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  1. ur so quirky 

  2. how are you all holding up

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    2. Textarea
    3. Harri


      was hoping there was more to it than your craft guys

    4. Tetho


      sorry harri but the craft has took us in, we only live in mineman world now

  3. why has no one realised after all these years youre never gonna get another warclaim?
  4. i heard teegah crashed the warclaim today @big teegs what's going on?

  5. what's the armour meta and pvp setup rn? need to know

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    2. NotEvilAtAll


      Yeah I bet with the coming changes to bows, chain armor will really show it’s weakness a lot more.

    3. InfamousGerman


      why bother bro

    4. Jamix_


      Full plate with a shortsword

  6. any dwarf families recruiting? or are the doomforged still alive?

    1. Areon


      Doomforged Elder here. Imp#7502

    2. ryno2


      you can dm miss_confined#8341 if you want to play our kid, you get to be black 

    3. Luciloo


      12 minutes ago, ryno2 said:

      you can dm miss_confined#8341 if you want to play our kid, you get to be black 

      Yeah but he also has to be ginger

  7. yo! who can make multiple dwarf skins nowadays? need a few!

  8. words can not fathom how down cataclysmic i am rn

    1. monkeypoacher


      feel like pure **** bro just want her back....

  9. i am really sorry to ruin ur fun but 1.9 pvp takes 0 skill, is not fun and anyone can be good at it
  10. alt finally unbanned, can finally get back to it ⛷️

  11. just got banned on my alt WTFFFFF

  12. wipe the staff tab at the top pls
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