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  1. Solid skin maker, just finished a 4 skins order with the utmost quality, in record time. +1
  2. notHawk


    *update* Had to leave yesterday *update* Why he thinks hes a shaman: One day, during some territorial disputes close to their home, the cousins found themselves in the middle of a battle (not a huge one, around 40 dwarfs vs 75 Elfs), a massacre was about to be bestowed upon the dwarfs. Blood after blood, his cousin tripped (to this day he still not very fond of fighting) and fell down in a river, carried away by the flowing current (he fainted as soon as he dropped, since his cousin is not fond of huge bodies of water). Akker was surrounded, he saw his whole life p
  3. notHawk


    Akker, son of Utdruk Oreshaper, has lived most of his live as a miner, with his cousin Bumnick OakenDigger, who is mostly a farmer per say (someones gotta get food). Unlikely most of their race, they both are quite ok with other races and understand that socialization maybe necessary in the future, when they are outside their caves. Their parents died in the War of the Beards so now they live alone in a not very well know mountain in Atlas. He didnt take part in the war since he never heard of it until the notice of his parents death came to his door one day. Akker never heard of it c
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