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  1. You make me wish we could still -1
  2. His Holiness, Daniel IV smiles when he see's mention of being able to comfort a devout canonist. He makes a small blessing for Alywin and sends forth a missive in hopes to meet him.
  3. A Scaled Down Fresco of His Holiness Daniel IV Combatting Theological Fallacies , 1600 CAVENDUM INEPTIAS BEWARE OF ABSURDITIES 1601 Penned by, His Holiness DANIEL IV, High Pontiff of the Church of the Canon, Metropolitan of the Crownlands, Archbishop of Enochas, Visigia and Erochland, Prince-Bishop of St. Thomas, Johannesburg, Esheveurd, Luciensport, Huss, and Dibley, Abbot of Laureh’lin, and Hariam, Bishop of Godfreo, Fernandus, and the Westerweald, Successor of the High Priesthood of the Church, Supreme Pontiff of the Church of True Faith, Keeper of the Canon, High Servant to the Exalted's Testaments, Humble Servant of the Faithful and Vicar of God There is a summation at the end for those who neither time nor deep reading ability To the Faithful, It is a sad day that an apparent ‘human’ faith (which is in truth a mutation of a schism of the Canon) hath condemned Exalted Godfrey and Siegsmund. To this I feel it my duty as His Holiness to pen a response and reassure the Faithful. In rejection of the Prophets, the mutation thus writes: “The Church affirms that both Godfrey and Siegmund were too earthbound to lead Godly lives and to be called to prophethood whilst Horen was an humble leader of his tribe and Owyn was a destitute orphaned prince who purged God’s enemies. Why would God call worldly and sinful men to deliver his message?” -VICARIVS IVBEO, Section III, Subsection I Is the lout that pens these words an Aengual or perhaps a Prophet, or better yet, is it He? I am overwhelmingly confident that upon self-reflection the author of these blasphemous texts will find that he is a Man. And all Men are fallible and all Men sin. So I beseech upon you, faithful the words of the mutation “Why would God Call Worldy and sinful men to deliver his message?” -VICARIVS IVBEO, Section III, Subsection I Does the author reject his own authority, in that to lead any flock of GOD is to deliver His message, but surely GOD (according to these blasphemous texts) did not choose you for why would He call upon Worldly and Sinful Men? So, who is it to reject the Holy Scrolls and condemn the Prophets? Is he better than God? For even Owyn was sinful! He slew his Uncle Harren, to which GOD frowned at and Owyn recognized he committed sin. This is, if they acknowledge this. Mind you this, Faithful. The Prophets were not chosen for their perfectness, but because they overcame their humanistic sin for the greater good. The author hath shown a base understanding of the Holy Scrolls. Lo’ Faithful, for in his absurd writing he must not realize his own condemnation of Owyn. The author pens: “The scroll of the Gospel is nothing more than the mere history book of Holy History, which should be respected, but should not be viewed as something of a sacred and infallible nature, for, unlike both Virtue and Spirit offer no moral teaching and is wholly incomplete.” -VICARIVS IVBEO, Section III, Subsection II Yes, they are so bold to denote the Scroll of Gospel as a fallible history book. Do they have no reason and logic? The consequences of denoting the Scroll of Gospel opens the prospect of Horen and Owyn not truly being Prophets and the sacraments of the mutation come into question. For the Scroll of Gospel is more than a history of the Church, it is the life of Exalted Horen and Exalted Owyn. For a mutation to claim that their lives may not be true and debase them as mere history is most unholy. The author denotes the Gospel as non-sacred. To which I say, what we know of Owyn and Horen is in the Gospel, is this too non-sacred? And are these sacraments of the mutation non-sacred? For we know of Baptism because it is so authored in the Scroll of Gospel! For we know of St. Julia’s existence and subsequently the sacrament of marriage for it is too within that same Scroll. Will these heretics pick and choose what is sacred and what is not from the Gospel? Apparently so. To which I ask, if any of them read this, how can you pick sacred and true events from a Man( this being Godfrey who penned the Scroll of Gospel) thou proclaim as too earthbound and not in favor with God? Are they to base their faith off half-truths and picking only what fits their inherently anti-human dogma? Now, let us look at the mutations condemnation of Siegsmund and the Holy Scroll of Auspice. First, let us examine the nature of the scroll. The Scroll delivers prophecies and while it is short that does not make it not holy. For why must GOD’s word be long? And who is