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Found 11 results

  1. Whomever is in charge, or was in charge of the edits to the way the mechanics of brewing work has no business modifying things on this server because clearly they have absolutely no clue about what's 'good' to add, and what people actually want in a mechanic meant for their use. Brewing in Anthos was brilliantly done, and relatively accessable by any who wished to do it; you still needed ingredients and all that, but it didn't require very hard to make items (brewing stands, thanks nexus for LYING OUT YOUR ASS about 'We won't make any limits on vanilla crafting, Nexus will only be a buff to it!"). It was also easy to transport the said alcohol, in compact barrels that looked cool, and actually had a use. Now, you need alchemists bullshit to make any potion, which now includes any sort of tea, coffee, or drink, making it EXTREMELY unacceptable to noobs who want to start brewing, and people who run taverns. Short, Ragey, but to the point. Get rid of the insane requirements for brewing, and at least try to make it more accessable and user friendly; by perhaps reverting to the universally acclaimed brewing plugin everyone loved in Asulon and for some reason was replaced by staff who didn't know or care to hear the actual wants of the people the change would effect?
  2. Et Anathema Norla Issued by The Most Holy Synod, 14th of Thomas’ Welcome ☩ Our most Holy and Pious Vicar, Daniel III, has been struck upon by bands of marauding heretics, in the company of heathens and the vile soldiers of an eternal sinner. His Holiness, struck down in the dirt, has been recovered by a group of kileenish friars and is in a most fearful state of coma. The excommunicated man can reconcile his sins, the excommunicated man can beg forgiveness at the feet of God’s Vicar in this Plane. The excommunicated man, fearful of God himself, does not strike down his only chance at achieving paradise and forgiveness. The excommunicated man is no more. ☩ Let it be known, on the Year of our Lord, 1557, 14th of Saint Thomas’ Welcome, the following decrees doth flow from the blessed pen of God’s Chosen Synod: ☨ He called Thomas Ruric, previously excommunicated by the Eight Golden Bull of Holofernes, is declared anathema. ♰ He called Sven Ruric, the Earl of Ostrovar and father of the knightly anathema, is hereby declared excommunicated on grounds of birthing from his loins unpious, demonic enemies of God’s Holy Church, and for supporting the outright cutting down of His Holiness, Daniel III, Vicar of God in this Plane of Existence. ☨ He called Kili the Dwarf, heretic and gentile-turned-away-from-God, is declared anathema. ☨ He who wields an accursed blade in the ranks of the Dreadland, is declared anathema. ♰ He who wields an accursed blade as an ally or co belligerent in the Dreadlandish cause, is declared anathema. ☨ He who brings harm upon any clergyman, be it a poor theodite or pious bishop, is declared anathema. ☨ The Most Holy and Wise Synod has entered a period of Ecclesiastical Regency, to be led by the Most Excellent Vice-Chancellor, Archbishop Boiendl the Astute. ☨ He who identifies as an Augustite, or recognizes Augustus Blackmont, called Flay, as a Saintly Figure is declared anathema. ☩ Let God’s Will be Known. Approved by the Signature of His Pious and Wise Excellency, Boiendl the Astute Penned by the Hand of Archbishop Svatobor Ivanovich
  3. MC name: nathanbarnett36 Forum name: nathan_barnett36 Skype Name: I'll pm you it. What is your timezone? GMT How do you wish to work on the wiki? (Media, proof checking, writing, etc): I can help out where ever it is needed. I would prefer to do proof checking and writing instead of media related things. Have you worked on the wiki before?: No Do you have a basic understanding of lore?: Yes
  4. Note: This is somewhat of a repeat application. I applied once before and it was put into the archive and forgotten, so, at the advice of a few of my Drood pals and Ramza, I'm making another one. Here goes. Minecraft name(s): Jaybleezy Skype ID: BaronvonDippschitte Time zone: Pacific Standard Time Have you ever been banned or received a strike? If so, link the report: I have a warning point for making a KKK joke. Do you hold / have you held any other staff positions? No. What MMORPG/video games have you / do you play? (Past and Present) Skyrim, Fallout (3 & NV), Terraria, WoW, Dota 2, League of Legends, Final Fantasy X through XIII, Chrono Trigger, The Legend of Zelda (all except Link to the Past, Spirit