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  1. [GM Team,WD team, ] [The Sad Truth of the new rules for freebuilds]

    We could have avoided all this if the staff just chose to not implement freebuild.
  2. > I start making fun of Santegians

    > My internet starts getting hit offline



    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Alitruist
    3. Kevinblabla7
    4. Creamy


      Minorities are so adorable trying to act all big and scawy X3! 



  3. When someone talks **** about another person but gets mad when you leak it to that other person


    download (1).png


    1. DPM


      yea, when 60 people hide behind a wall from 20 people LOL

    2. HurferDurfer1


      hey remember when u n ya bois hid at the crossroads in a wall from maybe 4 reivers and 2 haense dudes

  4. War Propaganda

    Poor quality meme
  5. [ET] [Actor] Eternal's Actor App

    One of the few Ascended that I don’t dislike so its a +1 from me
  6. An Olive Branch, 1655

    "The forces of Renatus have managed to skewer the defensive of Curon and Haense several times over, and now I hear that they have managed this feat again; successfully assaulting Curon and then Haense in not even a months time apart. I pray for my new Curonite comrades that they think long and hard about this offer, and make the right decision." Thomas said to himself and perhaps any of his family that was present at the time.
  7. [Raid Feedback] PRO & RP Shenanigans

    “Im going to sit in my house thats on your nation tile for 3 days and you cant do jack **** about it because its ‘private property.’ Im also going to refuse to roleplay with you for 30 minutes so that I can have GMs force TP you out, so that I can avoid any consequences for being a knob-head.” This is essentially the roleplay that I just encountered and its absolute crap. If a primary region owner is permitting people, and even assisting them, to remove someone/break into an area then it should not be considered a raid.
  8. An Open Response to the Pontifical Writ of 1655

    “Perhaps it is time to take Richard Baruchs other eye. The man and his vile creations are already blind to the consequences that await him for spitting on the name of GOD. May his downfall be delivered by the most holy of men, so that he is struck down by those he believes so little of.” Thomas muttered to himself and to any who may have been close enough to hear. A look of disgust crossed his face whenever he thought of the heathen state of Halsworthy.
  9. Awh heck, The Ascended have pocket Forum Moderators

  10. [Denied]Leap1's newest attempt at returning to the GM Team

    -1 from me. This isn’t because I think Leap is a bad person or that they would be abusive with their new powers, but merely because I feel as if the time between his last trial and this new application is very short.
  11. First Cyrilsburg Election

    Thomas Woodlaw would scratch out his vote for Bryant and instead cast another vote for Sylvestre
  12. Estermont International Imports Agreement [SELLING]

    Thomas Woodlaw has the speech summarized to him by another who had attended the meeting. He appeared bemused at the Global Assemblys attempt to thieve from the people of Atlast. “What a pack of penny pinching cretins. With acts like this, no wonder the Chairman had an attempt on his life.”
  13. Attempted Assassination of the Chairman [BOUNTY]

    Thomas Woodlaw trotted up to the gates of Curon, mounted on upon his steed. It was here where he was greeted with the urgent announcement. He took one of the many fliers and read it over, muttering to himself “It appears Curon isn’t as safe as it has been fabled to be. Perhaps I shall take my family to live elsewhere.”
  14. What did we learn today students? That Norlanders cant count.