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  1. Sarven

    End of Arcas

    "Time for a fresh start then.... Well, House Vyronov shall prosper forever more! and Haense too, of course..." *Anton would think to himself, wondering of what was to come in the new lands and what perils or dangers await him* (( That aside, Damn, Arcas was when I joined LOTC and it has so far been an absolute blast! Hope to have a blast in Almaris as well ))
  2. Heck yeah, gettin sum real nostalgia vibes, been a year and a bit I have been in Haense and it has been an absolute Blast! Thank you so much for this vid!
  3. "That's umm... Interesting?" *Anton would briefly reply after hearing about it, the thought of it leaving his head as soon as it had entered* "It niet concern me but good luck with that"
  4. *Would cheer* “Haha! Great news! Much greatness would come of this!” *Anton would cheer* ”Seems legit” *Marcus would speak as he’d read his newspaper, flipping the page*
  5. Full name: Ser Marcus Erhdhart Served in: Brotherhood of Saint Karl And the Haeseni Royal Army How long did you serve?: 47 years For the last 3 years of your service, what was your salary each year?: Nothing (No pay for HRA officers :\) Additional notes: [[Username & Discord]]: Sarven323 / Sarven#9722
  6. *Marcus would scratch his head as he’d read on, then counting on his fingers* ”Huh.. soo, vat, three Haeseni kings and two emperors? Damn, I’m old..” *his smile would quickly turn to grimace, then signing the cross on his chest as he’d say a prayer* ”May his Imperial Majesty Rest.. and... long live Her Imperial Majesty..”
  7. *Marcus would give a pleasant smile as he’d read the paper* ”Hmm, sounds like an interesting game..”
  8. “Yet another lad lost to the toll of war...” *Would sign the cross on his chest* ”I hope Brandt handles it well...”
  9. BANDIT TROUBLES A BLOODY TOLL As the Haeseni soldiers climbed up the hill at the crack of dawn they would meet a powerful volley of ballista bolts and arrows. The Haeseni assault would be met with heavy resistance, many a man was injured and maimed from both sides, the ballista was only silenced after a well thrown carrion cocktail, battle would ensue outside the fort, peasants, brigands and soldiers clashing in the river and the outskirts around it. "Stop Crows! Lay down yours arms! Or your comrade will lose his other eye!” Ser Gotfrieds call to peace was heard, and the fighting had stopped, as if frozen in time. “Men! Lower your weapons! So that Sacul can be realeased!” Commanded Lord Marshal Manfred, his orders hesitantly followed by the other soldiers. Ser Gotfried would smirk, deeming the parlay successful he would go to bring Sacul to his men, when, suddenly and without warning the tied up soldier would headbutt the knight off the ramparts, falling off and into the river below. The knight would be immensely pissed, having been seemingly betrayed despite the honour he had attempted to show. Sacul had jumped down after him, though having faltered in his fall he attempted to swim away, when he heard behind him; ”Vy just does not learn.. do vy..” His hopes for retreat was quickly eradicated as the cold steel of the knights longsword, penetrated his back, coupled with an arrow injury he has received prior, his injuries were to great for him. He died then and there Sacul Risha, the brave soldier of the Haeseni Royal Army was slain, in the aftermath Gotfired was brutally slaughtered by the soldiers, in revenge for Sacul’s death, one Astoro Jovanovsk dealing the ending blow, putting down the Hedge Knight. With their knight leader slain, many peasants, huntsmen and bandits alike wavered, routing from the battlefield, as the Haeseni soldiers breached into the fort and started their slaughter, soldiers like Darien Frostfire and Fyodor Erhdhart slayed many a man. As the soldiers stood infront of the inner gate what would meet them was a band of peasants, their distraught gazes would be met with cold steely eyes from the Haeseni soldiers. After a series parlays the peasants were to surrender, the huntsmen lay down their bows, the peasants, their pitchforks and billhooks, the bandits and brigands, as well as the knights layed down their lives, all perishing to the HRA. Those routing would later regroup with Geridon... Would the bloodshed continue?
