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  1. looks around 4 dewper with devoodo O__O XD
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    He is a very huge lover of dogs and will put himself in harm's way to protect them Arkan grew up in the Dominion's high elf district with his 2 high elf parents. He hated living in the city of Caras Eldar due to the terrible, and miserable elves he would see in the other districts according to his eyes. His parents said it was just because the Mage's Guild was here, but he did not care, and he certainly did not trust magics that were placed in such a backwards nation. One day he decided to see the other districts himself and was surpirsed to see how many different races were there, and how much knowledge was being passed around. He was coming to the age of maturity now, and he decided to go and ask for a job. A wood elf told him that he'd give him a job as a wood worker if Arkan taught him how to read on the side. For many years the 2 grew close, until his friend was killed by Orc raiders. He was angry, and did not want to see the city he loved anymore, as it reminded him of his friend too much, and so he headed to the high elf city of Haelun'or.
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