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  1. sitting outside the interview room. some chick just went in, could see a peek inside and there’s just a black couch, kinda stark-looking room. wish me luck guys 

  2. Salavan bites at the inside of his cheek worriedly. “Whatever-god-or-gods-may-be-listening, spare this city,” he mumbled.
  3. Salavan squinted and rubbed at his chin. "I wonder, where was the Elven age of adulthood derived from originally?"
  4. @TreeSmoothieMsg me over discord
  5. @Josh3738 cringe

    1. lev


      The Divine and most serene God Emperor of the Cathant smiles toothily, as yet another ugly scion of Oyashima reveals itself, ready to be crushed!

  6. Salavan wished he had been there, despite his complete and utter ineptitude in battle.
  7. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm............................................................
  8. Go to the top right of the page, click on the arrow beside your forum name (Stormcaller09), and then click “Account Settings” On the left side you’ll see the option “Signature” below “Display Name” and click on that. Put images and text and such there and it’ll show up as a signature in your posts and replies.
  9. first two reqs on my skin shop are getting free skins : ^ ). one spot left

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    2. Ford


      why did you ******* knuckleheads return to this goddamn abyss

    3. Peter Chivay

      Peter Chivay

      Was on my lunch break at work (like I am rn) and decided to check the forums for no apparent reason then I saw steven was on it too so I was like fook let me meme about for a little while

    4. Ford
  10. Here’s examples of my work: https://www.planetminecraft.com/member/ebonsquire/ I’ll take the first three requests, first come, first serve. Give as much detail as you want about the skin in a reply on this thread. Then add me on Discord (Ford#7178) once you’ve posted it. FIRST TWO REQUESTS ARE FREE, OTHERS WILL PAY THE STANDARD FEE. All skins will cost 700 minas. I’ll do the skin, then ask for payment, then give the skin Requests: Apostate Banner Man of Respect LeoRabbit JaketheDog115
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