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Found 1 result

  1. What does Magic of any kind, or its many (usually morally dubious) power sources smell like? Of course, from what I understand substances like liquid Mana/Lifeforce allow for them to be made physical and tangible, does this mean that they have a taste and or smell? What about the taint of the void? Does ice conjured by a Voidal Mage smell any different by the one wielded and imbued by the magic of a Frost Witch? What about flames? Whether it be of Malflame or Dragonfire, or the Holy Light of Paladins and or Templars. Would a flower be any different to the sense after a Druid has tampered with it? Yes, I woke up like an hour ago. Yes, I am aware of the risk I place upon myself of the consequences of such a controversial post. But nontheless, another will one day ask the same question irp and we will all look like fools when we are without answer, the truth must be revealed! On a more serious note, while an emphasis is put on 'smelling', the rest of the senses are equally interesting. Answering that for example a Demi-Djiinn's magic brings about a certain taste akin to that of the mashed potatoes that your grandparent used to make when you were young...Certainly would change one's view on the magic itself. It's also really good for writing if we are being honest, having your character's own organs be roasted by dragonfire, would be a somewhat visceral experience and I do think discussing what the other senses would pick up other than merely the pain caused by it would always be really freaking interesting. And small show of hands, this entire post is inspired by 'In Stars and Time' which I came around all the way back on December and has probably become one of my favorite stories in recent years. Within It's story whenever a certain magic took effect, a heavy smell of Burnt Sugar was noticed by the protagonist, growing all and more denser, potent and terrible as the story progressed, which I personally found really interesting and unique! Certainly made it feel more personal and memorable of an experience for me personally.. (Good game, go play it, but only after you respond to the post!!)
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