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  1. Balrog chuckles softly, letting his pick rest against the side of the pit he was digging in before moving his eyes to the stone far above him. ”It is funneh, I was a heretic fer following K’orvad after nae being taug’t... but now a young lad.. is being called an heretic for sayin w’at te’ Gods ‘ave led ‘im tu do? Nae, this is just te’ Urguanites ‘aving sticks up t’eir arses. Oi’ve dealt wit’ teh ‘ypocrisy t’at Urguan ‘as dealt meh, but maybe a’ deserved it. T’is lad ‘ere... e’ does nae. W’oi can’t Urguan just fock off and understand w’at te’ Gods are troin teh s’ow em. Power ‘as corrupted t’em... Yemekar wis’es fer us teh grow. And boi ‘aving anot’er way of s’aring t’at knowledge... t’is s’ould be a t’ing of joy!” Sighs in disappointment before grabbing his pickaxe and striking the rock once more.
  2. ”Back in moi day, weh did nae need a challenge tu make teh foinest blades and ‘ammers... we forged, we removed kneecaps, we built cities, and we liked it. W’at a glorious waste a’ toime...” Balrog grumbles after remarking, also rather disappointed that the most powerful vassal to ever exist was not invited.
  3. I have returned to LOTC.

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  4. Balrog chuckles before starting to sing a song, the singers name being Ozzum Ozagmum. "Nae more Khorvad..."
  5. Balrog remarks with some sadness upon hearing the news “Twas a foine dwed teh lead, ‘eld teh brat’mordakin and teh kingdom true, and rig’t. We may nae ‘ave loiked eac’ ot’ethe, but e’ ‘as meh respect.”
  6. [!] Balrog and the rest of the council will convene shortly to discuss the letter and to take a vote on passing this idea. A personal letter of thanks would be in order. [!]
  7. For this next war, there had better be something better than Cha Cha going on! You got this bois!

  8. Where can I find the warclaim rules? Thank you.


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      Rules > Conflict Rules.

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      Chandelier 2.0 here we go boys

