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  1. Evonpire

    -= on 14th of Sun’s Smile, 1707. =-

    Chen-Zhanfan mourns for the loss of the half-orc despite not knowing them for very long.
  2. +1 Whenever I’m in the orc town there’s usually a decent amount of people in the town, and considering orcs importance in the story of LOTC getting them back on the nation level again would be nice.
  3. Evonpire

    A Rex's Address

    Chen-Zhanfan nods in approval of the speech made by the Rex.
  4. Evonpire

    [REQ] 1.5K Fei-Zhu Skin

  5. Evonpire


    Evan von Pyre lived a normal life, he was the second child to be born, soon having two more siblings. Evan von Pyre lived on a farm with his three siblings and two parents, his grand parents also lived with them. At the age of 5 Evan began starting his farmer work, he would help his Ma’ in the kitchen to prepare dinner for his father. Much further on in life, at the age of 12 Evan and his older brother were tasked to keep up the the crops, making sure none died for the harvest. Evan’s older brother, Gariel, always was a lazy lad, he took the easy way around things, while checking the crops he would only take care of half, making Evan do most of the work. Evan was nothing like his older brother, he took over the work that Gariel attempted to avoid, he also assisted his father on his free time. Doing this helped him very much, he was known as the brute of the family. Towards Evan’s late teen years his normal life turned not so normal. It was the day they arrived, the Imperials. Evan had heard of the men throughout his childhood, but never thought he’d meet one. The Imperials had shown up to the farm, demanding food, demanding a place to stay as they patrol, demanding everything of the such. Evan’s father had nothing to do but comply. The group of Imperials had stayed there throughout the next three weeks, eating their food, sleeping in their beds, everything of the sort. Evan was frustrated how he could do nothing to stop them, he simply had to comply to their wishes. The day the Imperial Legionnaires announced that they’d soon depart, Evan found this as a chance, a chance to escape the farm. Even though he had loved it throughout his life, he always wanted to do more, so Evan chased the men, and begged to follow along. Finally the Imperials agreed, Evan and the Legionnaires had set out back to The Empire of Man.