this supposed holy man to declare GOD’s word either finished or unfinished? The Author pens that in the hundreds of years after the last Prophet’s death (this being Sigesmund), the scrolls remain incomplete. Doth He speak for GOD? No, I say let GOD speak for GOD and let his Divine Light guide the Flock. If this man claims the scrolls are unfinished, then he contradicts GOD for it is clear that they are finished for after all these years GOD hath not modified them. To this I ask, what purpose does this serve? The nature of this mutation is to act not as a servant of God, but as a servant to the political machinations of the Kingdom of Courland. Which, it behooves to eradicate traditions established by Godfrey and Siegsmund for they are symbols of a UNITED humanity. Lo’ faithful, look further at the mutation’s musings, for they proclaim St. Julia as a Patron of Courland. On what grounds do they do so, for St. Julia’s life is within the Gospel (which to them is fallible) and even then, there is no mention of Courland in any scroll. To cast out Godfrey and Siegmunds Line and to remove their Exalted status serves as a secular purpose to remove claimants from unifying Humanity. A purpose which directly benefits the Kingdom of Courland. Faithful, I recognize this is of length, so I shall now give a simplified understanding: If this mutation is to declare the Holy Scrolls of Gospel as fallible and mere history, then they too declare the life of Horen and Owyn as fallible and mere history, not sacred. This allows their lives to be mutated and cherry-picked for actions that fit their dogma. But, if they choose what is sacred from the Scroll of Gospel, which is penned by as they declare a non-Prophet, then are their ultimate understandings of Owyn and Horen truly holy? And to declare Godfrey and Siegsmund as non-prophets they benefit the secular power which allows them to inhabit their Kingdom. For Godfrey and Siegsmund share in that they united humanity both spiritually and physically, further they defended Humanity from aforementioned Kingdom’s overseers, the Uruganites. This mutation delegitimizes their own theology. They further delegitimize Saint Julia and by doing so they reveal to the world the true function of their supposed Church. They function to tear humanity apart and act as a tool to the political machinations of a nation that consorts with those who wish to oppress humanity. CANONIST AND PROUD
  4. VOX DEI HOMINES HARK MEN OF GOD 1601 Penned by, His Holiness DANIEL IV, High Pontiff of the Church of the Canon, Metropolitan of the Crownlands, Archbishop of Enochas, Visigia and Erochland, Prince-Bishop of St. Thomas, Johannesburg, Esheveurd, Luciensport, Huss, and Dibley, Abbot of Laureh’lin, and Hariam, Bishop of Godfreo, Fernandus, and the Westerweald, Successor of the High Priesthood of the Church, Supreme Pontiff of the Church of True Faith, Keeper of the Canon, High Servant to the Exalted's Testaments, Humble Servant of the Faithful and Vicar of God To the Faithful, I pen this with a heavy hand, for the mutation of a schism hath decided to strike out in anger and wrath. This mutation is driven by purely secular reasons. Lo’ for they suckle at the teet of the Kingdom of Courland. They wish, in vileness to divide Man, both in soul and body. They wish to pit Man against Man in the Seven Skies. It is a sad day to see supposed men who are apparently so passionate about GOD fall so low. Turn to thy neighbor, Faithful. If they are a Man or Woman of this wretchedness, ask them this, “Doth the supposed Church that reject Prophet Godfrey truly have the interests of Man in mind?” The answer is simple, NO! They wish to disregard Godfrey for he is a symbol for a united Man and it is the Kingdom of Courland that despises a united Man. It is they who wish to purge even Men united Spiritually, which is a Crime above all. And now ask them this: “Doth the Courlandic Church which in it’s original foundation touted the Scrolls as most high, and now rejects half of those scrolls and again mutates, truly have stalwart and resolute Faith? Again the answer is NO! For these supposed Men of God are not sure in their Faith, for they change the dogma and core tenants of it annually! Hypocrisy and Degeneracy dwell amongst their ranks and in their halls. Hark! For when we cut down the dogmatic beliefs of the Lotharic Communion that changed their name and dogma! Hark! For when we cut down the original dogma of this mutation of the Lotharic Communion, they change their dogma and become ever more extreme. They are inherently anti-Man. Lo’! For they will consort with those who seek the continued division of Man spiritually and they will align themselves with those wretched ilk. To support this Mutation on the