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  1. Theodosius takes a poster "I guess it's time I got back in there. It's been a while."
  2. Gloonkey

    7.0 - Item Conversion Thread

    Username: Gloonkey Screenshot of the item(s): https://imgur.com/a/5yjYzGa How you got the item(s): Blood of the beast: Acquired through an event where a shadow beast was killed at Arberrang Pendant of the Imperial Legion: Was gifted it through Krugsmas Electrum and Bronze Elven Brooch: Was gifted it through Krugsmas Beyond the Wall Book: Was given by a friend, iirc. Jar of Mimic Goop: Found it in my old house in Haense, was left behind by the previous owner(s) Christmas Bells: Found in old house of Haense. Silver Figure of Aurelius Horen I: Was gifted it through Krugsmas Voidal Dust: Was gifted it through Krugsmas Goldenleaf x2: Gained following the September Prince event at Gladewynn/Caras Eldar Bronze Rune Charm: Was gifted it through Krugsmas Tarnished Bronze Cudgel: Was gifted it through Krugsmas Ceremonial Dagger: Was given as a present by Vexalia Lothryne (Moribundity) Bronze Shepherd’s Axe: Was gifted it through Krugsmas Bear Teeth Necklace: Gained it through a hunt event by Haense Spider Silk Rope: Was gifted it through Krugsmas Fox Shiba Onu: Was gifted it through Krugsmas Crab Pot: Was gifted it through Krugsmas Bronze and Opal Talisman: Was gifted it through Krugsmas All of the aforementioned items are in my E-Chest. If there’s any issues or inquiries, please add my Discord (Pretentious British Prick#3345).
  3. Gloonkey

    Dragonslayerelf's Resignation

    Dayum, you’ll be missed fam.
  4. Gloonkey


    Theodosius grins maniacally beneath his helmet as he listens to the speech, contented in humanity’s ascension to magnificence in Atlas.
  5. Gloonkey

    [Denied] Gloonkey's Application Team Application

    Oh i know, I never said he did. Sorry if I implied as much.
  6. Minecraft Name Gloonkey Discord ANTIOCHUS XIV (Dan) (Gloonkey)#3345 Timezone GMT / BST (UK) Describe your knowledge on the descendant races The descendent races are the ones descended from the first beings of Horen, Krug, Urguan and Malin. Each of the races maintains their own respective racial dominion which encompasses the majority of their race. For instance, the Empire of Man for Heartlanders. Keep note that the races also have branches, for instance Snow Elves, High Elves, Wood Elves, Norlanders, Dark Elves, and so forth. Physical characteristics also exist for each races, such as the Dwarves having large beards, orcs having green or black skin, dark elves having dark skin, snow elves having paler skin and fairer hair, and generally elves having pointy ears. Each race also has a detrimental curse to them as a whole which afflicts their whole race. For instance, Elves may be infertile, orcs may be warlike and ugly, dwarves may be greedy and humans are doomed to live far shorter lifespans than the other races. However, the robed figure also gave blessings to each race. Elves would live for incredibly long lifespans. Dwarves would be strong in body and mind. Humans would one day explore the Seven Skies. And the orcs would have valour and honour where none else would. The original four beings were born as brothers in Aegis, to the first Man and Woman. Malin was the first son, with blonde hair and sharp ears, born in the deep forests of Aegis. Krug, born in the deserts was fierce and relentless. And then was Horen, born in the fresh meadows, followed by Urguan, the last child, born in the underground caves. The descendants were given their curse by Iblees, a great worshipper of God, cast down and betrayed into Aegis. It was he who tricked the descendants, giving them their curse, promising Horen immortality to build his great cities, Krug tempted not with offerings of gifts, but purely into combat, for his lack of desire to accept anything from Iblees but pure fighting. Urguan was promised wealth beyond his dreams, unimaginable to anyone, even him, and Malin promised bountiful children to populate the forests. Describe your knowledge on other pieces of lore that you believe to be relevant I have a fair knowledge of history and politics, being a fan of both subjects myself, and I also have and am learning knowledge on the NPC races and characters that exist in LOTC, primarily the ones that are posing a threat to Atlas, for instance, the September Prince, or the Vaeyl, or the Orcish Clans, as well as trying to keep up as much as possible with relevant cities, since the older maps are beginning to become useless as newer, well-populated and active cities such as Pembroke pop up. In all honesty, I wish I had the ability to create a map with all the cities on it that I could keep updated for the playerbase. It would definitely help bring the world to live and keep people from having to ask in OOC where RP is happening. I know that RP deserves to be organic rather than pre-planned, but in all fairness, if players can at least have an idea where the hubs are, they will flock to it and emigrate there, just as they would in a true to life medieval setting. Detail what drives you to become a member of the application team I really want to give back to LOTC for the stunning staff quality on the server who’ve always helped me and have been an absolute legend, and personally, as a player who often takes the graveyard shift of the UK hours, when most of the (American) players aren’t on, it’d fill in the gaps and my activity would also help me to look over the Wandering Souls and take care of them much better and easier, since I’ve noticed that a lot of Wandering Souls currently have to learn and do things for themselves, which is in itself, problematic for these newer players who are overwhelmed by everything they see. Provide an alternate way to assisting new players apart from reviewing applications My activity would definitely give a helping hand in Wandering Soul chat, as well as my presence on the New Player’s Discord, since I’m active on both platforms and can respond very quickly to any new player concerns on there, and how I could help newer players get into the swing of LOTC RP and learn PvP, because as it stands, I see an issue with a lot of newer players leaving CT, and being killed by bandits, taken hostage by orcs or having all their possessions robbed by highwaymen. Although I see a lot of city-states taking action on behalf of this to reduce banditry, I personally believe that even a little bit of training from potential AT’s like myself will greatly reduce this, and help these players to keep their wits about them and thus become successful, active and integrated LOTC players, which would benefit us all in the long run. Survey the application process and provide any possible improvements which could be made Personally, I think the current application system is a little too light. Even as a veteran RPer myself, I didn’t have to make a single adjustment to my application, and got in quickly. While that in itself is not detrimental, it should be noted that the application does not ask players to provide instances of RP examples, whereas other servers do (I can’t remember the name but it was a smaller American one, with a generally very good playerbase), and due to the lack of questions such as ‘Your character is held at knifepoint outside a tavern, and the thief demands all of your possessions. What do you do?’, puts us at an issue where we are letting players in who have a lack of RP skill or experience, and then when they end up being killed or robbed ingame, they either complain and cause a gigantic fuss, or they leave, neither of which are beneficial to LOTC or the community. Personally, I’d like to see these sorts of questions implemented to keep RP quality, and ensure the best possible playertype for LOTC, without lengthening the application to an extent where it effectively turns away prospective players. Provide any additional information that you believe is needed Just to say, I do have experience in this role from other servers, although they're pretty much all dead now, but I have experience helping new players and it's something I take great personal joy in :) Tell a joke I'm a vet of telling jokes. I served for 8 years, nursing dogs and cats back to health with dad jokes.
  7. Gloonkey

