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  1. - VOLUME ∞: Penance in the Lore Purgatory - Fjarriagua Amendment: Of Tormented Treats and Cursed Tricks [Take Two] Part One: CURSED TRICKS OLD LORE: NEW LORE: Part Two: TORMENTED TREATS OLD LORE: NEW LORE: PURPOSE: Feedback given after the previous version’s denial have been implemented as best as I could manage. Full list of changes from the previous version shown here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1n-Ua9mVpl_DKFGPEXTBzy0mxhJkz9H9UGzRiCq6bXJ0/edit?usp=sharing CREDITS Writing by Agy (I also wrote this!) Editing and help from Diogen! Music by Studio Thumpy Puppy Art in order of appearance by: davidwyatt2013 and Gustaf Tenggren Mechanics borrowed by Diogen's Fjarriagua Rewrite CHANGELOG 13/5/2023 - Imbuing a Greater Hex upon a Ice Projectile has been increased from [1] to [2] emotes - I kiiinda realized that nobody could actually see the comments I made on all bits of feedback within the doc. . . . Sorry. . . ! Now you can actually see it :'>
  2. - VOLUME TWO: Nostalgia of Foreign Memories - Fjarriagua Addition/Amendment: Gaze onto the Winter Weeping of the Stars Part One: The Old Growth The Forlorn Totems The fruit born of an Altar and the literal pillar of their worship, each one wholly unique in its physical appearance and reflecting a part of the Fjarriagua’s mind that created it, but all Totems share the purpose of further compounding the influence and the magic of the Fjarriagua as it seeps within the physical plain evermore, acting as metaphysical extensions of the Altars and their will, as well as a safe haven for any Witch to come and rest their tireless minds and bodies. To create one, a Frost Mother along with the help of [1] Fjarriagua must plant a “seed” born of cursed ice upon any chosen land and with the empowerment of the wicked powers the witches wield, they may awaken the seed from its dormant state, rapidly and aggressively beginning to take root within the land and quickly growing into a Forlorn Totem. The newly created Totem will find itself quickly fully maturing soon after its creation, although being limited into a rather timid size as opposed to their greater variant, nevertheless still all too capable of enacting boons and a sense of comfort and safety to any and all Fjarriagua that rest by its side, even if in a lesser degree. PURPOSE: The Forlorn Totems are a cheap and easily affordable alternative to the costly and risky creation of Witch Altars. Primarily in their lessened creation requirements, as well as their far smaller area of effect, allowing them to more easily be placed in discrete locations as opposed to a Tier 3 Witch Altar’s 50 meter radius of frostbite-inducing cold that would instantly expose their presence. Nevertheless, a totem's main niche is to act as a “mini-lair” of sorts, for a Fjarriagua to be able to lick her wounds and heal from any injuries she may have suffered without requiring the creation of massive and usually permanent lairs as are required with Witch Altars. Being only capable of healing Witches and acting as a less expensive backup base in the event of the loss of a Witch Altar. Part Two: The New Growth The Blossoming Ice The phenomenon of a Totem Blossoming is a peculiar characteristic of these inorganic yet unmistakably living structures, for should one be allowed the rare privilege to bask in the flowing northern winds that permeate the surface, entirely lacking in any obstruction from the skies above; there from which the first snow of winter always arrives, then the Totem will begin to undergo a radiant metamorphosis, as it blossoms and ascends into a Beholder; a finely tuned instrument born of wicked ice magick. Unlike the dominating presence of the Witch Altars, a Beholder specializes as a radiant beacon for the Fjarriagua, dutifully listening in and relaying to the witches the melodic influence of the birthplace of their kind; Skjoldier. PURPOSE: The main