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  1. Ford

    The Coailiton of Renatus.

    Based and... Dare I say it...?
  2. Ford

    [✗] [Magic Lore] -- Weirhency

    I thought that originally Weirhents were meant to be necromancers who are more keen on redirecting lifeforce to maintain a balance with nature and man and now I’m remembering necromancy was shelved. Shame
  3. Ford

    On the Topic of Shitty Map Names

    You're trying to find quality, talent and passion in lotc that you just won't find anymore
  4. 5'5 with a flat ass but big breasts, or 6'2 with a fat ass and no breasts?



  5. Ford

    The End of The ET & The New Team System

    Wait, what the ****, this guy was a director? Who the **** made Treatycole an ET director?
  6. Ford

    Transition Mishap

  7. Ford

    Dragonslayerelf's Resignation

    Was it also because bigcrazy BTFO your previous thread with his 40 rep comment too Honestly I can’t blame you Take care

    1. Space


      i know that reference

  9. Ford

    when you don't play lotc

    when you quit lotc for good
  10. A mali'ame carved away at a piece of lumber, seated on a stump in forestry beyond the mortal plane. His careful work over the course of many, many years gave way to the intricately detailed shape of a certain elven woman with a staff and long flowing hair. Once finished, he set it beside a completed wooden effigy of a Highlander with a short beard, stern eyes, and crossed arms donning light armor and twin blades on his back. And he stood next to a carved depiction of a gruff half-elf standing resolute with two sheathed swords on his back, as well. The sculptor picked up another log and contemplated his next subject.
  11. Ford

    Counting of Elves (Results!)

    >no subrace - 7% what >"other subrace" - 5% what the ****
  12. This person is not mentally fit to be on ET. Please, do not accept. On second thought, by denying Luv, you either ensure that the quality of the ET remains the same as it is (******* awful) with a slight chance of becoming better. Or, you accept them and they actually do pretty well (surprisingly) or even does an excellent job (unsure of this possibility) and the quality of the ET goes up from ******* awful to just overall being lukewarm. Or, you accept Luv and they do horrendously and show just how corrupt and incompetent they are, therefore adding more ammunition to show that they should NOT be on any staff team, and thus will no longer be allowed to poison the community through their shitty behavior and pex abuse because they’ll be blacklisted permanently(?). It’s a win-win, either way.
  13. Ford

    Enforce Aging or Remove Age Limits

    A based and redpilled response, I wholeheartedly agree. Yeah, and this sucks because typically the unspoken agreement is “this person is obsessed/too attached to their character and is probably a massive ****” Except I don’t believe we should just ignore this, and fill in the blanks. Good stories can pull that “fill in the blank” card, but this isn’t really that kind of scenario. It’s just laziness, and attachment derived from wish fulfillment. All it takes to break this is “Wow, you lived for 250 years and you’re a human? How are you still alive?!” and then we now have to break the flow of RP to OOCly tell this person “just forget about that” which will lead to confusion and likely more questions, as opposed to just having this character be dead. The more things we get rid of that have to have people resort to OOC debates, the better. “And never should be” Disagree heavily with this statement. Don’t accept mediocrity.