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  1. EDIT: This post feels like you’re just saying something for the sakes of something. It’s such a major ‘shrug’ – there’s no outcome to this and you’re just telling people things that they already know whilst delivering it in a buzzword-y and diluted response that means nothing in reality. There would be completely no difference between this post being released, and it not being released. People want actions, and you’ve had long enough now as to take action; they don’t want posts that talk about talking. Literally just borderline jibberish with a terrible flow of writing that makes it pretty much impossible to take anything from in terms of tangible and deliverable goals & actions going ahead.
  2. Why is there a ‘Community’ team when their only real responsibility is to deal with new players? Hosting events here and there does not appropriate for dealing with the community – especially when the Community Team lead doesn’t address the concerns of the majority of the server concerning topics such as war rules. For example on my recent blacklist? Me and 70+ others who agreed that it was BS are still waiting for a response. The role of CT should be to support this and be the medium between Moderators & Players – however all we see is CT pushing players through the outdated application process just to then be slapped about by Moderators. Your responsibility as Communtiy Team doesn’t end the minute they lose their [N] tag, and doesn’t suddenly start again when somebody wants to recite poetry in that Community Cafe ****.
  3. TrendE


  4. TrendE


  5. Kaelan is not a solution to Pun & this behaviour will continue until Telanir removes himself – which won’t happen. It’s all well and good seeing Kaelan say all of this, but it was just the other day that he blacklisted a player, who has played the server for a month, for 2 months despite the individual having no infractions. He then proceeded to lie about him communicating with the individual. They are both as bad as each other beneath terrible Admins.
  6. If any player feels that they’ve had false Conflict Blacklists, please PM me on Discord with information – TrendE#6928

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    2. TrendE


      @Archbishopeven if the justification for the punishments was reasonable, which it wasn’t as I watched the entire thing, a player who has played the server for around a month with no previous punishments was given a 2 month long punishment. 

      His punishment is 2x longer than the amount of time that he has played the server, and he was offered no warnings etc prior. There is no way that this decision can be defended. 

    3. Kanadensare


      Mickaelhz and I’s CBs, while unjust and completely irrational, can at least be explained away. Erilobar’s literally can’t. He has played for a month (+/- a week or two) and was given a two month CB, which at the time he was told it was only going to be a week (or 2 weeks, I forget, but still), for typing an emote that the GM didn’t like. He received no warnings, he received no mercy from the mineman moderator. He was struck down without a care in the world and without the GM giving any mind to the situation or the player he was punishing.


      Telanir said that CBs were supposed to be a last resort and an alternative to a ban, but it’s really starting to seem like the GMs see them as band-aids to toss on players who they don’t want to deal with for the next [insert however long their CB is here].

    4. BenevolentManacles


      stop sewing dissent in my mineman rp corporation

  7. TrendE

    Miss You

    “Roses are red, Joesph is a bender, can’t be arsed with poems lets kill the pretender.” Risky Ralph would scream in laughter at the top of his lungs as he waved his handless stumps around wildly.
  8. Persus I of the House of Helane silently pledges his blade to the true Emperor whilst he remains in hiding – not that he can do anything with it, yet.
  9. Persus would exhale deeply to the news of his childhood rival, otherwise a friend, having passed. Shaking his head, he’d pick up the young woman’s wedding invitation out from the pile that sat upon the desk in his study – moving as to place it aside.
  10. Hey Staff – why did you deny Hot_Dip’s comment on my post? What he wrote out was seemingly tame from what I have been told; but then again, I guess it does make sense for you to block comments that go against you guys when you think that nobody will notice.

    The olive branch of good will is still extended and I am waiting to hear back from you guys both on here and on Discord; I can assure you that this issue isn’t going away. Just cooperate with me – trust me, it’s not as bad as what it sounds! 🙂

    @Telanir @Fireheart @Pun @Kaelan

  11. TrendE

    The Response

    The majority of my punishments on this server have been rolled back after I’ve provided evidence. In my experience, staff have always shot first & asked questions later. One gem was a week long ban for calling somebody ‘Braindead’ which I still fail to believe as to how I had to actually convince staff to remove it. Whether or not they are still logged, I am unsure, but I am certain that I have had slanted treatment. @Deer__ attempted to punish @Archangelic for it. Very funny guy. Once more, you say that I deserve some form of punishment, though concede that I may not have done anything wrong in this scenario as to warrant a punishment. If you look at my infractions that you’ve mentioned, there should be a pretty decent gap since the last one. It’s because I’ve been trying to be better at OOC & stay out of trouble, but unfortunately when you take action as to push playerbases in a certain direction through roleplay, trouble tends to find you. As @Destroyer_Bravo said in a Discord yesterday; if staff really wanted to punish me and had the same view as yours which is that I should be punished somehow, then they should have just waited for me to mess up. Instead, I’ve been punished in a way that not only messes with my roleplay experience, but with others, and has already lead to targeting because people know that I cannot fight back. In addition to that, the other side involved does not agree with staff at all; which leads onto my next point. There are always 3 sides involved in conflict: Attackers, Defenders, Staff If the Attackers & Defenders are agreeing that they had fun & that nothing was wrong with what happened, and staff place punishments regardless, then that is staff attacking players – it’s to nobody’s benefit other than staff’s. Telanir is attempting to remove the third group as & where he can with the new rules – fair enough. Though, if you are going to do that, staff cannot simply jump back in whenever, and wherever, they feel like.
  12. TrendE