star of today’s show; The Beholder, a mechanic that was infact fully thought out and developed all the way back since late February, that I was a bit too lazy to properly finish writing out until now..! They are in essence a ‘goal’ for well established witch covens to strive for, requiring you to maintain a weak little Totem for up to a week as it is fully exposed and visible to any travelers, hunters, Holy Mages or even rivals creatures of the dark perhaps! Thus hopefully resulting in an interesting way to create conflict and rewarding those that pursue such a path. The rewards of course being purely flavourful rituals in nature that offer no combative boons. This is not to be mistaken as adding new and interesting rituals only to lock them away behind risky mechanics, rather just making the Forlorn Totems themselves have more depth that is unique to them alone, the Witch Altars will have their time soon enough. Now as for each of the mentioned rituals: Mal Du Pays The simplest of all the three, for the costs and ever-present risks of creating a Beholder, the coven’s Mothers are rewarded with being able to peer into Prophecies, something that very much thematically fits them. Unshackled Esbat Non-Metagaming-Communication-based mechanics are everyone’s favorites! And with this ritual allowing for a safe and reliable method of communication between all covens, thus benefiting all Fjarriagua, I hoped that the creation and maintenance of a Beholder would act as something that would unite and promote cooperation with any future splintered covens instead of acting as causes for greedy infighting for who gets to “control it”. The Fjarrigua after all are one of the few (if not only) Dark CAs that despite being one of the most unambiguously evil in mentality, hold an interestingly strong thematic focus on teamwork and cooperation with their fellow coven members, doubly so in the case of Frost Mothers. This ritual wishes to further cement and develop this unique theme of theirs. Sisters of Blood In current lore, it is already allowed for a Frost Mother to commune with a Soft-PKed Fjarriagua and as well as there being no mention of naturally Hard-PKed Witches suffering any “obliteration of the soul” kind of things, thus I believe there is no such an issue here with the Beholders being able to achieve such a feat, including this rituals being a common one within various other Magicks, such as Necromancy and Shamanism. Part Three: Quality of Death OLD LORE: NEW LORE: PURPOSE: Just some pre-emptive clean up to avoid conflicting lore bits should the amendment be accepted and just to be further clear: For non-Soft-PKing deaths, a witch will be automatically revived in a Witch Altar, Forlorn Totem or Beholder of their respective coven. For Soft-PKing deaths only a Witch Altar can revive them with the usage of the “Sabbath of Resurrection”. A simple decision to give the Forlorn Totems more overall importance as easier to hide “backup altars”, all the while still making it clear that a Coven without a Witch Altar will still be in constant grave risk of being wiped out in its entirety should they be so unfortunate. CREDITS Writing by Agy (I also wrote this!) Editing and mental support from Diogen! Music by Studio Thumpy Puppy Art in order of appearance by: Jana Heidersdorf, Maéna Paillet and Stephanie Law CHANGELOG Nothing yet…!
  3. Pretty colours!! YES! Also Finally! Mob render distance increase!
  4. Not exactly sure what you are talking about.? When a Jokul is properly cursed into becoming a Fjarriagua (As long as they meet the criteria needed to become one) they will be forced to abandoned their Jokul FA (Which takes up ZERO Magic slots) as it is replaced by the Fjarriagua CA (Which takes up Three Magic Slots).
  5. It's a FA (Aka a 'Feat') those do not take up any magic slots. Although due to its rather special nature it does lock you out of some magics as is stated in It, but yeah, It takes up no Magic Slots.
