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  1. No I just thought it was you being edgy again for attention, I wasn’t wrong.
  2. “Hasn’t this mage been alived for over 200 years, yet hes a human. Very strange indeed.” said Zachery.
  3. Archbishop

    To Fireheart

    I don’t care is there is a re-do or not, Fireheart just needs to give his decision, its been long enough. I’ve not been able to attend a warclaim for a while now as I work nearly every saturday. Was looking forward to being able to attend this one though, unfortunately I cannot for firehearts absolute laziness stops a warclaim from happening and the war continuing. Get it together or resign, simple as. Also where is our community admin in all of this, I’ve not seen them do anything, also wheres the ‘your view’ threads?
  4. “Is that why your Knight wrote a missive about cutting down a tree?” asked Zachery.
  5. @sergisala If you want an example of dewper/dpm controlling Renatus on alts, dewper ordered TrendE, Lithium and co to kill Stackloot as he ooc’ly admitted to ‘plotting to overthrow Aiim’. When stackloot posted a ban report on them for metagaming this information, they all lied about what actually happened. Also take note that I’m sure the meeting at Nenzing where they decided to make yoppl emperor, was watched by dewper on a wondering soul and then told renatus ‘leadership’ which he is a part of. This information was then used in rp by tornado and co, citing them as rebels before anybody even knew about the meeting in rp. Stop denying dewper and kyle don’t call most of the shots when it is so blatantly obvious. Oh and before the Nenzing meeting was known in rp, dewper approached me and invited me into a call where he requested I become their anti-pope. In fact many of church members have been aproached ooc’ly to become their anti-pope and then they found lolzboi. And this was the image taken on a WS of the meeting at Nenzing which was metagamed. https://gyazo.com/8305fad6801d523ceebf2fb6a43e592d Lol, nice try but not good enough.
  6. “You got that right.” said Archbishop Zachery, following the one true Pontiff and Emperor.
  7. Then why are we not re-doing the entire thing?
  8. Yes, they re-did the entire warclaim in that one, not a portion of it. I also wonder who first got this gif by the hacker, was it dewper or kyle per chance?
  9. Where did this video come from, may you link me?
  10. Do provide it please. You’re acting as if Renatians were the only players killed in the lobby, they were not. Instead of posting this thread accusing a player of hacking, plastering it all over the forums, you should have got a mod to screenshare him randomly. Now that you have accused him in a forum post before getting him screenshared, you diminish your chance of actually catching him (if he was actually hacking), pretty sad. Er, doesn’t that show whoever took that screenshot as hacking, those nameplates tho
  11. I think this is a more accurate portrayal.
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