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  1. 𝕱𝖔𝖗𝖒𝖆𝖑 𝕯𝖊𝖈𝖑𝖆𝖗𝖆𝖙𝖎𝖔𝖓 𝖔𝖋 𝖂𝖆𝖗 𝕿𝖔𝖕 𝕾𝖍𝖊𝖑𝖋 - 𝕯𝖆𝖆𝖍𝖉 𝕲𝖔𝖇𝖑𝖎𝖓 𝕮𝖎𝖙𝖞 𝕽𝖊𝖈𝖔𝖗𝖉𝖘 (𝕺𝕾𝕬) @femurlord
  2. 𝔅𝔦𝔯𝔡𝔦𝔫𝔤 𝔊𝔞𝔰𝔥𝔞𝔡𝔞𝔨𝔲𝔯𝔬 𝔇𝔞𝔞𝔥𝔡'𝔏𝔲𝔯 (𝔑𝔬 ℜ𝔢𝔩𝔞𝔱𝔦𝔬𝔫) 𝙶𝙾𝙱𝙻𝙸𝙽 𝙲𝙸𝚃𝚈 𝙽𝙴𝚃𝚆𝙾𝚁𝙺 @femurlord
  3. Dancing Gobbo first steps! 2nd of Snow's Maiden, SA 172 On the corners and blank spaces ot the pages there are scribbles that resemble notes and diagrams about music. I have always appreciated the Yar tradition of learning to sing and play and dance freely as part of our rituals, and sometimes I wanted to organize a group ritual to participate and play, but always felt that something was missing. I wanted the music to feel more...powerful? Maybe more special, and a way to give more importance to this aspect of our clan. I was wandering in Nor-Velyth (very peaceful place, maybe less sand and bone-trees than desirable, but the colorful trees are nice) and came across a strange place: it looked like a place for music and art rituals, but instead of an altar I saw a large stage and some tables, like a tavern. Inside there was Glorier, my now bardmancy teacher, that was teaching some more advanced magic to another student. It was an unexpectingly war welcome, since my people and elves usually don't get along very well. In fact she claimed that It was a long time since she had seen another gobbo getting into bardmancy. The first thing she thaught me was finding my "inner mana" to connect to the magic. As a shaman, I get my magic from the power of the spirits, not from me, so it was quite an adjustment do make: it took me a couple tries to get it right, but i found that concentrating on a fond memory of music helped me in this task. What's the memory you might ask? Well that's too private even for my own diary! I will just say that the desert has the best acoustics... Anyway, now i'll need to practice this meditation thing till the next lesson, there's still a long journey ahead. may Brimztra guide my music!
  4. Commissions Open As of 2/12 I will be opening commissions for music, more information will be found below. Commission Rules and Standards Commissions will be open to all users, although I retain right to deny or accept commissions as I see fit. Music is a delicate thing, and hard to simply "create," it is important to find a topic that is **INTERESTING** to be put into song. All music will be published to my YouTube and shared to you via the link; thumbnail or visuals will either be provided by you for the video or created by me (we will discuss.) As a special note, romantic music will be accepted but only if both parties agree to the concept of the music; I will not be writing angsty or weird music. While I appreciate your money, I have standards. Examples of acceptable requests are below. Nation Anthems / Anthems for Noble Houses Ballads (battles, cool exchanges, heroic deeds) Romantic Songs (see above.) Pricing Prices will vary depending on product, if the work is made completely from scratch (I.E chords, tune, words written by me) it will cost more than music which takes the chords and tune from songs in the public domain. As example below is work written and created entirely by myself, and work that was made using the tune and phrasing from a work in the public domain. Because of this, no prices will be listed here as it is not possible to give, but expect to be paying more for work written entirely from scratch and not taking tune from other songs. OOC Contact Information: IGN: Sean_VEVO / SeanVEVO2 Discord: Sean_VEVO Temporary Message: Rest easy Collationers, your mina will not be going to Radmir Montalt. (peace be upon him)
  5. A Lost Uruk Shanty A barnacle-encrusted glass bottle was washed ashore and catched the cutrosity of a fishing goblin. He opened the bottle with great effort, and the pure smell of the sea invaded his senses. inside, there was a small and mois piece of parchment, with words followed by a written melody that went like this: Mi grukked mi heard the Old Yar say "Keep her, Krughai, keep her" Tomorrow ye will get lats pay And it's tik for uz to keep her keep her, Krughai, keep her Oh, keep her, Krughai, keep her For the voyage iz long and the windz will blow And it's tik for uz to keep her Oh, the wind waz foul and the sea ran high Keep her, Krughai, keep her She shipped it green and none went by And it's tik for uz to keep her Keep her, Krughai, keep her Oh, keep her, Krughai, keep her For the voyage iz long and the windz will blow And it's tik for uz to keep her Mi luv to sail on this rotten tub Keep her, Krughai, keep her All grog allowed and rotten grub And it's tik for uz to keep her Keep her, Krughai, keep her Oh, keep her, Krughai, keep her For the voyage iz long and the windz will blow And it's tik for uz to keep her We swear by rote for want of more Keep her, Krughai, keep her But now we're through so we'll go on shore And it's tik for uz to keep her Keep her, Krughai, keep her Oh, keep her, Krughai, keep her For the voyage iz long and the windz will blow And it's tik for uz to keep her
  6. (( Note Basically I can do one of two things. Make a song playable with figura with high levels of customisation. Or make a non-figura song you can play on the noteblock piano if it's possible. _________________________________________________________ Figura I have over the years acquired a certain set of skills. I will transcribe a song for you. And I will customize it for you. Jokes aside, i can do pretty much any popular song, change the instruments if wanted for parts in it, even make it into noteblock sounds. Solo's, duet's, symphony's, all doable. I can edit the notes in the song, as well as add or remove parts. If you want a model of the instrument with it, it may take me a very small time to learn how to make them in blockbench. The lua and song part I have down. Here's the app for me making a song. I can also sell a version where you can play 9 or 18 or 20 different notes on command. Like a actual piano. Though with the 18 and 20 version you WILL need to swap common keybinds. It is definitely possible to play normally with this active (I do it fine. Just takes a little getting used to.). If you need a layout I can help. These songs and the manual play model come with a Minecraft written book with the sheet music needed to play it. How the songs work are you simply press a selected keybinds, and the song plays. If manual, you use your computer keyboard like a piano keyboard. Example of dueling banjos made into noteblock sounds. (Please listen to at least 40 seconds in. Starts slow, gets awesome at 36 seconds.) https://music.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLnnQTEzmSnxyMGQMfYuOCJZgl3t6y0vHz&si=b1ybnVtB7uPLuKjd (Note: I'll be locking down the folder with the figura stuff just so no one copys them and the work I did inside it. Still deletable and movable etc. I don't know what's common with commissions. If it's a trust thing, not, or either. So until someone tells me otherwise, that's how I'm doing it.) Song commission application: IGN: Discord: What is the name of the song: Do you want the whole song? Or a certain part?: Do you want a realistic sounding song? Or using Minecraft noteblock sounds(guitar,banjo,harp,flute, etc.)?: (For manual playing) Do you want it playable on 9 notes, 18, or 20(may or may not be possible depending on which)?: Do you want a instrument model with it?(may take a small bit for me to learn blockbench and make the model. Or you can provide your own.): What is your mina budget?: (Non manual) what key do you want to be pressed to make this work (numbers and letters only)?: Any other special requests( any customisation to the song? Changing parts instruments, adding things in, taking things out, anything really.) ?: ______________________________________________________________________ Non-Figura I can possibly transcribe noteblock piano songs. These are both playable on the noteblock pianos I build and on the figura manual play model. There again is the 9 notes build, 18 note build, and 20 note build. Noteblock songs will be written in a Minecraft book in a way you can follow and play them with. Some Songs may or may not be possible with this. Noteblock piano will come with the song. It will be cheaper if you already have one. A book will come with it as well telling you everything you need to know about it. Tuning, placement, etc. How the noteblock piano works is noteblocks are arranged in front of you in the easiest way to hit them in any pattern. You basically click the one which corresponds to the note you want to play. Ex. 9 notes piano. LotR concerning hobbits. Song commission application: IGN: Discord: What is the name of the song: Do you want the whole song? Or a certain part?: What Minecraft noteblock sound for your noteblock piano? (guitar,banjo,harp,flute, etc.)?: Do you want it playable on 9 notes, 18, or 20(may or may not be possible depending on which)?: What is your mina budget?: Any other special requests?: _________________________________________________________________ My contacts: IGN: Sofetios Discord: sofetios Feel free to message me. ))
  7. Children of Valdev A round in two parts From the Book of Valdev Written and performed by the scribe Grisell Balfour Lyrics Round, round, round they go, Heading where? I do not know Through the town and square they flow Starring role of everyone’s show Loud, loud, loud are they For what purpose? I could not say Covered in mud, and seeds, and hay To them the world’s their personal play Quiet, quiet, quiet please There’s been enough frivolity I need fine wine and strongest cheese That I may write my books in peace.
