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  1. DA KIRKJA DVERGA ~ ᛞᚨ ᚴᛁᚱᚴᛃᚨ ᛞᚡᛖᚱᚷᚨ ~ Da Kirkja Dverga is the most crucial cultural institution within dwed society, the foundation on which all dwed traditions are built. It is the supreme authority on the seven sacred hosts of Khaz’A’Dentrumm, the Brathmordakin. The institution involves itself with all things cultural to the sons and daughters of Urguan, hosting festivals, teaching traditions, conducting rites and other methods of service to the Brathmordakin. DA NOZAGAR’KRON The core purpose of da Kirkja Dverga is to teach and protect the faith of the dwedmar. Although often done through sermons, teachings and rites, the main method by which dwed faith is preserved is through the body of writings known as the Nozagar’Kron. This contains teachings of the Brathmordakin, excerpts on Paragons, myths and legends, and a collection of all sermons and letters. However not everything within the Nozagar’Kron is available to all dwarves, due to many texts either being lost to history or the complexity of some being too difficult to interpret. BRATHMORDAKIN The Brathmordakin consists of seven gods, each patron to certain themes of creation. The Brathmordakin were created as YEMEKAR forged the world, a result of divine craft. They reign from Khaz’A’Dentrumm over all creation, guiding the forces and themes that shape our lives. YEMEKAR, God of Creation [WIP] ANBELLA, God of Life [WIP] GRIMDUGAN, God of Greed [WIP] ARMAKAK, God of Trade [WIP] BELKA, God of Passion [WIP] OGRADHAD, God of Wisdom [WIP] DUNGRIMM, God of Death [WIP] CREATION MYTHOS The tale recounts the creation of the world by YEMEKAR. With every step in the process of shaping reality did each host of the Brathmordakin come into being, manifesting alongside the themes of his design. Described then is the shaping of the souls, the creation of Krug, Malin, Horen and Urguan. [WIP] THE PARAGONS There are those dwedmar who live their lives filled with honour and dedication, who earn such a prestigious rank as that of Paragon. These dwedmar have shown to be examples of honour and worship of the Brathmordakin, especially the Paragons who are elevated to a position greater than all dwedmar in Khaz’A’Dentrumm, assisting the Brathmordakin in leading it. [WIP] KHAZ’A’DENTRUMM When a dwed soul must part the mortal world, DUNGRIMM carries their soul carefully to Khaz’A’Dentrumm. Should they have been dishonourable and rejected the teachings of the Brathmordakin, should they instead have taken on the teachings of the Betrayer and his servants, they would fall from DUNGRIMM’s grasp and be cast into forever the darkness of Vuur’Dor. Should DUNGRIMM’s grip stay true on an honoured soul, they are brought to Khaz’A’Dentrumm where they are auctioned by the Brathmordakin, and live a life of eternal happiness and honour with their ancestors and their gods. [WIP] DA KHAZ’UR’KIRAKMAR Da Khaz’ur’Kirakmar, dwed for Temple, refers to the structure of da Kirkja Dverga itself. With the sons and daughters of Urguan moving between several lands, countless shrines and holy structures falling to the enemy, it is not the construct itself but the organisation of da Kirkja Dverga that is the source of holiness. The structure of the clergy is divided in two, higher leadership and lower ranks, and overall offers higher ranks to people with more developed understandings of the Brathmordakin. DA RHADAV’KARAAD Da Rhadav’Karaad is the title for the leadership of da Kirkja Dverga, the innermost sanctum. It comprises the highest authorities on the Brathmordakin. Dwedmar who have dedicated their entire life to service of the Brathmordakin. Led by the High Prophet, da Rhadav’Karaad dictates clergy structure, religious doctrine, and other decisions regarding the faith of the dwarves. High Prophet The elected leader and greatest authority of the faith, the High Prophet leads da Rhadav’Karaad, and with their assistance da Kirkja Dverga. He cannot alone discern the will of the Brathmordakin, and can only decide official doctrine with guidance of the other Prophets and Priests. To remove a High Prophet from their position, a ⅔ majority is needed. During the vote the individual in question can not vote upon their own removal. Prophets Among the highest authorities on the faith, in order to earn the title of Prophet one must demonstrate exceptional loyalty to the Brathmordakin, and hold devotion to help lead the clergy through thick and thin. In the council led by the High Prophet, the Prophets hold supreme authority over all matters of faith, although they can choose to relinquish that power for a priest-wide vote. Each Prophet must choose a patron God of the Brathmordakin to dedicate themselves to. No two Prophets may hold the same patron God whilst they simultaneously