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  1. (Calling Karathor a heretic, my my how the wonderful nation of Urguan has tumbled.)
  2. -={=+=}=- The Wronged: Karathor and the Steelforged Clan The Assailant: Kazrin Starbreaker, Drummiir Frostbeard, Hekkaes Goldhand, Baldin Frostbeard, Borin Grandaxe, and Garrond Frostbeard. The Wrong: The immediate attack on Karathor from Hekkaes as he went to defend a dwedki that was crying out, the forced amputation of Karathor’s right hand, baseless accusations of heresy, accusations of worshiping Khorvad, dishonor to the Steelforged clan, blatant racism from the mountain dwarves, and punishment without trial before the Brathmordakin. Terms of Settlement: The death and the head of every assailant aforementioned. -={=+=}=- (OOC) Since the amount of time between the removal of Karathors hand was well over 30 minutes before his execution, all information gathered was legal and valid.
  3. The ghost of Balrog I sighs and prepares to thrust his spectral sword blade through Atandt a good many times.
  4. “**** the king. We’ don’t need one!” Karathor says angrily.
  5. J33xt101

    New skin shop

    Yep, he made the classic skin for the King of Mynebor. Not a scratch on this mans work.
  6. Why, just why?! # is what I use to call people... / is used for commands. I wholesomely disagree with changing it.
  7. An old dwarf in Renatian armor salutes before turning away from the lifeless body.
  8. Karathor simply nods, a grim smile crossing his weary face.
  9. That is rather impressive. Looks good.
  10. Karathor gowled upon hearing the words. ”Foine words comin from te’ loikes of ye’. Ye’ murdered te’ second King of Mynebor wit’out second t’oug’. A dwed w’o ‘ad repented fer e’s croimes. Yer word means not’ing te’ me’. He would say coldly.
  11. Karathor grumbles before nodding with approval upon hearing the words. ”Ye’ s’ould nae take t’at cursed name, ye’ foug’t fairle’, a’ doubt te’ Grandaxe would ‘ave ‘ad any hesitation in doin te same te’ ye’. Te’ seek te’ destruction of te’ cave dwed don’t t’ey?” He would ask with a sigh.
  12. Entfar solemnly nods, his heart still sore from the loss of his friend.
  13. That is the law, I’ve never chosen to speed, throughout my years of driving. I also have very little respect for those who do choose to disobey the law.
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