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Found 1 result

  1. A letter finds its way to the walls of Nor'Asath, where it has been nailed, with different handwriting in different parts of the script. It states the following: A CONDEMNATION OF AUTOCRACIES AND AZULITES, BY THE MAEHR OF ALMARIS. Autocracies, as a political system where the majority or all of the power is centred on one individual are nothing new to Almaris. Indeed, much of the continent is dominated by monarchies. However, Nor'Asath is different. In recent years, the power from Primarch Netseth Loa'Chil has been centralised within the hands of his brother, Relnol Loa'Chil. Relnol is a particularly worrisome figure in Nor'Asath for all of us Maehr, both inside and outside of the city. There is a saying that the Valah use. It goes something like "If man's king and country turns into despot and dictatorship, then man retains the right to abandon his cause, for he swore an oath to a king, not a despot." We are sure the leadership of Nor'Asath are well aware of this, however it disturbs us deeply that it was was only as of last night that several of our citizens faced active repercussions for protesting the Azulite tyranny that our Regent in all but name has enforced. If Qudlia Jusmia, our noble High Priestess, Luara bless her, were in charge of our military, we would also disagree with the decision, not out of personal disdain, but because it is obvious that to have one person be in charge of the military AND the judicial sector effectively transforms Nor'Asath into a military dictatorship, where the freedom of a Maehr to express our opinion without fear of having properties, titles or our very citizenship be confiscated by the state, and pressed into exile. Henceforth, Nor'Asath has embraced a culture of fear, one which will evade progress and righteousness, in the pursuit of an absolutist state, we pushed ourselves too far, and thus, the Maehr diaspora at large has disavowed Nor'Asath for these very reasons. 1. The power of both the military and judicial system is both concentrated heavily within the hands of Relnol Loa'Chil, whose tendencies regarding extreme violence, torture, brutal disciplinarianism and forced conscription of the Clergy constitute behaviour that we would regard as that of an Azulite. 2. Having an Azulite ruling our city does, in our opinion, constitute a total failure on behalf of the rulers of our city to adhere to their own canonical law. Relnol, from our collective knowledge and experience of the man, has rarely, if ever attended religious ceremonies, prayers or anything else. If anything, he seems to merely tolerate the Clergy, rather than genuinely caring for it. This belief is further backed up by demanding the Clergy fight for his beliefs, not simply during wartime, but in perpetuity, to the extent where one of our good citizens, Aldmoor Ousanna had to forcibly get himself dishonourably discharged from the Silan'siol in court simply to attain his freedom. Such conduct is beyond vile, and it is but part of the reason why we have chosen to owe our allegiance to other, better kings. We maintain our ties to the Spirits and Luara, but we shall not allow a secular power to overcome a spiritual one. Indeed, if High Priestess Jusmia reads this, she will know of how authoritarian Renelia became, and how significantly it impacted Maehr society. Under its current system, Nor'Asath is heading along the same path, except towards political extremism rather than religious fanaticism. 3. A lack of an ability to constructively criticise the decisions of these individuals in the court is not aristocratic, but rather deeply autocratic and despotic. Relnol Loa'Chil effectively reserves executive powers, as an Azulite to mobilise the city to his whims. This is deeply troubling to us Maehr outside of the city, and it is why we have integrated ourselves amongst Valah, Orcs and Dwarves, in order to realise freedom as a concept. 4. The lack of separation between military and clergy would only be feasible in the event of wartime. Keeping the Clergy consistently militarised without the express consent of the entire Clergy is, once again, a deeply authoritarian decision. To have us prioritise violence and obedience to a despot over our sacred spirits is, once again, Azulite behaviour. 5. The usage of torture, discipline and force against our fellow Maehr in order to shape our society will simply crack it open in less than a decade. For one, Relnol's decision to forcibly conscript those who have committed a perceived crime by an already corrupt and cruel justice system is essentially crippling Nor'Asath's plans for a professional, full-time army based on that of Fenn's. Fenn fell for various different reasons, and its army did not save it. Penal troops will not fight for an autocrat they hate. They will either assassinate him or simply desert. It is for these reasons combined that we, the Maehr of Almaris do condemn Relnol Loa'Chil of Nor'Asath, and we furthermore demand his resignation and examination by the Maehr Clergy for Azulite beliefs. Relnol is not fit to rule. Although the lady Dal'Lisse Ousanna has been added to the Council, and Qudlia Jusmia has beliefs that are indeed just, we cannot allow ourselves to be subject to a vile Azulite within our own ranks. If the Primarchy refuses to do anything about it, and wishes to bend the knee to an Azulite Regent, so be it. We will not partake in Nor'Asathi lies for as long as he rules. Signed, The Maehr of Almaris, Celianor, Balian, Krugmar, Sedan, Norland, Haense and Nor'Asath.
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