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Found 1 result

  1. (( Note Basically I can do one of two things. Make a song playable with figura with high levels of customisation. Or make a non-figura song you can play on the noteblock piano if it's possible. _________________________________________________________ Figura I have over the years acquired a certain set of skills. I will transcribe a song for you. And I will customize it for you. Jokes aside, i can do pretty much any popular song, change the instruments if wanted for parts in it, even make it into noteblock sounds. Solo's, duet's, symphony's, all doable. I can edit the notes in the song, as well as add or remove parts. If you want a model of the instrument with it, it may take me a very small time to learn how to make them in blockbench. The lua and song part I have down. Here's the app for me making a song. I can also sell a version where you can play 9 or 18 or 20 different notes on command. Like a actual piano. Though with the 18 and 20 version you WILL need to swap common keybinds. It is definitely possible to play normally with this active (I do it fine. Just takes a little getting used to.). If you need a layout I can help. These songs and the manual play model come with a Minecraft written book with the sheet music needed to play it. How the songs work are you simply press a selected keybinds, and the song plays. If manual, you use your computer keyboard like a piano keyboard. Example of dueling banjos made into noteblock sounds. (Please listen to at least 40 seconds in. Starts slow, gets awesome at 36 seconds.) https://music.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLnnQTEzmSnxyMGQMfYuOCJZgl3t6y0vHz&si=b1ybnVtB7uPLuKjd (Note: I'll be locking down the folder with the figura stuff just so no one copys them and the work I did inside it. Still deletable and movable etc. I don't know what's common with commissions. If it's a trust thing, not, or either. So until someone tells me otherwise, that's how I'm doing it.) Song commission application: IGN: Discord: What is the name of the song: Do you want the whole song? Or a certain part?: Do you want a realistic sounding song? Or using Minecraft noteblock sounds(guitar,banjo,harp,flute, etc.)?: (For manual playing) Do you want it playable on 9 notes, 18, or 20(may or may not be possible depending on which)?: Do you want a instrument model with it?(may take a small bit for me to learn blockbench and make the model. Or you can provide your own.): What is your mina budget?: (Non manual) what key do you want to be pressed to make this work (numbers and letters only)?: Any other special requests( any customisation to the song? Changing parts instruments, adding things in, taking things out, anything really.) ?: ______________________________________________________________________ Non-Figura I can possibly transcribe noteblock piano songs. These are both playable on the noteblock pianos I build and on the figura manual play model. There again is the 9 notes build, 18 note build, and 20 note build. Noteblock songs will be written in a Minecraft book in a way you can follow and play them with. Some Songs may or may not be possible with this. Noteblock piano will come with the song. It will be cheaper if you already have one. A book will come with it as well telling you everything you need to know about it. Tuning, placement, etc. How the noteblock piano works is noteblocks are arranged in front of you in the easiest way to hit them in any pattern. You basically click the one which corresponds to the note you want to play. Ex. 9 notes piano. LotR concerning hobbits. Song commission application: IGN: Discord: What is the name of the song: Do you want the whole song? Or a certain part?: What Minecraft noteblock sound for your noteblock piano? (guitar,banjo,harp,flute, etc.)?: Do you want it playable on 9 notes, 18, or 20(may or may not be possible depending on which)?: What is your mina budget?: Any other special requests?: _________________________________________________________________ My contacts: IGN: Sofetios Discord: sofetios Feel free to message me. ))
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