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  1. J33xt101

    Duties by Dungrimm

    Balrog had watched from afar, his head bowed slightly as he salutes the fallen before turning away once more after his journey to the old capital long ago.
  2. J33xt101

    Rotting Ruins. Decaying Mind.

    Balrog would feel the winds change as he walks through the seemingly ancient temple to the gate once again before chuckling to himself thinking of the times of old with his old friend Hakovner.
  3. J33xt101

    Healing by the will of Anbella

    Balrog scoffs in disgust as he sees the building and the mali’ame standing nearby “Ye hated me’ fer waht a’ did wit’ me’ citeh, and now ye’ bring ot’er races te’ mix in their ways. Since w’en were ye’ nae content wit’ dwarven work! As a forme’ prelate of Belka, a’ know t’is stuff, and ye’ shunned me’ fer starting somet’ing new. Ye’ disgust me, ye’ realle’ do. Because now e’t es ye’ bringin’ in ot’er races. Ah respected ye fer being kin w’o cared fer each ot’er and onle’ dwed as a gud nation should, but a’ve nae respect fer this.”
  4. J33xt101

    Saint Julia's Day Festival

    Picks up a torn paper from a dead imperial and reads the damp paper Eh? W’at e’s t’is? A’ don’t loike e’t. He would mutter before moving on
  5. J33xt101

    [Your View] Charters, Nation Status and Dependent Status!

    Great idea, looks fantastic!
  6. J33xt101

    [Poll] Thesis On Race & Culture

    I like more options. As does Mynebor. We have snow elves, known as snow elves. Lets keep it that way. This idea to remove them is simply known as change for no other reason than to change.
  7. J33xt101

    Community Guidelines Violations

    I approve.
  8. J33xt101

    Persona Database Cleanse

    I want to know why the staff is trying to make this a basic non diverse RP server just like all the other lame ones. Part of having a good server is ensuring that people can be Whatever they want to be. I’m afraid that the staff is going to end up leaving only four playable races with no subracial options. What the heck man. @Sporadic
  9. J33xt101

    Moderation Staff Update Log - January

    This is not directed at me, and I am in no way related to this topic. However, I am on four RP servers, I see moderators that are on LOTC on the other RP servers. Has this caused an issue? I do not believe so. As long as the position and responsibilities are being taken care of, what is the problem? I believe Pun here has done an outstanding job between the two. And instead of having a cake, Pun simply took two cakes and is giving them out to the playerbases of both servers.
  10. J33xt101

    Moderation Staff Update Log - January

    Did you not understand the point? When they go inactive and someone else claims the area, the build is removed.
  11. J33xt101

    Moderation Staff Update Log - January

    Some of those structures are well built, and some of us wanted to claim them for ourselves.
  12. J33xt101

    Moderation Staff Update Log - January

    For some, freebuilding is the life of this server. As the owner of Mynebor, without freebuilding and the claiming of other freebuilt structures built by other players, the RP there would not have been quite as fun. While I understand the reasoning, this is also what I would call a lazy fix. Going over the activity of the player attempting to claim the build, or an amount of time before inactive freebuilds were removed were ideas I had in mind. Everything else looks good though, well done.
  13. J33xt101

    The return of the Lord of Mynebor

    You forget a’ was a prelate to t’e Brat’mordakin, a’ folle’d e’t te’ t’e book. And a’ made one te’ you as well. We s’all see eac’ ot’er on t’e battle field one day lad.
  14. J33xt101

    The return of the Lord of Mynebor

    And on t’at day, Agnarum will fall, for a’ will give me’ loife in defense of te’ dwed freedom. Ye’ slaughtered te’ Ironborn because t’ey cared about freedom, ye’ are doing te’ same te’ me. A’ll be waiting laddie.