Faith is to be against Man. And so Faithful, I say this. We shall not bow our heads, we shall neither tremble nor cower. These men have propped up a false faith and their aggression on the Kingdom of Hanese-Ruska who is the Fidei Defensor, must be met. So, like Exalted Owyn, we shall take up the sword and combat those who are seeking to strike out. Recall Owyn! “Thou standest before Me in the waters of Gamesh, Owyn, son of Godwin, son of Horen. And thy people cry for justice and for purity. Takest hold of this blade, for it is a symbol of holiness, and by it thou shalt cleanse man of sin…”- The Scroll of Gospel, Owyn 7 And now be like OWYN! The Courlandic Faith is assaulting not just Haense, but Canonism. And for this heresy that pounds at the gates of the Seven Skies we shall take up our sword and our shield, and let us be guided by GOD as we defend His Kingdom. We are the Church of the Canon, we have guided Man for hundreds of years. We seek to keep Man at Peace with itself spiritually. But when that is threatened and attacked, we shall do what we need to uphold GOD. CANONIST AND PROUD.
  5. ☩ Fides et vita Floruerunt ☩ The Faith and Life’s Struggles 1600 As Penned by, His Holiness DANIEL IV, High Pontiff of the Church of the Canon, Metropolitan of the Crownlands, Archbishop of Enochas, Visigia and Erochland, Prince-Bishop of St. Thomas, Johannesburg, Esheveurd, Luciensport, Huss, and Dibley, Abbot of Laureh’lin, and Hariam, Bishop of Godfreo, Fernandus, and the Westerweald, Successor of the High Priesthood of the Church, Supreme Pontiff of the Church of True Faith, Keeper of the Canon, High Servant to the Exalted's Testaments, Humble Servant of the Faithful and Vicar of God Preface: I pen this to the Faithful, to those who are knowingly unfaithful and to those who are unknowingly unfaithful. It has come to pass that all three aforementioned groups require a better understanding of the Faith. It is my deepest hope that by the end of this, all may have a clearer understanding of modern issues that are relevant to Faith and it’s Traditions. Table of Contents Humanity Women Pleasures Magic Sects & Schisms Non-Believers I.Humanity Humanity now being in the year 1600 has taken many different turns. Humanity has now gone through six cycles of unity and balkanization. We must look to the Faith to understand this, as ALL is made clear by God and the Holy Scrolls which he has given us. First, look to the beginning. It was God who created Man. God gave His Son’s each a tribe of 7,000 Men, and to which each Son became King. Horen’s tribe soon suffered to the hands of temptation and sin, and both God and Horen saw this. So Horen, in his wisdom to protect his people, took them South to establish a most Holy City. “...and he took them south of the Isthmus of Kramoroe, between the ruins of the highest towers, Aemon and Daemon. And there Horen drove the stakes of his sacred tabernacle into four corners, and they became the boundaries of the holiest city.” - The Scrolls of Gospel, Scattering 2 Soon Horen was slain by Krug and his People and the most Holy City was turned to ruins. And so Horen’s sons, Harren who was his firstborn, Godwin his second Son, and Joren his third Son all took what remained of Horen’s tribe and set off in their separate directions. “And so Harren, firstborn of Horen, led a third of his people into the Peninsula of Whispers, and there established his kingdom, Idunia, and his great city, Alduun. And Godwin, Horen’s second son, led another third into the Valley of Jrent where men once lived, and he wed a virtuous lady of his people, and was King of Aaun. And Horen’s final son, Joren, took the last of the tribe of man, and he went in the mountains to become King of Edel.”-The Scrolls of Gospel, Scattering 9 And so many years later, after each son’s lineage had grown, it was Harren who in his own quest for glory set out to try and conquer the Kingdoms of his Brothers. His conquest was more or less unsuccessful. It was not until Owyn slew Harren and reunited Man was Man one tribe again. We must look to this past and compare it to our present. Just as in the past Like Harren and Owyn, there will be Men who seek to unify Men. And just like the three Sons, Man will scatter when Unity is loss. But there has remained one persisting unifier between tribes of Men. God has remained in the minds of them. So I say unto you Man, though we are now balkanized, we must keep God in our hearts. Like God who brought Owyn and the apostate Harren together in attempts to unify Man, the Church must attempt to keep Man at peace. We must keep a love for the Faith and through that love we WILL find unity. II.Women To the Women who have become disenchanted with the Church and God. It is with great