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  1. Welcome to the 60fps rendering club – nice video.
  2. Risky Ralph laughs as he screams “That face when you have no new allies, and so few victories, that you are forced to release propaganda declaring that your Capital supports the Empire due to lack of potential content”. He then shows a few of his friends a funny drawing prior to preparing for the upcoming war crimes that he looks forward to committing.
  3. Persus laughed at Oren for a final time as he moved onto greater things elsewhere in a land far away; trusting that his sons shall put an end to the abominable, undead, Emperor once and for all.
  4. @Telanir deletes my comment & warns me instead of responding with a successful initiative that he’s implemented. 

    good job dude – thanks for proving my point

  5. soooo which ******* retard decided it was a good idea to merge a server with a systemic pedophilia issue w/ staff with a highschool roleplay server

  6. @Korvic pay me £500 & I’ll fix your server infra :-3

  7. also the safety team is a ******* stupid idea & will be implemented poorly by individuals who have no technical knowledge about screensharing or anything related. If a school needs specially trained individuals to deal w/ pedophilia etc, what makes a handful of daycare larping clowns capable of protecting ‘vulnerable’ players – look forward to some laughable ban reasons. 

    end result is going to be another **** staff team which struggles to maintain an active membership & continually butts heads with Moderation. Will be funny to watch from a distance.

    1. ScreamingDingo
    2. TrendE


      @ScreamingDingo nice trim u rat teeth perma virgin

    3. Amayonnaise


      A CT asked about having a wiki team properly implemented as a sub-section of CT, to help in updating the wiki and making it useful again. I was keen on the idea as it lacked anything to do with moderation, but still meant I could help out on the wiki and pair it up with the current loregames by moving the new approved lore onto the wiki.

      They insta-denied the request and the CT member who asked immediately quit. Then they went ahead and released this ‘daycare team’.

      Not impressed, LotC.

  8. ignore all lotc for a few weeks n it’s somehow gotten fkin worse LOL

  9. im a bf2 heroes vs villains pro now, sorry lotc


    1. ChumpChump


      You don’t see me bragging about being a top ranked apex predator do ya

  10. discord tutorial @ Curon // @BenevolentManacles / @Koanda 

    (( Thank me later ))


    1. howard


      “noooo don’t ban report him for harassment!!!!”

    2. TrendE


      1 hour ago, YPJgamer1999 said:

      “noooo don’t ban report him for harassment!!!!”



  11. homophobia & racism rp is no longer allowed btw



    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Demotheus


      Didn’t look like actual RP, looked like TP. 

    3. TrendE


      3 minutes ago, Demotheus said:

      Didn’t look like actual RP, looked like TP. 


      Wasnt trollplay, was serious gamer roleplay

    4. Demotheus


      No i said TP. 

      I should have been more clear. 


      Dirty TP. 

  12. 1 reply per report …


    I look forward to making inflammatory comments in response to reports & laughing whilst they can’t respond.

  13. got my own opinions on how well i think you did as a GM (surprise surprise) but it’s the thought that counts ig, u did try ur hardest but the task isn’t a one-man job. hope you have a good x months off – enjoy yourself!
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