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  1. Medvekoma

    [ ET ] Nepotism, Repetition, and Timezones

    During my past time in the ET I learned that 80% of players are utter trash to hold events for. I opted out early from hosting my own events after the Halloween line, where most I saw was players rushing into buildings speed-emoting "grabs X" or "searches Y" expecting lore items to be thrown a them. On repetition, ET are heavily limited in what they can do both by the lore team and by general server rules. Sucks, but with all the shackles easiest are these pve events. Of the time zones, however, that's utter BS and I agree with you. Kudos for Aesopian for allowing us to participate in his events during ACTUAL PEAK TIME (before and around 8pm GMT). Like god ******* dammit! You hold warclaims at 8pm GMT for a BLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOODY REASON. I know that specific time still sucks for Australians but it's the perfect bridge between CET, GMT, EST and CST. Like, god damnit! I could only participate in non-Aesop events before I returned home from the UK and even back there I stayed up until 1am to have a chance on them. No wonder European players are turned down by the server. We are a third! Not a minority to disregard.
  2. Medvekoma

    Why I might leave LoTC

    tbqh the alt-right human push for the Kingdom of /pol/ is a bit awkward. Though so is roleplaying getting ***** in a fae circle, or being ****** by cervitaur dongs. Or being nazi orcs, or ripping off edgy wow dwarf subraces. But we all can't be perfect and have each our fantasies we want to live in. Most important: the vast majority of the server are around 15 years old. If there's so many people enjoying their /pol/ roleplay, then it may tell you SJW stuff has a place neither on LOTC nor in the world. Sorry fam.
  3. Medvekoma

    Recent Concerns and Administrator Expectations

    5 days and neither a name published or a declaration it won't be. This isn't on you, marimba, but insofar it seems like Telanir sees fires buening in his absence and opted to give you a water squirter to tackle it while he turns his back again.
  4. Medvekoma

    Does Blah put you off?

    Blah was hard to understand at first, but easy to get later on. I do not think it's a major deterrant, to me it was the heavy PvP focus that did't have me stick around on my orc (too many things were decided via 1-1 pvp honour duels).
  5. Medvekoma


    Koralon held her fist to her heart within Khazad'Akduum, swearing the Dark Dwarven hold to Omithiel's memory. "In his thoughts he didn't want to be remembered as an architect who built many grand things, or as one of the kings, or even as a well known dwarf. He didn't want to be remembered at all."
  6. Medvekoma

    The Birth of a Kingdom

    "Ye call yerselves tha' true successers ter tha' Kingdom ov Urguan, yet ye nae call yerself Kingdom ov Urguan? Why did ye choose tha' name 'Ammer, if this be nae jus' anotha' pathetic an' doomed attempt ter breathe loife inter tha' confederation ov 'Ammers?" Koralon shook her head, then commented to the tavern Ulrahmen. "Ah shame Azkel went Tagum. Ah remember 'is work from back when 'e was 'Igh remembrancer durin' me 'alf ah centureh loife in Urguan." She ended the sentence with a snort and added. "Oh wait, ah nae do."
  7. Medvekoma

    Raid Rules Update

  8. Medvekoma

    Kaz'Ulrah Unity Pact

    Koralon, slight bit belated, signs the pact.
  9. Medvekoma

    Mithril Goods Imports & Exports

    Koralon squinted her eyes on the "Mithril" sign.
  10. Medvekoma

    In with the New

    **** guys. We missed Telanir. RELOAD. Sad to see you go. From the last weeks of your tenure and all the shitstorm it was evident pressure and issues were mounting from two sides.
  11. Medvekoma

    Recent Concerns and Administrator Expectations

    Will something actually happen to tackling down pedophiles and ERPing degenerates? The thread is sugar coated with good words and some promises but other than making the perpetrator's name known, there is no plan for any further action. Same issue with admin communication. Whether you open up a forum for feedback or not, it'll all just echo whatever we have already written in the feedback section while Telanir laughs at the community doing nothing.
  12. Medvekoma

    The Community Manager: Who, What, and Why

    This announcement contains a dire prognosis over the server and the administration. I do not doubt Marimba's work for a bit. However. The fact none of the administrators have the standing or dedication to become a face of their own is ridiculous, and so is the prospect of the community manager excluded from their shenanigans.
  13. Medvekoma


    Starting out with a human character after joining.
  14. An illusion! What are you hiding...

    1. Licorish


      That ur my favorite dwarf player

    2. Man of Respect

      Man of Respect