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  1. @misterblitzkriegsmells like waa waa

  2. The stall in numendil has been refilled again! Come get your purebred horses while you can! 🐎

  3. "the only way to eradicate the evil and unholy that reshidesh in lurin ish by a crushade, if god willsh it." Sihtric commented after reading the missive written by one of his fellow knights.
  4. "Muh kin are at it agaihn" commented Uhtred after seeing the missive
  5. Name: Rafael Volkov Age: 19 Subject: Alchemy, Theology, Oratory [[MC Name:]] Zolla_ [[Discord:]] Zolla.
  6. "urguan? Well, I certainly hope they don't expel their vassals for absurdities that occurred in their dreams, like the last human nation your people were living in.." Adaranth shook his head before tucking the letter to his bag and continuing on his journey.
  7. innit shitty when you lose access to your discord because of their weirdass 2FA


  8. The long-forgotten adaranth picked up his sword and left for the north as soon as he received the news.
  9. "Oi they hurt me' cousin, they will not get away wit' it " Darrim Ireheart stated before going in search of his brother to inform him of the situation.
  10. Name: Darrim Ireheart Age: idk Race: Dwarf Nation: Urguan
  12. The Bjornfjall Contract of Thegnhood This Feudal Contract is to be considered legally binding as of 10th of The Grand Harvest, Year 133 of the Second Age By the authority invested in the Grand Prince of Nordvegr, the following is hereby proclaimed; Terms The Grand Principality of Nordvegr hereby grants to House Sigvardson a Thanedom, The fief shall be recognized as the Thanedom of Bjornfjall and shall be ruled by the Thane, or Lord, of Bjornfjall. This title is herein granted to Sigmund Sigvardson. The Grand Principality of Nordvegr holds sovereignty over the entirety of Bjornfjall, but grants permanent claim and rights of rulership of the land to House Sigvardson. The rulership of the Thanedom of Bjornfjall is hereby named the ancestral right of House Sigvardson, by the Grace of the Grand Prince. The Thane of Bjornfjall shall swear fealty and owe allegiance to the Grand Prince of Nordvegr, in return for these rights and privileges granted. Upon the succession of a Thane of Bjornfjall, or Grand Prince of Nordvegr, an oath of allegiance to the Grand Prince is expected to be made by the Thane of Bjornfjall, and an oath to maintain the rights of the Lord by the Grand Prince. If the Thane refuses, it shall be lawful cause for execution. If the Grand Prince refuses, it shall be considered and lawfully recognized as an act of Tyranny. Rights granted by the Grand Principality to the Thanedom The House Sigvardson is hereby granted the right to freely practice their religion of choice, without interference or attempt to convert for aslong as they abide by the laws regarding Religion in Nordvegr. The House Sigvardson is hereby granted the right to call their own banners and levies, up to the amount of one-thousand men. These men shall fall under the military of Nordvegr. The House Sigvardson is hereby granted all rights in regards to succession of Bjornfjall, and shall not be in any way impeded by the Grand Prince, or any elements outside of House Sigvardson. If no prior decree on succession is made by the time of the Lord’s death, the default shall be male-preference primogeniture. The House Sigvardson is hereby granted the right to administer their own lands, and to maintain their own Judicial system. The Lordship of Bjornfjall shall not trial anyone whom did not break the Law on Bjornfjall territory, nor trial anyone whom has committed treason against the Grand Prince. The Lord of Bjornfjall shall be granted the right to petition the Grand Prince, as well as a voice on any representative body of Nordvegr. The Grand Principality demands the following; That no attempts to usurp the Grand Prince of Nordvegr shall be made. Taxation to be paid to the state of Nordvegr, as determined by lawful decree. Complete and unhesitant aid in any armed conflicts, internal or external. The uttermost support of the Grand Prince of Nordvegr in any open hostilities with foreign or internal elements. When requested, House Sigurdson will support the Jomschyfians division of the Nordvegr by providing support for its military training and operations, rallying when called upon. Bjornfjall will remain governed by nordvegr law., In the event that the laws of the thanedom of Bjornfjall conflict with those of the nordvegr, a separate agreement may be reached. Signed, HIS PRINCELY HIGHNESS, Pyeter I of Nordvegr, Grand Prince of Nordvegr, Duke of Rozania, Vavasour of Redloga, Protector of the Northmen, Lieutenant General of the Riverguard, Head of House Mösu. HIS LORDSHIP, Sigmund II of Bjornfjall, Thane of Bjornfjall, Protector of the Old ways and Head of House Sigvardson.
  13. The Mayor appoints Karl Wittenbach as the Capital Delegate to the Round Table
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