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  1. haha wow! these rules are terrible. 

    1. Novastral


      Lal stfu pvp goon.

    2. nordicg_d


      its over for our kind brother.

  2. hoes mad x24

    1. rukio


      HOES MAD

  3. hold up can we talk about ladders though
  4. hold up no ladders?
  5. "Gud riddance, race traitor." Huffed Jorgan upon hearing the news!
  6. "A death sentence. The poor fool. When you rebel, at least win." Scoffed Hannibal.
  7. “Ah, t’kin o’ filtheh interbreeders ‘ave nae choice o’ bein’ born, o’ who they’re bein’ born tae. Ah good decision, oi’m glad interbreedin’ is still illegal.” Jorgan spoke to his brother as he stole from the fields of the Heffrum.

    1. Boomzerang


      go on
      make another status update nerd
      i dare u

  9. RP Name: Hannibal Pertinax Username: Inferno_Ougi Description: Clad in evil black armor, decorated with a golden trim and military decorations. Important details: kill the whites (knigt)
  10. (formatted it wrong bud but thats ok :dd) Jorgan, only a young beardling when he fled from Kal'Tarak before the siege, smiled with the utmost pride. "We stand unoited."
  11. nazis would not play elves they are too weak willed and weak minded
  12. “This name sucks!” Complained the sickly Hannibal Helane from his bed in Reza, seemingly in his death throes.
  13. “Very, very good, yes-yes!” Screamed Mygenaba from within his far away cave dwelling.
  14. lak almost as epic as raguk and shrogo so play them they are epic :DD
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