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  1. In the far distance was an ex Hyspian military officer and knight. A war veteran who held his TRUE KING with the highest regard. He planted his sword into the ground as he watched the pontiff die, his grandmaster of the order retires, his Hyspian friend die, and his true KING removed from the throne because of.....Popularity? A few tears dropped as the man held a glass of his favorite.....No.....The king and his people's favorite tequila. Alexander Llopis took the shot and poured one out for Cesar The Second King of Hyspia Leader of The Hyspians, Loyal to a fault, and trusting to an unholy degree. "And so brings a new generation to Hyspias doors. Yet Haense doesn't follow....I guess life really is cruel."
  2. I agree for the most part. The abilities of musin are not extreme like any other ca. And kha....what's the point of a kha ca? There's nothing special about them. Just let people pick them.
  3. ROLEPLAY NAME: Roseen Mossborn IN GAME NAME: Imagedragons DISCORD USERNAME: Always Foolish PRIOR MINING EXPERIENCE: "OI like dirt" ARE YOU A CITIZEN: Yes ARE YOU WILLING TO SWEAR THE OATH: Maaaaaaaaaaaaybe :P yeah sure
  4. An old dark elf took the missive while he laid down on his worn-down bed. "Hmmm, An expedition? Perhaps I may find something to honor our beloved Primarch." The old man grabbed his cane, a few cracks as he stretched his back and hobbled out of his tiny home to adventure for his beloved Primarch.
  5. In the far north atop a mountain of snow and frost stood a bearded witch holding a bloodied frozen mace. Slowly a grin formed across her face as she started hysterically laughing as winter is coming.
  6. A short dwarven mossborn woman clapped her hands as the missive was rolled out.
  7. Alexander paused holding the missive in his hands. "I'm not one to judge the church but....Where's Golemancy? We exist...I assume it's under the same conditions as Sorvian clay magic?" The man shrugged and carried on his day with the ALL POWERFUL HOUSEMAGERY MAGIC.
  8. This can only mean good things
  9. The ashen elder looked over the two trials of chocie with great interest. "I quite like this new general dear Primarch. May the moons light grace our fine city with the most cunning and brave warriors for the new age of ashen elves."
  10. An extremely old ashen elder looked over the missive. "Oh my primarch. Glorious day! The new military of Nor'velyth has been made."
  11. An old dark elf woke up and looked out his window at the large meteor from above. "Oh my Primarch, hard times are upon us all! Praise be that we may live to see the light of day again and again." The old man tried to get up and grab his cane walking outside to enjoy his supper in peace.
  12. "Unbelievable, she states she was seeking a cure but didn't want our help? How long would she have waited; vampires are blood thirsty at any moment the woman would've fed on someone. Time was of the essence! Perhaps she should've come up with a potion that requires less bleeding." Alexander threw the missive away; you reap what you sow.
  13. "I should bring the order here for lunch after trainings! I bet the food is as handsome as Boon and Bane!" Some random Orderman
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