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  1. Sermons & Prayers for the Emerald Creed 'Blessed are they who follow the Emerald Way' Teachings of the Archdruid of the Hurricane 13th of Sun’s Smile, 1660 My Rock, My Comfort Praise be to the aspect mother, the Lady Cerridwen, the mother of compassion and the aspect of comfort and healing, who guides us through our troubles, so that we may give our own comforts to those with troubles with what we have been blessed to hold. The life of the mother will give comfort to all. Praise be to the aspect father, the Lord Cernunnos, your strength and rock, the ever-present blood of being. We shall not fear, for his strength withstands all, we shall not fear, even though the wind may buffet at our skin, though the earth may crack and roar, though the mountains may fall into the depths of the great seas. None shall we fear. Send out your doubts and your fears to them, to the lord and lady of the earth, and you will endure, for they will not allow their followers to be shaken. Do not doubt the path they have given you, children of the aspects. Though the trees may fall dark, and though fire may fill the skies, and though you may suffer, look always to the lord and lady. When you pass through raging fire, they will not burn you, the flames cannot set you ablaze. Prayer of Fortitude “Let nothing shake my soul, Let nothing strike fear in my heart, For when the world falls apart, I remember this: The Aspects never fade. Your faith in them gives you the world Whoever has the light of the lord and lady lacks nothing; The Mother and Father alone bring great treasures” Fortress of Light Blessed are you lost souls who turn your eyes to the green light again! For you are no lost soul! Though you may be weak, and weary, though you may bleed on the earth, though you may be consumed by fire, those who look to the Aspects above will have their strength renewed. The crippled will fly, and leap through the air like eagles! The broken will charge through the glades like stags, and all will tremble before their strength! The very name of the aspects is a great fortress! Let the righteous souls turn to it, live in it. Be safe and hold to it, for there you will find peace and safety. You shall not be harmed, and you will find your comfort. I have told you these things lliran, that you may find your peace in them. We live in a world of great and terrible dangers, a world where we may find great trouble in our lives. Take heart, and hold your lord and lady of the earth, for they will overcome them all! Reaffirmation of the Faith O Lord, O Lady, I put myself entirely in your benevolent arms. I swear myself to do your work in all things, from this day to the end of my days: I will love the aspect mother and father with all my life, and all of my spirit. I will not murder. I will not bear falsities. I will strive always for the salvation of our people. To bring comfort to the poor and destitute. To always tend to the sick, to the best of my ability. To bury the dead and complete the cycle of life. To help others in times of dark trouble. To bring peace and sanctuary unto the woeful. I will hold nothing higher than the kingdom of the wilds. I will not give way to anger, but to let your strength guide my hands. I will not seek out revenge, but to let all things happen through you. I will not dance with falsities, but let you speak through me always. I will not guile and pretend, but I will show the world the way of truth. I will not trade wrongdoing for wrongdoing. I will give no injury, cept for those that dare harm your children, O aspects. I will love the enemies of myself and my people. I will not bear curses for those that transgress against me, but I will bless them for testing my faith and patience. I put my trust in you, O Lord, O Lady. I will remember that you, the mother and father know my every deed and that you will surely remember them all. I will call only upon your green light for defense against wrongness and discord that arises in my spirit. I will avoid speaking too plentifully. I will avoid purposeless speech. I will always seek absolution for my transgressions against others, my people, and you, and will search for ways to atone for my evil deeds. I will obey those above me in all things just. I will not desire the approval of others, but I will seek benevolence through you, always. I live through the tenets of the Emerald Way. I will not seek bloodshed. I will honor the Oracles of your faith. To pray for my foes and allies alike, for all live in your kingdom. To make my peace with others before the moon should rise, for the night is dark, ever so dark. Never to shy from your salvation. Blessed be to you, and your followers. Blessed be to the Green Faith. Speak as the Aspects Do Speak as the Aspects do. Speak true and firm in all things, lliran. The world may jeer at you, and spit curses filled with wrath, speak softly to them. Raise not your voice, for a soft word will turn away the rage of the strongest beast. A harsh word breeds only anger without cause. Do this without thought on who you speak to, whether it be an enemy or a friend, all will make way for the beacon of light within you, should you speak to allow it to shine. When you should rise from your bed, take with you a compassionate heart as the aspect mother does, and let it shine to others as a ray of life and joy. Speak with the strength of Cernunnos, and your words will be rooted in the ground like the great elder trees of old. Speak not with grumbling or petty disputation, for you must speak as the aspects do. Speak blamelessly, speak innocently, for the children of the forest must be without a blemish on their souls. We live in the midst of a world marked with blood and greed, we must be beacons of light in the darkness. Speak without blemish on your soul. Prayer of the Essence of War (When drinking of the Essence of Cernunnos) O’ Lord of Death, strengthen my arm: In our time of need, I beg you to come to your people’s aid. Fill my heart with the honor of those past as I face this newest trial As we remember you in all our earthly troubles. Blessed Lord of the Hunt, give me courage: You who guides my arrows, and steels my soul, Father of mercy and end, the blessed rest that we are given in the end, Even as the world turns from you, and forgets your kingdom. Benevolent mother, wipe fear from my heart: Never abandoning your children, always tender, Preserve me that I may see my children and yours live, I place my trust in you to hold my life from the end. O’ fairest mother of mercy, help me to be right and just: Even as I face my cruelest foes, Help me to love my enemy, for only then will I understand them Bless my heart oh heavenly mother! Fill me with the light of your justice Glorious aspects above, please send your light down upon me: (Share your request) Hear this, the cry of your children. Guide me and others to your light in this, our time of need, For I recognize no kingdom but the kingdom of the wild. The Great Duty of Mothers and Fathers We are all charged with great duties through our being, by the aspects and our brethren. We are charged. The forested halls are quiet, and will be quiet. But we all must protect the faintest whisper of the children of the forest, we must all strive to grow and prosper, as is the destiny we have been charged with. Husbands, wives! I speak unto you. You are charged with bringing children into this world. Men, I speak unto you. Seek for yourself a good aspectist mali, a reflection of the mother above. Give to her your love, you happiness, let her bloom with your love. Your wife must be your happiness in life, a ray of hope for you and your people. Wed her, care for her. Lead her not into dangers, let her feel not alone. To leave a wife alone is to neglect a child. A man that cannot be there for his wife cannot be there for his child. You are creating of her a great wife and mother, a reflection of the aspect mother above. Maln is a blessed word! You must earn it! Women, I speak unto you. Settle for nothing, for you are to be a reflection of the mother above. Where the mother goes, the father is not far behind. Find for you a reflection of the father above, a great warrior, with a strong arm and even stronger faith. He will be your rock to rest upon, your great shield. Be for him a great ray of joy, give him your love as he shall give you his. Hold him to his responsibility to you above others. To let him stray from you is to see your children running away. You would not neglect a child, it is a great trespass. You are creating of him a great husband and father, a reflection of the aspect father above. Haelun is a blessed word! You must earn it! Children are a blessing from the lord and lady above, behold! The fruit of your love and life are a reward unto you both! Rejoice! Prayer for the Dying Lady of Life, Cerridwen, as you watched over the body of the Sparrow and gently guided her to the Great Forest above, so guide every faithful soul about to die to a paradise of lush green forests and peace. Let the cries of your faithful stand testament to our love for their souls and their worthiness to find peace. They have used the gift of life in your service, and hold the grace of an honorable death. Guide them, o’ mother above, as you have guided me. On Gifts We are the recipients of a great many gifts in life. Blessings cover our path, like leaves in autumn. Hearth. Bed. Family. Love. Some are blessed with the voice of the heavens, others are blessed with sharp minds. Some are even blessed with what can only be considered a piece of the aspect’s power, and a way into the eternal forest. We are showered with gifts, like a rain from the heavens above. Even when your path is wrought with great and terrible frights, when troubles lead you to suffer and your eyes grow dark, when the world rips many of your gifts away, remember still children of the lord and lady above. Remember their greatest gift to the world. Nae, remember no gifts given unto you, think not on yourself. Remember that the aspects have given a great blessing upon this world. Life is their most beautiful gift. Rejoice! You are life, you are their greatest gift! As each has received a great gift, think not on what the world can give to you. Use your gifts to serve one another, as great stewards of the lord and lady aspects above, and spread their good grace that all mali may share in the good experience of being. For if those that have the goods of the world and sees his brother and sister mali in need, yet shuts their heart to them, how may the love of the aspects live with them? Do they truly have gifts if they shut themselves away from their brothers and sisters? Each and every one of you mali has the power to do great deeds upon the green earth. Do not withhold goodness from those whom it is due, when it is within your power to do it. You are a gift, yes, and you have great gifts. Go out in peace, and share it with the world. Prayer of the Essence of Healing (When drinking of the Essence of Cerridwen) O’ earth Mother, benevolent to the weak and weary, Who spreads the gifts of life and good health over the green fields. You who gifted me my own life, and their life, Pray for my soul and bless my hands with your healing light. O' compassionate Mother, look down upon me, I ask that you help your dutiful servant: (Share your request) so they may continue to serve you and spread your goodness across the land. Kingdom of the Aspects Sons and daughters of the aspect father and mother, look here! Look upon the earth, upon the foundations we have laid for this great city. There, at the crack in the stone. See the grasses push through, how through time they’ve overtaken the stone. It is theirs now, for all will be reclaimed by nature’s endurant heart. For though we may raise great towers on the land, and build great vessels over the waters, though we may build vast cities and empires that stretch over the horizon, all will fall into ruin and be reclaimed by the kingdom of the wilds. All stone will crack and shake, and all steel will rust and break. The wilds were here long before us, and will endure long after the last of us have perished. It will endure long after the last castle has crumbled. Look only to this kingdom, followers of the lord and lady, for when the world has fallen away, there will be no other kingdom but the kingdom of the aspects. Dominionites, look to the wilds, look to your own country. The Dominion is a place of the aspects, look around you all. Our homes are nature, we live as one together. This is a place for aspectists, a temple of nature. Recognize no kingdom but those allied with the kingdom of the wilds, for they will endure. Blessed be unto the Aspects. Blessed be. [!] The tome was sent out to the Naelurir
  2. The Bird Soared and Securely Over Mine Kingdom As published 8th of The Deep Cold 1659 " The Mali'Aheral people must not only spout superiority, they must show it. What are you waiting for? Show it brethren." ~Ah'Sohaer Cenwall Maeyr'onn A wise man once said that all things come to an end.... I Ah’Sohaer, the first of his title hereby write my resignation of both my positions-- Sohaer and Maheral of our blessed people effective immediately. Let the official voting of my successor begin. I will end my term with a story of a simple mali’aheral who hoped for more… Atathri Glaeus. A sickly name to give a child, cursed snake. He was a simple child running away from home, ready to take on this world like none other would… first to the famed Enchantry where he would learn from and meet the greatest magicians in the world. He stood, scar on his left eye, standing in the freezing cold mountains shouting at their gates-- a mali with no knowledge of magic. Bold this pure High Elf was… this boldness would only make none other than the grand leader of the Enchantry to greet him and accept him into their hold… this is where his journey to the Arcane began…This is where he met the most influential magis of our times, where he shed his scar to be wholly pure of form… transformed into Cenwall Glaeus. Cenwall Glaeus would seek to return to Haelun’or, the true home of all mali’thill. This is where he would see ruin, decadence and decay. Shocked his people would be so down-trodden, he saw how the council clung to power yet did nothing with such power. In such distress he met who elves only would call “Fruit Fly”. This man offered a job in what was called the ETHIC at the time, and Cenwall soon grew into an officer of such a force. Integration into the armed forces of the Silver State of Haelun’or was desired by the order. They only wished to protect, yet the council feared them-- they were a force believed could tear down their fake curtain of power. Soon we were thrown out the city as traitors… the first lesson of his life, power. During this time, the Mali’Aheral people stayed in a campsite awarded to them by the Empire of Oren… this is where Cenwall Glaeus met his father Carvalon Maeyr’onn, his true father… A great nephew of one of the founders of Haelun’or-- Nelecar Maeyr’onn, the Lion and first military leader under Maheral Dio. Carvalon was a strict man and soon it was seen between Cenwall and Carvalon their relationship. This is where Cenwall Glaeus was remade into his true form... a Maeyr’onn. Andria, a beautiful elven High Elven woman saw their distress… she too was tired of the lethargy and was a Maheral of old. Soon they led our troops through the streets, weaponless, however extremely zealous in our drive to fix the lethargy which had rested in the leadership-- a result of the recent age of countless coupings. This was to be the final the High Elven people would bear. In what can only be called the Night of Remembrance, the ETHIC drove the councilors from the city and put Andria as Maheral for the reconstruction of their city, for it was half-built and destroyed. Cenwall Maeyr’onn-- myself would grow from the military and into politics, for a vote for a new council under the new administration under Maheral Andria. Soon the people would vote, and so they did. I became Okarir’Maehr, librarian of the Eternal Library of Haelun’or… the most respected of all offices in Haelun’or. It was done, and I moved swiftly to make deals earning knowledge and teaching the people. First a deal with Dragur Library to refill their library and a refilling of the battered and crumbling library of Haelun'or. This is where I learned my second lesson in life, persistence. Tending to the library was not enough for me, I went to making deals with various nations to collect knowledge and gain contact throughout the realms. This was where Andria saw my potential… she absent from my knowledge of this time. This absence would haunt her in her later days of me remembering her. It was a quiet day and I can only see her in the Eternal Library reading the books… she looked tired. I approached and she told me of her coming resignation. Shocked, I wondered who would take her place. It was me… my third lesson, peace. So this was also done, I was named Maheral Cenwall Maeyr’onn-- it was then I had unlimited powers. The system and city had no hope to thrive much longer, I had to revitalize it for our people. I installed twelve councilors, though such was against my main goal of phasing out the ones who only sought power but not wishing to put in the work for the people. I wished for loyalty and through these times it would be what would test me as a leader the most. The city was rebuilt by famed builder Elrith, still a loyal and masterful builder to this day-- the man who built Okarn’thilln of today. With the city built and shrunk to consolidate materials, I waited for those who had devious tendencies to strike. The first week, I was tending the outer realms of the world. I heard of an impending attack and coup under my nation. I rushed back to swiftly end the threat with diplomacy, the leader of such would be my first military leader… my fourth lesson, diplomacy. Such would not be my first threat of ruin-- I heard talks of my second in command at the time Cinh’llytn or now known and banished Lyu Elibar’acal talking of coup behind my back. Whispers long before I had loyal men protecting me at all times. Ralnor, an ex-Sohaer told me of such and pushed me to act. I in my young and brash self went to move. Arelion Laurir’ante, an elven man that I had not known much at the time sent the letter for him to join us. It was their I personally moved to sentence his fate and kicked him in molten lava… such an action would haunt me in my nights alone-- it was this moment killing this elf where I learned my important lesson, culture and security. The mali’aheral people were furious with my killing of a pure-blooded High Elf. The Maheral, “most pure” doing these actions even moreso. I heard whispers of another coup sprouting, yet I knew such had to be done for the security and steady progress of our people… this is when I met my most roudy ally, Athedil Haler’thilln-- a proud and astute old High Elven man. We both came to the conclusion of the importance of the separation of the state and culture. To appease my enemies and restore proper progress of our state I announced the reinstatement of Sohaer and announced Athedil as the new Maheral, where I learned my fifth lesson in life, separation of powers. During this time, during the end of Axios I learned of the secret natures of people-- the greed. One after another my councilors turned on me, attack after attack, yet I survived all of the attacks. It separated the loyal people from the snakes and it gave me more power to bring true security to the state and enact all enemies of the state removed. First the purging of frost witches from Haelun’or, then the purging of all Dark Magi. For the first time in centuries I had created an age of security and an age of progress. My greatest mistake was allowing a wood elf to command my forces. I wished to integrate the lesser elves in our lands-- seeing all elves together as integral to the growth and security of all elves… this was when I realized only a pure mali’aheral can truly lead. Our control of our emotions is the main ingredient in our superiority and it showed during the day of flames when Rhillen, the wood elf threw alchemist's fire on our own men in a stressed battle, ruining our chances of thwarting the coup of the wood elven lands under Awaiti Aureon. The momentum of our people was staggered during this time, and the land of Axios was coming to an end. This is where we come to Atlas… a new land and new opportunity for our people and others. I reformed the government and fixed the problem of top-heavy government. I chose only the most loyal to the people and the state, and alternatively the most zealous in the build-up of our state. Arelion Laurir’ante remained my most loyal friend during this time and to this day. During this time we formed the Sohaerate, formed under the pretence of our ancient alliances and common cultures, negotiated by Varen’thal the current diplomat of Haelun’or at the time. Together we would push forward and in time we saw slow and steady buildup of our power as a state. I set up to making checks and balances of power, even my own and created a voting system in which future governments could properly use. The transfer of power was established and I created new laws alongside Ceruberr to institute Talonni families on the blueprint granted to me by Andria. Soon I met Odessa Visaj, who implored me to recreate the Eternal College to teach our youth and so it was done. For once in a long time our people had hope for the future and steadily we have grown… now we are in the present. War is on the horizon, not a war I wished for but a war of defence in the face of an aggressor-- Renatus-Marna and his allies wishing to attack Norland in attempt to recreate the Orenian Empire and the possible beginnings of a war with The Dominion of Malin who wishes to be a miniture Orenian Empire, killing unarmed High Elven leaders in their gates… I can only hope my people survive the coming times in peace… I rest my hopes in the lessons I taught them during my rule. Such resignation may be heartbreaking to most, for so long we have been steadily progressing the state. Fourty years of memories, security, and hope for the Mali’aheral people under my tenure. First as Okarir’Maehr, then as Maheral, Then as Sohaer, then as both Maheral and Sohaer at once, Ah’Sohaer. I have been blessed by the Silver State and I wish the best for it in the future. May we peacefully transfer power as was done during Andrias departure of power... This is my story, the foundation of the state is their, we as a people just need to stay together and strong against the perils of the world. Together we are strong, alone we are weak. I leave on a journey of self reflection toward the wilds as Larihei herself likely is doing... I did my job. … The bird soared and securely over mine kingdom. MAEHR'SAE HIYLUN'EHYA Signed by, Ah’Sohaer of the Silver Sohaerate of Haelun’or, Cenwall Maeyr’onn Patriarch of the Maeyr’onn Talonnii, Guided by Larihei’s Grace in his Blessed Rule, Laurir and Malaurir of Mali’thill, Sovereign of the High Elven People, Protector of Silver Law and Overseer of the Kharajyr State.
