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  1. Georgiana seems delighted at the news! She was very proud of her niece.
  2. Maisie d'Arkent sat coldly, idly, on a hilltop far away from the busyness of war. Within her frosty grip lay the note, soaked in water. The howling winds whipped at her caramel hair, then, she let the note go. Allowing it to fly onwards, to where ever it will travel too. She had been gone for all of Amaras life, never had she met the girl, or even knew of the girls existence until she was already gone from this mortal world. It pained her the same way losing Conrad, Margaux, and even Caspain did. Though she was yet to articulate this feeling into words. She almost felt
  3. Adelheid would sit quietly in the guest bedroom, her forearms still healing from the other days adventures. “I hope Leona and Fey are alright...” she’d think out loud, eyes turning to the window. The missive being placed on her bedside table shortly after.
  4. Lilabeth would read over these with glee! “Oi love teh stars!”
  5. Maisie d'Arkent blinks "Sheesh..."
  6. A caramel haired women stood on top a hill, as wind whipped at her figure violently. She held the missive out with both hands, before tearing it in two. Releasing it to the wild winds. As she turned around, she recalled her talks with the now queen mother of Norland. Her lips thinning, how could a place claim to be pure and claim to want peace, but continue to start useless wars? And spread lies about her home? Was all she was lead to believe lies?
  7. As Maisie d’Arkent fell asleep in a cold room, eyes blankly reading over notices from home, this one caught her attention. A glimmer of hope filling her eyes, perhaps someone long gone shall return to her.
  8. Maisie d'Arkent would be missing from such a gathering. Not a word from her since the declaration of war was announced! Georgiana Lucille d'Arkent chuckled cheerfully, her furs bouncing off her busty chest. "oi'm sure yew will. Sedan was durin' las' season I reckon n' y'all had yer season still!" she'd muse in her smokers accent before going back to breathing in the lovely fumes of her Carrington TM Cigar.
  9. Maisie’s teeth gritted together once she read the missive after her Aunt Vespira. Without another word, she’d set down her tea cup and marched up to her bedroom. Reaching for a small luggage container and a few of her precious items. Leaving Oren before the war truly began. Just like last time.
  10. Maisie d’Arkent held the invitation between her thumb and pointer finger, eyes scanning over the carefully printed words. Recalling a conversation she had with her older brother, causing a sadness to wash over her body. “Oh Caroline... you deserve better from us.” She’s mutter. As she placed the parchment down, she’d reach for a clean piece of paper. Drafting up a letter to her half-sister. A solemn look across her face.
  11. Lingering Petals Lady Maisie feeding Sunholdt Swans A N N O D O M I N I 1818 Penned by the hand of TH, Maisie Adelheid d’Arkent All these years later, I have stopped looking for answers. I know better now, that love is never a guarantee. Not when you have the rest of the world to contend with ON OTHER There is someone I keep in my heart-I love him and no one else. It is a love that will only die with me. You may ask, death could be some time away-what if from now to then, you love someone new? Well I can t
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