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  1. Skin: 5 Bid: 18 Discord: Always Foolish IGN: Imagedragons (I'm sorry this is bid is so late. I never heard about this till now)
  2. A tiny mossborn read over the runes slowly before a small grin appeared at the end.
  3. Recently Ben asked what a true hero is. I decided to modify his question to ask two new questions. What is a true antihero? And why don't I (and maybe others will agree with me) see more antihero type personas in lotc? Why is it always super good moral heroes or super evil darkspawn villains with little middleground? Would love to hear some thoughts on this topic from the community at large. 

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      lanre cerusil

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      anti-villains let me do my griffith larp

    4. SethWolf


      Well played anti-heroes exist, but they are in my experience very subtle and low-key. This is because if you aren't a deep-sleep auto-pilot moral crusader, you can often get executed for stepping out of line in most places. They - atleast in my experience, usually serve as middle-men or 'fixers' for the good guys inbetween quests when they need a favor, or act as their narrative descent into the seedier underside of the societies they live in.


      They're also usually not strangers to brushing shoulders with the evil-spectrum of characters, which again is why they are usually extremely low-key, because if you're ever discovered to have any connection with them at all - even if it was for a little favor, John Townguard will lose his shit and you'll be promptly killed.

  4. "Can’t we give our characters something new to motivate them to do what they do? For dark mages/villains, there are numerous other reasons to commit villainy than to do it for some theological/philosophical reason that you’ve brainwashed your character into believing." I completely agree. Dark mages and villains should be able to commit villainy for more reasons. There is amazing villains from universes like marvel spiderman. Some of my favorite villains are all spiderman villains or DC flash villains. Villains who while evil show there's redemption or at the very least parts of their humanity remaining. Be cool to see at least.

  6. It is annoying to travel and then suddenly get stuck on them, when I was super new though it was helpful for grabbing food before I found donation chest for food. I think it's fine where it is, if you're travelling you're going to have some hurdles, if you don't want hurdles use the roads that give extra speed anyways right?
  7. Haven't made a musin but very tempted to, a niffty fun enjoyable community. Turbo is honestly such a great musin player, him and Zanael understand how whimsical and fun musin should be and have quality emotes while also being goofy fun adorable and just downright fantastic. Fun having my halfling with her musin friends, genuinely good quality rp. I find musin far more fun than elves and humans because of how fantasy like it feels, what a whimsical race! I hope it expands further and the community grows, one way to do that is continue to fight the needs of a CA, I agree with comments above its a bit annoying, and maybe remove the "Lesser Soul" wording as well, I feel like the whole soul thing itself shouldn't be known irp and feels weird.
  8. 1: The average human knight I wouldn't say can be extremely slow in full armor, the only drawbacks I would argue is that in crp a full armored man if they were swinging a sword for example would not be as quick maybe in crp against a dagger wielding leather wearer. In terms of movements in a flat field or something long term sure but not short term. So I don't see the need to change the rules for combat movement. Only other drawback i'd say full armor has is your perception is lower due to a full metal helmet. 2: Like I previously said you can argue a full armored person is slower than a non-armored person maybe in melee combat swinging due to the additional weight along with a lowered perception. But the thing is this is very hard to do and make rules for. Sneak combat is very very very rare in lotc. For the most part its just ambushes and perception wont matter, maybe in events the STs give a negative modifier for full armored people but that's all I see. I think it be hard to make a rule saying a dagger wielding leather armored dude is faster swinger than a sword wielding full armored knight, its obvious but situations differ i think instead of a rule just let the players decide or ask a mod for each situation. I think non magical ranged people have plenty of choices, the biggest is horse archers are a cool fun idea that I personally have played with, along with spears and javelins being such a good anti armor ranged weapon I don't see them needing any buffs. Add on alchemy to your ranged maniac on a horse and you wont have to worry about the slower sword wielding armored knight! 3: I think bows are fine with three since its the same for most ranged weapons except throwing. If you got a armored opponent use a javelin or spear which is two emotes, then once you use the single or two you probably have on you if your a ranged type of fighter than transfer to your bow and continue to back up and keep distance, use a horse, or try to use your agility and duel wield daggers maybe. I will say this, maybe a rule where the first two emotes of using a bow is a minor action instead of major so you can still run. I think its stupid you cant full sprint when the first emote of a bow is just....grabbing an arrow. 2nd emote of a bow is also just locking the arrow and thats it. Third emote you cant sprint but the first two should be allowed to be a minor action allowing ranged archers a bunch of movement and agility. Maybe this can only be a thing if your wearing half plate or leather to. To deter full armored knight archers from being a meta if this idea works. Thank you for reading this ily Edit forgot something. A new rule for crossbows and longbows to. You should be able to keep a locked arrow in a crossbow or longbow after the 2nd emote. You shouldn't HAVE to fire it on the third emote. You can pre load arrows I think is fine in the combat scenario and wait to fire it. So there, minor buff to crossbows and longbows that I think be nice to have. Ok no more edits from me.
  9. A young mossy woman hobbled her goods and straw bed towards the new land of Hefrumm!
  10. I really like blood magic druids and think its a cool niche. Devil druids sound so cool! Hope this gets accepted +1
  11. tbh, isnt it weird humans can't be above 6'6 even though irl its very much possible and not extremely rare.
  12. "I'm glad the Dunfarthing empire that managed to subdue countless nations like krugmar into a military alliance is also improving government agencies like the health inspecting bureau!" Chirped a random halfling.
  13. Why do frost witches require other descendent blood to use? While frost mothers don't have blood normal witches do have normal descendent blood that's just slushy. It's more regular than what treelords have.
  14. Great lore but as stated above would love to see a LOTC Twist on wild magic sorcerers
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