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  1. FORWARD, TOGETHER Our Vision for a Stronger Oren CONTENTS FOREWORD 1. AN ECONOMIC REFORM A Small business economy The Transport economy Protecting our Marketplace 2. TACKLING INJUSTICE An Impartial judiciary Our Transparent nation Housing 3. FUNDING OUR NATION National education service Strengthening the military 4. A STRONGER EMPIRE Keeping Oren safe The Canonist Pillar 5. CONCLUSION FOREWORD by Amadeus d’Aryn This election is a once-in-a-generation opportunity to shape the nation for the better. It is our only opportunity in the next four years to transform the Empire so that it works for the many, not the interests of the few. We are the moderate, traditionalist and the people-focused faction this first national elected. We recognise that this is the election of corruption and big business, the election of liberty, the education election, the rights election, the openness election, the election of reform. The Everardines will legislate in the interests of all people, and these issues remain as relevant to our cause as ever. The people of this nation are held back from their full potential and representation by large corporate interests, which grab the wealth of Oren and refuse to distribute it amongst its constituents. This election is the election of justice, and the election in which we seek to guarantee that the common man and woman of Oren will always have a voice and political representation that is fair and transparent - not held back by vested interests. The Everardines will create a fair and transparent administration and ensure that future generations will know of the efficiency of our bureaucracy, and the providence which guides our human destiny. It is key that we invest in our communities with the full financial power of the executive. Displaying the brilliance of the imperial project at its very best is what Everardines wish to accomplish. An Everardine controlled House of Commons will legislate in your interests, and will guarantee that monopolising business will not intrude in your livelihoods. Under the stewardship of the Everardines, we guarantee to you that Oren will emerge from this period of great national change more prosperous than before, as an even greater force for change in the continent. There is no quick fix, and there are no easy answers in this period of change to our forward direction. But we guarantee to you that the Everardines will look out for your interests, and work hard to develop and evolve our nation in a progressive way. The Everardines are the faction of moderate, reasonable traditionalism: small business and people focused. Our pledge is that we will never abandon these values. “We will help build, alongside other actors, a more confident Oren. A fairer and more transparent Oren, which works for everyone.” Amadeus d’Aryn AN ECONOMIC REFORMATION A SMALL BUSINESS ECONOMY by Amadeus d’Aryn Small business is at the very heart of our prosperity. It has been for centuries. Small business with government checks and balances ensures that we are all playing by the same rules. The mass employment of large portions of the population by a singular private entity creates an unfair and lopsided market. In which small businesses are forced to abide by entirely separate rules and regulations. This can not continue. The uncontrolled conflict of interest in the relationship between corporations and the government binds our hands and stunts our future economic growth. Not only do monopolising businesses stop innovative ideas from the bottom, they also lead to abuses and corruption within the political system. The Everardines will do its utmost to promote small business interests throughout Oren. We will promote as best we can a level playing field for small businesses. We will do this by legislating for stricter controls on business interests that public servants and elected officials can have. We will promote innovative advancements. A revolution in industry will provide jobs as well as pride to our communities. In this, we wish to work explicitly with you in promoting a fairer economy for everyone. The Everardines guarantees to you that we will introduce systems to increase worker representation at a meaningful level. In order to ensure it’s development and continuation a Committee on Labor Affairs will be called once the Everardines are in office. THE TRANSPORT ECONOMY by Amadeus d’Aryn The Everardines recognise that we must improve our economy and our national infrastructure if we are to create true prosperity and community around the Empire. Years of underinvestment in our wider country, with a specific purview on the prosperity of Helena, have undermined too many of us and have left them feeling powerless. The Everardines will bring about radical regional funds that will be used exclusively for levelling up our nation. We will create the Regional Transformation Fund, which will be used to fund infrastructure projects around Oren, decided at a local level by key local stakeholders. We will legislate for the Treasury to create this fund. Under the Everardine plans, our Regional Funds will establish and expand upon the railway system whilst supporting the efforts of the Society