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  1. I'm basic He is exactly where you think he is not. 7.8/10
  2. wow it actually worked

  3. Rip the Homie +1! In seriousness, I hope you find something satisfying with your new found time, free from the moderation shackles.
  4. 8 - Makes alot of Modreqs, good quota yum yum
  5. hi okay, so like i've been here for three years and it has probably impaired my mental health significantly, but that probably doesn't matter. Anyways, feel free to ask me questions or not. I've been the Hou-Zi King for five minutes, the Swampgoth of Lak also for fiveminutes, a Paladork, a Druid, and uh a community team member for like, 2 years of it or something. I also have a cute dog.
  6. A Reminder to keep things civil please.
  7. kpjerwf;l,mnr3eqfwl;jknfewvjkhl;rg3ojnrvegwkljhrgtew heero keeps trying to eat my dog.
  8. Uncapped raids would be hell to manage without like 3 mods per raid my guy.
  9. From elsewhere, a Vindicator would catch wind of the missive, scoffing at its contents. "- There is no defense for this, you are blatantly trading away an artifact for political show and gain- Afterall, why would you feel need to brag about it then?" Aer'dir proposes.
  10. I remember when you were a pink name smh. 

    1. HogoBojo


      Started from the bottom, now we’re here. 

  11. Skin: 2 Bid: 20 USD Discord: Evonpire#0044 IGN: Aengulic
  12. Battle-Report: I The Druids of Atoll have asked for our aid, and thus we answer. The Azdrazi- The Wicked Spawn of the Accursed Titan- have long terrorized their Grove. Though I am ignorant to their reasoning for doing so, it does not matter, as I truly do not have a single care for it. My disdain for our age-old enemies outclasses any mundane hatred that anyone could possibly have- Yet, when I encountered them at the Grove, I was sorely disappointed in their meager defense and resolve! Let it be known the ‘mighty’ Azdrazi and their followers hid behind a Witch, who slung spells from the Voidal Plane! Desperately she conjured a fireball at His Chosen and their Druidic allies in a mad scramble to flee the scene, failing to accomplish anything meaningful. Shame! Shame! Shame! Are these the same fearsome beasts that they claim to be? Or are they small lizards, who hide behind their words- Perhaps the only thing their ancestor was good for; They post bounties after Druids, instead of seeking them out themselves? Are they afraid of the fight, or have they grown lazy, failing to see their grasp on power slowly crumble under them as the world begins to fight against their cause. This is absolute comedy! Do not forget Elvenesse, where their “Father”, the Accursed Titan, Azdromoth fled in the presence of Order, and his chaos was repelled by the combined might of this world! His words, coy. His threats, empty. The Azdrazi will be defeated. I digress, but let it be known on this day, the Azdrazi and their Arcane allies fled at the approach of His Chosen and their allies. When next they appear, they will not be so fortunate as to escape my wrath again. “Salvation is our Liturgy” -The Warhawk
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