    Land Allocation (Freebuild vs Charter) [Your View]

    Shut up. I mean if I have a town of 10, since I’m always active, I can keep my nation alive, 6D Chess 😄
  8. Gloonkey

    Land Allocation (Freebuild vs Charter) [Your View]

    It’s almost as if those nations built themselves close to CT intentionally to profit from trade and the most resource rich and agriculturally profitable region of Atlas. I mean, do you see an Empire of Rivia? How strong is the Caliphate? Or the Dwarven Kingdoms? Icy wastelands, deserts and mountains, respectively, do not give the same wealth that the forests, plains and rivers that the Imperial heartlands do, my dude.
  9. Gloonkey

    Land Allocation (Freebuild vs Charter) [Your View]

    Personally, while I am definitely in favour of Chartering over Freebuild, I believe that exclusive chartering will worsen the already large issue of inactivity. In the event of inactivity, and lands having to remain in the hands for a while before they’ve being evicted, I worry that it would cause newer settlements to have an even harder time cropping up. I’m in favour of chartering certain lands, but the wilds should remain a freebuild, for the sake of realism, since the wilds aren’t technically owned by anybody, and with the exception of roads between metropolises, they are generally lawless. The state of build status aught to reflect this, and give new players or bandits a chance to carve out their own little chunk of the world to thrive or survive in. It’d definitely help RP as well, given the circumstances of confiscating land. But if I had to pick between Chartering or Freebuild, I’d pick Chartering, to be completely fair. Freebuild is practically anarchy, and while raiding is organised and should be permitted, Freebuild practically allows for any noob to just demolish a great city like Renatus, Haense or Pembroke overnight.
  10. Gloonkey

    Community Meeting

    Will Despacito make a cameo in the new map? (Real question, what will the name of the new map be?)
  11. Gloonkey

    The Knights of Arbor

    Sign up for The Black Guard RP Name: Theodosius Amatias MC Name: Gloonkey Combat Experience (none is fine, training is provided): Theodosius is a farmer's son, so his only real taste of actual fighting is scraps with other boys in his younger years, and maybe a swing or two at a training dummy with a wooden sword.
  12. Gloonkey


    Born on the 5th of Malin's Welcome, 1658, to Anastasia and John Amatias, Theodosius Amatias is a Heartlander who takes value in himself, his community of Arbor and his family, in ascending order. Theodosius, despite being born to farmers who could not afford him a true education, was still always a smart lad like his father, even being literate, and having a good knowledge of prices, the land, and ultimately, grew up idolising soldiers, the land and even had an interest in learning politics as he grew older. His young life was spent living with his family in Arbor, in a relatively quiet life as his parents had hoped. He was a strong lad, with good looks that raised more than one eyebrow, from peasant girl to even the occasional noblewoman and courtesan. At the age of 19, Theodosius is becoming relatively self sufficient, having taken up the family business of farming, and intends to eventually become a student, and perhaps travel the world, become a soldier and get into politics. Despite his looks that some may misconceive as Highlander, Theodosius is Heartlander through and through, and takes all the brains and court intrigue with him through this. Perhaps, his only true flaw could be conceived of his injury he sustained at age 12, when was climbing an apple tree to pick some apples for the harvest, and he fell out of the tree, almost breaking his back in the process. Even as he was bedridden for a month, he was a stubborn and determined man, and a combination of financial stress and grim determination put him back on the field within little timing. However, even as his parents couldn't afford him a doctor, the injuries have permanently taken a toll on him. Although he is a strong and healthy man, and his back is no handicap, it does not stop him from experiencing severe nerve pain or the sense of stitches and burning in his back if he exerts himself for long enough without rest. Although his parents would've afforded him the quiet life and a simple peasant girl, Theodosius' ambitions stretch to the widest horizons, be to his ultimate victory, or his miserable defeat.