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  1. As a figura fella I approve of this message
  2. The Duke of Kanunsberg smiled, surveying the Franklands for what seemed to be his final time. "GOTT, Mit Uns!" And with that, a final dip of his head, to the United Kingdom of Aaun
  3. Gottfried squinted at the missive, his automail limb then crumpling it into a ball. "To misconstrued GOTT's most holy of texts... sacrilege, blasphemy."
  4. "It is good that we have such a wise pontiff, for may we never find ourselves wanting like these sinful few.." Gottfried signed the cross and then bowed his head.
  5. As Sir Karl came to the seven skies Sir Yvian looked on with a soft smile on his face, despite the highs and lows in their past, he always considered him a reliable battle brother from their times in Minitz. The Herrenmeister offered a simple handshake, and the words; "It has been long, since we last spoke, and yet even till your final breath, you followed the words; Wer Rastet, Der Rostet."
  6. Bros are dying to have Oren back. I think just shifting back to having checks like on Almaris would solve pretty much all of the realm bloat we've been seeing. imo Having more decentralized RP is overall more of a benefit then having like 1 or 2 main player bases and everything else having no-one, granted its all about finding a good balance.
  7. Sir Yvian looked on from the seven skies, the herrenmeister awaiting the day at another of his former pupils joins the ranks. "Until the light is gone, Until the water is gone, Until my life is gone..."
  8. "The Harrower commands, and so it shall be..." The towering figure looked on in silence, observing as corpses were piled ontop of one another. His maul, stained with the blood of the fallen Haeseni.
  9. "Paladinism and Druids, forbidden as they should be" Gottfried nodded, looking over the missive once more he'd smile the suns smile seeing his fathers name. (ill format this later...)
  10. "Again?!?!??!" Exclaimed Gottfried, flailing his arms from the absurdity of it all, he'd curse under his breath then as he accidentally toppled over his bottle of oil.
  11. CRP lock at the very least altered if not removed entirely. Wandering into the city, starting a fight and managing to win simply because the attacked party cant get help in their own city is very silly, you reap what you sow. You try starting conflict in a city? Expect to be mobbed as you should be. Like if you complain about being mobbed when you attack someone in a city its honestly a massive skill issue on your part, like a certified L bozo move. Either extend the timer (Just kicking the issue down the road) Or make it so that the defending party (in cities or settlements) can get reinforcements without issue. Having something like this is just asking for people to exploit it, if there is the issue of meta rallying, cant mods just run logs and police it better?
  12. The black banners fluttered in the wind at the occupied Gate House. "He would have made for a good soldier, had he been chosen..." murmured the towering foe...
  13. "A duel over honour? Been long since I've seen one of those!" Gottfried lofted his brows in amusement "I guess I'll take a gander and marvel at the martial prowess." pocketing the missive, he'd call over his son.
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