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  1. Just posting this to confirm my warpath, so that i don't forget (because i will) orc go here
  2. I'm posting this on behalf the Warband of Mog, as they will represented by the Iron Horde Realm. This is my Warpath RP post If Mods want logs to verify this was all done IRPly for whatever reason I will gladly help in whatever way I can.
  3. The Rex of the Iron Horde reads this missive with sheer confusion and awe of this entire situation.
  4. anyone know where to get purebred horses

    1. _RoyalCrafter_



    2. SethWolf


      house weiss does rolls-royce rp with their horses in haense

  5. Missing at Sea, 146 S.A Issued on, the 20th of the Sun’s Smile, by the House of d’Arkent To the general populace of Balian; The House of d’Arkent is saddened to report the missing nature of its current heir, Don John Lothar d’Arkent, a previous Concio, Court Jeweler, and Wine Magnate. The Don was last seen boarding a ship leaving the Balianite harbours, a ship manned to explore and potentially breach the storm which encircles the continent. The Ship’s fate is unknown and no corpse has been identified with the D’Arkent’s characteristics on the beaches. He is to be presumed dead until otherwise found. Please bring any sightings of the Don to the Household immediately, and please bring your prayers to his beloved Wife, Dona Caterina d’Arkent and their Children.
  6. Spoken, on the 24th, of the Sun’s Smile, Year 145, of the Second Age, marked by the slaying of Gazardiel by Drekur’Ungri, and Murdok’Lak. Sha-mog-ob Krug, Pukhl-Izg, Sha-gûkr-naakh-ob Krug, Izg-diisum, Sha-grizh-ob Krug, slai-izishu, khlaar-izish rad. To the Númenedain Queen, I address this; Your letter has been heard, and I offer my response; I am disappointed by no private correspondence; given our prior status as allies as with the pact I had signed with your late-Father, I would have expected such. Likewise, you dishonour my lands, people, and Clan by referring to us as Krugmar, which has been defunct since Rex Skaatchnak of Clan Akaal, after he destroyed the Snaga and the ideals behind such. But this seems dire; seeing our allies’ blood spilled pains me. I sanctioned no such attacks upon the realms of Man as Rex. I wish to offer you these terms to help build a lasting peace in our shared lands as neighbours. Though I will offer this much information, as it stands, the Kazin’Kul remain an independent clan, holding no status or ranking in our Klamor. Thus, to our ally, the Númenedain Queen, I offer this; I. The Rex, his Roth-ob Gothim, and whomever he wishes to bring along with his party shall meet with the Númenedain Queen, in conference with whomever she wishes to bring in attendance. II. This Conference will occur in an unaffiliated or otherwise unaffected nation with no alliances to either land. III.The Ultimate purpose of this meeting will be to procure a lasting peace between the two to avoid a costly and bloody war. Thus, this is what I decree, as is my right as the Rex of the Urukhim. I. The Kazin’Kul will cease any attacks on the lands of Petra and the Nùmenedain, under the order of the Rex. II. failure to abide by such will result in full compliance from the Horde with the Nùmenedain’s terms, which will include; A.Whitewashing and denouncement of the Kazin’Kul Clan from the Honourbound Lands, in violation of the Honour of Krug. B.The Iron Horde will aid the Nùmenedain in ridding Aevos of the Whitewashes, as is the tradition of the Horde. C.The Iron Horde will commit to a lasting peace between them and the Nùmenedain Peoples. Uruk ir-taar Kybal’Akaal, “The Ram”, Azh-ob Zgur’thruk-al, Piz-ob Leyd, Groth-Ork , zaabr-ob karn rar-ob Urin, A-Horde.
  7. bg3 makes lotc hard

  8. [!] The Rex sat, reading through the missive thoroughly and nodding. "Et ez true, Ghoraza, while hozh agh true, haz fallen behind on mine expectatiunz." He paused, as pondered his words closely. "Madoc, mi will grant lat diz, rize again, mine Dominus."
  9. Paladin specifically to stop @christman from conquering the world.
  10. The Rex, raised a brow curiously at the brazen attack upon the Dwedmar, how curious? "Are wi flattin' eachoddur yet?" Kybal'Akaal asked himself.
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