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  1. (The man behind Balrog admits that this is accurate, for he also provided the coins, tissues, and potato chips to said people.)
  2. Laughs after reading the document before saying out loud to his people ”Ye’ know, ah t’ink t’at t’ey are goin’ under from tryin te’ start a war wit’ us laddes!”
  3. J33xt101

    Warclaim on Mynebor

    @ScreamingDingo Yes, I do. Thank you. Is there a time however?
  4. J33xt101

    Ultimatum to the Mynebor Cultists

    Oh that’s funny, looks like I’m going to be the last one standing here...
  5. J33xt101

    Ultimatum to the Mynebor Cultists

    Amazing. Perfect. ((OOC))
  6. J33xt101

    Ultimatum to the Mynebor Cultists

    Balrog Ironkiln II sighs sadly as he reads the ultimatum before writing a letter for King Fimlin. [!] The letter would read. ”War, war never changes. I forgave you for the execution of my father, but I will never forget it. I did not seek for war, nor do I wish for it now. You would tear down all of my fathers work as well as my own because of what? A quiet city up in the mountains? I cannot accept your terms. I would gladly give my life if you were to let my people live in peace. They have done no wrong. And as far as these claims of Khorvad worship here, I have renounced my loyalty to him. I would gladly accept judgment for my sins against the Brathmordakin if it would remove this impasse between you and I, but I will not give up this city and my people. I wish to follow Belka like my father did until he was turned away. But I digress, as it stands, I cannot do as you wish. For a king is a servant of the people above all else, and my people will not be abandoned. I now see the mistakes of my father, and I wish for them to be forgiven. But these terms are too much for even I.” Balrog would set his quill to the side after reading what he wrote, taking his seal, he would stamp the letter shut and send it away to Urguan, hopefully into the hands of Fimlin.
  7. Balrog signs the charter with a firm press of the quill
  8. Name of your Charter: Kal'Agadur Owner's Username: J33xt101 Owner's Roleplay Name: Balrog Ironkiln II Location (XYZ): (X: -478, Y: -71, Z: -944) Tier applying for: Tier 2
  9. Balrog II laughs his arse off once again ”Oi can’t believe w’at oime seein ‘ere... Kal’Khorvad e’s doin far better t’an Urguan... nae s’ortages a’ anyt’ing...”
  10. Looking for litematica users, will pay 100 minas an hour to help build this mountain. All stone is provided, just need the builders. It’s not hard, with 3-4 people it would go very quickly. 

    1. Heero


      D-Did I hear h-hourly wage?

  11. J33xt101


    Balrog just shakes his head, disgusted by both the hatred in the Empire and in Urguan.
  12. J33xt101


    Balrog II thinks of how he wasn’t able to fight with them against the empire.
  13. J33xt101

    Legion Standard Training Guide

    ((OOC)) Looks great, however I do not like the use of Squadrons and Platoons. One is Air Force, the other is Marines.
  14. J33xt101


    Balrog II grumbles after reading it. “Me’ fat’er foug’t fer te’ freedom of Norlanders after the fall of the nation, now t’ey are already back wit’ te’ Empire...”