of Barraman in their maintenance of the rails. The Everardines ensure that the railways will remain free to all. Further small business will be called upon to help in the development and leveling-up of our national railway system, incentivised by market-based policy instruments. PROTECTING OUR MARKETPLACE by Edmund H. Myre In the competitive real estate market of the Imperial Capital, foreign powers have excluded Orenian Citizens from successfully buying shops and stalls. In our struggle to ensure that Orenians have a place to do business, we believe that foreign nationals and entities must be restricted from purchasing business real estate. We shall ensure that our neighbors sign trade deals. Deals that level the playing field for Orenians. Once signing these deals, selected foreign nationals and entities may enter the market. TACKLING INJUSTICE AN IMPARTIAL JUDICIARY by Edmund H. Myre The Everardines will uphold the apolitical nature of the judiciary through legislating that Justices can not endorse, favor and or publically campaign for a faction. Should a Justice become embroiled in political plots or schemes, should a single Justice rule in favor of their preferred faction despite the evidence, we lose the legitimacy of our beloved Institutions. The Everardines wish to prevent a Justice declaring an act constitutional or otherwise solely for the purpose of political clout. It is the Justices who determine the legitimacy of our legislation should it be in doubt. We will prevent a Justice bending the rule of law to fit the needs of his preferred faction. “It is the POLITICAL JUDGE who shall be our undoing.” Edmund H. Myre OUR TRANSPARENT NATION by Edmund H. Myre Our Bureaucracy has grown in both size and scope at an unprecedented rate. In its rapid growth it has taken on increased duties and responsibility to ensure the well-being of our Empire. Despite its growth, there has been little done to ensure the accountability of the administration to the people. The bureaucracy exists behind smoke and mirrors of political deflection. We will legislate that the Imperial Ministries that make up our bureaucracy write and publish for the public financial statements and quarterly reports on Ministries various duties in the Empire. These reports will be available to the public at any time in the Imperial Library. HOUSING We will legislate for further development in our towns and cities, recognising the huge influx of people into our empire. The housing crisis in Helena specifically has shot prices up and put the working people on the defensive. To remedy this the Everardines will create an independent Permanent Council on Housing to regulate and review the amount of properties that any one individual or organisation can own. The overriding principle of the Permanent Council will be to ensure that every imperial city will have the ability to house the citizens of our empire. We will construct a new housing district, with homes classed for Middle-Income families. Taxes will be flexible to fit the needs of the people most affected by the unjust treatment and temporary homelessness as a result of an overcrowded city with empty homes owned by larger corporations and private investors. FUNDING OUR NATION A NATIONAL EDUCATION SERVICE by Amadeus d’Aryn Education makes our country and our economy stronger, it increases the cultural bonds which hold us together. Finding the right people for the job is tedious, but a national education service can develop and grant the skills necessary for work. The Everardines believe that every one of us stands to benefit from a well educated society. We will subsidise existing educational institutions and incorporate them into a wider national education service to serve as a place to gain accreditation and to produce a more productive workforce. We will ensure that there is oversight and coordination of continuous improvement, increasing the standard constantly to adapt to the fast changing paces of society. We will legislate to invest in education for children, to give all the best start in life. Indeed, we will provide further backing to the Fabric of State lectures and the vital work that it does. The Everardines will work with experts in the field in order to create a productive and effective national curriculum. We will invest in education for those of majority age and legislate to introduce standardised accreditation. Likewise, we will mandate that public sector, government jobs will require a candidate for employment to present the appropriate qualifications. We will establish an independent committee to look further into this matter. STRENGTHENING THE MILITARY by Edmund H. Myre It is first and foremost our responsibility as a nation to properly fund and upkeep our military for the defense of our nation, a safe and civil society and the promotion of our interests. We will ensure a continued and flexible budget to the ISA. The ability to pay soldiers, purchase equipment and raw materials, and advance our soldiers training is paramount. We will ensure the expansion of farmland granted to veterans. Since the end of the conflict with the A.I.S the Empire has accrued new lands. The lands that now sit barren and unused must be distributed to