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  1. Maisie offered a polite smile as the household guide made its way across her desk. "How happy." then noticing a few grey hairs from Charlottes painting and snickering, continuing to hold a grudge against her old childhood friend.
  2. OOC Information: MC Username: zuziee Discord Tag: zuziee#4323 Magics Currently Studying : Air, Fire, Earth, and Water Evocations Magics Currently Teaching (If so how many students, if any, for each?);: Air - 2 Fire - 1 Earth - 1 IC Information: Your Name: Maisie Adelheid Your Race: Human Your Age: 46 Nation of Residence: Oren Reason you wish to to join the circle: To continue to work on my voidal studies in a group of likeminded individuals!
  3. Maisie furrowed her brows as one of her nieces was to marry and did not even think of inviting that side of the family. She would attend anyways, thinking it fate that the invite found it’s way to her.
  4. Nikoleta Barbara, although proud of her new name, could not help but be anxious. Perhaps her father and mother being missing for the better half of her childhood did not help this growing feeling inside of the girl. She stood tall next to a rather hefty oak tree. Practice sword in one hand and in the other a bloody cloth. Her bright blue eyes, a gift from her mother, shifted to the faded figure dressed in green next to her. All of the sudden, she felt scared. As if she just unsnapped from a very long trance.
  5. Maisie, sitting on a beach and getting a nice tan, would plan to return in time for the wedding!
  6. Nikoleta saluted the king before turning her attention to the next with a sense of wonder!
  7. Maisie let out a soft sigh, bundling up in her boar furs for one last travel to the north. To check on an old friend.
  8. Nikoleta smiled, showing a raven haired duchess the invite with a sense of glee “can vy come with me?” but of course was turned down.
  9. Maisie smiled briskly before frowning as she remembered how she was suppose to hate Charlotte at the moment. Due to a quick fight they had almost two years before. Still, she would attend the wedding, because she is a sweetheart.
  10. Nikoleta Kovachev sat silently in the Haense palace - eyeing the paper and trying to decode it. Then, with her bright blue eyes, she'd spot her cousins name upon it. "Why is he in it and niet me?" the girl questioned, knowing fully well that her cousin was not around to attend such.
  11. Nikoleta B. Bihar-Kovachev would be coloring on the coffee table with her (legally recognized) father. Blissfully unaware of everything.
  12. Discord: zuzuzuzuuzuz Skins: Pious Youth - Fie - 300 A Toddler’s Dress - Fie - 300
  13. Maisie signed the Lorraine, before finding her way to a church to pray.
  14. Maisie sat across a large tea table as she'd get the news of the newly weds, offering Annika the page. "Immature." is all she had to offer up before going back to a game of poker! @Mady
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