  7. Which CA would win in a fight? A Musin or a Lich?
  8. Within the seemingly extremely outdated wiki of the Fjarriagua, there is the ever consistent mention of one gaining a "Witch's Favour" > However, Fjarriauga are not entirely a plague. Some bold men and women may earn a witch’s favor if they are clever and strong enough. The ageless Fjarriauga prove to be powerful and wise allies. Many tales in old Skjoldier were told of conquering heroes who enlisted the aid of a powerful coven. Subterfuge and seduction, the trades of the Fjarriauga, proved immensely useful in whittling down the barbarian hordes of Skjoldier warlords. Which very much is repeated countless times within said old lore, infact seeming to be a very core trait of what I believe once was a rather "Dark Grey/Neutral" CA as opposed to the kinda most objectively evil CA left around that it is today. And as I mentioned within the post itself, this idea of "Favours" is still very much prevalent, although as is to be expected of the current lore; It was entirely ignored from being properly implemented as a mechanic. Long story short; It is infact already part of their lore. And truth be told; even if that wasn't the case, I do strongly believe that the Lore and Themes of Fjarriagua are deeply underdeveloped and outdated (Like for example needing to wait 9 irl years just to finally have Wyrvun be stated to be their creator in his own lore) despite being one of the oldest still existing Dark CAs within the server. There should be attempts being made for them and their oddly unique story to actually grow beyond this seemingly decade-long stagnancy of theirs. And yes, you would be right. But at the same time both the Naztherak and the Fjarriagua both have "Witchcraft" as one of their core concepts, with the difference that the FW are more related in the concept of "Witch/Vile Banshee of the woods" while the Naz are the ever-beloved demon worshipers, which 100% goes hand in hand with Witchcraft while being its own entirely different and unique thing. And yes, It would make sense for both of them to have such a mechanic, Its kinda unavoidable for there to be overlap between them. Although, the Naz do have their whole rather wonderfully made system of boons and banes as a method of creating deals with people..? And well, if we want to get technical, from what I've seen, the "Pacting" themes of the Naz are in terms of selling off their soul to actual dealmakers to be bestowed boons and strength. Not as actually being 'dealmakers' themselves, like Sprites and Djinns are and nowhere close to the "Witch's Favour" mechanics that already exist in the current lore of the Fjarriagua and have existed for many years before the current versions of the Fjarriagua or the Naz's lore were even written. And yeah, that is a good point. Binding deals with dark and ruinous powers that always come back to bite you is after all one of the most well known story beats in various well known tales. My guess as to why that wouldn't happen is due to the fact that its usually a very specific kind of 'magic', just because you are evil or magical doesn't mean you get magic soul-binding Pacts. The Sprites (Fey), Fjarriagua (Witches) and Djinns (Jennies) all are based upon the most well known kinds of deal-makers, whether evil or good. With their actual lore supporting this kind of thing as a rather core part of their identity. A necromancer/azdrazi by comparison doesn't really have much in comparison to excuse them having such an ability other than it being "pretty neat to have".
  9. Damn I've been found out for my nefarious schemes, but consider: What if we make a deal to not have that happen? I'll give onto you a 'Playmobil; The Tower of the Wizard [70754] set' in exchange to get the lore approved. What say you?
  10. DAMN IT! I tried really hard to make sure I had found all of them >:[ (Thank you very much!!)
  11. - VOLUME NULL: INTERMISSION - Sprite & Fjarriagua Addition: Seasoned Dealmakers Part One: A DEAL TO BIND DESTINY PACTING [Non-Combat] Whether out of gain, or out of sheer desperation after being exposed, the Fjarriagua may pact with those not of their kin, spreading a portion of their Mark directly onto a soul-bearing individual, where a bruise-like, frostbitten area forms on it. The pattern of that mark representing the Fjarriagua that one has pacted with and is fully customizable by the Witch. Some may inhibit the symbol of an eye for example, as if tattooed on their hand, although its ‘ink’ being frostbite, while others may merely have a bruise on their hand. PURPOSE: Presented here is a peculiar line from the "Mental State" section of the current lore of the Fjarriagua, something which is only spoken of once and never again repeated or showcased within the CA's abilities. Which is a bit of a shame as the creation of pacts and deals has been a staple of older variations of Fjarriagua lore but also 'Witches' in general. So once more carrying over this mechanic from the recently denied rewrite (Which the LT seemed to specifically have no issues with this ability, yippee!!!), added a few clarifications and redlines, general polish