    The Response

    Are you including infractions such as Wolfkite VBing me for a week, on my first week on the server, with the reasoning of it being for rallying a globally announced event? yh. Also; to be fair, it is not hard to get infractions. Archangelic nearly got a punishment yesterday for simply telling another player to ‘**** off’ in private Discord messages. One of the major things that I got from this response is that you believe that I should be perm punished for something; despite nobody in this instance agreeing with staff in either side. Punish me when I make that mistake that staff seemingly are waiting for – but this isn’t it chief. Nonetheless, I appreciate your honesty.
  13. TrendE

    The Response

    Introduction Yesterday, as pretty much the entire server has seen by now, I was ‘Conflict Blacklisted’ indefinitely over an event that happened on 15/07/19 (2 days prior). With no other way to speak to staff due to them removing me from a group chat that was (briefly) being used to actively discuss the punishment, and them then deciding to ignore me after-the-fact, I feel somewhat obliged to make a response post addressing the complete lies and fabrications that have been told in order to justify removing me from the server. I believe that the basis & evidence for this punishment from the staff’s side is incredibly lacklustre as none has been provided to me when asked – whereas I have alternatively and consistently been able, and offered, to provide evidence of my innocence in multiple of these punishment’s given reasons. If staff are willing to outright lie or falsify one or two claims to justify an indefinite ban in an instance that occurred between two player bases who are friends with one another – then quite frankly you would be willingly stupid as to deny that the chances of them doing it elsewhere in, and out, of this case are high. Direct Address to the ‘opps’ Before you read this - I’d like to directly address the ‘opposition’ who are going to just chat **** for the sake of chatting ****, and are apparently celebrating the fact that somebody was permanently punished; I find it completely pathetic that this is all that they can cling to. The reason why you’re celebrating me being punished is because you have most likely died to me or have had to deal with me; and lost. As @frill said in his status update, the fact that you would immediately be happy about a player being punished rather look at it properly is a sign of major slobbering. Lowly behaviour breeds lowly behaviour - except only a handful of people, which are the people who will blindly chat ****, are the ones who cry when their feelings and Minecraft dolls get hurt. Unironically, if this entire issue - not this specific case - is not dealt with sooner rather than later, staff will overstep their boundaries once again & will eventually push you or your friends off the server at some point down the line. Just because you have friends on the staff team now does not mean that you will in 3 months. Also; please note throughout this how in multiple screenshots the people that I killed are not mad & think that this punishment was completely out of order. I have a feeling that the main people that’re supportive of this punishment are people that were not involved at all & are just salty children. The Blacklist Main Overview of what happened On Sunday during the Imperial Court, I participated in an event where we shot at the Emperor (@Gusano). A fight then broke out, where the defenders were trapped within the courtroom – and eventually retreated. Quite frankly, it was a very fun fight & it was one of the very few fights that the server will see of the same scale in a considerable amount of time. Throughout the RP, the setup of the PVP, and the PVP itself, I was in communication with the respective leaders of the opposing side on behalf of the attackers. This was done to ensure that things were understood clearly with minimal communication channels, and that there were as few issues as could be. The major players involved from each side are all friends with one another, and we are at a complete loss as to how this punishment reflects what happened in our fight which all of us were fine with after-the-fact. Staff literally intervened where/in a way that we did not request. During this event, Silverstatik messaged me in the middle of the fight as to try and speak to me about an LWC bypass that happened several hours before, where I broke two wooden logs. I did not do anything after breaking these wooden logs other than back off, put them back, and instead breach the door appropriately with lockpicking IIRC. I shall discuss this later, as it is the only punishment reason that I admit to – and can rightfully be defended. After respectfully telling Silverstatik that I shall speak to him after, rather than in the middle of the fight, we continued & concluded the fight after some small confusion at the end which was a result of GMs forcefully involving themselves; yet not confirming whether PVP was or wasn’t off until people complained about dying whilst armoured & statused. With the fight finished, I then spent over an hour of my time sitting in a call with Silverstatik as to clear up any issues that he, or other members of staff, had with what had unfolded – which I believed to be very productive. A new day then rolled over, with me RPing & doing other stuff without any issues. Late in the night, I was slapped with this punishment without further discussion. I was then included in a group chat where certain members of staff provided no aid at all, was kicked once I went to bed. The members of staff that I am to contact regarding this punishment have provided little support or cooperation – and have so far failed to respond to the request for evidence, which simply lends to my belief that they have unknowingly falsified claims or outright lied. One or the other, really. Response to punishments Violation of Good Spirit Clause All of the players involved in organising the event on both offense & defence were communicating OOCly without any issues. There was complete cooperation without the need of staff intervention – something that never happens on raids. I really hope that the players involved, namely @Gusano, @Milenkhov & @cowmoonist speak out about this – as I stayed in communication with them during pretty much every period