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  1. Arhbi

    Sutican Tanks Roll Through Paradise

    Clearly making fun of the fact that Frostbeards actually thought they could use U-Boats in roleplay. Sorry you can't comprehend sarcasm.
  2. Arhbi

    Sutican Tanks Roll Through Paradise

    more powerful than a frostbeard naval blockade
  3. Daily reminder that if you actually have a problem with that lore-master, go make a report and stop crying about it on your wall. 

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Medvekoma


      I had.


      Staff reports aren't open to see. I do not think it is only the administration team that should know about the BS going on.

    3. grubgoth_wud































































    4. tenredux
  4. Arhbi

    The Pre-Diet Verdict on the Irongrinder Clan

    "Ok but Irongrinders still aren't as pathetic as the bile spewing Frostbeards. Hope Charles the Bald, Grand Champion of Urguan knocks your 'High Queen's' block off." An anonymous dwed would say.
  5. Arhbi

    Stasis Lock (Character PK)

    Sad Reacts only
  6. Arhbi

    Ban Consistency

    #FreeIMattyZ The Admins only banned him because they’re incompetent of dealing with difficult players. Obviously a target ban to get rid of someone who actively opposes the dumb **** the Admins do.
  7. Arhbi


    “Funnily enough, despite their hatred for Clerics, one member of the Crimson Inquisition had his face burned off and went to a Cleric to recieve healing!” An anonymous man exclaimed
  8. Arhbi

    Brief Overview of Player Concentration

    Spreading roleplay thin and killing it isn't fun
  9. Two inquiries for you. Asking on the behalf of another


    1. Do you think Turkey will survive the next decade?

    2. How do you feel about a Russian Constantinople?


    thanks for your time

  10. Arhbi

    Holm Celebration Day [8/19]

    Shogging Champion Thomas Woodlaw quirks a brow.
  11. yeah like half of the events are at 4am for me. Kind of annoying when you know, you're being excluded from roleplay on a roleplay server yknow?
  12. Arhbi

    Defender Default Proposition

    If magic wasnt more deadly than cancer then maybe I’d be in support of this. Its a no from me
  13. Arhbi

    A Dance of Desolation

    Frederic de Ruyter would mourn for his brother; feelings of despair overcoming him. For the coming months he’d find himself stuck in a pit of guilt and lonliness, unknowing of what might of happened if he had been there to help prevent such tragedy.
  14. Arhbi

    Recent Concerns and Administrator Expectations

    I retract my initial doubts about you being appointed as Community Manager. Its good to see that you’re already making attempts to communicate and be transparent with the community, despite only being appointed a few hours earlier. As for the creep. Super glad that he’s been removed from the server.
  15. Arhbi

    The Community Manager: Who, What, and Why

    Isnt this the guy who called the entirety of LOTC stupid on his livestream?