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  1. an orc has more like "abilities" than a CA, so yes plz
  2. remove item desc limits

  3. Hi, piggybacking off Jentos here, but if anyone wants to play Paladin-alligned Automatons or Golems HMU.

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    2. Evonpire
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      hopefully the paladins realize im going to **** them over because i dont care about narrative but ooc grudges LOL!

    4. squakhawk


      i’m administrator squakhawk and THIS is my favorite group on the server 

  4. Name: Kybal'Akaal Race: Uruk Type(s) of Shaman: Lutamancer, Animist, Farseer Teacher(s): Minezelf, agh Draaghluk
  5. [!] The waves of Balian ebbed-and-flowed as Augustina passed, no sign of John Lothar nor his foolish crew who had sailed with him had appeared on the beaches. But, while she had lost so much in life, soon enough still she be reunited with her son in death soon, as a burgundy-haired man stood, waiting in the Seven Skies for his Matera.
  6. y'all crazy, man

  7. From a distance, Kybal of Clan Akaal, the once Rex merely observed the goings of his former realm atop the cliffs of the Dorazu'Kûkranks of Ilzdalgumu, wrapping up an ashen hammer, a familiar object to some, in cloth- Before setting off to write a letter to this new Rex.
  8. E X O D U S Spoken, on the 7th, of The First Seed, Year 153, of the Second Age, marked by the slaying of Gazardiel by Drekur’Ungri, and Murdok’Lak. Sha-mog-ob Krug, Pukhl-Izg, Sha-gûkr-naakh-ob Krug, Izg-diisum, Sha-grizh-ob Krug, slai-izishu, khlaar-izish rad. To My Horde, I address this; My Silence on this treachery is broken; the Rebels have brought Zhara forces onto the sands of the Ilzdalgumu to unseat me. Let there be no lie spoken, the forces that come for my seat as not of Uruk origin, there is no face save the Bullgoth and Swampgoth whom I recognize as my people. Those who follow Grubnakh betray Krug for a Rex brought to power by Zhara hands. I did not deny them their “Klomp”, as has been painted, the Wargoths voted against them in our Klamor. As has been our way since my Predecessor, and is the process I abided by, under Ar-Borok’Akaal. If they had gained the Clans’ blessings I would have fought them with glee. However, I do not believe that would have changed the outcome, given that Mercenaries and rogue Urukhim stand on my Gate, and have been since the Klamor when my life was threatened. The accusations of my Clan’s Buurzdom do not fall on deaf ears either. While, most false, or manipulated understanding or poor understanding of the Akaal ideology. These have served only to fuel the conflict against my seat further. Ignored, is that I am implicated in none of these lies made by any. The Death of Ar-Borok’Akaal was a heroic sacrifice to allow us to burn San’Valka, and the Mori’Quessir invaders within. To imply anything but such is to bring great dishonour to The Blood Rex’s name. I have decided to bring upon myself a state of Exodus from the Horde. I call for the Clan Akaal and any loyal to me to follow suit with me in this Self-Exile. I do not judge my Kin who stay in San’Brîu, under the watchful eyes of the Ilzdalgumu ilz. As, if I was in such a possess to be able to maintain the Status Quo, I would. But, there is a Buurzdom beyond salvation inside the Horde, we see Uruks now driven by these delusions, who’d rather an Inferi touched by the Betrayer Spirit be a Rex or an Olog, chalked full of delusions, be their Leader. They may fight their battle without me. I make this choice, as I’d rather see my Clan live, and my Kinsmen thrive to fight the coming Buurz. To Allies, I address this; Do you want your wish with this “New Horde”. Remember well, to watch for the Serpents in the Sand and do not forget the Infernic Ally of Grubnakh. I leave the Rexdom and what is left to Grubnakh’Lak. Uruk ir-taar Kybal’Akaal, “The Ram”, Azh-ob Zgur’thruk-al, Piz-ob Leyd, Groth-Uruk, zaabr-ob karn rar-ob Urin, A-Horde.
  9. "A zhame dat nub azh elze will peep et az lat doez, Bruddah" The Rex comments.
  10. "An outcry-ob liez made by foolizh youth, et zeemz." The Rex merely comments on the matter. "Diz diztruction-ob zhrinez ahm a kommon mattur by dhoze whu dizlike kertain zpiritz." - "Likewize, Ar-Borok fell en battul wit' nub chance for assasinatiun. He khooze tu walk entu diz battle tu zave uz at di fall-ob Zan'Valka. Latz blah-ob eventz latz wuzn't even prezent tu peep."
