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  1. Amorthia


    I changed it. Haven’t been denied or accepted? Not sure if it has been seen again or not
  2. after hours of reading I have read them all, this made my day thank you for putting this here
  3. Amorthia


    Atashi has never met her father and has only known stories of him told by her mother as bedtime stories as a child. She’s usually quite quiet, and enjoys watching swordplay, though she tries to avoid combat as much as possible as she believes she is not good enough to win, instead she tries convincing her opponent through any facts known to her and if that doesn’t work she will admit defeat. She apologizes a lot especially when she is proven wrong. She doesn’t like history as she finds it boring so she doesn't know as much about it as others. She enjoys singing but prefers to keep it to herself. She prefers to wear dark colours that match her hair. She loves animals and likes to be surrounded by them. She hates obnoxious people. She doesn’t think she is good at anything. She lives in Markev and is part of the Raevir culture. She, like the other Raevir people, opposes the Order of Saint Lucien as that was just how she and her sister were raised, however, she usually doesn’t openly state this as she doesn’t many reasons for believing against it, this is because her mother taught her against it and never explained why. Growing up she believed she would only ever need her sister and didn’t bother making any fiends. She is pyrophobic because she is afraid that she will melt if she stands too close.
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