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Found 2 results

  1. [!] A sealed envelope, containing a neatly folded handwritten letter, is delivered to the House Valkonen. It is addressed only to Dame Rosalind Valkonen. Dame Rosalind Valkonen, Read my words well. As a mother, I understand the instinct to protect one's children. However, I never thought it appropriate to involve oneself in the trivial disputes of the young. Is it truly necessary to intervene in children's affairs? My child has shared her perspective on recent events, and I assure you, she is not dishonest. It's regrettable that she wasn't entirely hospitable to your daughter, but it's an important lesson that not everyone will be friendly. This is a reality I've taught my daughter, and perhaps it could be a valuable lesson for yours as well. The Haeseni people are generally known to not be so thin-skinned and weak, is this not so? My daughter has faced her share of insults and threats, yet I chose not to retaliate against those children. Even in the instance of a group of Haeseni children threatening to cut out her tongue for a careless remark she made, and apologized for. Instead, she has learned to mend those relationships on her own. I have instructed my daughter in the importance of kindness, respect, and the necessity of apologies when she errs. She has faced the repercussions of her actions but will not apologize for misdeeds she did not commit. I am indifferent to your title or any other; we are all Haeseni. Despite being a commoner, as you've pointed out, my contributions to our kingdom are significant and warrant respect for my family and me. Remember, it is the commoners' hard work that sustains our kingdom. Your offer of mercy is not something I seek. As her mother, I, alongside her guardians, bear the responsibility of disciplining her. Should Petra find herself in trouble, please inform me, Lady Marian Weiss, Lady Ophelia Weiss, Firress Makaela Mondblume, or Forgemaster Rakhnar Uristson. Any attempt to punish my daughter on your part will be met with a much worse fate for yourself. This is not a threat but a promise. I once regarded you as a friend, but your recent actions have breached a trust I cannot easily forget. It is the adults who attempt to harm a child that truly act barbarously. I hope you will reflect on this as you move forward. Warmest regards, Firress Esmeray Luceran
  2. A Trial Of The Forgotten A photo of what eyewitnesses describe as a group of robbers jumping from rooftops. Recently in the northern nation of Reinmar all was peaceful one night. Except. There were the forgotten, the less fortunate. For the impoverished another day of begging and scrapping by to make ends meet. But one group had other plans, for the rich get richer and they had enough. BOOM BOOM BOOM Multiple heists occurred around the city as guards report that multiple shadowy figures are jumping across the roofs with bags of treasured goods stolen just moments ago. Explosions rang out into the night as the people managed to get away leaving few traces behind. This group are the forgotten, the poorest of the poor, rats to live in the sewer, servants to the rich, slaves to the monarchy, expendable to any who saw them as lesser. All their life they wanted the quality they had seen from others. This jealousy had turned to hate, and with this hate, passion……. But for what? Player event Contact me over discord: Always Foolish Or in game: Imagedragons
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