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  1. Hannibal Pertinax smiles the sun’s smile, light glistening from his teeth as he looked off into the sunset after reading the missive. “No more hiding, boys,” he spoke to the rest of the Nottinglads, “It looks like they caught onto us. To the Empire’s fall!” He cheered, drinking to Rubern’s good fortune and the Empire’s bad fortune.
  2. Nygenaba’Shrogo mourns the (kind of) loss of his prophet. But he also hasn’t left his cave in years so he goes back to eating shrooms.
  4. are you dumb man? did you not notice the voice over? something’s wrong with you today man
  5. you were a good fleeper. i’ll see you in a month ;dd
  6. lame but done not clan specific, just named that for lore reasons 🙂 (check trip to arcas). fighty fish will definitely be the most common name for how easy it is
  7. “I can’t believe my eyes... Isn’t he selling at a deficit?” Nygenaba’Shrogo commented
  8. Jorgan Frostbeard shook his head. “Not pogfish at all.”
  9. __________________________________ Glottgut stood alongside Leydluk and Morkar, witness to the ascension of Skalp’Raguk. He had not met the orc, but he recognized a legendary redskin when he saw it. ”Welkum, brother. Lat had brought death and destruction tuh lats enemiez, an’ dat has brought lat respekt tuh da realms uv da spiritz. But most ov all, lat has put latz name down intuh da hiztory ub Raguk. Join uz, in da eternal service ub da Pantheon.” __________________________________
  10. Thanks man. It would be cool to flesh out the environment just a little bit more. Water pools around the cavern would be cool too, I think. Thanks for the comment 🙂
  11. I am once again asking for your +1 and comment. 

    Give this a read through, THE FROSTBEARD FIGHTIN’ FISH!!! 

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      I hate you I hate you I hate you I hate you!!!

