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  1. -1. He's a bit off. I do not think he would be able to work cooperatively with the Staff and many members of LOTC. He is very strong-headed and often only listens to himself. I would not support him for any staff position. His ego is bigger than his grandiose schemes.
  2. (this is something I was asked to write by ThatPyroDude. I figured why not. As always I have too much free time on my hands.) Read it Here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1t1tkahu1uY6JrZuq0BfCfMiYK3Em9v4qgGDDU2Yjvx4/edit?usp=sharing The Third Son By Crown Prince William James Horen I I. II. III. IV. VI. VII. VIII. X. XI. XII. XIII. Yeah its long.

  4. Expand the Server and fix problems by august or SHUT IT DOWN!!!!!!
  5. Shut it Down or Expand the Server by August 

  6. Capitals and Cities I’d just like to start off that I’ve played for a while. I started in August of 2011 and I’ve seen just about every capital. We are getting to that point on the server where we are going to be changing maps soon so I figured that as a long time player I should throw my two cents in. x I think the large problem of capitals can be boiled down to how invested the playerbase is into that capital. At the peak of this investment there was Al’khazar. Al’khazar was a constantly changing city that players took pride in because they had some sort of impact on it. Players could buy plots and have architects build them a house. The City had character, it was not 2D. Yes I recognize that some of this love for Al’khazar could be chalked up to nostalgia, after all it was six years ago now. But there is something to be said in how Al’khazar was run and how the players interacted with that city. It was not the most visually attractive city. But what it lacked in aesthetic beauty and symmetry could be made up in how it felt real. Capitals today are horrible in that they just do not feel real. When a map starts you often walk into a capital and it’s simply there. Or a few months down the road a new capital suddenly pops up. The group that built the capital is suddenly thrown into a panic trying to figure out why no one wants to live in their beautiful new city or why after a month or two of activity it dies off. How can any group expect players to stick around in a place that they have had no involvement in making? While smaller cities and groups may still be subject to these prefabricated cities, what they make up in player impact on city construction they have in the tight knit sense of community. My best analogy for what is going on with these capitals is to think of a children's art museum. They have cool videos, they are visually pleasing, they can have cool tricks or gimmicks to get kids involved in the art but the fact of the matter is at the end of the day a lot of the time the kid does not have an impact on the actual art. The novelty of the games and gimmick wears off fast and you are left in an art museum where you can look but not touch. There is a noticeable lack of family-rp or roleplay that takes place in actual houses. People just use the houses for storage now more than anything. I chalk a lot of this up to the fact that people do not want to spend all their time in the capital. They use it for storage and then venture off to find something interesting. Capital cities now are flat. Yes the builders and people initially involved on the build server may love their capital and think it’s amazingly intricate, but why? It’s because they had a part in its construction. I’ve seen builders get mad that part of the city is being changed or removed. Not only the builders should be mad but the whole population. The player base needs to take an active part in the development of a capital if people want it to be active. It’s time to give up some aesthetic beauty for involved players. My other qualm with capitals and cities is the use of limited creative. Yes it’s amazingly convenient and easy to use but when limited creative is used to build a city or even a district we end up with a similar problem that I mentioned earlier. People do not care about their surrounding. They have no connection to it. People end up not caring if a building or part of the city is damaged because they can use limited creative. There’s something to be said about the difference in pride that one gets when they collect resources or mina and either build or pay for someone to construct their house than just watch someone fly around constructing it or have it completely prebuilt. The other side of limited creative is the damage it's done to resources. When a faction begins to use limited creative they realize how convenient it is they often don’t want to lose it. So what happens to the logger, the miner or any other player gathering building resources. The faction should be providing work for these players and engaging them. There is a growing expectation that players should live in the capital simply because it’s the capital. It is a line of thinking that will lead the server down this same path. A city is not active because it has X build style instead of Y. The beauty of a city only goes so far. Players will inhabit a city if they had an active part in building it. They will enjoy being in it if their actions can have some sort of impact on how the city looks. Enough of builders being protective of their creations. If a capital is changing, growing and allowed to form naturally by the average player base it will find success. I’m not sure how to really design a map moving forward based on this philosophy. But I’d like to see a city that maybe half of it was made before hand. Say that the markets, inn and area around the front gate was made in the build server. Afterward I think those builders should open up shops and architecture businesses. The City could sell plots and then the architects could go and build that building for the player. It may sound like we will end up with a city that may not look the same or may not all fit in with a predetermined style, but maybe thats a good thing. Build teams need to drop their ego and complete control over a capital. They need to take a few steps back and let the average playerbase have a say in development. Then the region owners need to start allowing average player decisions have an impact on how the capital looks and feels.
