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  1. idk i played in renatus for like two months then it died, but I liked their armor skins more, so renatus.
  2. I am Evonpire 

    1. Laeonathan


      Really? So am I! I think in the depth of our hearts we're all Evonpire.

    2. dragonwound


      no, I'm dirty dan

    3. Greehn
  3. I'm Evan E Pyre and I approve of this message
  4. You can self teach this by eating alot of carrots.
  5. I loved it when Panashea said it's posting time and started posting everything
  6. VOCATIO DE LUX Heed, I call for my wayward Brothers and Sisters in the Light, the Disciples of Purity. For we have not forgotten you, lightless as you are, there remains yet a way forward. I ask that you rally and come under the banner of Order, for just as the Lion fights alongside his Brother, we shall fight with you. But first, I must ask a favour of my comrades of Purity, while you remain Lightless, you may still help in your own way. I ask that any Clerics remaining faithful to their cause send correspondence to Aer’dir Mallos, aboard the Cadia. I've a plan, and I require you to see it to fruition. Your Light has not abandoned you. ET SCRIT ERIT Chaptermaster Aer’dir, of Order’s Chosen people, Knight-Champion of Sunbreak, Bellwarden of Helios, of the Sanguine Bulwark, Commander of the Golden Flower, Disciple of Yuln and Cross
  7. Evonpire 

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      hows ur dog? (delicious)

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      Battle Unit

      evonpire = big noob

    4. Evonpire


      i agee

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