hold the position. There can only ever be six Prophets at any one time, so that in times of voting, the High Prophet will always have the deciding vote. DA VATHMARAVOS Da Vathmaravos is the term referring to the standard ranks of the clergy, composed of people who have begun their journey of dedication to the Brathmordakin. It is entirely common for members of da Vathmaravos to hold ranks outside of the clergy, such as in guilds or within their clans. Although these members have professed their dedication to the Brathmordakin and da Kirkja Dverga, it is not yet expected of them to devote themselves fully to it. Priest A Priest is the first rank of the clergy that holds any particularly strong religious authority and must choose at least one god to officially declare an oath to. Priests can be sworn into as many Brathmordakin as they want. Priests are designated authorities on a specific member of the Brathmordakin and are tasked with leading worship dedicated to that god. This does not mean however they are to forsake reverence for the rest of the seven, but simply that for organisation they are to manage the duties of one god. Once they have been sworn in, they are able to conduct the rituals of that god. Should the Prophet Council choose so, certain religious doctrinal decisions are made on a priest wide vote. A priest must uphold all vows made to the Brathmordakin. If any are broken, they risk demotion and punishment. Acolyte An Acolyte is the most basic and standard rank of da Kirkja Dverga. Acolyte’s are able to perform sermons and work on clergy projects, but cannot lead rites of the Brathmordakin. In order to become an Acolyte, a Neophyte must prove their extensive study and knowledge of the Brathmordakin. Once they have proven themselves, a Neophyte then must be blessed by a member of the Rhadaav’Karaad to become an Acolyte. Having reached the rank of Acolyte, the member continues to perform sermons, create writings, and do overall service to the Brathmordakin until they are ready to be made a Priest. Neophyte A Neophyte is someone who has just begun their journey of service to the Brathmordakin within da Kirkja Dverga. In order to become a Neophyte, a dwed must prove a basic level of understanding of the Brathmordakin. One must then take an oath to the Brathmordakin in the Temple, overseen by a member of the Rhadaav’Karaad. After their initiation, Neophyte’s tend to apprentice to and accompany many Priests to learn more during their religious trials. DA KIRKJA AKVEL Da Kirkja Dverga is the most holy and venerated institution in dwed society, and because of this, they must be protected at all costs, for to defend da Kirkja Dverga, is to defend the faith of the Brathmordakin. That is the role of da Kirkja Akvel, the Holy Guard. Da Kirkja Dverga are the chief protectors of our clergy and faith, whose duties include, the protection of religious shrines, temples, meetings, and gatherings, the guarding of the dwarven crypts, the hunting of heretics, apostates, undead, and all other forms of evil beings, and finally to execute the will of the High Prophet and the Council of Prophet in any way necessary in order to defend the faith of the Brathmordakin. Da Kirkja Akvel proudly adorn the Iron Mask of Dungrimm when carrying out their duties, and are sworn to undying loyalty both to da Kirkja Dverga and the Brathmordakin themselves. High Inquisitor The High Inquisitor is the leader of da Kirkja Akvel, chosen by the High Prophet themself. The High Inquisitor is the Defender of the Faith, who answers solely to the Council of Prophets and the High Prophet. As the leader of da Kirkja Akvel they are the executor of the Prophet's will, and are in charge of the overall running of the organisation with chief authority to carry out all duties of da Kirkja Akvel. Inquisitor The Inquisitors are the second in command to the High Inquisitor, they are the most hardened and skilled warriors within da Kirkja Akvel, and have spent many years defending the faith of the Brathmordakin. They are experts in both warfare and religious knowledge and show unending loyalty to both da Kirkja Akvel and the Kirkja Dverga. Inquisitors have the authority to lead investigations and expeditions in the name of the Kirkja Dverga, as long as they receive approval from the High Inquisitor or the Council of Prophets. Vindicator Vindicators are the lowest rank within da Kirkja Akvel, however, this is not to say that they are not skilled warriors in their own right. Vindicators are hardened soldiers, who have chosen to take up arms to defend their faith against their enemies. Vindicators are the eyes and ears of the Kirkja Akvel, and are capable of carrying out investigations into anything which might threaten the Kirkja Dverga and the faith of the Brathmordakin.
