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  1. When will you start taking player feedback into consideration? @Pun
  2. Loregames is pretty much Brexit at this point and Flambo is TM. Except he didn’t abide his pledge to resign.
  3. Lore Games still haven’t started and Flambo should have resigned a month ago. What’s going on?

    1. Ioannis


      lol, im still waiting for my vault, what lore games you on about?

    2. TheAlphaMoist


      Lore games are p close to being finished. Once you see what they’ve been working on, you’ll understand exactly why it’s taken so long

  4. I would want to be remembered as the one player who actually managed to quit the server and not come back.
  5. @FlamboyantTyrant it's the 20th. Time to resign, bud.

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Medvekoma


      @Haseroth What did he even do that's positive? He shelved a few unpopular stuff to get some hype and support then hasn't done anything for a year+.

    3. ScreamingDingo



      its currently in the last stages of approval give it a few days


    4. J33xt101


      Looks like Mynebor to me...

  6. No misinterpretation at all. Exactly what I meant and the outcome I would hope for. Three Thanhium pages … three conjuration ones. However, in the current state of the lore staff it'd be a pleasant surprise if they didn't make this into /three/ wholly nee threads and then force-retconned them before shelving them into Schroedinger's necromancy pit.
  7. A French-accented, red-haired lady from a very different realm snickered as her open court was appropriated.
  8. "The Canonist Church had revealed its fangs during the rebellion. However much you seek to investigate, it was revealed to men and women of all nations that the Canonist church is ready to partake in politics, ready to support worldy powers, ready to assume sides. And most of all, it is ready to condemn and excommunicate hundreds simply due to their oaths and allegiances." Natalia spoke light, reading the proclamation in Helena's main square. "And then came the blood sacrifice. The final act of madness. Your church has impaled the faith of man, a spear of decadence driven by the hands of greed and corruption. The faith of the Canonist flock won't ever be restored to what it used to be. Carry the consequences of your corruption and do not pretend we won't remember. We will. Forever."
  9. Natalia pulled off her helmet as she said. "I am no man." She then proceeded to lift a feather to tickle the throbby-toe of a Haensetian prisoner of war.
  10. Lore bloat man. There’s a thread on Animii out there. There’s also a thread on magical prosthetics. Now you’d post and store a thread on magical animii limbs. Which people would be unable to find if they looked at the magical limbs thread, or the animii crafting thread.
  11. Medvekoma


  12. “What a time not to be a canonist!” Said Natalia, stopping in her survey of various Lotharingian castles. “I wouldn’t enjoy it that much if I was part of this house-of-cards being built.”
  13. Telanir enabled "scraping the barrel".

  14. If RP people can change PvP rules freely, can PvP goons change RP rules? Like, can the PvP community vote to permaban anyone repeatedly caught ERPing?

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