the brave and fine soldiers of the Empire A STRONGER EMPIRE KEEPING OREN SAFE by Edmund H. Myre Following the War of Two Emperors the continent was marred with instability and bloodshed. Nations who sought the continued instability of the human realm aligned with bandits, pagans and radicals to pit Man against Man. The Everardines will never allow an external nation and or group to have wanton influence on our people again. We believe that in keeping Oren safe we must make our neighbors stable. We must not allow nations to descend into the chaos, violence and extremism of the brigand state. Should a nation succumb to the afflictions and status of a brigand state, our peace, our way of life and our future is immediately put at risk. Frequently nations that surround our nation lay dormant, biding their time for the opportunity to strike out at the unity of the Empire. When they strike they seek to destabilize and brutalize us. We must maintain an ever watchful gaze on our neighbors. We must ensure that they align themselves in our good graces. We must ensure that alliances and pacts are upheld in good faith from both our own government and our neighbors. THE CANONIST PILLAR by Winston L. Rothesay The Everardine party holds a strong adherence to the belief that our venerable Imperium is upheld by two great pillars; those respectively being the Imperial Crown and the Church of the Canon. The relationship between Crown and Laurel form one essential backbone of our society and tradition which keep it held aloft and safeguard the very fabric of our culture and state. In this recent age however, we have come across a most shocking truth; despite the renaissance and revelatory bloom that the Holy Church as an institution finds itself embracing in these present times, it finds itself severely underfunded as an organisation. Our party endeavours to prioritise the financial interests of our clergymen by pledging to contribute fiscally in donation funds and proceedings for whatever cause the Church deems suitable. It is in this lofty endeavour, we hope and pray that advancements of the Church accelerate beyond the pace under which they already operate, so that the word and law of God may remain protected and widespread and the Canonist Pillar remains as strong as ever. CONCLUSION This is our plan for a stronger Oren and a more prosperous future for everyone. Our vision is of the Empire united, safe, prosperous, with a large community of individuals exchanging labour and goods between themselves. This election will determine the course of the next four years of all our lives, and will be the defining election of a generation. In this moment of key national change, it is the Everardines who will provide stability and security for the people of this nation. We will guarantee you an apolitical judiciary, to keep you safe within the law for the rest of your life. We will guarantee you a national infrastructure reformation, so that all communities of our nation can be connected. We will guarantee you an economy that is strong and backed by small businesses.We guarantee you employment for you. We guarantee a new focus on the education of our people. Above all, we guarantee to you a nation that is open and transparent; a meritocratic nation which works for you and your interests against big businesses and vested interests. Our reforms will keep you and your family safe in the knowledge that your government is working for you, and no other vested interest. But we cannot do this without you. Together, we can make Oren a nation that works in the interest of the many, not the few. (Check out the post in its original format.)
  2. An Everardine Belief: The Perils of Business & Bureaucracy The pillars of our great and most beloved society are held intact by three important components; the powers of the Government, the powers of the Holy Church and the drive of our Businesses. These pillars are rooted imperatively in both our tradition and our culture that one institution cannot exist without the other. It is his holiness the High Pontiff that crowns and coronates his Imperial Majesty our Emperor, and it is by the Emperor’s hand that establishments of governance and parliament that guide our fair nation into joint prosperity and glory are formed and placed into immediate effect. Finally, it is through the tenuous work ethic and drive of our businesses both large and small that institutions both political and clerical can survive. Through the generous contributions in donations these businesses have granted to the Church and the commissioning and construction of important senatorial buildings that the Imperial economy presents itself as a mighty and indestructible pillar of our homeland. Without the financial support of both the common and mercantile markets the staples which hold our society intact would crumble and ultimately thrust our Empire into a state of economical despair and collapse. The freedom of the common man and woman to vote and decide on who they want to represent their beliefs and ideologies within the House of Commons and its predecessor the Imperial Senate is a true testament to our countries resilience and determination in manifesting the mantra upholden by his Imperial