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  1. Skipping the warclaim was a good idea by the looks of Discord right now lol 


    1. Demotheus


      Decent cover with fun twist if you like this type of music. 



  3. Once again, I ask the question of who exactly this ban is in the best interest of? Bans should always be used to protect communities/players from others once they’ve explicitly broken rules – though I am unsure of who this ban really protects. All that the LOTC Administration is doing here is making it very clear that those who play for extended periods of time and continually work to improve LOTC through supporting its newly joining players will not have their situations and contributions taken into account when they prove to be too much to handle. Stay tuned for Saturday. We won’t forget this, and we’ll hold feet to the fire for as long as it takes to fix this goofy ****. EDIT: Also, I know who the people who’ve celebrated Narthok’s ban are. I meant what I said on his farewell post.
  4. Really got to ask yourself what the purpose of a ban is. Surely it is to protect X from Y. Who are staff protecting by banning Narthok? 

    1. Lumii


      themselves 😕 

    2. HurferDurfer1


      when narthok banned me for 5 months i dont think it was to protect anyone

      Edit: nvm he was protecting suess cause i called him a chimp i remember now

    3. SquakHawk


      i cant mention ***’lur without getting banned now bro this is scary

  5. Telling ppl now that if you celebrate somebody getting banned, you’ll receive a swift karate chop to the jugular. I’m watching you fellas. EDIT: This reminds me a lot of my indefinite ‘blacklist’ (ban). Admins seriously need to ask themselves who they’re helping by banning Narthok. Busy (supposedly) idiots everywhere I look.
  6. TrendE

    To Godric from Ide

    "The only place that Godric’s axe will be laid is into the undead Emperor’s skull, for the second time. Ide would do well to remember his time in Guise.” Owyn Alexander Renai remarked as he read a copy of the letter, moving to the tavern of Morsgrad to meet with some old friends.
  7. TrendE


    Risky Ralph laughs “OK.” as he shrugs – using the piece of paper to blow his snotty nose, his nostrils still tingling somewhat from the spices and herbs stuffed into his plague doctor mask.
  8. TrendE


    Risky Ralph, dressed in his plague attire, would begin testing some samples of the blood gathered from the battlefield beneath Morsgrad in his lair. ”Thank GOD – our work today was essential to ensure that the rest of Arcas does not fall to the plague.” he’d scream excessively, recalling the last time he had seen an outbreak like this.
  9. omg staff gonna unionise n go on strike 0_0

    1. ryno2
    2. Padre_Tales


      But they cant unionize without paying union dues and telanir never paid them ;0

  10. @ oren – i know smthn u dont know 😄


    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. shoahinsnowyfields


      Adam expressed his concern to me that if he states what he knows,  then you’ll simply claim that you meant something else. Therefore, I volunteer as an intermediary. Both of you tell me your secrets and I’ll see who knows what 🙂

    3. Harrison


      oh yeah taht makes sense ill tell u about that

    4. Padre_Tales


      wow i like me some good chisme in the morning *sips coffee*

  11. Risky Ralph continued to spread the plague of humps and bumps around Helena. Biological warfare.
  12. please stop deleting my roleplay comments -_- im just trying to roleplay for crying out loud! 

    1. Padre_Tales
    2. jdesarno


      Staff is finally enforcing ooc salt? Damn what a time to be alive.

  13. “Don’t start something that you can’t finish.” Persus Helane would chuckle as he sharpened his blade, peering around at the men that prepared with him.
  14. THE BATTLE OF HELENA FIELDS The trodden-path that lay between Rubern & Helena carried the weight of ten Morsgradi soldiers this day, patrolling along it - for they sought blood; blood they would acquire. The Marshal of the Empire had stumbled along the soldiers, with little despair he fled - eventually regrouping with an Imperial army led by the Emperor himself. Both sides, poised for war, gritted their teeth and steel met steel as they clashed upon Helena fields. Once a bloody battleground hosting the intense fights of the Two Emperors now put Morsgradi against Orenian, blood was drawn and bodies were dropped. The battle raged fiercely, neither side ran - both fighting to their bitter end. Upon the final moments of the fight, there was a lone Orenian soldier routed from the battlefield, for he was one soul left alive to tell the others of what had occurred here. The outnumbered Morsgradi retinue had vanquished the Orenian army here in Helena Fields. However, this is just one of the thrice battles that had occurred this very day. Woe to the men that raise blade & steel against Duke Godric and his alliance.
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