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Found 6 results

  1. Minecraft names: CloudsOnMars, OwOwotstis. Age: 16 Timezone: GMT+1 Skype/Discord: gustav.arentoft & GusanoArentonio#2557 What is your availability: Around 9+ hours on weekdays and more on weekends. Weekday hours are predominantly 3:00PM to 00:00AM (My time). Tell us an issue you currently experience on the server: The absolutely horror that is knowing who the primary region owner and tile owner are. It’s extremely messy and not a thing that’s properly kept track of. This is a huge problem for both staff and players, and it needs to be fixed very soon. How do you feel individual GMs should present themselves?: I don’t believe that GMs have to act overly professional around the playerbase. It’s better to portray yourself in a more casual way to the players, as to not make yourself seem like a corporate goon, and more like a real person. How do you feel the GM team collectively should present itself?: Mostly the same as above, the GM team should not present itself as overly professional corporate goons. They have to be casual with the players and actively seek out what issues the players have, where they also need to heavily listen to the players, the players will usually knows an issue better than staff simply due to them being the primary victims of it. The team also needs to work very well together for it to really properly function, without cooperation it won’t get anywhere. Please list three four players who will vouch for you: Angmarzku. Cablam. Kincaid. Cal has also volunteered for this wonderful thing. What is your relationship with the members of the current GM Team?: I have no disputes or disagreements with any of the current GMs, we got along just fine. And I believe I could work well with any GM honestly, though specifically I believe I would do fantastic work in the company of Ang. I only believe that my current relationship with the GM team will allow me to easily fit in with the team, and thus work with them. What are you finest and worst traits?: Patient: I’m very patient when it comes to most things, and will not get angry or stressed over any situation that should occur. It gives me the opportunity to get a clear judgement. Diligent: I work very hard, I always do my best to put out a good piece of work instead of something mediocre, even if it takes a huge amount of time. This and patience tend to go very well together, making it so I can provide my best work. Lax: I have a lax attitude. I am not very strict, I believe this helps me get a perspective from both sides before I make a judgement, instead of going strictly by the book without no understanding of the situation whatsoever. Overly worried: I have a tendency to become extremely worried after I’ve made a decision, usually about whether I did the right thing or not. This also leaves me to overthink decision before I make them. Easily distracted: I easily get distracted, even if I find the thing I’m doing extremely interesting, it’s likely that something will come by and steal my attention. Though, the former task can steal my attention back as easily as it was taken. Lacks seriousness: I don’t have a very serious attitude towards a lot of things, and tend to mostly joke about things than treat them seriously. It mostly tends to be things about myself, or things such as the recent GM purge. Tell us about your time on Lord of the Craft: I was invited onto the server by a friend, in March 2016, who I know from two other servers I’ve played on. I wouldn’t say that I’ve specifically played with one player group on the time I’ve been here, though the Warhawkes have been the most player group I’ve been in. When it comes to staff teams, I was accepted onto the Application Team in late August and promoted to Manager in October, I’ve also been on the Wiki Team (Though, I was rather inactive there), and finally I was on the GM team from November until very recently. Being staff has by far been some of the most memorable time on the server for me, I’ve honestly enjoyed helping people a lot, whether it was when I was on the AT or the GM team. What parts of the server are you most interested in?: Well, I’m very interested in helping the server and the players whenever needed. Doing their modreqs, working to improve the server, all of that. Another factor for me keeping my interest is primarily just the great friends that I have on this server. Other than yourself, who of the current applicants would you like to see on the GM Team? I would like to see most of my former comrades return, they're all good people. Link me a good song:
  2. Fimlin