Majesty; that of Providence. But there is a single inescapable truth that haunts the hallowed halls of government. The molding of Business and Bureaucracy frequently leads to self-interested corporatist -bureaucrats who keep their business interests close to heart. Small businesses are put at a disadvantage in our current bureaucratic reality. Unlike the corporatist -bureaucrat in the halls of government, the small business owner can not create new laws on his behalf. The small business owner does not have the influence and power that the corporatist in government has to fit legislation and regulation to his needs. You do not have the authority to impede or halt harmful legislation. Shoppekeeps, tailors, bakers, fishmongers and so on and so forth, those who consider themselves a small local business are thus at the mercy of corporatist -bureaucrats who care first for themselves. And what of competition? When a competing business opens, which one inevitably does, the corporatist -bureaucrat will inevitably use his influence and powers to impede the competing business. Even if said bureaucrat does not do it intentionally, he will subconsciously favor and protect his own establishments. The rise of the corporatist -bureaucrat must be stymied. The Everardines long for a government in which small business owners are not abused by the corporatist machinations that influence and control sections of our bureaucracy. Do not let the corporatist -bureaucrats through unfair influence and control over personal ambitions and endeavours. It is time for our government officials to divest from their businesses and truly take up the reigns of selfless service to the Imperial People. Ed H. Myre Everardine Secretary Winston L. Rothesay Everardine
  3. A Call for an Apolitical Court An Open Letter to the Judiciary 7th of The Deep Cold, 1764 To the beloved Justices of the Empire, I wish to begin with my most sincere appreciation of the work you have accomplished in the decades since the establishment of the Judiciary. There is no doubt in my mind that a fair and just judiciary has been established within the bounds of this Empire. The trial of Crown v. Karoly is a testament to such a statement. Despite certain elements seeking his guilt, the Court listened to the evidence and ruled in a manner that can only be described as just. But I pen to you with much distress in my mind for I believe with all the faculties that allow me to, that the legitimacy of the Judiciary and Rule of Law are at risk. It is the POLITICAL JUDGE who shall be our undoing. Political factions create a level of vested interest in the group which is impossible to ignore. Should a Justice become embroiled in political plots or schemes, should a single Justice rule in favor of their preferred faction despite the evidence, we lose the legitimacy of our beloved Institutions. It is the Justices who determine the legitimacy of our legislation should it be in doubt. I fear a Justice declaring an act constitutional or otherwise solely for the purpose of political clout. I fear a Justice bending the rule of law to fit the needs of his preferred faction. Let it be known I have no doubt in the fairness and impartiality of our sitting Justices. Should a precedent and pledge of impartiality not be established now, then we risk future Justices degrading and undoing the legitimacy of our Empire. I beseech you then, pledge to the people of the Empire your impartiality. Pledge to the people of the Empire that you shall keep your nose above faction politics. That you shall not endorse certain candidates or factions. I beseech you to vote as it is our duty, but pledge to keep your decision private. Let it be known that should the Justices pledge this, we are forever in their graces. For they believe in the impartial rule of law and they believe in our blessed Institutions. This is not a matter of politics, this is a matter of our future. Ed H. Myre Everardian Secretary
  4. Results from the First Everardine Convention, 1764 I. LEADERSHIP The Chair: John E. Pruvia (_Bueno_) Vice Chair of the Crownlands: Philip L. Pruvia (SerFinnick) Vice Chair of the Kingdom of Haense: Siguine var Ruthern (Ave_Imperium) Vice Chair of the Commonwealth of Kaedrin: Laurence A. Pruvia (Draeris) The Treasurer: Amadeus d'Aryn (Caranthir_) The Secretary: Edmund H. Myre (Boiendl) II. Summation of Goals The Realm is now at a crossroads. In light of the rise of secularism, exclusive administrative governance by a bureaucratic elite, oppressive tactics by mammoth corporate entities, a loss of connection to the common man and a loss of perspective into our genteel traditions, the goals of the Everardine that were discussed at the convention are as follows. On Religion We, the Everardines, believe in a reaffirmation of our Canonist vows. We hold GOD and the Church as cornerstones of the Realm. We stand in opposition to the secularist governance, politicking and irreverent narratives that have surfaced. We seek to further support the Church as an Institution and the way of life. On the Common Man We, the Everardines look to the Common Man as a bastion of all that is right and should be. By holding our first assembly in the New Reza Tavern we commit ourselves to