  9. Balrog, upon hearing of the news would feel a tear roll down his cheek, pausing momentarily as he took it in. "Whoi does eht 'ave teh be t'is way..." (This is very sad, great story though.)
  10. A Missive of Steel [!] In lands far away, in mountains of old, lies a fallen city, yet somehow full of life and prosperity. This is the only letter of negotiation Urguan and it’s King, Utak Ireheart will receive from it. [!] My name is Balrog Ironkiln II, King of Kaz’Stailininn, Prelate of Belka, Watcher of the Obsidian mountains to the west, Father to murdered sons, Husband to a murdered wife, you have pestered, and harassed my people, my family, and my father before me. My children are dead, my kingdom in ruin. And yet here you are, spreading lies and deceit about myself, and the Ironkiln clan. The very crimes of my father, that you executed him for, rightfully so, have now been placed on myself. Your baseless accusations and rantings tire me. This worthless conflict amongst our kin has done nothing but divide our race in a time where we must work together to survive. Here I give us, Urguan, the chance to right our wrongs, to bring all dwedkin back together in the eyes of the Brathmordakin. I will renounce my title as King of the Kingdom of Steel, I will offer my fealty, and therefore the fealty of all my people to the Under-Realm of Urguan, and to King Utak Ireheart. I will accept the title of Lord of Kal’Orvul, and I will cease my ravings, and my quest for revenge against those who turned and murdered my father, and my people. All grudges held by Kal’Orvul, and the Kingdom of Steel will be null, and void in these dark times. These are my final terms. - I, Balrog Ironkiln II, The people of Kaz’Stailininn, and the Ironkiln clan be absolved of all crimes laid against me and my people by the Kingdom of Urguan. Including Worship of Khorvad, and heresy as well as proclaimed treason against the Under-Realm. - The immediate ceasing of all harassment and railings against Kaz’Stailininn in it’s entirety. - The City of Kal’Orvul be allowed to be constructed as seen fit, and to grow in peace without the impediment of any other nation, thus including the Under-Realm of Urguan. - And finally, that all the aforementioned, be spoken to the people of Urguan. That they will know that I, Balrog Ironkiln II, and the people of Kal’Orvul, are not the same people you went to war against nearly half a century ago. I beg you to consider these terms, should it save our kind, I will bend the knee. But not before my terms have been met. The council of Kal’Orvul has decided on these terms. And we are willing to cooperate fully. Khorvad guides the way of the evil, but Yemekar brings the dwed together. Do not let Khorvad’s influence stop us from coming together once more. I pray that you will never know the loss that Khorvad, in his entirety brought to my people. Do not put another war against dwed, are we not all come from Urguan himself? Bravenum hom bodenok, nar tha vrok savum bravenum othokoros. Signed –
  11. “**** teh mot’a-******* king of the biggest **** pile teh world ‘as eveh seen!” Balrog would yell, no one hearing it but the Gods.
  12. SYNTHETIK: Legion Rising King J33#5390
  13. [!] A few pages of a long lost book, the paper appearing nearly ancient would be found in the rubble of new construction in the great city. The words neatly written in gold infused ink, bore a bright sheen as a dwarf picked them up, carried them rather carefully to a storage room after reading them. [!] “The Darkness Beheld in the Wintry Skies” Chapter 4 “It is fair to ask, did we do what was right, was our work truly for the Gods above us? Our faith will free us, but also holds us to this mortal world. The clouds roll over us as does a strong wind, or a swarm of locusts over the wheat fields of yore. Our work on this great city has not ceased, though threats of war have been issued. My sons, and nonetheless myself, have done a great many things to ensure that the fall of this kingdom will never occur as long as our bodies draw breath. Only a few stone days ago, I stood among the great balconies and looked off to the south, nothing but snow covered hills greeted my eyes. The purity, and cleanliness of snow truly was a picture of our task, yet the dark skies about us seemed to damper the already fallen spirits of our people. The Myneborians are suffering, the snow still falls through great gaps in the construct. We work tirelessly, the statues, the staircases, all rise yet slowly. It has been many a year since work had begun, but we as a proud people stand true, forging weapons to defend ourselves, building great works of stone to cover our bodies in the biting cold that would have us stand as statues of ice in our own city. Furthermore, my attempts to make known to the clergy of Urguan that our crimes were mine alone. Kazrin himself offered to meet with me, the terms being true, and good. Yet I could not accept, our work was not done, the lives of my sons did not yet lay secure in this great kingdom. I have gone far and wide, searching for allies, for those who would fight in the impending conflict that was inevitable. A brave few have joined our cause, but even then, the armies of our kin stood tall and proud against even our own. This world contains nothing that causes fear to enter my heart, but the mere thought of my sons leaving this world strikes me with a great pain. I fear I have made too many mistakes, but even then, all shall fight for what they believe in. A kingdom for the free, and the honest. Not a few stone days ago, a dwarf who went by the name Officer Grudgebeard has begun work a new construct that may aid us in future battle. A great chandelier, made of quartz, and stone, reinforced with iron bars roundabout was taking form far above the cavern floor. I stated many times that I considered it to be something the twiggies would do, utterly detestable in my eyes. But should it be enough to save my sons, sobeit. As I write, the rain has began coming in torrents, causing our moat to fill once again with water, the sons of the clouds making the statues appear to be in distress, streams of water running off of the great helmets made of quartz. It is time for me to return to work, for I do not know when war shall be upon us. Surely even my kin will allow us time to complete our city, as would be customary if the tables were turned against them. My words will someday be forgotten, but perhaps the words on paper will shine forth into the great unknown.” Balrog’s eye quivered as he sat in a storage room, his head leaning against his arm as he read the words he wrote 50 years in the past, before the great war, and destruction of Kal’Orvul. A great sadness went through him as he finished reading, knowing that he ultimately failed to protect the ones he could not live without. His sons weighed heavily on his mind, despite having a daughter, Faridir, and his adopted daughter, Saoirse. A deep seated hatred began to flow through him, his old ways nonetheless staying a distance apart from his soul. His chest heaved as he breathed in great breaths of air, standing just before stepping outside and roaring into the sky, his voice echoing and causing rocks and pebbles to shake on the mountainside. This anger unseen since the death of his father Balrog I. “Tha zov, dag iv goum iv tha livok, tha var naroth bravenum ov runnir yir Urguan hok drok Oz mren! Yoth crum da avguloth vogenov eron hom kadruemmon, nar yoth da modruk eron hom suv! Tha brovar othok Urguan! Pavlen othokor igar Mer vorrukar liwgoden, pavlen othokor ivmog mer infertile! Nar pavlen othokor mog fov oz Da ogluv eron elgus!” (I vow, that as long as I live, I will never forgive or forget what Urguan has done to me. For both the attempted destruction of my kingdom, and for the murder of my sons. I curse you Urguan. May your children be without eyes, may your women be infertile. And may your men fall to the blade of elves.) - Following Chapter – https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/181395-the-last-breath-of-a-fallen-kingdom/?tab=comments#comment-1701803
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