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  1. Courland never dies.

  2. What's this place.

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    2. dogbew


      i came because i want to put berries in bottles

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    4. Medvekoma


      Well you kind sir @dogbew one can do that well here alright

  3. @(((Space))) shot down within the hour lad. That was a quick thread.

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      hey just so someone knows if i never log in again it's because my brain exploded at the absurdity of this >:L

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      like totally owned *hits a super dab

  4. Found you.



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      Holy **** how'd you get my facebook

  5. 755.jpg

    1. Slayy


      Carrot Wars, The Rabies Awaken

  6. I was just leaked by @Gusano Arentonio that LOTC is becoming the first ever Zootopia RP server and the staff have been diligently re-configuring Nexus to accommodate.

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    2. Dewlox™


      Think @Fury_Fire would love this movie.

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      If you're moving on to the zootopia meme can you please remove the gif on your border, it is so unsettling with that fox as your profile picture hahaha

    4. Medvekoma


      I still have to give homage to the best pair of romantic lovebirds in fantasy's history.

  7. Anyone knows a Zootopia RP server?

    1. SeaDaedra


      stop, please. it's for the good of humanity.

    2. Fawb


      hey guys please let me join in on the meme!

  8. [Lore Submission] Night Howlers

    Summary: Night howlers (also known as Midnicampum holicithias) are toxic flowers that can turn civilized mammals into savage beasts. Looks: The night howlers are small-medium flowers that have six violet petals and several yellow pistils and stamens. Night howlers are grown from root bulbs, which can easily be mistaken for rotten onion bulbs. Effect: Night howlers contain toxins that are capable of inflicting highly potent psychological effects on mammals. When consumed or injected, the flowers' toxin causes a chemical reaction in the brain that decreases activity in most parts except the cerebellum, which becomes hyper-stimulated, causing the victim to lose higher reasoning functions and lash out at anything that moves. The effect of this is that essentially, any mammal reverts to an aggressive, wild, violent state that is described as "savage". The night howlers can even affect animals that do not have a naturally violent or ferocious disposition—as evidenced by their ability to turn non-predator animals, such as rabbits, aggressive. As natural flowers, night howlers can outright kill small animals such as insects, which makes them an effective pesticide. Alchemical uses: The psychological effects of Night howlers can be transferred to any potion, or may be refined to a more potent agent with the help of an appropriate laboratory.
  9. ~z3m0s's GM Application~

    Definite +1. This lad's probably been the chillest of the dwarves. And he's an Aussie around EST peak times and early GMT times which means he'd cover both an important period and a less-covered one.
  10. The guy below me is a testosterone-overdosed midget.

  11. LOTC racism. When 90% your RP and activity was with Courland & their wars for the past 2 months but you get reported for "not allowed" because you are a dwarf.

    1. thankyousalvini


      There isn't even a rule that you have to be there often or live there. As long as it's a real character and not a 1 day alt it's perfectly fine. Mercenaries and other foreigners showing up for opportunity or glory aren't banned.

      Not to mention some of the people in the report were even high-ranking Courlanders... 

  12. MC Name: Medvekoma Character's Name: Koralon Doomforged Character's Age: 111 (there was a 20 years skip to aling with proper dwarven aging after the MA) Character's Race: Dark Dwarf Link to your accepted MA: What magic(s) will you be teaching?: Fire Evocation Summarise the Lore of this magic(s): In the general sense, fire evocation is the manifestation of fire, heat or smoke from the void through the use of mana. Though explosive evocation is possible after master of the magic (the moulding of fireballs that explode on impact), control over the conjured elements is very limited if not impossible. Heat disperses as per laws of physics, smoke will rise upwards and fill areas much alike natural smoke would and flames lick wherever they touch, with little regards to the mage's intentions. Any fire mage attempting to control flames sprung through natural means or from the evocation of others will find themselves consumed nonetheless: the individual mage may only ever impose their meager control over fires they conjured from their own merit. Write up a lesson that your character would give to a student: "Well ain't ye lackin' yer beard still." The fe-dwed greeted Grawin as the beardling arrived to the forge in Kal'Omith. The beardling bobbed her head and settled himself on the cold stone, though Koralon beckoned him to rise. "Nae going to play the shut-eyes games anymore lad. Come 'long an' sit by the pit o'magma. It'll be easier, ye'll see." Despite the beaming heat from the very heart of the forge radiating upwards, the beardling obeyed and plopped down by the side. Koralon settled herself close by as she gave her instructions. "Close yer eyes, lad. Ye done gone touched onto the void before, do tha' again bu' this time we'll go further." She remained seated next to the beardling for the following lengthy seconds where Grawin concentrated to clear his mind of everything and touch onto the void itself. After a rough time spent waiting and almost at the end of her patience, the beardling's whisker-like beard begun to shiver as if touched onto by the wind, his body releasing a twitch down along his spine and his two arms. She didn't move, though merely lowered her voice and whispered soft towards the young dwarf. "Extend yer right palm. Nae lose yer concentration." Grawin plucked out his palm and Koralon continued. "Feel teh 'eat o'the forge. Flames. Fires. Licking, shifting. 'Ow teh risin' air tickles yer sides. Imagine all tha' warmth emerging from the emptyness and flowing from yer 'eart into yer palm. Imagine all 'em fire gatherin' up in yer fingertips." The beardling had another twitch run down his body soon after. "Areet, bonny lad. Now push all 'em fires into a spark. Make it a flickerin' flame. One from ah candle. Tiny an' fragile." After she finished her talk, the beardling's right index finger sprouted a tiny flame which snuffed out soon after as he realised the achievement and sought to spring up from surprise. Though a heavy, gauntleted left hand against his chest prevented him falling down the side of the forge as Koralon passed a heart's full of laughter. "Nae get too overjoyed lad. Ye sprung a flame but ye cannae swim in 'em." Do you have a magic(s) you are dropping due to this app? If so, link it: N/A Do you agree to keep the MT updated on the status of your magic app by using the Magic List Errors topic?: Yes Have you applied to teach this magic on this character before, and had it denied? If so, link the app: N/A
  13. Dwarf Aging System

    What's with the issue of really old elves and dwarves. Don't play them because they're incompliant. Or bug the LT to increase the years from around 500 to around 5000.