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Found 1 result

  1. *This thread is over 6k words. For easy of reading, mind the spoilers.* *For anybody wishing to comment "But Fi-magic is the anti-magic, this is unneeded!", abjuration is already present as a spell to negate magic, under transfiguration. Furthermore, counterspell is one ability of the five active ones in the magic submission. As per the submission, it couldn't be even used completely on its own.* Support abjuration! Here's the official banner. Also, first lore submission a magic submission. Big thanks to Lhindir, EdgyMagey for their critique and ideas for the lore, as well as to Fury_Fire for the harsh critique on the first, 1.0 version that shall never be released from shame. Overview: This suggestion is about moving abjuration (but not warding and enchanted wards) from transfiguration into an own school of magic centered around the manipulation of mana in the surroundings, with a spellcasting / usage system different to most other magics, based on available lore and the core principles of voidal magic. This includes current available lore on abjuration as well. The school would retain the original idea of abjuration in the form of one of its spells, with the change that the new counterspell would not simply negate a spell but absorb it for use against its caster. The base idea is a dual system, where the abjurer keeps hopping between two sets of spells, between an attempt to focus on support and endurance or offense and burst. At the same time, it should provide a means of anti-magic other than wards and fi-magic, which is pro-active and weaker than the mentioned two. That's the original principle behind abjuration anyways. The magic would be classified under alteration, arcane magics. But ... why? What's this? The OOC part and summary: Answers to complaints, suggestions and critique: Introduction / History: Definitions: Temporary mana pool: Overcharge: Self-burst: Implosion: Conservation law applied to abjuration: Half-charge: Interruption: Spell specifics: Generating an overcharge Counterspell: Mana Absorption: Mana Draining: Using an overcharge Implosion: Empowerment: Expulsion: Distortion field: Roleplay guidelines: Technicalities: Counterspell: Mana-drain: Empowerment: Distortion field UNLEASH THE HATRED
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