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  1. simple, but the progression, chord change, keyboard, and just idk everything about it makes me feel warm inside
  2. OI pal i dont LIKE your tone.................................... watch yourself.....
  3. actually a temp map MIGHT be ok
  4. >choosing options C or D at all jesus ******* christ guys are you serious right now
  5. >9 people said "yes" to option D spotted the slow ones
  6. oh no consequences and change to make players closer together on an already large continent and have more roleplay interactions and player density!
  7. Solution A whichever grants us the least amount of cities please dear god the charter system was a mistake
  8. i miss asulon wars
  9. over the past five years ive been on lotc? probably 5-6, i guess. this being my sixth it is my actual number Esry, Heero, AwakenMyLove, and Leric can confirm and idc about being doxxed, but im interested to talk to people from lotc
  10. youre right youre absolutely right, and its become so disgustingly prevalent its a turn off
  11. alright so either ask me any question you want here on the forums or call me up, my # is in my signature and ask any question there : ^ )
  12. Event will be scheduled for the Orcs, as they have found the site first.
  13. yay inflation!