sorrow that I write this. Some claim that they are forgotten or they are not valued in the Faith. Others appear to claim that they are taken advantage of or not treated equally. I say this, the Faith hath divulged the Truth about your station, so take heart and pride in your life. We must remember that it was Julia who married Horen. Julia who bore the three sons of Horen, Harren, Godwein and Joren. Further, we must remember that she was most wise. She listened to Horen and in her wisdom she did not succumb to the temptations of Iblees. She protected her family and revealed the temptor. “And thus informed, Julia went into her family’s tent, their holy tabernacle, and she gathered their three sons there, and bade them to remain in the sacred place as she walked the camp, looking for Iblees.” -The Scroll of Gospel “But Julia was wise and recalled her husband’s warning, and she revealed Iblees, and the Denier was cast out of the camp, and was very wroth.” -The Scroll of Gospel After she had cast Iblees out of the camp of Horen’s tribe, she retired to her tabernacle where she cared for her family. I beseech this to you Women. The Faith hath revealed that a Woman is Wise and that She is caring. So you must strive to be like Julia who was most wise and most caring. To those Women who seek to take up the Sword. Let us be reminded that it is a Woman’s task to first care for her home. But for those who persist, let us turn to Saint Emma of Vladov, our patroness of the Schism War. She was a Woman of great feats. She was able to take up the sword because she had the physical strength of a Man. God hath imbued Man and Woman with different Strengths and Weakness. Do not be disheartened if you are diswayed from joining in combat with your Brother. Rejoice! For you have been given the gift and blessing of great empathy and child-rearing. The Faith does not see you as unequal, no, we see you as different, so again, rejoice! III. Pleasures: Lo’ to the man who sits in the tavern day in and day out. He wastes away in tankards of sin. God frowns upon this, but this is not to say that to drink is inherently wrong. It is to do these actions to excess which is the sin. It was God who created Wine and Spirits… “I am the Lord God without peer, and I grew the first grapes of the vineyard, and put into thy heart the pleasures of the flesh…” - Scroll of Virtue, Canticle of Temperance 2 While it was He that created wine and spirits, to drink these to excess does not make a man closer to God and his creations. We must not overindulge, for if we were to overindulge, we would not be Man in Creation, we would be closer to animals… “For I have given to thee the pleasures of the world, and they shall relieve thee in the theatre of virtue. And thou shalt take them in restraint, and shalt not become a thing of vulgar enjoyment like the beasts of the earth.” -Scroll of Virtue, Canticle of Temperance 3 Hark the man who visits the mistress of the night and who sulks in the alley’s and backstreets of taverns. This man who sleeps with whores God does frown upon. Look to God’s word now and see the error of this man’s ways… “So I am the Most High, and in pursuit of My Virtue, I bid thee, My faithful, this: Thou shalt not lie with thy kin, nor the weak of mind, nor the young, nor those of other tribes, and none shall lie together but in holy union.”- Scroll of Virtue, Canticle of Temperance 4 And so those who lie together outside of holy union hath committed sin and those who lie with the young or weak of mind hath committed sin. Finally, those who lie outside their race hath committed a grave sin. Look to the apostate Harren, God told him to not lie with the elf-woman. So to live within the Faith, we must remember to show temperance and restraint in our actions. Do not rush into pleasures and overindulge. We must take consideration of the gifts God hath given us. As an aside, gambling is not a sin. IV. Magic An ever prominent issue, where doth the Faith stand in Relation to the Magi? “Verily, brother, the Lord GOD put many powers into the heart of man. And verily we are all commended into the service of the Lord, and into the service of others, be we physician, craftsman, or king.” -The Scroll of Virtue, Epistle to the Magi 2 Magic is a creation of God, and he hath imbued Man and other Races with this ability. But we must not go and seek to become as God, equal to him or even similar to him in power. “The Lord is the Lord GOD without peer, but thou seekest power alike to his, and indeed, power equal. And this is a selfish and impossible sin, for thou seekest the supreme power, the ultimate ability, but indeed, there is no supreme but GOD, no ultimate but Him. For He is the Lord GOD incomparable, and who can truly understand Him?”