    [Accepted] Fimlins app

    Minecraft Name: Worldiswar28 Skype ID: Fimlino Time-zone: EST Do you, or have you held, any other staff positions: I was an ET until the purge and am WT and was AT in Athera Where do you grab inspiration from: to help build areas for events as something to do when Im not in a basement grinding What type of building are you best with: I know how to do medieval and terraforming and the other parts of building on lotc What are some of your most treasured builds: http://i.imgur.com/fSqganL.png http://i.imgur.com/myzG4fq.png Are you capable of handling all aspects of a build: sì Pick three building styles and show us a build of yours that corresponds to each choice: Medieval (arockstar lost my italian city, all is left are pictures of baronies): http://imgur.com/a/mBdKg How long does it take for you to complete a build: For a normal event area I spread out the time within a week but large areas usually can take longer. Additional details: (Do you know voxel, world edit, redstone, etc.) everything but voxel, but i can accomplish nearly the same with WE Tell me a trick about building: You can use special commands to make armor stand rigs like this http://i.imgur.com/UDfvnHe.png How long do you plan to be able to work on the team: until the next purge Tell me a joke:
  3. Dizah found herself in the Cloud Temple one night in Athera, not remembering much of how she got there. As she ascended from the lower levels, she saw this new world, one which she’d never seen before. She took a long gaze at the large map near the exit, deciding she would head to Cerulin. She took a quick look to her left, smiling as she saw for the first who would be one of her greatest friends from then out. She got his attention, introducing herself. He told her his name, Kolohe Finn. After a short talked, Dizah decided to sing. Leaning against the fence, she knew that Kolohe had begun to fancy her. He offered for her to meet his daughter, whom mysteriously disappeared one day, but she had to be on her way. She looked again for Cerulin, wondering aloud at its location. She heard a voice behind her, and she turned to see Artimec Camoryn, offering her an escort to the city. She smiled and accepted, and they were on their way with a parting wave to Kolohe. An elven week or so later, Dizah met Freya Connex, a young, aspiring performer. Dizah decided to take her on as a student, teaching her to play the flute, pan flute, and ocarina. She payed a few visits to the Druid’s Grove nearby, meeting a few of them and basking in the love of nature. One night, Dizah received word from a friend of hers that there was a women in a tavern on the Stone Road who sought companionship. Being a woman of either sex, Dizah went and met her, forming a relationship with one Kinra Calin. After spending much time with Kinra, Dizah began to slowly fall in love. She travelled to Petrus and sought a ringmaker, purchasing an intricate engagement band. She asked Kinra to meet her one morning, and there, she popped the question. Much to Dizah’s dismay, Kinra said no, stating that love doesn’t exist. Dizah was heartbroken, drinking herself into a stupor and sending for her old friend Kolohe. She told him of her plans to end her own life, to which Kolohe told her to travel, instead. And so, she went west, where she met a young fellow who roused her heart. She returned to the Cerulin area, meeting again with Kolohe to thank him. Weeks later, a warm night in the Sacred Lotus tavern, she sung a final aria of longing for her lost love. Afterwards, she was approached by a man named Oan Frondson, asking if she needed a place to stay. Being low on minas and without an actual home, Dizah accepted, travelling with him to his home in Sylverport. He offered her tea and a bath, and thus began the relationship that would make her forget her love for Kinra. Upon reaching Vailor, Oan and Dizah met up again, and consumated their love. Multiple times. Some time later, Dizah found herself feeling sick in the mornings and growing a tad fatter. She realized with some shock that she was pregnant. She kept this from her lover, fearing that they would not be able to properly raise the child. Eventually, Oan figured it out himself, though he also did not tell his love. Days later, Dizah came clean with Oan, telling him of her suspicions. He told her that he had suspected this as well, and she was relieved. They agreed to raise the child, and when her term was finished, she gave birth to Atin Oanson, the true light of her life. What an unfortunate time, though, for Dizah to feel the call of dryadism, and to follow it. She informed Oan and their good friend, Berilac Goldworthy, of her decision. To her surprise, Berilac was more unhappy than Oan. She became Katavasi, and bonded with a massive oak on the isle of Laureh’lin, far from her child. Yet, nearly every seed, she came to visit him, Atin eventually coming to recognize this leafy new matron as his mother, Katavasi was happy. She lived within her tree in peace. Nobody would bother her or her tree, and she sat in sweet solitude. Not long after she became a dryad, her tree began to fall ill. It withered and died, and Katavasi was sad. Her family and friends begging her to return, Katavasi cast away her Amber Seed, her connection to it slowly dying. Elven days later, she was completely separate from her tree, and the Amber Seed crumbled and turned to dust in the wind. She tried to lift herself from the endless sorrow, but its black, twisted hands kept her submerged in the depths of depression. She decided she would see her son one last time, to apologize and to tell him how much she loved him. Without informing anyone else, she made her way to the volcano to the south of Ker’nor.. Yet, as she sat on the lip of the fiery geyser of Ker'Nor isle, her thoughts fell back to these events. The heat against her face was tantalizing; a means to her end. But, when she thought of her almost-husband, and her son, and Kolohe, and Kinra, and Artimec, and everyone, she knew, beneath it all, she couldn't do this. She stepped to her feet, still telling herself that this was right. Peering down into the bubbling pond of hellfire, Dizah's leg seemed to resist moving forward. She let out a ragged sigh, quickly stepping away from the edge and climbing down the mountainside. She found again the canoe she'd used to come from her tree to the shores of this volcanic blot in the sea, setting off in the opposite direction to pay her dearest friend a visit. (( Sorry, you two. It was eating me up inside and I just can't get rid of Dizah yet.
  4. DrakeHaze.