  3. Techlock and its Restrictions *****DISCLAIMER***** By no means am I an expert; just a sensible man who is adamant about loosening techlock. I. CANNONS IN MEDIEVAL TIMES Hello, LOTC, it is once again time to refer to the long standing and seemingly controversial issue of techlock. This is not a call for it to be removed, but rather a call for it to be pushed back in technological capability. I believe we call all find common ground that pushing into full industrialization is bad and completely takes away the aim of the server. No, that is not what I am pushing for is simple gunpowder weaponry; handguns and cannons. For whatever reason, we are prohibited from using these to supplement our roleplay. Because of a ‘no guns’ policy, and that it would take away from the Medieval-Fantasy nature of the server. Well, I will have anyone who contests this on those grounds that gunpowder weaponry were indeed present in the Medieval Ages. Thus this point is rendered moot. The ‘gun’ was indisputably present on the battlefield by the year of 1336. This time is hardly considered modern. Cannons depicted in the siege of a North African town, 14th Century rendition Depiction of cannons employed during the Siege of Orleans of 1429 by Martial d’Auvergne II. NOT OVERPOWERED For those who argue that a ‘gun’ would be easily powergamed and abused - Not at all. Their potential to be abused is no worse than that of a crossbow; a weapon also potent enough to punch through thick armor. We’ve already decided that you always have to emote loading your crossbow. The same can apply for ‘guns’. Whereas firearms today are fastloading, accurate, and reliable weapons - what would suit us are simple and crude gunpowder guns. Let its trade-offs be known. Let a ‘gun’ be an alternative rather than a replacement. Generally, arbalests and bows will benefit from accuracy, while the gun will exchange that for more of a bang factor. III. HOW WE DETERMINE IMPLEMENTATION As for use in warclaims, cannons don’t need to be any more devastating than trebuchets or catapults. Let them do the same amount of impact damage. However many blocks are brushed away when a stoneshot hits a castle wall can stay consistent with a cannon. Or, if we’re still looking for a remedy for how powerful cannons are - have them have substantially less range than their trebuchets. Often in real life sieges, they had to be wheeled almost right up to the city walls given their inaccuracy. Thus, siege crews will have to put themselves in direct line of fire and in harm’s way to operate the cannon. Again, this is about trading off one benefit for another. Just like runecannons are most expensive than trebuchets, regular cannons can be as well. It will not render current weapons of warfare obsolete, but shall serve as an alternative, for those who want it. This is not being forced upon anyone. That is the name of the game here - options. The current rules are very limiting and prohibitive. Regardless, since LOTC doesn’t need to abide by real life rules. They don’t need to be complete weapons of destruction. We determine that. And ultimately, the damage done by siege engines is left to the discretion of presiding GMs at the Siege anyways. Still, for medieval engineers, there was room to adapt. Geometry in architecture became key. Tall, flat walls no longer sufficed, (which is what many horrendous PVP forts look like in LOTC). Somehow actually acceptable PVP fortification during the Sack of Vjorhelm which saw a Canonist victory against Norlanders. Here are two pictures that show adaptation to gunpowder weaponry. Note the sloped wall geometry of the Italian fortress of Sarzanello: Photos courtesy of Luciano Napolitano IV. IN RETROSPECT: COMPARING GUNPOWDER TO CURRENT LORE When we compare things trapped behind techlock to some of the ridiculous lore we presently have on the server… suddenly having gunpowder doesn’t sound too ridiculous afterall. Floating cities, artificial intelligences, rune cannons, THANHIC NUKES, teleportation, and lest we forget, the myriad number of races which infest the server. For crying out loud, we already have weapons of mass destruction. For what reason is gunpowder farfetched? How about some lore with a grounding in reality? - With regard to how things actually work. Technology should have its place on this server just as magic should. Let the druids manipulate their vines. Let the voidal mages summon arcane shields at will. But let us also the opportunity to advance technologically. Many magic lore additions get approved without a second thought. But whenever the issue of techlock arises, it is immediately shot down for no apparent reason other than ‘we don’t want guns’. How absurd. Let technology, magic, alchemy, all coexist to creature a new, unique blend of roleplay. A Dwarven alchemist by captdiablo on Deviantart V. NEW OPPORTUNITY, NEW ROLEPLAY, NEW DISCOVERY In addition, as a result of a potential loosening of techlock, we as a community may spawn a new wave of discovery and tinkering RP. As we are aware, LOTC is a roleplaying platform. Why do we hamper our ability to create dynamic roleplay so heavily? Why does this OOC barrier prevent us from making technological advancements? Give people a reason to play tinkerers once more. Let them be able to do their profession. This has the opportunity to spawn so much roleplay. But yet, we’d rather shoehorn more magic in - a topic which divides the community even moreso than techlock. Magic is too defined, too scientific. It should be mystical and mysterious. NOT ‘if I do this for long enough, I’ll advance to the next tier’. Allow us room for actual science and development. An example of a Tinkerer from pioneering days VI. LOOSEN TECHLOCK, NOT REMOVE. A NEW CAP. And lastly the last point I’d like to bring up is that the lifting of techlock (to a certain point) would bring so much potential to LOTC. Opposers to the lifting of techlock will always stress that it will ruin the ‘Medieval-Fantasy’ nature of the server? This is by far the worst argument I’ve heard. The argument stands on no legs. Why can’t there be cannons and guns present in a fantasy setting? Who says that? For example, take a look at Warhammer Fantasy. Warhammer is one of my favorite fantasy settings that has everything from cannons, to an Undead menace, to magic slinging Elves. It all blends perfectly together. Warhammer is successful because of its diversity. There is something, a faction, for everyone. Everything feels unique. This is what I believe is a good cap to techlock. It works so well and could work well for LOTC too. But yet we reject the notion for whatever reason. The Third Battle of Blackfire Pass, Warhammer Fantasy VII. TL;DR - Cannons were present in Medieval Times - Not overpowered - Need of change - Pros and Cons to Gunpowder weaponry - Other lore on LOTC is ridiculous - Magi-tech is dumb - New blend of roleplay - Revive tinkerer RP - Lift techlock, not remove - Warhammer Fantasy = good stopping point - Techlock is very limiting and restrictive - Technology not forced on anyone - ‘Muh Medieval-Fantasy’ is a bad argument - How can TNT and fireworks be canon, but not cannons? - Handguns aren’t pistols. They’re hand-held ‘cannons’. Pistols didn’t show up until the late 17th century, early 18th century. post your thoughts below pls
  4. CLAN YAR [recruitment]

    =THE YAR CLAN= As the orcs of the War Nation go about their usual business of the day, Malog’Yar ascends the plateau of San’Vitar, carrying the black and white flag of his clan. Most would likely pay no heed to this until the mighty blast of the Horn of Yar resounds from atop the hill. Once Malog has the attention of the city, he makes his announcement, “Bruddahz agh ziztahz! Mi annownze diz dey dat da Yar Klan am rekruutin agen! Aneh bruddahz whu am intrezt’d en joynin, ur juzt wunt tu helb mi rebuld diz klan, kom blah tu mi ur Thurak! Zpirutz bi wif latz awl, bruddahz! Glureh tu Yar! Glureh tu da War Uzg! Glureh tu Krug!” The Yar Clan was founded in late Anthos by the shaman, Malog, in honor of his great great great grandfather, Yar. The duhnah skhelll, a giant man-eating desert tortoise, is their symbol, and is used by this clan to represent wisdom and lethality. It waits patiently under the sands for its prey to approach, and devastates it with powerful jaws. While still valuing strength as all orcish clans, the Yar Clan has always placed a special emphasis on wisdom and spirituality. Yar himself was regarded as the wisest in his village, and was their spiritual leader and guide throughout his life. A member of the Yar Clan is expected to seek a firm understanding of life. He must strive to be as Yar was: a source of wisdom for his people. Mind you, this is not to say that Yars aren’t expected to fight. They are still orcs, and will fight ferociously alongside their brothers in other clans in times of battle; however, they must also be able to think, and discern what is wise and honorable. A Yar is also expected to have an acute awareness of the spirits, even if that particular orc does not happen to be a shaman. The Yars remember at all times that the eyes of Krug and the spirits are upon them. Whether hunting, fighting or whatever they do, they must keep this fact in mind, and live for the spirits. Not every Yar will be a shaman. Not every Yar will become famed as some kind of great orcish thinker, but every Yar can bring some honor to the orc for whom the clan was named by exercising wisdom to the best of his or her ability. Clan Founding in Anthos Malog’s head was boiling over with frustration. He needed to clear his mind. Nux’Ugluk’s decision to side with the Kaxils enraged him to no end. He decided to go out to the desert and meditate, “Purhapz da zpirutz wull gib mi gydenze,” he thought. As he sat atop a large dune, he peered down at an adolescent scaddernak scurrying over to a small cave. The beast was not fully grown yet, but was still easily big enough to kill a small group of Uruks. The cave’s entrance instantly snapped shut on the encroaching scaddernak, severing both of its pincers and three of its left legs. The creature lay helpless with half its legs gone, as a hulking mass shifted out of the sand. The sand gave way to a massive shell, and what seemed to be a cave proved to be a mouth. When the dust cleared, an enormous tortoise nearly the size of a modest gatehouse stood looming over the crippled scaddernak. The words “Duhnah skhelll” passed Malog’s lips as he watched in amazement. The duhnah skhelll lifted one of its tremendous legs, and smashed its prey. It then proceeded to swallow the scaddernak whole. Malog took this as a sign from the spirits, and hurried back to Gronkkston. He gathered his supporters from within the Ugluk clan, and told them what he saw. He then told them about his ancestor, Yar, a wise and powerful shaman. He had decided that if he couldn’t regain the Ugluk clan, he’d lead his followers away from the dangerous path down which that clan was being led. He had decided to lead them down the path of wisdom; the path of honor. He blew the great bronze horn he’d previously constructed atop the massive hill near Gronkkston, announcing the formation of the Yar clan. After blowing the horn, Malog then spoke forth the law code of the Yar Clan. Law and Punishments In order to ensure the Yar Clan did not stray from the path of honor, Malog wrote ten laws for the clan to uphold. ((Written in Common here for convenience)) Law Code: 1.) Do not kill your fellow orc unprovoked or outside of an agreed-upon klomp, for such is an abomination to Krug. 2.) Do not consume the flesh of your fellow orc, for such is an abomination to Krug. 3.) Do not steal from your fellow orc, for such is an abomination to Krug. 4.) Do not free your fellow orc’s slave, nor enslave your fellow orc, for such is an abomination to Krug. 5.) Do not practice the magic of the pink skin, for such is an abomination to Krug. 6.) Do not disrespect your fellow orc or his property, especially an orc in authority over you. This includes challenging the Wargoth or Chieftain without legitimate reason, for such is an abomination to Krug. 7.) Do not live amongst the pink skin, to dwell in their cities, nor to walk in their ways, for such is an abomination to Krug. 8.) Do not speak the language of the pink skin, for such is an abomination to Krug. 9.) Do not take the pink skin as your lifemate, for such is an abomination to Krug. 10.) Do not worship the gods of the pink skins, for such is an abomination to Krug. Punishment Code 1.) Harrowing: Any orc who breaks a clan law but is still considered redeemable may be exiled to a dangerous land for a period of time. He may either be sent into the deserts without any food or tools, or into known enemy territory. Should the accused return alive, his crimes are completely forgiven, and he is welcomed back as a brother. 2.) Beheading: This is your average beheading. The head is then piked in a public place with a sign indicating the offender's name and whitewashed status. 3.) Heart Removal: An orc who commits a particularly heinous offense is restrained while his beating heart is cut from his chest. The heart is then piked in a public area with a sign indicating the offender's name and whitewashed status. 4.) Deboning: This punishment, due to its gruesome nature, is reserved primarily for the most repugnant crimes. The only exception to this rule is towards non-orcs, who may experience this fate merely at the whim of the clan leader. An orc, however, must commit a severe atrocity to suffer this punishment. The accused is restrained while his bones are broken and removed from his body. The bones are then piled up and burned in a desecration ceremony. Customs and Culture Branding: Upon initiation into the Yar clan, members are branded with the image of the duhnah shkelll. The initiate must then swear his allegiance to the clan as he sacrifices an animal. “Mi zwayr mi eturnul allejunze tu da Yar klan. Mi zwayr tu lib bai da klan law kode, agh tu walk en da wizdum agh onur ob Yar. Zhud mi ebur bitray da klan, mi wull bi kurz’d tu hab mi bluud zpill’d az diz animul. Mi wull bi flat’d en helplezznezz agh dizonur!” ((Translation: “I swear my eternal allegiance to the Yar clan. I swear to live by the clan law code, and to walk in the wisdom and honor of Yar. Should I ever betray the clan, I will be cursed to have my blood spilled as this animal. I will die in helplessness and dishonor!”)) Sacrifices: As is common among orcs, the Yar clan performs sacrifices. These are often at special occasions, but sometimes just for the sake of sacrificing. The sacrifices take two forms: blood offerings and grain offerings. Blood Offerings: These are offerings of living creatures. 1.) Humans, elves, kharajyr and dwarves. 2.) Livestock. Grain Offerings: These are burnt offerings of wheat or any other form of produce. Bones: In the Yar Clan, bones are sacred as a symbol of structure, integrity and uprightness. The removal of bones as a Yar Clan punishment is a means by which the Yars communicate a lacking of these traits in the offender. Burning of herbs: It has been a custom in Malog’s family for generations to burn herbs in honor of Yar. Traditionally these herbs are gathered from Dwarven territory as the herbs Yar himself sought on the day of his death. Sounding of the Horn: The Horn of Yar is an important relic in Yar culture. It is sounded at any event deemed significant enough. This can include religious gatherings, feasts, battle or even just the birth of a new cub into the clan. The horn, as many have seen, is massive, and can be easily heard for miles outside of the capitol. Adornment: Due to the symbolic nature of bones within the clan, it has recently become a practice among the Yars to adorn themselves with the bones of fallen enemies or of beasts slain in hunts, be it by simply hanging them from their person or by fashioning piercings thereof. They are also strongly encouraged to represent the Yar clan in battle by painting their faces and/or bodies with the clan colors: black and white. Clan Runes: The Yar Clan has its own set of runes for communicating certain ideas between its members. See Important Yar Links below for more information on runes. Current Members And Ranks Chieftain: Chieftain of the Yar clan Zhag'Yar Elders: Members that have been part of the clan for a long time, and established a reputation worthy of being considered clan elder. ((Rank can be given by Chieftain)) Thurak’Yar Skhell’Gondul: Members that have shown great bravery, strength and other grand feats that thus deserve to be part of the Skhell’Gondul: the Yars elite fighting force. They also are honored with a Skhellaazg: a great shield made from a turtle's shell. Part of becoming a Skhell’Gondul is to complete the task of hunting down one of these great creatures and killing them on their own. Using these shields they have a very unique form of combat that is mostly aimed towards defensive formations. ((Rank can be given by Chieftain or Elder)) Members: Grimlak'Yar Aelor'Yar Doruk 'Banefist' Zog’Yar Nurena’Yar Denth’Yar Deceased Members: U'la'Yar (deceased) Phaedrus'Yar (deceased) Vorgo'Yar (deceased) Shunned: Gurak'Yar (outcast)
  5. Maidens of the Oak... History ~ - Over the years, there have been stories of beautiful, maidens- lovely with shining violet eyes... Their gaze capable of leading a man to their death. It all came from the discovery of the bodies of men, laying in circles in the forest. These people's lives were taken from them, their souls literally breathed out of them... and the very eyes that they used to gaze at the ladies, were gone. The stories originated from summers past, a girl who ran from her home, a broken one. She was in despair.. It is remembered that the girl was blessed with her child, but her father saw it as something disgraceful. The Baby has been conceived out of wedlock, and he wouldn't have it. The girl, whose name was known as Farrenla, ran deep into the dark forest where she became filled with sadness. She had lost her mother,years before- who was cursed with the gift of the frost- and had never seen her again. Her sadness was heard by Aeriel, and the Archaengul took pity on the poor soul. Aeriel appeared to Farrenla, and took her hand. Aeriel gave her a gift... an enchanted oak dagger. This dagger would hold the power of the souls who have died. It would give the wielder immortality... but everything comes at a price. To gain the power of the oak, Farrenla would need to take her life. She would be reborn as a servant to Aerial, to take the souls of Lost Mortals and kill them- and pass them to the Archaengul. Farrenla would stay in this endless cycle for years, taking the souls of the lost- entering villages and kingdoms- She left a trail of bodies; This was all out of sadness. she was alone.. so she would use the blessed dagger Aeriel gave her and she would bestow the gift upon other maidens. When Aeriel heard news of this, she became furious and appeared to the maidens. She cursed them to a life alone, bound by the forest, unable to leave it or the world would see their true souls, corrupted by their malicious deeds. The dagger was destroyed, and the curse of the maidens would stop. The Archengul did leave them one gift, for she was a benevolent being. They would be able to transfer the curse singing the Oak Lullaby... Over the ages, their stories were forgotten... but yet, if you wonder far enough into the forest.. you can still hear the Maidens' songs.. * Note : the sung is used to lure people to their deaths, but the song can be used to transfer the curse to women if the Maidens of the Oak desire so. Thy lost soul comes to us, o' soul.. We shall wait, across the pond Until we meet again.. O' young soul, comes to us- Thy can be free again.. Biology ~ - The Maidens of the Oak are known to be beautiful, seductive, and cunning. They lure people with their lovely voice to gain their souls, and their lifespan. They normally look like maidens of all races, and all complexions- Their eyes are always a striking, mystical violet. Under the shade of the trees, they appear this way- Beautiful and intriguing -, but because of the Oaken curse... if they dare leave their wooden threshold, they would appear as dark, vile beings.. Their violet eyes now glowing.. and their teeth would appear to be sharpened.. Their bones would be pushed up, looking very lanky and bony. They would take the appearance of their vile past... murderers and hags. The skin of the Maidens of the Oak is always cold, like their hearts. Because of the Oaken curse, any male child that a Maiden would conceive, would be deformed and stillborn. Any female child would be taken by Aeriel, never to be seen by their mother. All maidens have the power of the oak- If they cast a spell together, as a Clan.. they can save the female child, and she can grow into a maiden like them. They can also take away power from a maiden as a punishment, or even kill them. Life ~ - They live in settlements in dense forests, ruled by the maiden who has taken the most souls from the people around them. She is known as the Oak Maiden. She would be in power until a maiden more powerful came and took power; But this wasn't a peaceful transition.. The former leader would be killed. If any maiden defies Aeriel's room, the clan as a whole would have to take her power, of maybe even kill her (depending on the severity of the act).
  6. Clan Gorkil Hierarchy

    Renaissance of Clan Gorkil Grish agh Rar Blood and Sand Thagûrz Grish Dry Blood Ever since the unification of the Orcish people, few names has stayed as constant as the name Gorkil. Renowned for their honor and ferocity in battle, they have been called by some the ‘Prime Orc’ - strong and honorable, but in return incredibly prone to their own bloodlust. Fueled by pride and a passion for combat, the clan has stood as a pillar of not just Orcish society, but the world. Empires have been founded and crumbled, the dead risen and fallen, but Gorkil still stands, steadfast, eternal. Sun's Smile, 1655, Clan Gorkil now stands on it's rightful place and owns the exceptional reputation the Orcs of the Clan have worked hard to regain. The Current Gorkil Hierarchy WARGOTH The Wargoth has the ultimate authority of the clan. He supervises and ensures that everyone is accounted for, and everyone within the clan is properly represented to the Rex. He makes the final decision in every clan matter. Targoth-Wargoth Vorgak'Gorkil (LuxusFerox) SHAMAN A master of knowledge who has tight relations with the Spirits. He offers valuable guidance to the entire Clan and is regarded as a very close advisor of the Wargoth. The Shaman must be treated with the utmost respect, as he is the fount of knowledge of Clan Gorkil. Kalgoz'Gorkil (TheKingOfTheMoon) BERSERKER Champions, Elite Warriors, they are ruthless and fearless. The Gorkil Berserkers have mastered their skill in battle and will take on any foe without hesitation. Regardless of their age, when one earns the title of Berserker, he becomes indispensable to both the Wargoth and the Rex. Burzum'Gorkil (Kniaz) Gudhagh'Gorkil (ShiXTank) Harazal'Gorkil (fulmine03) BLACKSMITH The Blacksmith is an Orc of prestige, one who proved himself as a fantastic individual of the craft. He provides every member of the Clan with weapons, tools and armour. Shakul'Gorkil (Dragonslayerelf) WAR ARCHITECT One can only become the War Architect of Clan Gorkil through exceptional leadership and unique, successful War strategies. This Orc is respected by the entire Clan and is often seen in the War Room, developing procedures of battle for the Clan and the Krug-Hai. Grukk'Gorkil (jackhappy) Zagruck'Gorkil (LatePopeTrudeau) Elders To become an elder, one must have proven themself through their service to the Clan, either through wise leadership to leading the charge in a pivotal battle.Having proven their mettle, they are to be treated with the utmost respect, even by the Wargoth, and are looked to to help the Clan and Wargoth however they see fit. They are, however, still bound by the rules of the Clan, sometimes even moreso than their subordinates. Nazark'Gorkil (_Jandy_) Vagud'Gorkil (2samspan) Kindred The majority of Gorkil clansmen. These are the Orcs who have been born into or accepted into the clan.They are expected to follow the orders of the Wargoth first, and everyone else's second. Outside of what their superiors demand of him, they have no obligation to any specific duties or to pursue a specific profession. Yamahakh'Gorkil (LordYuki) Skorkon'Gorkil (Vilebranches) Borguhk'Gorkil (periklis02) Narishgoth Lurcano'Gorkil (ChonGojDragonski) Warûck'Gorkil (Slothtastic) Ezana'Gorkil (MrBeast246) Ugghra'Gorkil (_DeppresedAngel_) Rokag'Gorkil (leftito) Thrall Orcs starting their trials, who have yet to prove themselves worthy of joining the Clan. Gulag'Gorkil (shadowyeager) Nob'Rot'Gorkil (Tidemanno) Bolrug'Gorkil (kingluca2001) The Clan's role in Krugmar Clan Gorkil provides the Krug-Hai with conditioned, highly trained soldiers, as well as intelligent military tactics.
  7. Wyrvun Lord of the Deep Cold, Father Winter, the Redeemed, the Eternal Aengul of Virtue, Redemption, Eternity, and the Deep Cold Symbol: A wyvern born of ice, in flight over a silent tundra [You already know this was written by ya boi edel] [Long Story for Ondnarch provided by Dreek!] “It was then that Wyrvun was created, the very embodiment of the ice cold winds and the frost that settled upon the ground. For he was the Lord of the Deep Cold and the elements of his realm each answered to his call. An Aengul of great power, at his command were all that made up the realm of ice. Such was his power that he could even contest many of the creator’s divine beings.” - Ancient Dwarven Legend, The Lord of the Deep Cold "I sat upon that marbled lake when Frost was specter-gray, And Winter’s grasp made desolate the dying eye of day. The pitch-black vines scattered about like strings of broken lyres, And all mankind that haunted nigh had sought their household fires. The world’s bleak features seemed to be Eternity’s corpse outleant, His crypt the cloudy canopy The wind his death-lament, The ancient pulse of love and birth Was shrunken hard and dry, And every spirit upon the earth Seemed fervourless as I." - Fennic poem, The Fall of Wyrvun Within every land governed by snow and frost has stood the Lord of the Deep Cold. In those silent expanses his power is unmatched, with such might that even Primordials might bow. Manifest, he is among the greatest of Aengudaemons - from ancient times, the machinations of the ‘God of Ice’ have altered fates and cast great ripples across eternity, to such extents that even from his Realm do mortal lands bow. In the most ancient of times, when the first Aenguls had just been born, he was called the embodiment of Purity and Virtue, Beauty and Majesty, Winter and Patience. For he was the king of those unadulterated white fields, and his reign kept the winter's bite from becoming callous destruction. His followers, though few even in that time before time, were known to be virtuous beyond measure, as his love extended most to those pure of heart. Noble souls and heroes in white might claim his patronage, and the coming of winter less dreaded than simply acknowledged by the many. His hatred for the corrupt and dark ran deep, and perhaps this magnified the tragedy to come. His fall to Ondnarch will likely be disputed by scholars and historians for all future generations. All that is known with certainty of his fall is that a shadow of untold strength swallowed the Aengul, shattering his divinity and binding him to a corrupted physical manifestation. This event led to the birth of many more Aenguls, both major and minor, and an everlasting change in his id. It would be a millennia before the imperfections in that enthrallment of shadow and ice would allow sweet release. For as Ondnarch, Bringer of the Silent Cold, he had become a devastating scourge upon the lands of mortals. Decades of long winter expired untold masses, and his breath of black ice even the greatest of adventurers crippled. Finally a great alliance, its members inclusive of all Descendant races, would attack his fell incarnation, and the legendary Hammer of Barradin banished that dreadful form; the Lord of the Deep Cold was born again, and, weakened by a near-eternity of pain, returned to his realm once more. Long Version In modernity, Wyrvun is the Aengul of the Deep Cold, of Virtue, of Redemption, and of Eternity. He is the patron of all those that live within lands of snow and ice, and his power is undeniable in those realms for he is, in the simplest of terms, the cold incarnate. His place among the pantheons of Aengul-worshippers is often unstable, more frequently being worshipped by those that perceive themselves to be under his direct blessings. Perhaps his corruption and near-eternity of influence by that primordial shadow left the Aengul paranoid, for within those lands of permafrost, the would-be deity of all things frigid lays heavy hand. Wyrvun is among the most explicit in his purpose, one that has not changed in overarching action since his birth - the celebration of winter among mortals, protection of those lands eternally coated in winter and its inhabitants, and, after his release, the uplifting of the damned. With those long years spent in chains, Wyrvun's purpose has been honed, and in a sense, reborn. For the virtuous lost, the masses cast from society from machinations not their own, he is an often unseen savior. Called the Redeemed, it is his taken prerogative to bring a second chance to those innocent souls cursed by their once-was and had-been. His miracles are such that few would credit him - perhaps, in a blizzard, the snow might for a second seem to create a passage, or the lonely pilgrim of the wastes chance upon an abandoned shack or cave in which to rest. Depictions Though best known for the ice-wyvern form popularized by his appearance in the eyes of the Dwedmar and Mali’fenn, Wyrvun has many known identities. In the religion of the Frostbeards, Wyrvun has been called "The Mother". Taking the appearance of a young woman in white, it is their belief that Wyrvun is the wife of Yemekar. The physical manifestation that has been most easily verified is that of Ondnarch - a giant dragon made of black ice and skeletal remains with breath of dark frost, bound in chains of shadow and plague. In his restored form, Wyrvun most often takes the visage of an ice wyvern - a pure white, unlike his darkened, draconic form under the mantle of Ondnarch. This great wyvern has been described as larger than any mountain, a blue glow cast around his phantasmic form as light itself would bent. The temperature would plummet with his appearance, and the air would freeze. Perhaps, for those truly defeated, they might find a lodge in which a kindly old man known simply as "Father Winter" grants them repose. Dressed in white furs and with a great beard and ruddy features, it is said that this form was taken by his corrupted form, Ondnarch, to entice the first Frost Witch into his embrace. More recently, this form's meaning has been changed to something closer to the idea of prodigious return - that circumstance might allow the virtuous lost to become heroes and redeem themselves before society. On near-every continent, among the ruined civilizations and silent plains and tundras of everlasting cold stand the Wayshrines, statues of stone and ice holding Wyrvun, or his dark alternate, in veneration. Whether placed there by Wyrvun to be made into holy places, or built by those kingdoms long forgotten, their cold emissions have bred stories more often than not of their enablement of the devout to speak to the would-be god. The Eternal Watch Wyrvun’s realm is the Eternal Watch, and within is his sanctuary, the Gray House. The Eternal Watch is a realm ruled by winds of ice and frost - not a step can be taken where one is not on ice or snow, and it stretches past the horizon. In what can only be assumed is the center stands the Gray House - a massive fortress of white metal, surrounded by tall, gray stone walls and a forest of black trees. Within the Gray House is many hundreds of thousands of rooms, for it is here that Wyrvun’s plans in antiquity can be seen - every Aengul has a goal, and his was once the acceptance and love of the cold. It is said that these halls are reserved for those believers of Wyrvun and lovers of the cold, that they too might find an afterlife befitting them, but the existence of any soul but Wyrvun’s in the Eternal Watch has never been confirmed in any reasonable way. Following "His love for all that was of the Deep Cold was strong, and it pained him deeply that the mortal races of the world dreaded for it to begin and would soon celebrate its end." - The Lord of the Deep Cold, cont. Wyrvun is worshipped by the Mali’fenn, but his fall to Ondnarch, perhaps ironically, has doomed this lover of mortals to little worship among greater society. The first Frost Witches are said to have been born by his physical manifestation as Ondnarch, and the Mali’fenn believe that their entire race’s perpetuation is predicated on the continued worship of their “God”. That is not to say, though, that the Snow Elves are the only ones to worship this Aengul. Wyrvun occupies a prime spot within the Frostbeards' True Faith of the Brathmordakin, was once within the wider Brathmordakin, and is included in most lists of Aengudaemons in some form. In most other pantheons, though, Wyrvun generally takes no more than a minor role, if any. My boy Wyrvun was literally impossible to find real lore on except some excerpts about "ancient stories". Of course, I had to remedy that. Welcome to Edel makes lore for winter lovers, part two.
