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  1. stalks forums to see when ma gets reviewed even tho i just posted it

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  2. hi friends. i never post statuses on the forums

  3. Delphini reads the missive, seeing her father Arthur's reward of mina and smiling smuggly, "Yup, definitely taking at least half of that."
  4. TREASURY TRADER RECRUITMENT ISSUED BY THE OFFICE OF THE ROYAL TREASURY ON THIS 4TH OF GRONNA AG DROBA, 535 E.S. VA VE EDLERVIK, As we continue to strive for a prosperous and thriving kingdom, it is essential that we recognize the vital role that trade and commerce play in our economic well-being. A robust trade system allows us to exchange goods and services with other nations, fostering growth, creating jobs, and promoting cultural exchange. It is through the careful management of trade that we can ensure a balanced economy, where resources are allocated efficiently and wealth is distributed fairly. A Treasury Trader selling fresh vegetables. Announcement of Open Positions: Treasury Traders In light of this importance, the Royal Treasury Office is pleased to announce that several positions are now available for individuals to become Treasury Traders. As a Treasury Trader, you will be operating under the supervision of both the Kastellan of Trade and the Royal Treasurer, with the primary goal of generating revenue while assisting the Royal Treasury in its own endeavors. Those that wish to become a Treasury Trader should send a bird or seek either the Royal Treasurer (@Kaladin Stormblessed ), or the Kastellan of Trade ( @Dramatude ). Expectations of Royal Treasury Traders: Traders employed by the Royal Treasury will be expected to travel the realms of Aevos to sell goods provided to them by the Treasury. They will receive 20% of sales made, and the rest will go towards the coffers of the Royal Treasury. Treasury Traders are expected to fulfill any additional tasks assigned by the Kastellan of Trade or Royal Treasurer. Benefits may be provided to Treasury Traders, including access to resources and materials at discounted rates. IV JOVEO MAAN, FIRRESS, Adelina Claire van Leuven, Kastellan of Trade HIS EXCELLENCY, Mikhail Ulric Aleksey Colborn, Count of Malkovya, Viscount of Venzia, Baron of Bethlenen, Lord of Vorenburg, Lord of Vitraval, Protector of Scyflings, Royal Treasurer of Hanseti-Ruska, Owner of The Scyfling World
  5. The Courtship and Marriage Traditions of House van Leuven Scelera non nostrorum. Issued by Firress Adelina Claire van Leuven on the 14th of MSITZA AG DARGUND, 533 E.S. ꒰ ♱ ⊱─────────⊰ ✶ ⊱─────────⊰ ♱ ꒱ The House van Leuven has been synonymous with the values of faith, wisdom, strength, and loyalty - each of these qualities serving as a guide for their traditions and everyday living. At the heart of their culture lies a deep reverence for the rituals that bind them together and continue the flow of tradition. Showcasing this reverence, are the intricacies of their courtship and marriage customs. ꒰ ♱ ⊱─────────⊰ ✶ ⊱─────────⊰ ♱ ꒱ Courtship The courtship process of the van Leuven family is a cherished and intricate tradition, rooted in the principles of chivalry, respect, and cultural heritage. Guided by the values of Savoyardic and Raevir cultures, as well as religious traditions, it is expected that the man will take the initiative in pursuing his desired van Leuven woman, with the ultimate goal of a lifelong partnership. The courtship process consists of three distinct phases: The first of three phases to court a van Leuven woman is marked by the Trial of Taste, by which the suitor must procure and offer a quality bottle of wine to the family of the desired lady. This ritual is a test of the suitor’s character, as well as his ability to appreciate the refined tastes of the family. If the family’s preferences of the taste approve of the wine, the courting couple may proceed with their relationship. If approval is not given, the suitor may be politely rejected or encouraged to return with a more refined and sophisticated offering. An accepted wine takes the suitor into the next phase of the courtship - Trial of Heritage. This is marked by a variety of gestures and rituals designed to express the importance of family heritage and culture. The suitor is tasked with the picking of flowers, which holds significant symbolic meaning within Savoyard culture. The selection and presentation of flowers is a delicate art, as it requires an understanding of the subtleties of meaning and gesture that are woven into every petal and stem. The flowers are often presented to the family or family home, serving as a tangible representation of the courter's devotion and commitment. Further, the