  2. As Axel Ireheart is sitting in the Dancing Dreek tavern within the walls of Axholm, he receives word of the letter sent around by the former failed Grand King, Ulfric Frostbeard. "What a damned fool. Any dwarf who styles themselves 'Grand King Emeritus' or uses their ancestors name to try and make their claims seem more impactful and trustworthy is a big-headed swine. Ulfric has no feats of his own to claim, his reign was that of inactivity, stagnation and fool-hardy decisions. Ulfric forgets that without Bakir, we would have lost the war against the former Empire of Oren, and those plentiful lands that he claims are wasted, we would not even control to begin with. Ulfric forgets that it was he who did an excellent job in losing our Blackvale and Ferrymen allies, ensuring we lost all the ground we had in a war he claimed sole glory for. By the end of his reign, our coffers ran dry, our streets were empty, and our glorious nation was but a former shadow of itself. He will go down as one of the worst Grand Kings in our proud nations long history, yet his legacy was saved by Bakir's ability to turn Urguan's fortunes around by winning the war against Oren, dismantling the Empire of our most ancient foe, and restoring Urguan to one of the worlds most powerful nations. We were well within our right to campaign for Ulfric's removal, yet we did not, and allowed him to resign peacefully, even when he had lead Urguan into ruin. Now after he returns from his self-imposed exile, he claims that Bakir should step down, after all he has achieved and done for our Grand Kingdom. Ulfric has made no attempts to reform anything or radicalize change within Urguan, he only makes baseless claims and demands of our Grand King due to the shame of his own damned failures. I doubt Ulfric has even spoken with Bakir openly about these perceived problems with our nations. Instead he hisses from the shadows, like the snake he is. Had he actually opened a dialogue with our Grand King, perhaps he would have learned something about the future of our nation, and realized this demand was not necessary. Unfortunately, this is what our glorious nation has come to, people choose to scheme and plot in the background, instead of speaking with honour to a dwed's face. I agree that our nation has fell off from it's old days of glory, but not at the fault of our Grand King, but because of cowards and cravens such as Ulfric Frostbeard."
  3. "Hmm looks good tae meh" Axel would say with a firm nod, "Although tae foinal term does nae apply tae Agnar Oathbreakah, 'e will beh grudged n' punished fer 'is betrayal" he would note to any dwed who happen to be around him.
  4. Axel Ireheart would shake his head in shame upon reading the declaration made by his clansmen. "Agnar wos a 'unce loyal n' 'onorable dwed, 'e was a great veteran ov' tae clan. But 'is actions recentleh 'ave been nuffin' short ov' disgraceful. Betrayin' 'is own blood fer tae sake ov' power, forsakin' 'is family for a position in a government full ov' incompetent dwed. 'e is nae longah mah uncle, 'e is nae longer a son ov' Igor, 'e is nae longah n' Ire'eart. 'e may nae suffer en t'is loife, but 'e will be denied at tae gates ov' Khaz'A'Dentrumm by 'is kin, n' will be forced tae spend eterniteh in Vuur'Door. Igor would be truleh ashamed ov' 'is supposed 'son'." With that Axel would make his way towards the Ireheart clan hall, so that he could retrieve the Evidence of Kjell....