  8. Awaken, My Champions

    Dreams are meant to be left undisturbed. Yet, the Far Glade has awoken. One would be foolish to take it upon themselves to assume that the Mythos that follows the mysterious 'Far Glade' to be only that, a myth. A land of vast wonder, yet still only a dream all the same. It has been home to many, and has conjured many champions, or 'dreamers', so-to-say. Countless individuals that have pledged themselves to protecting The Glade for varying reasons. Some seek only the power that sitting in the throne grants, while others wish to protect the dream itself, whatever that may entail. Throughout history many have pledged themselves to the throne, but very rarely does the throne itself commit itself to a chosen champion. Few scholars have educated themselves on the Far Glade, a place that finds civilization and the pursuit of knowledge through technological progress 'damning'. Those that have, have been memorialized and been given elevated status within The Far Glade itself. Across various libraries of Atlas, books have been donated with the following information: Let it be known; These are the champions of the Far Glade. The Fury - WHO WAS THE FIRST, NAME UNKNOWN The Sorrow - WHO WAS THE FIRST OF MEN, UNKNOWN The Pain - WHO WAS THE FALLEN, IRRI'AYE The Joy - WHO WAS THE KIND, THICKETHAND T̴̡̢̡̢̡̛̛̩̹̖͕͚̩̦̗͙͖͖̝̙̠̲̻͈̯̜̜͔̮̜̞͖̮̪͕͓̮̪͙̰͔̣̲͎̫̺̗̩͈̼̙̘͚̠̞̦̺̰͈̬̟͇̲̼͙͓̻̣̜̹̯͕̹͉͉͕̘̻̜͎̪̞̥͚̻͚͎̘̼͙͈̳̯̩̺͔̰̝́̽̈́̉̈͆͒̈́͐́̈́̾̈́̃̉̄͒̍͛̾͐͑̅̑̀̊̀̇̃͋́͂̑̈̾̈́̑̉̊̈́̐̒̓͐̌̅͛̿̐̃̆͗͌̌̀͋́̍̏̅̊̑̇͂͒̾̑̊̋̂̅̓̈́̉̀͛͆̽̋̔̊̃̍̊͗̈́̐̓͒̀̉̾͋̏̆̇́̈́̆̓̐͑̊̔̂̓̅̅̇̑̽̒̔͗͂͌̎̎͒̀́͒̇̂̊͐̓̑̔̎̔̑̇̈́̈́̊͋́̈́̓͊̔͊̋̑͌̅͆͆̊͑̽͂̏͂̔̉̏̈́͋͐̋̓͂̔͗̊͆͊̍̉̐̎̈́̈́̊̓̒͂̾͊́̆̽̀̓̌̓̔̈́̄̊̅̐̇̀͋̀͌̅̾́̑̓̎̔̋̀̓̓̈́͛̃͑͐̆̆̓̌̋̑́̔͐̊̎͑̈́̉̇͋͋͗̚̚̚̕̕̚̚͘̚͘̕͘̕͜͝͠͝͠͠͝͝͠͝͝͝͝͠͝͝͝͠͝ͅͅͅͅḩ̴̡̨̨̡̡̧̡̡̛̲̺̳̣͕̻̜̜͕͇̙̗͕͖͚̤̳̥̜̲̭̺̖̗̪̮̪̞̙̞̱͎̞̜̼̺̦̣̺͉̳̰̹̫͈͖̻̰̜̟̪̝̪͈͍͎̯̟̳̤̙͈̟̲͓̥̞̪̗͙͙̺̬͚̣͎̹̠̺͉̮̗̹̝̰̩̜̺̲̙̘̥̲̣̹͓͙̞͖̞͚̖͙͕̳̙̼̟͍̝̫̗̙͕̭̣̙̥̻̞̤̻̪̦̲͍͍͈͚̜̬͎̜͖̰͚̹̱̬͉͖̱̤͚͉̯͇̹̲̈́͌͗̆̐̈́̀̈́̔̐̓̓̊̓̃̉̊̔͂̔͒̈̏͗̈̒̌̈́̊̿̌̊̑̐̀̊͊̐̔̑͛̿͐͐̂̿̀͗̆̓̓̒̇̎̒͒͗̀͛̓̊̓̽̓̋̂͊̆̑̿̈͑͆͋̄̑̓͌̄́̀͊̂̍̀͛̔͂̓̏͆̈͌̈́̎̇̔̀͒͌̀͊́͗̀̀͆̎̄̓̇̐̌͆̅̈́́̎̑̽͂́̑̑͂̿̈̔̅͑͗͛̏͒̄͂͆͋̔̂͛̈́̈́̊͛́̈́̿͑̌͐̈́̂̀̃̚̕̕͘͘̚̕͘̚͘͘̕͘͘͜͜͝͝͠͝͝͝͝͝͠͠͠ͅͅͅͅę̶̨̧̡̨̨̢̨̧̢̡̧̡̨̨̧̨̢̡̨̧̡̧̢̡̨̨̢̩͈͍͙̦̰͍̩͈̠̩̞̜͍̠̝̪͎̳̙̠̗̭̣̖͇̞͔̲̣̬̞̤̮̩͚̠̺͕̦̳̥̱̹̱̙͓̮͈̲̳̗̪͈̦̞̮̳͎͖̱͓͔̖̻̲̞̺͚͉͎̫̜̳̺̞̻̦̰͖͍͓̰̼̳͎̲̣̳̬̳̣̻̥͎̖͇̭͕͉͈̖̮̠͙̩͔̙̙̻̭̗͎̠̪̪̤̜͇̝̗͕̣̭̪̪̰̭̰̹̮̟̘̣̫̬̠̟̦̪̻͔̻͇̬̻͔͓̰̣͉̦͕̫͖͚̟̳̗̭̖͓͕̰̬̺̦̦̝̟̹̳̰̫̼̬̬̥͉͎̻̻̩͍̪̥̰̱̳͙̘̖͈̲̼͉͓̖͙̙̖͚̪͇̲̦͚͔͔̙͎̝̤͖͈̠̘̜͔̗͉͔̞̝̳̳̻͇̙̤̣͉̪̬̻̣̤̰̝̜̬͎͙̣̣͉̞̥̺̬̅́͆͊̀̄͐́̂̀̇̎͒͒͑̈́̀̌͊̈́͜͜͜͜͜͜͜͝ͅͅͅͅͅͅͅͅͅͅ ̵̧̛̛͉̦͙̺̲̹̪̹͉̫͈̬̺̻̌̔̓͛͗͂̀̾̎̆̒̉̓̀͐̊̃̀̀̈́͆̎̿̒͆̊́̏̄̈́͗͋̍̄͑̒̿̅̿͋̃͊̐̌͋̍́̿͂̂̅̏̽͛̇́͗̌̎͗̈́͛̑̀͐͌͆̈̊͊̒͛̓̿͑͐̇͊̔͗͊̽͑͗͆̈́̈́̑̈́̂͆͐͂͂͒͗̉͋̈́͊̌͗̄͑̆̇̑̇̔̀̑͂́̈́̆̒̀̕̚̚̕̚̕͘͘͝͠͝͠͝͝͠͝͠͠͠͠Ḟ̷̧̢̨̨̡̢̢̨̛̛͙̪̩̱̘͚̣̘͇̮̳̯̙͔͉̺̻͔̗̝͓̖̹̹̰͈͈̻̻͎̯̟̠̺̤̜̞̜̫͇̤̟̩̤͚̞̤̤͕̫͙͓͉̗̫̪̱̥̮͚̫̖̻̻̜̟̳̰͚̟̙̣̖̠̫̗͍͈̫̩̝͔̤̗̦̩̹̻̤̘͉͕̱͓̤̅͛̀̾̓͛̄̈́̀͗̾̃̉̈́̓̍͛̾͌̈́͌̒̔̀̓̇̀̌͗̎̑́̎̽̾͗̀̓̾͌̈̄̋͋͂̆̎̾̏͒̀̿̈́̓̽̉͗̈́̒͌̒́̓̈́̅͑̔̂͂͋̑̔̉͋̊͑̀̓̆̐̍̀͂̃͛̈́̓͐͒͂̋͛̊̑̓̂̒̿̽̒͒̊̀͒̾̇̓̒̽̑̄̍̀͌̃̃͂̀͐̔͑̈̎͑͗͌̀̓̀̓̈́̂̋̈͑͗̈͗̀̊̆̔̀̀̓́̈́̓͐̀̿̔̋̚̕̚̚̕͘͘͘̕͘̚̕̕͘̕͘͠͠͝͠͠͝͝͝͠͠ͅͅe̶̡̨̢̢̡̢̢̨̨̧̢̧̢̡̨̡̧̛̲̭̙̝͙̗̟̪͖̭̼͚͖̰̼̪̖̹̙͓̮̪̮̰̠͔͖͚̦̠̬̦͔̟̝̪̺̫̥̜̞̬̞͓̹̺̞̟͎̹̬̦̣͔̪̘̙̜̪̤͇͇͇̜̭̮̪̞̺̮͍̣̣̖̦̝̟̩̖̙̪̟̺̻̤̰͙̳͚̩̩̰͈̳͖̞̖͇͖̬̣͈̗͖̞͍̙̙̜͇̜̦͙͍͎͚͔̙̖̣̬̲̠̩̫̭͖͓̥̔͌͌̍̎͆͒̽̿̏̐̾̈́̍̀̽̒͊̅͐̅̅͗͒̈́̔͗̾̿̓̓̎̈́̂̈̓͌͊̅̄͗͂͋̂̾̏͋͂̾̊͂̐̽̕̕̕͜͜͠͠͝ͅą̷̧̧̧̧̧̨̡̢̛̛̘̥̜̺̦̱͚̤̳͓͕̙͇̰̭͚͔̲̻̣̠̫̮̤͔̱̙̞̬̥͍̹͚̣̝̤̗̱͚̯̹̠̜̪̰̥̤͍͉̩̹͙̣̙̦͇̳̠̯͇͍͈̫̩̝̭͉̙̺̮̖̠̹̱͖̤͔̗̯̗͖͈͔͚̣̦̠̣̱̘̣̞͈̱̩̣͕̼̩̔̄̊̎̏͂̔͗̓͗̒́̊͑̂̈́̏̄̀̊͐͗̔͆͐̐̀̓͋̓̇̑̑̓̏͌̿͛͌̈̂͐̈́͗́̃̈́̎͆̒͊͛͛̉͑̈̈́͛͒́̓̿́̃̎̊͌̐̎͒̄̉̅̊̋̀́͆̔̑̄͂̏̈́͋̽̎̇̇̏͗̒̀̊̇̃̅́͗̊̕̕̚̚͘̕͝͝͝͝͠͝͝ͅŕ̴̢̨̢̢̢̧̨̢̛̛̛̛̛͙̩̗̯̘̗̬̯̖̺̪̥͔̮̰͚̤̪̖̥̬͉͔̣̝̖̟̥̪͈̝̖̳̜͔͍̩̹̼͕̼̲̭̼̱̱̼͍̭͙̥̭̯̭͈͇̰͇̯̖̖̯̦͈̪̯̰̦̺̞̣̜̗̣̤̘̫͍͍̹̱̝̺̰̪̋̓͌̌͊̈͑̀͛̑̌̃̾̒̈̂̏̒̍̂̃̈́̀̊̍͊́͌̀͌͆͐̃́̌͆̾̐̇̾͒̄͊͗̈́̍͗́͑̽̆́͛͑̋̆̍̓̐̉̽̒̈́͆̏̈́̂̆͊̆̇̅̄́̂̀̑̏̀̈́̉͒̃͆͐̀̐͒͑̓̈̎̆̅̌͗̏́̔̄̕͘̕̚̚͘͜͜͜͜͜͝͠͝͝͝͠͠͝͠͝ͅͅͅͅͅ ̷̧̡̧̢̡̧̧̧̨̧̨̢̧̡̛̛̛͕̹̟͕̜̜͕͖̘̱͇͓̜̖̥͍͎͚̠͓̱͎̥͓̙̲̺̲̹͚̗̘̙͙̣͈̦̯̗͕̮̭̣̹̪̦͍̻͍̫̤̹̬͙͙͙̖͇̣̭̯̣̘̩̝̝̱̞̗̳̲̣̞̘̺͚̞͍̻̳͉̼̲̹͇̮̤͎͇͈̻̥̪̘̙̲͔͈͔͖͕̺͕̟͇̎̔͆̀̆̐̽͐͂͆͛̓̃͐͊̄̀̐̈́͐̈̃͌̓́͆̍̊͂͋͊͑̂̀̐̈́̒̀̒̂̿̃͌̈̒̅̌̌̂̔͑͆̌͆̊̈́̈͋̅̇̿̾̽̊̽̽̂̀̿̉̍͐̋͌̈́́̀͊́̊̇̀͗͗̃͋̏̂͗̔͒̓̌̀̾̈́̔͒͌́͊͗̾͌̀̈́͒̔̃̊̌̽̆̒̈́̋̈́̉̒͋̌͛̔̓͗̀̐̍́͑̌̀̔̏̌̉͛̑́͑̉̌̊̀̒͒̑̇͋̏̇́̾͂͌̒̉͗͗̓͒͌͊̌͂̆̈́͋̅̇͆͆̾̃̅͛̊́͑̃̃̓̌̓̂̍̃̇͂̑̍̈̓̅̿̆̇͋̈́̓͑̒͗́͊̂́̐́͋͌̉̕͘̕̚̚̕̕̕͘̕͘͘̕̚̚͘̚̚͘͘͘̕̕͘͜͜͜͝͝͠͠͝͝͝͠͝͠͝͝͝͝͠͠ͅͅ-̴̨̧̡̨̨̧̡̢̡̨̧̢̨̡̡̧̛̛̛̛̛̫̯̣̮̠̰̹̘̬͈̼̥̗̰͔̲̮̤͓͖̘̱̪͈̬̩̟̺̱̻̘̰̺͍̫͇̺̞̻͖͎͖͍̣͈̖͙̻̖̼͇̻̰̳̲̤̥͇̖͕̱̤̻̬͔̤̯̰̞̬͕̟̲̮̣͔̭͕̺̗̜̜̜͇͈̗͈̟͖̫̱̺̪͔̥̖̞̖͕͚̺̪̭̯̥͚̦̞̼̮̺̖̩̦̫̣̭̗̥̪̯̼͔̟̯͕̳͙̳̞̝̤͉̺̦̞͖̳̰̼͓͔̲͙̤̟͎͙̤͇̪̜͔̬͕̣̮͓̠̝̖͖̤̺̠͙̘͈̘̼̫̼̹̭̝͚̼͙̞̩̻̯̹͔̮̝̙̘̟̩̟̩̙̬͔̦̦̰̙̭͙̜̞͖͔̱͚̟̰̹͕͚͎̰̥̙̜̪̖̺̻͉̊͛̓̔̾̑̀̀̉́͂̃̏͋̐̎͗̈̉̑̾͛̅̌͌̄̓͆̐͐̒́͊̒͂̔̌̿̔͋͐́͊̈́͌̓̓̄̃̌̌̀̀̉̓̈͊̂̇̆̉͂́̋̉̾̿̉͋̀͊̃̇͐̑̉͂̎̈́̉̓̄̊͌́̇̋̃̅̌̃̀̿̇̀͛̐͛̀̆̀̀̽̎̃͊̆͑̃̈́̂̒̓̋̑͐̓͛͒̌͛͗̂̊́͑͋̇̇̍͊̂̿́͗̿̈͌̂̐̌͊̀̈́̄̊͛̊̒̃̈̇̉̓͒͐̆̔̐͊̄͆̈̔͗͆̈́̂̋̏́͂̾͋̋͊́̈́̂̌̒̋̊͌͆͋̈́͊̐̆͒̉̂́̎̉̆͑͒̍̋̊̊̓͒͐͂̇͋̄̿̅̂̈́͐̊̃͗̏̈́͗̽͑͘͘̕̕̕̕̕͘̕͘̕̕͘͘͘̚̚͘͘̕͜͜͜͜͜͜͝͝͠͠͝͝͝͝͝͠͝͝͝͠͝ͅͅͅͅͅͅͅͅͅͅ ̸̢̡̡̡̢̧̢̧̛̛̛̛̛̪̩̞̳̗̯̜͙͖̱̬̜̻͙̮͇͍͍̭͎͉̙̗͉̙̱͍̱͕̪̗̟͕̼͔̲̫͙̝̲͖̬̫̯̗̦̱͚͇͇̰̺̺̱̺̹̯̮͎͙͓͖̥̟̫̮̦͇̹̳̬̘̺̰͓̥͔̜͕̮̲̞̙̝̰̭͉͖̞̪̭͍̙̤̭͙̮́̈̐̐̄́̆͆͛̄̈́͋͆̒͛̈͆̏̊̆̈́͗̈̍͒͂̋̈́́̇̓̋̓̔̽̽̒̈͒̂̂́̈̄̀͊̀͌́̎̏̈́̊͂̿͛̆͒̓̃̐̉̄̑̅͑́͑̐̃͌͗̀̊̈̀̂̉͗̎͑̌̈̌̃̊́̔͛͐̃̾͒̀̈́̈́̃̒̾͋̇͛̎̓̍̎̐̓́̈́̂͊͋̊̿͐̓̍̂̀͊̎̇́̍̋͑̓͋͊̂͊̄͋̂̅́͛͆̓̿̅́͊̑͌̌̓͐̀̃̌̓̈́̓̆͐͑̇̀̀͛̌͛̇͋͌̀͌̓̾̋̈́̌͛̑̀̏̏͆̆̀͐̍̈́͑͒̃̿̌̈̈͑̌̔̽̃̑͆̋̐̓̌̓͋͗̀͒̎̇̈́̽̀̈́̎́̏̈́̿͐͒͂̽̒̀́̂̍̽͂̏͑̐̃̆̎́̑͛͊͂̆̐͘̕̚̕̕̕͘̚̚͘̕̕͘̚͘̚̚͜͜͜͜͜͝͝͝͝͝͝͝͠͝͝͝͝͝͠͝ͅW̸̧̡̡̡̨̧̡̢̨̨̧̢̧̡̨̢̨̧̡̨̨̢̧̡̨͉̘̜̖̣͓͔̟̣̝̦͇̺̼̮̖̭͕̲̫͎̘̝͖̮͇̥̫̟̪̻͓͈̠̤̼̰̩̭̮̠̰̺͖̩̼̭̬̲̫̘̹̪̻̭̠̤͖̦̗̝̫̻̳̞̙͇͕̟̻̯͍̟̜̣̮͓͚̝͔̟̼͖͔̼̼̠̩̰̣̯̦͙̗͓̩̠̳͎̼̘͈̯̪̖͈͔̦̜͚̝̰͕̟͙̣̮̖̹̮͎̱̙͚̝̟̻̱̙̜̳͉͕̘̦̙͎̼̻̘̠̖̪̮͇̺̹̟̭̱̼͈̰̰͔̬̹͔̻̭̺͇͔̟̟̬͙̝̳͙̖̤̟̖̠̥͔̩̻͕̞̭̗͖͖̣̯̠͖͕̬̙̻̤̭͎͍̮̰̫̳̯͐̌̂̈͑̃͑̐̀̒̀͆͑͐͘͜͜͝͠ͅͅͅͅH̴̢̡̢̛̛̛̛̛̛̻̮̣̞͕͚̬̰̠̟̟̬͍̤̯̜̺̻̩͔̪͕̱̲͉̼̹̫̮̥̤̬͉͉̳͇͉͖̭̜̫̼̼̟̔̿͆͂̾́̂̐̿͌͐̽͌͛̀̈́̉̌̆̃̀͗̎̎͌͒̽́̐̈́̈̍̌͗͗̈́̍̎̋̃́̋̐͆͐̔͂̈́̑̈́͒͑̆͑́̾̇̽̄̓̄̽̆̄͑̀͐̈́̂̒̉̆͗̒͛͒́̌͛͆͊̋̀̂͑̒͑͋̅͗̂̌͌͌́̊̒͆̐̏͗͑̓͛̍̈́̓̑̏͐̽̇͑̿̄̒̉̾̂̏͗̿̑͋͐̈͒̐̾́́̾͐͑͑̔͌͌͊̈̄̓̂̔̆͛͋̿̊̑͛̾͐̈́̍̌̿̓̍̽̓̌̇̈́͛͑̔̒̈́̋̋͆̀͗̔͂̉̊́̿̈̈̔̈́̎̀̔̈́̈́͐̇̉̓̿̉͗̓̒̌̈́̈́̉̉̄̏̇͗̍͗͑̇̉̎̈́̌̅̾̀̉̽͛̀̀̓́̈́́̅͆̇͘̕̚̕̚̚̚͘̕̚̕͘͘̚̕͘͘̕̕͘̕̕̕̕̚͘̚̚͠͠͝͝͝͠͠͠͝͝͠͝͝͠͝͝͠͠͠͝͝ͅͅƠ̴̢̢̢̧̧̛̛̛̛̛͇͓̰͎̻̘̤̫̩͚̯̟̖̱̥̹͔̦̙̰͇̫͚͙̘͚̰̖͈͉̯̻̺͍̤̩͇̭͇̬̭̭̝̪̅̒̇̒̔̉͛͒̏̐̌̂̔͋̂͌̔͌̀̀̎̃̆͊̃̔̂́͑̊̂̾̿̀̓̏́̆̒͊̍̔́̾̎̄̏̽͌͌͂̾̉́̐̿̈́̒́̎̔̿͋̈́́̋̅̃̇̇̓̈́̔̒̌̀͑̊͆̽̓͐̇͛̑̓́͒͋͋̆́̈̍̊̅͛͌͌͂̉͑̈́̊̆͛̇̋̔́͋̒̆̐̈́̓́̂̆͛̄͗̓͛̄̎̈͌̓̑͐̍͛͗̉̈́͐̓͂̍́̽̈̊̊͆̾̊͆̏̍̀́͋͌̽̇̈́̿̽̌̆͗́̉̅̽̈́̈̔͒̾̋͆̾̀̇̅͂̊̈́͐́̈́̀̋̋̄̔̊̂̇̀̓̉́̀͋͊̓̈̓̈́̊̊̉̎͆̅̾͗̅͆͋͂̉̊̄̈́̇͆̌͗̄̂̓̓̉̿̉͛́́́͑̊͐̂̕̚̕̚̕̕̕̚̚̚̕̚̕͘̕͝͠͝͠͝͝͠͠͝͝͝͠͝͠͝ͅͅ ̷̡̨̧̢̨̡̡̨̧̡̡̨̡̡̡̠̘̟͇̦̺̤̯͖̱̬̻̪̠̼̩̪̯͈͕̘̠͍͚̣̥̱̭̗̖̩͇̭͖͖̣̤̣̣̦̗̰͍͔̪̙̮̘̞̞͕̜̰̘͍̳̱̣̪͖͉̤̟̗̰͔̮͖̳̬̘͎̘̘̩̯̝̟̙̳͕̲̜͈̯̬̱̙͉͈̟̗̝̤̠̫͓̻̥̱̖̫̫͔͙̼̰͈̮̹̗͚͙̮̟̤̬̥̬̜̤͙͙̙̲̤̳̰̤͔̣̻̞̙̜̼̠̲̣̜͎̣̼̩̲̫̙̳̺̟̣̭͓̲͓̜̮͍̱̻̟̖̺͔̽̉̒̀̆̓̽̉̓͗̈̍̿̄̈͑̎́̈́̾̿̑̀͑̕̚͜͜͜͠ͅͅͅͅͅW̷̧̢̢̡̢̢̢̢̧̨̧̡̡̢̡̡̛̛̛̛̛̛͉͖̰̗͙̖͍̱͓̘̠̻͉̜͈̗̹̖̬̞̝͇̬͚͎̗̝͓̝̟͎̳͕̠̗͓̯͉̳͔͔̥̪͕̼͇̹̜̹̦̜̮̹̜̗͉̭̭̻̝͇̙͎͉̱̮̲̤̞͕̯̼̣̣͚̟̬̖͇͎͍̺̯̜̦͈̞̩̦͇̺̭͖͉̖̟̫̠͉͕̻̩̳̣͍̑͌̈̿͌́̅̔̂̒̊̽̾͆͋̑͛̎̌̈́̇̿̅͒͑́͑́́̌̃̈́̄̈́͌́̄͊̄̏́̀̓̂̈́̏̓̊̀̈́͆̋̓̒͗̽͒̈́̀̒̇̓̏̄̏̿̐̾́̅̓̿͒͌̍̈́͋̔́̔̄̇̓̒̀́̆͗̉̊̍̊͛̀̅̓̈͒͌̈͐̃̓̋̏̀͛̆̏̐̔̄̔̈́̇̆̐͗̔̽̑̌̈́̀̽̆̀̒͛̓̽͋̆̊͂̊̅̑̏̑͛̍̈̒̍̃̽̍̀̊̎̅̽̆̋͗̓̄̒̈́̍͑̈́̊̏̏͐́͋̈́͐͒̓͛̿̈́̈́̌̈͒̈́͋̈́͂̎̐̾͗͋̓̓̾̉̎̒́́̂͗̎̾̆̀́̏͆̓̌̈́͐̃̚̚̕̚̕̕̚̚͘̚̕̕̕̚͘̚̕̕̕͜͜͝͝͠͠͝͝͝ͅͅͅͅͅA̵̧̢̧̡̨̧̢̧̨̨̧̢̨̡̡̧̨̛̛̺̟͈͎͎͇̰͎̬͈͓͎̘̲̹̦̼͇̙̙̣̞̠̥̙̼̹̼̝͖̩̙̻̫͔͙̭͕̠̳̝͖͚̱͉̮̤̱͈̼̼̝̯̪͓͍̜̟̻̪͕̦̬̝̫̮͎̪͔̗̰̪̫̞̭̩̜̘͍̟̞̤͙̙͍̗̺͚̤͍͖̦̯̖͎͉̖͚͇͇̺̰̲̰̼͖̼͇͈͎̮̦̍̒̊͌̉̏͊̂̀̈́͌̐͗̍͆͌͂̐͒͊̈́̓͒̅̂̀̑́̐̌́̆̍͂̎͂͛͛͘͘̕̕͘̚͜͝ͅŞ̷̨̨̨̨̨̡̢̡̧̧̡̢̢̡̨̢̧̡̧̧̢̡̛̛̝̜̠̱̣͓̜̰̳̠͈̝͈͔͙̟̳͓̰̺̰̙̥̯̫̪̭̣̟͓͕͔̞͙̲̹̣̮̠̗͈̣̘̪̣̗̥̦̫̭̦̫̯͓̬̲̻̺̗̩͖̗̱͎͚̙̠̱̳̪͎̯͔̠̳̖̤̻̬̼͎͎̹̣̘̠̣̘̺̣̹̙̼̘̞̲̠͍̖̱̖͓̮̞̺͖̤̠̞̖͕̝͖̞͔͔̘͖̰̱̮̼̼͈͕͕̘͔͈̯̣͙̬̤̠͚̹̫͔͙̤̦͔̫̖̺̟͙̺̜̜̱͎̰̗͈̘̫̥̫͈̞͍̱̼̣͈̗͓͇̦̘̳̩͇͙͓͍̥̲̹̠̪̖̭̦͔̫̝͎̞̗̞̖̰̟̻̤̭̘̖̺͕̺͕̝͕̱̻̥̣̰̬̮͇̟̫̙̺͙̝̯̥͙̳͙̹̹̪͕͙̫̘̥͔̘̮̫̜̼̜̤̦̜̫͚͓͙̪̱̲̠͖̪͎͈͇̻͙̘̉̾̾̀̈́̎̌̄̉̍̈́̐̿̀̀͌̂̓̀̐̈͊̾̌̀͌̂̿̈́͗̂̀̀͐́̓̾̍͐̈́͛͂̈́̽̒̏́͊̿̂̊̑̾̈́̊͂̒̔̃̃̂̒̎̅́͑̽͊̋̆̈́̒̎̀̅̃̓̆͒̌̉̇̏͛̋̈́̉̕͘̚̕̕̚̕͘͘̚̚͜͜͜͜͝͠͝͠͠͠͝͠͝͠͝͝ͅͅͅͅ ̵̢̧̡̡̧̨̨̢̢̨̢̡̡̡̢̡̛̛̛̛͇̤͉̯̟̯͚̮͈̯͈̯̜̼̘̻̫̦̹͙̱̗̙͎̠̣͖̮̼̰̤͍̖͚̬̯̬̪̮͚̰̟̦͉͚̘̦̪͇̫͙͉̼̯̜̞͕̖̪̦͕͎̖͉̘̝̗͇̰̖͎̹̳̣̣͖̜̘̲̼̘̜͇̱͈͇͔̖̞͖̤̙̲̖̣̤͇͎̝̫̙̳̮̙̺̻̮̱̥̬͓̥̼̠̯̰̣̬̘̙̯͎̗̠̭͚͇̹͔̻͎̼̗̫̥͙̯̗̩̻͉̮͍̹̬̟̬̼̗̺̥̞̫̫̬͕͍͔͙̱̹̳̣̙̥͕̥͚̘̺͙̱̟͖͚̬̖̱͈̖͚̟̳̪͚̠̼͈̰̮̺̩̬̯̙̫͎̟̮̳͓̱͍̠̘̯̙̟̲̥͎̤̦͇͚̫͖͈̺̙̣͎̩̗͈̝̀̈́̊̈́͒̇͒̅͑̊͐͗̄̔͊̀͗̇̎̄̏́̄̾̑͐̍̇͋̑̊̃̊̿͌̂͊̔̓̔͋͛̃͂́̑̏̏̀̉͐͐́̃͋͋̈͋͌̇̾̀͗̾͂̇̃̿̍̇̔͐̔̽͛͛̀́͊̈́̋͛̈́̌̂́̔́̈́̄͗̈̿̑̋̂͑̌͌̄̈́͒̾̾̽̍̈́̍̎̀̎̽̌̓̽̿͗̌́́̐̾́̅̾̓̏̃̈́͋̇͒́͒̄̑̽́̅͐̀̒͌̃͒͑̐̽̉̋̿̀̈́̌̄̔̈́͊̔́͂̀̎̓̌̓̔̎̎͆̐͋͌̍̀͊̅͌͐̑͌̋͒́̊͒͘̕̚̚͘͘̕͘̕̕̕̚͜͠͝͝͝͠͠͝͠͝͝͠͝͝͠͝͝͝ͅͅT̸̨̧̧̧̡̡̧̧̧̨̡̡̢̧̡̢̧̧̢̡̨̧̡̪̩̖̬̦̞̣͚̳̘̻͇̭̦̰͖̞͉̳͕͎͖͎̬̺̬̺̗͙̭̱̰̩͖͍̲̱̩̭͔̤͓̬̠͕̥̞̥͍̳͔̖̬̭͙̥̞͈̥̻̬̪͉͚̼̥̺̼̤̮͓̗̙̦̟̗̰̩̘̺̥̣͇͖̠̫͖̦͔̞̹͎̼̪̗͈̥̲̭̮͚͔̘͚̯̳̰̠͚͔̙͉͍͙̟̞̠̥̞̘̘͉̯̥̟̲̩͕̲͚̭͔̭͙͇͈͚͉̘͍̭͈̳̜̥̱̯̭͎̰̰͙̪̺̻̰̖͕̦̮͚̦͈̻̤̞̯͎̠̰̬͉͐̊̏̄͗̕͜͜͜͜͜͝ͅͅͅͅḪ̶̨̧̧̨̧̡̡̨̧̧̢̧̡̨̡̡̨̧̡̨̡̛̛̛̛̛͕͖͉͚̪͓̞̪̲͓͖̘̞̠̬̱̭̜̣̞͈̦̻͉̗͍̩̘̠͚̭̰͉̺͓̗̫̙̪̮͔̤̭̳̦̼͉͔̮͔̻̞̲̗͙͈͓̟̖̫͕̜͙͎͎̳̖̯̦̫͙̖̺̟̤̣̺̘̪͇͈͇͖̰̮̼̺̘͚̠̦̪͔̘͖̲͓̟̯̥̻̰̫̟̻̤̩͓̜͉̗͈̭̻͓̹͈̫̬̦̹̱̫̝͎̮͕̘̪͈̟͔̩̙̖͈̳͓̣͎̣̣͕̜̖̻͓̹̻̱͎̣̥̣̱͖͚͓̟͖̗͕͉͎̬͈̻̞̻͎̣̹͇̻̝̮͎̦͉̻͖͇̳̫̤͕͔̜̰̝͖̜̋͂͋̌͆̊̾́̉̆͒͊́͛̎͐̎͂͒́̔͋̄̀́̅̍̀̈́͊̀̀̾͒̓͌͆̉͋͛̽̈́̐̈́͐̾̆̾͋͋̍͋̃͗̂̓̿̈́͑̽̄̈́̐͑͛͆͂̎̐́̐͛͊̆̉͌͒͊̄́͗̓̒͋͗͋̓̔̃͊̋͊͒̌͑͋̿̈́͛͋͒̇̅̿̋̒͛̂̃͊̔̃̏̇͒̍͋̔̈́̍̓̌͊́̎̊͑̂̀͊̓̓̊͑̈̑͑̑͆̃͌̊́̏̑̐́͒̊̀̈̎͆͐̋̉̎̽͌̽͗̅̋̎̔̈̔̈́̓̆̉̊̓̅̀̆͒̓͑̓̅͛̐̅̀̆̽͑̀̒͂̆̀̆̇̍̃̈́̃̀̀̊͑̇͗̔̊̍̀̂̉̂̀͑̃͗̃̿͐́͆̾͘͘̚̕̚̕̕̕̕̚̕̚̕͘̚̚̚͜͜͜͜͜͜͜͜͜͜͝͝͝͠͠͠͠͝͝͝͝͠͝͠ͅͅͅͅͅĘ̷̢̨̨̧̨̧̢̛̛̼͇͎̪̼̯͉̱̮̪̠̫̻͕͉̜̙̪͖͓̤͚̻͎̠͈̩̻͕̰̩̼̟̣̳̝̄̅̓̆͑̃̀̿̄̇͋͗͋̌͛͂͑̈̿̎͗̎̓͂̇̿̀͂̀̅̃̃͑̉̔̀̋͊͛̕͘͘̕͘͝͝ͅ ̴̢̨̧̨̨̧̧̡̧̧̡̢̧̨̢̡̧̧̢̛͉͓̭̖̜͎̝͇̻͈̝̠̠͍͉̣̼̺̜̙̻͓͎̺̰̗̩̝͚͖̫̯̫͇̫̲͔͔̤͖͓̰̱̰̘̹̱̟̱̜͈̹̗͕͚̫̠̤̪͍̯̬̣̤̥̞̯̻̖͚̭̳̻̯̺̝͇͎̰͎͚̼͕͍̦͉̝̬̯̘͕̟̖͓͍͙̜͓̤̼͈̣͔̲̭̥̠̭̟̖͎̺̟͈̳̣̲̗̲̻̰̯̘̘̩̻̹͉̠̺̣͉̥͔̱͌̇̓̊͋̂̾̎͊͐̎̉̆́͒͌̋̑̑̀̊̀͐̎̈́̅̀̐͒͊̿͑̑̌̍̚͘̕͘̕͘͘͘͜͜͜͜͜͜͝͝͝ͅͅP̶̡̡̨̡̢̨̢̧̡̨̢̡̡̡̡̡̢̢̧̢̧̨̢̛͙̱̣̣̬̟̩̩̠̫͎͎̭͉͇̠̪͍̭̟͖̘̗͙̻̥͉̮̫͔̭̼̥̤͕̖͚͓̤͎̝̗̼͇̝̤̪̗̖͓͖̞̺̮̻͙̩͙̞̮͕̺̞̼̘̖̳̞̺̬͕̟̣̻̟̠̺̺̝̯͔̞̗͉̤̳̯̞̭̣̭͙̦̞͉̬̟͙͚͙͈̖̣̣̱̱͈͙̙̻̟̤̠̙͉̳̫̮̱̳͕̟̥͇̜͕̠̣̮͉̥̩̤̳̤̮͙̻͎̼̺͖̺̣̘͙͍͙͈̫͙̬̱͇̘͔̹͚̜̭͖̊̇͛͗̉̀̒̋̂̈́̓̑̋̔̋̆̽́̑͛́͊̑̅̉̊̐̄͆̐̀̂̆͛̓̏̆̑̑̇͋̓̿̃̎̔͂̅͛͂̅͌̊͊̅͋̽͐̐̀̑̃̐̈́͊͒͂̊̃̈́̐͒̅̓̇̋͐̀̅͂̌͌̆̆͛̈̏̈́̒͌̈́͑͐͐͒́̂̑̅̀̾̈͒̈́͑̿̒̈́̾̈́͊́̈̀̃̅̈̌̇̓̐̂́̒̌̌̇̍́͛̍̅̓̿̔̀̈̅̒̓̅͐̀̎͛́̐̓̓̚͘̚͘̚͘̚̕͜͜͝͝͠͠͝͝͝͠͝͝͠͝ͅͅͅͅͅͅȒ̷̢̡̧̨̨̢̧̨̨̨̨̢̛̛̛͕͕͍̲̲̖͕̦̜͓̯͔̰̳̠̻͉͇̟̜͙̩͎̮͔̰̺̗͎͈̖̠͉͕̤̲̺̜͖̲̙̯̮̙͓̞̬̼̳̱̟͇͙̥͕̹̭̬̟͕̤̲͕͓̻̜͔͚̻̠͓͕̟̮̠̮̜̠̩̟͙͈̮̪̩̤̗͍̬͍̬̙̱̼̪͇̖̩͖̻̭̱͇̦̫̩̠͔͉̩̣͇͕̻̝͖̺̟̗̥̖͚̙̹̳̪̝͉͓̥̭͚̤̦̜͖̣̣̝͍̙͙̲̲͍͈͚̮̦͍͇̯͉̗͉͎̬̰̬̫̬̪̟͚̲̜̬̠̲͕͎̙̖͇̯̬͇͙̙̩̣̩̰͚͈̼̱͓̯̝̺̝͕͍̯̿̀̾̄̀͑̿̿̈́̈́̍̔͐̊͊͋͋̿̆̈́̍͛̋̈́̓͌̌̊̆̂̐̔̽̓̃̎̀̃̇́̀̂̈́̄̋͐̃̅̓̇͊͐̂͑͌̉͛̈̿̈́̃̋̋̽̓̅̑̈́̔͊̉̍͌̽̽̽́̈́̊͊̂̇̈́̂̋̊̆͂̇̽͊̓̈̋̆͑̉͂͐̇͑͛̅̍̆̏͑͘̕̕͘͘̕͘͘͜͜͜͜͜͜͜͝͝͝͝͝͠͠͝͝ͅͅͅͅI̸̢̡̨̮̪͉̲̖͖̖̝̱̮͉̹̠͙̼̭̻͎̺̫̥̝̝͚̩̬̠̩̐̀̓̀̄̅́̎̉́́̓̒̈́̓̍́̎͂̃̊͌̇̅́͌̃̉͒̀͋̋͌͂̓͐̂̎̿̽̑̈́͒́̇̇͗̄̃̉̓̓̎̑̈́̔̇́̂͑̏̈́͐͌̍͛̉̈́̓͐̈́͆͗̇̋̋̆̃̇̚͘̚̚͘̚̕͝͠͠͝͝͝͠͠Ņ̷̨̧̡̢̧̨̨̧̨̢̢̡̡̨̧̧̛̛̛̛̛͎͉̬̘̪̰͙̦͉̜͉̥̱̭̙̭̙͕͈̜̰̯̗̳̯͕͖͉̫̘̘͓̪̮̞̲̬̟̜̣̠͙̰͍̭̻̭͕̣̼͈̥̮̤̹̖͔̩̞̲͇̜̞͖͈̼̙̯͓̱̩̭͖͔͓̗͓̭̻̰̬͙̜̺̦̺̹͖̠͙̱̟͍͈̣̗̯̳͚͇͙͙̼̱̫̬̬͇̤̭̠͚͍̜̭̼̤͙͎̫͚͈̤̟̩̺͚͉̖̗̬̲̦̜̳͕̝̝̙̘͕̘̤̼͈͚͚͇̤͍̠̰̮̯͉̟͔̪̩̮̖͎̰̳̮̬̘̰̮͙͚̺̗͙͓͍̖̼̻͖̣͇̫͎͓̤̲̳̺̖̠̖̻̤̝̟̪͔̯̙̫͍̤̝̖̹͈̱̭̜̠̮̗͙̲͙͈͎̥͔͇̤͕̫̬̠͓̳̥̯̲̻͔͈͕͊̔̅̔̓̇̑̿͒̒͋̃̑͊̓̌͗̈͒̾̐͂̈́̔̈́͂̔́̉̋̌̓̂̈́̉͒̀͘̕͜͝͝͝ͅͅC̸̢̧̨̡̨̢̧̡̨̛̛̗̣̹̙̩͉̳͕̮̪͙̜̠̗̥̣̙̰̙̥̮̦̙̼̥̩͙̥̫̙̹͎̠͓̭͔͕̤͎̲͖̦̳̳̯̝̫͕̹̮͙̟͇͓̬̘͍̘̥̘̥̭̠̠̹͕̝͉̖̙͚̞̼̙͉͙̼͍̑̈́̍̈̀͗́͑̂̆͊͒̂̈́͌͑͛͗̈͐̈́̊͌͗̃̈́͌̑̀̃̄̂̿͐͑̇͌͑̈́̉̐͊͒̈́̊̆͒̂̄̎͆̃̄̃͒͊̽̄̐͊͗̈́̽͂͛̏̋̊́̉̆̈́̆́͗̉̅̀̾̿̋̎̓̑̅̐̆͂͂̋̄̃̊̾͂̍͋̀̊̑̎͂̑̊̓̽͆̿͛͒̇̓̈́̄̂̑͑̇̿́̂̑̄́̽̊͛̇̽́͂̂͆̄̄̾̾̈́͒͑́͗̓̽́̾̀̔̏͋͛͊́͌̋̒̎̐̔̆͊̓̎̉̌̓̇̓̇̀̃̎̈́͂̀̃̎̏̋̈́̒̿̿̎̿̇́̽̓̃̍̔̈͛̓͐̏̔́̄̋̈́̍͋̀̓̿̎͌͒̓̎̿̽͊̆͒̀͛̌̀̄̀̂̃̋͗̑́̕̕̕͘͘͘̕̕̚̚͘̕̕̚͘͜͜͜͜͜͝͠͠͝͠͝͝͠͝͝͠ͅͅͅͅE̵̢̧̨̧̢̡̨̨̨̨̧̡̨̧̡̧̡̛̛̛̛̮͈͔̰̤̪̜͍̬͙͇̳͎̝̰̟̼̙̟̝̘̪̹̹̯̱͍̝̱̪̻̣̦̙̮͖̖̬̞̭̞̪͍̞͍̗̠͈̘̫̲̮̫̜̬̭͈̩̦̫͚̥̯̬͓̲͇̰̩͇͕͉̰͙̲̤̙͓̲̼̰͇̣̫͇̪̼̩͕̮̙͉̠̺̯̲̺̮̼̪̱̳͙͎̰̗͔̝̭̳͇͉̥̩̗̻̗̣͔̼͕͍͎̣͍͇̹͔̼͖̻̫̯͉͇̘͎̹͍̭͚̰̘̩̭̳̠͈͓̳͓̫͓̥̠̼̖͕͎̜̘͈̯̼̩̞̠͖͈͍̘̙͇͓̱͂̓̂͒͊̀̌̐̍̌̊̈́̃͒̆̆̓̐̈́̔͛̑̍́͗̂͛̓̂̐̾͗͌͛̈̈̐̉́̇̆̊̃̒͌̇̒͐̉̄̉̿̃̾́͌̑̾̂̈́̀͆̋̆͆̾̒̍́̃̒͐̀͑̆̏͊̽̅̈́̀̓̋͒́͌̃̿̈́̈́̆͑̋͋͐̎̿̊̃̆̿̊͋͋̏́͐͊́̐̈̀̂̎̌̓̉̒͋̿̋͌͛̊̉̊̿́͑̍̽̒͒̈́̌́͊͂͗̽̆̋͌̉͑̋͑̍̓́͌̃͊͂̔̾̂̓̂̂͊̉̐̆͒͂̀͆̋̉̅͂̆̽̍́́̅̍̋̈͒̌̈́͗̃͐̀̽͋̓̾͑̉́̇̆̉͆̄͛͒̀̂̈́̍͘͘̚̚̕̕̕̕̕̕̚̚̕͘̕͘͘̕̕̕͘̚͜͜͜͜͜͜͜͠͠͠͝͠͝͝͝͠͠͝͝͝͝͝ͅͅͅͅ,̸̢̨̢̡̧̡̢̧̢̧̧̡̢̡̛͖̬̯͈̦̭̰͎̟̟͈̱̟̲̦̣̰̤͎̜͍͇͖̳̦͈̗̬̮̗̮͚͕͚̼͙͉̙̣̝̯̣̝̱͖͚͖̙̦̭͕̻̼̝̰̼̯̱̗̲̺̩̳͇͓̲̘͇̣̜̦͈̙͎̰̮̘͚̘̗̖͔͇̹͖̰̤͚̝̝̥͇̩͓̱̘̼͍̬͔̟̣̭͉̬̫̖̟̤̣̦̩̞̫̗̭̮͈̪̩̜͇̰̘̼̞̞̯̥͔̱̠̺̣͎̱̳͉̪̬͈̞̫̜̲͈͚̙̹̰̭̰̦͒́̓̓̑͆̍́̿̆̈́̾́͒̈́̉̆̄͐̽̀̈͆̓̉̔̐͋̈́̾̈́́́͐̆̾̾̅͊̆̀̚͘̕͜͜͜͜͜͝͝͠͝͝͝ͅͅͅͅͅ ̵̨̡̨̨̢̡̧̧̨̨̛̛̛̛̲̯̪̙͔̫͕̪̪̙͎̱̰̠͙̲͍̩̥̖͓͖͓̰̱̩̳̼̜̳̠̝͙͔͇̹̞̞̭̳͕̘͍̻͍͚̜̭͇̮̤̙̪̩̥̞̼̹̖͙̲̼̮̖̞̯̭̻̤̱̬͈̣̳͙̤̞̺̤̪͔͕̗̪͇͎̜̥̝͕̻͇̣̖͚̱̩̰͙̱̣̺̦̞̳̦̃̂̓́̑͋͆̆̉̏͐͒͐̓̀̓̒͂͊̈́̆͂̊̇̆̎̉̌͒̋̃̏̐̾͛͆̑̈̂͐͗̀͊͌̔̓͐̈́̓́́̓͋́̈̒͌͂̎́͒̐̒͑̇̾̈̃̎̀̎̍̋̈́̋͒̀̄̓͑̐̊̉̔̃̿͑̒̑̈̋̂̂͑͛̓̐͋̾̑̌́͊̕͘̚̕̚̚̚͘̚̚̕͘̚̚͘͜͜͜͠͝͝͝͝͝͝͝͝͝͝͝͝͝ͅͅͅS̴̛̛̛̛̛̛̞͙̜̼̹͖̠̗̬̠̰̬͍͖̣̯͈͔̪̪̩̙̹͙̘̪̬̖͔̹̮̘͕̰̯̦̦̗̣̝̠̝̮̳͈̯̃̊͛̃̽̄̓̆͐́̎̾͌̈́̈̈́͆͊̂̌̒̓͑̾́̒̓̍̏̊̎̾͛̎̉͑͑́̾̌̾̃̌̓̆͌͌̒̇͌̍̓̉̇́́̿̽̒͗͆̓̏̈́͆̈͛̀̏͌̋͂̾̾̈͋̈̀̎́͊̍̏̉̀̐̑̈̿͂̍̌̋͊̅̓͐͗̅͗̓̈́̇͌̓̍̽̍̈̀̇̎͌̽͆̌̔̈́̈̎͊͆̏͐̔̃͂̏͛̔̉́̿͑́̊̈͗̏͌͐̔̉̑̑̀̓̃͐̓̋̎͂̆́̈̓̈́̽̈́͂̒͒̒̽̌̀̆̈́̑͒̆͂̀̒̑̎͛̆̄͂̈͆́̚͘͘͘͘̕̚̕̚͘̚̕͘̕͠͝͠͝͠͠͝͝͝͝͝͠͝͝͝͝͠͝͝ͅͅE̷̢̧̧̢̨̡̡̧̡̡̧̨̢̨̨̛̛͚̺̫̻͖̘̦͙̗͚̥͍͙̼̱͖͚͍̯̺̻̙̫̺͇̪̭̳̞̪̲͎̝̫̳͖̣̬̩͓̝̠̯̻̝͓͍̻̙̲̲͍̞̬͇̲̻̬̦͇̰͕̠͇͖̦̤͙̤̗̱͚͖̜̫͙͎̯͙͔̯̦̯͖͉͍̙̹͇͇̱̼͎͕̖͖̺͓͚̼̤͍͇̘̼̙̟̹̙̘̳̯̬̼̪͙̣̗̼͔̤̝͎͖̺͖̖͓̹̹͓͖͎̼̞͕̗̫͇̭̤̹̯͖̭̱̩̲͓̰̦̞͔̱̱͇̞̱͎̺̳̒̉̈́͋̐̾̿͊͊̓̑̈́̈́͌͐͒̇̑̌͛̃̽̏̓̊̓̈́͆̇́̔̉̃̀͊̈̃̆̐͊͗̇̅͆̀̊͊̏́̉̀̃̿̉̍̑̂̊̇̏͑̉̑͐̂͒̓͆̑̾́̋̓͂̆̑̿̅͂͆̉̓̃͌̆̏̓̒̐͑̊̈́͐̅̐̓̉̈̃͂͗̈́̑͗͑̒͗͗̏̏͂͘̚̕̕͘̚̕͘͜͜͠͝͠͝͝͝͝ͅͅͅͅP̷̢̧̡̧̢̡̢̡̡̧̢̧̢̧̨̧̧̢̧̧̨̡̡̧̧̛̛̜͓͙̗̰͚̹̩͙̠̦̝̺̞̹̝̩̭̼̖̫̫͉̤͍͙̟͔̫̦̪̠̩̦͕̠̪͕̤̭̣͕̣̗̞̤͇̣͈̖̘̖̞̲͍͎͍̦̼̘͈͙̞͈͔̯̥͇̙͔̳͚̘̤͙̱̯̰͇̠̤̻͔͇͉͚̼̩̦̱͍̗̼̲͎̭͔͍̠̠̪̺̣̳͈͓̱͔͔̜̘̯͙̮̻͔͖̞̭̺̤̝͍͉̫̪͍̰̬̙͉̪̺̪̺͇͚̟͈̦̼̭̬̫̯͍̯̼̠̖̥̮͍͎̗͇̦̩͎͉̼͖͔̦̼̟̬̗̤̪̺͚̖̦͕̱̞̎͌̃̎̎̀͛̒̋̑̅̐͑̇̔̎͐̾̈́̕̚͜͜ͅͅͅͅͅͅͅͅͅT̷̨̡̡̧̡̧̧̡̢̡̡̨̛̛̛̛̛̛̹̖͍͇̺͓͔̝̟͙̼͎̯̱̘̼̫̟̰͙̤͙̟͚̼̝̖̖̱̯̪̰̗͖̱͎͓̲̮̪͙̜̙̝̥̞̲͉̯̩̠̱̹͓̗̱̗̭̝̲̝͔͉͔̭͖̯̹̠̹͎̲̬̗͇̬̱̮̳͈̱̞͔̮͇͚̙̮̲̮̫͓̜̖͚͎̜̦̗͈̦̱̣̥̣̗̝̩̩̗̟̟̮͚̳̜̺̺̲̙̹̝̜͇̦͈̻̬͈̩̠̣̥̣͔̯͇̠̙̮̟̫̙̗̹͓̠̠̯̺̲͓͙̭͇͕̺̳͊̅̐̓̅̄̈́̄͒͐̓̍̍̂͂͆̄̓̇̍̈̀̾̏̓̂̀̂́͗̈̒͆̌̐̊̐͐̍̀́̇̾̽̄͆̌̋̀́͑̾̋͒̌̅̿͌͆̈͒̅̍͐͑̐̓͛̽̌̀̄̀̄͂̌̀̌͊́͌̑̅͗̈́̑̓̈̋͒̾̈́̊̑̔͑̌͗̎̌̒͊̒̀̈́̇̈́̏̎͐̒͗́͛͊̆̄̿́͊̉̾͋̇̋́̇̌̍̅͊̈̑̏̉͌̐̿̌̿̈́́̈́͛͌͒͐̑͌͗̽͗̿̈́́͌͌̉́̐̎̍̃̂̄͐͆̈͐̋̈́̍̆͗͐̆̉̽̌̈́̔̓̾͆̆͑͑̄̀̽̃̓̏͗̂̋̑́́̑̃̇͋̿̆͗͊̊̈́̅͒͊̂̈̑̾͂́͒͌͑̃͗̇̈́͌̾̽̋̿̈̄̓̎̉̐̄̃̿̃̾̊̀̓̑͋͐̚̕̚̚͘̚̕͘̚̚̚͘̕̕̕͘̕̚̚̚͜͜͜͜͜͝͠͠͠͝͝͝͠͝͝͝͠͝͝͝͝͠͝͠͝͝͠͠ͅͅͅͅͅͅͅȨ̵̡̨̡̧̡̢̧̨̡̡̨̛̹̼̺̥̞͚̬̘͔͚̳͎̬̼̳̞̠̥̝͖̻͉̙̪̩͓͓̝̹͓̠̬̪̪̺͕͙̝͕̖̫͔͈̹̮̤͙̘̠̫͉̟̻̹̖̺̟̤̼̭̞̳̙͉̪̜̘̰̤̥͇̭͎̫̹͔͖̱̗͚̘͇̼͎͈͆͂̍͑̈͐̽̎̀̈̈̑̆͒̄͑̑͊͑̆͑̊́͂̂̿̋̈́̽̿́̍͗̃́͛̊͂́͊̒̽̔̏̈́̋͒́́̋̎̃̆͆̈́͂̈́̐̄̈́̆̑̿̆͋́̊̈́̉̋̈́͐̉̉͆̓̉̓̓̐͐͛͂̇̐̍̄̾̈́́̅̍̄̊͑̌̾́͒̊̈̎͌͌̐̀̑̇̒̔̔͛͗̍̅́̅̋̊̏͂̽́̅̆̾͐̽̎̒̈́̉̽̑͒͗͑̽͛̂̏́̆̈͛͐͋͐̐̾̾̓͗̃̋̓̎̐̈́̆͌̍̑́̃̆̅͘̚̚̕͘͘̚̚͘̚̕̕͘͜͝͝͝͝͝͝͝͠͠͝͝͝͠͝͠͠͠͝͝ͅͅͅM̴̧̡̨̨̧̡̡̡̨̨̧̧̧̡̨̨̢̡̡̢̢̧̡̨̛̛̛̛̹̳̝̼̠̖̺̣͎͇̻̭̺̼̼͔̭͍͈͇̺̜̺̙̞̥̮͓̭͔̹̲̬͎̹̼̦̯̤̹̯͍̙̩͖̤͉̞̘̜̘͎̘͎̬̳̬͈͍̳̤̻̗̱͍̦͎̖̖̲͓̣̪̰̹͔̰͈̻͕͕̱͎͕͉̬͚͎͖̗̯͇̻̩͈͔͍͚͈̙͍̣̺͖̯͙̳̰̦͚͖̻͇̖̗̜̝̲̱͚̫̬̲̻̫̥̗̯̳͎̮̖̲̘̣͚̬͚̻͉̗̺̥̺̥̩̭̖̳̫̠̬̺̠̖̳͚͖̫̝̙̭͓̗̬̟͈̳͇̭̥̼̗͍̤̺̻̣̟͙͎̣͇̹̪͙̬̠͚̠͈̗̱̜̳̝͔̼͆̽͛̎͌̓̉̇̅͋̀̐͒̇̉̅̒̄͂̇̑͐͂͒̒̃̍́̾̌́̔̐̅̀̆̔͑̾͌́̅̏̄̈͂̂̓̔̈̇͐̇̓̐̉̾̔͒̑͂͊̃̊̌̓̈́́̿̑̐́̈́̊̎͑́̿́̏́̀̀̋̎̾͂͋̎̒̏͒͛̎̐͂̀͒͐͆͑̽̇̈͂͌͒͂́͛̃̔̇̌͑̀̕̕͘̕̕͘̚̚͜͜͜͜͜͜͝͝͠͝͠͝͝͝͠͝͝͠͝͠͝ͅͅͅB̸̧̧̡̡̨̢̧̡̨̢̨̧̡̡̡̡̧̧̢̨̧̡̛̛̛̛̛̛̛̛̛̟͈̫͓̼͚̭͔͈̟̰̬̩̘̳̤̦̮̗̯̻̝͎̬̻̮͈̣̪̪̺̭̯͖̘̫̼̫̘͕̮͖̯̜̟͖͎̣̱͖̘̜̞̬̬͎̗̹͙̮̰̱̺̭̬̞̪̙͓̙̺̙̱͉̙̳̣͚̺̜͕̺̮̥̱̹͉̠̬͔͍̘͖͖͕̜̱͉̥͖̤̰͈̜͇̲̟̦̘͙̩̲̙̣̺̩͔̼͕̜̫̫͕̹̥̟͖͇̺̯̬̟̬̥̞̬̺̝̪̺̝̗̭̪͙̟͓̖͉̭̼̞̰̭̼̥̪̣̯̯͖̘̺̘͚̼̱͖͔̫͉̙̰̞̺̜̖͖̪̠̰͔͔̲̮̖̳̱̟͎̫̘̯̣̺̫̱̲͖͈̩̠͒̓̂̉͂̐̑͂͌͛͛̑̄̆͗̀̅̅̊́̅̍͐̀͑͑̒́̂̾́͆͆͊̇̐͆̇͗̉̋̍͂̎̔͌́̋̂̓͛͗̿͗́̔͂̃̃́̊͂̓̄̈̒͊͒̿͗̓͐͊̎̀̆͑̀͂̾̐̌̈́̊̀͌̈̉̍͆̓̂̓́̔̊͒̀̿̎̇̀̈́́̔̽̂̀̑̃̏̀̋͂́͐͒̔̔̊̒͋͂̒̓̉̓̌̈́̔̊̍̿͋͛͂͋̑̓̊̌̆͑̅͆͘͘͘̚͘̚͘͜͜͜͜͜͜͝͝͝͝͝͠͠E̵̢̧̨̡̧̧̢̨̧̨̢̨̡̡̡̢̡̛̛̛̛̟͚̘͉͇̟̰̦̮̦̤̱̖̩̻̭͍͉̬̲͔̬͈̭͕̼̯̫̥̤̮̬̝͕̲̝̙̲̘̠͇̼̭̱̣̞̮̝̠̘̤͍̝̲͎͉̖̱̥̲̖̬̜̩͈̟̱̥͈̞͖̬̮̮̤͚̥͚͕̘̜̤͔̖̘̜̰̬̺̳͎̗̩̮̣͇̝̖̹̹̳̫̬̥͇͉̞̭̺͈̮̹̬͚̜̥̹͙̱͍͍̟͕̭̠̘͓̜̳̞̹̬̗̼̞̬̘͉̲͇̪̰͈̘̯͎̠̤̙̹̫͖̱̳̪̬̣̦͓̜͍̺͙͕̰͍̣̹͓̰͎̤͚̪͙̫̳̖̱̫̝͕̯̼͉͙̟͓͈̲͓̩̳̳̻̥̙̝̮͚͍̯̯̞͙̝͙̼̹̳̹̖͇̱͇̯͙̲͓͖̺͍̒̈̇̃̈́́̍̈̈̅́̿̈́͆̌̈́͑̈́̊̐̆̿̽̇̿͐͛̈́̅̐̍̂͊́̊͗̇̽̿̈̀̀̎́̓̄̂̈́̓̄̓́͆̈̾̂͛͛̈́̌̈́̒́̋̿̍̀̂͒͋̎̍̈́̾̿̌̎͂͗̓̈́̾͒̎̀̒̿̈́̑́̍̃̃͊̇̏̎̈́͆̄̂͂͆̉̍̊́͋̅͗̅̋͊̎̋̎̈́̈́̈́̍͋̋͋̉͑̎̍̅̅̿̀́͐̀̆̃̈̀̎͂̆͛̃̀̃̒́̾̓̐͐̇̒̌͌̀͆͋̔̄̌̈́͂̀̈́͆̐̎̏̀̔̓̃͆͑̀͊́̈́̓͒̽̉̅̎̈́͊̌̓̊̈́͒̏̅̔͋̐̔̆͐̌̇́͑͐̑̈́͋̈͑͂̌͒̆́͒͌̎̑̀̐̔̂͌̋͋̿͋͐͐̈́͘̚̚̕̚͘͘͘͘̚̚̕̕͜͜͜͜͜͜͜͜͝͝͠͠͝͠͠͝͠͠͝͝͠͝͝ͅͅͅͅͅͅͅͅR̷̡̨̡̧̡̧̢̡̨̢̡̢̡̡̡̡̢̢̢̧̡̨̧̡̡̢̢̧̧̯̟̪̜̟̝̜̗͉̯͓̲̞̩̬̙̤̼̗͕̟͚͎͔̟̩͕̺̲̫͖͈̙̼͉̮̱̖̼͕͇̝̫̳̞̤͉͍̳̹͔̗͇̼͓͉̰̭͎͈̮͉̝͙̼̝͕͓̖̞̖̮̩̙̩͍̳͈͎͚͓̠̭̙̩̦̳̙̭͇̟̦̺̻̞̥͚̰͓̟̲̘̬̤̠̗̤̫̣̙̯̳͎̠̫̗̱͉̠̩̮̲̭͕̲͕͚̰͔̫̻̮̠̞͕̣͕̬͚͍̲̼̞̺̙͕̝̪͚̗̘͎͎̳͉͙͉̯̙̲̝̲̤͇̦̰̭͔͙̹̝̼̲̟̭̦̲͖͇̱͙̖̞̣̯̟̰̫̘̫̩͕̲̲̙̩̰̙̮̯̪̦͇̥̼̤̝̘͔̱̳̤͈̺̖̬̼̳͇̰̮̥̫̯̩̻̱̺̮̩̭̝̩̹̻̦̬͖̠̼̠͉̭̘̗̮͉̳̤͕̟̳͆͋̇̈́̈́͜͜͜͜͜͝ͅͅͅͅͅͅͅͅͅ The End - WHO IS THE UNCHOSEN (OOC: This post is to bring everyone up to speed. The words in this post are to be considered public knowledge in-character. Before, they were contained in books hidden across one of the previous maps. Over the course of time, I'll be building small intractable event areas which'll eventually lead up to the re-opening of the Far Glade. In the end, I hope to have a teleport-sign, or a warp area that allows people to exit, and visit the Far Glade as they please. Though, that's just an idea, one that hasn't been solidified in stone just-yet.)
  9. ORDER OF THE BLESSED CATHERINE The 20th of Snow’s Maiden, 1653 His Holiness JUDE I, High Pontiff of the Church of the Canon, Metropolitan of Rhodesia and the Crownlands, Archbishop of Jorenus, Lotharum, Aleksandria, Phillipus, Enochas, Visigia and Erochland, Prince-Bishop of St. Thomas, Savoy, Mont St. Humbert, Holofernes, Johannesburg, Esheveurd, Luciensport, Huss, and Dibley, Prince-Abbot of Laureh’lin and Hariam, Abbot of Annsden, Bishop of Godfreo, Fernandus, the Westerweald, Versace, Mardon, Metz, and Carace, Successor of the High Priesthood of the Church, Supreme Pontiff of the Church of True Faith, Keeper of the Canon, Missionary to Aeldin and Svatum, High Servant to the Exalted's Testaments, Humble Servant of the Faithful and Vicar of GOD doth decree… Her Reverence JUDITH ANN, Holy Mother of the Church of the Canon, Abbess of Jorenus, Judzcya, Annsden, Esteresa, Avignon, Martyrs Abbey, Clementine, Belvitz and Mother Superior of the Order of the Blessed Catherine. TABLE OF CONTENTS SECTION I - ORIGIN SECTION II - IDEOLOGY SECTION III - FORMATION SECTION IV - RECORDS SECTION V - PATRONS SECTION I - ORIGIN The rebirth of the sisters of the Church of the Canon grew in the infancy of the settlement of the Atlas continent. The sisterhood was few and scarcely spread, with only three primary nuns that were settled in three distinct locations of the realms. In that time Sister Judith of Czena was a forthright sister that had claimed a religious hovel in the Marantine woodlands, where she thrived beside a garden and a warm pot of tea that she kept for travellers and holy knights. Sister Yuliya of Haense was the only nun in the most southern bastions, residing within the Hanseti-Ruskan capital of Markev as a quiet but hard working member of the religious community. Sister Bogdanova of Hussaria remained in isolation within the hinterlands, proceeding to pursue a cloistered life of silent service to GOD. From these three women, a great sisterhood grew, through zeal devotion and effort to breathe life back into the Church through the way of holy women. In the Year of Our Lord, 1648, the Annsden Abbey was founded by His Eminence, then Elphias of Metz, and the Sisters Judith and Yuliya were tonsured as thee who would uphold the mantle of this holy and sanctified build. From humble beginnings, the foundations of the Order of the Blessed Catherine were laid, and continued to built upon with multiple women taking the cloth and swearing the holy vows of the Church. Upon the abdication of the High Pontiff Clement III, the sisterhood saw a great rise in their progressions and their numbers. Archbishop Elphias of Metz ascended the Exalted Throne as the High Pontiff Jude I; the glorious rise launching the sisterhood into sudden prominence and activity. It is recognised that without the faithful efforts of His Holiness, Jude I and Her Reverence, Mother Judith, the Order of the Blessed Catherine would not flourish and proceed in such haste and devotion. The archives of the Annsden Abbey revealed vital reservoirs of truth in relation to the only other sororal item of the Church, a century past. The Order of St. Julia was conceived by Mother Lorina of Vekaro, and albeit her outlandish end, the virtues and attributes of the small institution provided inspiration for the reformation of the sisters and the genesis of the Order of the Blessed Catherine. As the Church of Canon began to accommodate a plethora of vowed sisters, in the Year of Our Lord 1652, the Convent of Esteresa was established within the Principality of Evereux, commonly known as the Duchy of Curon. It was with great charity that His Serene Highness, Alfred I of Cyrilsburg donated the institution to the Order, in hopes that the Mother Church’s purities would cleanse his streets of its unabsolved sin. In the same year, the Order combatted great hardship with the Haensic men who opposed the Church and the Lucienists, preying on the sisters as outlets of their abrasive hate. It was the fiery and inspiring words of Sister Yuliya that filled the Order, preventing submission and allowing the women to rise up and seize independence and sources of strength. The modern reform of the sisterhood that led campaigns of devotion, compassion, and restoration rather than hypocrisy and hate was contributed to by the constant endeavours of Mother Judith and the Sisters Yuliya, Darya, and Alyona. Notable mentions would be the High Pontiff Jude I and the Archbishop Yurii of Jorenus. SECTION II - IDEOLOGY The Order of the Blessed Catherine hosts contentment with virtue and a continual strive for absolute sanctity. Catherine Horen was raised as a kind and honest spirit; one that slipped bread into her basket and ran down to feed the poor, to explore the shores with the common children, and fall into ruts of immersion with the books in her imperial father’s library. As she matured into a woman, Catherine expressed her desire to lead a true and virtuous life that did not feign or falsely present itself as so many other sly partisans did. Upon the seventeenth name day of Catherine Francesca, she took a high vow to never lie again, and upheld this sacred oath until she died thirty seven years later. This virtue is a brandished token of the Order, inspiring the women each day to act true as the blessed patron did so many years ago. Beautified for her integrity, the Order of the Blessed Catherine’s intention is to follow in her step and act as she did, true. Catherine Horen took no higher notice of herself in contrast to those that she walked amongst. The humble and modest nature she hibited was inspired by the late Tuvya Carrion, whom would dress in the common man’s garment and experience the world and community without great regard or recognition. Similarly, Catherine would leave her vanities at the palace when she sifted through the Felsen crowds, enthusing the work of the baker, the artist, and the smith. Her relationship with the people was a critical influence on her life and the perspective people took of her; a strength she wielded and other nobles did not. The Order recognises her humble approaches, and takes it as another core ideology that is taught to the sisters. To be humble and to be true is to lead a life, wholly. The power of language is a weapon that is pushed to be a constant reliance and utility of all sisters of the Order. Through the religious and academic dogmas of humanity are the greatest powers found; that all men and women can use to strengthen belief and education. The Order of the Blessed Catherine provides an extensive education that reminds the women of their intelligence and capacities. CATHERINE FRANCESCA HOREN ‘It takes a strong group of women in times such as these to take a stance, and not cower from our place in the world. All to easily, we might bow out, and subject ourselves to be cloistered, and tuck ourselves cleanly away from this world. We might read literature, sing hymns to the seven skies, and live our days content with our faith. I know not of you sisters, but my faith demands action, not seclusion. My faith demands a fiery heart that beckons us to serve the good people of the world. Not through violence and force, but the love and compassion of our Lord, GOD.’ - Prioress Mother Yuliya of Haense, 1651, A Sororal Call to Action. SECTION III - STRUCTURE The order follows strict structural codes that renders formations that enable tonsured sisters to progress and pursue their ascetic lives in accordance to the Church of the Canon. Within the cohorts of the Order of the Blessed Catherine, an ecosystem is built that encourages equalled levels for the majority of the sisters, exempting the official roles which sisters can strive for to rise within the Church as secondary and tertiary servants of GOD. In alignment to the Church, the High Pontiff wields absolute authority from the Exalted Throne over the Order of the Blessed Catherine, and no sister can challenge his judgement regardless of her office. The sisters of the Order are sworn into their devotion until death, and so all of them are encouraged to aspire to deliver glory and charity in the name of the Creator. To progress and climb within the Order, the sisters must be well-learned in the Holy Scrolls and be equipped with extensive knowledge in theology, literature, history and mathematics. The sisterhood is glorified for the education that it provides to the free women of all realms and the archives it keeps, and so the sisters are to wield their knowledge and pursue it willingly. HOLY MOTHER The Holy Mother of the Church of the Canon is the highest ranking woman of the clergy and is the supreme mother of the Order of the Blessed Catherine. She sits the figurative throne beneath the High Pontiff, whom she closely confides and works with. The ascension of the Holy Mother is similarly paralleled to that of the pontifical selection. The Mother chooses a favoured successor to uphold the sororal mantle; yet any eligible sister may put their name forward for the supreme role. All sisters as well as the Synod place a vote for one of the women put forward; and the sister most favoured will become the Holy Mother of the Church and Mother Superior of the Order. The Mother may only be relieved of her role through death, abdication, or excommunication. ABBESS An abbess runs a convent or abbey in alignment and relation to the Order of the Blessed Catherine and the Church of the Canon. Typically, there are only one or two abbess’ serving in their holy office in any one age. The Holy Mother is the archabbess, and might elect another competent woman to oversee another diocese of convents and priories. PRIORESS A prioress can either be the arch sister of a priory or assistant head over an abbey or convent. She is tasked with the responsibilities of managing the internal affairs of the institution as well as the relations with other monasteries and communities. The prioress serves duly in her duties of discipline and organisation of the sisters within the convent, and actively participates as a