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  1. “The fock ahm ah lookin’ eht?” Jorgan commented before ripping a poster off the walls of Kal’Varoth.
  2. Glottgut'Raguk laments from within the realms of Stargush'Stroh, seeing the old Lur enter this way. Yet, as a servant of Gazigazh, he could do nothing but reminisce of when Burbur returned to Krugmar for the doomed Coalition war.
  3. Hannibal would hear of the news, keeping in contact with the mercenaries on the other side of the war. "I only wish the snow elven people the best. It was an honor to fight alongside him when I did. Even so against him. We were not friends, but I hope his soul rests easy."
  4. Jorgan Frostbeard smiled upon reading the news about Borin. “Good riddance. Soon, eh’ll also find justice at teh hands o’ teh Frostbeards.”
  5. FALUM’S HUNT [x] A Raguk explorer in the volcanic firelands https://www.deviantart.com/shahabalizadeh/art/Howling-Fields-681673677 Deep amidst the mist of the Firelands, and amongst several of his crimson brothers, Garrdum’Raguk sharpened his cleaver. The others prepared aswell. Blades tempered within oil and wood sharpened the natural arc of a bow. All of this beneath the tune of Megaflat’Raguk’s heavy metal guitar; it’s sound resonating across the cliffsides. The Targoth stood, holding his blade flatlined, golden eyes inspecting it’s bite. He then turned to a dissimilar goblin. Skrew-luz’Raguk was the name born unto him. Tenacious and cruel words were exchanged, and soon commands were given. The goblin hurried offwards, pen and paper in hand. To the Lurs: Word has reached our borders of Falum’Lur, son of Vorgo’Yar’s, illness. The spirits spit on his likeness, but the pantheon has not forgotten his sacrifices, nor the eternal warmachine that is Clan Raguk. If he is to die now, he would be barred entrance to Stargush’Stroh, our ancestral promised land. Thus, Targoth Garrdum’Raguk, bloodbrother to Hazurk’Raguk, calls to our warhorns. We can save Falum’Lur’s soul, but only through impressing the spirits in his name. Meet at us at the monk’s temple the next Grand Harvest, and together we shall bring a bounty so large neither of our clans had ever seen. Only then, will he reach immortality in the Halls of Krug. Signed Garrdum’Raguk Scribed by Skrew-Luz’Raguk "Ang Gund Griish." [Next Saturday 3PM EST (6/15/19), meet at CT. Basically just a hunt event.]
  6. From the Seven Skies, Hasasun Chet d'Montelliano really wants Darius to give up the ghost.
  7. he's unbanned... cringe of u to say that lal
  8. Minecraft Name: Inferno_Ougi Roleplay Name: Jorgan Frostbeard Roleplay Age: 30+ Timezone: EST Role within the Frostbeards (Son/Relative to whom? Send me a PM If you need help!): None Teamspeak/Skype: garrond gots it
  9. Glottgut'Raguk grins from Stargush'Stroh, knowing that blood will flow. -- Hannibal rubbed his chin. "More pagans? Ah, well. I was hoping this war would last longer, but now the odds of Haense winning are nigh impossible"
  10. No. To all of them. Does Llir even play? How often has he been in a raid, defemding or attacking?
  11. “T’ae Atandt! King under T’e Mountain! Long may ‘e live, an’ e’en longer may ‘e reign! Arrrrruuuuuuuuuuh!” Shouted and cheered the drunken Jorgan Frostbeard!
  12. Stargush'Stroh surely bustled more than usual. From the Gates of Kor, Glottgut'Raguk would CALL OUT to the old orc. "Falum! Lat ol' GIT! Lat shud git wiffuz now!” Laughed the fallen Raguk, smiling ear to ear. "Dere'z klompin' waitin' behin' deze wallz!"
  13. Hannibal would never truly know who Plaid was, other than the lone, rusty guard, that his squire struck down near effortlessly. Perhaps if the bystander next to them, who was killed after, had intervened sooner.
  14. Type: Rule change 

    [change in coloured text]

    §5.11 You may not spectate combat in status recording and may not interact with craftbook signs during combat


    Does this mean spectators can not interact with craftbook signs or those in pvp?

    1. _Hexe_


      rule wording is great, it’s almost like they write them to be interpreted differently by everybody

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