  5. Welcome to the club
  6. *Missives are sent around the Grand Kingdom of Urguan, from the halls of the mighty Ireheart clan to their fortress of Dol’Gorix in the North.* “To my kinsmen, Long has it been since I returned to Urguan and took over the reins of the clan from Utak. In these last 50 years that I have been Clan Father of the greatest and most powerful clan to have ever graced Urguan’s halls, I have considered myself the luckiest dwed alive. Not because of any position of power that I have held, but because I have been blessed by Dungrimm himself to have been surrounded and supported by some of the finest dwarves I have ever met. With every challenge I faced I knew I had my kinsmen behind me who gifted me their unwavering loyalty. Not a day passed where I was not dumbfounded by the incredible strength, tenacity and courage of my kinsmen, who proved time after time that they kept our clan's best interests at their heart. An Ireheart’s bravery is second to none, and I would not trade a single one of our kinsmen for any other dwarf alive, for I know the bravery of a lone Ireheart is worth more than a 1000 other dwed’s combined. Regardless of bloodline or profession, the Ireheart’s have and always will be a family, a family that I have been lucky enough to call my own, lucky enough to lead, and lucky enough to have brought glory to. However, all things must come to an end, as is the way of life. I have led this clan through many Grand Kings, through many wars and turmoils, and I would do it all over again. But I am an old head, my cycle is over, and the time has come for young and fiery blood to lead our clan to greatness once more. It is for this reason that effective immediately, I am resigning as Clan Father, and have chosen my cousin, the ferocious Bakir Ireheart, son of Agnar Ireheart, son of Igor Ireheart, to be my successor. Bakir has been my right hand for longer than I could remember, and none of my previous successes in the clan would have been possible without him. I have no doubt that he will do great things for the clan, and he has the unwavering support of myself and the other Elders within the clan. Any who wish to challenge Bakir, knows that they are free to do so, although I would advise against entering the fighting pits against one of the finest warriors our clan has ever seen. Finally, I wish to state that I am not leaving Urguan or the clan for that matter, I am merely taking a step back and allowing others to lead due to the lengthy absence I have had in recent years. I will not be taking the role of Elder within the clan, and who Bakir chooses to take his place in that position will be up to him. I will still be around to offer guidance and advice for any Ireheart who may seek it, and I will still fight side by side with my kinsmen at any given opportunity. This will be a new age for the clan, and my hopes are that we will once again return to being the most actively prominent and powerful clan within Urguan’s halls, and I will do everything I can to assist Bakir in achieving that goal. Signed, Axel Ireheart”
  7. IGN: Lefty_Bojengles RP Name: Axel Ireheart Candidate: Durorn Ireheart
  8. IGN: Lefty_Bojengles RP Name: Axel Ireheart Rank in the Legion: Longbeard/Reserve Do you agree to the rules of the competition?: Yes
  9. It had been nearly 10 years since the Irehearts of Urguan and the Orcs of Krugmar had agreed to perpetual peace. Rex Murdok’Lak had brokered a deal which saw the grudge against his people stricken from the great book, in return for some considerable reparations. However, as the years went on and the descendants moved from Arcas to Almaris, the dishonourable goblin, alongside his subsequent successor Rex Akila’Lur, had both failed to honour the agreement which the Irehearts had followed without fail. No lands were given, no statues built and no monetary amount handed to the Ireheart’s from the two dishonourable and cowardly Rexes. But all that was to change. After the agreement was broken, Axel Ireheart, alongside his trusted kinsmen, travelled to Krugmar to parlay with the new Rex, Zhot. The peace that both sides had strived for all those years ago could have been broken this day, with the real possibility of the two once more entering into an endless war. But the willingness and inclination of the two leaders to negotiate the terms so that both their folk could have peace, meant that war would be avoided on this day. Whilst the Irehearts felt they had been robbed of what was promised to them, they understood that compromise was necessary if they wished to gain anything at all from the Orcs as reparations for their crimes. Rex Zhot knew that his predecessors had failed his people, and with their dishonour they had sent the Orcish race into its weakest state in generations. Due