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  1. J33xt101

    AGiantPie's Event Team Actor application

    +1 To this amazing guy, best RP’er I know.
  2. J33xt101

    Terms of Pardoning of Balrog Khazad Dreng

    Standing among the rubble of another wall he had broken down, he would read the letter he found sitting on the floor of the city he would say W’o de’ fock does ‘e t’ink a’ am, ‘e t’inks ‘a would give up me’ people, me’ cite’, me’ true ‘ome just te’ come back te’ t’e kin w’o so quickly banis’ed me’ out of te’ clan, and out of te’ cite’ of Agnarum, a’ would accept t’ese terms if e’t meant a would pay fer me’ crimes, but t’is is asken me’ te’ ‘ave me’ own people pay for e’t. Keep te’ terms ‘igh King Fimlin, and may te’ Brat’mordakin guide ye’, as e’t ‘as always guided me’. He would say to the sky and resume working on the great library of Mynebor
  3. J33xt101

    Punishment of Balrog

    If ye’ knew w’at e’s last acts were, ye’ would be cryin’ fer t’e dwed t’at killed ‘im, ye’ will nae take me’ ‘ead, a’ will die before t’at ‘appens, Mynebor still reigns over t’ose lands.
  4. J33xt101

    Punishment of Balrog

    Next toime, dont make demands of me' in my own cite', respect is nae somet'in 'e 'ad, and a'm sorre' 'e will never learn. A' do nae folle' te' bloody clergy, a' folle' te' Brat'mordakin, and t'at will prove me' te' be clean of t'is crime against a fellow dwed. he would say, rolling up the parchment and preparing to go and speak with the clergy.
  5. J33xt101

    Condemnation of War Criminals

    Reading the words of the letter in front of the combined group of free Men, Elves, Dwed, and Orcs who live in Mynebor by their own free choice, and in front of Belka and Dungrimm and Yemekar most importantly, he would say: ”Fimlin, He would say in a daze Ye’ took me’ in, ye’ accepted me’ for te’ dwed a’ was, and we’ got along, t’is was nae t’at many years ago, but a’ a’ve never in te’ life of me’, turned me’ back on fellow dwed until now. W’o was e’s t’at took in te’ fallen, w’o was it t’at did nae ‘esitate te’ fig’t fer ‘is kin! W’o was it t’at t’roug’ all te’ shoite t’at ye’ broug’t against me’, still stood wit’ ye’, e’t was nae me’, it was Mynebor, t’at free people, t’at people ye’ said could neve’ work, t’ey did work, we still stand strong, we ‘ad nae grudges among one anot’er, and we’ still will not eve’. A single tear would roll down his cheek into his beard All ye’ ‘ave done, a’ would still fergive ye’, but a’ know ye’ are te’ proud a’ dwed te’ give me’ t’e c’ance te’ do t’at. he would then lower his eyes and speak to the people gathered in front of him and say with a clear voice Ye’ know some of w’at a’ve done, but ‘ere is w’ere a’ will tell ye’ te’ trut’, A’ did nae split te’ dwed race apart from me’self, a’ may ‘ave made e’ mistake in doing so, but now w’en a’ see te’ people of t’is city, a’ see t’at t’e future ‘as been forged by Yemekar already, t’is city will go forward on te’ backs of te’ people ‘ere. Now, a’ would loike te’ say, t’at if any of ye’ ‘ave been enslaved, speak up now, and strike me’ down, fer a’ folle’ te’ Brathmordakin, and t’at onle’, a’ ‘ave nae ‘ad a single slave in me’ life, or allowed slavery te’ go on ‘ere, nor will a’ ever. If a’ ‘ad ever seen an Ironborn ‘ere, a’ would ‘ave killed e’t wit’out ‘esitation, t’ey are against all we’ ‘ave ever stood fer, and t’at e’s t’e end of t’at. A’ did extend me’ ‘and out te’ t’e dwed t’ey call kinslayers, but nae because a’ would ever allow e’t te’ ‘appen, but w’at t’ey dont understand, e’s t’at all of us make mistakes, we’ are nae perfect, we make mistakes, and we ‘ave te’ learn from t’em and move past, and continue on our way, yer book of grudges as ye’ so call it, is not’ing but yer inability te’ move on, a’ moved on because a’ was tired of t’em sittin’ on t’ere fat arses and doing not’ing te’ move forward. T’en we ‘ave te’ fact t’at a’ killed a dwed, a’ do nae deny it, but a’ will te’ll ye’ know, ‘eretics are nae allowed ‘ere, and Boldrumir Cottomwood w’o t’ey called redeemed, t’e one a’ struct down, t’e one a’ burned wit’ a prayer te’ Yemekar, on a pyre far in te’ sout’ wit’ Alc’emists fire, ‘e would nae do w’at a’ said, a’ asked t’en told ‘im te’ leave me’ city after t’e insults ‘e said te’ me’, after te’ dis’onor ‘e talked about, and ‘e did nae. T’e dwed next te’ ‘im was s’outin all sorts of nonesense about me’ and me’ city, going a’s far as te’ question me’ fait’ in te’ Brathmordakin, and me’ people, a’ told ‘im a’ would cut out ‘is tongue, and so a’ told my Sergeant te’ ‘old ‘im down, after ‘e would nae leave, and Boldrumir grabbed me’ Sergeants mace, and t’ey bot’ proceeded te’ fig’t me’, te’ kill me’! A’ would nae ‘ave it, w’en t’e time arose, after a lengt’y battle, a’ broug’t me’ sword down upon ‘im, killing te’ dwed wit’ a single strike, a’ will nae tell ye’ a’ am nae a kinslayer, fer a’ am one, fer a’ killed t’at dis’onorable dwed, a’ made me’ c’oice, and a’ c’ose te’ save te’ inegrity of me’ city. a few more tears would roll down his face ’E was me’ kin, and a’ killed e’m he would say with a voice of anguish A’ would give a lot te’ ‘ave ‘im back, but a’ do nae regret me’ decision, a’ made e’t fer ye’, fer te’ people of t’is great city! To ye’ ‘a’ say, walk out of t’is city if ye’ feel a’ cannot lead ye’, or a’ ‘ave failed ye’, but know t’is, a’ will never turn me’ back on te’ Brat’mordakin and a’ will see t’is city standing w’en te’ world falls around e’t. May Belka, and Dungrimm guide me’ pat’ wit’ ye’, me’ people. And with that Balrog “Tunnelrat” Frostbeard would give the orders to get back to work, and walk out of the room and take up his pickax and go back to working in the city.
  6. J33xt101