of the event, including after discussing it & ensure that there were no hard feelings. Use of a death trap There was only one trap that was used IIRC – the lava trap. I did not place the lava trap, contribute to the building of it, or use it at all in the fight. It was not an ‘instant death trap’ either; as @Knox & other players had literally walked into it on accident and did not die from it. No players involved in the fight died instantly from the lava if I recall correctly, though this is pretty much irrelevant as I had no part in this. Major griefing I don’t know what this is in reference to. I did not perform any ‘major griefing’ – so if you could tell me what this is about, then that’d be great. This is why I requested evidence; as this is such a baseless claim that holds no ground at all. This is a lie to say that this was relevant to me until you can explain it & provide evidence. Breaking blocks to bypass LWC Cool, so this is the one thing that has any basis. I broke two logs beside a door that my character should have access to regardless – due to him having access to every door after that specific access point to the hallway. In addition to this, @Gusano & @Dyl have fully agreed that I should have had access to this door and that it wasn’t intentional that I did not have it – instead being the result of constantly changing lock owners in the Palace. Any other door that I supposedly bypassed LWC with was lockpicked. Combat logging A punishment added onto my reasons, despite it being an entirely different player that supposedly did it. This is a lie to say that this was relevant to me. Joining Mid-PVP A punishment added onto my reasons, despite it being an entirely different player that supposedly did it. In addition to this, I communicated with @cowmoonist several times in the build up to the fight that the individual in question had all of his display drivers crash & break, and therefore had to reinstall them. This was the reasoning behind the 15-20 minute wait between PVP being called & for when it actually initiated. It was confirmed that everything was all good with him as long as we were still up on the palisades, as it would not really affect PVP. He was meant to be there, but his drivers had to crash. We gained no advantage from waiting that long to initiate PVP, and it was incredibly frustrating. We made an agreement that works with both parties, and went ahead without Moderator involvement. This is a lie to say that this was relevant to me. Use of WS A punishment added onto my reasons, despite it being an entirely different player that supposedly did it. I had no clue that this had even happened until I saw the list of punishments, and was unaware of who did it until it was admitted to me this morning. This is a lie to say that this was relevant to me. Alt accounts of banned players I am not an alt account of a banned player. The only reason why I can think that it might be is because one of the players that participated in the attack was an alt of a banned player. This should not come as a shock, considering the same person has literally led a nation since being permanently banned & has actively interacted with the same members of staff as the ones who have punished me on every war that has happened for the last year+. It is also incredibly disingenuous to place this on me, and to hold me to a standard that is not actively maintained. Both sides of every war are pretty much led by banned players and have been constantly. Pretty much every player on the server has knowingly collaborated or been led by banned players. If there was a rule that stated that this was not allowed or was a thing that people have been punished for before, then fair enough. However, it is not, and staff have retrospectively banned me for something that is not even allowed or is even a standard maintained on the server. You are punishing me for playing with my friends that were banned before I even joined the server – what a victory. Conclusion I do not expect anything to come from this at all; but it just feels stupid to be slapped with so many outright lies that cannot be backed up & to not even offer a response/address to it - especially when I tried to do such privately and was shot down and ignored multiple times by the same staff members who push for cooperation between both players and staff. This case is a direct product of your new rules, and I hope that you’re prepared to enforce this punishment on other people; and others are willing to let you keep dishing them out. Realistically what comes now is most likely going to be quitting the server until staff are so kind enough as to actually provide me a date for when I can appeal this decision in a proper format. Alternatively, I could carry on playing the server & never be able to fight back against people that will actively target me knowing that I am unable to retaliate. Yeah; doesn’t sound too fun, or particularly in line with a roleplay server. This style of punishment combined with the most recent war rules, and @Telanir‘s forceful closure of the War of the Two Emperors shows that this is not a dynamic roleplay server at all & is instead railroaded. If you do something that staff do not like, they’ll correct that and put you back on their path – which I think we can all agree is going to be resident sleeper, extremely laggy, and poorly managed. An observation that I have made is that there are far more community staff members rather than moderators; and the moderators are the ones consistently upsetting entire communities with decisions that do not represent what the community wants. Anybody who says that they want this type of punishment to even be around is clearly missing the point, quite frankly. If the server wishes to continue bringing players in with the literal horde of Community Team members, just for them to get drop kicked by Moderators later down the line - then it’s going in the right direction. Hopefully staff actually are able to cooperate and provide a proper response/address instead of what I was offered in the group chat – but then again, why do that when you can just lock, or hide, the thread & brush it under the rug? Probs messy & might have one or two mistakes in here but.. yh.
  14. If you attack me you are literally attacking a disabled child I cannot fight back – woe is me
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