you. We commit ourselves to the man who has lost out due to the exclusivity of controlling groups and overbearing administrators. We seek to minimize the government’s intrusion into your life. We seek to streamline bureaucratic processes so you can worry less about the correct forum and more about your family. We like you are diverse. We are representative of all corners of the Realm. We are not high ranking homogeneous socialites with wealth to spare. We are individuals who have come together in unity to hold up a shield and slow the onslaught of elitism. On the Military Meritocracy and virtue have delivered us out of the jaws of defeat and into the hands of Victory. We owe ourselves to the military of the Empire, who have single handedly managed to turn back the tide of the once notable A.I.S. We owe this hallowed institution of the Empire our lives and the social progress that we see today. Our immense and unending gratitude is extended to them, and therefore we seek to bolster the pride in our military and promote cohesiveness throughout. To this, we owe this hallowed institution of the Empire our thanks and lives. We seek to bolster the military and to promote cohesiveness throughout it. We seek the streamlining of the justice institution to allow effective and fair law enforcement to take place. We seek to raise the standard and quality of living for our military men and women. On Economics The small business owners of the Empire are under pressure from mammoth corporate entities that seek the dominance of local and national economies. This is not in the foundation of the Empire. The economic success of Oren has proved itself for generations to be in the wisdom of small businesses and local merchants. The monopolized business model which now erodes our economic endeavors can not be sustained. We seek a return to the non-monopolized, pro-small business models that made the Empire an economic powerhouse. III. Minutes
  5. Better Call Haas It was a clear day, the ice reflected pleasantly as Boudewijn D. Haas looked on from one of the balconies of the Haas House. The weather was warm for a Snow’s Maiden, the St Tobias snow all seemed to have melted away. The City of Helena was bustling with business as the citizens dazzled at the raising of new buildings that now dotted the Helena landscape. Boudewijn glanced to his former warehouse, recently built but now sold. His pockets full and health excelling, he pressed on in admiring the gleaming Capital. A knock was heard from the end of the hall, a visitor. The knock was not a shock to him, he was often visited by those who required legal services or advice on political matters. He came to the door, opening it uncaringly, he nodded to the gentlemen who was at once welcomed into his home. The man began to pour onto him his plight, the financial distress he had fallen in and the future of his estate. But the meeting was interrupted by the local nuisances which often plague the Haas House. So they agreed to adjourn to the gentleman’s estate. Upon their flight from Helena he smiled at the passing travelers, going to the capital born again. He took in the smells of the flowers and warm air, tickling his nose and skin. Finally they came to the man’s estate. They entered and sat down at once. They began to go into the problem the man faced, but again Boudewijn was interrupted. Unbeknownst to him a second was in the room with them. The second drew a small blade pressing it against the Attorney’s throat. The Attorney froze, the cold steel against his skin was a new sensation for him. The first gentleman swiftly drew a blade, pressing it firmly against the Lawyer’s chest. “Get up.” he said The Lawyer rose. The man then led the lawyer to a nearby fire, he motioned to it. The lawyer kneeled, approaching it. “P-P-Please. I- I - I don’t do anything important… Please!” Boudewijn pled, the lawyer sweating immensely, and the fire quickly evaporating the sweat The second individual fluttered, perhaps scarred then with all one's force pushed Boudweijn’s head into the fire. He struggled but soon gave in. The pair then did as they pleased. Boudewijn Haas was no more.
  6. Boudewijn D. Haas of Haas Crownland Imports, Attorney and Consulting llc smiles happily.
  7. HELENA MAYORAL ELECTIONS, 1748 Lo’! Citizens of our fair Capital, Helena the City of the World! In the following days there shall be the Mayoral Elections of 1748! Head to Varoche Hall to cast your vote and declare your candidacy in Vesian style. Further, the eight seats of the liveryboard shall be chosen anew. They shall be chosen through auction. (Election & Liveryboard auction Sunday, 29th @ 5pm EST) HIS EXCELLENCY, JACQUES CALVET, LORD MAYOR OF THE CITY OF HELENA BOUDEWIJN D. HAAS esq, CHIEF OF STAFF OF THE BASRID CHANCELLERY AND JOSEPHIAN DUCAL ADMINISTRATIONS
  8. Boudewijn D. Haas, of Haas Crownland Imports & Attorney, llc. smiles favorably at his bank account.
  9. Boudewijn D. Haas of Haas Crownland Imports & Attorney, llc. reads the report on the penguin. After reading the report he promptly throws it into a garbage bin by his desk. “What the ****’s a penguin, this is some detailed ****-post by Mister Napier. Well done I say.” He shrugs and goes about his business.