right hand to their abbess. Many prioresses claim origins from prosperous houses and families, often being the fourth or latter daughter that would be unlikely to serve higher marital purposes. TONSURED SISTER A sister that has underwent the tonsuring rites that induct and swear her into the Order of the Blessed Catherine and the Church of the Canon. A tonsured sister has dedicated her life to GOD unto death is delivered. POSTULANT Within all religious institutions belonging to the Order of the Blessed Catherine, women who intend to swear their vows yet have not participated in their tonsuring rite are known as postulants. Typically, a postulancy can last from six months to two years, allowing for the woman to fix her life to the song of the Order. A postulant generally is an active participant in the life of the abbey, progressing alongside the novices and sisters in prayer and religious work. Tenured postulants are women who have been summoned by the Order of the Blessed Catherine to serve a sororal tenure for heinous crimes, sins or impurities committed. A tenured postulant serves alongside the sisters until the Mother Superior summons a sororal conclave, in which the sisters will cast votes unanimously in favour or disagreement of relieving the postulant of her tenure. All sisters must vote in agreement for the postulant to be relieved of the cloth and dedication to the Order. NOVICE Women who seek an education in theology and the works of GOD serve in sororal tenures for the Order. Those who undergo these tenures are known as novices, and participate in active life in alignment to the ascetic and policies of the sisterhood. Novices can be women who are inclined to learn more about GOD or the academic courses offered by the professed sisters. These type of women can also be those who have committed heinous crimes or sins, and have been sentenced to serve sororal tenures to be cleansed and be guided back to His Light. VOLUNTEER A volunteer can be a Canonist man or woman who dedicates their time to help out in the affairs, events and progressions of the Order of the Blessed Catherine. EMMANTINE COUNCIL A governing body of clergywomen who discuss the greater affairs and progressions of the Order of the Blessed Catherine. THE HOLY MOTHER - Mother Superior Judith of Czena The supreme mother has absolute authority over the Emmantine Council and the Order of the Blessed Catherine. THE DAUGHTER OF DISCIPLINE - Sister Alyona of Marna As the Daughter of Discipline, she exercises and manages the strict codes of discipline and ascetic styles over the sisters. The sister will enforce the vows the women swore in their tonsuring rite and punishes those who betray the code of the Order or the Word of GOD. THE DAUGHTER OF INTELLIGENCE - Prioress Mother Darya of Belvitz The duties of this office are to collect information for the Order, bringing forth valuable items to be discussed and addressed by the Emmantine Council. It is vital that the sisterhood remains informed of the affairs of the Canonist states, to address them in accordance to the code of the Order. The Daughter of Intelligence leads private investigations and trials to obtain fair dictations on matters such as postulancies, marital affairs and misconduct, heresy and hypocrisy, and immoral conduct. THE DAUGHTER OF DOGMA - Prioress Mother Yuliya of Haense The Daughter of Dogma is charged with oversight of all archives, manuscripts, doctrines and scriptures kept internationally by the Order of the Blessed Catherine. The sister of this office is in possession of the sacred Sororal Tomes of Jorenus, and has chief access to the records kept by the Order alongside the Holy Mother and High Pontiff. Many thesis’, declarations, prayers and writs of theology are published through the way of the Daughter of Dogma. Typically, it is known that the sister adds to the sororal code of the Order over the years, contributing to the growth and progress of the Church. SECTION IV - RECORDS Within the seventeenth century, the dominion of the Holy Church of the Canon has ever expanded into the bastions of Atlas. Similarly, the sisters have led their own pious processions to wield greater influence over the many herds of people that live across the continent. The Holy Mother of the Church leads supremely from her figurative seat within the papal county, however since the Order of the Blessed Catherine spreads their word internationally, eligible sisters are progressed to secondary offices to aid the Holy Mother in her control over the several abbeys and priories of the Church. Yuliya of Haense, Prioress Mother of Annsden Darya of Belvitz, Prioress Mother of Belvitz Within the seventeenth century, the sisterhood grew to an esteemed number of tonsured women whom pledged their lives to GOD. Sister Bogdanova of Hussaria Prioress Mother Yuliya of Haense Sister Odette of Annsden Sister Petra of Marna Sister Henriette of Markev Sister Lucienna of Czena Sister Emilia of Marna Sister Cecily of Wickwood Sister Katarina of Santegia Sister Lisa of Senntisten Sister Alyona of Marna Prioress Mother Darya of Belvitz Sister Esther of Gethsemani Holy Mother Judith of Czena SECTION V - PATRONS CATHERINE FRANCESCA HOREN TRUTH. HUMBLE. INTELLIGENCE. * Henrietta Louise, Queen-Dowager of Horen-Marna MODESTY. Ingrid, Queen-Consort of Hanseti-Ruska CHARITY. Linette Eliza, Duchess of Curon POVERTY. TO JOIN Interested in joining the Order of the Blessed Catherine? Please fill out the receipt below. IC Name: As a sister or volunteer: Race: Birthplace: Place of residence: OOC Mc Name: Discord name:
  10. Hey boys and girls and other, time for something that's been a long time coming. Since the.. unfortunate rewrite of Necromancy last summer, the undead races have been in a depression of sorts, I suppose you could say. Many, many people have brought this up, and as the Necromancy Magic Rep, I was finally told to do something about it. So here I am. Make sure to vote in the poll above, each voting option is detailed below, and share this with everyone you can. Even if you hate magic or undead or me, I don't care really, I want every opinion here to make this a rewrite at least 80% of you can enjoy. These voting options are based on complaints gathered from many players who either play undead, or are related to it and spend time with the races in some other way. Their complaints are anonymous, and anyone wishing to give their thoughts anonymously as well can shoot me a message on the forums, or my discord: Disclaimer: Text suggestions with significant reasoning will be considered with higher priority than poll votes or less explained thoughts. Thanks, and make sure to check out the Your View: Necromancy for the first part of this. https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/170804-your-view-necromancy/ Here are links for undead lore: https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/163231-✓-necromancy-rewrite/?tab=comments#comment-1544002 https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/150590-morghuul-ghoul-revision/ https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/132278-playable-the-darkstalkers-of-xion/ https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/142149-the-apotheosis-of-the-liches-lich-lore-update/ Voting ends Monday, unless I decide to make it a week. I'm spontaneous like that. (And want all the votes I can get.) Voting: This is sorted from most complaints to least, so if you get tired of reading at least you saw the most important ones. Ghouls 1) Ghouls are too boring to play. They should be reworked or removed. Pretty much the most common complaint in existence. Ghouls are boring for the player, even with the newest lore giving them sentience and some form of personality. They are used as nothing but fighting tools, and cannot roleplay much outside that. I've also heard echoed that ghouls are seen as either a lesser Darkstalker, or a better cheaper version of a Darkstalker. The eternal question remains, should ghouls be removed or be reworked to be more interesting. Or stay as they are? 2) Ghouls should be the mindless creatures they were before. Another very loud argument. People are split down the middle on this, with some saying the mindless ghouls made more sense and were better for Necromancers, while others claim those old ghouls gave no character and nobody wanted to play them. That's why the rewrite was made to turn them into Morghuul in the first place, but it seems that hasn't worked well in hindsight. Pretty self explanatory this one, do ghouls keep their minds or return to bloodthirsty servants? 3) Ghouls should be able to wear more armor. Again, self explanatory. Armor doesn't weigh as much as some people think, but ghouls still wouldn't run around in full plate. Lichtypes. (Darkstalker/Lich) 1) Ordainment is a horrible ritual and should be replaced. The amount of complaints for this one.. currently, to become a lich or darkstalker, one must become a ghoul first and be ordained. After consuming the bodies of seven descendants (limit 1 per day), they are allowed to return to the Necromancer to be turned by the ritual leader and two helpers. The system of old simply required the ritual leader and two helpers, and many claim the whole situation with ordainment is unnecessary and time consuming, as well as the change to ghoul being horribly inefficient. 2) There are too many Darkstalkers/Liches. Another common one. Recent times have brought about a mass creation of these undead, and many people are tired of seeing them everywhere. I hear it nearly every other week. If you think there are too many of one or the other, or both, or none, let me know so I can think up solutions. 3) Deathknights/Gravecallers are bad and should be reworked. For those of you who don't know, a Gravecaller is a lich with Necromancy and a Deathknight is a Darkstalker with Necromancy. They have more complete souls than normal, but that doesn't affect much. See below for souls. These titles are called dumb quite a bit, and people want them removed or reworked. This is also related to whether liches and darkstalkers should be able to learn Necromancy. 4) Necromantic Soul lore is confusing and should be reworked/clarified. This isn't so bad for most of you, but currently Necromancy has at least 3 different kinds of souls in it, which many people find confusing especially when dealing with other magic. This can be reworked fairly easily, to the benefit of everyone really. Give your votes though this ain't about my opinion. 5) Liches are too weak. This involves.. a lot really. People don't see liches as a step up from normal mages, which is fair enough. The half learning speed is no longer involved, but liches are not significantly more powerful in the arcane like they used to be, not compared to newer creatures. Voting yes on this one means you want liches to be a threat again in some way, which would likely mean buffing their voidal ability and draining power. 6) Darkstalkers should be changed. Because of the dumb limit on polls, I have to combine the last part of this. I've gotten a lot of suggestions about Darkstalkers, but one of the main points brought up is that Darkstalkers and Liches should be more similar, like two sides of the same coin. Darkstalkers should be stronger than ghouls, and significantly so to differentiate them. Darkstalkers should be able to wear plate armor and no longer have weakness to the sun. The list goes on and on for these, I'm also adding a "remove darkstalkers" button for those of you who want that. 7) Necromancy should have an End-Game. Oh boy. The big boy. This I need the most feedback for, so if you're reading this you get a secret prize of being able to tell me how much you hate end-games. This is however a legitimate complaint people have come to me to talk about. They want Necromancy to have a tangible end-game like what Wraiths were, as liches and darkstalkers don't really make the cut in many peoples eyes. Gravecallers and Deathknights, dumb names aside, are not the end-game people wanted as they're just glorified lichtypes. Give substantial thoughts on this please, don't make me decide and have half the server hate me. I want plausible deniability. To prove this was a point, here's a screenshot from the gathered complaint doc: Thanks again for your time and replies, anything given will increase the quality of upcoming Necromancy changes.