  7. ☩ Fides et vita Floruerunt ☩ The Faith and Life’s Struggles 1600 As Penned by, His Holiness DANIEL IV, High Pontiff of the Church of the Canon, Metropolitan of the Crownlands, Archbishop of Enochas, Visigia and Erochland, Prince-Bishop of St. Thomas, Johannesburg, Esheveurd, Luciensport, Huss, and Dibley, Abbot of Laureh’lin, and Hariam, Bishop of Godfreo, Fernandus, and the Westerweald, Successor of the High Priesthood of the Church, Supreme Pontiff of the Church of True Faith, Keeper of the Canon, High Servant to the Exalted's Testaments, Humble Servant of the Faithful and Vicar of God Preface: I pen this to the Faithful, to those who are knowingly unfaithful and to those who are unknowingly unfaithful. It has come to pass that all three aforementioned groups require a better understanding of the Faith. It is my deepest hope that by the end of this, all may have a clearer understanding of modern issues that are relevant to Faith and it’s Traditions. Table of Contents Humanity Women Pleasures Magic Sects & Schisms Non-Believers I.Humanity Humanity now being in the year 1600 has taken many different turns. Humanity has now gone through six cycles of unity and balkanization. We must look to the Faith to understand this, as ALL is made clear by God and the Holy Scrolls which he has given us. First, look to the beginning. It was God who created Man. God gave His Son’s each a tribe of 7,000 Men, and to which each Son became King. Horen’s tribe soon suffered to the hands of temptation and sin, and both God and Horen saw this. So Horen, in his wisdom to protect his people, took them South to establish a most Holy City. “...and he took them south of the Isthmus of Kramoroe, between the ruins of the highest towers, Aemon and Daemon. And there Horen drove the stakes of his sacred tabernacle into four corners, and they became the boundaries of the holiest city.” - The Scrolls of Gospel, Scattering 2 Soon Horen was slain by Krug and his People and the most Holy City was turned to ruins. And so Horen’s sons, Harren who was his firstborn, Godwin his second Son, and Joren his third Son all took what remained of Horen’s tribe and set off in their separate directions. “And so Harren, firstborn of Horen, led a third of his people into the Peninsula of Whispers, and there established his kingdom, Idunia, and his great city, Alduun. And Godwin, Horen’s second son, led another third into the Valley of Jrent where men once lived, and he wed a virtuous lady of his people, and was King of Aaun. And Horen’s final son, Joren, took the last of the tribe of man, and he went in the mountains to become King of Edel.”-The Scrolls of Gospel, Scattering 9 And so many years later, after each son’s lineage had grown, it was Harren who in his own quest for glory set out to try and conquer the Kingdoms of his Brothers. His conquest was more or less unsuccessful. It was not until Owyn slew Harren and reunited Man was Man one tribe again. We must look to this past and compare it to our present. Just as in the past Like Harren and Owyn, there will be Men who seek to unify Men. And just like the three Sons, Man will scatter when Unity is loss. But there has remained one persisting unifier between tribes of Men. God has remained in the minds of them. So I say unto you Man, though we are now balkanized, we must keep God in our hearts. Like God who brought Owyn and the apostate Harren together in attempts to unify Man, the Church must attempt to keep Man at peace. We must keep a love for the Faith and through that love we WILL find unity. II.Women To the Women who have become disenchanted with the Church and God. It is with great sorrow that I write this. Some claim that they are forgotten or they are not valued in the Faith. Others appear to claim that they are taken advantage of or not treated equally. I say this, the Faith hath divulged the Truth about your station, so take heart and pride in your life. We must remember that it was Julia who married Horen. Julia who bore the three sons of Horen, Harren, Godwein and Joren. Further, we must remember that she was most wise. She listened to Horen and in her wisdom she did not succumb to the temptations of Iblees. She protected her family and revealed the temptor. “And thus informed, Julia went into her family’s tent, their holy tabernacle, and she gathered their three sons there, and bade them to remain in the sacred place as she walked the camp, looking for Iblees.” -The Scroll of Gospel “But Julia was wise and recalled her husband’s warning, and she revealed