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  1. Ah shoite... the Dwedelmens club is ruined.. the contents thereof thrown to the skygods...

  2. ****... I liked the circlejerk... errr... this is based!
  3. Vereh fockin expensive...
  4. Balrog looks at the paper, an eyebrow shoots up, then he speaks.... just five words. "W'o teh fock wrote t'is!"
  5. Balrog scratches his beard before nodding with approval upon reading the letter, pausing a moment before slamming his pickaxe against the stone, grunting as he leans down, pulling a single piece of quartz from the crack made in the stone.
  6. Bruh... as much as I like you. You are so Zed.
  7. Lance. You are Lance for certain. Because you play an elf... Fabienne.
  8. Say what again. SAY WHAT again! And I dare you, I double dare you mother*****r! Say what one more time.
  9. When is the Arcas map download going to come out? 

    1. Bhased


      It'll be a hot bit, few weeks or so

    2. J33xt101


      @Bhased Sounds good, thanks.


  10. Give me mina, or give me death. 

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    2. Tigergiri


      @J33xt101 waste of perfectly good mina, not a good dwarf move

    3. J33xt101


      @Tigergiri You know, you got me for once. Well done lass.

    4. Tigergiri


      @J33xt101learned from the best 

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