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  1. This war was solely used as a rep machine for people to farm rep from posts made on either side about the war.


    Now you know the drive behind each and every single one of these wars. Forum reputation and player social status.

    1. NotEvilAtAll


      If it weren’t for all the propaganda and smugposting on the forums, maybe wars on this server would actually be tolerable.

  2. weebs deserve the guillotine
  3. ww2buff has upped his retort/quip game

    1. KiausT


      Woof, that’s ruff

    2. Aeldrin


      what did i do

  4. Ford

    Come and See

    A wood elf in a forest beyond the mortal plane set down the finished carving of an infamous high elven tyrant. He then picked up another log, and began to work on fashioning a statue of a bronze-clad, spear-wielding warrior.
  5. @Whiplash Redpill me on the spoiler in PMs...

  6. imagine the stench

  7. Ford

    Where a Phoenix Rises

    A wood elf in a forest beyond the mortal realm feels an odd sense of regret.
  8. when are you going to get rid of the plugin on the forums that censors swear words
  9. Do something more useful like learning how to speak a new language
  10. Based and... Dare I say it...?
  11. I thought that originally Weirhents were meant to be necromancers who are more keen on redirecting lifeforce to maintain a balance with nature and man and now I’m remembering necromancy was shelved. Shame
  12. 5'5 with a flat ass but big breasts, or 6'2 with a fat ass and no breasts?



    1. Burnsy


      First my dude.

    2. Bluee



    3. Elennanore
  13. Was it also because bigcrazy BTFO your previous thread with his 40 rep comment too Honestly I can’t blame you Take care
  14. how do you feel about your future?  

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