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  1. Ed Myre happily reads his first edition copy of the book. "A bold scholar! Hurrah for this one and GODSPEED on the next endeavor!"
  2. FORWARD, TOGETHER Our Vision for a Stronger Oren CONTENTS FOREWORD 1. AN ECONOMIC REFORM A Small business economy The Transport economy Protecting our Marketplace 2. TACKLING INJUSTICE An Impartial judiciary Our Transparent nation Housing 3. FUNDING OUR NATION National education service Strengthening the military 4. A STRONGER EMPIRE Keeping Oren safe The Canonist Pillar 5. CONCLUSION FOREWORD by Amadeus d’Aryn
  3. An Everardine Belief: The Perils of Business & Bureaucracy The pillars of our great and most beloved society are held intact by three important components; the powers of the Government, the powers of the Holy Church and the drive of our Businesses. These pillars are rooted imperatively in both our tradition and our culture that one institution cannot exist without the other. It is his holiness the High Pontiff that crowns and coronates his Imperial Majesty our Emperor, and it is by the Emperor’s hand that establishments of governance and parliament that
  4. A Call for an Apolitical Court An Open Letter to the Judiciary 7th of The Deep Cold, 1764 To the beloved Justices of the Empire, I wish to begin with my most sincere appreciation of the work you have accomplished in the decades since the establishment of the Judiciary. There is no doubt in my mind that a fair and just judiciary has been established within the bounds of this Empire. The trial of Crown v. Karoly is a testament to such a statement. Despite certain elements seeking his guilt, the Court listened to the evidence and ruled in a manner that can only
  5. Results from the First Everardine Convention, 1764 I. LEADERSHIP The Chair: John E. Pruvia (_Bueno_) Vice Chair of the Crownlands: Philip L. Pruvia (SerFinnick) Vice Chair of the Kingdom of Haense: Siguine var Ruthern (Ave_Imperium) Vice Chair of the Commonwealth of Kaedrin: Laurence A. Pruvia (Draeris) The Treasurer: Amadeus d'Aryn (Caranthir_) The Secretary: Edmund H. Myre (Boiendl) II. Summation of Goals The Realm is now at a crossroads. In li
  6. Better Call Haas It was a clear day, the ice reflected pleasantly as Boudewijn D. Haas looked on from one of the balconies of the Haas House. The weather was warm for a Snow’s Maiden, the St Tobias snow all seemed to have melted away. The City of Helena was bustling with business as the citizens dazzled at the raising of new buildings that now dotted the Helena landscape. Boudewijn glanced to his former warehouse, recently built but now sold. His pockets full and health excelling, he pressed on in admiring the gleaming Capital. A knock was heard from the e
  7. Boudewijn D. Haas of Haas Crownland Imports, Attorney and Consulting llc smiles happily.
  8. HELENA MAYORAL ELECTIONS, 1748 Lo’! Citizens of our fair Capital, Helena the City of the World! In the following days there shall be the Mayoral Elections of 1748! Head to Varoche Hall to cast your vote and declare your candidacy in Vesian style. Further, the eight seats of the liveryboard shall be chosen anew. They shall be chosen through auction. (Election & Liveryboard auction Sunday, 29th @ 5pm EST) HIS EXCELLENCY, JACQUES CALVET, LORD MAYOR OF THE CITY OF HELENA BOUDEWIJN D. HAAS esq, CHIEF OF STAFF OF THE BASRID CHANCELLERY AND JO
  9. Boudewijn D. Haas of Haas Crownland Imports & Attorney, llc. reads the report on the penguin. After reading the report he promptly throws it into a garbage bin by his desk. “What the ****’s a penguin, this is some detailed ****-post by Mister Napier. Well done I say.” He shrugs and goes about his business.
  10. REQUEST FOR APPEAL Robert Owyn Vyronov Boudewijn D. Haas, esq… REQUESTING AN APPEAL ON THE VERDICT RULED BY THE MOST ESTEEMED TOBIAS MERENTEL IN THE TRIAL OF IMPERIAL CROWN v. VYRONOV. ON THE FOLLOWING GROUNDS; Appeal of fact. Evidence not sufficient. IN CONSIDERATION OF; Fact; In 1738, an investigation began into the death of the late Duke, Karl of Carnatia. Eight years later, the Imperial State finally was able to conduct a trial. In this long winded trial, lasting several hours, the court heard contradicting claims an
  11. SUBPOENA JAN KOVACHEV III HOUSE OF KOVACHEV BOUDEWIJN D. HAAS, esq... DESIRES TO SUMMON THE FOLLOWING PARTY TO COURT; JASPER DE SARKOZY DEPARTMENT OF CIVIL AFFAIRS ON THE BASIS OF THE FOLLOWING PRINCIPLE(S), DOCTRINE(S), EDICT(S) OR ARTICLES OF LAW: EDICT OF ELECTION 1737 Section I: Voting Rights and Registration “All citizens of the Holy Orenian Empire over the age of 18 who are registered to an address have the right to vote for a candidate to the Imperial Senate in the province of their residen
  12. The Cardinal Helena rises from his chair. He steps towards the ballot. “We have been graced by a time of Peace and Prosperity for our realms. We have been blessed by GOD to have been allowed to have such a gracious and wise High Pontiff such as Daniel VI. This is now a time for the continuation of his legacy. While I appreciate the Cardinal Renfelds support of myself. I am still young, I am embroiled in matters of the State and as such I do not see myself fit to take the helm of the Church. I have prayed much on this matter. There is no doubt in my mind who I shall vot
  13. Peter the Poor, Archchancellor of the Empire and Cardinal of Helena sits quietly in his office. He happily sips on his tea as a herald barges in. ”Your Eminence, the General-Solicitor has declared martial law and outlawed magic!” Peter’s face scrunches up momentarily. He waves his hand towards the door ”Go inform the General-Solicitor and the people of Helena that martial law is suspended, as is the other stipulations he has made today.”
  14. The Haense Letters A Compilation of Journal Entries from the Archchancellor, 1732-1733 Felsen in Twilight, Edmond Manston 1560 1st of HOREN’S CALLING 1732 I have arrived in Reza. A welcome sight since my departure from the City of Helena. I had presumed for much of my youth that my spirit was not designed for the rigours of travel. But I have embarked on a journey to tour the Realm, to meet the faces who we are divinely mandated to protect and assist. The morning of my departure a light snow dusted the area of Reza. As I approa
  15. The Imperial Railway Act Anno Domini 1732 Felsen at Dusk Edmond J.B. Manston, 1532 By the Grace and good wisdom of GOD it has come to the attention of the Lord Protector Adrian of House Sarkozic and His Excellency the Archchancellor Peter Cardinal Helena that the crucial infrastructure of the Holy Oren Empire has fallen into disarray and neglect. It is our divine mandate to better the realm and continue the free flow of persons and possessions to and fro the great Cities of the Empire. With the grace and goodwill of th
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