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  1. TrendE

    To Fireheart

    One of the most sensible things that you have ever said. Community staff response has been utterly disgraceful throughout all of this. Whole pack of them need to be rid of for the server to move forward – which will never happen whilst the server’s Owner & Chairman are entirely absent.
  2. “You did not LOSE anyone – they remained loyal to their Emperor, whilst you stayed loyal to a traitor who broke treaties!” Risky Ralph laughed as he spilled out from the wardrobe that he was hiding in – sprinting out of the house as he screamed. How strange.
  3. Are you still crying about that? You got banned for what you did, and you know that this is entirely false. Here’s a reminder for you of how you reported me, and got banned for your own actions whilst I was, rightfully, not punished. Not going to argue with you over this for the 50th time; pretty funny that you’re still complaining over this instance, though.
  4. Because we didn’t moan and whinge. We got on with it and beat you; despite losing people in the lobby, dying to hackers, and having our players banned & screenshare on the day without evidence – then to have them unbanned the following day without apology.
  5. Yes, they redid the warclaim because a hacker killed about 20 people. We weirdly enough lost a similar amount to your hackers, and alt accounts played by people such as Malg. Strange how we didn’t complain n just got on with it, eh?
  6. Bunk 1 – do you not remember Aberrang where we had a gif of them hacking as well, before the redo? Selective memory sucks & is disingenuous.
  7. Well this is fun 

  8. Dude it’s almost as if you’re incapable of reading, or perhaps you just don’t want to. When I wrote this report I did not KNOW about the verdict from the first part – therefore in my eyes the whole thing had been entirely dropped and ignored. If you reported something to staff, then to a manager, and you were unaware of any form of verdict or action then I think that you’d be pretty annoyed as well. We were unreasonably and illegally teleported away from PVP – the evidence is entirely there. It was a false verdict and I want to point out how poorly handled this scenario was. You’re intentionally ignoring events just to defend somebody that actively sits in your Discord, just like how you intentionally ignored your blatant meta gaming of RPing your own character’s death and then cried about it in Discord when you got banned – carry on doing what you’re doing & stay mad dude! Not replying to you again, unfortunately, as I’ve got a war to prepare for and bread to try n make lal!
  9. Look at my perspective; I asked Jacko after this event what the ruling was, basically, and got no response. I then asked Pun, and nothing happened. As far as I was concerned – nothing had happened and my report was ignored. Also; KBR jokes about it because it’s a running joke that Dewper was pushing for a long period, and that is something that he can vouch for. So now your point is that I pushed him into doing RP that he didn’t want to do by approaching him? Yeah, this discussion appears to be over lol.
  10. A response to the both of you: Yes I did; I was in Adria at the time and went to speak to him about Knighthood after seeing him. I was not there to kill him at that point in time as we were still fine with Adria, despite him believeing such to be true. I was there to discuss the potential of Adria having their own capability to make Knights, as this was around the time of Publius’ post of Adrian concern. https://imgur.com/a/eHHjiVs The pair are still both on my friendslist mostly due to laziness to remove them from my time in Adria, which is proven to be true as I have already killed and taken Hunwald’s head before – if what you’re saying is to be true, then I would have removed him as I have his head. Who is & isn’t on my friendslist is of no concern to you, and it’s laughable that you’ve fallen for the joke that I spout to @KBR of people on my friendslist being people that I wish to kill. Also, I really fail to believe that regardless of this dumb friendslist point that you have never checked to see if somebody is online in order to RP with them – even if what you’ve insinuated is true, it’s a hilariously poor point. This was not a plot to kill Soren in roleplay in this specific point that you’re speaking about – nor was it a chat relevant to that. It’s comedic that you’re even insinuating this, considering I believe it to be in a general chat of a public discord. Keep assuming though, dude! Is it modshopping if you do not get a verdict, or any word of your issue being solved? I’ve literally been waiting for bare over this, and it’s not even a report against Soren at this point – it’s targeted against Wacko. Where did I say that I was added to your friendslist? If I did insinuate that, it was not intentional, so I have no clue what you’re talking about here. Also, I literally don't care whether or not you see my friend’s list lol? You’re my epic buddy for life dude; can’t do much about that!! ! 😄 Stay mad.
  11. “If you guys want a fight then rally right now and we’ll fight! We tried to earlier, but you all hid in Reza. You’ve also been actively avoiding the roads!.” Risky Ralph, commander of men, would scream!

