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  1. I second this completely, ban him. Everyone else, especially Marimba is making a good point in that like, this Server ain't a right, some people don't deserve to be unbanned. Why is the Administrations hesitating with this?
  2. The Aforementioned Business Associate chuckled as he read through the missive- Perhaps the chuckle was inappropriate given the core subject, but the man found his identity amusing nonetheless.
  3. John Lothar d'Arkent would be utterly amazed and shocked by the sheer quality of the work produced
  4. Name: John Lothar d'Arkent Surname: d'Arkent Date of Birth: SA 101 Address of Residence: Snapdragon Estate ((OOC INFORMATION)) MC Name: Evonpire Discord: Evonpire#0044
  5. Within the Bell-Tower of Caras Anor, Aer'dir, sat within, the Elf lacked his typically plate-armor. Instead, he had donned his robes, comfort, he seeked comfort. His face planted firmly within in hands. And, so the Paladin simply shook in place and weeped as the news was broken to him, his son was dead, he knew this was coming- Twas the curse of Humanity. But, this gave the Elf no comfort, why would it? His Liege had gained just another soldier, he had lost his son, what fairness was there in this...? Sounds of Thunderclaps could be heard from the tower that day, as a Starbreaker exited his tower. Eventually, calming his temper as he looked for his other son.
  6. can the blessing of Thulezia fix my parents failing marriage?
  7. Evonpire The E in Evonpire stands for Evonpire invitations @Jaxothyof @Jaxothy @TreeSmoothieof @TreeSmoothie @annanicole__ of @annanicole__
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