to this, the Rex knew he would have to offer the Irehearts some form of payment, and in doing so would right the wrongs of the past once and for all. Rex Zhot proved himself to be one of the most honourable Orcs to have led the Warnation of Krugmar, proving that he envisioned a future of Orcish power, domination and honour. THE TERMS: The Warnation of Krugmar shall gift without conditions a plot of land, 100 by 100 meters to the Irehearts of Urguan, half of which shall be used for communal farming, The Warnation of Krugmar shall gift a crate of ferrum to the Irehearts of Urguan, The Irehearts of Urguan shall strike their grudge from that most hallowed book of dwarfdom, the GREAT BOOK OF GRUDGES, The Irehearts of Urguan vow not to enforce any of their trials on the Warnation of Krugmar, lest an Orc and an Ireheart should come to a mutual agreement for a fair and just HONOR DUEL, The Irehearts of Urguan vow not to use their land to launch offensive action against the Warnation of Krugmar, Following the agreement of these terms, the Irehearts of Urguan and the Warnation of Krugmar shall know perpetual peace, only which should said peace be broken, will this agreement be declared null and void. Signed by, Axel Ireheart, Clan Father of Clan Ireheart Zhot, Rex of Krugmar
  10. Hey Beast thanks for doing this comp man I think it'd be pretty cool if you drew my character Axel Ireheart. About 6 years ago you drew Axel's grandfather, Igor Ireheart. Then about 3 years ago you drew Axel's father, Bastion Ireheart So I think it would be pretty cool if you could draw Axel too, you'd have drawn the 3 generations of my characters on LOTC Here's Axel's skin for reference! https://namemc.com/skin/91ecaa9812e234e6
  11. The most innocent and merciful Ireheart, Urist, was humiliated then murdered in the woodland town of Siramenor. The faux justification first offered for this atrocity was deeds done by Clan Ireheart to the people of the Elvenesse, despite such being allowed by an agreement between the Clan Father and the Sea Prince. At first, a peaceful resolution was sought between Almenor and Urguani officials, and a court date was set for the murderer. Instead, the murderer came to court professing he would refuse blame and any punishment, and elven officials desperately tried to slander the word of dwarves in an attempt to sway the Grand King. A false resolution was found, but justice was lost. This mistake shall not continue. Justice shall be ensured for Urguan’s Folk. Therefore with endorsement of the Great Book of Grudges, Clan Ireheart rights these wrongs; The Wronged: Clan Ireheart The Assailant: Laetranis ap Tahorran Eir'thall Ilathdyn The Wrong: The maiming of Urist Ireheart by severing his beard without any sliver of justification and the murder of Urist Ireheart by stabbing him simply for his spoken words of rightful rage. Also, selfishly denying any negative outcome of a neutral trial. Date of Wrongdoing: 14th of the Deep Cold 1777 Terms of Settlement: FOR the murder of Urist Ireheart by stabbing him simply for his spoken words of rightful rage, FOR selfishly denying any negative outcome of a neutral trial, Laetranis ap Tahorran shall be subject to forced HONOR DUEL and if lost shall be captured and publicly executed by the sons of Yavok, OR Laetranis may willingly submit himself to engage in an HONOR DUEL with a member of Clan Ireheart on open grounds, where Dungrimm’s judgement shall decide the fate. FOR the maiming of Urist Ireheart by severing his beard without any sliver of justification, Eir'thall Ilathdyn shall be subject to forced HONOR DUEL and if lost shall be captured and publicly executed by the sons of Yavok, OR Eir'thall may willingly submit himself to engage in an HONOR DUEL with a member of Clan Ireheart on open grounds, where Dungrimm’s judgement shall decide the fate. Other than the two grudged parties, no elf who claims to be of the Elvenesse is to be harmed less they disturb this grudge OR consent to a willing HONOR DUEL. Should a third party wish to interfere in any HONOR DUEL a son of Yavok rightfully calls OR interfere in other affairs, they are to be given a formal warning to take inaction. If they refuse, then the son of Yavok is permitted to include them in the fight. The Elvenesse’s relations with the Grand Kingdom are otherwise to remain neutral unless otherwise stated, despite the dishonor some of its folk had done to the dwarves. Should the citadel take executive action to further prevent Justice and limit the effects of this grudge, it shall be considered a direct insult to that most hallowed book in all dwarfdom, and the Grand King which holds it. And Justice, shall be upheld; Kjellos wills it. Narvak oz Urguan, Narvak oz Brathmordakin.
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