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  1. When is the Arcas map download going to come out? 

    1. Bhased


      It'll be a hot bit, few weeks or so

    2. J33xt101


      @Bhased Sounds good, thanks.


  2. Give me mina, or give me death. 

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    2. Tigergiri


      @J33xt101 waste of perfectly good mina, not a good dwarf move

    3. J33xt101


      @Tigergiri You know, you got me for once. Well done lass.

    4. Tigergiri


      @J33xt101learned from the best 

  3. The damn Mynebor Bank is now open! No fees, and a 2% interest rate per year!
  4. J33xt101

    End of Arcas

    Balrog chuckles as he drinks out of his trusty old keg of mead. "Canae touc' t'is."
  5. J33xt101

    New 8.0 CT

    Not dwarven, I don't approve. Ok ok... maybe I do
  6. Mynebor has only been around for a couple years now... 

    1. Gemini


      I miss Mynebor

  7. Balrog II laughs briefly upon reading the long document. “W’at oi toime teh be aloive... ah do enveh moi fat’er, but t’en ah do nae...” He shrugs before continuing on, his feet crunching on the snowy surface of the stone inside his city.
  8. Balrog reads the letter, his mind starting to wander, yet he remembers the few times he had seen the honorable dwarf around Urguan. ”Nae will ah s’ed a tear, fer eht e’s teh will of teh Brat’mordakin and Dungrimm that all should eventually cease to draw breath on this world... farewell laddeh.”
  9. Balrog thinks that most of Urguan needs to pay for war reparations due to Urguan’s desire to destroy a lonely nomadic tribe of dwarves out in the frozen wasteland, a place where no dwarf had gone before. ”Puppets? Ah think nae... none of t’em be smart enoug’ teh even come up wit’ a single wise plan...”
  10. Very epic, perfect for Mynebor. But then again, also too OP. Try again.
  11. Mynebor is missing from that list...
  12. This is some good stuff
  13. ((Good read, will there be one for Belka and the rest of the Brathmordakin soon?))
  14. Myneborian Independence when? 

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    2. Tigergiri


      nah i mean the 15k i paid to be a vassal away from war ❤️


    3. J33xt101


      I know, but yes, should that vassal agreement go to nought, I will return the 15k at a 5% interest rate. 

    4. Tigergiri
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