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  1. "The Canonist Church had revealed its fangs during the rebellion. However much you seek to investigate, it was revealed to men and women of all nations that the Canonist church is ready to partake in politics, ready to support worldy powers, ready to assume sides. And most of all, it is ready to condemn and excommunicate hundreds simply due to their oaths and allegiances." Natalia spoke light, reading the proclamation in Helena's main square. "And then came the blood sacrifice. The final act of madness. Your church has impaled the faith of man, a spear of decadence driven by the hands of greed and corruption. The faith of the Canonist flock won't ever be restored to what it used to be. Carry the consequences of your corruption and do not pretend we won't remember. We will. Forever."
  2. Natalia pulled off her helmet as she said. "I am no man." She then proceeded to lift a feather to tickle the throbby-toe of a Haensetian prisoner of war.
  3. Lore bloat man. There’s a thread on Animii out there. There’s also a thread on magical prosthetics. Now you’d post and store a thread on magical animii limbs. Which people would be unable to find if they looked at the magical limbs thread, or the animii crafting thread.
  4. “What a time not to be a canonist!” Said Natalia, stopping in her survey of various Lotharingian castles. “I wouldn’t enjoy it that much if I was part of this house-of-cards being built.”
  5. Telanir enabled "scraping the barrel".

  6. If RP people can change PvP rules freely, can PvP goons change RP rules? Like, can the PvP community vote to permaban anyone repeatedly caught ERPing?

  7. "Dark Elves live in dirt huts and caves we live in a PALACE!" The small Ildari commented.
  8. Or maybe, you know, blanket ban ERP and any related activities. It has abaolutely no place on the server, minors or not.
  9. When will you acknowledge the complete lack of trust the community has towards you as staff? Will there be any voice or word about improvements in regards to how bans are handled, and how player feedback is handled? How will you resolve the current admin situation? You centralised positions to have more authority, but when staff members disappeared you were left with a vacuum that couldn’t be filled and paralysed or disorientated departments. Will there be any word on the staff bias and relevant concerns raised during the current Oren conflict? Specifically in regards to an administrator over-reaching their power sphere and announcing a decision based on false information, and without consulting his management or team? Will you stop putting people on forum content moderation for calling your staff incompetent in LOTC discord?
  10. I agree with the general point, but disagree with your conclusion. What you described does not have to be a democracy. A system of ever-changing nobility with schemes and plots can provide similar conflict while also catering to those who prefer medievalism over some pseudo-Athenian mob rule. Real issue here is that "monarchy" and "nobility" are misunderstood and misrepresented on LOTC to be more about OOC friendships and shilling than any politics. Rule is way too centralised. This is true now, and was true in the fifth Empire, the last time I played a landholder human. Fix that and you fix the Empires. Personally, I would rather have a 1400s France situation with leagues, conspiracies, coups and ever-changing rule than a """democracy""".
  11. Your staff team and server are wholly incapable of handling a warclaim. The last one was riddled with both technical and staff errors. Yet here you stand, seeking to impose further limits on on-server, everyday warfare. You would further restrict the act of “war” and “conflict” to warclaims. Why don’t you think over the whole situation already? The issue is not the raiders. The issue is not PvP. The issue is not conflict. The issue is your restriction on conflict forcing it to boil into toxicity. If players can’t duke it out, they will duke it out in discords, on the forums. Your focus should be ensuring that nations CAN and WILL enforce consequences on each other, even with everyday raiding. But at the same time, your focus should be to LIMIT these consequences to details that “hurt” and “cost” nations, but have nothing to do with the destruction of playerbases.
  12. Natalia Lazarescu, Imperial Chamberlain, turned to the Oren soldier shaking her head, holding onto the newspaper. “It’s a teacup pattern. I was informed by post-vulture that the Norlandic Horse Company still does own horses and will (magically) exhibit an exponential growth, as most animal farms in Atlas seem to. I immediately purchased some shares, as your theft and the following slide made it unusually profitable.” She offered a glass of brandy to the soldier, adding. “Buy low, sell high.”
  13. Waldemar Gotthold, War Screamer of Courland, Viscount of Johannesburg, Arch-Princely-Duke of Gottheim, Defender of the Seven Duchies writes a note, requesting attendance.
  14. Where is the community in the community team? Where's some answers or explanations to the horrible staff performance this past month? Where is any update on what feedback staff took to work on and what they cast aside? Really, you posted a "Community team" update which is 70% about applications and 30% about content you did not yet create but promise you will.
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