  12. Thank you, my friend. May God keep you safe in these trying times.
  13. THE FROSTBEARD FIGHTIN’ FISH OR OTHERWISE KNOWN AS THE “FIGHTY FISH” AND “MAC FACE FISH” The very vicious fish in water Overview The “Frostbeard Fightin’ Fish”, or otherwise known as the “Fighty Fish” or “Mac Face Fish”, is a brackish fish originating from deep within Kal’Tarak’s inner cavern in Atlas, where small populations of the fish lived in aquifers and large pools of water. While not a dominant species in the cave’s grand ecosystem, it has proven to be a very hardy fish when introduced to other cavernous ecosystems, much of which can be attributed to it’s highly aggressive and territorial nature that ensures their populations survive. True to their name, the Fighty Fish will attack anything that enters their wide and ever expanding territory, and larger creatures are no exception to this. Despite their incredibly aggressive nature, Mac Face Fish attacks are rarely fatal to those unfortunate enough to suffer from them. Unfortunately for the fish, they are delicious when roasted, making them a delicacy for those who are willing to risk the pain involved in fishing and handling them. The name, Frostbeard Fightin’ Fish, of course, originates from their discovery within Kal’Tarak, along with their aggressive nature. Fighty Fish is simply a much easier way to say it. It has been named the Mac Face Fish by the villagers of Nottingham (a village on the edge of Garrond’s Vale) due to the face of the fish being similar to a man named Mac. The Trip to Arcas A dwarf guards his caravan, containing breeding pairs of Frostbeard Fightin’ Fish When Kaz’Ulrah fell, the survivors of the siege of Kal’Tarak fled Garrond’s Vale to live elsewhere, such as Sutica and Agnarum. Some missed the taste of the Fighty Fish, among many other delicacies specific to the region (see: Dogoth Crab and Garrond Goat), and either paid the villagers of Nottingham to fish it for them, or fished it themselves in order to start fish farms of the delicious fish. However, when descendants were forced to travel through the cold, southern wastes, few thought to bring the Mac Face Fish, let alone a breeding pair. Fortunately for all, the one dwarf did: Gardalf Frostbeard. 16XX, account of the Atlas migration The journey so far has been long and perilous. I, along with many others, have escaped the growing frost with the aid of the Vael. But the journey had not been without it’s own hardship. My Frostbeard brethren, that I have been fortunate enough to reunite with, are almost at their wit’s end. I myself have lost count of the days and year. In truth, our journey is perilous, and I know not when we shall leave this frozen wasteland. Just yesterday, I had awoken from my cot to find an elven child trying to steal my Fighty Fish. To my knowledge there are no others that had brought breeding pairs with them, and so I flew into a fit of rage and nearly beat the poor boy to death. But as a man of the Brathmordakin, I stopped myself and showed him mercy. He scampered off soon thereafter. I am disgusted with myself. I do not know for how long my sanity will last. Gardalf Frostbeard was an expert fisherman, who himself was taught his skills by Wilson McGrath. He was a connoisseur of fish, and despite many of the Fightin’ Fish stock dying, just enough survived to breed on the other side of the great ice wall. He would travel with the Frostbeards in Arcas, eventually joining the Underkingdom of Urguan when Argnos Frostbeard made the decision to bring the clan into the kingdom. Our story does not end there, however. 16XX, account of a certain incident Was bringing my stuff from the caravan and I tripped. I was holding a barrel of the fish with big teeth and they fell into the river. The fishies swam away, and Vithar yelled at me. My bad. With the Fightin’ Fish released upon the Under-Realm’s ecosystem, their population would gradually grow as an invasive species. While their populations is not as large as it once was in Kal’Tarak, they can occasionally be found and fished within Urguan’s deep cave system. Fish Facts The fish, after being roasted over a fire They are brackish fish (a mix of saltwater and freshwater). They will die in saltwater, but can survive (not thrive) in freshwater. They are carnivorous fish. They will derive no nutrients from plants. Thus, it is common for Fighty Fish to begin eating each other. At most, and very rarely, will a Mac Face Fish be 2 feet (60cm for freedom haters). They are typically around 1 foot, but much of their growth is dependent on how much one can eat. They typically have a lifespan of 10 years. The fish has many bones protruding from its body along the nostril, gill cover, pectoral fin, and lateral line (see picture in beginning), along with having very jagged teeth. Appearance wise (see picture again) it is easier to imagine it as a very bony piranha. They will constantly jump out of the water, as a way to intimidate predators. While they typically live in breeding pairs, Fighty Fish can and will form schools in the right conditions: a large body of water, and a large enough population. Due to their aggressive nature, they can often be found eating one another. Representation in game A barrel of Frostbeard Fighting Fish violently jumping and thrashing in the water A salmon is used to represent the fish as an item. In game, it can be represented through arrows being pushed up by a bubble column. This is done through soul sand below the water, creating a bubble column that pushes towards the surface. Shoot arrows into the water, and they will bounce up and down. It is like shooting fishes into a barrel. Clever, no? Redlines This has nothing to do with it, but I thought it looked really cool and I wanted to share They can be farmed, but they are too aggressive to be made into pets. While dangerous, they are rarely fatal, as two or so will be unable to do more than give cuts and wounds that barely puncture the flesh. They will be painful, however. A school of the fish may be fatal, but the existence of one is extremely rare. (see fish facts for conditions) A player can not roleplay for a fish without the other involved players consent. This is to ensure that no traps are made where someone is dropped into a pool of Fightin’ Fish. But that would be cool, like a mafia movie, yeah. EX: Player 1 tells Player 2 that a Mac Face Fish bites their leg Credits Special thanks to @Twodiks for noticing a lore-related mistake I made Fish - https://www.deviantart.com/piotr490/art/Demon-Piranha-144574519 Dwarf Caravan - https://caravanstudio.com/2015/05/04/the-expedition/#popup-content Cooked fish - https://www.istockphoto.com/vector/fried-fish-on-stick-vector-illustration-isolated-gm1174464694-326657758 Unrelated - https://www.muddycolors.com/ And to you, the reader 🙂 +1 and comment
  14. As Ograhad Decrees, Clan Father Jorgan Frostbeard Son of Garrond Frostbeard
  15. [!] Those in Urguan would periodically hear horns blaring from the Frostbeard clan hall and from atop the mountain peaks [!] [!] Missives would be spread all throughout Arcas, especially around the mountains [!] TO THE KIN OF KAZ’ULRAH THE MOUNTAIN HORNS BLOW 2nd of Sun’s Smile, 1767 My Frostbeard brethren, I call to you to return to the mountain halls of Kal’Evraal. While our clan hall has grown dusty in our absence, it is time for the Frostbeards to regain the renown and stature that we once had. Many of you, like me, went into seclusion, where the harsh and biting air let you feel free. But now, I call upon you to join our ranks once more. My father, Garrond Frostbeard, father to many of us, gave me the title of clan father in hopes of breathing new life into the clan. But I can not do it alone. Come, brothers, take up your arms in the name of Urguan and clan Frostbeard. Our road ahead is long, and we shall pave it in the blood of those who oppose us and Urguan. I, Jorgan Frostbeard, son of Garrond Frostbeard, twin of Hobjord Frostbeard, promise to glory and honor to those who return. The mountain calls— who among us can deny it? As Ograhad Decrees, Clan Father Jorgan Frostbeard Son of Garrond Frostbeard If you’re interested in playing a Frostbeard, new or old, send me a message over discord (Inferno_Ougi#1709)
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