  8. Seeking to elevate your event with enchanting music? Look no further! I am Rosalin Remetio, a skilled harpist and pianist, ready to infuse your gathering with enchanting songs. My performances are curated to imbue any occasion - be it a lavish ball, an opulent banquet, a momentous wedding, a jubilant festival, or any other celebration deserving of splendor. Songs I Offer My area of expertise lies in classical songs, including Bach's delightful Minuet and the timeless Scarborough Fair. However, I am always eager to expand my repertoire to tailor the music to your specific desires. If there is a particular song close to your heart, I shall invest my time to master it for your occasion, though I kindly request a minimum of four days to ensure a flawless performance. Pricing Allow me to humbly present my pricing. For each song, the starting price is 8 minas, encompassing the meticulous preparation, the transformation of the song into minecraft note block notes, providing my own exquisitely tuned piano and the mastery of the music itself. However, should your desired song prove to be more complicated or should you seek a custom song on a tighter schedule, the price shall naturally adjust to ensure the utmost quality and dedication. Thank you for considering my humble contribution to your momentous occasion and If perchance I have piqued your interest, reach out to me though aviary. I eagerly await the opportunity to infuse your event with the magic of music and create a wonderful experience. With the utmost sincerity and passion, Rosalin Remetio
  9. Musik dlum ve Koeng With great sorrow and darkness that the people of Hanseti-Ruska received the notice of their King and leader, Georg I, passing onto the Seven Skies. With such, the composer and musician Hamish Kortrevich took it upon himself to compose a funeral march that would honour the memory of the late monarch. May the King rest in peace in the arms of Godan.
  10. Put down your favorite song at this moment in the comments like it's a Spotify Blend Playlist! Let's see who really has the best taste, I'll start.
  11. Threat By Hamish Markus Kortrevich For the people of Balian IIt had been quite a while since the Haeseni musician and composer had seemingly vanished from the public eye as he attempted to find inspiration for his future pieces. He wandered, he traveled and he investigated, but it was one notice that helped him find what he was looking for: The Kingdom of Balian was under a looming threat it had never experienced, that being the Cloudbreaker. Without being able to take the issue away from his mind, the Kortrevich Lord would thus return to his office and set to work in order to orchestrate said threat into a musical piece with the instruments and harmonies available, aiming to portray the story of a potential outcome onto the notes.
