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  1. Medvekoma

    HoI4 LotC Mod?

    Staff nation, focus tree "magic update". Research time: 90 days & pending. @FlamboyantNewEra
  2. Medvekoma

    Community Guidelines Violations

    How much of a ban is it? If it’s a month or less it’s totally worth it.
  3. Priority to release everyday lore asap but void magic update pending for 80+ days 🤔

  4. @FlamboyantNewEra "It'll take a month or two" oh boy look who made another promise.

  5. Medvekoma

    Community Guidelines Violations

    Does this mean I can openly call Josh a retard now?
  6. Medvekoma

    Persona Database Cleanse

  7. Even worse, at least Fireheart had the balls not to disable comments under his thread.

    1. Fireheart_


      I do on most of my news post.


    2. Medvekoma


      You left it enabled here.



      Alright, I will correct the statement. You have no balls. You have half a balls, that is, a single tea-sticle.

    3. Fireheart_
  8. @FlamboyantNewEra Your "tomorrow" has been pending 80 days but you reorganised the LT twice since you became leader. What for?

    1. Burnsy


      I knew you couldn’t resist. 😉

    2. Elennanore


      Runesmithing is a nice magic.

  9. Medvekoma

    Moderation Staff Update Log - January

  10. Medvekoma

    Moderation Staff Update Log - January

    hahaha i was a fool and lost 1/3 my playerbase ex-dee xDxD Wake up, man. Even if these recent startups fail, you’re losing momentum and activity to idiocity in staff choice and reactions to the community.
  11. Medvekoma

    Moderation Staff Update Log - January

    Both rival server projects were started up during the time you were part of the administration team, partially as a result of decisions you have made. There ain’t any rule preventing them from doing so, but can’t /you/ comment on it first, in light of the above?
  12. Medvekoma

    [Your View] New Player Integration

    Right now the most prominent damage to your server is not new player retention but old player retention. Two servers popping up and a third syphoning players. You are betting on newcomers who may or may not stick around where you are losing dozens of players who have led nations, co-led organisations, made videos of the server and wrote part of your lore. Get your **** together.
  13. Medvekoma

    On Shelving - LT

    You expect any real effort from the LT? Wrong town kiddo they still be working on what they are 75 days overdue with.
  14. Will the US government shutdown last longer than the magic update? @FlamboyantNewEra has had a 40 days headstart.

    1. TheDragonsRoost


      No idea. Still have noidea as to why the government shut down just so democrats can argue about building a unneeded border wall.

  15. Medvekoma

    January Community Newsletter

    While I’m here I’ll tag @FlamboyantNewEra that the magic update he promised for “tomorrow” is 65 days overdue. That was enough time for the Prussians to defeat the French army in 1870, reach Paris and besiege it while the French government broke down and declared a republic.