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  1. A solemn demeanor befell Yvian that day as he toiled about his workings and duties, a sense of unease had plagued him "It has been a while... since Henry has come to see us."
  2. Yvian took the missive from Karl @Deets squinting at the missive as he'd then let out a slight chortle "Huh, groveling already?"
  3. Truly awe inspiring to see such 'stellar' and 'exemplary' individuals

  4. Based, thank you for warning
  5. A knight who's all about honour and loyalty, does smithy stuff and leads a bunch of other knights. Thoroughly appreciates his homies "Loyalty is its own reward."
  6. Haru squinted at the papers, tilting their head out of confusion as they read on
  7. "And so the fires that once ravaged the heartlands cease..." Yvian commented with a neutral expression, his feelings mixed, yet glad that the fires of war had been quelled
  8. Good that further consideration was taken. Hopefully further incidents such as these do not repeat and player safety is thoroughly upheld within reason.

  10. "GOTT Mit Uns!" Yvian would exclaim, battered and bruised from the fighting as he lay in recovery.
  11. "Most intelligent Adrian, seems he doesn't care for his people afterall.." Yvian commented, then tossing the parchment into the fireplace.
  12. Yvian chortled slightly as he read the poem. "Most hygenic Adrian."
  13. "Now we await to see if the traitor truly values his 'people' he claims to represent.." Yvian mused, reading the missive.
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