  12. Dear Analiesa!: A Hyspian Song by Princess Sofia Camila Valentina Isidora Ravn de Pelear written in celebration of the Princess Royal Analiesa Josefina Barbanov-Bihar as a wedding gift of the ages! ♪ Dear Analiesa Querida Analiesa Sing me a dream Cántame un sueño The only Princess of Haense wedding La boda de la única Princesa de Haense With family held dear Con la familia querida And corset strung tight Y corsé apretado Hear the cries of the peoples delight Escucha los gritos de deleite del pueblo ♩ ♪ Dear Analiesa Querida Analiesa Dons a veil Se pone un velo As she floats down the aisle Mientras ella flota por el pasillo Dashing husband in wait Esposo apuesto al acecho Now is the time to celebrate! ¡Ahora es el momento de celebrar! ♩ ♪ Dear Analiesa Querida Analiesa Hear me sing Escúchame cantar May you have a blessed family Que tengas una familia bendecida And make a magnificent team! ¡Y hagáis un magnífico equipo! ♩ ♪ Dear Analiesa Querida Analiesa May you gleam Que brilles A cherubim ceremony! ¡Una ceremonia de querubines! ♩
  13. "Deep in that realm, the Prince does slumber With royal mane of leaf and umber. When the days turn long, the sun's veil of fire awakens summertime from the Lion's choir." Excerpt from the Faerie Tale of Majira, the Midsummer Prince _______________________________________ ________________________ The Sixth Moon of the Lunar Calendar of Faeries is known as the Lion Moon, named for the likeness of the druidic fable of Majira, a great lion thought to guard the Court of the Fae Queen. Majira slumbers most of the year at the entrance to the Verdant Glade, where he rests after his yearly roar that brings the crescendo of summer to the realm. He is thought to be the father of the PrideMother fae spirits, roaming hunters of mischievous faeries and trespassing spirits of draoi, and a patron of wild and domesticated feline companions to descendants alike. With Majira's watchful eyes holding the light of dusk and dawn, it is storied that witnessing reflective eyes of cats big and small is a sure sign that there are foul magics or dark spirits afoot. When the Stormtreader stags cascade their cacophony of thunder and rain during the Fifth moon of the calendar, Majira will awaken and loft his head high. His roar shakes the realms of the Forest and Descendants, rich ribbons of summertime season weaving nature's crescendo into the land and sky. Exhausted, the Great Lion shakes his mane, billowing sweltering breeze to shoo away summer storms that have overstayed their welcome. The oceans begin to stir with life, and the world bears summer fruit of sweet nourishment. Then, the Midsummer Prince returns to rest, so that he might regain his spirit to bring the next year's summer. The Pridemother's Chant, Song of the Midsummer Dance Lye orrarae, Maln! (We hunt, Father!) Lye orrarae karinte, Maln! (We are going hunting, Father!) Il'Kaean narnae, larionn'an, lye orrarae karinte! (Come with us, sisters, we are going hunting!) Lye! Uhierae, ehierae! Lye! Uhierae, ehierae! (The people!) (We seek, we find!) Maruriar, Maln! (Roar, Father!) Lye! Haelun, kaean annil! Lye! Haelun, myumier ito! (The people!) (Mother, guide us! Mother, carry us (to it)!) Ito orrarae! (Here, we hunt!) Oh, draoi uhierae! (Oh, we hunt evil!) A painting of Mother Circle druids partaking in the Midsummer Dance In the Mother Circle, a great celebration is held in honor of this story during the phases of the Lion Moon. Known as the Midsummer Dance, performers travel dressed as Majira and his pride of daughters to spread the joys and beliefs of summertime according to druidic values. The chiefest display involves firedancing, a great demonstration of the story of Majira in the form of a traveling performance and feast. Adorned in bright summer colors and masks of the Midsummer Prince and his hunting pride of daughters, the druids of the circle travel the world to instill strength and faith into those that aim to preserve nature. Summer fruits and laurels are few of many gifts brought to a communal feast, while stories of great accomplishments for the preservation of the balance are shared. While Summer is indeed a season of vitality and strength, it is also a season where the weak perish. When the Mother Circle celebrates the Midsummer Dance, they are praying for the wisdom and strength of the hardy spirits of summer. Wise druids know that no season truly holds an era of quiet when it comes to the protection of the balance, and the summer heat often proves harshest to many. Celebrating the Midsummer Dance and feast forges bonds that many wish to maintain in solidarity of the hard work yet to come.