  11. Change from: Redlines: Pact roleplay, Spirit champions, and Tier progression must be posted on the forums to document progress. Each Spirit Pact will cost 1 Spell Slot. Change to: Redlines: Pact roleplay, Spirit champions, and Tier progression must be posted on the forums to document progress. A Shaman may have two Spirit pacts per slot, with the exception of Kor's lessers, a pact with Kor grants Lutaumancy and consumes a whole slot. Rationale Firstly, this is an idea that I passed through The Iron Horde’s Shaman chat and it seemed relatively popular so I wished to propose it. But, however, given there is no blatant CRP advantage to having more Pacts as it stands, overall Shamanism rewrites are moving away from using Pacts as a major way to determine power/resources. Allowing Shamans to take more Pacts could encourage the worship of lesser Spirits via totems or increased character nuance. I have kept Kor and thus Lutaumancy at a whole slot, as it grants an entire in-depth magic with CRP advantages. This also makes standard spirit pacts in line with Animism, which is a pact with an Elemental, who are often described as being more powerful than Immortals. I will say, this isn't forcing anyone to take any new pacts, or nullify any marts that eat more slots, though, to my best knowledge, my own is the only one that does so in Shamanism, and is already compliant with this amendment idea. Credits: Evonpire - Author of Amendment Panashea - Author of Original Lore Citations (Lutaumancy pending Guide approval)
  12. Alright, I'm finally able to sit down. So, as said by Eoka in his post, this is supposed to be a revolution. I'm confused where his origin is; my guess would be Sulianpolis (Despite that not being a finished build), as it does have a sub region (Though, I'm its PRO and I'm not even sure if its supposed to have subregion given build rules, but I'm not completely sure how those function), but how this all works is very vague. Would Eoka have to win a WC in the Suli Tile before being able to do the capital? Likewise, the RP legitimacy and integrity of this all seems very odd when you consider that Grubnakh the Wizard is an Olog. Which frankly seems a touch absurd that he should be capable of plotting a major plot or coup. He's made several forum posts indicating his want to coup, which again, seems weird given that its an Olog and is something he shouldn't be capable of, even if they have a NPC writing their posts IRPly. Which that alone seems like an awfully convenient way to play a full-intelligence Olog. This over all has left an extremely poor taste in my mouth in regards to the RP that is taking place. Likewise, I'd like some verification that an RP confirming the alleged alliance took place. Though even then, an Olog should not be able to plan such. But, that is an ST matter, I understand. Then, it comes to the allies that Eoka has listed in their post, half of which are not even my playerbase/The Iron Horde, nor do I know who they are. There seems to be a confusion, especially with the Warband of Mog. Given that it was something made/affiliated with The Iron Horde for the Vale-Hnor War. Which has no official standing/representation with the Horde currently, infact many of my playerbase do not like them for intruding on the "Mog" name, which was a previously existing Clan that merged into the Clan Akaal. I have no clue what the Friedrichian Band is. I've been provided the following screen shot by my leadership. I did not meet up with MisterBlitzkrieg irp, and my last discord message with him is giving him tile perms on jungle_step_4 for a player event. I was not made aware of its existence until about 3 days ago when I was passing it to give Blitzkrieg perms for his player event, he had perms to the capital from a previous horde-affiliated char I think . It might as well be considered a grief as far as I'm concerned, it has no subregion, which is further evidence I gave no PRO permission for this. Therefore, I think their eligibility should is put into question. I am able to comply with anything to help prove there is no RP affiliation with this group. Likewise "Followers of Grubnakh" is just very vague. The Bronze-Band I understand completely, as they were apart of the Horde until I took the land following Roleplay. But, I feel their inclusion blurs the line between Rebellion and Revolution. Ultimately, I trust Moderation to verify the Players to make sure these are actually Horde players, and not goons who've picked up the characters in the past two weeks just for this and I will fight the Warclaim regardless.. But, I feel there is a certain dubiousness to this all that I wanted to raise. Additionally, the matter of Pinemaw fighting is also in question. Given they did not declare until after the Warclaim post was made, and I am not sure of their current landed/affiliation with the Horde.
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