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  1. IGN: Lefty_Bojengles RP Name: Axel Ireheart Candidate: Durorn Ireheart
  2. IGN: Lefty_Bojengles RP Name: Axel Ireheart Rank in the Legion: Longbeard/Reserve Do you agree to the rules of the competition?: Yes
  3. It had been nearly 10 years since the Irehearts of Urguan and the Orcs of Krugmar had agreed to perpetual peace. Rex Murdok’Lak had brokered a deal which saw the grudge against his people stricken from the great book, in return for some considerable reparations. However, as the years went on and the descendants moved from Arcas to Almaris, the dishonourable goblin, alongside his subsequent successor Rex Akila’Lur, had both failed to honour the agreement which the Irehearts had followed without fail. No lands were given, no statues built and no monetary amount handed to the Ireheart’s from the
  4. This grudge has been stricken out.
  5. MC Name: Lefty_Bojengles RP Name: Axel Ireheart Discord: Lefty#7206 Timezone: GMT
  6. Hi Hanrahan, As a player who has been around for just as long as you (longer in fact) and has witnessed you as a supposed member of "this community", I would just like to say that you have never, nor will ever, offer anything positive to any communities on LOTC, especially with comments such as that which are toxic, offensive and just plain rude. You should reconsider how you portray yourself online, referring to people as "cancer" reflects poorly upon you and your group (which I assume is Oren). Especially when said group is one of the most frowned upon and disliked communities on LOTC. So
  7. Hey Beast thanks for doing this comp man I think it'd be pretty cool if you drew my character Axel Ireheart. About 6 years ago you drew Axel's grandfather, Igor Ireheart. Then about 3 years ago you drew Axel's father, Bastion Ireheart So I think it would be pretty cool if you could draw Axel too, you'd have drawn the 3 generations of my characters on LOTC Here's Axel's skin for reference! https://namemc.com/skin/91ecaa9812e234e6
  8. This grudge has been stricken out.
  9. Lefty

    ONE DOWN...

    16 YEARS AGO the Urukmar of the Eternal Uzg brutalized the honorable Urist Ireheart, disfiguring his hands, his very means of working, his means of honoring the Brathmordakin. This atrocious act did not go unnoticed, and for over a decade did the Sons of Yavok wage vicious GRUDGE WAR on the Urukmar over the course of three rexes. There were efforts to resolve it, the ferocious folk of Kjellos had displayed the mercy of the Lady Belka and offered terms to Krugmar, but the Urukmar again failed in their honor, and again did the blood flow. Kjellos wills it. A few stone day
  10. The most innocent and merciful Ireheart, Urist, was humiliated then murdered in the woodland town of Siramenor. The faux justification first offered for this atrocity was deeds done by Clan Ireheart to the people of the Elvenesse, despite such being allowed by an agreement between the Clan Father and the Sea Prince. At first, a peaceful resolution was sought between Almenor and Urguani officials, and a court date was set for the murderer. Instead, the murderer came to court professing he would refuse blame and any punishment, and elven officials desperately tried to slander the word of dwarves
  11. Accepted, welcome to the clan!
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