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    When the Dominion fell and an elf named Kairn took over and formed Gladewynn. At that time her parents took her away to live in the forest with them to avoid the conflict. Growing up in the forest has been always been fun and exciting, getting to explore the woodland forest, learn about the different kinds of animals and learn from her parents. Over her childhood she has been sheltered from the conflicts outside the forest, living her life freely. In her free times she would learn about which plants and items she found were either edible or poisons. She has learned and studied many things in her life in the forest, her parents nurturing her at best. One of the few things she did for fun was tree climbing, in her young age she didn’t have anyone in her age so she spent her time trying to entertain herself. One of those being tree climbing, she enjoyed to test her limitations by jumping and climbing the different types of trees she would find, great Oaks to willows. She enjoyed reaching the highest point of the trees and peering out into the open world, tree climbing came natural to her over time and she enjoyed it. She also enjoys in her younger years playing around with different toys her father had carved for her, because she was so young, and the forest did not really offer much for a young child she tried to find anything in the forest or at their little home to play with, such as mud, she enjoyed buildings things with mud and getting dirty in the process, as she grew she had gained the interest in cooking. Her mother was her teacher while growing up, her childhood was filled with learning new things with no worries, her mother even taught her to cook, she enjoyed every second of it. This was one of the things she did for fun, cook up new food and had her parents taste it, even if it tasted horrible they gave her encouragement. As years passed, her childhood glimmered, she grew to become a women with a vast unknown world ahead of her. Being sheltered all her life by her parents in the forest she has not known what lies ahead and as anyone would be, she is afraid, afraid about what lies beyond the forest. As she grew up she had said her farewells to her loving parents even though it was we struggle to let go her past, she has a future to create. Her life at the end of Atlas was mysteries, over the years she had met her companion. Together they had traveled far, through the wild landscape of Atlas, traveling passed many landscapes that seemed abandoned, untouched, and forgotten. They both had crossed over a ice wall which lead them into a advanced train like town. Eventually they made it through, with many new and interesting things that was seen they had made it to Arcas, their final destination. Imra has had a joyful adventure through landscapes she had never witnessed, hoping for her future to be enjoying as the last.
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