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  1. Arhbi

    The Atraedean Response

    “I hate it when mum and dad fight.” Says Thomas Woodlaw, in reference to Belestram Sylvaeri and Kairn Ithelanen.
  2. Arhbi


    William Rubens, father of Alfred, welcomes his son to the afterlife.
  3. Arhbi

    LoTC Imprisonment System Proposal [POLL]

    This proposed system for prison roleplay is flawed for multiple reasons. Despite your inspection of how much roleplay there will be a majority of roleplay scenarios will end up with the prisoner only being roleplayed with once per 15 minutes, purely to evoke annoyance from the victim. More likely than not people will just jump onto an alt account to avoid having to deal with ****-tier roleplay for a period of up to 4 days. A period of 4 days feels more like an OOC punishment more than it does an IC punishment. You claim that it will discourage pointless villainy roleplay but I can guarantee you the offenders will just jump onto an alternate character and continue harassing people. If you really want to ”shake off the impression that LoTC is a consequence-free slice-of-life server” maybe the team should get rid of this god awful monk system which contributes to awful and meme tier roleplay, or at least make an amendment so that repeat offenders surrender permanent kill perms to their victims.
  4. Why can't Coal VIP color items or give them descriptions anymore

  5. nobody likes bad clickbait. Stop
  6. Arhbi

    Sutican Tanks Roll Through Paradise

    Clearly making fun of the fact that Frostbeards actually thought they could use U-Boats in roleplay. Sorry you can't comprehend sarcasm.
  7. Arhbi

    Sutican Tanks Roll Through Paradise

    more powerful than a frostbeard naval blockade
  8. Daily reminder that if you actually have a problem with that lore-master, go make a report and stop crying about it on your wall. 

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    2. Medvekoma


      I had.


      Staff reports aren't open to see. I do not think it is only the administration team that should know about the BS going on.

    3. grubgoth_wud































































    4. _Hexe_
  9. Two inquiries for you. Asking on the behalf of another


    1. Do you think Turkey will survive the next decade?

    2. How do you feel about a Russian Constantinople?


    thanks for your time

  10. Arhbi

    Recent Concerns and Administrator Expectations

    I retract my initial doubts about you being appointed as Community Manager. Its good to see that you’re already making attempts to communicate and be transparent with the community, despite only being appointed a few hours earlier. As for the creep. Super glad that he’s been removed from the server.
  11. Arhbi

    The Community Manager: Who, What, and Why

    Isnt this the guy who called the entirety of LOTC stupid on his livestream?
  12. Arhbi

    The Standing Ilmyumier - Status Tattoos of Elves

    Would upvote but for some dumb reason lotc has an upvote cap
  13. Arhbi

    The Political Entities of Atlas 2.8

    Halsworthy dead settlement Edit: That big 'Krugmar' area at the top right belongs to Dominion
  14. Arhbi

    Frequently Asked Questions: Admin Edition

    Arhbi 4 Admin
  15. Arhbi

    Narthok's Wiki Team Application

    Someone who isn't a chimp joining the Wiki team? Nice +1