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  1. Miles and miles away, northward, a high tree man dwarf named Hareven Lorenthus was in the process of completing his notes on another peculiar set of Ruins, where he found a fungus. “Consume,” the man wrote at the bottom of the page, before proceeding to underline it many times for emphasis. He smiled to himself, blitzed as hell.
  2. Keefy

    A Tremor in Aedvang

    Hareven would be amongst one of the many snow-capped mountains of the North when the quake hit, worn maps crammed into a sack on his back. When the earthquake passed, his violet hues would stare out in the direction of Cloud Temple, as two phoenix’s descended upon him with news and documents abound. Within moments, the trail formed by his boots would be left heading down the nearest slope, to see what has happened.
  3. Here we fuckin' go

  4. A magpie in the city reads the missive and sort of
  5. A man simply waits, sharpening swords and preparing shields, tricks, and other such things. A fight is to be had.
  6. Keefy


    The weather was clear, as he moved down the field. Chunks of the mans face and scalp still knotted, wooden scars. Healing, but not quite done. He turns back to look at the Grove, before sitting against a nearby tree and gazing back at his home. The people he was forced to fight. Harevens’ head lulling back against the tree as the event repeated in his mind. Everyone's words, everyone's looks. He hurt them. Erase Time passes. A Entling would be setting up boulders within the field in lines, creaking and moving along its task endlessly. The man would march back up, and into a large pit would go several pilfered corpses, of men, of horses. Anything going unused. The ashes from his campfires, the piss from the ‘Ker Wolves, the deer that wander. It would take time. So he spends it carving. In time the boulders become people, with two holes onto their chests. They look plain, like dolls, but they’ll do. They can hold a shield and spear. They’ll do. He wanders through the Grove every so often now. He looks better, but the pressure is still there. He almost took out her eyes. He almost impaled the others. He infected one of his children. He was reckless. He hurt them. He’ll tell you he’s doing better, but that’s to be debated. He’s trying. Most time in Talus is spent forging. Preferably at night when no one can be bothered by him. Assembling basic weapons, small parts, storing them in his particular pouch. Arbalests, bolts, some of the weaponry for the golems. He’d just do his best to not bother his Brothers and Sisters. Endlessly working in the field. Remodel Urine. Straw. Turn and flip. Mix. Anyone who needed to breath would have a harder time with this. It should be ready soon, the test batch worked when rescuing the dedicant not long ago. Enough to throw the Horrors off at least. The field is a mess, Hareven using his gifts to permit him ‘”more hands”. The Entling harvesting raw materials, hefty roots and lattice work-webs by the brood holding up golem parts and helping shape them as runes are inscribed before assembly. He should ask Uruguan for assistance but he’s no dwarf anymore. No assurance of help. Glothirs joins the field, along with Dwyn and his own Entling as well as Harevens, directing where to place the remaining boulders. Helping carve out usable chunks where they can. Weeks and months of watching Hareven come home to be covered in dust and detritus, the two grew impatient and worried as it seems. Aurum dust could be found in small dust piles around the Grove, the field, his home, his tree. Twenty four bodies of stone lie randomly around the field. Two cores per body, to make sure they could be taught the basic formations. Most barely six feet tall, but ten would be sat to the side. Even 6’6 each, already armed with what would be ornate bows of great size. Nothing any mortal could pull easily. Replace Mere days away, the boiled result of the piss-**** pit finally completed, mixed with charcoal and sulfur from the hot springs within the Grove. Barrels would be stuffed, and sat near them. The Thirty. Plain golems, basic golems, bloodless soldiers, soldiers with no concept of fear or resistance. Expendable soldiers. A few words uttered near each and they’d begin to rise, and the day begins to pass. Basic commands, controls, phrases, formations. Nothing else. They have no voice to complain with, just runes to see and hear with. No concept of freedom, they’re made to replace the blood lost from others. The Bow golems head to Talus Grove first, followed by the remainder. Plain scutum shields on all but five of their backs, the Entling loading up the five barrels of fire-powder on the rest. When day would break upon the Grove the first to the Gate would see them. Ready, prepared, and standing in lines of five. With Hareven finally rooted in the ground in front of them, waiting for his chance to redeem himself. Waiting. OOC: This is a post to cover some of the gaps seen in my RP involving the Voidal Tear event. Before anyone asks, no these golems are not playable, no they will not last any longer than the event, yes I made sure to ask Mystery before going this route, yes they still follow redlines, and no none of them will be available for a CA when the events done. They either get destroyed or the eventline ends and they fall apart by Sky-God magic. Shout-out to @Tha_Mystery_Man for the great events so far.
  7. I love everything about this except this please god why
  8. Hareven reads the missive
  9. I was expecting this to be bad ngl But this actually isnt terrible Huh This was unforeseen
  10. Imperial letters offering the fortune of a prince for your credit card information

  11. Preferably not being a mental spastic Hopefully for being a fun guy
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