  14. Dlum Koeng, Dlum Karos For King, For Honour It had already been a few months since the passing of the late King Sigismund III onto the Seven Skies. Bitter, mournful, sorrowful months which the old musician used in order to compose a piece, one to honour him, to praise him, to thank him fot the certainly good reign he had fulfilled as the ruler of Hanseti-Ruska "Krusae Zwy Kongzem" could be heard quietly from the mouths of each of the performers upon finishing
  15. HANSETI-RUSKAN WORKS: ART, LITERATURE, AND MUSIC TABLE OF CONTENTS Songs I. The Haeseni Soldier II. Deryzcz III. Home Across the Mountains IV. The Road to War V. Ode to The Fallen Artwork I. The Siege of Southbridge Poems I. Beneath the Willow Tree II. Gone III. The Perfect Flower IV. Desiring V. Palace of Haverlock SONGS I. The Haeseni Soldier (link) A farmer’s boy with little worth, goes to the army. He joins the soldiers on a march, as his mother prays at home. A farmer’s boy, a soldier boy, wields his long sword bravely. He trains and trains until he faints, and his brothers treat him gently. A farmer’s boy, a soldier boy, his head held high and mighty. He fights for those he loves at home, although it pains him greatly. A farmer’s boy, a soldier boy, is now an admired sergeant. He trains his fellow soldiers, and prays they come back home A farmer’s boy, a soldier boy fights the gruesome wars, And although his mother prays at home, her soldier boy is gone A farmer’s boy, a soldier boy, drifts into the skies. His life was worth so very much, and his brothers cries his name A farmer’s boy, a soldier boy, looks down upon the army. He hopes they keep on fighting, as their Koeng needs them greatly By Her Ladyship, Erika Renate Barclay II. Deryzcz (link) By His Highness, Gustaf Sigismund Morovar III. Home Across the Mountains (link) By Firr Feodor May IV. The Road to War (link) By Firr Feodor May V. Ode to the Fallen (link) By Firr Feodor May ARTWORK I. The Siege of Southbridge (link) By Her Ladyship, Sofiya Antonia vas Ruthern POEMS I. Beneath the Willow Tree (link) Come hither, my darling And join me upon the hill Battle rages across the ground Clashes of might and will Smoke and flame billows Up towards GODAN’s skies Watch as steel meets flashing steel Hear the orphan’s cries Come hither, my darling As we tread this bloodsoaked ground Find your heart and listen To the hallowed sound Deep in the wood Where meadow meets glade There, you shall find it Sitting beneath a willow’s shade Come hither, my darling What is it you hear? The sound of memories long faded Words once held dear Echoes of those long past Sit deep in your heart Gone but not forgotten Never truly apart Come hither, my darling And sit beneath the willow tree Is it not peaceful? Here, you are entirely free GODAN, save the Brotherhood Protect them from melancholy So they may dance forever Beneath the willow tree By Her Royal Highness, Klara Elizaveta, Duchess of Baranya II. Gone (link) It dipped into the depths, this last light of mine. Entrenched in this darkness, I waste away in this Gloom ridden tower. The skies floods with dark, Warm colors.. I shout, but I am consumed by The splashing of the waves upon rocks On the cliffside. Nothing remains for all shall Fall into ruin. Just as the sun disappears behind The sea, so too shall you disappear under the earth. By His Lordship, Borris Iver Kortrevich III. The Perfect Flower (link) You are a dream, a myth, a ghost Running through meadows in hopes Of finding the most perfect flower. A trophy to hold up, the greatest boast A shadow to be sung of only in odes The broken stem of a perfect flower By His Lordship, Borris Iver Kortrevich IV. Desiring (link) — Love is a poor actor Always forgetting his lines, Tripping over himself, But anyone who has ever loved Cannot say that He does not plunge Headfirst into his role — The yearning of the heart Is the most deepest of desires. Anyone can be The object of my yearning. Each one is always special, But desiring in itself Is the most desirable thing of all. — Have you ever walked