then. Apologies.
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    [SA][Cognatism] Assassinofawsome

    Correct me if Im wrong, wasnt Cognatism shelved?
  12. Teacher transfered to Eranikus/ Taynuel
  13. Keefy

    The Luminescent Lady

    A strange homeless mans eyes catch the sky as the sounds of the world dim as Cares life passes, handing a small sapling in his hand idly. He'd shake his head and resume walking on, muttering to himself as he went on his way preparing for what's to come.