    The Grand Army of Mynebor Recruitment Requirements

    Good! Im sitting next to you, welcome to the Army.
  7. J33xt101

    Nukes, Lore Approval, and You

    I agree, while I support the use of the nuke at that time, it should have been fully approved first. But considering everyone knew it happened as an event, they should have let it go. It was much to late to go back on that, too many people were invested in it as being something of an RP event, both sides were to blame here, but who is in control of this, you tell me.
  8. J33xt101

    The Grand Army of Mynebor Recruitment Requirements

    You are in, I will talk to you rply about the next steps.
  9. J33xt101

    The Grand Army of Mynebor Recruitment Requirements

    You are in, I will contact you shortly to work out some things rply.
  10. J33xt101

    Sleep Now, Sons of Urguan: Your Honor Has Left You

    As Balrog would read what was written he would mutter “T’ere is some trut’ te’ t’is, w’en we focus on te’ past, and we cannot get past our differences, t’en we fall, just as Urguan, and Ulrah bot’ did, t’e grudge is a weakness, forgiveness is key, as te’ lady Belka loves us all, w’y can we nae even live wit’ eac’ ot’er in peace? A look of determination would then cross his face as he continues his work
  11. J33xt101

    New Hierarchy of the Church

    “T’at looks gud, muc’ better.” Balrog would say with a nod
  12. J33xt101


    I Balrog (still Firebeard) Grandaxe do confirm that this is my brother RPly.
  13. J33xt101

    The Deep Forge

    MC Name: J33xt101 How active are you?: around 4 to 6 hours a day in the evenings Discord: King J33#5790 Timezone: CST (RP) RP Name: Balrog Grandaxe Gender:male 
  14. J33xt101

    A Warsmith's Plee

    A've been forgin' fer a gud w'ile now, a' t'ink t'is will do fine. *leaves a roll of parchment on the ground*
  15. J33xt101

    Ozneats Farewell

    With a grim look on his face, Lord Balrog Grandaxe would say after reading the note “Ye’ will nae be forgotten, and te’ Brathmordakin will nae fall te’ war and time, as a prelate, a’ will folle’ it te’ t’e best a’ can, farewell old friend. He would then render a dwarven salute and proceed with his work