out Amongst the fenland And seen the pale pink Fingers of the sunset Gently reach across the sky, So you can almost feel Them stroke your cheek And have you gone down To the dark, glass surface, And felt the waters Lap gently at the edges of Your face and smiled, Feeling drops trickle down And collect around your lips And sat down on the ridgeline Sighing softly to the horizon As the swans fly across, Smelt snowdrops and jasmine, then Twisted them into a little ring Of delicate and pretty petals, And drank all this in with your gaze — I draw my finger across his face Gently tracing every contour Along his cheek and chin, I pull his jaw close to me; He is a sculpture. His Black, curly hair, velvet lashes, Green eyes. Is this not bliss? But nothing lasts and This too cannot. Though My hate simmers for her, The heart yet cannot lie, and Time polishes all desires and Now I dream such golden dreams Of him. — Enough wine and There is little distinction Between a common harlot And a noble lady Wine tears off all veils And the blemish Becomes the beauty-spot And the latter the former And the former the latter — By Firress Ceciliya Smirnova V. Palace of Haverlock (link) You pull me into this wonderful place in which I do not recognize. Flawlessly, scrubbed, white walls And dustless dark oak floors. I could have sworn that I Saw little specks of twinkling around me as I moved past. What started as a maze, quickly became a game. We duck in and out of rooms, trying to open every Locked door. We run down hallways and spiraling stairs On which, often only leads us back to where we began. It is an Ironic thing, a place large enough to Awe at, yet close enough to barely stand Shoulder to shoulder within the hallways. It is a beautiful, confusing, complex work of art. By His Lordship, Borris Iver Kortrevich Should you wish to have your works published in Volume II, please contact HRH, Klara Elizaveta by bird. (pudding#7426) SIGNED, Her Royal Highness, Klara Elizaveta, Duchess of Baranya
  16. The Haeseni Soldier I wanted to write a song about the army and how much someone can find their worth in there, especially for those that often do not hail from much. Although I wanted to also capture how even the greatest of people and those not deserving to die in war, can often be the ones that do. But that does not mean we can ever stop fighting, they would want us to go on. They would want us to keep fighting, even when the battle is tough. So never give up! KRUSAE ZWY KONGZEM! A farmer’s boy with little worth, goes to the army. He joins the soldiers on a march, as his mother prays at home. A farmer’s boy, a soldier boy, wields his long sword bravely. He trains and trains until he faints, and his brothers treat him gently. A farmer’s boy, a soldier boy, his head held high and mighty. He fights for those he loves at home, although it pains him greatly. A farmer’s boy, a soldier boy, is now an admired sergeant. He trains his fellow soldiers, and prays they come back home A farmer’s boy, a soldier boy fights the gruesome wars, And although his mother prays at home, her soldier boy is gone A farmer’s boy, a soldier boy, drifts into the skies. His life was worth so very much, and his brothers cries his name A farmer’s boy, a soldier boy, looks down upon the army. He hopes they keep on fighting, as their Koeng needs them greatly Signed, Lady Erika Renate Barclay
  17. Bojakk Frostbeard, amidst the lovey-dovey time of year, in the same fashion as he had done in years prior, composes a song for the sake of the lovers during the holiday of Belka's time, often shortened to Belkantine [for some reason]. Wasting no time at all, he and with permission from his Father Ajax, borrows his banjo, and composes a simple, but heartfelt song. Finishing said composition he'd rush to both the taverns in Kal'Darakaan, Hefrumm, and any other major hold around to get a copy posted to every tavern and major hub people would walk through. Attached to the song is a note with the following written in it "This song is dedicated not only to the couples enjoying the festivities of this time of year, but to my fellow bachelor dwed who have yet to find their other half. Additionally, I wanted to dedicate this song to those lovely Grandaxe ladies, whom have been both and inspiration, and a joy for myself during my time getting acquainted to my fellow dwed kin. Have a lovely Belkantine, and know that you all are loved, even if you don't immediately see it -Bojakk Frostbeard" Sweet Dwarven Woman
