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  1. Infernic Castors; Firearms

    sort yourself out, phil
  2. Political Compass thread

    my nibbus.....
  3. Lotc Show Yourself Thread II

    here's me with after not getting a cut for a bit
  4. Post your playlist

    @Kinslayer i can really tell that you like male singers and guitars lmao all in all, everything is well composed, but it's not what im usually into two things i did like was Border Line by King Krule and My Jinji by Sunset Rollercoaster (which i added to my playlist)
  5. Post your playlist

    i ******* hate youtube they removed the setting that lets you share your watch later playlist and also you cant even bulk move all the watch later videos to a playlist **** youtube goddamn @Spacethere i fixed it
  6. Post your playlist

    >only having 48 artists total in your playlist such a ******* pleb
  7. Post your playlist

    what's your favorite hentai/doujin

    on your last profile pic who was that girl where does she come from can you give me the source brother @Harrison
  10. stop trying to bait my profile pictures out scum, im forced to stick to sfw now

    1. Ford


      yo can you hook me up with the source though bro please help a bro out bro

  11. An eye opening event!

    Veidan winces at the sight of the word 'Warhawke'. "Eugh..."
  12. dear kyle, or dpm

    these are some inside memes that go down in TS/private Discords and skype chats and then you guys try and bring it here to public, it's going to be weird as **** inside memes are inside memes for a reason