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  1. When you have banned players like Ghazriel running up and down the road all day for several hours banditing people with lackluster emotes expecting pvp every time and mc’ly sprinting away when its rp, theres a problem.
  2. “The demonic cravens of Llyria need to be purged from this good realm, this does nothing to address all of the undead and demonic beasts known to be harbored by the ‘canonists’ of Llyria.”
  3. “You’re not the one to speak of tyranny when Antonius who currently stands in your ranks, is guilty of great tyranny such as the burning of Ves.” said Thorley.
  4. “Where is your proof that the Cardinal was a shade, if you fail to provide such then appropriate action should be taken against Llyria over the death of the cardinal” said Thorley
  5. This would involve staff doing stuff.... sadly it seems no effort was made to make our map interesting at all, no global story arc or anything, i want an antag! Setherien and his harbingers were fun
  6. “Frogs still angry they lost capital city because of hou-zi.” Li-Mangshe chuckled.
  7. Thorley Fitch pins this to the gates of Sedan. @Doggedwasupxxx
  8. “Aren’t you a clergyman-killer and if so you have no credibility to bargain with.” said Thorley.
  9. I wonder when the completely broken eviction rules will be fixed. For example if one of your leaders turns out to be a traitor 😮 they own your resources, lock you out and proceed to bleed you dry, you have to put up a 3 day eviction notice and cannot mc’ly block them from stealing your resources! On top of that when the 3 day eviction notice is up, gms force you to do the ridiculous /evict command which gives all the contents of the chest (your resources) to the player you’re trying to recover the contents from. Its an absolutely broken system and I’m surprised nobody has said anything about it yet. Have the /evict command only affect doors and trapdoors, you should have to modreq for chests and return it to how it was for several years.
  10. Are you not in charge of the administrators? What of knox’s second response?
  11. 95% of the time the ban comes first and you’re lucky if the GM/Admin responds to your discord pms. Also whilst you’re at it could you formulate a response to this?
  12. @Knox like i said, you got 1 response, nothing will change and you won’t get another response
  13. Did this ever happen??

  14. Whats the point, they’ve already given their response, nothing is going to be done about it and you’d be lucky if you got a second response from them, even if you did it wouldn’t achieve anything. However I find it ironic that Pun used world edit to clear out war defences in Fenn under the pretense of ‘lag’, there of course being no proof digging out gravel caused lag because isn’t there a gravel pit in the resource areas and wheres the lag from that, but outright refused to help fix a landscar from fort loche because ‘the players made it’.
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