Iblees, and the Denier was cast out of the camp, and was very wroth.” -The Scroll of Gospel After she had cast Iblees out of the camp of Horen’s tribe, she retired to her tabernacle where she cared for her family. I beseech this to you Women. The Faith hath revealed that a Woman is Wise and that She is caring. So you must strive to be like Julia who was most wise and most caring. To those Women who seek to take up the Sword. Let us be reminded that it is a Woman’s task to first care for her home. But for those who persist, let us turn to Saint Emma of Vladov, our patroness of the Schism War. She was a Woman of great feats. She was able to take up the sword because she had the physical strength of a Man. God hath imbued Man and Woman with different Strengths and Weakness. Do not be disheartened if you are diswayed from joining in combat with your Brother. Rejoice! For you have been given the gift and blessing of great empathy and child-rearing. The Faith does not see you as unequal, no, we see you as different, so again, rejoice! III. Pleasures: Lo’ to the man who sits in the tavern day in and day out. He wastes away in tankards of sin. God frowns upon this, but this is not to say that to drink is inherently wrong. It is to do these actions to excess which is the sin. It was God who created Wine and Spirits… “I am the Lord God without peer, and I grew the first grapes of the vineyard, and put into thy heart the pleasures of the flesh…” - Scroll of Virtue, Canticle of Temperance 2 While it was He that created wine and spirits, to drink these to excess does not make a man closer to God and his creations. We must not overindulge, for if we were to overindulge, we would not be Man in Creation, we would be closer to animals… “For I have given to thee the pleasures of the world, and they shall relieve thee in the theatre of virtue. And thou shalt take them in restraint, and shalt not become a thing of vulgar enjoyment like the beasts of the earth.” -Scroll of Virtue, Canticle of Temperance 3 Hark the man who visits the mistress of the night and who sulks in the alley’s and backstreets of taverns. This man who sleeps with whores God does frown upon. Look to God’s word now and see the error of this man’s ways… “So I am the Most High, and in pursuit of My Virtue, I bid thee, My faithful, this: Thou shalt not lie with thy kin, nor the weak of mind, nor the young, nor those of other tribes, and none shall lie together but in holy union.”- Scroll of Virtue, Canticle of Temperance 4 And so those who lie together outside of holy union hath committed sin and those who lie with the young or weak of mind hath committed sin. Finally, those who lie outside their race hath committed a grave sin. Look to the apostate Harren, God told him to not lie with the elf-woman. So to live within the Faith, we must remember to show temperance and restraint in our actions. Do not rush into pleasures and overindulge. We must take consideration of the gifts God hath given us. As an aside, gambling is not a sin. IV. Magic An ever prominent issue, where doth the Faith stand in Relation to the Magi? “Verily, brother, the Lord GOD put many powers into the heart of man. And verily we are all commended into the service of the Lord, and into the service of others, be we physician, craftsman, or king.” -The Scroll of Virtue, Epistle to the Magi 2 Magic is a creation of God, and he hath imbued Man and other Races with this ability. But we must not go and seek to become as God, equal to him or even similar to him in power. “The Lord is the Lord GOD without peer, but thou seekest power alike to his, and indeed, power equal. And this is a selfish and impossible sin, for thou seekest the supreme power, the ultimate ability, but indeed, there is no supreme but GOD, no ultimate but Him. For He is the Lord GOD incomparable, and who can truly understand Him?”- The Scroll of Virtue, Epistle to the Magi 4 So understand, one must use his God given power humbly. One must not flaunt or be flamboyant in it. Remember to thank God for such gifts. To those powers which we REJECT are: Dark and Void Magic, for they are not Holy nor close to God . We reject these for they consort with Iblees and his dominion. Mind you, that Iblees who was proud of his ability began to doubt God, much like those who wield magic. And in his doubting of God’s Strength, he went forth to the Void and touched it, to which he was eternally cursed and fell out of the Grace of God. “But among all the Daemons, the chiefest was Iblees, and he was very proud to reign