  10. BANDIT TROUBLES OF KNIGHTS AND PEASANTS ”So, what brings vy here? Gold, glory?” Ser Gotfried made small talk with a fellow hedge knight, awaiting the signal from Han’s group to begin the ambush. Suddenly; ”The HRA! The HRA are here! We’re under attack!” A huntsman would bellow alerting the knights and other peasants to the Haeseni soldiers. Within the span of a few seconds, every man was armed and ready, preparing to jump into the fray, the Haeseni made battle with the knights battle began with blows swung and parried, stabbed and blocked. However the blunt weapons the Haeseni brought with them made short work of two of the knights, successfully cronching them. The battle however was not yet over, after a reorganisation of ranks the remaining bandit forces engaged in arduous combat while battle was made in formations a separate one was fought just behind... ”Well then, low born commoner, you wish to duel me?” Gotfried would boastfully speak, changing his longsword grip to a mordhau grip, Sacul would swing his poleaxe, attempting to bring it down upon the knight. His blow would be parried however, his poleaxe bashed aside and finding himself on the ground. As the knight would go to his dagger Sacul slashed at the knights legs, tripping him as he’d attempt another jab, the knight would fall onto Sacul. Following this a scuffle would ensue the knight trying to stab Sacul in his visor and Sacul desperatly fighting for his life. ”Why wont you focken die!” Gotfried yelled as he’d bring his dagger down upon Sacul. With his eye lost, Sacul would be dragged away by Gotfried back to the fort and left to the barber for hasty treatment. ”Barber, make sure this man’s eye is treated, he will be of use later...” The siege of the fort was delayed yet once more as the Bandits gritted their teeth at the loss of so many knights....
  11. BANDIT TROUBLES AMBUSH IN THE NORTH ”One, two, three..... five, seve- Eh, close enough” Hans counted up the fresh men that had came in, joining their cause from all over the Haeseni country side, many for the same reason. Years prior in the great Scyfling war, they were abandoned by their military and later in their war torn villages, forced to make peace with an outsider that had killed husbands, wives, brothers and sisters, soldiers and meager farmers. They would soon be joined by bandit and brigand, deserter and hedge knight, all seeking glory, gold and fame in the raids and battles to come. Leading this band of ragged men and women, commoners and knights, was Geridon, a former officer of the Haeseni Royal Army he had at first hand seen the devastation that the war had brought upon the people, this coupled with his greed and eagerness to gain greater gold he deserted and started his rouge faction, the ‘Crimson Arms’ ”Shhh’ere’ey come lads! Ready yourselves! We face down the dogs who dare abandon us! Who later dare to call themselves our protectors! Let us show them our steel!” With a powerful speech such as that, any peasant would die for the cause, those nervous steeled themselves, those unnerved grew confident. However, as battle was inititated and as bilhooks and pitchforks clashed with swords, it soon turned into a one sided slaughter, many a man was slain. Geridon looked about, eyeing the dead corpses, even his own moral would faulter, leaving behind the others and his friend Galand to the enemy, he escaped by a hair back to the fort Radzig’s Brigands fared better, their superior arms and armour putting up a hefty resistance to the Haeseni soldiers, many a man was injured on both sides and the brigands were ultimately slain, the hedge knight who came to assist them, one “Ser Dieter” was quickly overwhelmed but not before inflicting injuries upon several soldiers, spared via the codes of chivalry, his ransom was paid, and he retired himself from the battle. The skirmish was costly for both sides, more so for the Crimson Arms who had lost nearly two thirds their men, they had however managed to repulse the HRA, preparing for the siege to come, many more peasants and other undesirables join their ranks, as they prepare for a last stand.
  12. What a chad, now add a proper Warhammer
  13. *Would scratch his head as he'd hear the news* "Huh, welp, good luck to the poor bastard who has to crew that thing if it explodes.."
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