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Found 2 results

  1. THE YONG PING ARMY the Warriors of Yong Ping DEFINITION The People’s Army of Yong Ping, also named the Yong Ping Army, are a force of volunteering and conscripted citizens alongside allied mercenaries who have chosen to take up arms in the name of protecting the people of Yong Ping. Whether it be against an internal or external threat, the YPA and its Soldiers are purpose-trained to their specific duties. The most soldiers or regular ranks are familiarly known as Zhànshì or Lion Guard, whilst the commissioned officers are known as Guān or Dragon Guard. The Army has a strict code of honor, which all soldiers regardless of rank must follow. The soldiers stand as a representation of Yong Ping itself, alongside its history and its population. Hence they must portray utmost honor and bravery in every given scenario before them. The Yong Ping Army is divided into two Regiments. Those being the Zhànshì Regiment and the Bushi Regiment. The soldiers and officers of the Zhànshì Regiment specialize in siege work alongside community services, while the counterparts in the Bushi Regiment are trained and exercised specifically in the art of cavalry and tax collection. Both Regiments have a unique culture within them, yet follow the same ranking structure and code of honor: Their purpose is twofold; To serve and protect Yong Ping. HISTORY Formed as a defensive volunteer force conscripted from the City’s population, the Yong Ping Army has stood proudly as a protective barrier against all dangers and threats posed against the people of Yong Ping for many years. The Tianrui zhànshì have long stood a bulwark against that which would harm their people, serving as protectors and monster hunters in the past. With the growth of numbers in their countrymen joining them in the West though, they soon realized they alone could not uphold this duty alone. Tianrui Ren saw to the establishment and training of a civilian defense force in their then resident district in Talon's Port, a group which would be known as the Tai Ping People's Army. The militia at the time was aided in numbers as needed by the Icathian Company, an ally who continues to stand by Yong Ping and her people in valued service to this day. With an even further surge in population and founding of Yong Ping, the YPA was formally established and the handbook written as a guide of conduct and service for all enlisted. New supply requisition was contracted out to the local San Xiong Di Company, outfitting the ranks with the finest the city had to offer. It was also during this time that two main regiments were established. The Zhànshì, a regiment of Li-Ren under the command of then Duhu Tinarui Ren specializing in siege equipment and civil service; and the Bushi, a regiment of Oyashimans under the command of then Sōchō Masamune Musashi specializing in cavalry and tax collection. Whilst specializing in different categories, the two served the same purpose and remain flexible in duty to fill needs as required. In modern Yong Ping, the Zhànshì regiment serves as the sole pillar of the YPA in both law enforcement and city defense under the command of Duhu Tianrui Ryu. Stationed in the east wall side Long Keep, the crimson and gold uniform can be seen patrolling all districts as symbols of safety and security in the Jade State. BENEFITS After joining the Army of Yong Ping, the soldiers receive a number of benefits. These are: ⦁ A tax reduction for housing within Yong Ping ⦁ Yearly payment in form of minae ⦁ Free healthcare for treatments of any kind ⦁ Material benefits for the soldier’s specific needs ⦁ Free equipment maintained by the Army ⦁ Access to facilities and amenities of Long Keep HOW TO JOIN To join the Yong Ping Army, fill out the following form with your information: Minecraft Username: Discord Username: (Can be omitted from public application if sent via forum PM) Character Name: Character Age: Citizenship: (Yes/No) Reason for application:
  2. The Vindicators of Uradas (Lord Warmaster Sevrel Valin'dar, founder of the Vindicators of Uradas) ((Art by the fantastic kuro#9824)) The ashen folk are no stranger to times of peril, and they are accustomed to migrating from place to place in search of a home. Over the centuries, ‘ker cities have risen and fallen; some by the hands of incompetent leadership, others by the malicious intent of our oppressors. A true home for the Mali’ker people is but a dream to most; but that dream has come true, for now - and the defenders of this new home intend to make that realized dream stand the test of time… Or die trying. (A Vindicator receiving a blade from the Archon) The Vindicators of Uradas were created to provide a fighting body for Nor'Asath, and do so under the auspices of the ancient ‘ker ancestors - specifically Uradas, the order’s namesake. Vindicators take up an oath upon the ancestors to protect their home, and bring the fight to those who seek to assail the ashen folk. Along with this, their duties include patrolling the streets; providing law, order, and peace of mind to the city’s denizens. (Uradas, husband to Velulaei) Uradas the Vindicator An ancient ‘ker of legend, Uradas was a father of the old city of Renelia, and husband to Velulaei herself. Until his dying days, he weathered the storm of time and the eons of strife that his people faced - and he remained resolute in his mission. It is from his great strength that we Vindicators call upon to snuff out the enemies of the Mali’ker, and with his zeal that we Vindicate. (Vindicators marching in a parade under the moonlight) The Vindicators of Uradas follow a simple, yet effective military structure of ranks: Lord Warmaster The highest title a Vindicator can achieve, the position is hand picked by the Archon. They show exemplary leadership skills, unparalleled combat prowess, and near fanatical devotion to the safety and security of the ‘ker people. The Lord Warmaster commands all the forces of the order, and reports directly to the Archon. There can be only one Lord Warmaster serving at any time. Warmaster Second in command to the Lord Warmaster, Warmasters fulfil the role of battlefield officers in the Vindicators of Uradas, and assist the Lord Warmaster in the day to day operations. They lead Vindicators upon the field of battle, organize trainings, and oversee logistical matters. There are only two or three Vindicators serving at any time, unless more are deemed necessary during times of war. Vindicator The bulk of the rank and file, the Vindicator is one who has completed their Trials of Vindication. They take up arms in defense of the Mali’ker people, and go out to do battle with our enemies. They report to the Warmasters, and are the fighting force of Nor'Asath. Initiate Any individual can be an initiate, they must simply first indicate their intention to join to any Warmaster, or Lord Warmaster. They will be issued weapons, armour, and rations - though they will not be eligible for other incentives until they complete their Trials of Vindication. They are still expected to fight and defend Nor'Asath as any other Vindicator. Inventives All fully fledged Vindicators shall enjoy the following benefits: Weapons and armour (PvP gear) A unique uniform to be proud of (cool skin made by the wonderful Tulan#7704) Rations (PvP food) Housing, free of taxes (this does not include manors or exceptionally large abodes. Ask if you are unsure) Adventure, and a sense of purpose (regular CRP events run by players, and weekly trainings) The Vindicators of Uradas is a young order, and we are looking for new war fighters to add to our ranks. Look deep into yourself, and ask… Are you ready to wear the mantle of a Vindicator? ~Signed, on the 9th of Grand Harvest~ Lord Warmaster Sevrel Valin'dar Archon Zirath T. R'ikarth The Consort, Religious Matriarch Rhaella Othan-Ashwood basically we're dark skinned wardens
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