  10. REQUEST FOR APPEAL Robert Owyn Vyronov Boudewijn D. Haas, esq… REQUESTING AN APPEAL ON THE VERDICT RULED BY THE MOST ESTEEMED TOBIAS MERENTEL IN THE TRIAL OF IMPERIAL CROWN v. VYRONOV. ON THE FOLLOWING GROUNDS; Appeal of fact. Evidence not sufficient. IN CONSIDERATION OF; Fact; In 1738, an investigation began into the death of the late Duke, Karl of Carnatia. Eight years later, the Imperial State finally was able to conduct a trial. In this long winded trial, lasting several hours, the court heard contradicting claims and most of all, no evidence proving that Robert Owyn Vyronov did the murder. Yet eight years after the fact, the trial and ultimately the decision to put a man to death was decided by hearsay, by assuming that contradictory statements point towards guilt. First on the guard commander Malo. His testimony was paramount to the case, being referred to frequently and used as the primary witness in the trial. But, he himself admits he did not witness the death of the late Karl. He himself admits simply of uncertainty surrounding the incident. Through this testimony, the prosecution attempted to put together a case to which made no reasonable sense. His statements are hearsay, they are not credible towards pointing to Robert Owyn Vyronov as guilty. They do not prove that he killed anyone. Second, on the lack of tangible evidence. The decision to sentence a man to death has been decided on the words of gentlemen who were not at an event that happened eight years ago. The uncertainty and doubt which lingers over these statements are damning. What does the prosecution and investigators fail to attain in conducting this faux carrying out of justice? Evidence. There is no murder weapon, there is no witness who testified which saw the death. There is not any true and legitimate evidence outside hearsay of a gentleman who was not even present. The prosecution has strung together a series of events which they have built around hearsay. They make assumptions regarding the death of the late Duke Karl. They assume that one gentlemen’s testimony pointing towards a lack of bandits must be correct, then they assume that simply because the Vyronov family lived together, that it must be one of them who did it, if not a bandit. Yet there has been no evidence pointing to the actual involvement of Robert Owyn Vyronov. How is the State going to condemn a man to death and seize his assets, the livelihood of his family and bloodline without having tangible, and physical evidence? How is a man set to die because eight years after the death of the late Duke Karl, individuals claim without much legitimacy, and who were not even present at the time of death, that bandits did not exist? There has been no evidence pointing towards the guilt of Robert Owyn Vyronov, only hearsay. Hearsay should not condemn a man to die. This injustice must be fixed. IN ORDER TO ACCOMPLISH; The reversal of the guilty sentence levied by the Court, the reversal of execution, the reversal of seizure. AND THEREFORE HOPES TO RESTORE JUSTICE IN THE AFOREMENTIONED PROCEDURE. YOURS HUMBLY, Robert Owyn Vyronov Carnatia, Kingdom of Haense Legoboy#0060 Boudewijn D. Haas, esq. 6 Nauzica Square, City of Helena Boiendl#4314
  11. SUBPOENA JAN KOVACHEV III HOUSE OF KOVACHEV BOUDEWIJN D. HAAS, esq... DESIRES TO SUMMON THE FOLLOWING PARTY TO COURT; JASPER DE SARKOZY DEPARTMENT OF CIVIL AFFAIRS ON THE BASIS OF THE FOLLOWING PRINCIPLE(S), DOCTRINE(S), EDICT(S) OR ARTICLES OF LAW: EDICT OF ELECTION 1737 Section I: Voting Rights and Registration “All citizens of the Holy Orenian Empire over the age of 18 who are registered to an address have the right to vote for a candidate to the Imperial Senate in the province of their residence. Voter registration shall be conducted through the medium of an Imperial census, which shall be conducted anew at intervals of every ten years commencing in the year 1737. The census shall remain open over these ten year periods for new voter registration…” The Haense Imperial Senate Elections of 1746 have been mismanaged and the integrity of the voting process may have been infringed upon. The vote remained close. If the Department of Civil Affairs had properly managed the vote, there may have been a different outcome or vote ratio. Those who were properly registered did not have their votes accounted for. This is a miscarriage of legitimate representation of the Haense people and one of its founding Houses. Therefore, there must be both an internal and external investigation of the Haense Imperial Senate Election of 1746. WITH THE PRESENCE OF THE FOLLOWING RELEVANT PARTY OR PARTIES: ON THE DESIRED DATE OF: 16th Sun’s Smile, 1747 ((We’ll talk in Discord for timing)) YOURS HUMBLY, Jan Kovachev III II Kingsway, New Reza (Maize#9173)
  12. The Cardinal Helena rises from his chair. He steps towards the ballot. “We have been graced by a time of Peace and Prosperity for our realms. We have been blessed by GOD to have been allowed to have such a gracious and wise High Pontiff such as Daniel VI. This is now a time for the continuation of his legacy. While I appreciate the Cardinal Renfelds support of myself. I am still young, I am embroiled in matters of the State and as such I do not see myself fit to take the helm of the Church. I have prayed much on this matter. There is no doubt in my mind who I shall vote for. Let GOD smile upon us, and let us show our support for the Cardinal Avalain, our new High Pontiff.” The Cardinal Helena raises his piece of paper, then slips it into the ballot.
