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  1. Can any of the five be event darkspawn?
  2. I do not want to have a monopoly. I can guarantee you purging rp gets tedious after awhile.
  3. He did it, my God. But at what cost, alty.
  4. "Non Draco Sit Mihi Dux, Ordo Vult." The Bellwarden muttered, reading the missive from shattered remnants of the Almenodrim's home.
  5. An interesting piece which adds to the depth of the server, and holy magic. It is a personal wish of mine to see Magics increased in depth, and this lore helps accomplish that. +1
  6. Skin Name: Chadhan Skinner's Username/Discord: Evonpire#0044 Bid: 25 usd
  7. This has devolved into arguments, I see no more purpose in keeping this open any longer. A reminder to act civil while on the forums. Thread locked.
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