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  1. being a guard isn’t villainy LOL

    do you people even know what villain blacklists are for?

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    2. Archbishop


      the staff did when they banned people on a VB for putting an enemy on trial

    3. frill


      law is villainy sorry mate

      nothing more evil than uh




    4. Dunstan


      tyranny u evil hitler



  2. “The excommunications on some of the Pertinaxi Horens were very well justified, such as Yury, Antonious and Alexandria. I do hope our new Pontiff would put our Auditor of the Tribunal to better work, such as the incest that runs rampant in the Pertinaxi lines, most of them have married their cousins and close family members. Might he also direct the Auditor to investigate the Emperor claiming themselves to be leader of the Canonist Church in their treaty with Suffolk, this was taken our as soon as people knew it was included. How about the Emperor appointing a non-clergyman, without a synod, John Alexander to act as Anti-Pontiff? Godfrey and his child bride, whom is his cousin, had their wedding ceremony officiated by a non-clergyman and the Anti-pontiff he appointed. The desecration of the Helena Cathedral by turning it into a slaughterhouse with an execution device and skulls decorating the hall. I do not have high hopes that these will be investigated and if they are, they will be poorly done with little outcome.” said Zachery.
  3. “The two Horens who commited incest should stay excommunicated.” said Zachery.
  4. “You literally do nothing but take credit for everything, **** off back to your magic elf sex cult.” said Dave.
  5. “Didn’t you yourself want to lead Marna as regent?” asked Dave.
  6. “There is no confusion, he was removed by the Synod then he tried to remove them, what is there to be confused about? This is nothing more then a ruse to entrap us for Renatus.” said Zachery.
  7. “I’m from Aeldin and I’m important!” exclaimed a man from Aeldin
  8. “Can’t wait to see Renatus inevitably raze Ves.” said Dave
  9. And here I thought that gms were meant to get both sides of a story before making a verdict, not one side.

  10. “So Yurii got in bed with Norland, whats new?” asked Zachery.
  11. “Hear hear.” said Archbishop Zachery.
  12. “But they’re the ones who commanded nearly every skirmish we lost.” said Dave.
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