- The Scroll of Virtue, Epistle to the Magi 4 So understand, one must use his God given power humbly. One must not flaunt or be flamboyant in it. Remember to thank God for such gifts. To those powers which we REJECT are: Dark and Void Magic, for they are not Holy nor close to God . We reject these for they consort with Iblees and his dominion. Mind you, that Iblees who was proud of his ability began to doubt God, much like those who wield magic. And in his doubting of God’s Strength, he went forth to the Void and touched it, to which he was eternally cursed and fell out of the Grace of God. “But among all the Daemons, the chiefest was Iblees, and he was very proud to reign over his kind. And he doubted GOD’s strength, for it was given to the Daemons to rule what was not, and Iblees was chief among Daemons, and he desired to rule without the Lord. So he descended the emanations of glory, and grew farther from GOD, until he reached the Void. And lo, he was cursed by its touch…” -The Scroll of Gospel, Provenance 6 Finally, let it be known that Clerical Magic is permissible in the Faith. But if one is to put an Aengual over GOD, that is idolatry and not permissible. One must acknowledge that it is GOD who is supreme and he hath created Aenguals to serve Him. V. Sects & Schisms Sects though now diminished remain a divisive issue amongst the Faithful. We must resist the desire to create Sects. As the Faithful create Sects, they grow divisive among those who do not adhere to said sect. Let us look first to the Holy Scrolls and then to the History of Man. First, it is within the Holy Scrolls that upon creation of the Faith, it was sole. There were not such deviations that we have today. It is with spiritual unity that we may best promote God and obey Him. Now, we must turn to History. Sects in their original creation have been the machinations of Men who hath been tempted by Iblees. Sects have only divided Man. They have fueled wars and aggression. Let us see the Lucienists who so fervently raged against the Canonists. Let us look to Orthodoxy which violently went against Traditionalism. These conflicts hath driven man apart, so we must resist them. It is a similar situation with Schisms, which are simply further mutations of sects. Schisms are for those who wish to empower themselves and seek personal glory. We must reject Schisms for who are these so-called Priests who see it fit to divide man spiritually while he is often divided on worldly matters. The year that I pen this, this being the year 1600 we are plagued by a Schism who hath taken the name The Church of the True Faith and hath mutated it from it’s original creation. We, as the Faithful must reject such machinations. Truly, those who wish to better the Faith would seek change from within, so not to divide Man VI. Non-Believers To the Flock who wonder what is to be done with the groups aforementioned, this being: the unknowledgable unfaithful and the knowingly unfaithful. Heed this: We are the Church and through Us we must continue to promote the Faith. It is within the best interest of the Flock to open your arms to those who are within these two groups. This is not to say we must dine with them, this is not to say we must be friends with them, but we must attempt to share our wealth of knowledge in God. For if we try to share our wealth of God, Wealth of Abundance shall fall unto us. “And I am the Lord God without peer, and My abundance is the true abundance, and My wealth is the pure wealth, and all the blessings of abundance shall fall before the righteous who share it”- The Scrolls of Virtue, Canticle of Charity 5 But, heed this Flock. If those who do not belief in God try to strike against the Faithful, then we must be prepared to strike back. Look to Prophet Owyn who wielded his Holy Sword against those who sought the degradation of the Faith and to those who attempted to strike the Flock. When the Prophet Owyn was ambushed by the unholy in the ruins of the Holy City, he fled into the sewers. There, in the waters of Gamesh, he knelt in prayer, and in his prayer God answered… “Thou standest before Me in the waters of Gamesh, Owyn, son of Godwin, son of Horen. And thy people cry for justice and for purity. Takest hold of this blade, for it is a symbol of holiness, and by it thou shalt cleanse man of sin…”- The Scroll of Gospel, Owyn 7 And so upon God’s command the Prophet Owyn took up the sword to slay the unfaithful and sinful who attacked the Faithful. So, we as Church and Faith must protect those who are faithful. If you see a Canonist on the street and he is being trod upon by the unfaithful, take up your arms and defend your Brother! Nations of the Faith must defend Nations of the Faith against those political machinations which seek the degradation of the Faith through direct or indirect means. If there is heresy who try to subvert a Brother-Kingdom, we must rush to the Aid of the Brother. Defend your fellow Canonist and let GOD defend YOU! In my closing words, I wish to call upon the Faithful to stay resolute and stalwart in the Faith. We must recognize that while the evils in the world are imposing, it is God that is supreme. ☩
