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  1. " Peep who'z back" said an Uruk who had just awoken from a long slumber
  2. 1st Sun’s Smile, 140 S.A ӄɛℜ'¤ɮʋαʅ BRABANT KER’OBVAL PACT INDEX I Protectorate II Titles III Land IV Taxes V Law VI Military VII Diplomacy VIII Faith IX Oath Article I - Protectorate | ʊℜ¤ȶɛӄɛȶ¤ɛ The dark elven diaspora, represented by Maelthor and Sorrgarr Oussana, shall enter into a vassalage agreement with the Sylvan Duchy of Brabant to form the Protectorate of Ker’Obval. This agreement acknowledges the Protectorate’s autonomy in governance and internal affairs. Article II - Titles | ȶɛȶʅɛʂ The lords of Ker’Obval may style themselves with traditional Maehr titles. These titles shall be recognized and respected by the Sylvan Duchy, affirming the distinct cultural identity and heritage of the Protectorate. Article III - Land | ʅαռð The territory of the Protectorate shall encompass the portion of the river, under the mountains, that is within the borders of the Duchy. Article IV - Taxes | ȶαאɛʂ The Protectorate shall pay a yearly tax of 50 Mina, subject to adjustment based on economic conditions and the financial health of the Protectorate. This tax rate will be reassessed every five years to ensure equitable contributions. Article V - Law | ʅαʋ The Protectorate of Ker’Obval will maintain its legal system, with the Duke having a consultative role in legal amendments. These laws are sovereign within the Protectorate, and any external legal influence must be mutually agreed upon, ensuring the Protectorate’s legislative independence Citizens of the Protectorate will maintain their unique status and are not considered citizens of the Sylvan Duchy, but they will have equal rights within Duchy territories. If a resident of the Duchy or the Protectorate commits a crime within the land of another, a mutual council will be held to put the perpetrator on time. the Sylvan Duchy shall not patrol, enforce laws, or undertake any official actions within the Protectorate’s territory without prior notification to and express approval from the Protectorate’s leadership. Article VI - Military | ɱɛʅɛȶαℜש The Protectorate shall be granted the right to levy its forces for self-defense. Additionally, the Protectorate may offer mercenary services to other nations, provided such activities receive prior approval from the Sylvan Duchy. The levy of the Protectorate may also be summoned for mutual defense when needed by the Sylvan Duchy. Article VII - Diplomacy | ðɛʊʅ¤ɱαӄש The Protectorate retains the right to independently initiate and maintain diplomatic relations with other states and entities. The Protectorate will present new diplomatic treaties to the Sylvan Duchy for initial approval. Once approved, the Duchy can only request denial of the treaty if the final version significantly differs from what was initially agreed upon Article VIII - Faith | ʊαɛȶɦ The Maehr will freely practice their faith. Efforts to convert individuals within the Protectorate to another faith must receive consent from the Protectorate’s authorities, protecting the spiritual sovereignty of the Maehr. Article IX - Oath | ¤αȶɦʂ The Protectorate will swear oaths of loyalty to the Duchy, acknowledging the Duchy’s overlordship while asserting the Protectorate’s rights to self-governance. This oath shall persist as long as the Protectorate resides on Duchy lands, with the understanding that the Protectorate retains the right to relocate its people at any time. In the event of a breach of the treaty terms by either party, a joint council will convene to discuss the issue and seek a peaceful resolution. Any unilateral action taken without this due process will be deemed an act of oath breaking and a violation of the treaty. SIGNED, Maelthor Oussana, Keeper of Ker’Obval Sorrgarr Oussana, Ul’Udax of the Ularah Tong, Clan Lord of Oussana, Keeper of Ker’Obval Qudlia, Keeper of Ker’Obval His Grace, Ser Sterling Blaxton-Whitewood, Duke of Brabant, Marquis of Lotusgrad, Baron of Blackwell, Lilenburg and Swan’s Keep, Lord of the Peaks, Protector of the Weefolk. Her Grace, Azalea Whitwood, Duchess of Brabant, Marquess of Lotusgrad, Baroness of Blackwell, Lilenburg and Swan’s Keep, High Chamberlain of Lotusgrad.
  3. Happy Easter, God is king

  4. what's your discord

  5. Maelthor Oussana looked upon a missive he passed by, raising his eyebrows in confusion. "Do these people even know what 'Maehr' means? Disgraceful. High elves using our name as if it's theirs" he muttered. "Using the name Maehr, a name commonly used for the scholars from which all Mali’ker descend, Have the high elves lost all forms of originality and decided to use the wise ancestors of the Dark Elves as their name? Disgraceful." he said before dismissively throwing the missive to the ground.
  6. DISCORD:Zolla. (with .) IGN:Zolla_ SKIN TITLE: Emerald Isle Martini Armor BID:200 Mina DISCORD:Zolla. (with .) IGN:Zolla_ SKIN TITLE: Cherry Wine Gown BID:400 Mina
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