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  1. Scythep61

    Curonia Prints, Eleventh Edition

    Merlan would shake his head ‘’This is no good! Maste’ Will exposed. Continues to beg around for his sick wife.
  2. Scythep61

    Curonia Prints, Ninth Edition

    Baron Osmanoglu would look at his Lord’s photo and sigh remembering the bastard children he threw in to Pembroke river in sacks and the grieving mothers he hushed up, allegedly, wondering if his services will be needed again.
  3. Scythep61

    Curonia Prints, Eighth Edition

    Baron Osmanoglu would open the prints, after he glanced over the paper he would pull his slave merlan’s neck chains, showing him the news with a glance. ‘’See ! I aint a bad man, I am helping.’’ Merlan would nod desperately.
  4. What kind of ban are you appealing? In-game Ban Minecraft Usernames Scythep61 Reason for punishment Refusing roleplay Players Involved Scythep61 By your own understanding, why did you recieve a punishment? I wanted to continue to roleplay as my character had an heart attack as consequences of torture injuries because he is an old man and cant bear all that pain, the other side insisted on executing me and to keep roleplaying one of them said his monkey character saved me from heart attack that I shall continue rp (wich is weird because even my doctor friend irl is not as succesfull as a monkey in lotc...) , I also insist that it is my right to control my character I believed it is force rp to do as they wish me to do so, so as a result of my persistence with Gm I got banned the only reason I insist was that it was writing on rules and I was able to do it, and I know what force rp is so I believed it was exactly what was happening. Why should you be pardoned? my ban expired, It wont happen again, its already my first ban in lotc for 2 years. What will you do to prevent similar circumstances that led to your punishment? I will not discuss with GMs decisions in server anymore. Discuss why you believe that following the Community Guidelines is important to promote a healthy community. It is ofcourse important to run the wheel of server and keep things under control and healthy for every player, I ve already read it and when I feel like I shall check it again when in a situation in server I'm checkin it time to time if asked sending the link of it to my new started player friends. Its something every new player shall read it before starting the server to avoid any kind of misunderstanding and breakin the rules of server with not meaning to do it.
  5. Scythep61


  6. There should be a god damn rule about banditry since the map got smaller theres a bandit group in every road wich makes it impossible to go anywhere

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    2. Scythep61


      I am not referring anyone, and I have nothing to speak with a metagamer who tries to create problem with his main char after we killed his or his friends alt character when we got attacked. Keep doing your great rp nonrp guys, everyone has a pocket gm with him to solve these kind of situations. You are just disgusting me.

    3. Chromie


      Now you show your true colors proving your toxicity. i’m glad to say i told you so. You now have no right to talk down on bandits if you can’t have a level headed conversation.

    4. Parker


      Scythep I’m afraid to say you got bandited on the forums.

  7. Scythep61

    The End of The ET & The New Team System

  8. Scythep61

    Golden Hand Legion

    Well, hope they get better.
  9. Scythep61

    Golden Hand Legion

    growin larger and larger waiting for your apply forms guys.
  10. Scythep61

    Golden Hand Legion

    Well I assume you have a draskovit char, We came to visit Saw your men Runnin away, was wrong time I guess and sorry about the doors...
  11. Scythep61

    Golden Hand Legion

    Ehm, we have no feelin but love to imperial legion :d
  12. Scythep61

    Golden Hand Legion

    Thanks, its new and I will edit it hoping to get partners to improve it together.
  13. Scythep61

    Golden Hand Legion

    HONOR WE DONT CARE, LEGION WE SPARE No information there is about What they really do for earnings, it is forbidden for legionaries to talk about legion with someone outside the legion But it is known that they hire their swords for the ones can afford it, Once the deal is accepted no any better offer is considerable for the Legion. Marshal His decision is final and must be obeyed by all legionaries but as a tradition, officers in Legion can vote for a change in decision. Golden Hands One of the most honorable position in legion these Veteran Warriors are respected by all Legionaries No man in Legion can give order to them neither they give orders to any rank, they are favorite troops of battle. Officers Heads of Legion, they control Sergeants and lieutenants, great strategists and proven warriors. Lieutenants Experienced and self proved man in legion they can be appointed by officers or Marshal himself. Sergeants They are usually been chosed by long served and medium skilled Legionaries they are responsible from legionaries and transmiting orders to legion. Legionaries Heavily armored front troops, they carry a short sword a heavy shield and a short spear on their backs. İt is a new Guild any race is accepted for now except orcs and khajis, to apply fill this form and private message me directly, we will consider your form and feedback to you Minecraft name: Age: GMT: How many servers have you played for?/ is this your first rp server in minecraft?: Do you have any other experience in a different platform: If we would like you to vote your pvp on 10 points what note would you give your skills: Something you would like to add(Not required):
  14. They Say Pembroke is a great County