  6. His Holiness Daniel IV looks over the missive to the Church. He frowns and pens a response To whom it may concern at the Order of Equilibrium, It is most unfortunate that you do not recognize the Authority of God. It is by His Authority that all must operate. To reject His authority is to reject Him. You claim that you wish to not fight needlessly over a shared goal, but I beseech upon you our goals are very different. The Church of the Canon is an institution that has stood for hundreds of years as a way to obey His authority. While you are correct in that we have a goal of guiding Man towards peace, we have a goal of doing it through Him. So I pen this to the degeneracy that embodies this so-called collective. If you continue to fail to submit to His authority, then we shall continue to foresee animosity. To reject His authority is akin to Harren who rejected His authority thrice. "...the Lord’s Aengul Artifai descended before Harren, and spake with him. And the Aengul said “Harren, thou art chosen for the vocation of thy father. Come, and receive the Lord’s prophecy.” But Harren lifted his hand, and rejected the horn and laurel." -The Scroll of Gospel, Scattering 9 He rejected God's authority thrice, and as he pursued his sinful ways, the apostate tried to conquer His people, and he slew his brother and cut down many of his brothers lineage. Finally, the righteous Prophet Owyn spilt Harrens blood. So I shall make this brief, I shall send you the opportunity to submit to God's Authority thrice, and if upon the third time you reject His Authority, we will pick up the most Righteous Blade of Owyn. Seeing that you hath already claimed to reject his authority, you now have two more opportunities. Do not be like Harren who persisted in Sin even as he bathed in the Grotto of Gamesh. Signed, His Holiness DANIEL IV, High Pontiff of the Church of the Canon, Metropolitan of the Crownlands, Archbishop of Enochas, Visigia and Erochland, Prince-Bishop of St. Thomas, Johannesburg, Esheveurd, Luciensport, Huss, and Dibley, Abbot of Laureh’lin, and Hariam, Bishop of Godfreo, Fernandus, and the Westerweald, Successor of the High Priesthood of the Church, Supreme Pontiff of the Church of True Faith, Keeper of the Canon, High Servant to the Exalted's Testaments, Humble Servant of the Faithful and Vicar of God
  7. Pontifical Enthronement of Everard II, 1525 Pontifical Enthronement of 1598 The Afternoon was unusually warm. The Sun smiled down upon the Earth, casting its warm arms around it's inhabitants. The Birds flew from the Church Bell-tower as the three low 'dings' rung out. Only the Crows remained perched beside the bells, enduring the everlasting call of the Church. The City of Metz was quiet. It's inhabitants had closed their shops early and took flight from their domiciles to it's great Cathedral. The great hall of the Cathedral of Metz is bustling as the acolytes, priests and bishops began to make final arrangements for the enthronement. Canonist Lords fill the front rows of pews and the general masses flock to the Cathedral. Banners of Red, White and Yellow hang down from the sides of the hall. The Red Carpet stretches from the Cathedral doors to the footsteps of the Pontifical Throne. The Archbishop Rory of Karlsburg stands beside the Pontiff-Elect, he then begins to recite the Prayer of Penitence "Almighty and most merciful Creator, we have wandered and strayed from your ways like lost sheep. We have followed too much the devices and desires of our own hearts. We have offended against your holy laws. We have left undone those things that we ought to have done; and we have done those things that we ought not to have done; and there is no health in us. But you, O Lord, have mercy upon us sinners. Spare those who confess their faults. Restore those who are penitent, according to your promises declared to mankind in Horen our Lord. And grant, O most merciful Creator, for his sake, that we may live a disciplined, righteous and godly life, to the glory of your holy name. So say we all." It is then when the Vice-Chancellor William of Metz was presented to the clergy, bearing an immaculate white frock. Archbishop Rory of Karlsburg continued; “With the Lord Creator our witness and guide, it has been divined that the Cardnial, William of Metz, born William Nicholas