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    (RP&MC) Name: Ser Darius Ault Age: 41 Title: Knight of the Realm & Baron of the Hollowed Hills Holdings: The Hollowed Hills Heritage: House Ault, first of line. Events: Duel & Joust
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    Community Meeting

    1.) Why are unlimited 2 man ‘attacks’ allowed, but the minute you have 3 it suddenly becomes a raid? 2.) Why are you able to infinitely heal horses that can run 3x the speed of players on foot, with 10+ health? 3.) How come you’re able to /status recording, and only follow one side around day in, day out, without being punished when you’re clearly ghosting? 4.) Why is there still no form of cheater prevention other than ‘Did u record it? If not can’t do anything sorry’?
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    [PK] Death of a Dad

    Darius Ault smiles contently in his office as he recalls the events of that day
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    PosidonX7's Event Team Actor application

    If that was directed at my post – I’m giving evidence of dire RP from this individual who is attempting to become what is effectively the top-line of LOTC RP to justify my -1, so I’m good g.
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    PosidonX7's Event Team Actor application

    5 people attacked; response emote: [15:19:15] [CHAT] Toska simply went to flap it's large wings backwards as it pushed off with all legs, propelling itself forth. If one were to stand in their way, they would possibly be thrown. This action also possibly made the orc miss his swing. - – - Also the individual claims that they’ve changed since this scenario, however the only other time that I’ve interacted with them since this was the other week, where they cried about being PVP defaulted by guards within Adrian borders; claiming that they hadn’t provoked anyone, just after they launched an Imperial Legionnare across the Baltas. To resolve this they made everyone wait about 20 minutes for a GM; just for the GM to agree that it was blatant default. - – - Laughable that this individual considers themselves to be ET material; but to be fair with the state of ET right now, they probably are ET material.
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    Roleplay The primary events leading up to such were the activites conducted within the forest; including the construction of multiple bandit & mercenary camps. We wish to eradicate this by claiming the land in the name of the Duke of Adria; removing such scum from our doorstep. In addition to this, we wish to remove the vile Druid ents from our borders, looming over our safe town. In response to our request to vacate the lands, they threatened us back - claiming that the ents will squash the Duchy. Finally, we have given them several chances to vacate the lands – though despite this they continue to sit upon our borders, attempting to spread their forest deeper into our borders. The Halfling that is responsible for the forest also attempted to claim my own land, placing his trees all over it; which were hastily cut down. We now wish to cut the rest of the forest down, as we are sick of the activites conducted within. CBs Offensive Building Attackers Duchy of Adria Defenders Old Dunshire Proposed Time December 24 @ 3PM EST Location Old Dunshire Forest: https://imgur.com/a/DndAid8 Contact Information Will give upon request
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    Dario the Dauntless nods to such; glad that all of the Adrian laws he understands have been recorded in a singular public book.
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    Senate and People of Velia - Recruiting!