  18. The Return of Ajax 'Belka's Quill' Frostbeard It would seem unprompted that after nearly a full stone year of silence, barely any contact coming from the dwarf known as 'Belka's Quill'; Ajax Frostbeard. Having returned to a life of solitude and a hermit habit, many considered him to have simply wandered into the forest to never be seen again... Yet, remarkably, not only did this dwarf return suddenly to Kal'Darakaan! but in his hand he clutched several sheets of music. A new album he has finished! Posting it to the taverns both in Kal'Darakaan as well as Hefrumm, he makes his rounds, ensuring anyone whom passes him by gets a copy. The High Kings of Swing Album By Ajax and Bojakk Frostbeard Where the Dwed at? Return of the Jack Mina for nothing Jax gonna Give it to yah High Kings of Swing Trailblazer
  19. VE KAROSGRAD LIED - BY IGOR OTTO MONDBLUME "As you walk through the square of Karosgrad you see a raven-haired boy playing the melody on his lute while being seated at the staircase in front of the palace!" "KRUSAE ZWY KONGZEM!" Is what Igor Otto exclaimed after having played his melody (most likely waking up his Uncle Sigismund III, Aunt Emma Karenina, and his cousins (if they were asleep at the time) :)
  20. Bralt is dead and the war is over now original song by: Billy Joel parody by: Limo_man It's seven o'clock on a Sunday The smallest crowd shuffles in There's an HRA brother sittin' next to me Makin' love to his carrion and halfling He says, "Am, can you play me a memory? I'm not really sure how it went But it's flames and it's smoke and I knew it complete As we sat at the gates" La la la, le li la La la, le li la, da dum crush us a scyfling, with your logs They’ll al burn tonight Well, we somehow lived And Hra get another day Now Manfred the barclay is a friend of mine He got skewered like some meat And he’s lost a pc or two and has always died But he somehow survived the siege The priest says, ",God please have mercy for manfred" As he sat there, and he prayed "Well, I'm sure that he will die But please have him rest in peace" Oh, la la la, de di da La la, de di da, da dum Now Bralt is a scyfling king Who never could be killed And he's talkin' with erwin, who's still in the hra And probably will be for life And the shaman are throwin’ drugs As the Brotherhood slowly get stoned Yes, they're sharing a fate that only bring death But it's better than dyin’ alone, Bralt, you're a psychopath Killing the hostages Well, we're all in the mood to see his ash And you lost your first fight It's a pretty bad ral’ for a Sunday night And the xarkly gives us a smile 'Cause he knows that nat 20’s are all he rolls To kill all of the knights And the nat 1’s, they sound like a pk And the cocktails smell like beer And they shriek at the walls and they burn in my gaze And say, "is there any god?" Oh, la la la, de di da La la, de di da, da dum Bralt is now dead, we’ve unlocked scyflings He sat in a pile of ash Well, we're all in the mood for a drink After the 4 hour fight
  21. Welcome, to LordCrowe's: Extremely Cliche Character Theme Music Thread Featuring: Ambient Character Themes Character Battle Themes Other Incredibly Unnecessary Character Music General Stupidity I shall begin: Hendrick Mengelestein - ISA Soldier and general pragmatist General Character Theme: Ambient Character Theme (What you hear when talking to Hendrick): Battle Music!: Battle VS Undead Or Supernatural
  22. Moore Music, Custom Pianos and organs. To view all information, click the link. Click Link below for photos PREVIOUS WORK Discord gamegage#4169
  23. babyluxx

    Lacies music.