Frable, has been willed to fulfill the seat of the Church Pontificate. Do you heed the call of Our Creator to bear this vocation? “I do so believe.” “You have been ordained in our church, your household names forsaken and your life devoted in sole service to the teachings of our Creator. The vows of your past vocations remain firm; now you must make the declaration of assent.” Archbishop Rory of Karlsburg then reads the Assent, preserved from a different time. “The Church of Faithful is the One, Holy and Rightful Church of the Creator , worshiping the one true God, The Creator. It professes the faith uniquely revealed in the Holy Scrolls and set forth in the Faithful creeds, which faith the Church is called upon to proclaim afresh in each generation. Led by the Holy Light, it has borne witness to Faithful truth in its historic formulates, the Articles of Faith, The Book of Saints. In the declaration you are about to make, will you affirm your loyalty to this inheritance of faith as your inspiration and guidance under God in bringing the grace and truth of Horen to this generation and making Him known to those in your care?” “I, William Nicholas Frable, do so affirm, and accordingly declare my belief in the faith which is revealed in the Holy Scrolls and set forth in the Faithful creeds and to which the historic formularies of the Church of The Creator bear witness; and in public prayer and administration of the sacraments, I will use only the forms of service which are authorized or allowed by Canon.” replies William. Do you accept the Holy Scrolls as revealing all things necessary for eternal salvation through faith? "I do so accept them." "Will you be diligent in prayer, in reading Holy Scrolls, and in all studies that will deepen your faith and fit you to bear witness to the truth of the Word?" "By the help of God, I will." "Will you lead your people in proclaiming the glorious Word of Horen, so that the good news of salvation may be heard in every place?" "By the help of God, I will." "Will you teach the doctrine of Horen as the Church of Faith has received it, will you refute error, and will you hand on entire the faith that is entrusted to you?" "By the help of God, I will." "Will you be faithful in ordaining and commissioning ministers of the Church?" "By the help of God, I will." Will you be gentle and merciful for Horen’s sake to those who are in need, and speak for those who have no other to speak for them? "By the help of God, I will." "Will you endeavor to fashion your own life and that of your household according to the way of God and make your home a place of hospitality and welcome?" "By the help of God, I will." "Will you work with your fellow servants in the Church for the sake of the kingdom of God?" "By the help of God, I will." "Will you accept the discipline of this Church, exercising authority with justice, courtesy and love, and always holding before you the example of Horen?" "By the help of God, I will." "Will you then, in the strength of the Holy Light, continually stir up the gift of God that is in you, that the good news of God may be proclaimed in all the Realm?" "By the help of God, I will." "Speak thus then the oath of the Pontificate, with the conclave and God as witness." "I vow to change nothing of the received Tradition, and nothing thereof I have found before me guarded by my God-pleasing predecessors, to encroach upon, to alter, or to permit any innovation therein; To the contrary: with glowing affection as her truly faithful student and successor, to safeguard reverently the passed-on good, with my whole strength and utmost effort; To cleanse all that is in contradiction to the canonical order, should such appear; to guard the Holy Canons and Decrees of our Saints and Pontiffs as if they were the divine ordinance of Heaven, because I am conscious of Thee, whose place I take through the Grace of God, whose Vicarship I possess with Thy support, being subject to severest accounting before Thy Divine Tribunal over all that I shall confess; I swear to God Almighty and the Favored son Horen that I will keep whatever has been revealed through Horen and His Successors and whatever the Saints and my predecessors have defined and declared. I will keep without sacrifice to itself the discipline and the rite of the Church. I will put outside the Church whoever dares to go against this oath, may it be somebody else or I. If I should undertake to act in anything of contrary sense, or should permit that it will be executed, Thou willst not be merciful to me on the dreadful Day of Divine Justice. Accordingly, without exclusion, We subject to severest excommunication anyone -- be it Ourselves or be it another -- who would dare to undertake anything new in