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  1. *Marcus welcomes his former apprentice to the seven skies, awaiting when they can reminisce about times long passed*
  2. *Marcus welcomes Vorion the poet to the seven skies with open arms, reminiscing about times long past*
  3. *Marcus offers a solemn salute from the seven skies, ready to welcome the fallen battle brother* "Too soon... my dear friend..."
  4. *Marcus warmly welcomes the fallen soldier, a fellow comrade and battle brother* "So you've come as well.. Astoro.."
  5. "Time for a fresh start then.... Well, House Vyronov shall prosper forever more! and Haense too, of course..." *Anton would think to himself, wondering of what was to come in the new lands and what perils or dangers await him* (( That aside, Damn, Arcas was when I joined LOTC and it has so far been an absolute blast! Hope to have a blast in Almaris as well ))
  6. Heck yeah, gettin sum real nostalgia vibes, been a year and a bit I have been in Haense and it has been an absolute Blast! Thank you so much for this vid!
  7. "That's umm... Interesting?" *Anton would briefly reply after hearing about it, the thought of it leaving his head as soon as it had entered* "It niet concern me but good luck with that"
  8. *Would cheer* “Haha! Great news! Much greatness would come of this!” *Anton would cheer* ”Seems legit” *Marcus would speak as he’d read his newspaper, flipping the page*
  9. Full name: Ser Marcus Erhdhart Served in: Brotherhood of Saint Karl And the Haeseni Royal Army How long did you serve?: 47 years For the last 3 years of your service, what was your salary each year?: Nothing (No pay for HRA officers :\) Additional notes: [[Username & Discord]]: Sarven323 / Sarven#9722
  10. *Marcus would scratch his head as he’d read on, then counting on his fingers* ”Huh.. soo, vat, three Haeseni kings and two emperors? Damn, I’m old..” *his smile would quickly turn to grimace, then signing the cross on his chest as he’d say a prayer* ”May his Imperial Majesty Rest.. and... long live Her Imperial Majesty..”
  11. *Marcus would give a pleasant smile as he’d read the paper* ”Hmm, sounds like an interesting game..”
  12. “Yet another lad lost to the toll of war...” *Would sign the cross on his chest* ”I hope Brandt handles it well...”
  13. BANDIT TROUBLES A BLOODY TOLL As the Haeseni soldiers climbed up the hill at the crack of dawn they would meet a powerful volley of ballista bolts and arrows. The Haeseni assault would be met with heavy resistance, many a man was injured and maimed from both sides, the ballista was only silenced after a well thrown carrion cocktail, battle would ensue outside the fort, peasants, brigands and soldiers clashing in the river and the outskirts around it. "Stop Crows! Lay down yours arms! Or your comrade will lose his other eye!” Ser Gotfrieds call to peace was heard,
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