flowers may be woven into the Verevka belt, giving significance to the van Leuven family’s ties to Savoyardic and Haeseni heritage. In this final stretch of the courtship process, the couple is expected to embark on an outing together - the Trial of Bonding - designed to test their ability to work together and navigate challenges as a unit. This may take the form of a hunting excursion, where they must rely on one another's strengths and weaknesses to overcome obstacles. This trial by fire serves as a crucible, refining their bond and revealing their true characters in the process. If they are unable to handle the weight of their outing together, it is seen as a sign that they are unfit for marriage and may not be destined for a lifelong partnership. ꒰ ♱ ⊱─────────⊰ ✶ ⊱─────────⊰ ♱ ꒱ On Marriage Marriage of those in House van Leuven is an occasion that is looked at with a high distinction. After a successful courtship, the family of the van Leuven bride assists in the planning and execution of a well-planned wedding. With their Raevir heritage and residence within the Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska, the family fully participates in the tradition in following the Jorenic Rites for their wedding. However, the cloak worn by the groom is a unique aspect within the van Leuven marriage tradition. The cloak is to be designed by the family to incorporate the symbol of the house the groom is to marry into to symbolize his integration into the family and the role he takes on. For example, men marrying into the van Leuven family could don a cloak designed with the sun and stag emblem of the van Leuven family. Following the traditional wedding ceremony, the families of the bride and groom and invited guests are to hold a feast as a time of joy and celebration for the matrimony, and to welcome the newly weds into their new family. A unique and meaningful aspect of the House van Leuven's marriage traditions is the grape stomp. During this ceremony, the bride wears her wedding dress while stomping on grapes in a barrel, symbolizing her transformation into a wedded woman and her inability to return to her prior girlhood. This act is also a token of appreciation and good-will towards the groom's family, as the wine produced from these grapes will be used as a gift to them. The grape stomp is a cherished tradition within the House van Leuven, and is seen as a way to bring good fortune and happiness to the newlywed couple. It is also a reminder of the family's rich heritage and its connection to the land and its traditions. As such, it is an important part of the marriage traditions of the House van Leuven, and will continue to be celebrated for generations to come. ꒰ ♱ ⊱─────────⊰ ✶ ⊱─────────⊰ ♱ ꒱ Signed, Firress, Adelina Claire van Leuven Matriarch van Leuven Firress, Mahaut Marie van Leuven
  6. ESMERAY Luceran somehow gets her hands on the missive, and scans it over with pursed lips. With gentle fingers, she folds it up and tosses it into the open flames of her fireplace. "My eyes have been open to truth after being closed for so long. I am now free to give all my children my time and unconditional affection." she rubs her stomach with adoration and speaks to it. "My moon child - how I cannot wait to meet you. You, Trekker, Revekka, and Bones, shall now get the chance at the life you deserve - free from unrealistic expectations and the tyranny of a delusional ruler." The expecting mother pushes herself onto her feet and waddles out of their brand new house. She leans on the entry way and watches her family enjoying their newfound joy.
  7. Adelina sat on the edge of her bed, reading over the open letter. A single tear would roll down her cheek as she fiddled with the angel necklace handing from her neck - a gift from the late queen. Nothing but joy and admiration filled her heart as she reminisced on the times spent with her Queen-Friend. "Firr Yuri es correct - this es an obvious connection. Queen Amaya continues to bless our kingdom! Forever will she receive my gratitude."
  8. Akeketah Luceran read over the missive with a proud smile, a tear streaming down her cheek. She did not cry of sadness, but she cried of proudness for her newly adopted goblin child. The mother was gifted with yet another child destined for greatness. "Bones - I have truly been blessed with your arrival. I am proud to call you my son," she says aloud to the young child and pulling him into a hug. "All my children shall prosper in the lands of Ka'tau! Heketa Ka'tau! Heketah Oti! Heketa Amaunet! Glory to Rah'tuma!" With that, she went out and hung a banner of green, silver, and white - the colors of the Luceran family. I LOVE MY GOBLIN CHILDDDD (the other are alright too).