contradiction to this constituted Tradition and the purity of the Faith and the Faithful religion, or would seek to change anything by his opposing efforts, or would agree with those who undertake such a blasphemous venture." As his oath come to close, Rory washes the face of William and anoints his forehead with scented oils. "Cleansed of worldly taint, you are reborn in the Creator's vision. Your heart blessed in the eternal compassion and truth of Horen; your soul aflame with the benevolent justice and fervor of Owyn; your body awash with the incredulous miracles and charisma of Godfrey; your mind attuned to the unworldly wisdom and vigor of Siegmund." Rory then garbs William in the pontifical cloth, and bestows the pontifical ferula. "By this you are known to all as preserver of truths and lord spiritual." "I announce a great Blessing; we have a new Pontiff!" The Most Eminent and Most Reverend William Nicholas Frable, High Pontiff of the Canonist Faith who takes to himself the name DANIEL IV
  8. William of Metz rises from his chair, he looks to the synod "My Fellow Clergymen I shall keep my speech short as we all know my positions and what I am standing now to say. But let me begin by saying it is with a heavy heart that we mourn the passing of his Holiness Adrian I. He was a dear friend and a wise Priest. He understood that for the Church to continue in administering the Faith, we must become independent of nations. " "As his Vice Chancellor I carried out his vision. I stand before you as a Man who believes overwhelmingly in the traditions, theology and future of the Church. As High Pontiff I shall continue to seek Church sovereignty. To achieve a stronger Church we must remember our traditions, we must continue to pour our hearts into our dogma. Allow me to be honest my fellow Clergyman, the road that awaits us will be rocky. The obstacles before us are numerous, be it this ever-changing schism, maintaining our sovereignty and increasing our numbers. We shall continue on the path of revitalization and we shall see to it that each diocese by the end of my papacy is a place of stalwart faith. I tell you this, through an understanding of theology, a trust in God and an ever intensifying love for the Church, I shall see us through. " Dear Clergymen, I ask you to cast your vote for me. We shall continue on a path to sovereignty and strength. William of Metz writes his name down and gives it to the monk to be counted
  9. Eh. I mean, I guess. Just hope he doesn't Kronos the server... +1
  10. They ask us what's true, and here it is...
  11. Claritas Ecclesia Dei A Response to the Lotharic Heretics =+= The Church declares the Confessions of the Lotharic Communion to be heresy and a clear misinterpretation of scripture, as well as negligent of Church history. The Pontiff and his Holy Synod, along with the Ecclesiastical Estate as a whole, rebuffs these ‘Confessions’ and denies their legitimacy, both in scriptural backing and in theological reasoning. On Baptism: On the Iconostasis On the Sanctity of Matrimony On the Sanctity of Armaments On the Rite of Confession On the Rite of Priesthood On the Ashen Urns On the Pontifical Corruption On the matter of the High Pontiff On the Corruption of God’s Word On Innovation =+= We, the Church of the Canon have cut through the facade of this false faith. They demonstrate base knowledge of the Holy Scrolls yet hold the Scrolls high. They do not recognize the tradition of the Faith that has been passed down since the Prophet Owyn. They reject the Prophets of Godfrey and Siegemund by rejecting the station of the Pontiff. We, the Church of the Canon do see the Lotharic Communion as leading the Flock of Man away from God. We dub these Schismatics the Harrenites, as they hold Harren the kinslayer, elf-wedder, Father of Impure blood and Apostate as Faithful. In the end, the Lotharic Communion is comprised of vengeful men who seek to avenge a man who was rejected from the Pontificate for corruption, incompetence and sin. We beckon all Men to see through the facade of false faith and to rejoin the Church of the Canon. Dutifully, passionately signed: High Pontiff Adrian I High Pontiff Emeritus, Sixus IV Bp. William of Metz Ac. Ignatius the Holoferne
  12. His Excellency, Vice Chancellor William of Metz nods in approval.
  13. Never4Get The Phoenix Rebellion
  14. Order form: GENDER: Male RACE: Human BODY (Steve or Alex): Steve DESCRIPTION (Hair, eyes, attire, colour scheme, additional features): Keep current head. Suit should be grey mainly with gold and purple accents. White gloves. On a whole it should be strictly bureaucratic, not many bright colors, rather bland as a whole. It should have an overcoat for inclement weather. REFERENCE PICTURES (Optional):