    Minecraft Username: TrendE Discord Tag: Can provide upon request Character Name: Darius Ault Character Age: 37 Character Social Class: Rich Character Profession: Maer, city planner (Says non-combative, but realistically I’m a v good fighter)
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  11. 1694 Maer Elections Belvitz town centre, Circa 1693 The bells of Belvitz can be heard all around Adria; surprisingly audible over the tavern’s general rabble and brawling. “Comrades o’Belvitz, gather ‘round!” Maer Darius Ault calls from the square; stood tall upon the wall in his swanky Maer coat and feathered hat. “The time ‘as come t’elect a new Maer, for my time as such be comin’ at an end. Get yer campaignin’ boots on, for it be campaignin’’ period. One year from this date we shall be ‘olding the elections. If youse’ve any questions ‘bout t’role n’responsibilities as Maer, come n’av a chat wit’ me - I’ll break it down for youse, though a quick breakdown be managin’ Belvitz on a day t’day basis such as tax, property, expansion n’city projects. Oh, n’also working closely wit’ t’Duke on t’larger things in life; such as t’future o’t’Duchy!” “T’best o’luck t’our candidates; n’be sure t’start campaignin’ as soon as possible, for it shouldnae be overlooked!” he continued; finishing off his simple speech - not beating around the bush, as always. Role of Maer: - Act as the face of day-to-day activities - Manage taxation & property within the town - Advise the Duke on motions concerning the town - Grow the town, whilst sustaining its current activity TL;DR - Act as the day-to-day manager of Belvitz Candidate registration requirements: - Be 18 years or older - Be a citizen within the town of Belvitz - Have lived in Belvitz for at least 2 days (IRL) - Be of Canonoist faith, or some form of denomination Register as a candidate below: Candidate: Name: Age: Address: *Candidate application also includes individual’s voting paper application. Voting: You MUST: - Be a resident of Adria for at least 2 days (IRL) - Own legitimate land within Adria - Be in an acceptable legal standing - Be registered to vote - Be at least 18 years of age - Be of Canonist faith, or some form of demonination *The vote will take place on the 16/12/18; finishing at midnight. Boxes for individual candidates will be placed within the town hall with signs, indicating each candidate’s box. Physical papers are to be dropped into these boxes during the allocated day. Between this announcement and when the vote is called to an end; all legal forms of campaigning is allowed. Register as a voter below: Voter: Name: Age: Address: *When you have registered to vote, come to Maer Darius IRP requesting your physical papers. ~ Maer Darius Ault of Belvitz, 1693
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    ty for the elo Just joking, was good playing w/ you for the short time I did; pce dudester.
  13. Declaration of Candidacy, Adria, 1693 Belvitz’ Firstlight Tavern, Circa 1692 Darius took a long gulp of his Black™ before climbing atop of the bench that he was previously sat on within Belvitz’ Firstlight Tavern. He peered down to his wedding ring, sighing slightly before looking back up once more - clearing his throat and raising a hand to silence the tavern as they gave him the attention that he rightfully deserves. “Comrades o’Belvitz..” he begins, grinning as he looks around the room “I suspect that most o’youse know me by now; though if youse do nae then allow me t’introduce m’self as Darius Ault, Maer o’this beautiful, n’successful town that we drink in t’day. Whilst I ‘av been ‘ere, servin’ as your Maer, I ‘av lent a ‘eavy ‘and in t’revival o’t’town - bringing new homes t’folks comin’ in, recreatin’ n’reintroducin’ a fair tax system t’the Duchy - a system allowin’ us t’fund initiatives such as t’mines, t’library, n’possibly t’most important o’all - t’Adrian Ducal Retinue.” Darius motions to the table of uniformed ADR guards sat within the tavern. “Our Duchy’s guards ‘av been workin’ tremendously ‘ard recently, bringing t’guard back from t’state that it were under folk that neglected it - allowing groups such as t’slavers o’Krugmar t’run rampant.” “Hard workin’ soldiers, like t’men within this very tavern drinkin’ wit’ us today, that dedicate ‘emselves, and are ambitious enough t’rise through the ranks t’become Officers should be favoured over those tha’ are awarded Knighthood through their family’s fortune n’success; for I’d rather take one o’our self-made men than five o’t’noble’s entitled Knights! Make Knighthood mean somert; n’award it t’those that truly deserve it - nae t’those born int’ it!” “Trust me t’represent youse in parliament under t’Aurelian Party, as I do already within Belvitz. In return, youse will see yerselves represented on a scale tha’ t’current Prefect - Antanios Rutledge - is nae capable o’, n’will see an even greater rate o’success than we ‘av already seen in t’last few years within our town!” “If t’people youse trust t’protect youse trust me t’represent ‘em, then wha’ does that say?” “An Empire for t’people, by t’people!“ Maer Darius declares patriotically, raising his tankard of Black™ to the other individuals within the tavern. ~ Maer Darius Ault of Belvitz (( ARP platform // Register to vote in your prefecture ))