    [Bug] Fishing Profession

    [b]Nature of the bug:[/b] Game breaking to the extreme, literally worse than pvp defaulters. [b]First occurrence:[/b] (Providing an exact time helps us locate the error messages, which can help in fixing the bug) When I realised I spent over 100 hours leveling. [b] Describe exactly all the actions you took leading up to the bug: [/b] I would catch a fish and gain 10 exp as a human with auto-age turned on. Whenever I caught 5 fish at once it would once more give me 10 exp. No matter what I caught, it was always 10 exp. After speaking to the only person to attain a high level fishing I was informed it would take about 500 hours of straight fish grinding to achieve legendary fisher. This is clearly a bug and not meant to be apart of the plugin. The experience gained is also glitched, there is no possible way that a 5 pound fish would give me the same experience as a 100 pound fish. pmsl. Who even made this profession? [b] What messages are/aren't you getting that you would/wouldn't get normally :[/b] (in the event of a crash, please also provide the error log) Congrats on reaching LEGENDARY fisher after 20 hours of fishing, congrats on the many fish you will now catch, because fishing. [b] Frequency of occurrence:[/b] Day one of code being launched. [b] Are you able to reproduce the bug: [/b] Yes, but I'm not going to until it's fixed :) +1 my post if you agree
  5. I seriously want to role play a pimp. Not only would it bring can fantastic and lively role play. I would be a good pimp, giving both role play and ooc interviews to my wenches, I would abide by cybering rules. I think people would also like to play brothel wenches too. And feminists who don't want my plans to come to fruition? I am all for equality, but this is a minecraft ROLEPLAYING server. Don't bring Ooc matters into RP. Brothels are legitimate things, that have existed for a loooooooooooooong time. I'll write more but I'm on my phone.
  6. Minecraft name:GASOLIME Skype ID:gasolime Should Pop up Mystik Gaming Timezone:Central Mountain Time Have you had any bans or strikes? If yes give a link: Nah, Imma good guy Why do you want to be both a builder and an actor for the ET? Im very Capable of both, anything to make this a Fun place What are some of your most treasured builds? (screenshots if possible): I built Ravincia In the Server as well as alot of Fenn, the 4th Floor in the Arcane School, Out of server I do alot of Tower’s and Fortresses I also Like Steam punk building Odd enough but that’s beside the Point BathRugMan can Commend me he’s a ET himself and is Very Active builder and told me to Make this ( I feel like a Side b***h) Do you hold any other staff positions? No, Hopefully 3000 Post’s From now maybe What are your characters? Are you willing to sacrifice any to become a Event member? I have a Character Marius Pontmercy who was banned from Vekaro for helping the Snelves and Kicked out of the Decterum; So its Austin Vrabec Pick three of the following building styles, and show us a build, of yours, that corresponds to each choice.(terraforming, organic, medieval, high fantasy, underground) As of Today I was working on a Massive Library that’s Upside down on the bottom of a mountain, that’’s pretty Fantasy also I do alot of Massive Tree’s In High Fantasy it’d Correspond to the Migratory tree’s of the Wood Elves I build alot of Nordic theme’d Buildings Also Underground is Good I’ve built for alot of Dwarves and Like I said the Ravincia City on the LoTC server and Fenn ( Snelf City) Are you an independent builder, and are you capable of handling all aspects of a build? I Consider myself an Independent Builder who can work Tirelessly for hours without stopping, Yet Beause I was apart of Previous Build team yet I like when other people offer Input and Add on/ Modify things I do… To an Extent :D Create two distinct RP scenarios/events that you would organize. 1) For a group of 5-10 2) For a group of 20+ Small group: RP scenario maybe a bad Confrontation such as Run in with Bandit's or bad people in general ending in RP a Fight Hopefully... Maybe a pre rigged result such as getting 2-3 people arrested but Escape obvious but getting caught, Big group of 20 plus probally a siege, on a Tower or Small town because people like that or even a Dispute between the two groups with nothing but volleys of arrows barraging each other's sides I am willing to work with other ET's on setting these up to improve the Server and make it funner (Yeah I know that's not a word :3) How long does it take for you to complete a build? Depends on the size really a Small building could be 10-45 Minutes Medium about 2-4 Hours and a Large scale from 2 days to 2 Weeks Depends because I like to Put in Maximal Effort Tell us how you plan on constructing a large build, a medium build, and a small build. Small on my own pu in a good amount of time, ask people how I can Improve which I shouldn't need too medium Do it again myself or with another person, maybe include Non ET for Roleplay Large Builds By myself or with other ET's Putting in ALOT of time to make it as sexy as it's size Additional details (Do you know how to Voxel? World Edit? Craftbook? Etc...): Nah but I can learn fast How long do you plan to stay in the ET? As long as possible, Sure to help the people who are after me. Tell me a trick about building (eg: floating torches, custom heads) The Floating torches was actually what I was going to say but… Sign’s and Paintings… Making hidden Room’s Tell me what you want from the ET. Well… Not another plague I really want to fringe to not Randomly move to 4.0 I want a big event of the Fringe getting a Ice Age tempeture drops Severely all crops frosted over… people forced to leave the Fringe! I made this Application because 2 other ET's had Requested me to do so, I'm sorry but I have no Screenshot's because I factory Reset my PC I am also soon going to do a Media Application as well but not now, But Me Making an Application was Requested by ET's to do so, and it sounds fun anyway to create a more Immersive Environment for our Players