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Trading Section Rules

Trading Section Rules

Please follow the following procedure when trading.
When trading items, please state in the on your topic the following

  • Buying - When buying an item, please put at the start of the topic “BUYING”
  • Selling - When you are selling an item, please put at the start of the topic “SELLING”
  • Auctioning - When you are auctioning an item, please put at the start of the topic “AUCTION”
  • Sold - When you have sold your item, please edit your topic to say “SOLD.”
  • Finished - When your auctioned item on the forums has finished, please edit your topic to say “FINISHED.”

This is purely done so that the FM team know what items have currently sold, and what are unsold. Any topic left open for over the duration of one month without response may be locked and moved to the archive, if your trade is that of a trading company actively selling and buying, please PM a forum moderator to unlock and move the topic back to it’s original location.
Guidelines to trading
1- Refrain from using OOC - Trading posts are usually created through RP, which means you must also try to reply to the seller/buyer in an RP fashion, whilst we understand sometimes OOC may be required, please try to keep OOC posts to an absolute minimum. Be sure to always surround the out of character portions of your response with the double parentheses, before and after the out of character section. (( ))


2- Do not troll - Self explanatory really, in the past we have seen a few trade topics being trolled with the likes of bidding, some people will outbid their rivals with unrealistic prices they most likely do not have, this creates an atmosphere for some which do not approve which drives them from buying the item or selling the item they wish.
Trade Formats

Your Shop Name:
It’s Location (Be specific!):
Items for sale:
Person to contact:


Starting Price:
Minimum bid:
Buy out price:
Ending time:

Selling Item(s):

Amount of Item Available:
Price: (Please feel free to fill this out yourself. If you are unsure, check the local shops around you or the forums for guidance)
Meeting Place: To be discussed upon purchase.

Buying Item(s):

Amount of Item(s) required:
Price: (Please state what price you are comfortable with buying these items at, if you are unsure what the current buy rate is, check with the local shops or haggle with a potential seller on your topic)
Meeting Place: To be discussed upon purchase.

These are just a few formats that you may use to trade your items. Keep in mind, they are not mandatory. 

Thank you, happy trading!


  1. Completed Trade

    All completed merchant transactions.


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