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    Son of part time executioner and cobbler of a poor farming village, Otton never knew his mother, his father telling vague stories of her disappearance with his siblings throughout his life, never truly knowing the real reason. Otton grew up in an unstable household, his father frequently spending all their minas on gambling and getting his son involved in town conflicts and fights over the debts he collected. Isolated due to the reputation caused by family problems Otton secluded himself in the Church as an escape, spending most of his free time talking with the priest. The extremely unsustainable life his father led quickly caught up to him when Otton had just become an adult, his father being brutally bashed to death by money-collectors leaving Otton tossed out to the streets in an area where he had nothing left, with no choice he set out to Carolustadt to enlist in one of the numerous militias or find a future in the clergy.