  11. Hey boys and girls and other, time for something that's been a long time coming. Since the.. unfortunate rewrite of Necromancy last summer, the magic has been in a depression of sorts, I suppose you could say. Many, many people have brought this up, and as the Necromancy Magic Rep, I was finally told to do something about it. So here I am. Make sure to vote in the poll above, each voting option is detailed below, and share this with everyone you can. Even if you hate magic or Necromancy or me, I don't care really, I want every opinion here to make this a rewrite at least 80% of you can enjoy. These voting options are based on complaints gathered from many players who either have Necromancy, or are related to it and spend time with the magic in some other way. Their complaints are anonymous, and anyone wishing to give their thoughts anonymously as well can shoot me a message on the forums, or my discord: Link to current Necromancy lore: https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/163231-✓-necromancy-rewrite/?tab=comments#comment-1544002 Disclaimer: Text suggestions with significant reasoning will be considered with higher priority than poll votes or less explained thoughts. Thanks, and make sure to check out the Your View: Undead for the second part of this, linked below. https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/170807-your-view-undead/ Voting ends Monday, unless I decide to make it a week. I'm spontaneous like that. (And want all the votes I can get.) Voting: This is sorted from most complaints to least, so if you get tired of reading at least you saw the most important ones. Sorry about the last two poll questions, the devs limit the number to ten so I combined them. Read over them well before voting. 1) The Lore of Necromancy and related creatures is confusing/misleading. This was a common complaint, I would say one of the most common considering I myself find myself having to interpret the lore like Egyptian hieroglyphs sometimes as well. A pretty simple one, do you believe current Necromancy lore is too confusing and should be more streamlined for the casual reader to interpret easier, as well as including all related lore to leave no room for misinterpretation. 2) Necromancy is no longer powerful. Another common one, I've heard a lot of people saying the newest form of Necromancy is no longer a threat, that Necromancers are super weak and helpless. I would give my opinion, but this isn't about me. Give opinions above and below on whether you think Necromancy is all bark and no bite. Another related complaint which I'm lumping in with this is that Necromancers can't do anything without an undead escort, or minions to do things for them. Should this remain part of a magic about making undead, or should Necromancers be able to defend themselves? 3) There are too many Necromancers. Lord help me do I hear this all the time. I hear people say it both ways, that we don't have enough Necromancers and that we have too many. Now I come to you, the people, to see if you'd like more Necromancers running around doing evil things or not. Which would you rather fight, undead or bandits? These are the hard hitting questions journalism won't cover. 4) Necromancers have nothing to do. This is a more complicated one. Not only is this complaining about the everyday activities a villainous zombie maker can do, but it's also a conversation about rules pertaining to settlement raids and banditry. Maybe you've noticed less undead attacks recently? Partly due to the rules, but also see the rest of the questions on this list. This vote, however, is asking if you think Necromancy should be more diverse in it's use rather than just a healing and undead making magic, with things to make a Necromancer excited to hop on after a long day at school. 5) Necromancers have no way to defend against Holy Magic, but should have one. Another age old question, which I want answered by you, the people. Should Necromancers of sufficient strength be able to defend themselves against the tyranny of the gods? Can a dark cloud of lifeforce block out their holy presence, or will the dark always fail to prevent the light from spreading. Give your thoughts, please, as this is an age old issue which I want fixed in the near future, hopefully. 6) Necromancy is too diverse, unfocused. This is about three complaints in one right here. Many people I spoke to were of the opinion that Necromancy was a jack of all trades, master of none sort of situation. Others told me that the lore read like a patchwork of various ideas thrown together on a page. The vote here is whether Necromancy should be more focused on a small number of core abilities, rather than the far reaching set it currently has which sends it all over the place, with a lot of lore bloat in the form of unused abilities. Vivication, for one, I have only ever heard of used once. 7) Necromancy should stand on its own/Take 2 slots. Another mixed complaint because they're related. Currently, many Necromancers will take Blood Magic and other such magics because they give a strength boost to the magic. All opinions aside, this has caused Necromancy to lose its standing as a standalone magic, strong enough to warrant a character all on its own. The question is here whether Necromancy should be strong enough to stand without other magics influencing it, and perhaps even taking two magic slots instead of one. Specific Spells: 1) Draining shouldn't require touch. This is controversial but highly discussed. In the past, Necromancers could draw the life of nearby beings during battle, which made them a far more substantial threat even on their own. This could be interrupted, and it was a bit overpowered, but it did give them more weight. If re-added, it can be rebalanced and changed of course, but this is very related to vote 2 above. Currently a Necromancer must touch someone for a small number of emotes to drain or form a tether to that person, or use a reanimated body to do so. This vote is asking whether you like it that way, or if Necromancers should be able to, within limits, be able to draw lifeforce from nearby living things by focusing. 2) Reanimations are too Self-Sufficient Another controversial one, the rewrite changed reanimated undead from the marionette-like creatures that previous versions kept them as into creatures with their own.. partial mind. Read the rewrite for more details, but basically they are discount ghouls that live to serve instead of the Necromancer moving all the creatures limbs and such with their mind during battle. They've been turned from puppets into robots, and many people want that to be reversed or changed. 3) Taint and it's related weaponry are no longer useful. The rewrite changed taint, as well. Taint used to be a toxic substance which a Necromancer could coat the ground with, or a weapon, creating a variety of scary effects such as making an area inhospitable to everyone except Necromancers. Currently, Stagnation and Affliction have replaced the taint of old, now being a lifeforce black hole and lifeforce plagues respectively. See lore for more in depth explanation. Currently, the old version of taint can no longer be applied to weapons or areas, though many wish to see it return. Plague blades, however, are underutilized and rarely seen no matter how good of an idea they are. 4) Rituals aren't diverse enough, don't do enough. Lastly, I've had complaints that Necromantic rituals are currently all simply an annoyance. From being tedious grinding, to just being roughly the same ritual with a new name, a few people have said that they want more rituals to be included with various abilities, to give the magic a more coven feel. Others have said that the rituals should be more varied and different so it isn't the same ritual with a different skin. Vote above with your thoughts. Thanks again for your time and replies, anything given will increase the quality of upcoming Necromancy changes.
  12. [✗] More Kha Types

    I'd mainly like to see more types of Kha allowed. I'd really love to play a Lynx / Bobcat type Kha. Also, I'm kind of confused on the panther/leopard types... Because there is no such thing as a black panther as a breed or species. It's literally just a melanistic leopard / jaguar. Ergo, they should have the same build as each other lore wise. They shouldn't have differences except the coloration. (See: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Black_panther )
  13. The Dred'Ur

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F9Lwp1J69pw The city of Kaz’Ulrah sat in its usual stoic state carved into the side of the mountain. Jorik approached as he usually did trudging up the steps to the large gate. However, to his surprise something was different. Where he was usually met with the sounds of the hustle and bustle of the Dwed folk, he found silence. Not a sound escaped the city. Not until he took his first step down. A shrill scream sounded from the deep followed by countless others. Something was wrong. Jorik hurried down the long staircase to the city gripping his sword at his side. Thoughts ran quickly through his mind the city was under attack, but from who? As he reached the bottom of the staircase and to his horror, swarms of rodent-like creatures flooded the city. The horde initially neglected to notice Jorik and allowed enough time for him to glance across the city square to a party of Dwarves holding their ground on the other side. The middle-aged dwarf made a quick move into an alley between the buildings. Alley by alley, building by building, the dwarf ran quickly to the group. The motley crew of Confederation, Frostbeard, Grandaxe, and Irongut dwarves hacked aside the charging swarm. It seemed as though the assault would never end. Yet, just as it seemed the dwarves might bend to the overwhelming onslaught of foes, the pack thinned. The dwarves took advantage of the lull between waves of forces hurrying to one of their tunnels and quickly collapsing it. Tunnel after tunnel fell until only one remained in the forests below the city. Jorik approached the tunnel striking a torch illuminating the passage. A hulking beast of a figure emerged. The leader of the pack charged the dwed as they stood their ground. It brushed aside dwarf after dwarf with his hulking mass before halting at the sound of the collapsing tunnel behind him. The Leader took a retreating bound bellowing as he departed: “Ulrah is finished” The dwarves regrouped, but not without loss. The battle was won, but it seemed as though there was much more to come to the City. Its very existence seemed at stake. Dwedmar warriors from all clans now hustle through the city preparing defenses for the coming onslaught each fearing the worst. What is to come for the fate of the city under the mountain? OOC: Many thanks to MrBamPow for the event. New event coming soon!
  14. Amaethon and the Silent Beast

    Amaethon and the Silent Beast In a time when the mali’ame were young, but the forests already ancient, there lived two beings. One was Amaethon, the Great Mani Prince of the Cervidae. Amaethon was immortal and ethereal, and ruled over the stags, deer and moose of the land. He had a fondness for the Wood Elven seeds who roamed about his domains, who paid him tribute when they hunted and revered him as a demigod of the wild. It is said that he took peculiar delight in the music the elves produced. One was was a beast named Silence- Lyu. He once had another name, now lost to time, when he was a mortal elf of the Yelvairene Seed. He was an man with no morals, whose violent nature led to the death of his son. He hunted beasts for sport and did not kill cleanly, taking pleasure in their suffering. As a punishment, the Great Mani of Lupines, Morea, cursed him to be among the realm’s first ferals. Lyu was trapped permanently in his wolven form, living as a monster. It is said Prince Morea bound his soul to a sacred tree, which reformed his body whenever he died, foredooming him to immortality, an eternity to devolve into savagery. Lyu would soon lose all the mental cognition he had as an elf, remembering only his hatred for mali kind. On the first Winter’s Solstice after the transformation, the beast named Silence snuck like a shadow into the camp of the Yelvairene Seed, his former kin. There, fueled by his hatred, he killed all of the Seed’s children while they slept. The Yelvairene were distraught, and in their mourning, prayed for a hundred days and nights to the Aspects for answers, to know who would do this to them. The orison of the Yelvairene was answered by Amaethon, who appeared to them in the form of a ghostly stag. Who spoke unto them these words. “That which did this to you was once one of you, but who has become a demon twisted by malice. The Prince of Wolves is the son of the Father, and embraces the death caused by his punishments. I, however, am a child of the Mother. I am benevolent. Play your drums and flutes for me, children of Malin, and I will come to protect you.” It is said that the next year, on the night of the Winter’s Solstice, the entire Yelvairene seed played their deerskin drums about a big bonfire all night, none pausing to rest nor sleep. Amaethon took notice of this, and when Lyu appeared in the shadows once more, a mighty stag with a pure white mane came to challenge him, piercing the monster in the heart with its horns and banishing it back to the tree far away where it would regenerate. This miracle was quick to spread. Soon every wood elven seed had heard of the tale of Amaethon and the Silent Beast. It became tradition among all the tribes to spend the entire night of the winter’s solstice playing their drums and praying to the great Prince of Cervidae, so he would come protect them from Lyu, who they say to this day is still bound to his tree, regenerating every winter’s solstice with malice in his heart, looking to slit the throats of children whose seeds are not protected by Amaethon’s grace.
  15. The Republic of Vrakai

    The Republic of Vrakai History & Introduction “A map showing the location of the Republic of Vrakai, relative to the Cloud Temple (red).” The Republic of Vrakai is an oligarchic trade republic located in the lands surrounding the estuary of the Baltas river. Initially the lands of Vrakai were settled by wayward farmers and fishermen. Its strategic geographical position allowed it to quickly grow out to become an important centre of trade in central Atlas. The first rulers of these lands were the Mercenarial Free Company of The Black Reiters, a group of equestrian mercenaries who settled the region along with the first wave of commoners. Their rule did more to contain trade than to let it flourish, as they sought to live of these lands like any princely state would: By means of heavy taxation and curbing the rights of merchants and commoners in favour of the ruling elite. Eventually learning that their style of governance was detrimental to the region’s prosperity; and in turn their own; the company gradually began to delegate governmental power to local oligarchs. This increased the efficiency of trade flow and the general prosperity of the region. It also relieved the Reiters of their duty to govern, allowing them to pursue their mercenarial profession more efficiently. This shift of governmental power to the oligarchs eventually culminated in the establishment of the Republic of Vrakai, in which the Reiters merely hold a handful of privileges and maintain an employment contract with the state. This strictly professional relation between the republic and the Reiters allows both parties to be left to pursue profit by merit of their profession in an independent political climate. (( OOC Aims )) (( The Republic of Vrakai is designed to be a central hub for trade and roleplay. We seek to promote non-violent (but still competitive), realistic roleplay, with a strong emphasis on economic production and trade. Due to the close proximity of Belvitz; our capital; to the Cloud temple, there is much opportunity for interaction to be found. Vrakai is also the go-to roleplay hub for fans and students of Messy Medieval, which is the Republic’s semi-official building ideology. )) “A view of the Belvitz marketplace on the East side of the town.” Culture Uniquely, the Republic of Vrakai’s Law does not enforce any cultural or religious customs. Its government prides itself to being modelled after the multicultural populace of the original settlers, who eventually founded the republic. Crucially, in Vrakai, its citizens are guaranteed the freedom to practise their own religious and cultural customs without persecution. (( Though cultural and religious customs aren’t enforced, our nation is nevertheless modelled after a generic Eastern European region with aspects of Hungary, Croatia, Lithuania as well Ukraine. )) Social Organisation Notably, the citizens of Vrakia are divided into two social classes: The commoners and the Burghers (or Bourgeoisie). This class system is maintained by rigorous laws that protect the rights and freedoms of the Burghers in order to allow them to pursue their mercantile ambitions. This eventually brings prosperity to all of the Republic as the wealth of the Bourgeoisie trickles down to the commoners. Commoners make up the general population of the republic and practise generic labour oriented professions like farmer, carpenter, fisherman, etc. In contrast with the local Bourgeoisie, they hold few freedoms. But compared to commoners in order human reams, they are relatively more free. The Burghers are the elitary citizen class of the republic. As the driving force of the city’s trade oriented economy, the Burghers enjoy well deserved privileges such as: various trading rights; the right to bear arms; the right to bear heraldic arms; the right to suffrage in the election of consuls (provided they pay the suffrage tax upon casting their vote); the right to be tried by a burgher judge. “The Belvitz Castle, home to the Mercenarial Free Company of The Black Reiters.” Government The Republic of Vrakai is governed by a group of 3 Consuls and one Praeceptor. The Consuls are the representatives of the Burgher class and perform most of the administrative, legislative and diplomatic functions in government. They are essentially ministers who are assigned to a ministerial task by the Praeceptor (more on this below). By and from among the Burghers, the Consuls are elected every 8 years ((2 months IRL)). The duties of a Consul are: The passing of Laws (by simple majority) The revocation or adjustment of unjust laws (by simple majority) Performing the ministerial functions delegated to them by the Praeceptor The Praeceptor is the Republic’s head of state and chief executive official. From among the Bourgeoisie he is elected by the Consuls every 8 years ((2 months IRL)), by simple majority. In order to effectively maintain the Republic’s security, The Governor holds veto powers on matters such as: the acquisition of the title of Burgher; and the passing of new laws by the Consuls. He is tasked with: Delegating ministerial positions to the elected Consuls. Assigning governors to the hinterland territories. Maintaining the internal security of the republic. (( In due time, a separate forum thread will be dedicated to the exact workings of the political system of the Republic of Vrakai. )) Security For it’s security, the Republic of Vrakai depends on privately contracted groups and companies. Notably, for its national security, the republic relies on the Company of The Black Reiters. Whom it allows to occupy the Belvitz Castle and maintains a permanent security contract with. Law enforcement in the republic is maintained by house Montfort through the Montfort Retinue (Belvitz Guard). Current Government Reginald d'Aumary - Praeceptor [SaintPaint] Ludovico di Monteforte - First Consul [LukyLucaz] Louys de Bruyne - Second Consul [Babadooks] Sergei - Third Consul [Zyelon] “A view from the courtyard of the Belvitz castle.” Law & Justice The Republic of Vrakai maintains three books of law, each concerning itself with an important aspect of Vrakian society and the organisation thereof: The Republican Law covers the lawful workings of the Republic’s institutions. It includes legislation on matters such as: government structure; vassals; and trade & monopoly rights. The Common Code covers the legal rights and duties of the commoner class. The Bourgeois Law determines the rights and freedoms of the Burgher class. (( In due time, a separate forum thread will be dedicated to Law & Justice within the republic which will thoroughly explain our justice system and list all laws. )) Joining Commoners wishing to settle in the Republic of Vrakai should make their way to the town of Belvitz ((trouble finding your way?)) and seek to contact a government official. Likewise, affluent merchants or foreign aristocrats who aspire to attain the title of Burgher, and the rights thereof, should travel to the town of Belvitz and contact a government official. Related Posts Mercenarial Free Company of The Black Reiters House Montfort The Montfort Retinue / Belvitz Guard The Montfort Masonry Guild (( Messy Medieval guild: coming soon )) The Town of Belvitz (( to be updated soon )) Belvitz settlement guide Mother’s Breast Tavern (( coming soon )) First Vrakai-Khronheim Friendship Treaty (( other treaties coming soon )) Guide to Vrakian Politics (( coming soon )) Guide to the Vrakian Bourgeoisie (( coming soon )) Law & Justice in the Republic of Vrakai (( coming soon ))
  16. Birth of the Orison Ritual Site of the first Guardian Grotto, a harrowing, yet beautiful reminder of the death of a druid. “And she appeared before them, those troubled minds, and the air was alive with sound of nature. She gave them a reassuring smile, reaching a hand out, as if to offer help. All was well.” It is a well known truth among druii and those that study the aspects or their faith, that devout druids who die ascend to the realm of the fae, to serve out their days as Soulbound Servants and Guardian Spirits. In the realm of fae, these spirits of passed druids are revered by all as wise men and oracles. Creatures of the fae flock from every corner of the realm to hear their words of wisdom. In the realm of fae, they are considered demigods, chosen of the aspects themselves. (The Fae Realm) In death, these sages reflect the souls of what they were in life. For those that sought the taste of battle in defense of the balance, they may find themselves as a spirit of fury, blessing those of the Twilight Bound. A gentler druid, a healer perhaps, may find themselves as a mending spirit of the Dayward Way. All these such spirits are revered amongst the fae creatures of the world. For those most dedicated servants of the aspects, there exists a special opportunity in life, during the most unlikeliest of times. That is, to become a Guardian Spirit capable of traversing betwixt the eternal forest and the mortal realm. These most devout servants may find themselves visited by one of these spirits to be taught the highly secretive ritual. With this knowledge, they are given the secret that they need to become one of them, to be given the ability in the afterlife to make the journey and return as a Guardian Spirit of the Descendents. However, this ritual may only be done on the brink of death. In their last moments, a druid may send out a final plea, one last wish to stay on Æos, on this place that they’ve so desperately tried to protect through their whole lives. And then, they must perform the ritual. The Discovery She saw blood everywhere. It stained the grasses around her with a deep crimson hue, glinting in the sunlight. And she looked to the side, seeing a bloodied bone knife cast aside, lying among the leaves a few feet away. And then it shot through her, an agonizing pain in her abdomen and she cried out. She looked down, and in her arms was her heart; a crying babe, wrapped in a green shawl. And her eyes slowly shut, fluttering desperately to try and stay awake as she faded into the cold embrace of death. Awaiti sat up in her bed, drenched with sweat. She rested a hand against her stomach, flat as it always was. The woman turned, pushing up out of the bed to stand, staggering over to a mirror in the room. She gripped the sides of the table, looking into her reflection with a silent, but bewildered expression. Her amber eyes stared right back at her, betraying only fear. But that was all. There was no blood, no screaming, no crying babe to hold. It left her unsettled, and compelled her to grab her cloak. And with that, she swiftly exited the room. The flames in the brazier of the shrine always shone the brightest at night, casting light in every which direction, onto the grass, onto the statues of the aspects, and now onto Awaiti, who was kneeling before it, bowed deeply in prayer. “Sweet mother, sweet mother, send your blessing unto me… preserve me…” “Father, father please. Have mercy on your faithful servant…” She pleaded like this for hours and hours, until the first rays of daybreak split the air, casting shadows of the leaves on the shrine. And on and on she pleaded, tears staining her weary face. “I don’t want to go! Not yet!” And her eyes were filled with light as she keeled over, blacking out against the cold morning ground. What followed barely made sense to her, flashes of white and green light, the crying of a babe. Visions of light took shape as fae energies and her dream came back to her. She was suddenly on the ground again, covered in blood. She was screaming, crying out in agony. And once more, her eyes began to flutter off to the cold and gentle dark. “Breathe, child,” She heard a gentle voice call to her. “Let go,” said a strong voice. And she shut her eyes for but a moment. And then opened them with white light coursing through. In an instant, the place around her was filled with a brilliant flash of fae light, all erupting from Awaiti. Flowers sprung up, creating brilliant displays of red and blue and purple. Trees sprouted almost instantly, tearing up the earth. But all was silent for Awaiti. She could hear no voices, feel no life. Life itself had all but left her battered form. Instead, it was in the world around her. And she drifted off. Her eyes shut once again, and Awaiti, just as she had in her dream, passed on from this world. But then, she was truly alive. There was warmth, and it was good. Awaiti looked down at her own mortal form, and smiled, knowing that all would be well for her child. They would live, and go on. Her eyes flung open, and she was back on the cold, hard ground. Awaiti stirred, knowing now what she had to do. And so she stood, going home to her bed to await that fateful day. The Orison Ritual Druids look on as a hierophant passes on, the air lighting up with fae mists as the energies ripple through, causing flowers and other life to spring up! circa 1650, colorized “Mother, mother please… father, look down on me… I want to be brave... I don’t want to die!” The ritual itself was used a great many years ago, in ages long forgotten, as a secret technique used amongst some of the most powerful and wise druids, in order to continue passing on their knowledge and guiding their people even after their own death. Since, it has fallen from minds, into myth, and then into legend, and then forgotten entirely. It has only resurfaced recently, discovered by Sister Awaiti Aureon, who saw glimpses of the ritual during a vision of her own death. Flashes of light, blasts of pure fae energy that rippled through nature, allowing life to flourish in its wake. These visions stayed with her throughout her whole life. What Awaiti saw was her own body expelling all of its druidic energies in one single moment. This act kills the druid immediately, but the blast of fae energy allows anyone in the vicinity to feel the effects of a fae ring for the day. The very wave of energy that is expelled from the druid has a similar effect to a fae ring, allowing those around them to hear the countless voices of nature for the rest of the day. It would emblazon druidic runes onto the stones around them, growing large trees and bushes almost instantly in the now hallowed land. A circle of flowers would sprung up all around in a spiral, creating a Guardian Fae Ring around the druid’s lifeless corpse. The wave of fae energy carries part of the druid’s very soul with it, tethering it to the land of the living. This created an anchor to Æos, allowing the traversal between these two interlinked planes. Such is the path that all those druii who wish to return to the mortal plane must follow. They must seek out a guardian spirit and learn the secrets of this most sacred ritual Guides and Redlines Attempting the ritual is a PK, no matter the outcome. Once you die, you’re dead, spirit or not. Guardian Fae Rings Fae rings have always been notoriously awe inspiring and potentially dangerous, for they create links between our realm and the Eternal Forests of the Fae. Normally though, these Fae Rings only allow lesser creatures of the realm to traverse the planes under the light of the full moon. They have the additional effect of imbuing descendants, whether they be human, dwed, or elf, the sudden ability to hear thoughts, instincts, and raw emotions of the flora and fauna around the ring, giving an experience of attunement to the unattuned. This can be very disorienting for those that are unfamiliar with the raw orchestra of nature. These fae rings have only ever been created through the magic of the aspects themselves, being naturally occuring phenomena in the world. But, with the Orison Ritual, we find the first instances of a druid themselves creating these rings through their own powerful druidic energies. During the Orison Ritual, a massive explosion of fae energy is released directly into the land around a druid’s body. Many things are birthed from this influx of energy, including the powerful Guardian Fae Rings. These large spirals of flowers cover the entire area that the blast touched, hallowing the ground that they lay upon. Over this entire area, the effect of a normal fae ring is given, nature filling the ears of those who stand within the living spire. These rings act as normal fae rings, with a few exceptions. Normally, a