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    Living on the outskirts of the kingdom of Haense, Ewan’s taste for a an adventurous life was noticeable since he was a youngling. He loved exploring and seeing new things, and learning about them. Ewan’s father a farmer, and live stock herdsman, training horses and sheep for the Haense military and general public. One day a small group of rogue mages came to the homestead of Ewan, and his family. Kjell, Ewan’s father, came out wielding his sword and asked what they wanted. They asked only for bowls to eat their food from, and Kjell refused. They took note of this and said to have cursed their family. Kjell had ran them off, that night a terrible rain had come over the farm, waking up young Ewan and causing him not to be able to sleep. The next morning the hay for the horses had been molded over, a week after that their horses had gotten sick and one broke its leg coming down from the hill. The mages continued to torment the family for years, so much so that the stress of trying to meet the quota for horses for the armies had taken a toll on Kjell. He had passed away four winters after the first horse had died. Ewan and his mother did not know what to do, so they gave their business to another herder. The torment that he and his family endured was enough to cause Ewan to hate magic, and despise all who wield such an unhonorable title, such as ‘mage’. At the age of 15 Ewan tried to enlist into the local military, but told him that he was too young and that he should tend to his father’s farm. Despite Ewan begging and trying to explain that he couldn’t considering that the only thing left is the farm house and the small corral left where they kept their only horse and two pigs, that had survived the mage ordeal. The recruiter denied him still and Ewan set home. Five years pass and Ewan decided to ready himself for a life of adventure that he had always yearned for. Ewan had learned to defend himself thanks to the help of his long time friend who was older than Ewan and had enlisted with Haense’s military. He took note that an axe was possibly the easiest weapon for him to wield due to its lightness and heavy head using its momentum to deal the most damage to his enemies.
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