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  1. keau reeves wholesome 100 : D 

    1. Harrison


      what are you using to render?

  2. Edon the Elusive laughed as he looted the corpses, reminiscing over his many kills in the battle. “Ha! How foolish. Foolish fools. I’m so good. I’m so good at this!”
  3. “Nice.” Commented Hannibal
  4. Glottgut gladly welcomes the elderly orc into Stargush’Stroh with a great smile. “Boss! Even in deaf agh ztill serve, hagh-haw!”
  5. “BooOss? BoOOoss!?” Aki’Raguk roared as he wandered the war struck city. He would continue searching for Leydluk, wandering the lands of Arcas, until he’d meet his end at the end of a blade or at his own hunger.
  6. Inferno_Ougi


    “Hope he trips on his sword.” muttered Hannibal.
  7. thanks bro, keep ur eyes peeled for my next release 👀
  8. Hannibal picked his teeth, but in a happy way after hearing the news. "Yeah. Dash guhd."
  9. ^^^ Add me on discord (Inferno_Ougi#1709) if interested bud
  10. ALERT ALL WARHAMMER 2 MULTIPLAYER (battle) GAMERS: ADD ME ON STEAM (Inferno_Ougi) and discord (Inferno_Ougi#1709) 

    1. HurferDurfer1


      dont play a game with njbb he archer spams

    2. Inferno_Ougi


      thanks for the tip

  11. AKI’raguk agrees and uses dead human as toilet paper
  12. "Wow, this sure is going in the history books." Remarked Hannibal.
  13. "I don't speak elf. It makes your brain rot. But I can read common! Good on them, for once. Maybe, when the war is over, we can comvince them to burn their fae rings." Hannibal thought.
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