Fae ring allows only lesser beasts of the Eternal forest to pass through it on a full moon. However, given the druid’s final sacrifice, it allows Guardian Spirits to pass through the realm of the fae into that of the living. Guardian Fae Rings have the unique ability to be created by the living as well as the dead. However, this process is extremely dangerous, and must be preserved for times of great need. By transcending to the eternal forest, a group of three druids can seek out any such guardian spirit and re-tether their soul to the earth. By doing this, the guardian spirit channels their own energies through the bodies of the three druids, transforming the fae ring into a guardian fae ring. This allows for the creation of new guardian fae rings from normal fae rings. It is important to note that Spirits are not tied to any one ring. Instead, over time, these rings begin to create an interconnected network of points that the spirit may visit. Usually these rings are placed around groves, or other places of pilgrimage for those that follow the ways of the aspects. These points serve as the anchors for spirits in the realm, creating holy sites around the world. As stated, guardians are tethered to these Guardian Fae Rings, tying them to that one particular site until they are able to move to a different ring. Guardian Spirits are only able to go so far outside of the ring before they dissipate, the bonds holding them to the world too weak and too far to hold them in any significant way. If such occurs, they find themselves drawn back to the Eternal Forests, unable to plant themselves on the world. They must stay there for a time as their spirit regenerates and recollects in order to return to the world of the living. Guides and Redlines Powerful druids can perform the ritual successfully and be taught it. In order to be able to become a Guardian Spirit on the mortal plane, you must conduct the Orison Ritual. The Druid must first pray, opening a connection with the aspects themselves. Basically grabbing the aspects attention. After such, a druid must expel all of their fae energies in a sometimes violent blast, depending on the age of the druid and their power. This can potentially hurt those around them if the druid is very old and very powerful. The blast caused by the druid causes a surge of life in every direction, causing plants and life to spring up where possible. It can grow trees in an instant, moss to grow on rocks in runic shapes. These runic shapes reflect parts of the druid. Only the Guardian Spirit that created them knows their meaning. The blast also creates a Guardian Fae Ring, a variation of a normal fae ring, a large spiral of flowers, leading to a circle in the middle. This is the exact spot where the druid died. A Guardian Fae ring is what allows a Guardian Spirit to travel between the realm of fae and the mortal plane. Guardian Spirits are tethered to these rings, unable to walk very far away from them without being called back to the Eternal Forest. This radius usually encompasses the size of a grove, or small settlement. Guardian Spirits may only make the journey through Guardian Fae Rings during a full moon (Once every elven day). However, it should be clarified that they may remain the realm of the living after the full moon has passed. In order to perform the ritual, a currently existing Guardian Spirit must teach you it, or have someone who already knows the ritual pass the knowledge to you. This follows suit for druids to create guardian fae rings. In order to create another Guardian Fae Ring, you require a living druid that knows the ritual. Being different from normal fae rings, it is possible to have both a Guardian fae ring and a normal fae ring at the same time. To transform a fae ring into a guardian fae ring, you require three druids who know the transcendence feat. By doing this, it allows the druids to find the spirit in the fae realm and allow them to push their energy through their own bodies into the ring. This creation acts in the same way as the normal creation would, with all of the effects. Must be a druid, and currently be Tier five in both Communion and Control at the time of death A Druid must be able to pray before they die, and build up the energy to release it all. Any sort of instantaneous death would prevent them from doing such, and keep them from tethering their soul. This ritual can only be done while on the brink of death. Druids who commit suicide cannot do the ritual. Any druid blocked by Strength of the Abyss or other Fi magic would not be able to complete this ritual. The blast from the ritual is not enough to kill in any case. Only potentially knock back people. If the druid’s focus is thrown off during the ritual, it ends the ritual and they are unable to continue, missing their window. In order for druids to create a guardian fae ring, they need to gather more than 3 druids to pool their energy together to create this explosion. Without more than three, the combined strain would kill the druids involved. Even with more than two, the process is extremely taxing on the body. The Orison ritual requires the unaltered soul of a druid to be in their body in order to perform this ritual. Druids with altered souls, or those who have placed their souls in other vessels cannot perform the final ritual to become Guardian Spirits. This does not apply to the creation of Guardian Fae Rings. As the natural energies release, the spirit of the animal would release as well. It remains with the guardian as part of it or depart to the aspects realm. This allows shapeshifters to complete the ritual. Guardian Spirits cannot walk outside a certain distance from their Guardian rings. In doing so, they would be demanifested, and sent back to the eternal forest until they can return. (300 blocks) Iconoclast magic would demanifest a Guardian Spirit The Spirits A Guardian Spirit watches over the forest with a careful eye, taking after their original elven form. “Go, my faithful dedicant, into the mountain! There you will find a spiral of flowers… sit in it. Call out to her, to that devout spirit. She will guide you on this task. Now go!” With their spirit tethered to both the eternal forest and the mortal plane, the Druid would wake in the Forest, awaiting that next full moon, for that bridge to open between the realms. When the full moon flies, they may find themselves on a trek across a great birch bridge that stretches far into the cosmos, into the mortal realms, allowing them to awaken inside of the center of the Guardian Fae Ring in a brilliant display of light, standing in the grove created by their own death. This is the journey that all Guardian Spirits will take, should they partake in the Ritual of Orison. Upon their awakening, spirits are met by themselves, by their new spiritual figures. At first, they appear as themselves, given a transparent glow that reflects their own druidic energies. As time goes on, these spirits realize that they can shift their appearance to some degree, to make them look as they did at any point in their life. Through this, they can remove scars, and blemishes upon that figure, or tattoos that covered their skin, appearing truly as a servant of nature, without other worldly attachment. In their journey to the spirit realm, spirits find they may change into a host of different animals, accompanied by that similar transparency and glow that other Guardian Spirits give off. However, with an additional affect. Due to the spirit’s time in the fae realm, the essence of the eternal forest has rubbed off onto their animals’ giving them fae-like attributes. The spirit is just that. A spirit. They cannot touch or interact with the world. They will never again feel the embrace of a loved one, nor the wind on their cheek. They are dead, lost to the world. Incorporeal beings that merely exist as a passer of knowledge, a wielder of the torch of druidic power. Even at their strongest, standing within the fae ring, they are unable to lay a finger on the world of the living. It is the primary mission of all Guardian Spirits to pass down their own knowledge of the balance, and to guide the druids of the world towards a heightened understanding of what their duty is, and how they might attain it. They serve as powerful guides to all that follow the path of the aspects. To dedicants, they serve to inform and teach. To Druii, they seek to offer their different perspective on the world and how it may function. And above all, to Archdruii, they serve as powerful advisors in the face of great adversity. But they are just that. Guides, advisers, wise-men. Vessels of knowledge that lasted longer than they should have. They are unable to use the powers that they had throughout their lives as druii, save but shapeshifting, but they still retain their ancient knowledge of the arts. In times of great need, these spirits are able to pass on their understanding and power into the druii of the world in several ways, detailed a bit later. In addition to this, Spirits are also given a few smaller tools that they would use in pursuit of guiding dedicants, druids, and archdruii alike, without impacting the world on a physical level. Spirits are far more corruptible than our mortal forms. Aurum weapons that affect the spectral beings of the world would affect them just as a normal blade would, cutting away at their energies. Blight that would normally sap away at the strength of a descendent would eat doubly so at the Spirit Guardian, gnawing away at the very being of the guardian, until it is so weak that they are corrupted wholly. And perhaps the most dangerous among them all, are those that carry with them the strength of the abyss. To be touched by this ability is to be scattered, cut off from the world. Upon touch, the spirit is sent back to the realm of the fae, to recuperate once more. Such is a very effective weapon against them, capable of sending them away in an instant. Blight may even corrupt a Guardian Spirit more than it normally would. The spirit is more fragile than the body, and to those who are exposed to it for a long time, it may have devastating effects to their soul. Through time, they’re physically corrupted, and the soul is damaged, leaving their spirit broken. The blight addles their mind, casting a shadow of the ancient spirit. They become destructive, a draoi spirit. Their gifts turn dark, allowing them to grant darkened boons on their followers, on those dark druids that would destroy. As they continue down this path, these spirits are corrupted physically. They may be split open, or tainted visually, their souls torn asunder by the use of these dark boons. These now Draoi spirits haunt the realm, causing chaos and sowing discord throughout the land by empowering the dark druids, until they’re put out of their own misery, and banished from the land by the very druids they were sworn to guide. Banishment is a difficult process, though not impossible. It is a technique used by druids to sever a Guardian Spirit’s connection to the mortal realm, and works similarly to the unattunement ritual. A group of three druids must corner the Spirit, connecting with them via powersharing. After this, there are multiple ways that the druids could deal with the spirit. Potentially, the spirit has been feeding dedicants or other druii misinformation, misguiding them from the path of the Druidism. Or perhaps these spirits have views too extreme for the order, and must be cast out. Both of these are valid reasons to banish a druid from the mortal plane. Or perhaps a spirit has become fully corrupted by blight, making them violent Draoi Spirits. This is another reason to banish a spirit. Or even by request of the Spirit themselves that believe their mission to be done. Banishment is the act of releasing the spirit’s tether to the realm of the mortals, recalling them back to the eternal forest to live out their days there. This action can be reversed, in the same way that a guardian fae ring can be remade. The ritual is one in the same. Guides and Redlines Newly made Guardian Spirits always begin in the realm of the fae. In order to start roleplaying, players must wait until a full moon, or one out of character day in roleplay to re-enter the mortal plane. In order to enter and leave the mortal plane, a Guardian Spirit must do so through a Guardian Fae Ring during a full moon. All Guardian Spirits take on a glow reflecting the color of their fae energy in life. Guardian Spirits take the shape of themselves when they return, appearing unaltered by injury or bodily art. In addition, Spirits may change how they look in order to reflect themselves at different points in their life, to reflect and show how they themselves have changed. Removing injury or changing which point in life they appear as is entirely optional. Due to their time in the fae realm, spirits are capable of morphing into a different host of animals, with the addition effect of fae attributes. Guardian Spirits are completely incorporeal, and cannot touch or physically interact with anything in the mortal realm. They are ghosts, in that sense. They will never be able to feel the world of the living, at least physically. Guardian Spirits retain none of their ability to perform druidic arts that they had learned in life, save shapeshifting. However, they retain all of their knowledge in the arts, and still fondly recall the feelings of using their abilities. They instead gain a few other abilities to assist in their primary mission of guiding the descendents, and granting boons of the aspects. Guardian Spirits with a TA in any given druidic magic still keep the TA, but cannot perform the magic themselves, truly being a guide more than anything. Guardian Spirits can no longer perform control, communion, thulean druidism, blight healing, or herblore. Guardian Spirits can no longer teach unattunement, attunement, or shapeshifting. Golden Weaponry affects the spirits as a normal weapon would to a person. Blight corrupts the very soul of the spirit, being far more vulnerable to the effects of the blight. This causes Guardian Spirits to become Spirit Draoi, lashing out violently with all they have to corrupt and damage the world. This, however, can only be done through their existing gifts and receive none for becoming a spirit draoi. Upon their next ‘death’, spirit draoi are permanently killed. Players accept this on making a Spirit Guardian. Upon touch, Strength of the Abyss immediately sends guardian spirits back to the realm of the fae in order to remanifest. This action is extremely disorienting for the spirit, and takes a long time for them to return and gather themselves together. This takes one year in game (One week out of character) Guardian Spirits are able to be banished by the druids of the realm through the banishment ritual. However, they can be brought back through the creation of a guardian fae ring for them. The Mission Guardian Spirits under the full moon, 1650 “I am one with the Balance.” In life, it is the path of druids to protect the balance, to safeguard nature. To protect the wilds and those that live amongst them. When these druii die, they ascend to the eternal forest, to serve as soulbound spirits, wardens and wisemen of the fae realm. These spirits are revered as wise demi-gods next to the aspects, spirits holding immense knowledge. Creatures of the Fae come from near and far in the realm, from the Twilight Bound to the Dayward way. For those Soulbound Servants that return to the realm of the living, their duties must continue. Guardian Spirits are to act as guides, figures of wisdom amongst the druids of Atlas, and all other places to come. They walk amongst the order as highly revered teachers, and advisors, opening their wisdom to all that would seek it. This is their eternal duty, to serve and guide, no more, no less. Very rarely do these druids directly intervene in anything, choosing instead to give their assistance when asked, or to offer a boon from the aspects for dire situations. In some cases, they can even take up teaching positions within the order. Blessings of the Aspects A druid completes a task with the oversight of the Guardian Spirit, 1650 Guardian Spirits tend not to intervene in worldly affairs. Without the ability to hold a sword, or travel far beyond their guardian fae rings, they take up a more guiding role. Their time spent in the realm of the fae shows now though, and Guardian Spirits find that they have a few lesser abilities that they didn’t have before. These can be very straining for the spirit to perform, and only one may be used per day, that they might serve the spirit in guiding others. Greensight Guardian Spirits have the ability to reach out to the attuned minds, able to incur visions of the past, things that the Guardian themselves have seen, or even things that the subject has seen. This ability only works on a willing subject, when they allow the guardian into their thoughts. These visions can be as vivid or as vague as the guardian wills it. This can be used to suggest certain courses of action, or to show lessons that they themselves have learned. This only affects attuned druids and those affected by fae rings. Oversight Guardian Spirits bind themselves to a druid for a time, seeing what they see, hearing what they hear, allowing them into their thoughts. This must be entirely willed on the part of the druid and the guardian. During this time, the druid is marked with a green fae symbol upon the forehead, showing that they are a vessel of the spirit. This lasts until the subject no longer wills it, or the spirit leaves the body of another. Druidic Presence Sends forward fae energies into the body of the unattuned, granting them a similar sensation to being attuned. The voices of nature rise up all around them, similar to those that have freshly been connected. These affected persons carry a druid’s presence with them. Beasts are more keen on trusting them, and are more comfortable around them. This effect lasts for the day, as the effect wears off. Warging Shifts a Guardian Spirit into the mind of a beast, allowing them to have a very limited degree of impact on the mortal plane. While in this form, they have no access to their other abilities. They do however, have complete control over the beast for a period of one hour. The beast gains no new abilities or advantages in this form, and when they are killed, the spirit returns back to their normal form. Guardian Powersharing As was their ability in life, Guardian Spirits retain their ability to control and manipulate the natural energies of the fae, in order to pass them onto another druid. This greatly enhances the natural ability of the druid far beyond their own potential. However, due to the heightened sense of Guardian, they are able to do so for an extended time, without touching the druid. A Guardian Spirit is able to send out their energy and store it in the druid they wish to do so to. For the day, the druid is enhanced with the energies of the Guardian Spirit, a similar effect to being constantly aided by another powerful druid. Guides and Redlines All Blessings of the Aspects can only be performed once per day, while their energies replenish. Any attempt to perform a second blessing in one day will result in a failed attempt. During Greensight, both the druid and the guardian enter a catatonic state while experiencing the visions, they are completely vulnerable to attack until the guardian ends the vision or it ends. Greensight uses previously existing memories from either the Druid or the Guardian Spirit. This applies even to memories that have been lost. Can be used to revive memories. Guardians can manipulate memories to look as vague or vivid as they wish. They may also alter the vision to a limited degree, in order to show alternative choices, or make symbolistic changes. Druids and guardians can experience pain from the vision that may actually linger after the vision ends. This is all psychosomatic. Oversight is the ability for a spirit to bind themselves to a druid’s body, connecting the two. The Guardian Spirit and the druid’s senses are linked, and they can experience the sights, sounds, smells, feelings, tastes, and thoughts. This works vice versa as well, the druid being able to experience those of the guardian as well. In addition, this links their emotions, to a degree. Should the druid grow angry, the guardian may feel a surge of anger or so on. Druids experiencing oversight are marked with a fae symbol over the forehead, glowing with the color of the spirit’s energy. People under the influence of druidic presence gain the feeling of being attuned for 1 Elven Day. Beasts think twice before attacking those under the druidic presence. During Warging, a guardian spirit is capable of binding with an animal, in a way similar to Oversight. In this scenario, however, the mind of the druid is able to take hold and even control the beast. Guardian Powersharing is the greatest feat that Spirits are capable of doing. In this, they send their knowledge and understanding of druidism into the soul of the attuned, granting them great power and energy for an elven day. This is represented as a tier gain. A druid does these at will, they cannot be forced into it, nor can they force them upon others. A Guardian Spirit can only use one blessing per day Greensight must be completely willed on both ends. A Guardian cannot be let into the mind of another without it being opened for them. Guardians cannot cause physical injury through Greensight Visions. This does not apply to psychosomatic illness. As soon as a Druid does not want to be shown a vision, it ends. Closing off the path renders the ability ended. Guardian Spirits cannot be demanifested during oversight. Guardian Spirits cannot use other druidic blessings during oversight Guardian Spirits cannot interact with others outside of the druid they are bound to. Once clerical magic is used on the body of one being affected by oversight, the spirit is pushed out, ending the ability. If a druid does not want to be bound to a guardian spirit any longer, they are disconnected. This applies vice-versa. Druidic Presence does NOT grant any druidic powers. Druidic Presence does not grant control over beasts. Warging does not allow you to push an animal past its instincts. During Warging, spirits are not able to access their other druidic abilities until they leave the body of the beast. ((As all things, feedback is appreciated so that I can really make this lore enjoyable for everyone! Shoutout to Leowarrior14, Delmodan, ThatGuy_777, and Gladuous for giving me ideas and letting me talk to them about this!))
  17. [ https://youtu.be/aY-CEFD8X1Q ] [ Art done by Gustav Dore ] Scholar Gazarond wandering through the deep forests of Axios. Discovered Pages of Gazarond’s Journal Entry One: “Lost! It was a mistake to wander so far off into this accursed wood alone. I should have swallowed my pride and asked Nordir if I could use his greenhouse to study alabaster leaf, then I wouldn’t be in this foolish mess; however, it is painfully ironic for me to have just stumbled upon the leaf… It is midday, I can tell, for the sweltering sun looms over my head in this small clearing. I better keep moving if I wish to make it out of here come nighttime.” Entry Two: “The forest grows darker as the sun is nearing the horizon. I still remain stuck in these woods with no sight of escape. My stomach growls, my legs ache terribly, and my robes are stained with dirt and sweat. It seems that I am going to have to set up camp for the night. Thankfully, I was wise enough to bring rations to hold me over for a day and I am well learned in starting a proper campfire. “I, however, won’t have the luxury of food on the morrow if I am still in this bloody forest. My water canteen is also beginning to run low, but I’ll have enough to last me a little while. What also worries me is the beasts that prowl these woods. A walking staff and a dagger will do me no good against a large beast such as a bear, or a pack of wolves. I just hope that I’ll either find my way out of here or that I am discovered by my colleagues before I am eaten. Surely, they’re wondering where I am now.” Entry Three: “I just about had a wink of sleep last night. The forest floor isn’t the most desirable places to rest, especially to one so accustomed to well-cushioned beds and soft pillows… and to a person who despises spiders. One crawled onto my neck and I shot up slapping myself and screaming in the night, definitely waking the whole forest. It was hard to get comfortable again after that, but not only because of the hideous spider. “I heard a rustling in the bushes not too far away from me and the skittering a handful of unknown creatures. The fire I had created hours before had diminished over time and the waning light of the moon was obscured by the canopy of the towering trees, so I could only see little. I brandished my staff and tried my best to look big and menacing, all while making a racket to scare off whatever animals they were. I assumed it was coyotes who are quite harmless when alone, but potentially deadly in larger packs against a single person like me. “Nothing else happened in the night, but I constantly refueled by fire to grant me sight and warmth until the sun began to rise. I saved some of my rations last night so that I could eat this morning, but I’m going to have to find some source of food if I’m not out of here today. I also can’t shake the feeling that I’m being watched…” Entry Four: “Circles. I am walking in circles now... I used my dagger to mark some of the trees and I’ve now just found them again! I would use the sun to help me with directions, but overcasting clouds obscure it-- and so do these damned trees! They’re massive and their branches spread wide so I cannot get a good view of the sky. It has been hours and my stomach rumbles again, nighttime is, once more, approaching. I believe I recall seeing some raspberries somewhere near here, they’ll help…” - “Damn it all! Damn. It. All. Some thieving rascal rummaged through my little camp as I was collecting more berries! Nothing except my dagger was taken from me, everything else was recklessly scattered about. I could have sworn I heard the little sh-it giggling as they scurried off through the brush. Damn him and this forest. I will be on watch for him tonight in case he returns to try and slit my throat in my sleep.” Entry Five: “I was paid a visit in the night, but not by the supposed thief. I must have dozed off against the tree I sat against for I was awoken by the babbling of coyotes encircling my little camp! I hastily picked up my staff and made a bunch of noises to scare them off, but I apparently wasn’t as menacing as I thought I was… “One of the little buggers came up behind me and nipped at my calf. It was enough to draw some blood, I felt, but what another did was worse; as I turned to swing at the one behind me, another came and actually managed to sink its teeth into my ankle which made me yelp out in pain. I kicked my leg free and began to fear for my life. Coyotes are harmless as ever when alone, but deadly when in numbers. But it was then that I heard a bunch of voices speaking an unknown language coming from the branches above. “The yapping of the coyotes halted and the little creatures dispersed, leaving me alone and baffled. I fell onto my arse when an incredibly small man dropped from the branches and into the small circle of light provided by my fire. He appeared like he was one of those halflings, but was much more small than one-- thinner too. “I was truly breathless when a handful of others dropped down before me, which was the last I remembered from that night. I must have fainted due to the event, and when I woke this morning… my ankle was completely healed and bandaged! In the dirt was drawing of an arrow pointing off in a direction east, which I followed and found myself outside of the woods by midday.” [ https://youtu.be/2llS87avh2w ] Gnomes of the Forest [Nogoths en’ tel’ Taure] [ Art done by Gustav Dore ] A handful of Forest Gnomes being discovered in an old woman's garden. Origins: Mothered by Cerridwen, the Forest Gnomes’ home is the Dayward Lands of the fabled Fae Realm-- though are now gradually being seen more throughout the realm of the descendents. They aren’t, however, birthed such as a descendent would be. Forest Gnomes carry no interest in sexual intercorse and are likely unaware of what it even is. A Forest Gnome is said to be birthed from the trunks of ancient trees in forests undisturbed by mortals. Little homes are often erected at the base of strong and healthy trees out of fungi, dirt, or even the roots. As the forest dweller’s numbers grow, they’ll begin building upwards, piecing together their own gnomish towns with pathways curling up and around the tall trunks and branches of trees. [To be completed further] Physical Description: The average height of a Forest Gnome is approximately one-foot, though some have grown to be nearly a foot and a half while others have stopped at around seven inches. Unlike the typical halfling, a Forest Gnome has a lean build in their younger years, but begin to put on weight as they age. Everything else about a Forest Gnome is much similar to that of the descendants, but their ears are pointed and lengthy like an elf’s; however, the length in proportion isn’t similar, but rather shorter. [To be completed further] Behavior: [To be completed further] Habitat: [To be completed further] Lifespan: [To be completed further] Language: [To be completed further] More to be added, if people are interested. My idea for Forest Gnomes is that they're protectors of the beautiful things in nature and do their best to keep up the natural balance of the land. I had gotten the idea of them back in the Fall, but never got around to completing it. I'm a bit interested to continue, though I wouldn't wish to write this all and learn that everyone dislikes it since I want it to be beneficial or interesting for the majority of the community or to perhaps create flavor for RP for both Druids and other characters. I don't know about having players immediately be able to create gnomish characters, I haven't put much thought into that part.