as well as the addition of a mechanic to enforce any agreed upon"rules" of the Pact other than just their objectives to allow for more complex and interesting deals. (Which again require OOC consent). Lastly in the matters of "Frost Curses" due to the fact that the Frost Curse amendment has yet to be reviewed by the looks of it, some details may get a bit muddy between the two, but otherwise I think it nevertheless has no issue in regards to that. (Yes, it's for both Greater and Lessers Curses, they do after all also need OOC consent) Part Two: THE NATURE OF THE DEAL An Innocent Bargain “It only takes a single fateful decision for one to lose everything and for another to gain everything” A wondrous artform honed and perfected by the Sprites over their long stay within the realm of the descendants, one that they have become all too popular and notorious as a result of. Using their unique abilities to forge a link between them and a willingly chosen individual, so that they may enter the ever mythical realm of bargaining, allowing the mischievous Sprite and a chosen and perhaps naive individual to form what is to become a deal between the both of them, a deal like no other. A Sprite’s bargain is never to be underestimated, for its powers and effects can alter the course of one’s future, but nevertheless its aim is to benefit both ends. Such as a simple one where, for example, an exchange of materials, knowledge and or specific objects, or for the completion of certain services to one another. These are but a few amongst a virtually endless list of various bargains that can be formed. The process of creating such a bargain is simple in nature; Requiring a Sprite and a chosen soul-bearing individual to willingly strike a bargain between the two of them - no matter how grand or simple in nature - concluding with the two engaging in a joined handshake, requiring 3 emotes to conclude the formation of the Bargain. During this, the person bargained with, may not pull away from the handshake, lest they interrupt it, thus canceling it and requiring the Sprite to reattempt once again from the start. During these 3 emotes, an odd plantlike ring will begin to grow upon the flesh of one of the fingers of both the Sprite and the bargained individual, harmlessly growing roots within it, being impossible to remove by most if not all means as it will always regrow itself back together, or simply grow in a different finger or part of the body. Its appearance, texture and colouration are custom-made to represent the Sprite behind this bargain. With the formation of the ring, It will begin to slowly yet steadily instill an obsession over the bargain made. What may be a gentle yet everconstant thinking of completing the bargain, can really quickly develop into an utter obsession, spiraling even into insanity should it take too long. This applies to any rules or boundaries of the agreed upon deal, creating a mental lock, making it impossible for them to ever will themselves to breaking the agreed upon rules of the Bargain. One that affects both the Sprite and the chosen individual. Should the worst come and one or both parties fail to meet the requirements of their agreed upon deal, the Sprite alone has the power to conclusively end the bargain in its entirety at any moment, although to a great detriment to whichever party was unable to complete the bargain. Causing their mental health to deteriorate to major depression and even bouts of hysteria for the span of [1] OOC Week. This means, should the Sprite be the one unable to complete their deal, while the one they bargained with completed their side of it, the Sprite may shatter that pact, causing It to drop into a horrible bout of depression Itself, while the person bargained with remains unaffected, due to completing their pact, now free from its chains. - An Innocent Bargain must be OOC consented between the Sprite’s Player and the Bargained’s Player. -Pacts can only ever be formed with soul-bearing individuals with organic bodies, this includes the various beastmen races and even more 'magical' entities such as the Undead and Nephelim, as well as fellow Sprites. - There exists no limitation in terms of complexity for these bargains and can be as specific, long-lived and impactful as the Sprite wishes them to be, as long as the bargained individual consents to OOCly. - Should they take too long to complete the bargain, whoever has not met their end of the deal begins to grow obsessive over the situation, gradually progressing into a state of utter insanity until completed. This affects the Sprite as well. - Any agreed upon rules or parameters of the bargain will manifest as a mental lock for both the Sprite and the Bargained individual, making them physically and mentally incapable of breaking the rules of the bargain until its conclusion. - The pact must not be of any sexual nor romantic nature. - Should one attempt to claw away at the ring to remove it, or alternatively completely severing the finger it was grown around, will result in the ring simply being regrown in another finger. - Should the bargained individual completely lack any