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  1. “Oh hey look” Austina would mutter, looking over her husbands shoulders “Now you’re a count consort”
  2. The Duchess of Adria watched as her husband signed the document, nodding swiftly “Blood for blood.”
  3. Austina hung pink daisy's from St. Emalyneburg in long strings - ecstatic help host the grand nuptials!
  4. Maya cracked a few jokes and high fived her older brother. Now, she waited patiently for the last of her siblings to join her.
  5. Austina's interest peaked at the notice! It reminded her of the last time she had her fortune told and how it came true.
  6. Please review other teams the same way
  7. An Aldersberg’s Jubilance An Invite to a Traditional Aldersbergian Birthday Bash The 14th of Sigismund’s End, 1907 Ladies gathered neatly around the Bard of Veletzia A ladies 16th nameday is a momentous occasion seen only once in a budding woman's lifetime. It is a time of celebration, reflection, and responsibilities. The women of Aldersberg have long celebrated traditional debuts in their respective social seasons, yet as time passed that tradition was no longer possible. However, to continue to live in the spirit of such, a lady of Aldersbergian status must complete a trial of charity and is then presented before all eligible bachelors in a festive dance. With this in mind, all are invited to Castle St. Emalyne to dance the evening away in celebration of Cressida Marie Aldersberg finally coming of age and completing her trial of charity that she shall present at the celebration. Gifts are most welcomed. ~-+-~ ITINERARY Welcoming of Guests Guests will be welcomed into St. Emalynesburg and announced at the entrance of the courtyard by the Court Screamer. People are encouraged to speak among themselves and leave their gifts for the Debut in a designated container. A Speech from Cressida The festivities will officially begin with Cressida’s entrance followed by a speech written by her for this special occasion. It will speak of her charity and hope to inspire those in attendance. Following such, she will be presented with the Tiara of Furnestock to wear for the rest of the evening. A Waltz A classical harp player will perform waltzing music and guests are invited to dance among the cherry blossoms within the courtyard of St. Emalynesburg until their feet tire. Drinks, snacks, and party favours will be extended to guests. ~-+-~ INVITE LIST All are invited, but special invitations are sent to; The People of Adria The Royal House of Alstion The Prince of Merryweather and his noble pedigree The Duke of Minitz and his noble pedigree The Margravine of Velen and her noble pedigree The Margrave of Haute-Epine and his noble pedigree The Count of Vaška and his noble pedigree The Count of Varoche and his noble pedigree The Baron of Eulersburg and his noble pedigree The Fiefdom of Ruland and his noble pedigree The Family De Lewes The Dowager Countess of Aldersberg The Countess of Jerovitz SIGNED BY, Her Grace, Austina Prudence Sarkozic Baroness of Aldersberg, Duchess consort of Adria, Countess consort of Veletzia Her Ladyship, Cressida Marie Aldersberg
  8. The Duchess of Adria's eyes gleamed upon reading the missive, taking her time to educate both her daughters on the future heir and princess.
  9. On the 16th day of Horen’s Calling of 1906 St. Emalynesburg has recently been erected over the field of Velec, the first completed structure to kiss the ambience of the deep forests that commune to form the border of Aaun. Hence, while the populace awaits the final brick to be laid on the cast of the village, the Castle has been opened for all who seek shelter and a like-minded caucus, setting in motion the ducal court of Adria. Though St. Emalyne is modest, the Adrian culture is all but, and so we shall revel in any space that allows drink, debate, and music. All are invited into the space later this year to celebrate, tour, and interview for staffing positions. The exact time and date will be announced shortly. St. Emalyne is the foremost shape on the skyline of Velec just past the Camp Baltas Gates off East fleet, a terracotta castle built into the highest hill of the province split into five buildings by the exterior path and the internal square courtyard. The Castle of Saint Emalyne looking over the city square of Adria The Duke, Heinrik Otto Sarkozic An amiable character with aplomb, he is often seen speaking with the men and women of Adria around the town proper. The Duchess, Austina of Aldersberg A woman of capable descent and proper poise, taking up the strict upkeep of the Castle St. Emalyne. The Lady Suzana Otta Daughter of the Duke & Duchess, born with an illness that shelters her within the Castle, though she is often seen walking atop the outer wall. The Lord Viktor Stefan Son of the Duke & Duchess, a properly behaved young boy often clung to his father's right leg. The Lord Markus Marie The younger Son of the Duke & Duchess, sired the year ensuing his brother's ingress and taking after his mother's complexion. The Lady Kzenia Adriata The youngest of the Duke & Duchess, a bashful but purely focused young lady often contently kept to her studies. The Lord Ratibor Kazimir Sarkozic The Lord Paul Emanuel Sarkozic In the expectation of future dumas and other administrative junctures, Duchess Austina has fashioned the courts into the housekeeping of the Duke. She invites all maids and men to petition her if wishing to work in any of the following positions: Lady Concierge === The Lady Concierge of the Castle St. Emalyne functions as the head of castle staff and wards as well as making informed decisions in place of the Duchess if she is unable to be present. This is a crucial position within Emalyneburg's in case the Duchesses ailments return. Other functions of this role include scheduling appointments, returning correspondences, and appointing the yearly itinerary. Ladies or Lords in Waiting === Ladies and Lords of the Castle are those who work for the Duchess and are given many menial daily tasks as well as specialized subjects that an individual might concentrate on. Those who take these positions may host events for the whole of Adria, aid in court activities such as feasts or visits from the itinerant court, and educate wards on their specialized subject. Examples of Lady's or Lord’s individual titles are as such; The Court Screamer The Court Screamer announces all happenings of the upper body of Adria within the town hall as well as within the Castle Courtyard. The Bard of Veletzia The Bard of Veletzia tells the stories of the Adrians through song, lightening the atmosphere of any room they walk in, seeking to emulate the beloved songbirds and revered Timeo de la Baltas. The Court Vintner The Vintner produces and sells the wine exports of St. Emalyne, and is most importantly tasked with the supply of Carrion Black. Wards === Those between the ages of seven to seventeen may hone their skills under the watchful eyes of the Duchess and her adept company. They may sleep, eat, and be educated within the Castle until they are either too old or have made the decision to transfer elsewhere to finish their proper education. It is expected of those who Ward to procure a project they desire to complete during their time and attend lessons presented by the Lords and Ladies of St. Emalyneburg. SIGNED, Her Grace, Austina Prudence Sarkozic Baroness of Aldersberg, Duchess consort of Adria, Countess consort of Veletzia
  10. With a grin across her chubby features, she'd recall the bags of sweets Amadea used to use to bribe her. Maya loved Amadea, moreso then her own sister.
  11. Maya mourned her childhood upon the death of her beloved older brother. Everything seemed dull in the skies, and she longed for the memories forgotten.
  12. Blessed Maya watched solemnly from the skies, praying one last time for a swift transition for her brother and sister in law.
  13. Austina, the now Duchess of Adria, would put her wine glass to the sky in merriment!
  14. Austina Sarkozic smiles proudly for Sophie!
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