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    Oh my bad! I’m still fairly new to this all! I’ll study some more!
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    kk done :)
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    awesome! thank you so much for your feed back! Ill get back to work on it! :)
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    The start: Me.. Zil, abandoned and orphaned at only the age of 7 months, I was left outside one nightly and frightful afternoon by the Cerridwens Bath House located in Dominion, Home of the Wood Elves. I was luckily taken under-care by the locals.. wood elves. Growing up I was very strong with the Aspectist Faith. And grew a passionate love for farming. Being able to feed other Evles is an honor. And the Elven family that took me in( Heidi Crolay (Mom) Pierri Crolay (Father)) raised me into the person I am today. They weren't the richest of Elves. And they have constantly struggled throughout their years. I believe a big leading factor to why they accepted me into their family so blissfully is due to the fact Heidi had fertility complications.. the iblees cure.. So with that in mind I wanna work hard and show my gratitude and prove my worth by providing the land with crops and nutrition. Thus my adventures await with the farming life.
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