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  1. Ford

    when you don't play lotc

    when you quit lotc for good
  2. A mali'ame carved away at a piece of lumber, seated on a stump in forestry beyond the mortal plane. His careful work over the course of many, many years gave way to the intricately detailed shape of a certain elven woman with a staff and long flowing hair. Once finished, he set it beside a completed wooden effigy of a Highlander with a short beard, stern eyes, and crossed arms donning light armor and twin blades on his back. And he stood next to a carved depiction of a gruff half-elf standing resolute with two sheathed swords on his back, as well. The sculptor picked up another log and contemplated his next subject.
  3. Ford

    Counting of Elves (Results!)

    >no subrace - 7% what >"other subrace" - 5% what the ****
  4. This person is not mentally fit to be on ET. Please, do not accept. On second thought, by denying Luv, you either ensure that the quality of the ET remains the same as it is (******* awful) with a slight chance of becoming better. Or, you accept them and they actually do pretty well (surprisingly) or even does an excellent job (unsure of this possibility) and the quality of the ET goes up from ******* awful to just overall being lukewarm. Or, you accept Luv and they do horrendously and show just how corrupt and incompetent they are, therefore adding more ammunition to show that they should NOT be on any staff team, and thus will no longer be allowed to poison the community through their shitty behavior and pex abuse because they’ll be blacklisted permanently(?). It’s a win-win, either way.
  5. Ford

    Redemption for Incompetence

    absolutely based and redpilled st*ffoids that display disgusting behavior like this need to be permanently blacklisted from ever being on st*ff. but unfortunately st*ff that have exhibited disgusting behavior and still do are high up and will allow horrid players to be on st*ff It’s hard to get change when you can’t gut the rotten who enable mediocrity I’m not particularly fond of the Orcish playerbase based on the beyond subpar roleplay they’ve provided and the shitty ooc attitude they’ve taken in the past (and likely still have a bit of now), but hopefully they can change. Since they’ve got enough players, they need the tile. Don’t shaft them.
  6. Ford

    Enforce Aging or Remove Age Limits

    A based and redpilled response, I wholeheartedly agree. Yeah, and this sucks because typically the unspoken agreement is “this person is obsessed/too attached to their character and is probably a massive ****” Except I don’t believe we should just ignore this, and fill in the blanks. Good stories can pull that “fill in the blank” card, but this isn’t really that kind of scenario. It’s just laziness, and attachment derived from wish fulfillment. All it takes to break this is “Wow, you lived for 250 years and you’re a human? How are you still alive?!” and then we now have to break the flow of RP to OOCly tell this person “just forget about that” which will lead to confusion and likely more questions, as opposed to just having this character be dead. The more things we get rid of that have to have people resort to OOC debates, the better. “And never should be” Disagree heavily with this statement. Don’t accept mediocrity.
  7. Use three adjectives to describe your character’s favorite weapon. 

  8. Ford

    Racial Buffs

    There has been 0 (zero) enjoyable warclaims that have occurred after the implementation of racial buffs. All of the memorable, great warclaims occurred when things were vanilla, and there were no buffs.
  9. Ford

    The September Prince Eventline

    these are the events new players are taking as the benchmark of good
  10. "Well they did it so we should do it too" one of the weakest excuses I've ever heard, that doesn't justify fabricating world lore very disappointed in the quality of writing
  11. Blood magic is considered a grey magic, not inherently evil but not good either. Blood mages aren’t really considered spooks, unless they use it in tandem with being one of the things Brazilianski listed.
  12. alright but for real when did the writhing chaos section happen anyone actually know?
  13. The excessive amount of numbers and other logistics and **** in for this magical lore is astounding, quite possibly one of the funniest forum posts of this year https://gyazo.com/e1671cabaa911c836de9921543f4b04b when run through a word counter, this lore does definitely have a general theme so i guess that’s commendable Also, seriously, when did this passage below ever happen? It came from the Void. A writhing, fleshy creature of endless eyes and fangs like a serpent’s littered its gaping maw. Chaos had been given form, and a voracious appetite that could not be satiated by all the aengulic realms it doubtlessly passed on its way to ours. It was the scholars of men that laid eyes upon it first and likened it to a cosmic comet. But then it grew larger and larger as the days and hours passed by until its size rivaled the holy moon. Time was not a luxury we had. From first sight to assured panic, less than a week had gone by. The Writhing Chaos would surely destroy this realm and all its denizens. All our histories, and our futures, doomed to the silence between its marbled teeth. And then we saw her. Like the sun rising from the horizon, the Archaengul arose from the lightened side of the moon in her full and unblemished glory; a shimmering silhouette of pallid moonlight that burned away the darkness of the deep sky. Her hands arose to greet the Writhing Chaos as it loomed near, her pale visage unwavering as a divine white light spurred to life betwixt our goddess’ fingers. Growing in size, and in strength, we each felt the cold sting of absence as our fires left us and were called to a greater purpose. The Living Flame was the last. In one final, blinding flash of moon fire, the Writhing Chaos that threatened our realm was stricken down by a convergence of our flames and our matron’s divinity. What little remained of the terrible beast smoldered as white flame singed its surface away.
  14. Ford

    EtherealPvP's Event Team Actor application

    When I refer to rewarding neglect/disrespect of events is, essentially, you don’t need to respect players if they don’t respect what you’re trying to do. A relationship should be based on mutual cooperation and respect. It’s not necessarily something I picked up from your application, more of a tip I just threw in. It really depends on what kind of person you are, but if you notice a good portion of players are clearly not showing appreciation for your efforts, I would personally just ghost them, or not do an event for them in the future unless they show better behavior. This comes from witnessing event team members continuing events even when players are clearly not feeling, or are going so far as to just troll during the scenario. In the end, they still receive their cool little RP item reward, or what have you. Players don't deserve anything, even useful/magical/rare items after an event (especially if they’ve been rude), no matter how lengthy --not to say you can't give items, of course. I’d recommend not handing them out every event, however. In addition, consider having items in events be granted naturally. Instead of doing a “final boss loot drop” or something like that, allow players to have to actively interact with the environment or with ETPCs to gain items. This requires making a lot of items beforehand, but they’re primarily mundane, or they can be more complex depending on what your event is. Let’s say your character is with a party, going to enter a bandit camp to save a noble’s son. Instead of having every bandit be a random mook to cut down, give them personality, but also set them up with a diverse item set. Maybe one guy has chainmail on him, another has leather and a coif. One has a bow, the other a dagger. Maybe some trinkets, like a silver chain necklace. Sure, players can kill them, but they have to actually emote looting/searching them. The bandit leader could have a useful RP item, but it’d feel unnatural to go through a bunch of bandits and then the party gets to just open a chest of treasures without the other bandits having anything on them, if you can get what I mean.