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  1. Very epic, perfect for Mynebor. But then again, also too OP. Try again.
  2. Mynebor is missing from that list...
  3. This is some good stuff
  4. ((Good read, will there be one for Belka and the rest of the Brathmordakin soon?))
  5. Myneborian Independence when? 

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Tigergiri


      nah i mean the 15k i paid to be a vassal away from war ❤️


    3. J33xt101


      I know, but yes, should that vassal agreement go to nought, I will return the 15k at a 5% interest rate. 

    4. Tigergiri
  6. “W’at a stupehd war... t’is sounds loike an excuse teh spill more dwed blood oveh stones t’at do nae belong teh t’e kingdom of Urguan... s’ame teh t’ose w’o blindly followed suc’ an one wit’ power...”
  7. Pride is the beginning of the end for all who hold power over another. 

    1. frill


      happy pride month

    2. Mojo


      Its gay month Its gay month Its gay month Its gay month

  8. ((OOC)) This event was written by Balrog I, the story is carried on by his son and former cult members.
  9. The Wronged: Balrog Firebeard The Assailant: Boldrumir “The Redeemed” Cottonwood The Wrong: Inciting violence, refusing to follow commands given by a lord of a city, blatant disrespect against a fellow dwarf, and no self control, which led to his death, a clear case of self defense. Date of Wrongdoing: 1680 Terms of Settlement: The line of Balrog being cleared of the charge of kinslaying. ((To make it extremely clear, this grudge was entered by Balrog II as Balrog the First is dead.))
  10. Balrog claps his hands, pleased to hear that a change of leadership has occurred within the orkos.
  11. MC Name: J33xt101 Character Name: Bolvek Discord: King J33#5390 Timezone: CST
  12. As long as yeh do nae folleh teh pat’ of yer forsakin kin, ye’ll beh foine! Says Balrog as he scratches his beard.
  13. Uh oh.. someone decided that Gold wasn’t worth enough...

    1. Tigergiri


      Lol idk


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