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  1. Medvekoma

    Declaration of Neutrality from the Marna - Courland war

    "Ah dunnae lad. They were oathed ter Ulrah. Then left an' made ah confederation. Then they accepted tha' rule of Umros. Then rebelled 'gainst tha' Umros with otha' Umros rebels. An' now they think ah declaration will get 'em owt o'tha mess."
  2. Medvekoma

    Declaration of Neutrality from the Marna - Courland war

    "Ghahahaw. Norkai "Ah'm nae Kanonist" Hightower changes sides more than me 'and readin' ah book." Koralon barked up reading the notice.
  3. I heard Renatians saw an injured kitten and kicked it instead of helping it! Shame!

    1. Quirkyls


      its a kha so doesn't really matter

  4. Medvekoma

    Remove Raid Ladders

    I don't believe the current raid rules allow for any roleplay. We tried with the druids but were swarmed by reinforcement squad that called for pvp (and was beaten). Remember, right now there is a magical force preventing characters from raiding more frequently than every 5 months, and characters are put in a year of sky prison if they walk onto a raided enemy's tile and are not alone. Perhaps a lift on raid rules and a step up against ridiculous defenses could finally promote settlements to deal with raids through diplomacy, tribute and treaties, not through hard-shoulderig and withstanding them.
  5. Medvekoma

    A hello to all!

    Telvanni, Redoran or Hlaalu?
  6. Medvekoma

    Remove Raid Ladders

    I didn't say it should. I'm very much an avid raider myself annoyed by the current situation. I said, people prioritise avoiding raids at all costs. If you disallow unscalable walls, they'll just return to their gated safe boxes. If you allow battering rams, they will just build deeper and deeper safe boxes. Before this "Raidproof wall revolution" the trouble was that instead of gathering up for PvP, people just fled to a room behind 5 gates and waited half an hour. Let's take you remove overhangs. They'd still do it. Add battering rams. They'd still do it, just in a more excessive way. The only way to stop would be to enforce actual build restrictions were you need a proper gatehouse for a gate and not just a sign on a corridor that you can place 5 of. Or, which I had suggested in another thread, to give a victory & affiliated advantages to a successful raid both in case the raiders defeat the defenders and in case the raiders aren't engaged at all / aren't rooted.
  7. Medvekoma

    Stop adding money sinks

    I do not think money-bound SS pillars should be implemented and kept before the nation-approval process is fixed. This is just another blow towards the non-nation active Freebuilds, and another advantage to the inactive nations that were given a green pillar.
  8. Medvekoma

    Remove Raid Ladders

    Avoiding raids takes such a precedence over RP that many settlements now have cobble overhangs all over their previously good looking walls. It'd be nice if staff cracked down on those, but raid proofing would still be a thing. It'd just make people build half an hour more to make the overhangs look "nice". Either way, I agree wholly with the proposal. Perhaps have the GM overseeing the raid place three wood blocks to represent the ram, and have it be a requirement that at least 3 raiders keep standing next to it for a minute or two. I don't think rolls should dominate raid. In a lot of situations, the characters would have very easy RP ways inside a fortification, it's just denied by lack of mechanics.
  9. Medvekoma

    [LOOKING FOR] Experienced Blacksmith or Stonemason!

    Koralon pinned a note beneath the pamphlet at cloud temple. "Look for the Forgemaster in the Iron Honour."
  10. Medvekoma

    The Halfling Protection Act

    "Ah nae care wha' ah book in Dragur claims. If ye think yer ah Dwed, live with tha' Dwed, serve tha' Brathmordakin an' act like ah Dwed. Jus' because some Umros claim ter be descendants o'monkeys nae means they protect, fondle an' consider 'em brotha's." Koralon huffed, joining in the telepathic conversation by plucking her hand to Nerak's communistone. "Dwed nae raid Dunshire, Uruks do. Dwed nae eat 'Alflins, Uruks do. But if ye come an' steal 'orses, ye will be killed in ah creative way fittin' yer vices. Ah'm nae considerin' ye ah Dwed as long as ye refuse ter foight, whoine ter 'umans, praise statues ter pum'kins an' Elger gods an' pretend yer independent."
  11. Medvekoma

    Equal Numbers

    Poor ******* Peasant is a hero we all deserve.
  12. Medvekoma

    [Pending]Tahmas's Lore Moderator Application

    Oh the history. I still remember when he first waltzed in as a young noble over our cake dinner way back. Never the less, most of my magic-related RP adventures involved Thomas and through interactions with his character I was shown to a vastly greater side of the magic lore. I'm pretty sure he's one of the most passionate people about it around. That is to say, the complaint on the other side usually revolves around the sort-of exclusivity always felt around his character and his artifacts/lore which, in my personal opinion, does not fit with the direction of the lore re-write. If he proves me wrong on that latter point, then he can become an ideal lore moderator / staff member.
  13. Medvekoma

    [Pending]Smawton's Lore Master Application

    Think it was to be expected that I'd post here, but you used an alt-persona to teach the power base of your main, thus securing support and activity. I already expressed my opinion on this as terrible roleplay conduct and am pretty much fine with the warning point I received for calling that one public vote to show the amount of disapproval. Because of this, I do not think Smaw should have a vote or influence on the server's lore, not for the while at least.
  14. Medvekoma

    [Pending]Dizzy771's Lore Master Application

    I will have to post a disagreement here, one not solely based on the semi-infamous circlejerk that managed to split Dwarven community. Howerver, the current lore for both runesmithing and golemancy lack in details, clarifications and definitions. This has led, recently, to a controversy where a never-defined piece was brought up in regards to the runesmithing lore which is still missing from either of the implemented lore pages. Mind, golemancy lacks an implemented lore page in general. I have played throughout Axios and these two pages have been brought up over and over as examples for pages that need both clarification and update to remove hidden lore. Over a year has passed since that verdict was made and neither pages were updated accordingly. Coupled with the Arcadian group's past with bending lore on the go, I will have to post a definite no-no here.
  15. Medvekoma

    [Pending]Divinejustice's Lore Master Application

    As much as there may be disagreements on IC politics, the lore pieces I have seen from Divine so far have all been pretty nice & decent.