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  1. Hareven brandishes some bolt cutters in a distance while doing a silly dance
  2. Hareven continues to invent a golem that exists purely to make perfect toast
  3. In a far off Grove, Hareven would read the letter a few times. A twinge of sadness would make the strange locale groan as the man sat down against a pile of assorted stone body parts, laying the letter down in his lap. He’d hang his head for a few moments, rummaging through his mess for a flask.. “One less reliable person to turn to..may she rest in peace, and that the world see another one like her one day..” The words murmured to the fauna around him, before he’d down the flask found and resume his research and odd activities once more..
  4. +1 tho, was expecting a cringe copy but it ain't bad
  5. RP Name: Hareven Lorenthus MC Username: A_Keefy Discord: Keefy#0001 What Nation Are You Affliated With?: Druids Why Do You Wish To Come?: Hareven wishes to learn of things past and accompany his fellow druids What Skills Can You Bring: Linguistic specialist, knowledgeable of the workings of several magics, good bodyguard, good murderhobo vibes, good at negotiating and getting along with folks
  6. https://giphy.com/gifs/Qe5oD5aXjEbKw
  7. First time I ran into you, you played a hou-zi, which promptly tried to say sold another player you captured into being raped by an orc player unrelated. That got said player harrassed off the server for actual months for something they didnt do, and yet you didnt seem to care. Hell I’d post the ban report had it not seem to be gone. Since then you’ve been banned so many times I’ve not even the energy to keep count anymore. You don’t listen, you don’t care, and if anything the only thing you do care about seems to be putting more time into a server that isn’t properly punishing you by knocking you the hell out of this already cess pool community and breaking whatever strange addiction thrill you get by being a generally nasty human being. This made the orc community, when ran by WUD, so irate I still have a gif they took of the exact moment you got banned cause it was such a **** show and you showed absolutely zero actual remorse for it. Leave.
  8. A magpie would land in the nearby trees, watching the business go down while preening at it's own feathers innocently
  9. Hareven makes himself some tea from Awaitis supply and just watches the ensuing events. Awaiti would find a fresh cup of tea near her. @NomadGaia
  10. A certain treeman standing at about six feet in height with graying brown to almost black hair and a nice good thick beard, wearing a nice coat and has most certainly existed for three ooc years reads the missives and announcements by peaking over the Eternal Shorty Awaitis shoulder as she writes and goes "Well that's new"
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