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  1. TrendE

    Eighth Golden Bull of Rhodesia

    Darius has no clue what this religious talk means but applauds nonetheless.
  2. TrendE


    Darius provides the Adrian default salute
  3. TrendE


    Darius grins, opening his arms to the man, motioning to the other men at the barracks “Welcome t’t’fold; we’d be glad t’have youse wit’ us” the Maer-Commandant rasps
  4. TrendE


    Full Name: Darius Ault Year of Birth: 1656 City of Primary Residency: Belvitz ((MC Name: TrendE))
  5. Minecraft Name (s): TrendE Blacklist Reason: Meta-gaming How has your blacklist helped you improve your overall/villain RP?: It's provided me with time to try different playstyles on LOTC, and given me different perspectives of alternative character types. This makes me value RP more as opposed to breaking the rules & ruining their immersive roleplay. In addition to this, it encouraged me to read the rules, meaning that I understand meta-game rules and initiation rules a lot more among others. Are you aware receiving another blacklist after this one, will be more severe?: Yeah Why should you be un-blacklisted?: Not only do I understand my mistake that got me VB'd; I also feel that the only way for me to truly understand and correct my actions in the future is to make mistakes like this and learn from them. No RP actually occured harming others to result in my VB; therefore it was an innocent offence, providing me with more of an understanding of rules at nobody else's expense. At the time of my VB I had played for a week, making about a third of my time on the server being restricted roleplay due to a VB. This doesn't allow for people to improve themselves in practice, especially new players. All it provides is a push to play in alternative methods, and also re-read the rules - which obviously does improve their RP, but not specifically villain RP that greatly. I feel that I have learnt my lesson and will refrain from meta-gaming in the future; which is evident through the fact that I've already corrected my actions and started sending/prompting people to send birds IRP & etc.
  6. TrendE

    The Merry Red Brothers of Nordengrad

    Name: Adler Clan: Clanless Experience: Fresh out of the city Equipment ((provide a detailed account of your char's slapped together equipment)): A single hand sword, and a red tunic under chainmail Are ye 'o faith?: Learning as I go
  7. TrendE


    Adler was born in the glorious city of Markev, born to a harsh military man for a father, and a loving mother that actually gave him the time of day. His upbringing was very average in itself; however he was extremely mischevious from the moment that he could walk. It did not take long for Adler's father to start ironing out this behaviour with regimental army drills. As he began to grow older in his teens, Adler's father began teaching him how to handle himself with a sword, which he was surprisingly not terrible at; however his mischevious behaviour never quite left him, and he found himself sneaking out a lot, getting himself into trouble, and involving himself with general teen delinquency in the city. Adler never struggled to make friends, and was often deemed a very charesmatic ringleader of social gatherings. He found it very easy for himself to lead others into trouble, and to convince them to carry acts out for him; often finding themselves in trouble as a result. Adler's father being the figure that he is took it upon himself to ensure that for Adler to get the most out of life, he'd force his son to leave home the day after his 18th birthday, partially to ensure that this behaviour was eventually corrected one way or another by the harsh world outside of Markev; and that's where Adler's real adventure begins.