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  1. Gloonkey

    Marshal's Farewell

    Theo reads the note on his desk, and sighs, before disposing of it. He never knew Rhys too well, but he was a good man, and old. An honest shift in the balance of power is no disgrace.
  2. Gloonkey

    The Knights of Arbor

    Sign up for The Black Guard RP Name: Theodosius Amatias MC Name: Gloonkey Combat Experience (none is fine, training is provided): Theodosius is a farmer's son, so his only real taste of actual fighting is scraps with other boys in his younger years, and maybe a swing or two at a training dummy with a wooden sword.
  3. Gloonkey


    Born on the 5th of Malin's Welcome, 1658, to Anastasia and John Amatias, Theodosius Amatias is a Heartlander who takes value in himself, his community of Arbor and his family, in ascending order. Theodosius, despite being born to farmers who could not afford him a true education, was still always a smart lad like his father, even being literate, and having a good knowledge of prices, the land, and ultimately, grew up idolising soldiers, the land and even had an interest in learning politics as he grew older. His young life was spent living with his family in Arbor, in a relatively quiet life as his parents had hoped. He was a strong lad, with good looks that raised more than one eyebrow, from peasant girl to even the occasional noblewoman and courtesan. At the age of 19, Theodosius is becoming relatively self sufficient, having taken up the family business of farming, and intends to eventually become a student, and perhaps travel the world, become a soldier and get into politics. Despite his looks that some may misconceive as Highlander, Theodosius is Heartlander through and through, and takes all the brains and court intrigue with him through this. Perhaps, his only true flaw could be conceived of his injury he sustained at age 12, when was climbing an apple tree to pick some apples for the harvest, and he fell out of the tree, almost breaking his back in the process. Even as he was bedridden for a month, he was a stubborn and determined man, and a combination of financial stress and grim determination put him back on the field within little timing. However, even as his parents couldn't afford him a doctor, the injuries have permanently taken a toll on him. Although he is a strong and healthy man, and his back is no handicap, it does not stop him from experiencing severe nerve pain or the sense of stitches and burning in his back if he exerts himself for long enough without rest. Although his parents would've afforded him the quiet life and a simple peasant girl, Theodosius' ambitions stretch to the widest horizons, be to his ultimate victory, or his miserable defeat.