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  1. @Telanir deletes my comment & warns me instead of responding with a successful initiative that he’s implemented. 

    good job dude – thanks for proving my point

  2. soooo which ******* retard decided it was a good idea to merge a server with a systemic pedophilia issue w/ staff with a highschool roleplay server

  3. @Korvic pay me £500 & I’ll fix your server infra :-3

  4. also the safety team is a ******* stupid idea & will be implemented poorly by individuals who have no technical knowledge about screensharing or anything related. If a school needs specially trained individuals to deal w/ pedophilia etc, what makes a handful of daycare larping clowns capable of protecting ‘vulnerable’ players – look forward to some laughable ban reasons. 

    end result is going to be another **** staff team which struggles to maintain an active membership & continually butts heads with Moderation. Will be funny to watch from a distance.

    1. ScreamingDingo
    2. TrendE


      @ScreamingDingo nice trim u rat teeth perma virgin

    3. Amayonnaise


      A CT asked about having a wiki team properly implemented as a sub-section of CT, to help in updating the wiki and making it useful again. I was keen on the idea as it lacked anything to do with moderation, but still meant I could help out on the wiki and pair it up with the current loregames by moving the new approved lore onto the wiki.

      They insta-denied the request and the CT member who asked immediately quit. Then they went ahead and released this ‘daycare team’.

      Not impressed, LotC.

  5. ignore all lotc for a few weeks n it’s somehow gotten fkin worse LOL

  6. im a bf2 heroes vs villains pro now, sorry lotc


    1. ChumpChump


      You don’t see me bragging about being a top ranked apex predator do ya

  7. discord tutorial @ Curon // @BenevolentManacles / @Koanda 

    (( Thank me later ))


    1. howard


      “noooo don’t ban report him for harassment!!!!”

    2. TrendE


      1 hour ago, YPJgamer1999 said:

      “noooo don’t ban report him for harassment!!!!”



  8. homophobia & racism rp is no longer allowed btw



    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Demotheus


      Didn’t look like actual RP, looked like TP. 

    3. TrendE


      3 minutes ago, Demotheus said:

      Didn’t look like actual RP, looked like TP. 


      Wasnt trollplay, was serious gamer roleplay

    4. Demotheus


      No i said TP. 

      I should have been more clear. 


      Dirty TP. 

  9. 1 reply per report …


    I look forward to making inflammatory comments in response to reports & laughing whilst they can’t respond.

  10. got my own opinions on how well i think you did as a GM (surprise surprise) but it’s the thought that counts ig, u did try ur hardest but the task isn’t a one-man job. hope you have a good x months off – enjoy yourself!
  11. if no report evidence is valid after being 3 weeks old then why does it take months n months for infractions to be cleared?  

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. TrendE


      11 minutes ago, Telanir said:

      Yeah Harrison is right on both his points @Harrison


      if this is the case then why are past, expired, infractions even discussed in staff interviews – @Telanir. Unsure why people are grilled so heavily for toxicity in staff apps whilst Mitt0 giving a staff account away before was clearly shrugged off to whatever degree due to him supposedly having a great plan for the server going forward.

    3. Telanir


      TrendE don’t pretend you know the full story there Mitt0 doesn’t even have a ban history nor ever blacklisted

    4. TrendE


      16 minutes ago, Telanir said:

      TrendE don’t pretend you know the full story there Mitt0 doesn’t even have a ban history nor ever blacklisted

      @Telanir - which is why ban history should be public. fear of people harassing others is a non-reason, because that’s a separate punishment. If that was valid, then you wouldn’t have made reports public either.  


      don’t dodge my actual question – if infractions are removed then why are they still used against people whenever staff feel like it? it’s not a pick & choose kind of thing – they’re removed from your record or they’re not. 

  12. “You are a child pretending to be a Knight; evident in both your physical, and mental, appearance.” Owyn Alexander Renai laughs in response before returning to the cold settlement of Morsgrad. (( Why would I know that lol – sums up this war though, really.
  13. Owyn Alexander Renai sends a simple note to the ‘Ser’: an offer of a duel to the death to prove that their rumoured advantage of quality is not real. As per, he expects to hear nothing back – as he realised long ago that his enemies were all talk many years ago. (( PK duel lol
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