Tracks, and The Unmentionable), and various other games. What are your characters? Are you willing to sacrifice any to become a Event member? Raine Winterleaf, the Oak Dryad Katavasi, and Elizier Beaudevard. Eli's pretty new, so likely Eli. Not Raine, though, I've spent a while on her. What race / group do you think your events would best cater to? If none in particular, give an example of the type of group that your events would entertain: I would say any race, really. I prefers elves, only for cyb0rz, though. ;) What do you believe are key factors for a successful event? Well, the event has to be unique. It can't be the same, 'fight through waves of sp00ks until you reach the main sp00k and kill it.' It's gotta involve characters, too. Be fluid, y'know? A guy can change the way a story plays out, it's not a static thing. Do they like it? With my events, I'll always get feedback from the particpants, ask 'em what they liked, what they didn't like, and just overall how to improve next time. Staff/player interaction's important, y'know? When was the last time you saw a event? Treshure's forest troll that stomped through the Grove and kicked my char into a tree. Wasn't too great. What strengths could you contribute to the Event Team? Are you knowledgeable in lore or great at organizing? I'm pretty good at finding interesting tidbits of lore that most would ignore, and I feel as though I could incorporate these into an event to make said lesser-remembered bit more important in the RP. Why do you want to be part of the ET? I want to relieve as many people as I can of boredom. I, myself, find having to emote farming, of all things, to keep yourself entertained as complete and utter crap. I want to give people a sweeping experience that they can, at any time, shape and be a part of, and I want as many people to be in on it as can be. Create three distinct RP scenarios/events based on LOTC lore that you would organize. These are pitches to the Managers and Ouity, not to the community. Note: Not all of the group must be handled at once. Eg: 20+ people via 5 person increments in a dungeon. 1) Pumpkins. Carved pumpkins, everywhere. All over Laureh'lin, pumpkins pop from the unlikeliest of places. There's a new fellow in town, as well. He takes the pumpkins down, and then he wears them as he leaves. Not long after the man shows up, the pumpkins now are filled with blood and body parts. The man no longer comes and collects them, and, if not disposed of, they start to rot. Should the Sirame(or anyone, really) try to investigate the island, they would likely find a small shack far to the south. The shack looks innocent enough, but beneath a bed in the basement lies a tunnel. The tunnel leads to a shrine to Knox(duh), and inside is the pumpkin collector, wearing toe necklaces and bracelets and splashing about old, congealed blood. Upon spotting the intruders, the Knoxist attacks, using a multitude of traps throughout the room. Should the Knoxist somehow win, the event starts from the beginning. 2) A woman comes to the Marked Men claiming to be a Fjarriauga, a Frost Witch. Her hair is white and her skin is grey, and her teeth have been filed to sharpness, but she is not actually a Frost Witch, though she does know a bit of frost evocation. She asks that her and her coven be purged, as she no longer wishes for her and her sisters to suffer as they do. She likely enlists the help of fire evocationists as well, and she leads them to a cave to the east of Adria. Once there, she reveals that she isn't a frost witch, and releases a large amount of raised corpses into the chamber, which is now closed. Depending on how many people came along, there are between 100 and 500 sp00ks. If they're defeated, the woman fights the remainders herself, likely losing. A lever sits upon a pedestal, which opens the way out. If the woman and the sp00ks win, like the other event, she approaches another group, likely the Sirame or Amyas. 3) A circus rolls into the area by the Caliphate. With amazing tricks, wonderful fireworks displays, and even a bearded lady(not a dwarf, that's too easy), they amaze most crowds. No bad guys here, just a fun circus that stays in the area for about two elven weeks and comes back around every once in a while. Some positions are open and can be filled temporarily, which will earn the participants a hefty pay! How long do you plan to stay in the ET? At least six months. At most, 2 years. This should be plenty of time to create some great events. Tell me a joke Who's the creepiest guy around? Tythus.