  9. The Baptismal, Coming-of-Age, and Funeral Traditions of House van Leuven Scelera non nostrorum. Issued by Firress Adelina Claire van Leuven on the 8th of Tov ag Yermey, 526 E.S. ꒰ ♱ ⊱─────────⊰ ✶ ⊱─────────⊰ ♱ ꒱ In the heart of the intertwining Savoyard and Raevir cultures lies a captivating narrative of heritage, adaptation, and evolution. Within the fabric of the van Leuven family, these rich traditions have melded over time, birthing a tapestry of unique customs and rituals that resonate with depth and meaning to us. Central to this fusion are the Three Pyres - its terminology derived directly from Savoyard culture - acting as symbolic markers echoing the significance of life's pivotal moments: baptism, coming-of-age, and funerals. Through the lens of these profound ceremonies, we embark on a journey of exploration, delving into the intricate layers of tradition that bind generations and shape identities. Baptisms: The Pyre of Birth Ve Nascufeu In the tapestry of van Leuven tradition, baptism emerges as a sacred rite deeply rooted in both Jorenic Canonism and Savoyard beliefs. Drawing inspiration from the vast expanse of waters, reminiscent of the Jorenic concept of purification and renewal, the baptismal ceremony embraces the symbolic strength of immersion. Families face a choice: to gently submerge their infant into the water or to opt for the preferred tradition of tossing them into the depths, symbolizing resilience and fortitude. This intimate moment is reserved for family and close friends, a sanctified bond between the child, their kin, and the divine. For the van Leuvens, baptism holds profound significance, intertwined with the notion of original sin and the imperative of cleansing. Reflecting Savoyard doctrine, it is customary for infants to be baptized within their first year, ensuring their spiritual journey commences untainted. Attendees honor this sacred occasion by bestowing gifts of wine, cheeses, and other delicacies upon the parents and babe, symbolizing abundance and goodwill. Yet, for heirs destined to inherit the mantle of leadership, the baptismal journey takes on added layers of tradition and ceremony. While the initial baptism remains a private affair, celebrated within the familial enclave, it is expected that the household head hosts a grand public ceremony to announce the future heir's union with GOD. Thus, many heirs undergo two baptisms: one intimate and personal, the other a grand spectacle, adorned in traditional attire bearing the house insignia and the names of saints, symbolizing their sacred lineage. Following the sacred rites, jubilation ensues as the van Leuvens and their esteemed guests gather to revel in the joyous occasion. Inspired by Raevir peasant customs, festivities often spill outside the church or into taverns, where refined Savoyard delicacies mingle with the spirited rhythms of Raevir dance. Before the night's revelry reaches its crescendo, the baptism dance commences, a cherished tradition wherein family and friends encircle the babe in a bassinet, weaving a tapestry of blessings and aspirations. With each participant representing virtues and qualities, the infant's reactions are interpreted as omens of their future path, imbuing the celebration with a sense of divine guidance and familial legacy. ꒰ ♱ ⊱─⊰ ✶ ⊱─⊰ ♱ ꒱ Coming-of-Age: The Pyre of Adulthood Ve Avancuadé The coming of age ceremony in the van Leuven household is a sacred tradition, steeped in symbolism and ritual. As the child approaches adulthood, they don the attire symbolic of the stag, embodying strength and grace. Wrapped in a deer hide cloak or adorned with a hussariyan cross made from antlers, they stand ready to embark on their journey of transition. The ceremony begins with a solemn church service, where the child is re-baptized, reaffirming their commitment to their faith. Following this, they embark on a pilgrimage, ranging from three months to a full year, seeking tasks to fulfill or volunteer opportunities to demonstrate their loyalty to the church and their community. This usually comes in the form of traveling to another Kingdom or Principality which follows the Canonist faith and requesting a task at the behest of the Bishop or other clergy positioned there. Upon their return, the Feast of Fire awaits, a celebration marking their entrance into adulthood. For heirs, it's a grand affair, with a feast fit for nobility and festivities tailored to their personality. Donned in one of the house colors - blue, white, or gold - or attire inspired by their lineage, they engage in games, songs, and dances, symbolizing joy and unity. The highlight of the feast is the ceremonial dance around the bonfire. Family members encircle the flames, performing traditional dances or personal choices. As the flames flicker, the debutante casts aside three items from their childhood, symbolizing their readiness to embrace the future. With a leap over the flames, they demonstrate their resilience against evil, supported by prayers and the collective spirit of their family. In the culmination of the ceremony, the household head presents the debutante with a token representing their individuality, a cherished memento of their coming of age. Additionally, they receive a gold ring adorned with a polished sunstone, bearing the