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  1. Xans death really sets the mood yunno

    1. Laeonathan


      Yes, its a great timing due to Celian religion thats centered around hating aenguls... especially Xan. Literal time to celebrate.

  2. not saying this in a jabby way, but rather purely curious. Is there some sort of limit on the amount of colours that can be added? is it like storage-based or something?
  3. The Radiant Sun, the fifth Comet, peered forwards - the Keeper reeled still from the change. He did not understand it yet, when would he? Should he…? He reached his hand out, towards his Chancery fire. Manipulating motes of Sapphire in the flame. "Do not let the sunset. Deny Entropy its prize. Our mission is clear, Ave Ordo." Muttered him, as he grabbed his weapon, his trusted Axe. His purpose was clear now, to crusade, to kill, to purify, all in the name of the Creator's favoured children.
  4. this is very interesting to see the least, interested to see where it goes tbh.
  5. They can delete the account, as in wipe all its data/change its username, in compliance with an EU act that forces them to do such if requested appropriately.
  6. i am evonpire

    1. Astrophysical


      oh my gawd...

    2. Turbo_Dog


      He is him

  7. Penned on the 1st, of The First Seed, on the Year 176 of the Second Age, marked by the defeat of Gazardiel on Korvassa. [!] This Missive would be pinned only in the halls of Sunbreak - And nowhere else. This is a formal request for supplies from my fellow Ordersmen to use and organize the resources available to us strategically. I have noticed our Ordersmen's equipment is severely lacking, to put it simply - where are the Shields or armour granted His touch from the Sunwell? Where are the Argent Lances, the Black Arrows - All weaponry we used against prior struggles? Or even abundant use of Alchemic Weaponry. Therefore, to organize our resources, I put in a requisition request from all Paladins, contact Aer’dir or Amelia to donate supplies. All supplies used will be used to empower Ordersmen, and trusted allies. 1. Lightstones - To be used in a Sunwell to create infused-Shields, while they will fail against the target in operation MARIAN, they will prove effective against the lessers present.. Lightstones will also be used to create Relics, infused with the Guardian’s Bulwark technique, which will provide limited protection against the target’s breath attack. This is especially useful for Wyrmstalkers who are unable to conjure their protection. 2. Alchemical Reagents - Particularly, Amberiddle, Tippen’s Root and Diddyfunkle. If you do not know where these grow - contact me. Drake’s Tail will also be appreciated. These Reagents can create some of the most potent weapons in our arsenal. Particular Cockatrice’s Breath - in its Gaseous form. Treatment to make your own armor immune to Cockatrice's breath will be available on demand. Lector Epistle Smog will be employed as of now, using the Order's stock. These items will slow the lessers, and hinder the target, allowing you time to prepare your Mists so that, to put it bluntly, you do not die. Order causalities are to be kept to a minimum. Any reagent will be appreciated. Reagents will also be used in the crafting of Ironwood, to take advantage of its fire-retardant properties, at the bare minimum, these shields will be standard. Wytchsilver will be employed, however, its effectiveness against our target is unknown as of now. 3. Sunwell - I am aware that several exist, but until I can prepare one of my own - in [REDACTED], I will need unfettered access to one to complete requisition #1. 4. Alchemists - Seek me out should you have an interest in learning the art, simply put. However, there is an expectation of contribution to the Orders supply of Goods. I have access to many of the more sought-after recipes on this plane. Signed, Aer’dir Mallos, Chaptermaster of the Sanguine Bulwark
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