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  1. "Typical haensemen, not doing their research. Renault was granted use of the term, under his Imperial Majesty Godfrey the second" Aleksandr would say "Shame no one does their research." @MadOne @edelos
  2. A CALLING TO ALL RENAULTS -11th of Horen’s Calling, 1742- ━━━ ━━━ My sister, father and uncles. We've been separated for far too long, torn apart by our differences and the actions of a time passed. We've become apart, forgetting the meaning of family. It's time to change this, to put aside our conflict. Father, Aleksandr you've been absent for almost my whole life. But you haven't been absent from your brothers' lives and have had effects on them. I ask for you to come and meet with them to reconcile with your siblings. My uncles Issac and Lucian, I am aware that my father, Aleksandr Renault, has done ill to you. However you must understand, I am not my father and I am not like him. I intend to atone for his actions and hope that you would forgive me and my father. Sister, Matilda my best friend throughout my life. While you have not dealt with the same problems as I have, you too have suffered and deserve to be speak and say your thoughts about family. That’s why I invite all of us, as Renault, to meet and unite our family once again. To put aside the differences between us. To be united as the Dragonblooded house of Renault, to continue Ophelia's lineage as we should You will know when it’s time to meet. ━━━ Signed Aleksandr Renault II (( @SquakHawk @Rave_Cave_marb @cowmoonist @AnnaNicole20))
  3. Ign: Evonpire discord: Evonpire#0044 reference for skin: will pm on discord about it favorite food: home made chicken n dumplings
  4. ((But still, there is no monkey bomb))
  5. Liao Chen, former Huangdi (king) of the Hou does not recall any explosives being made by hou.
  6. “Could I have a I’m sorry letter, for my land that was razed, signed by the Emperor?” A Renault boy would try to ask the Duchess
  7. “You’re a meanie” says a child, ignoring whatever it said
  8. Jesus Myst that’s some powerful apps.

  9. SECOND Edit: Thanks Unwillingly
  10. SUBPOENA Aleksandr Renault, Aleksandr Renault II, Vitoria Renault Barony of Stratton Morag Goldhand DESIRES TO SUMMON THE FOLLOWING PARTY TO COURT; Solicitor General Veikko Harjalainen Representing the Imperial State ON THE BASIS OF THE FOLLOWING PRINCIPLE(S), DOCTRINE(S), EDICT(S) OR ARTICLES OF LAW: On the Protection of Property 1.Theft, the act of illegally acquiring one’s property, is illegal. Theft of items deemed to be of large quantity, or if the occurrence of the theft is considered often or commited on a large scale, is classified as Grand Theft. On Ownership 3.Nobody may be deprived of ownership by another. The Barony of Stratton, also known to the commoner as Helena docks was stolen by the imperial crown by the then Lord Protector Adrian Leopald who was representing the Imperial State. The Renault party, then Baron of Stratton Aleksandr Renault was not informed of this change nor was given any reason for their decisions. This violates the letter penned by Emperor Godfrey II Cascadia, dubbed “Letters to the Barony of Stratton”, and should be considered an act of theft as the property was stolen by the Imperial State. Attempts to give the Renault party compensation and talks between the Arch chancellor were had, however no compromise was reached. Parley between the young Aleksandr Renault II and his Imperial Majesty Peter III Anthony were held, however the Renault was by his quickly dismissed by his Imperial Majesty claiming “they hadn’t proved themselves”. It should be noted the guard protecting his Imperial Majesty and let Aleksandr Renault II out was also a Renault, being Issac Renault. Renault has faithfully served the empire since the Empire of Man in Atlas, with House Renault’s founder Ser Seth Renault serving as Grand Marshal later marrying Ophelia Renault (Nee Horen or Renai). We find the act of the theft of our land as a grave insult to our lineage and wish to fight to reclaim our land. WITH THE PRESENCE OF THE FOLLOWING RELEVANT PARTY OR PARTIES: The Baron of Vitzburg, John De Vitus. Lucian Renault [!] A name is crossed out ON THE DESIRED DATE OF: Tobias’s Bounty of 1740 YOURS HUMBLY, The Renault Party, consisting of Aleksandr Renault, Aleksandr Renault II, Vitoria Renault (Nee Castelo) 7 Manston Road [[Marb#6279, Evonpire#0044]]
  11. Evan Lethes looking from the Seven skies, first spits on the poem and then looks at Mark Skynor from above, wanting to arrest him as he was told to do many years ago.
  12. “Can eight year olds come?” Said a grey-eyed Renault child.
  13. Aleksandr Renault II, prepare for the coronation
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