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  1. What did the cripple say to the madman? 

  2. [✓] Space; From Within the Void

    i am in 0 staff chats, both skype and discord also: original or rebuild? edit: wait were you joking and im just too avtistic to sense it
  3. [✓] Space; From Within the Void

    oh i see it's like some evangelion **** where the first beings (creator) planted the egg of horen, krug, urguan and malin on multiple planets and not just one and now there's going to be one more technologically advanced then us and they come from space and they're elves because elves outclass the other three on this one planet and they go to conquer other worlds and then now we have a space elf antag spicy
  4. [Addition] Replicants

    >more end games : ^ (
  5. [MArt] The CS Tome

    >using voidal magic for a druid artifact nani desu ka?
  6. I liked something a friend of mine described as a spellsword, and I think it's p. fair. Be able to retain proficient fighting ability and mass, use lighter weapons (quarterstaves, staffs, shortswords, arming swords), only wear leather padding and light chainmail here and there, and you can only go up to T4 in one magic. That's a good set of parameters to be considered a spellsword, honestly.
  7. I am the Sculptor, I am the Clay, with a weight in my hand, today is my day.

    1. Ad_Victorium/Hero


      An intellectual and deep life question, yet so simple at the same time...