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  1. MERRYWEATHEREN RIGHT Penned by the PRINCIPALITY OF MERRYWEATHER In 1942 In the abode of His Highness, the Prince, and Her Highness, the Princess of Merryweather, the approach of the Autumn of 1942 was met with an air of great expectation and excitement. This particular season held profound significance, as it marked the long-awaited moment when the eldest and sole offspring of the Prince's brother, the esteemed Marlene Konstancja von Alstreim, would be formally introduced to Aaunic society. Guided by her aunt, and in tradition with Alstreim rites of passage, a challenge of her choice awaits the Alstreim. Unlike the conventional ceremonies of debuts, she had chosen the challenge of archery. With a bow in hand, Marlene will prove her mettle, not only as a symbol of the grace and beauty of the Merryweather family but as a woman of remarkable skill and determination. I. THE SHOOT Marlene’s dedication to archery since the age of thirteen will culminate in a display at the start of her passage into womanhood. Designed by her aunt, a set of challenging targets awaits her and the guests across Merryweather land. Guests are encouraged to watch the spectacle as well as cheer her on. II. THE CEREMONY Following the impressive archery showcase, the crowd, and Marlene’s family shall gather once more in the throne room of Merryweather. Marlene’s aunt and uncle shall address the assembled guests, offering heartfelt words. As a powerful symbol of transition, a white cloth will be solemnly ignited, signifying the release of Marlene’s childhood. III. THE RECEPTION After the ceremony in the throne room, all attendees are to unite in the festively adorned feast hall. Music shall be played as guests are treated to a splendid array of drinks and dishes, which further heighten the spirit of celebration. A moment of shared happiness, marking the promising beginning of Marlene’s adult life. SIGNED, HER HIGHNESS, Aleksandra of Vidaus, Princess-Consort of Merryweather and the Rhine, Landgravine of Alstreim, Baroness of Corwinsburg, Lady of Blackwater, Lady Chamberlain of Aaun HER LADYSHIP, Marlene Konstancja von Alstreim
  2. Marlene smiled, dusting off her hands as she had been the one to realize such an error and begin to remedy it!
  3. Marlene von Alstreim beamed with pride for her cousins, her smile so bright it briefly blinded Siegmund.
  4. Ludvika Ludovar screams in delight as she did the quiz, finding out she is most like Melisende.
  5. Ludvika popped a ciggy in her mouth as she read over the paper, grumbling to herself in her tower.
  6. "We come as crows” 1937 A.H. | 490 E.S. __________ TO THE CITIZENS OF HANSETI-RUSKA, In the last few decades since the tragic passing of Countess Emma and her firstborn heir, Henrik Matyas, the succession of the Ludovar title has led to a significant period of reformation within the family. Stanimar I stepped in, guiding those faithful to the blood from Almaris to the continent of Aveos safely, only to be succeeded by his firstborn son and Countess Emma’s firstborn daughter. Their union marked a new period for Ludovar, a period of composition that accumulated in the fabrication of an untouched Otistadt, envisioned by the great patriarchs of the past. Located at the tallest peak of the Karenina mountains and surrounded by sturdy walls of stone quarried by the men of Ludovar, the castle at the heart of Otistadt is forevermore known as Isaakev. After the great King of Raev, Isaak I who conquered for his right of inheritance. The valiant man passed on a similar spirit to his son, Isaak II, and their combined reign brought peace and justice to the barren lands. In celebration, the Ludovar family invites all to reveal in the ballroom for a night of imagination far from the rushed city life of the capital. While no trees grow high in the Karenina mountains, for this very night, an enchantment will envelop Isaakev and create a land of lushness where one may take refuge or perhaps take a chance at adventure. The forest, often portrayed as a realm of enchantment and peril, appears in folktales wherever untamed wilderness takes the form of woodlands: it's a realm where ordinary journeys seldom venture, a domain where the extraordinary unfolds, and peculiar inhabitants may dwell – a realm inhabited by creatures of fantasy, sorcery, and whimsy. Within such forests, one might encounter conversing trees or branches that playfully unseat riders from their steeds. Thorny thickets could part to welcome wanderers but ensnare them within upon closure. Furthermore, certain flora might come alive or transform into creatures under the cover of night. One cannot know for sure until they venture up the tower to Isaakev to see for themselves what might become of them on this very night. Guests are asked to dress as inhabitants of the woods and prepare their very best dancing shoes. Mina prizes for best dressed and best dance moves will be rewarded. Formal invitations to this most glamorous of occasions are; His Majesty, Aleskandr II, King of Hanseti-Ruska Her Majesty, Amaya of Venzia, Queen-Consort of Hanseti-Ruska Her Grace, Roslin Baruch, Duchess of Valwyck His Grace, Aleksandr var Ruthern, Duke of Vidaus His Grace, Manfred Barclay, Duke of Reinmar The Right Honourable, Ileana Kortrevich, Countess of Jerovitz The Right Honourable, Anabel Colborn, Countess of Malkovya The Honourable, Audo Weiss, Viscount of Novkursain His Highness, Francisco de Pelear, Viceroy of Hyspia Her Ladyship, Alyona Godunov, Baroness of Verskaya His Lordship, Edmund Stafyr, Baron of Thurant His Lordship, Henrik Amador, Baron of Mondstadt Her Royal Highness, Eirene Daria, Countess of Caluzzo The Wards of Queen Amaya of Venzia SIGNED, His Excellency, Otto Jakob Ludovar Lord Speaker of Hanseti-Ruska, Count of Otistadt, Viscount of Sezwesk, Baron of Isaakev and Juliksburg, Lord of Kazstadt and Branzgaard The Right Honorable, Klara Marie Ludovar Countess-Consort of Otistadt, Viscountess-Consort of Sezwesk, Baroness-Consort of Isaakev and Juliksburg, Lady of Kazstadt and Branzgaard Her Ladyship, Ludvika Sofya Ludovar Ward of Queen Amaya
  7. Marlene von Alstreim froze which shock upon the news, stumbling up the stairs in tandem with other ladies of the court only to confirm her worst fear.
  8. Daenica, an estranged cousin, remarks at the invite with a tut “Three is a lucky number.. she isn’t wrong”
  9. Austina 'the affluent' approves this message.
  10. Little to the Countesses knowledge, a faint whisper followed her steps across the alderswood. Misyachna glared and gargled with hate. Her dead, cold, eyes stuck between the trees.
  11. Ludvika would snap the crayon in half after finishing the cover art like a sorta mic drop.
  12. Marlene tapes the missive to her aunt Gisele’s door. @clonky
  13. Marlene shouted and cheered happy her father wasn’t going to marry Isabella. A suspicious she had been holding since the ball.
  14. Marlene Von Alstreim’s own angst-derived grief seemed to melt away as she heard the cries of woman and children echo throughout the Hand of Horen. For a second, she pictured the pose of the Lady Alba standing in her uncles office just hours prior. Her fist slammed against the desk.
  15. A young Ludovar cherub stares in dismay! Screaming and kicking violently at the dinner table because SHE wasn’t getting a birthday. Ludvika would make her parents rue the day.
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