insignia of the household—a symbol of their lineage and the journey they've undertaken. ꒰ ♱ ⊱─⊰ ✶ ⊱─⊰ ♱ ꒱ Funerals: The Pyre of Life Passa di l’arci In the intricate preparation leading up to the funeral ceremony, the family meticulously honors both Savoyard and Raevir traditions. The process begins with the solemn act of hunting and killing a male deer, known as a stag, symbolizing strength and resilience. Concurrently, a new sword is forged, engraved with the name of the departed, signifying their valor and legacy. As the family readies themselves for the funeral, they meticulously prepare a sumptuous feast and procure formal funeral attire, adhering to the solemnity of the occasion. The course of the funeral unfolds with deliberate symbolism and reverence. Amidst a gathering of loved ones, the feast commences, with a closed coffin serving as a poignant reminder of the impending farewell. This ceremonial meal echoes the sentiment of the "last supper," a final communion shared with the departed. Following this somber repast, the stag, hunted and killed with purpose, is emptied and laid on its back. Within its hollowed confines, the deceased is placed, adorned in new attire, embodying a departure from earthly ties. A pristine sword, never before wielded by the departed, is nestled in their hands, a testament to their journey beyond mortal realms. Two gold coins, adorned with sun motifs, rest upon their eyelids, guiding their passage into the afterlife. As the funeral ceremony unfolds, prayers are offered, and final words spoken, carrying the weight of collective grief and remembrance. The culmination of the ritual arrives with the purification of the body, enshrined within the stag's form, consumed by cleansing flames. Amidst the pyre's blaze, offerings are tenderly tossed, each item meticulously chosen and imbued with significance, symbolizing the depth of love and reverence for the departed. The ashes, now purified and sanctified, are reverently buried, often beneath a blanket of flowers, a silent tribute to the beauty and impermanence of life. In a final gesture of communal farewell, the Last Drink of Death is shared, a symbolic act of unity and remembrance as the fallen van Leuven rests beneath the earth. Through these sacred rites, the family honors their unique fusion of traditions, paying respect to both histories of their bloodline. ꒰ ♱ ⊱─────────⊰ ✶ ⊱─────────⊰ ♱ ꒱ Signed, Firress, Adelina Claire Van Leuven Matriarch van Leuven Firress, Mahaut Marie Van Leuven
  10. Akeketah Luceran neatly folds the letter and places it down on the table, maintaining a calm demeanor. "Worry niet, this miscreant will answer to the gods. Only cowards threaten the lives of children." she says to her daughter with a devilish smile. Mama bear has been released once more. Adelina Claire van Leuven opened the letter from her friend whom she has not seen for some time. Her eyebrows raise as she reads it over, a grimace forming on her face. "Why must adults be so annoying. Get a REAL job and leave ve children ALONE." she scoffs. With haste, she pulls out a parchment and quill to pen a response to the Luceran girl: My friend, Thank vy for informing me of this nasty being. Ea shall inform ve Brotherhood to be on the look for him. Us children must protect one another! Sincerely, Addie
  11. NATIONAL STRESS AWARENESS MONTH! Hi friends! April 1st marks the beginning of National Stress Awareness Month in the United States! However, stress is obviously something that affects people around the world! I am very passionate about mental wellbeing awareness, and have years of training and experience with educating on the topic! It has become my purpose in life to spread kindness and joy to make the world a better place. So, this is your reminder to take care of yourself and do what makes you happy! Life is short and it is a lot more fun when you aren't stressing about the small stuff! Healthy Ways to De-Stress: Take Breaks from Social Media, the Internet, and all electronics - yes, this includes LotC too. Drink lots of WATER!!!!! Read a book! (or three) Eat a healthy, hearty meal - comfort foods increase serotonin and reduce stress Journal!✍️ Meditate! 🧘‍♂️🙏🎶 Connect with communities that make you feel naturally COMFORTABLE! Avoid harmful substances! I hope everyone uses this month to begin taking extra time out of the day to focus on yourself, and build yourself up into the person YOU want to be. Purge all of the unnecessary stressors, even if it happens to be a person (we don't want no negative energy around here!) Taking care of yourself first is NOT selfish. Don't ever be afraid to reach out for help. April is also Counseling Awareness Month!! If you don't know who to turn to for help, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE reach out to me on discord! I don't care if we have never spoken - I am always around to be a friendly ear! Know that you are loved and appreciated by someone in this world, even if you don't know it! If you haven't heard it in a while, I love you and am proud of everything you have accomplished, no matter how small! ❤️ Feel free to share how you like to de-stress after a long day! Stay kind, Dramatude💚
  12. this is such a funny april fool's joke! ya almost got me!
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