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  1. Marlene of Merryweather stared at the three invitations sent to Castle Kostritz, hiding Siegmunda's invitation as she grumbled "She must first finish her studies... she cannot be distracted by frivolities"
  2. Ludvika, Percy’s wife, prayed at his bedside for many weeks.
  3. Marlene of Merryweather fussed rapidly around the castle “this is too last minute!” She’d complain.
  4. Ludvika de Lyons cried for her father, holding onto his letter “ea will visit her…”
  5. Marlene of Merryweather congratulated her daughter upon her first publishing "Maybe you can classify all of Aaun's unique flora soon, ich am sure more then Velen has orchids."
  6. Marlene of Merryweather smiled proudly upon her youngest daughter "This is well structured my dear, your lessons have paid off."
  7. ZUZIEE SKIN AUCTION OF QUEEN AMAYA Rules ⋆Do not edit your comments. Please post a new one with your new bid! ⋆Bidding begins at 15 USD ⋆Bidding must increase by 1 USD each ⋆Payments must be made within 24 hours of winning, otherwise they will be sold to the next highest bidder ⋆Buyouts are included under each title Bid Format ⋆Discord: ⋆Skin Name(s): ⋆Bid(s): BIDDING ENDS: MARCH 24TH AT 11:59 PM EST The Scyfling Maiden - Wedding Dress of Queen Amaya Buyout: 35 USD Venzia’s Rose (BOUGHT) Buyout: 35 USD Amaya’s Mourning Gown (BOUGHT) Buyout: 25 USD Amaya’s Scyfling Armor (BOUGHT) Buyout: 35 USD Floral Furs (BOUGHT) Buyout: 35 USD Regal Roses (BOUGHT) Buyout: 35 USD
  8. Elliot van Leuven's small dream of becoming a firefighter was quickly vanquished.
  9. Marlene of Merryweather happily accepted her invitation, sending a bouquet of Velenic flowers with the help of her middle child, Guinevere, to the newly engaged couple. “I’m happy Johannes has found someone… but de Lewes is niet a comital family… nor is Varoche recognized as such in Aaun.” She’d sputter aloud later at the dining table, having nothing else to talk about other than to nitpick.
  10. Upholding the Legacy of Velenic Nobility 5th of The First Seed, 1967 Administered by THE MARCH OF VELEN The March of Velen has unanimously resolved to entrust a sacred charge to the sole male scion of the Margrave and Margravine. This esteemed mandate was conceived upon witnessing the recent investiture of the honorable Leufroy Otto von Reuss of Velen @TwistedFries, a child of youth and nobility, who assumed the mantle of squire under his distinguished progenitor, Siegmund Otto, the Ritterkommandant of the Reformed Vandorian Order and the Order of the Black Eagle. Henceforth, as the esteemed sister, the illustrious Countess of Revedin, ascends to the helm of the March following the venerable Siegmund's tenure, young Leufroy shall ascend as the guardian par excellence of the Velenic Plateau, vested with the title of Baron of Raesfeld. However, preceding his assumption of the Baronial title, Leufroy is bound by the solemn duty to demonstrate his mettle to the Margravial seat. This requires the restoration of the Aschenwald to its former glory, rooted in new soil. Only upon the successful completion of this noble quest shall Leufroy be deemed worthy of the esteemed title of Baron of Raesfeld, and assume the sacred responsibility of safeguarding the newly revitalized Aschenwald, much akin to the hallowed Protectors who preceded him, tracing their lineage back to the venerable Leopold the First. Once duly anointed as Baron, Leufroy shall be granted the privilege to establish a stead upon the hallowed grounds of the Velenic Plateau, with the solemn assurance that his noble title shall endure through the annals of time, subject to the approbation of the future Margravial seats and a lineage proven through differing quests. ☩ VELENA AETERNA EST. ☩
  11. Eliott van Leuvan signed himself up, giggling at the idea of spending a WHOLE DINNER in the same room as his crush.
  12. Marlene of Merryweather signed a Lorraine over her cross and then each of her children “Those Roaches… first Adelheid and of course his namesake would behave the same”
  13. Ludvika of Kvasz cried onto her husbands shoulder as he read it aloud. Amaya had done such a great service to her home country, and had been mentor to Ludvika as she grew older.
  14. Ludvika of Kvasz, Percy’s newlywed wife, congratulated him ”yay!! So cool” but then realized his mother had just died and went back to acting solemn.
  15. Ludvika Ludovar wrote the boy a play, dotting lovingly over him in their brief moments together.
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