  5. Ok it's late as **** right now so i'm going to make this short and sweet. In the past many (everyone) has been complaining about the lack of VIP perks and why we should donate. Well, recently the fast travel in Adria was removed because civil war and **** and it got me thinking if I were an Aether VIP how dope it would be if I could create a blackmarket tier fast travel and charge like 1-2 mina per trip. With the demand so high to get between those places, you'd be making some good money. This specific example aside, I think an added perk for Bedrock/Aether VIP's maybe allow 1 fast travel to be made to a location of their choosing. Bedrock could be 1 way trip, Aether could be round trip. I dont ******* know just let me know what you think. Thanks for reading tl:dr - bedrock / aether VIPs should get fast travel because they donate loads for your enjoyment
  6. http://blogs.westword.com/latestword/jerry%20seinfeld.jpg After perusing a topic regarding Orcs that claims they are combat super-machines that cannot be beaten in a height contest and have a racial population that knows how to swing a big club around since exiting the womb [ https://www.lordofthecraft.net/topic/116484-so-you-think-you-can-1v1-an-orc/ ], I wanted to discuss Orcs and their unruly proportions further and make my own claim that alot of the characteristics of their race are ridiculous and defy the server's basic laws of physics that are vaguely regarded in role play. Their height has grown too large to be considered realistic or fair anymore. One cannot be over 8 feet tall and properly retain ones' balance consistently enough to where you may match others in combat or other related hostile circumstances. Andre the Giant was famed for his height in his wrestling career, and while this almost inhumane height gave Andre an edge against his opponents, it brought about many physical complications in his life. One prominent example of these complications in question was the fact that blood had difficulty circulating through his person on behalf of his large bodymass. On top of circulatory disfunctions, his gigantism weight put pressure on his skeletal structure. Another example of excessively unhealthy height would be Robert Wadlow who, at over 8 feet tall, was forced to wear leg braces so he may mobilize and died at 22 because of the physical wear that his condition brought about. Now, I'm sure the excuse to match these heights and even pass them would be that this is a fantasy setting where things may be vastly different than the real world - and that is a valid point - but being this tall is going overboard. If someone has reached 8 feet of height, they have literally become a giant. Orcs are not giants, they are savage green people with tusks that stand over the normal height of the other races, but not so severely. At most, the tallest Orc (and I express "tallest" as a rare trait) should be 7 feet tall. This includes Ologs, who in their own right may lean more toward 7 feet because of their written traits. Looking at it from a lore standpoint may further express my view. When the four brothers were brought into existence, Krug was the tallest of them when he still retained his more plain, human-esque features. However, when he was corrupted by the fire of Iblees, he did not grow 2 feet taller. This absurd "balanced gigantism" was not a trait or drawback that Krug's descendants were given through blood. It is a common misconception that began since Aegis and has survived up to here. Cutting a fraction from Orcish height would make them both realistic and able to be understood more as a race. Greenskins are Orcs, not giants.
  7. § Minecraft name(s): DrakeHaze / Omnyaxle § Skype ID: No § Time zone: EST § Have you ever been banned or received a strike? If so, link the report: I don’t have access to it § Do you hold / have you held any other staff positions?: I don’t remember. § What MMORPG/video games have you / do you play? (Past and Present): WoW ArcheAge Dark Souls Elder Scrolls Diablo Dragon Age Mariokart (Honestly, the list is too long. These are examples. I know how to quest okay? I swear on me mum) § What are your characters? Are you willing to sacrifice any to become a Event member? I happen to Roleplay as the greatest character in the history of LoTC, Yukanol Fukov. Yes. § What race / group do you think your events would best cater to? If none in particular, give an example of the type of group that your events would entertain: Orcs and Humans. § What do you believe are key factors for a successful event? Organization Preperation Time management Fun factor Phat loots § When was the last time you saw a event?: Yesterday § What strengths could you contribute to the Event Team? Are you knowledgeable in lore or great at organizing?: I have more knowledge on Orc lore than the entire ET combined +1. I am a man of many traits, most greater than the last. I have allot of time on my hands and did lead a nation, so my organizational skills are through the metaphorical roof. § Why do you want to be part of the ET?: To lead the Orc Antagonist without having to rely on others to pickup the slack. That and to provide fun events to the bored playerbase that is LoTC. § Create three distinct RP scenarios/events that you would organize. These are pitches to the Managers and Kai, not to the community. Note: Not all of the group must be handled at once. Eg: 20+ people via 5 person increments in a dungeon. 1) For 1-3 person 2) For a group of 5-10 3) For a group of 20+ § How long do you plan to stay in the ET?: Majority of 4.0 Mood music provided by Treshure, Breaker of Walls and Banter Princess:
  8. I seriously want to role play a pimp. Not only would it bring can fantastic and lively role play. I would be a good pimp, giving both role play and ooc interviews to my wenches, I would abide by cybering rules. I think people would also like to play brothel wenches too. And feminists who don't want my plans to come to fruition? I am all for equality, but this is a minecraft ROLEPLAYING server. Don't bring Ooc matters into RP. Brothels are legitimate things, that have existed for a loooooooooooooong time. I'll write more but I'm on my phone.
