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  1. “Haha...?” Salavan laughed a hesitant laugh, genuinely uncertain if the ‘thill are legitimate in their claims or if this is some sort of jest. He then consulted his good friend, Edelbert, who told him it was likely they were serious. ”...Oh.”
  2. this wont be a case where its a culture and then becomes a race right then the high elves will get two of those
  3. Salavan came upon the missive, the thinness of it roughly nailed to a wooden board in Ves. He tore it off - there were others, none would miss the newly claimed one much. The ‘ker continued on his way to his shop. Clicked his tongue and proved his respect of the message, folding it neatly into quarters to slip safely into the confines of his robes. “Just in case...”
  4. Will LotC pvp community ever not be utter cringe
  5. sitting outside the interview room. some chick just went in, could see a peek inside and there’s just a black couch, kinda stark-looking room. wish me luck guys 

  6. Salavan bites at the inside of his cheek worriedly. “Whatever-god-or-gods-may-be-listening, spare this city,” he mumbled.
  7. Salavan continues to ponder after having read the entire exchange of three missives. "But... who did formulate the age at which elves are considered adults, and how did they reach their decision logically? And why was it so widely adopted, at that?" Questions which Salavan fears will not be answered...
  8. Salavan squinted and rubbed at his chin. "I wonder, where was the Elven age of adulthood derived from originally?"
  9. Salavan finds the druids have really been busy as of late!
  10. Ford

    Ford's Skin Shop

    @TreeSmoothieMsg me over discord
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