    “SHEET MUSIC” Lacie Lyons This isn't the ‘actual music’, this is what Lacie is envisioning. This is what she hears inside her brain, the textures of instruments. Synths aren't actually synths, they're written as strings. The drums are written as orchestral drum sections, but this is just what she hears when she's composing the music.100 Percent original songs. Written, recorded, and produced by my roommate and I. I play doublebass, he plays violin, we both play piano. this is inspired by a roleplay experience in lotc. Est-ce une erreur https://www.indiesound.com/index.php?a=track&id=84564 Journey to Helena, First movement. https://www.indiesound.com/index.php?a=track&id=84565
  24. The Flying Orrir [[This is a transformative work of “Enchanter” from “Dragon Age: Inquisition”]] As Siol sits in his room, the elf takes up his handcrafted lute. His eyes close and a soft melody starts playing. The soft melody progresses during the next hours as the bard comes up with the instrumentals for his new song. Picking up a scrape paper, Siol makes to write on it, putting down the words of his next ballad. As his mind is converted into words, the elf makes to get up once more, leaning on his cane as he remains still unrecovered from his injuries during his last adventure... which he narrates into his new song. Moving the lyrics into a proper book, the elf writes: “The tale you are about to read or perform speaks of the adventures of the Order of the Orrir’Ullral, beast slayers. This particular adventure takes place up in the sky, on what appeared to be a floating island, resting atop air as if it was ground. Siol ‘the Orrir’, Vyasaldris ‘the Lioness’, Uhtred ‘the Bear’, Zodd Callibal, Otto Wittenbach, and Zozanulia are the key figures to be mentioned, all monster slayers of different ranks. However, there were indeed more units of the Order to have taken part in this expedition, adventure and contract... who are most likely to remember of their first time flying into an sky island to balloons, discovering ancient ruins and defeating two beasts... and Hyfowl and a Shredwing” The Orignal Song: Male Cover (This one doesn’t go perfectly with the lyrics): ((Simply start the video and follow with these lyrics)) [Verse 1] Orrir now, It is nigh time to go to hunt, In the floating island up where we shall land, As we all fly. [Verse 2] Orrir now prepare, That weapons you keep clenched. Like Otto cut the ropes flying up with him into the sky. The balloon goes up, departing him away, While the rope will not retreat as it clings ‘round, his stucken legs. [Verse 3] Orrir now - Nigh time, has come to go up high, Form formations come and stand beside The lines of your Shield Wall. [Chorus] Orrir you come to me! Orrir you come to me! Orrir you come to see! Can you, see what, we shall end [Verse 4] As it stands up high, In the sky now we can see.. In the floating land, Retrieve what is unseen to rest of thee [Chorus] Orrir you come to me! Orrir you come to me! Orrir you come to see! Can you, see what, we shall end [Verse 5] As the chick before, In the light it stands below. In the crooked mouth of ruins, It chips the old rocks commonly [Verse 6] Orrir now beware, The hen is uncommon! For it opens beaks and force follow it on... Like it’s magic! [Verse 7] Orrir now it pu-ushes, and throws you aground The Hyfowl crooked howl Shall be stopped, not be summoned forth [Verse 8] What a screech, It screams, when Zodd thrashes with force Pinning down the foul beast Fore’ it comes forth, chipping Siol’s neck. [Verse 9] Zozanulia forth, Approaches and her sword. She thrusts down the body of the chick, ‘Fore t’screams and throws us off! [Chorus] Orrir you, come to me! Orrir you, come to me! Orrir now, can you see! Uhtred... saving... Vya now! [Verse 10] As the Shredwing bat, Forth approaches with quick haste, Towards Ducem Vya, she’s covered By Uhtred, Armored Bear! [Chorus] “Shredwing comes to me! Shredwing comes to me! Shredwing comes to me!” Uhtred... sees it... luckily! [Verse 11] Bat with razor wings, In the dark where she can’t see! On the Bear, Vya relies And he protects her bravely!
  25. You can make your own version of this song quite easily to be sang in your own taverns, bars or pubs. Oh you can search far and wide, You can drink the whole town dry, But you'll never find a beer so brown, Oh you'll never find a beer so brown, As the one we drink in our hometown, As the one we drink in our hometown. You can drink your fancy ales, You can _____ ____ __ ___ ______, But the only brew for the brave and true... ..Comes from the _____ ______!! You can of course change any of the lyrics but it is VERY IMPORTANT that the two lines that are blank rhyme. For example: Oh you can search far and wide, You can drink this whole town dry, But you'll never find a brew so bold, Oh you'll never find a brew so bold, As the one we drink in our hometown, As the one we drink in our hometown. You can drink your fancy ales, You can down them ‘till you shake, But the only drinks for the brave and true... ..Come from the Silver Snowflake!!
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