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  1. Qualms about formatting aside, the lore here should be adjusted to Lotc standard. Fae Realm is correct, but we've no Pan to speak of in our pantheon. Check the Mani-Posts for the Snake Mani for a good replacement. Also of note some of the aesthetic here are already held by Epiphytes. Would change the phrasing on the FTB to no FTB There's no precedent for Iron hurting Fae either, that's a weakness from cultures in reality that didn't quite make it. Maybe Ahzs steel hurting them more instead? I'll go over it again when I'm not on mobile, but there's that for now.
  2. Hareven sticks his head out of a small hole in the side of a mountain and looks at the sky for a moment “Nope” He goes back into the hole
  3. While Kiaus has a point...it’s a puffin so yes.
  4. ((changed the title cause goddamnit **** ****))
  5. Return the nature to the barren mountains. The task had it’s risks but not so soon, Hareven thought, as the bear honed in on him rapidly. Ciliren, her prosthetic smashed, diving off behind a patchwork of the larger trees to wait for orders or hide. By Eedenartwork No amount of Druid prowess was going to deter the bear, a thought determined as it began barreling towards Hareven. The quarrel in it’s side staining fur with blood, but the crossbow brought was tuned for Cili, and made for deer. But it’s attention was off the child. At least for now. It lunged, claws ripping through Harevens shoulder as he narrowly made his way out of immediate death, a smaller tree crushed under the weight. With a quick motion, Hare would pull his coat off and roll himself onto the bears back, wrapping the leather overcoat around its neck and holding for dear life, the bear thrashing and fighting, slamming Hareven back into more trees and the ground as the Druids waited for his opportunity. And it came. A pause for rest for the bear led to a sharpened knife dug deep into it’s eye, held firm even moments after it dropped to the ground. The worst had not passed however, as the mountain rumbled.. Artwork by Thomas Moran Was it the sound of it’s thrashing, or the roar? Cilirens scream? The reasons came and went, as it mattered not. Violet sap running down Harevens arm, the wound not given a chance to seal as he drug his coat from out beneath the bear, as he ran towards Ciliren. They were too far from the shelter, the trees around them hardly grown enough to survive the oncoming avalanche. And then it came to him. Ciliren thrown further down the mountain, Hareven would rip out a notebook from within his coat. A knife into the bark, runes laid upon runes, with maddened speed. And a knife to pry his wound open more, the mans bizarre ichor laid onto the runes. The mountain side would explode in a flurry of heat and steam, the avalanche hitting the radius of the strange phenomenon, but this would hold. Snow melting and contributing to the steam for several minutes, until it began to cool. Trees scorched by the steam, exposed dirt, rocks, and moss now revealed from under the snow. Hareven himself, burned and missing the faux skin that concealed his form, crumpled on the ground as the wounds sealed up. Staring at what had been done. He was one of them now.
  6. Hareven would sit atop an archway within Aegrethond, looking out at the city after catching word of Rickards passing. A small sigh escapes him “All those around me are starting to fade. When will my time come, I wonder...Perish the thought, may you rest well with the others.” And with that, he was gone, a flock of birds overhead crying loudly and dropping small grass wreaths on the city for a time...
  7. A old druid alchemist pours over the piece in equal awe “Holy ****” being his only comment
  8. (gamer pro tip, animii isn’t known as animii in character by anyone)
  9. Hareven would start gathering things and preparing his tools, turning his eyes onto the deactivated combat golem Ursus, before penning Jorvin a letter, offering his full support and knowledge for the coming siege “It’s time. Let us hope we can save what knowledge we can, for all of us” He’d mutter to himself Hareven Lorenthus, Clanless, pledges his full support to the Dwarven Legion in this endeavor.
  10. A panicked by-standard runs through nearby cities in a tizzy, putting up notices! “To the inhabitants of our lovely lands across Arcas, please beware! I’ve been thrice nearly eaten by large snakes since that confounded meteor hit the woods and apparently stirred up some massive critters! I don’t know where they came from, but please be cautious! I have to find a new cow for my milk needs now! Them biggun snakes got Bessy!”
  11. “What” Hareven squints at the letter
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