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  1. narthok schizo posting is back

  2. 我有一些计划现在不能与你分享,因为哈内斯和苏提坎人会破坏我,我再说一遍,我有一些计划现在不能与你分享,因为哈内斯和苏提坎人会破坏我

    1. satinkira


      分享计划。您将受到佛罗里达独眼巨人入侵军队信托基金的保护,免受苏提坎人的侵害。我还从目前运行服务器的 Ferrymod 阴谋集团那里获得了天堂的授权(真实和真实)

  3. I don't see an issue with the emerging nations, I haven't noticed any problems like decentralized rp either. However making wars more frequent and simplifying the process of conquering or rebelling is a far better way to enhance the server, i'd rather rp in some of the "unactive" nations than some of the overly oocly-led with toxic lc's ones, however, the nation you're trying to directly "criticize" has a far larger playerbase and actual rp background than what you're trying to push it as
  4. Thraegar sat by the ocean with a stick in his hand as he drew a path northwards in the sand, his brother sat beside him reading him the missive, With a slight chuckle, he muttered "there is nothing we can do"
  5. THE LAST RHINO LORD “Sigurz slai-ze braduk baiark“ “Braduk, Braduk! Mi, Mul, tame tiz rhino in latz eternal wizdom agh glory!” Brazduk, brazduk! mi, mul, horngaz tiz rhino in latz ukû wizdom agh glory The warm winds of the desert dragged across the ocean of sand, kicking dust into the face of Mul as what first seemed to be an easy feat soon grew into one of true hardship and labor. The search for a rhino to honor the forecomers of his clan, of his blood and legacy would not be an easy one but would rather push him to his limits. For several days and several nights he wandered the desert, armed only with a staff to aid his footing. No water and no food had been brought, being determined to live off the land. Each time the sun rose above his head he felt his stomach growl harder and his throat grow drier, questioning if he would either starve or die of thirst before reaching the vast savannah. With starvation and dehydration ever present, Mul’s mind tried to distract himself from his present situation by thinking of his ancestors, wondering if they had done the same as he. Had they wandered across the harsh and unforgivable dunes of sand just as he was, to find a rhino to tame in their ancestor’s glory? How many had succumbed to their hunger and thirst? How many had been crushed beneath the feet of the rhino? Many questions which he did not know the answers to. As he snapped out of deep thought he was met with a mighty river, dividing the harsh desert from the dry savannah. Mul fell to his knees as he scooped the water into his mouth, filling his empty stomach with the liquid, numbing his hunger before he swam across the river. Once on the other side he had only one thing on his mind besides the feat and that was food. He lived off the land just like the great creature he was hunting. He grazed the vast lands of grass as he walked on all fours, subduing any predator which took him for an easy meal with his bare hands. For a while he upheld this way of life until one day in the distance, he spotted what he was after. A massive rhino, its hide as though as the earth it roamed upon, stood gazing into the savannah, Mul’s eyes locked onto the creature, with a mix of awe and determination setting in. this was his moment, the culmination of his long journey. He knew he had to approach it with more than just brute force, but with strategy, he needed to embody the spirit of braduk. He slowly approached the beast, understanding the power these creatures have, the ability to crush a man with a single misstep, he circled the rhino, watching its movements, waiting for the right moment, then, with a deep breath, he charged. The rhino, startled, turned to face its challenger, its massive body ready to defend itself. The battle that followed was fierce, Mul, armed with only his staff, dodged the rhino’s charges. Using what knowledge he had of the land to his advantage, leading the rhino to a long dance of dominance and submission, this was not just a physical battle, but a test of wills. Mul’s muscles screamed, and his lungs burned, but his resolve never wavered, he is afterall the last of his kin, and failure was no option. And as the sun began to set, casting a golden hue over the savannah, mul finally saw an opening. With a quick move, he leapt onto the rhino’s back, clinging tightly as the beast tried to kick him off, but Mul held on, he whispered words into the rhino’s ear, slowly, the creature resistance waned, and a mutual understanding was formed, as they stood there, uruk and rhino, a new bond was forged, Mul, the last of the braduk, had succeeded in his long quest, reclaiming the legacy of his ancestors, he rode back, not as a lone warrior, but as a symbol of the new chapter to his clan…
  6. MC Name: Celianor RP Name: Aslan Giray Persona ID: #85541
  7. [!] While Aslan was herding a group of goats, he took the missive from Dorat, read it, then cut it in half and placed each piece into one of his pockets
  8. Merry krugmas

  9. so true

    1. creamynoteblock


      youre a piece of shit killaura user **** you

    2. Zolla_


      when i said It's Killaura time!” and killaured all over those guys.

  10. "EATZ ZAH HAENZI AH ORENIAN ZCUM" screamed Mul'Braduk as he gripped his axe, preparing for the war that lay ahead.
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