    1. TrendE


      dancing on corpses – **** the opps 😆

  13. Two-part staff report against _WACKO Part One: Person/s Involved: @JACKO Person/s with permission to post within the report: @JACKO, _Bueno_ & @SquakHawk Rules Broken: AFKing to avoid RP, logging out of RP, lying to staff (?) | Staff bias & breach of staff conduct. Relevant Evidence: First instance of _Bueno_ logging out to avoid RP _Bueno_ logging off to avoid Harrison / 2nd Me waiting for _Bueno_ to try and RP with him Wacko’s decision to let Bueno off with a warning, despite pretending to be AFK then logging off after being TPed back by staff Wacko sitting in VC with the individual (Zed) later that day, as well as me attempting to report this to Pun who quite frankly did **** all about it Proof you attempted to resolve the issue with person/s involved --- Story: So this story spans over multiple instances, all of which share a common theme. The first, I went to _Bueno_ and tried to RP with him, and he logged off. I walked off, as I couldn’t be bothered to deal with it - he knew that I was going to most likely kill him, and he avoided it. Harrison then went to RP with him, most likely to kill him, and _Bueno_ logged off again. A couple of weeks later, we burnt down Ves - and I went up to RP with _Bueno_. He pretended to be afk, eventually moved then logged off the minute he saw me. I did not modreq it as I wanted to just resolve it IRP - however the following day he pretended to be afk & commented about how he was doing it intentionally until someone came to aid him. I emoted, then walked behind a corner when he didn’t respond & waited for him to return - which he didn’t do, as he SSed out. I modreq’d, and Jacko picked it up - he then eventually TPed _Bueno_ back after supposedly warning him. _Bueno_ then logged off instantly to further avoid RP, and did not return. My ticket was closed, and nothing more was done about it despite me reporting it to Pun. I failed to understand how this verdict was justifiable, for all of about an hour, as I eventually saw Jacko in VC with Soren later that day. After this, @SquakHawk attempted to chase this up over a longer period of time, however they hit a wall and nothing came of it as far as I am concerned; therefore they have full permission to add their piece to this report. --- Part Two: Person/s Involved: @JACKO, Renatus & Reivers Person/s with permission to post within the report: Anyone that was there prior to PVP being called Rules Broken: Staff bias & breach of staff conduct. Relevant Evidence: Me at Adria screaming before I left, then me searching to see who was banditing on the road on my way back to Renatus after I spotted them - note the 3 minute time gap: A 3 EMOTE bird: Verdict & it’s (lack of) justification: Proof you attempted to resolve the issue with person/s involved: _Pingz attempting to leave after we said that we had to leave after a short period anyway: https://i.gyazo.com/thumb/1200/1b58d70d586aa261ea2a14a19f26932a-png.jpg --- Story: I was in Adria having a snoop around, though saw lots of people gathered around that looked like they were ready for a fight at the gate. After emoting a scream, I ran down the road to Helena, where I encountered some individuals that I recognised getting bandited. After running past them, I doubled-back and checked to see who the bandits were. Moving back, I decided to emote birding for aid - where I messaged @Rave_Cave_marb. He then rallied people at Helena, and I waited for them. After seeing them run towards me, I joined the group and we attacked the bandits. After attacking the bandits; they immediately halted all RP and we had to wait about 20 minutes for a GM. During this period, three additional people from their group - two of which were identifiable by skins - attempted to join the fight. Eventually, Wacko picked up our ticket. The only communication that we had with him was to explain what happened, then him asking who was here prior to PVP being called. We answered him and explained our side; and then waited. Eventually, he declared that people from both sides (both additional rallies) were to be TPed out. He did not explain his reasoning, and instead warped us to Helena. I attempted to message him to try and resolve the issue, however he avoided the question by what appears to be an attempt to intimidate me as a staff member by telling me that I’m threatening and disrespect him. The majority of the individuals then logged off, as we had already said that we were not going to wait forever for a staff verdict originally to something that seemed rather blatantly fine. A situation with an easy solution, with full evidence provided by our side, was somehow warped & turned against us by somebody that has had a history of questionable decisions. To add onto this, @Pingz_ (a very new player) was banned for 12 hours for ‘combat logging’. The man had to go and feed his 1 year old daughter, and take her to daycare, and decided to do this after asking for permission as children are more important than Minecraft. --- Final comments: Quite frankly, I am not expecting anything to happen – despite this individual’s poor moderation spanning over several months now in more than one instance, as nothing ever happens. What will most likely happen is that an Admin will take this and it’ll get thrown into a large pile of reports against poor staff members. This isn’t a matter of Empire X against Empire Y – it’s literally just a **** moderator that has been conciously, or not, making poor decisions before definitive sides were set. Therefore, with this in mind, I am not pushing for the point of him abusing for a set nation – genuinely just think it’s a case of a really **** moderator. Anybody who has anything of value to add regarding these situations or players, with evidence / a good argument, can comment below
  14. Risky Ralph begins cutting shapes in the square; busting out his victory dance as he screams “I CAN DO THIS **** WITH NO EFFORT!” – a very strange choice of commander for the Renatian force.
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