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  1. The aging Yvian dipped his head in respect to Brandt "It was an honour to serve your father, and you as well and you both dually deserve some much needed rest, GOTT MIT UNS!" Gottfried signed the lorraine as he observed Brandt speak with the holy man, honoured to have had a father such as him. "Wer Rastet, Der Rostet.."
  2. This, just this 110% Streamlining of player to player conflict resolution to make it less painful. A proper roll based CRP system that is not filled to the brim with people malding for ten years on the copium of "my armour stops u cuz I said so" and other things along those lines (like magic, etc). Would be perfect as another avenue for resolving conflict effectively from just spamming LMB, which just favours PVP'ers who can try hard as opposed to more casual players. What Unwillingly said prior regarding the server, I feel encapsulates this quite well in a way. When conflict is this difficult/frustrating to all parties to resolve then it basically deters any want for it from the side of the RP community as a whole (pvp goons excluded).
  3. Me when roll crp is still pure rng
  4. Pausing for a moment from his ravings about backstabbing Petrans, Yvian gave a staunch nod of approval and a grand thumbs up to the good work of his successors.
  5. "The prattling's of heretics! Heathens I say!" Yvian proclaimed in a wild flurry to the passerby next to him "They harboured darkspawn! There is no excuse for such a crime! They must atone through penance!"
  6. Yvian looked on at his battle brothers as they sat about the round table, its been along twenty-seven years, many squires have come and gone, many great men such as Sir Robert and Sir Peter of the Stroheims, Sir Ludolf, Ludwig and Brandt of the Barclays, those of commoners Sir Maxwell ad Landren or Sir Myrios of Veile. His fellow graduates, Sir Wilhelm and Teft and many others. All would be remembered within the mind of the aging man, for his prime years were behind him, but the memories would not be forgotten.
  7. "May the mongrels be forever cleansed of canondom und GOTT's lands!" the aging inquisitor signed the cross over his breastplate, pondering thereafter. "Ich knew they were heathens... heretics the lot of them..." pausing a moment to think the man turned to his forge with a faint smirk "Ah, right... yes thats what I was doing."
  8. Yvian lofted a brow at the missive, pondering a moment before thereafter dismissing his initial thoughts as he gave a staunch nod of approval and smiled faintly. "A step closer to peace." the inquisitor muttered, "May we all as gut men of GOTT bring the sword to their necks in swift action, Moggs shall smited and the others will too."
  9. What has kept you engaged and still around for these ten years?
  10. Haru nodded in understanding, reaching for her shamisen she began to compose a tune.
  11. Sarven

    BUK NOOS..?

    Sir Marcus Erhdhart rises spontaneously from his grave back in Arcas, to get the latest edition of buk noos
  12. "Mein GOTT, it took du long enough! Ich already have a daughter und son of twenty one!" Yvian exclaimed upon hearing the news.
  13. "Truely, Aauninspiring." A Herrenmeister commented.
  14. A certain Minitzer and Inquisitor who has friends of many in the fair realm of Numendil furrowed his brow as he read the missive "A thorough purge of the unclean ought remedy the heresy that befalls them." Yvian concludes then...
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