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  1. Maya Ceciliya escaped to her bedroom. Below the unforgiving and unstopping world mourned her father collectively. She had already given all she could to grieve. There was no sorrow greater. No anguish more tenacious. Maybe it was better that it was a shared sadness, which is why the world didn’t collapse. She was convinced it would have, so the surprise was surreal. Maya was the weakest of her loved ones. Especially when she was younger, she could picture adversely running behind her brother’s or father's legs, telling them of the evil words the other kids spewed. Glee had run throughout her veins in those moments when threats of violence were made against those who bruised her ego. She was protected then. Who would protect her now? When things had been hard, she could always rely on her father. Even if he said he’d always be there, she had nothing of his to carry him with her. God had sinned taking him away, not before she was ready. Then again, how could anyone be ready for death? Subsequently, Maya had been the one to take his confession and last rites. She had been the first to know how bad his sickness was, even before Karl. She had refused to cry in front of him on his death bed, reminiscing now on the few short words they shared and one last laugh. But nothing lasts forever.
  2. Maya, the youngest of the king, locked herself away in tears. She hated the whole ordeal.
  3. Nikoleta Barbara felt a change in the force, cursing out her father.
  4. Maya’s nap was awoken by the lightening, leaving her in shock since Georg was no longer with her! Panic flooded the aedymamej’s veins. (But she was also happy for Isabel and her witch children)
  5. The Reverend Mother Maya screamed in joy “My first baptism! What a dobry little boy!”
  6. "To life... and to death!" Maisie called out. She stood atop a snowy hill, cloaked in black with bubblegum mist flying around her in powerful wisps. Then raising a shot glass to her lips, swishing it around, and spitting it out. In honor of her late sister in law, and in honor of her dearest friend, "Revenge tastes sweet when you're the last left Annika." Finding her eyes lingering on the stars, wondering which ones were her family's spirits.
  7. Nikoleta would add herself as Margot's plus one! Smiling at her friend. @MildStatic
  8. Maya rested her head on the railing of her balcony. She never mentioned it to anyone, feigning ignorance out of fear, but she was always watching everything unfold. A keen gaze and a silent mouth. The soft croaking from her newest pet frog slowly lulling her to sleep.
  9. Prinzenas Maya stared at the invite that rested on her mothers desk, once more, being left out. She’s send flowers though! For her cousins.
  10. As the sun rose over the unkept walls of Ghastenwald, a ray of brilliance prodded at the eyes of the aging Nikoleta. The flowers were buzzing with the hum of bees and the birds were making a racket in the riverside trees. An almost warm and inviting feeling filled the day. Her soul leapt with glee. A single eye peaking open; Today was the first day they'd all be together. Quietly joining the festivities below, the nutty woman slipped into the kitchen. Inside she'd make breakfast. Eggs, sausage, toasted bread. A real treat. A candied smile growing over her wicked and crooked features. Bursting into the dinning room with hot plates of food, setting the table. A man garbed in tangerine, a meek girl with a snaggle tooth, and a lively boy were sat in their respective seats. Once the food was settled, Nikoleta sat at the head of the table, slipping a cigarette between her lips. Matchless, the perfection was only seen by her. The shadowy figures blending into the table; Leaving the fragmented woman bitter and sorrow.
  11. Nikoleta longed for something familiar. And something about the snow felt like it. Her horse clambered up the icy hillside towards Ghastenwald. She had purposefully taken the long way, to avoid Karosgrad and Valwyck. Now she was late to a meeting with Eleanore. What she didn't know though, was there would be three surprises waiting at home. The first; the usually quiet house was filled with the giggles and chatter of newlyweds. Her niece, and her nephew, were now married. Klara was pregnant and Jakob happy. The second; Beatriz was off on an adventure, no longer tucked away in the tower of Ghastenwald with Nikoleta’s name on it. She was not a good mom, nor did she try to be. Beatriz was probably happy wherever else she was frlockling. The third; Anastasya and Andrik had died. The first she learned through word of mouth, Eleanore had told her. The second waited by her bedside. His body young and almost lifelike, yet blood leaked from her nose and she knew otherwise. Maybe there love had been real, and maybe he was innocent, yet he refused to leave. Staying by her side all night as she sobbed. Maya Ceciliya woke up bright and early, brushed her teeth, put on her nice priestess robes and went for a sunny walk. Nothing could bring the girl down after last saint days triumph. She was as gleeful as someone could of been. Once returning home, cheeks red from the cold, she couldn’t help but see everyone else sitting quietly or crying loudly. Asking Grigori what it was about, only to be told Anastasya had passed. Her heart leapt and then crashed. Almost violently, the girl began to scream and wail. Having to be restrained as her cries echoed throughout the city. She loved her aunt, and she never got to tell her about Dmitry.
  12. 11th of Wzuvar ag Byvca. 423 E.S. A Letter to the Future Prinzenas Maya Ceciliya, circa 423 E.S. Dearest Family and Country; I find myself with the strangest of queries as I reach the age of majority. It feels as though I am the last to cross the finish line, or the last to be served supper. Being the youngest of the generation, I suppose this is a trivial affair that can be chocked up to my maturity. Yet, something tugs at my soul. I grew up in a cold palace enclosed with tutors, books, and anything I could have ever wanted. Nevertheless, cold. That type of life not only sucks at joy but finds ways to turn you cruel. Examples can be seen across history from Princess Royal Nataliya to my own sister, Princess Klara. The women in my lineage were suffocated before they could even burn. I will not let this happen to me. I grew up in the midst of war, trapped inside the large brick walls that surround Karosgrad. I occupied myself with history, math, and music. My siblings kept themselves unavailable, already deeming themselves too old to play. My parents burdened by operating a kingdom. So, I threw myself into faith, hoping that God would grant me peace. I was so lonely, trapped inside with no one who cared to nurture me unless it was their paid job. I crave for an immeasurably more colorful life. Not only for myself, but for the future of my lineage. I want fields of amber wheat, flora so lofty you cannot see the top, and a house so warm it licks at your fingers when you arrive. At present, this is impossible. The Nikirala is lifeless and haunted with fragmented dreams. So, as God guides me, I only see one path for myself as I turn 18. I renounce my claim to the Duchy of Kreden, the inheritance to the crown, and my station as princess. I pray that one day my dreams might become reality. That one day, the only way to escape is not to run. Signed, The Reverend Mother Maya Ceciliya
  13. Maya smiled and nodded all morning, telling herself she was happy for them, but something in her pricked at her heart. Now she was really, truly, the last sibling who hasn’t find love.
  14. Maya screams the lyrics to her fav song as she got herself another slice of cake
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