  9. Hecate Acius Nicknames: Cait, Caiti Age: 114 Gender: Female Race: Wood Elf Status Alive and well. Description Height: 5"6 Weight: 127 lbs Body Type: Short and petite. Eyes: A golden amber. Hair: Red Skin: Cinnamon Markings/Tattoos: None Health: Quite healthy. Mostly. Yeah. Not quite right in the head, but she's pretty harmless. Personality: An eccentric girl, she seems, at first glance, to be a bit air-headed, childish and otherwise overly cheerful. She gets strange ideas on occasion and doesn't always seem to be following any rational kind of logic. She is naturally fascinated with how the world and it's various forces work. Doesn't quite fit with the bronze mindset. Just to a fault, honest, and often (to her detriment) blunt. Incredibly loyal to both friends and family, and often has a hard time choosing between the two when they come into conflict, often choosing to abstain from it completely when possible. Recent events have hardened her a bit, causing her to seem more tired, stressed, and mature than usual. Inventory: Nothing much, really. A knife, some alcohol of some sort, occasionally jewels or relics found in her adventures. Now carries around a filtered mask with her in the event of a run-in with rotting bodies, or another event like the plague. Further Details: She's smarter than she looks. As in, a lot smarter. Been raised in a more reserved family, albeit her eccentricities don't always make this completely obvious. Life Style Alignment*: Lawful Neutral Deity*: Yuan Religion: No real name for it yet. Alliance/Nation/Home: The Elven Nation Job/Class: Nothing at the moment. Adventurer and knowledge seeker. Title(s): None. Profession(s): None. Special Skill(s): A powerful memory. Unorthodox problem solving. Agile and nimble. Flaw(s): She doesn't exactly follow normal logic, which can occasionally get her into trouble. Her obliviousness also means she's not exactly the best communicator. Often gets laughed at for her numerous quirks. Her size means she's not particularly physically strong. Can be socially awkward. Magic* Current Status: Has found various sources about how to connect to the void and pull the elements from within. She can connect to the void with relative ease, even with a variety of distractions. Has since cast her first droplet. Sources of Knowledge: http://imgur.com/a/UAYHG (On the Void, Jonathan Elers), http://imgur.com/a/PZA10 (Arcane Magic: Concepts - Kalenz Uradir), http://imgur.com/a/O7Igi (The Elements - Unknown Author), http://imgur.com/a/EEsOf (Evocation - Mythras Ardere), http://imgur.com/a/KJ6fQ (An Introduction to Hydromancy - Rosso (Not so much a tome to learn magic, this one, more just a guide on what may or may not be possible, as he has already explained to others in the past)) Arch-type: Arcane Sub-Type: Water Evocation/Hydromancy Rank: Tier 1 Weakness(es): Fire, Dark Arts Strength(s): Water, Air Current Spell(s): Droplet Weaponry Fighting Style: Either runs and hides or uses the environment to her advantage. Trained Weapon: None. A book, her memory, knowledge, sticks, and bottles of wine. Favored Weapon: None. Archery: The natural affinity of any wood elf. Which is to say, she'd be decent, but she doesn't know such yet. Biography Parents: Solon Acius, father, Mercahe Acius, mother, deceased. Siblings: Hera (Sister) and Ares (Brother) Acius Children: None. Extended Family: Agatha Acius (Grandmother), Cyrus Acius (Grandfather, deceased), Celica Acius (Aunt), Rhea Acius (Aunt), Phanes Acius (Uncle), Neolaia Acius (Adopted Cousin), Thilykos Acius (Adopted Cousin) Pet(s): None. History One of three siblings amongst the Acius family, she was raised in mind with values of self control and restraint, albeit she was a far stranger child than most in her family. After seeing the dramatic and mystical power of various arcane arts, she began, even as a child, to fantasize about having this strange force in her hands. Obsessed with it, her favourite toy as a young child was a small wand. When she was older, at about 25 years of age, the family split up, leaving her lost and disoriented in life. Having little direction in her life but her childhood dreams of magic, she left to make her fortune. She stopped in the Temple of the Monks of the Fringe, to tend to various minor injuries she sustained in the escape from Anthos, but has since then made her way to Lin'ame to find a way in life with her own kinsman. She has since met the majority of her family, barring Celica and Agatha Acius. Finds herself disagreeing with the rivalry a majority of her family holds with the Camoryns, and often meets with them in secret for a drink and a laugh. A bit of a flirt, multiple men have become enamoured with her to an extent. Recently has a haunted look to her eye due to the witness of a brutal murder of an ETHIC's soldier by 3 bandits of unknown affiliation. Has recently cast her first droplet. Her two best friends are Halser Haumel and Aniya Camoryn. Artwork