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  1. Because giving new players a crash course in a system that is, to the staff, too flexible to teach properly, to the extent where when these players actually experience any form of transient RP, they'll be completely hit out of the blue, is an amazing idea. Honestly, I'd call this a silly proposition. Why do we need to focus so much on player individuality and waste staff time when we could set up a 'buddy' system of sorts, and allow vetted, trustworthy players to help these new people, and show them the ropes of how an actual interaction works. Staff are, at least in my opinion, too much interacting with the mechanics of the server itself, to actually be able to give an informal education on how to function when these new players are on the ground. But those are just my thoughts.
  2. My Submission: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Vry8aDz2QlR7Y-Ar2gNCoj9Q_gwY6o2SEIBX32Wst7w/edit?usp=sharing _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Summer in Sutica’s Seven Skies Coming to the gate I can only envision the simple Beauty of nature’s example One that shall give my despair rebate All things alas, I hear the chorus of angels Should it be that I have met the Seven? Nay, for it is but I who be a heathen! I cry out for redemption, and am I greeted with aingeal? I am greeted with the truth of my vision, That I find myself in paradise eternal Where neither be life’s burden nor mistral I have been given rapture as my perdition! Come I to the beach, shipwrecked with sighs and forlorn cries And I am at peace, as the seagulls fly above I stare upwards to see perched on the tree a lonely dove, And I am at peace, having said to the world my honest goodbyes.
  3. To be firmly clear and honest, it disgusts me to the nth degree that we even have the problems of paedophilia here on LOTC. This is exactly the reason why I left Elysium: When I saw mass grooming by players AND staff members of young minors both male and female, it terrifies me that LOTC may well be headed towards the same fate. I urge anyone who is being exploited or is simply afraid that the person they're speaking to is not a legitimately safe person to speak to to come out, and speak. No matter what these dickbags say, there's nothing they can do to hurt you that many people here haven't already experienced. We're a community, and we need to fight for each other's safety and well-being, and if no one else will do it, I'm damn well gonna do it.
  4. Gloonkey

    The Huntsmen

    Application Roleplay Name: Theodosius Amatias Race: Heartlander Age: 61 Desired role: Hunter Reason for enlistment: “To make a better world for myself and my descendants. I have experience fighting monsters of every kind and horror, from Shadow Beasts to Dire Bears, to the Vaeyl, to dark mages, as well as dragon spotting and tracking.” OOC Username: Gloonkey Discord Tag (Example#3333): Gloonkey#3345 Timezone: GMT
  5. "Ms. Lothryne, why do you hate the old Elf?" the boy would state, his brow furrowed at why one would be so hateful towards an old man.
  6. Gloonkey

    The Swamp

    The man would depart from Renatus to the swamp, ready to explore the swamps.
  7. Theodosius has always been loyal to the Horen bloodline. He always will.
  8. *The memories are all too fresh in Theodosius’ mind of slaughtering soldier and civilian alike from horseback, the stench of the bodies still in his nose – their blood still on his lips.... was it his? He needed to think.*
  9. Theodosius would read over the letter, grinning at the prospects "Nottinghams are scum anyway..."
  10. Theodosius is distraught at the death of another of his oldest and closest friends, signing the Lorraine Cross before mentally counting another domino falling.
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