hands/fingers or is wearing prosthetics, the ‘ring’ may in turn be grown around one’s body akin to a tattoo, the location being decided by the Sprite. - The ring causes no physical pain or discomfort upon the individual being purely visual in nature. - The ring is fully freeform in Its appearance and may include details such as small flowers or plants in general, although for more ‘intense’ creative choices such as over the top size or ‘vandalism’ of one’s appearance, OOC consent will be needed. - There is no limit to how many individuals a Sprite can enter a bargain with at any given moment. - While a Sprite is incapable of forming multiple bargains with the same person, they may decide to end a given bargain with the instant formation of a new one. This too, requires OOC consent. - The only way for the individual that agreed to the Bargained to ever be freed from it, is by the Sprite Itself or the completion of the bargain’s requirements. There exists no other method, physical or magical, not even slaying the Sprite Itself will work, with the exclusion of the event of the Sprite being PKed or indefinitely Shelved. PURPOSE: This is but ONE of the many, many mentions of Sprites being not only capable but actively encouraged to strike deals and bargain with people for all sorts of things. For something that is pretty much core to the identity of this CA as well as the concept of the 'Fey/Fae' in media in general, It is quite the extremely odd thing that they lack such a mechanic to begin with, as things stand the only 'proper' ability they have in place regarding "Bargain-Making" is in regards to being able to produce useful alchemy-based reagents for various potions, which is a bit too niche and rather simple in nature to ever act as a 'consistent' source of individuals one would wish to bargain with. This here additions feels like the easiest and most simple way to help out what is otherwise quite the deeply struggling CA and I am sure this could lead to all sorts of wonderful RP opportunities for them and ones that interacts with them. I wish them the best of luck! : > PURPOSE AKA; 'Why the double post?' The simple answer is that I wanted to give the Sprites a little bit of an amendment as well, they are after all a pretty one of the very few inherently magical CAs left in the server. And additionally "Pacting" was going to be added as an amendment in the second batch of these silly FW amendments of mine, so I decided to just post it pre-emptively for them. As for why they are both in the same post; they are pretty much a copy paste of each other in terms of mechanics. It would feel more weird if I posted them separately, if one gets accepted then of course and the other is also getting accepted. Lastly, as opposed to the boundless brainrot of the Fjarriagua that infests my brain-jar, my knowledge on Sprite and Druid lore in general is far more limited, so I unfortunately couldn't get all too unique and creative with the Sprite's capabilities and magical nature, although I would be happy for anyone to build upon this should it ever get accepted! [NOTE: This post is not to be treated as a "all or nothing" kind of lore-piece, I wouldn't want either CA to be robbed of the ability because of the other not fitting some criteria.] CREDITS Writing by Agy (That's me!) Music by Jonah Senzel Art in order of appearance by: San'OK, [UNKNOWN] and Ida Rentoul Outhwaite Mechanics borrowed (With permission to also apply to Sprite lore) by Diogen's Fjarriagua Rewrite CHANGELOG 21/3/2024 I fixed that one typo..! 4/5/2024 Found an accidental contradiction of whether Fjarriagua could pact with one-another; they cannot.
  12. Is it me, or have there been a whole lot more lore pieces being posted during this month compared to ones in the past?


    It's only been a week and the list of pending of lore, amendments and additions has already returned to what it was before the most recent (and pretty massive) loremag, as opposed to ones from only a few months ago ever needing to review around 5-6 on average


    Anyways time to continue being part of the problem like the greedy dumb dumb that I am!!! :}

    Edited by Agy
  13. Oh, I wasn't telling you to remove its emote count in their totality, rather to just decrease it from being an amount as high as '6 whole emotes' since that will absolutely get mindnumbingly boring and banal to the person casting this spell. And now that you bring it up, why are you making an entirely new spell for what is otherwise a copy-paste of 'Dovra-kul' but that instead is specifically for Azdrazi? Why not just amend that spell so that it may be for both Heralds and Adzrazi as well and any other new things you added here, such as the herald casting the spell keeping a scars of the wound they heal?
  14. If the ability is exclusively for outside of combat and thus 'emote counts' don't really have any substantial point, what exactly is the reasoning behind making the emotes this overly long? Especially when taking into account the rather 'niche' requirements of it being able to heal only Azdrazi and nobody else.
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