  13. Peter the Poor, Archchancellor of the Empire and Cardinal of Helena sits quietly in his office. He happily sips on his tea as a herald barges in. ”Your Eminence, the General-Solicitor has declared martial law and outlawed magic!” Peter’s face scrunches up momentarily. He waves his hand towards the door ”Go inform the General-Solicitor and the people of Helena that martial law is suspended, as is the other stipulations he has made today.”
  14. The Haense Letters A Compilation of Journal Entries from the Archchancellor, 1732-1733 Felsen in Twilight, Edmond Manston 1560 1st of HOREN’S CALLING 1732 I have arrived in Reza. A welcome sight since my departure from the City of Helena. I had presumed for much of my youth that my spirit was not designed for the rigours of travel. But I have embarked on a journey to tour the Realm, to meet the faces who we are divinely mandated to protect and assist. The morning of my departure a light snow dusted the area of Reza. As I approached I was first welcomed by the soft crunch as my carriage drove over it. My second welcome was Reza and Her people. A fine city. Tucked in a pleasant and fertile land, close to the mountains it was a sight I most needed as the journey wore heavily on me. Moving through the city gate’s I was pleased to see the bustle and life of the seat of Haense. I dismounted from my carriage and feeling no need for escort I began to wander the streets unaccompanied. Lo’! For how I was overjoyed to see the spirit of the North imbued within each man, woman and child of the City. They took to the kind hearth of the local tavern. While I commend the drinking spirit of the Crownlands those of Reza could outpace any man I have come across in the Capital. Suddenly I heard a scuffle outside, how quick I scurried out of the warmth of the tavern to see what the commotion was. But! I admit it was a show of the North’s spirit, men brawling as sport and to do so with such vigor! Though I enjoy the embrace of the townsfolk, I could not remain in the Square for long. With a helpful Haenseman leading me through the confusing streets of Reza I came upon Prikaz Palace. It was time I meet the King Andrik I and his royal court. Perhaps I am still inexperienced with the meeting of Royals, but a nervousness washed over me. To my enjoyment and relief, I write that King Andrik I is a most amiable man. He represents the best of Haense and must be invited to have tea within the walls of Helena. I lament, for I am weary. I have been given quarters within the Palace and it is time I retire to them. A Jovial Afternoon, Edmond Manston 1540 1st of SUN’S SMILE 1732 It has been some time since I last wrote. I suppose a summation of my recent ongoings is in order. A warm air has taken the town. The flowers have started to bloom. I have found new joy in a warm breeze that calm. The soft colors brightening up the already vibrant town around me. The City of Reza which was once downtrodden by the War of the Two Empires has made a miraculous recovery. I write from the gardens where I had the pleasure of meeting Mister Terrence May, the Lord Palatine of Haense. He is an open minded and ambitious man. Behind his carefully crafted spectacles is a face which one can only help but admire. So in the garden we sat and he illuminated me on the current politics of the Kingdom. The Lord Palatine and I immediately took off. Finding him most ambitious, I was enthralled by his grand visions of infrastructure to connect the Realm. While he tried time and time again for a new rail system, all of which was voted down by the Duma. I noted that perhaps a Canal is in order. The Northern Ferry Deal was immediately drafted and signed. I sent for Mister John de Vitus to join me in Reza. By the time I depart, I am sure that the Canal will be fast underway, ground broken. Then there is Ser Konrad, a Knight turned statesmen who was most kind to give me a tour of the Duma chambers. From what I can gather he is destined to be the next Lord Palatine, a fine addition to an already endearing body of statesmen. I have found that the political institutions of Haense work most effectively. The Duma which meets yearly is comprised of a fine group of statesmen and nobility who while factionalized into three, all work towards the ultimate betterment of the Kingdom. It is a reassuring unity which I think I can return to the Capital with. There are lessons to be learnt throughout the Realm. Perhaps it is wise to begin an investigation into the effectiveness of such a system on a broader Imperial scale. 