over his kind. And he doubted GOD’s strength, for it was given to the Daemons to rule what was not, and Iblees was chief among Daemons, and he desired to rule without the Lord. So he descended the emanations of glory, and grew farther from GOD, until he reached the Void. And lo, he was cursed by its touch…” -The Scroll of Gospel, Provenance 6 Finally, let it be known that Clerical Magic is permissible in the Faith. But if one is to put an Aengual over GOD, that is idolatry and not permissible. One must acknowledge that it is GOD who is supreme and he hath created Aenguals to serve Him. V. Sects & Schisms Sects though now diminished remain a divisive issue amongst the Faithful. We must resist the desire to create Sects. As the Faithful create Sects, they grow divisive among those who do not adhere to said sect. Let us look first to the Holy Scrolls and then to the History of Man. First, it is within the Holy Scrolls that upon creation of the Faith, it was sole. There were not such deviations that we have today. It is with spiritual unity that we may best promote God and obey Him. Now, we must turn to History. Sects in their original creation have been the machinations of Men who hath been tempted by Iblees. Sects have only divided Man. They have fueled wars and aggression. Let us see the Lucienists who so fervently raged against the Canonists. Let us look to Orthodoxy which violently went against Traditionalism. These conflicts hath driven man apart, so we must resist them. It is a similar situation with Schisms, which are simply further mutations of sects. Schisms are for those who wish to empower themselves and seek personal glory. We must reject Schisms for who are these so-called Priests who see it fit to divide man spiritually while he is often divided on worldly matters. The year that I pen this, this being the year 1600 we are plagued by a Schism who hath taken the name The Church of the True Faith and hath mutated it from it’s original creation. We, as the Faithful must reject such machinations. Truly, those who wish to better the Faith would seek change from within, so not to divide Man VI. Non-Believers To the Flock who wonder what is to be done with the groups aforementioned, this being: the unknowledgable unfaithful and the knowingly unfaithful. Heed this: We are the Church and through Us we must continue to promote the Faith. It is within the best interest of the Flock to open your arms to those who are within these two groups. This is not to say we must dine with them, this is not to say we must be friends with them, but we must attempt to share our wealth of knowledge in God. For if we try to share our wealth of God, Wealth of Abundance shall fall unto us. “And I am the Lord God without peer, and My abundance is the true abundance, and My wealth is the pure wealth, and all the blessings of abundance shall fall before the righteous who share it”- The Scrolls of Virtue, Canticle of Charity 5 But, heed this Flock. If those who do not belief in God try to strike against the Faithful, then we must be prepared to strike back. Look to Prophet Owyn who wielded his Holy Sword against those who sought the degradation of the Faith and to those who attempted to strike the Flock. When the Prophet Owyn was ambushed by the unholy in the ruins of the Holy City, he fled into the sewers. There, in the waters of Gamesh, he knelt in prayer, and in his prayer God answered… “Thou standest before Me in the waters of Gamesh, Owyn, son of Godwin, son of Horen. And thy people cry for justice and for purity. Takest hold of this blade, for it is a symbol of holiness, and by it thou shalt cleanse man of sin…”- The Scroll of Gospel, Owyn 7 And so upon God’s command the Prophet Owyn took up the sword to slay the unfaithful and sinful who attacked the Faithful. So, we as Church and Faith must protect those who are faithful. If you see a Canonist on the street and he is being trod upon by the unfaithful, take up your arms and defend your Brother! Nations of the Faith must defend Nations of the Faith against those political machinations which seek the degradation of the Faith through direct or indirect means. If there is heresy who try to subvert a Brother-Kingdom, we must rush to the Aid of the Brother. Defend your fellow Canonist and let GOD defend YOU! In my closing words, I wish to call upon the Faithful to stay resolute and stalwart in the Faith. We must recognize that while the evils in the world are imposing, it is God that is supreme. ☩
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