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  1. House Cantwell (Players Needed)

    What the absolute ****?
  2. Moodboards

  3. -1 you know what you did, mate. @GrimReaper98
  4. [WIP] Graven Re-Write.

    Were gravens weak before? They seemed pretty average to me, and could even use magic. But yeah wights/mystics shouldn't have to create a graven, gravens should occur when someone's task has not been completed and their will is great enough to manifest as a graven in order to complete it so they can fug off from ghostdom

    "Uh-oh!" exclaims Veidan in fear!
  6. Discussion on Closing City Gates

    >close gates to protect active roleplayers from raids >city goes inactive >raids get goin' >get raided until it goes inactive
  7. Lore Amendment: Voidal Magic

    being a heavy magic user is a declaration of homosexuality
  8. "Didn't two of your officials or royalty attend the ceremony and stop by to tell the high princess that they were proud of our attempts at Elven unification? What the hell?!" Veidan exclaims, clenching his fists in frustration.
  9. [Rules] PK clauses for NL

    woah nation leaders obsessed with power who go out of their way oocly to ensure their inactive or dying nations are kept alive no matter what and not letting them die off respectfully dont want their character to be pk'd through legitimate roleplay? damn! surprising, fams!
  10. Lore Amendment: Frost Witches

    im not sure about the forced thing, i was quite sure frost witches arent turned by force but they have to accept the gift, though i might be wrong about that though @Demotheusthe uuuuuuuh analogy is a bit odd because you dont **** cows, marry cows, have cows cheat on you, be a widower to a cow, cows dont try and kill you and are scared of you and what not so i SORT OF kind of get what you're sayin
  11. Lore Amendment: Frost Witches there is nothing explicitly saying "you cant **** men or have relationships with them" but everything im reading is pretty much saying "they think men are cattle and will eat them unless they can spot out their disguise, in which case they would give the favors" And I'm fine with frost witches being sociopaths, manipulative, using men to their own end if it means getting them their next meal or ensuring that their coven remains alive. What I don't understand is how they can get into a genuine relationship with men, have genuine sympathy/compassion and have sexual intercourse with them
  12. Lore Amendment: Frost Witches

    youre right its quite unfortunate when randos decide to just say **** it to the original lore and disrespect the lore writer and the effort they spent into trying to create something interesting because they want to engage in odd sexual intercourse with their frost bodies
  13. Lore Amendment: Frost Witches

    you can have plenty of interesting characters that dont **** men or are in genuine relationships with one And yes this is serious @zaezae
  14. Lore Amendment: Frost Witches

    Good idea, though if it were up to me I believe that such tremendous decisions such as becoming a frost witch should be punished if the player OOCly decides "nah i dont like this path", let them actually use the marbles in their head to think about whether or not a character will go through with it. Make the frost curse permanent. make love for men or anything else completely impossible, make them sociopathic, manipulative, flesh-hungry sisterhoods of ice magic casting that work to keep their coven alive and spread.
  15. lore amendment: i think it would be great if frost witches couldnt have emotions such as love and compassion and sympathy for men, also that they should go ravenous when in the presence of male flesh, or rather they should be hooked on trying to seduce them to somewhere else and eat them, also can we make it so that men cannot have sex with frost witches