22nd of TOBIAS’S BOUNTY, 1733 The past few months have been a pleasure. They have been so much so that I have forgotten to write about them. But I assure the reader, what excitement I have had amongst the Haenseman. How jovial they are and how open they have been to me. Now I must admit, I am writing this with a heavy heart. This is my last day in the Kingdom of Haense. I have had such pleasure and enjoyment from my travels that the year which I dreaded would feel long, now has felt too short. I leave the Kingdom of Haense on a high note. With ground broken on the canal connecting Reza to Helena, I am happy to say that the future of our unity has never been better. King Andrik has shown me nothing but hospitality. While I lament seeing Mister May’s resignation of the Lord Palatine. I am enthusiastic to see the rise of the bold Ser Konrad. The Realm has much to learn from the Kingdom of Haense. I for one walk away with a better respect and enjoyment of my counterpart. A better understanding of the realm and a renewed sense of optimism for our future. I think now, more than ever, we must think of the beauty in each land of the Realm. We must trust in GOD and reassure ourselves that is GODs plan to give us the good graces of one another. We are stronger together. I lament closing this chapter in my journey. But in the next few hours, my bags shall be sent ahead to the Grand Duchy of Suffonia, and with a most enthused smile, I shall follow. HIS EXCELLENCY, The Imperial Archchancellor Peter Cardinal Helena
  15. The Imperial Railway Act Anno Domini 1732 Felsen at Dusk Edmond J.B. Manston, 1532 By the Grace and good wisdom of GOD it has come to the attention of the Lord Protector Adrian of House Sarkozic and His Excellency the Archchancellor Peter Cardinal Helena that the crucial infrastructure of the Holy Oren Empire has fallen into disarray and neglect. It is our divine mandate to better the realm and continue the free flow of persons and possessions to and fro the great Cities of the Empire. With the grace and goodwill of the Crown and Imperial Administration and the accession by imperial delegation to allocate the powers to do so, the properties and possessions of Durant Co. Rail are transferred to the protections and responsibility of the Crown and Administration. Thus we act wholly within the offices of our imperial remit to hereafter establish the Imperial Rail pursuant to the following terms. Subject to this act, the Empire grants itself the following powers; To carry goods and passengers by the railway system extent within the empire. To provide within the empire further rail services and establish the financial and physical foundations for such. In places within the empire where it is so required, to provide for the passengers and other persons adequate stations for railway services. To provide for the empire such amenities and facilities for passengers making use of the services to purchase tickets and other services that it would appear to them requisite to provide. To construct, manufacture, purchase, maintain and repair anything required for the purpose of the establishment of the imperial rail-lines. To take the land under lease or tenancy that was otherwise being used for railway purposes. Subject to the provisions of this act, every agreement to which the previous railway operating body were a party, whether in writing or not, shall, unless its terms or subject matter should make it impossible that it should have effect in the manner provided by this section are modified as follows; The Empire had been a party to the agreement; and, Any references, explicitly worded or otherwise, to the previous company shall be modified to include the Holy Orenian Empire. Provided any modification of agreements to which the previous parties were privy cannot have effect as modified in the preceding manner, no other entity beyond the Holy Orenian Empire shall have their rights and liabilities cease to have effect, as is the divine authority of the imperial crown. Any following funds and securities collected by the rail-companies shall be bestowed upon the Imperial treasury, the holder of any minae may ask for remittance for any costs incurred in returning the funds to the crown. Any question or dispute which occurs as a result of this act are to be arbitrated by the authority of the imperial crown ex officio, although in the event of civil law suit resulting from the act of eminent domain the aggrieved party is permitted to appoint one arbiter to represent the case before the imperial court for three attempts before the aggrieved party is deprived of this right through exhaustion of it. HIS IMPERIAL EXCELLENCY, Adrian Leopold of the House of Sarkozy, Lord Protector of the Holy Orenian Empire, Governor-General of Helena, Duke of Adria, the Crownlands, Lorraine, and Roden, Baron of Renzfeld, Protector of the Heartlanders, Highlanders, and Farfolk, etcetera. HIS IMPERIAL EXCELLENCY, the Archchancellor of the Holy Oren Empire, Peter Cardinal Helena Vice Chairman of the Durant Group, Mister Jasper de Sarkozy Mister Veikko Harjalainen, esq.
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