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  1. pick up the phone man..

  2. Two inquiries for you. Asking on the behalf of another


    1. Do you think Turkey will survive the next decade?

    2. How do you feel about a Russian Constantinople?


    thanks for your time

  3. Would upvote but for some dumb reason lotc has an upvote cap
  4. Halsworthy dead settlement Edit: That big 'Krugmar' area at the top right belongs to Dominion
  5. Is that the real HawtCuisine

  6. So what you’re saying is that its fine for you, Jallen and Dolinare to break tenets whenever it suits your needs(E.G, Hiring mercenaries and the undead to kill any Ascended who are not apart of the main order) But as soon as my friend got pushed into a political position he became the villain?
  7. The main clique of Ascended are toxic and have ruined the experience of being an Ascended for anyone who is not apart or that clique. Nothing is wront with the magic as it stands other than the main cliques ability to monopolise the magic and alienate anyone who they OOCly dislike.
  8. After signing his name as a witness to the pact William departed from the capital of Elvenesse and made his way back home to the city of Sennisten
  9. Look at this big ol’ idiot :^) 

  10. William Rubens is incredibly happy with his purchase and would recommend the work of his friend Roland to anyone who was interested in Sennisten.
  11. sigh... long day

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      get out HEATHEn @Elrith

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      I should've taken the liver

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  12. Thomas Woodlaw has the speech summarized to him by another who had attended the meeting. He appeared bemused at the Global Assemblys attempt to thieve from the people of Atlast. “What a pack of penny pinching cretins. With acts like this, no wonder the Chairman had an attempt on his life.”
  13. Is there a Global Assembly discord?

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