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  1. I love everything about this except this please god why
  2. Hareven reads the missive
  3. A magpie just makes a very confused noise
  4. I was expecting this to be bad ngl But this actually isnt terrible Huh This was unforeseen
  5. Imperial letters offering the fortune of a prince for your credit card information

  6. Preferably not being a mental spastic Hopefully for being a fun guy
  7. Hareven battle screeches loudly off the top of his house, swinging a smithing hammer in a crazy circle above his head
  8. Druidic screaming ensues
  9. Keefy

    The Swamp

    ((I love you @ScreamingDingo))
  10. Keefy

    The Swamp

    A fourth druid would scream bloody murder before gathering some fire accelerant
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