  18. Opinions from the Throne I The Elven Conundrum Issued and confirmed by his Majesty, Frederick I Pius, 8th of the Amber Cold, 1646. Greetings to the fair Human citizens of Marna, and Humans across Atlas, I, Frederick Pius, better known as “Mauer”, issue this document to the public in hopes of shedding light regarding the opinion of the Marnan Crown in this time of crisis. We humans are mortals, destined to live for an allocated period of time. A sliver in the lifespan of the other races. For a single elf, twelve human generations may pass before they too meet their maker in the nether. However, the short time allocated unto humanity as part of the curse of Iblees has had the reverse intended effect. Iblees hoped to corrupt humanity by making us mortal- an eternal punishment. Instead, this curse only made us stronger. It made our peoples active, aspiring and thirsting for greatness. As such, in the lifespan of one human, through their will, despite their lives being a mere sliver in time, the world could be changed forever for the good of humanity. History showed unto us the greatness of our third prophet, Godfrey, and his formation of Empire. We look to the deeds of Saint Peter, and how his order, alongside my ancestor, Horen the Black, sacked Malinor and brought humanity to the greatest power it had ever been. Thus, I must explain with absolute clarity, the graveness of the slight the Princess of the Dominion hath casted onto humanity. According to my wife, my dear queen Henrietta, her escort to the Elven coronation, and his Holiness himself, the elves seek an empire under the name of the Dominion. This empire would hold the factions of all elf-kin, and, reportedly, the elf Princess proclaimed the that the world was to be guided under the Aspects. This quest to spread Aspectism globally poses a major threat to Canonism and all the faithful upon Atlas. The Aspects, or spirits, as prescribed by the Exalted Owyn, are a paganic entity which elves falsely follow. Elves claim that they are real, and physical, which I’ve no doubt to be true. However, GOD too, is real. These aspects are not omnipotent, they are not omnipresent. They are deceivers, and should be treated akin to that of Iblees. And though the Dominion may permit the establishment of a Church, as stated by Prince Khaine, I trust in the words of his female diplomat moreso. The elves are guided by the aspects, and will never under any circumstance convert. This sickens me, for I am not only the Apostolic king, but also a direct descendent of Horen. The title of 'Emperor' is reserved for humanity and the heirs of the Prophets. Those who were not of Horen blood yet ruled over the empire of men did such only on the blessings of house Horen, as seen with Emperor Peter the Kaedreni being appointed by the spirit of the Prophet Godfrey. Empires that did not receive this blessing were crushed by those who shared the ideals of Horen. Let us not forget that before the Prophet Godfrey, the elves were the dominant faction on this plane. It was only humanity that had the metaphorical grapes to seize freedom from elfen-kin. Horen blood is divine, by right, and to even consider challenging the title of Empire before those of Horen and humanity is a slap in the face, if not a stab in the gut. Thus, I proclaim any attempt by the dominion to centralize and formulate a unified elven empire to be an immediate threat to the Canonist Faith, the Nations of Humanity, and, most importantly, Humans everywhere. Though they may act as pacifists today, once they grow confident, they will demand our conversion and territory tomorrow. If they seek peace, they MUST admonish their quest and rescind the goals of their Princess. To offset this centralization, I also call for an IMMEDIATE convening of the leaders of mankind to join blades in the formation of the COMMONWEALTH OF MAN. The time for a Human Empire has not come, nay, but unity in some capacity has. GOD wills it. God With Us, His Majesty, Frederick Pius of Marna, Apostolic King of Marna, Rhodesia and Waldenia, Duke of Senntisten and Defender of Rhodesia and the Faith, Brother of Saint Lucien
  19. The Oakhide Clan

    ~The Oakhide Clan~ ~History~ The History of the Oakhides is not a long one. Their lineage bears very little noble blood, and their names aren't set in stones depicting legends and myths of Paragons and the Brathmordakin. The Oakhides come from a time when Kal'Bogrin stood tall. A Grimaxe, of the name "Vulli" ventured out into the wilds to hunt. Within the wilds, he became lost. The trees and bramble became too familiar within his mind, and he began to traverse the woodlands in a circular fashion, before finally giving up. Whilst Vulli slept, an unnamed Treebeard woman had found the poor mountain dwarf, sitting in a puddle with his belongings scattered around. The Treebeard cared for him, and helped him travel the woods, until he was able to return home. The two had grown close, and after nine months, the Treebeard had given birth to the first Oakhide. The first Oakhide was named "Wrenn", and he grew up to be a strong hunter. He wore leather as hard as steel, fired a bow with the power of a Golem's arm, and was so close to Anbella's wilds that he could teach Druids more than they could ever dream of. Wrenn impressed the lady Anbella with his work, and his respect for the wilds, so she gave him something in return. She had blessed him, along with his blood, to have the endurance of the standing woods. Ever since, Wrenn found himself to be stronger. He felt little pain, and received no wounds. He was bitten by wolves, mauled by bears, even swarmed by toxic, foul fumes in the depths of dark marshes, yet he still stood. Though his life was a solitary one, for the most part, he settled down with a family. From this family came the Oakhide line, a people of strong Forest-Dwarf blood, each with the vigor and vitality of Yemekar's Stone ~The ways of the clan~ The dwarves of Clan Oakhide believe strongly in balance, honour, honesty and strength. They strive to be capable hunters, and warriors, to better protect the wilds from those whom deem it unworthy of attention. Due to the superior skills in leatherworking, most armor worn by an Oakhide is of leather and fur, with small amounts of chainmail for added protection. They also tend to use wooden round shields, or sometimes Pavise shields, if using certain formations. Their shields are of the strongest wood, some say blessed by Anbella's blood, carried by the Oakhides. It is often said that when an Oakhide is cut within his work, it means that Anbella had fated it, that her blood would adorn the wood and give it the strength of the Brathmordakin. Because of the terrain they usually choose to fight in, their tactics are less suited for strong military formations, rather guerilla warfare, close quarters fighting, and ambushes. This is the reason why they are also fond of archery. The bows of the Oakhides are extremely powerful for their size, though many find it difficult to pull them, as they may lack the naturally dense muscle of a dwarf. The Oakhide bows are short and recurve in fashion, though match the power of any Elven Longbow. Below, the common weapons and armor of Oakhides is displayed. Religion The Dwarves of Clan Oakhide follow the Brathmordakin, like most other dwarves. Their patron god is Anbella, Godess of nature, hearth and home. Though, due to the Oakhide's strong connection with nature, some choose to become druids, and worship the Aspects. The Aspects are seen as a valid worship within the clan, as they can sometimes be show as two halves of Anbella. ~The Joining Ritual~ To become a full-blooded Oakhide, there are a number of trials the beardling must go through. The first is a Pilgrimage to a shrine of Anbella. There, the beardling must sacrifice something dear to them, as to appease Anbella and show devotion. The second trial is to Hunt. The Beardling must kill, skin, and make use of their kills. They must kill a Direwolf, a Cave-Bear, and one other beast of their choice. (This beast may be a second of either the wolf or bear.) This third kill will determine how the third trial will occur. The Third trial is to craft a weapon from a bone from their third kill. Dependsing on the size of the bone, the weapon can be anything, as long as it is infact effective. The Fourth trial is the final trial, and it is a test of Endurance. The Beardling must duel an Elder or the Clan Father. Win or Lose, they will pass the trial, should they be deemed worthy by their opponent. ~OOC Application~ (ONLY FOREST DWARVES, OR DWARVES OF FOREST BLOOD MAY APPLY TO BECOME AN OAKHIDE.) Minecraft Name: Character name: Character age: Appearance: Quick Backstory:
  20. Federal Laws of the Elven Dominion Section I - Criminal Law Intentional bodily harm towards a citizen of the Dominion is prohibited, unless in self-defence with no other alternative. Range: Capital punishment, Whipping, Mutilation, Confiscation of Goods, Banishment. Theft, defined by the Dominion as the unlawful obtaining of any item not bought, traded for, or willingly given is strictly prohibited Range: Whipping, Mutilation, Public Service, Confiscation of Goods, Banishment, Fine. Public slander of nations and factions allied to Dominion will not be tolerated and will result in banishment. This includes posters, public speeches and other such crowd-riling acts. Casual conversation and private talks do not fall under this law. Range: Banishment, Confiscation of Goods, Public Service, Fine. Vandalism or other acts that result in the destruction, damaging or modification of any object or home against the will of the property’s rightful owner is strictly prohibited by Dominion Law. Range: Banishment, Confiscation of Goods, Public Service, Fine. Treason, betraying the Dominion, is strictly prohibited. Range: Capital Punishment, Banishment, Whipping. Interbreeding betwixt mali and non-mali is strictly and unequivocally banned in the Dominion Lands. Such acts both defy the laws of nature, and doom children to a life of two curses due entirely to the selfish actions of their parents. Offenders will be met with extreme prejudice. This law does not apply to the breeding between mali races. Range: Mutilation, Whipping, Banishment. Kidnapping, defined under Dominion Law as the asportation or confinement of a person against their will. Punishment for this crime will be determined by several factors, including the mental and physical state of such abducted persons, and the age of the person abducted. Range: Capital Punishment, Mutilation, Banishment, Fine. Sadistic and Sociopathic behaviour is strictly prohibited. While this goes without saying when dealing with fellow citizens, this law also extends to plant life and animals. The unnecessary torture of animals will be treated akin to the murder of an elf. Range: Capital Punishment, Banishment, Confiscation of Goods, Fine, Public Service. Desecration, tampering, destruction, or other disruptive activities in holy sites or areas is a serious offence. Range: Mutilation, Banishment, Confiscation of goods. Section II - Expectation of Citizen Conduct Underaged sex is strictly prohibited. No individual over the age of 50 years may partake in sexual intercourse with another individual under the age of 50 years unless such age gap is under 10 years. Range: Whipping, Fine, Banishment. No citizen is permitted to practice the dark arts. These include Shade magic, Necromancy, the magic of the frost witch, soul puppetry, and other such forms further expanded upon in section IV. Range: Capital Punishment, Whipping, Mutilation, Confiscation of Goods, Banishment. Ownership or sale of slaves of any race is forbidden. Constructs do not fall into this category. Range: Fine, Whipping, Confiscation of Goods, Banishment. No person’s identity may ever be hidden within the borders of Dominion and must be easily identifiable at all times. Hoods that obscure a clear view of the face are forbidden, and any form of the facial mask is strictly prohibited without a writ from the council. Range: Banishment, Confiscation of Goods, Fine. Public disruption, such as causing unnecessary actions or words that deteriorate public security. Harassment falls under this category Range: Capital punishment, Whipping, Mutilation, Public Service, Confiscation of Goods, Banishment, Fine. Section III - Housing, Property, and Labour Only full-blooded elves (Of any of the elven subraces) may own a home with Caras Eldar, however, exceptions can be made by the High Prince/Princess or District Leads. Range: Eviction, Confiscation of Goods, Restriction on Keys By owning a home you agree to contribute to society in times of prosperity and turmoil, failure to do so will result in confiscation of property. Range: Fine, Confiscation of Goods. By owning a business you agree to contribute to society in times of prosperity and turmoil. Range: Fine, Confiscation of Goods. If another mali wishes to stay together in an already occupied home, the owner and new occupant must notify the Guildmaster or Stewards. Range: Fine, Confiscation of Goods, Restriction on Keys. If there is a child in the household, he/she is not required to be registered until they reach the age of 30. Range: Fine, Confiscation of goods, Restriction on keys Undocumented changes to homes, such as expansions, are strictly prohibited. In order to make such changes, a mali must go through a steward to get approval. Range: Eviction, Confiscation of Goods. Expansions that are deemed too big are strictly prohibited and one should listen to a steward about how big an expansion can be. Ranged: Eviction, Confiscation of Goods Squatting is prohibited. IE Living in a home or makeshift home without Steward or Higher approval. Range: Eviction, Confiscation of Goods. Any buildings constructed or structures dug without approval is prohibited. Range: Eviction, Confiscation of Goods, Demolition. Section IV - Magical Law and Regulation The usage of any void magic in the Forest District is strictly prohibited without express permission from a Virarim officer. Range: Whipping, Fine, Banishment The practice of magic with malicious intent is prohibited and should only be used in self-defence. This law applies still to the Virarim. Those members of the order who do not use magic in a manner that does not contribute to the safety and sanctity of Caras Eldar will be held to an equal standard. Range: Whipping, Fine, Banishment. Excessive, unneeded, reckless, or careless use of any types of magic is strictly prohibited. Range: Fine, Banishment, Whipping. Use of any kind of mental magic is prohibited unless the person has permission to use it on such persons they will be using it on, or a writ approving such action from the council Range: Fine, Whipping. Usage of all Dark Arts, including but not limited to; Necromancy, Shade, Mysticism, Dark Shamanism, Fjarriauga, Blood Magic, Puppetry, Soulbound Golemancy, and Fi’hiiran’tanya is strictly prohibited. This law does not apply to Fi’hiiran’tanya when used by the Order of Silence. Range: Capital Punishment, Banishment. Section V - General Dominion Army Laws Insubordination against any superior officer(s). Range: Capital Punishment, Whipping, Mutilation, Confiscation of Goods, Banishment, Fine, Restriction on Keys Harming innocent civilians or other innocent parties Range: Capital Punishment, Whipping, Mutilation, Confiscation of Goods, Banishment, Fine, Restriction on Keys. Being intentionally abusive to visitors or citizens. Range: Whipping, Mutilation, Restriction on Keys. Provoking fights with malicious intent. Range: Capital Punishment, Whipping, Mutilation, Confiscation of Goods, Banishment, Fine, Restriction on Keys. These five pillars form the basis of all law in every existing and future client state of the Dominion. District laws may be added by the council of lords to suit the changing times, but such laws must be built on the foundation of these pillars. Failure to uphold the common law of the Dominion by her states, and the client districts of Caras Eldar will result in an internal inquiry to be presented to the Princely Council and the Court of Lords. The Hierarchy of Law State law shall be passed by the Court of Lords. All federal law must be approved by all the High Prince or Princess of the Elven Dominion. All laws must be approved by the High Princess and the Princely Council before being sent to the Court of Lords for Drafting. A key role in national dominion law is the role of the High Prince or Princess. Included now is their station as Grand Exarch of the Dominion. They serve as the supreme judge of any guilty party in high profile cases that may determine precedent for the state of the dominion. They also handle larger, interdistrict disputes, ensuring that the common law of the Dominion is upheld to the highest standard. While the High Prince or Princess serves as Grand Exarch, some cases do not need to be brought before them. In these such cases, or in times when the High Prince or Princess is not available, the case may be brought to a panel of 3 Exarchs on the Court of Lords, appointed henceforth by the High Prince or Princess of the Dominion. Otherwise, all matters dealing with instances of unlawful activity will be settled by an officer of the Virarim on-site, that justice may be delivered swiftly to protect the sanctity of the Elven Dominion Determinant Factors of Punishment Given that cases of applicable law will determine largely on a case by case basis, the exarchs or officers of the Virarim will be able to use a range of potential punishment as stated in the Codex. The Exarch will then consider certain "aggravating" or "mitigating" circumstances to determine where precisely in the prescribed spectrum that a particular offender’s punishment should fall. Common factors that can be considered by judges include: Whether the offender is a "first-time" or repeat offender. Whether the offender was an accessory (helping the main offender) or the main offender. Whether the offender committed the crime under great personal stress or duress: IE, being controlled by an outside force. Whether anyone was injured in the course of the crime committed, and whether the crime was committed in a manner that was unlikely to result in any persons being injured, Whether the offender was particularly cruel to a victim, or particularly destructive, vindictive, etc as determined by a Exarch. Victims of the case pleading for leniency for perpetrator Whether the offender is genuinely contrite or remorseful if offenders are highly unlikely to commit such crimes again Other instances described within laws. When meting judgement, the exarchs shall always reiterate the factual sequence of events, and then lay charges according to the local laws of the province. If the crime was conducted outside the walls of a state, they shall be subjected to the victim’s home state law. If the mali offender and/or defendant does not reside in the Dominion, they shall be judged still under the laws and customs of the dominion for all intents and purposes, based on these such common federal laws. Punishment Types and Ranges Capital Punishment The most severe punishment of all, used in the most extreme cases. It. involves the execution of the guilty. This will effectively also banish said guilty from the Dominion should they live, with a permanent blacklist to all territories of the Dominion until lifted by order of the High Prince or Princess. Mutilations The act of desecrating the guilty’s body as result of their crimes. Includes maiming, branding, or simply scarring. A very severe punishment should be only considered if the offence was severe. Branding acts like whipping, a scar for public shaming. Whipping More of a public display of humiliation than a painful punishment, it’s traditionally a punishment in the military ranks but has since been a symbol of the deterrent from causing a public disturbance. Should only be issued if the offence was moderate. Confiscation of Goods or Other Property Used in such cases where persons have come into possession of goods in an unlawful way, or in such cases where a person has been evicted from their housing within Caras Eldar. Such confiscated property henceforth becomes the property of the government of the Dominion until such a time that the guilty wishes to appeal to the council for the return of the confiscated property. Even in this case, goods may not be returned without an official writ from the High Prince or Princess. Banishment Banishment comes into three groups, district, state, and national banishment. District banishment only applies to a single district or region within a state, where the offender is disallowed entry to that area. State banishment will label the guilty as a criminal but are free to live amongst the other states of the Dominion. Nation banishment means that the criminal is not free to live or visit any of the territories belonging to the Dominion. Usually only issued for a moderate-severe crime. Fine A mina fine, usually issued to petty offenders or improper use of magic in the halls of Caras Eldar. Fines should range from 100-1000 minas, depending on the severity of the crime committed. Magical offences and vandalism are by default a mina fine 300 minas. Eviction An eviction is classified as removal of a person or family from such person’s housing. This includes a removal of keys from such citizens. This means the person shall no longer own their home or be a resident, in addition to having their keys being revoked from the citizen doors. Public service Public service is not a recommended punishment, usually due to the uncooperative nature from both the carer and the participant. Setting tasks such as planting flowers, transcribing books, and other petty works of manual labour should be considered. Follow up on checking the criminal’s progress should be done regularly. Issued only for petty offences. “For there is but one essential justice which cements society, and one law which establishes this justice. This law is right reason, which is the true rule of all commandments and prohibitions. Whoever neglects this law, whether written or unwritten, is necessarily unjust and wicked.” Law is what binds society together, attaching itself to social expectancy as a line not to be crossed. But problems arise when everyone’s morality demands a different course of action, each time. Should a murderer be hanged by the guards? Should the victims be allowed to take vengeance for their losses? Should the murderer be tried to reform first, instead of immediate capital punishment? Everyone will have a different idea of what ought to be the correct consequences of transgression, therefore a uniformed response should first be established within the Dominion. Within this document is contained a draft of a Federal law to be enacted among the Dominion and its territories; how the law and courtroom will operate; and finally how punishments are meted out. Be it enacted these laws of the Dominion. Let it be henceforth known throughout the land, in all territories, cities, and districts, that law reigns supreme in the Dominion. - High Princess Awaiti Aureon, Henceforth Grand Exarch of the Dominion.
  21. MC Name: z3m0s Character's Name: Kalviin ‘Arakh Drakmar’ Ireheart Character's Age: Four-Hundred and Twenty-Two Character's Race: Ascended Mountain Dwarf Sky God What magic(s) will you be learning?: Cognatism Teacher's MC Name: Irongroot Teacher's RP Name: Yeulf Irongut Do you have a magic(s) you are dropping due to this app? If so, link it: Nub Do you agree to keep the MT updated on the status of your magic app by using the Magic List Errors topic?: Yub Are you aware that if this magic is undergoing an activity trial and fails said trial, that you will lose the magic?: Yub Have you applied for this magic on this character before, and had it denied? If so, link the app: Nub
  22. Culture of the Bradách People

    The Bradách The Bradách are akin to the real world Celts, with an emphasis on the Welsh and Irish, although imagined as a late medieval/renaissance version of themselves in a fantasy setting. Due to this, their arms and armour are akin to the rest of the world’s and their capability at building is also improved, yet it keeps to the Celtic Roundhouse and Hillfort design. They put a heavy emphasis on a man or woman’s capability to fight and the respect they place on their Gods. Their economy is basic, offering nothing in abundance and with little expertise in any particular field, but this is made up by raids and labour of slaves. The goal of the Bradách culture is to create a space for those who enjoy the Celtic culture and want to experience it in a medieval/ fantasy environment. It is suitable for the PVP and RP minded as despite RP being at our hearts, many of the Bradáchs also serve in the Bradách-glass, which is a mercenary band, comprising of the most skilled warriors, wielding claymores, javelins and sparth-axes, whilst wearing hauberk, steel helms and their Clan colours in tartan clothing. Lore The story of the Bradách peoples started with the Daelish and the Pryderi, when some of the members of each group decided to make their own group and govern themselves. This group grew over time, soon becoming it’s own stable fold of peoples. As this group advanced through history, it’s people integrated it’s ideas and beliefs, which transformed over time with each passing generation. Eventually, the Cadeyrn family became the largest amongst the fold and for the first time of it’s existence, the group elected a Cadeyrn named Bendigeidfran Cadeyrn as their leader, claiming legacy from the Pryderi. From this election and his seat as leader, he took to creating their own set of rules and traditions, such as dropping the common form of inheritance, being Primogeniture succession, and instead deciding each leader, who was then named Rí, through an election of all the peoples. Effectively being a democracy, although each election only happens upon the Rí’s death. He also established the pantheon of their Gods, calling it the Bradách Pantheon. With this pantheon, he elected a man named Myrddin to become the Derwydd Rí, leader of the also formed Derwydd, who were also inspired by the Pryderi Druii, who were responsible for sacrifices, Religious events and keeping sacred Groves off-bound to foreigners, although not because they might cause damage, but because it is believed the Gods live in these sacred sights and can injure or kill those that wander. It is because of Bendigeidfran the Bradách peoples can claim their unique culture and is remembered in stories and tales to this day, also considered the Protector God of Clan Cadeyrn. Years later, the Cadeyrn Clan kept it’s seat in power, consistently proving it’s favour for battle, skill in combat and cunning in leadership. To this day, Caratawc Cadeyrn is the leader of the Bradách and hold many of the traits that his Clan are known for. Language Siaradbrách (The Bradách language is based on real world Welsh, whilst using Irish more commonly in naming places or things) Hello: Shwmae, helo Bye: Hwyl Thanks: Diolch Yes: Ydw No: Na Common Traits: Blonde or Light Brown hair - Most commonly amongst the Bradách, they will have blonde or light brown hair, although some might have differing colours due to the mixed heritage of many Bradách. Tall - Many of the Bradách are taller than the average man, many reaching 6’1 or taller, very few ever becoming shorter than is normal for most humans Muscular - Having strong, athletic muscles is very common, some having larger, burly muscles and very few having a less muscular physique than a trained soldier would possess. This is both due to their genes and life with an emphasis on combat. Deep and Confident Voices - Many Bradách have deep voices, but due to society often scorning the weak or timid, as well as because they are capable at fighting, the Bradách will speak words without worry of the reaction and they are rarely brought to a whisper, even if to keep something quiet. Highlanders - Practically all Bradách are Highlanders, although any race is accepted into the Clan, who sometimes stay and continue to sire children. Elves, specifically Dark Elves, are appreciated amongst the Bradách due to their extended lifespans, yet human-like strength and skill at forging weaponry. Society: As is already mentioned, the Bradách are governed by a Rí that is elected by all the Bradách and any race or gender is accepted to become one. Once a Rí has been decided, he will command all the power in the Kingdom, like any other King, even over the Derwydd Rí, but many are not eager to do so, incase they upset the Gods. The Derwydd Rí is responsible for all the religious events and responsibilities in the realm, usually the one to conduct sacrifices and the first to throw the spear in battle. The Derwydd are chosen by the Rí, who help him or her do his religious activities, but can also host various religious events and will usually attend certain events as a symbol of the Gods’ presence. Finally, there is the Brádan, who is chosen by the Rí as his secondhand man, as well as who he desires to be the next Rí, should he be absent, for whatever reason it might be. If a Rí dies but the Brádan still lives, it is most common for the Brádan to be elected. There is no-body officially called nobles in society, although there are sometimes specific families held to high regard, as well as certain peoples respected highly due to their deeds and/or favour from the Gods. The last notable group in society is the Bardds, who write songs, poems and all sorts of entertainment about people or stories. Due to the fact that people’s favours of the Gods, ability in combat and general greatness is so important in society, particularly since it is responsible for making people Rí, the Bardds are a highly respected people in society and they would all find shelter and food from the vast majority within a Bradách society. Behaviour: In terms of behaviour, most Bradách act the same as others in society, particularly Highland folk, although their emphasis on their multiple Gods is very pious, but stranger yet, they are very tolerant of other deities, believing that other Gods exist, such as the Creator, but believe other Gods protect others and that the ones in the Bradách Pantheon are the only Gods that speak for them. Due to this, the Bradách show respect for other Gods as if they were their own, as giving little respect might result in being brought ill fortune, or even being smitten down by the foreign deity. This respect for foreign Gods is all the stronger when in the territory of any Gods’, such as in Canonist cities or the forests of Druids. In these places, it is not uncommon for the Bradách to sacrifice animals or peoples to the local God, even if that God doesn’t typically receive sacrifices. The Bradách are also very comfortable around the dead and death, considering it a natural thing and that inflicting it on others is not un-natural. Due to this, many Bradách will kill someone when the typical person would spare their life. Most commonly the Bradách will cut off a dead body’s head so that their soul can escape their body and if it was their enemy, keep the head as a trophy. Festivities: Gŵylygaeaf - A winter festival during The Deep Cold in which large amounts of sacrifices are made to the Gods, specifically Myrddin, as it is believed the Other World and our world are brought the closest, causing many to accidently wander into the Other World by mistake, typically when wandering too far into the wilderness. Also during this time, it is believed the dead are more likely to rise and attack who ever it sees, or join in with the festivities. Planhadau - A festival held during the month of First Seed in which the planting of the first crops is celebrated and to gain favour from the Goddess Belisama, a large man made from wood, thatch, rope and twigs is constructed, the limbs, body and head hollow and wide enough to contain humans and animals. This is called a Wickerman, or Gwenyn, and is set alight. It is hoped this sacrifice will bring fertility to the soil and keep the crops healthy. Rhyfelwyr - This is a festival held on The Grand Harvest to celebrate the crops harvested, but also to give luck and blessings to the Bradách warriors that head out for war and/or raids they will hold. When they return with slaves and their victims harvest, some of the crops is buried in a large pit and the sacrifices have their throats slit open over the fresh soil, thanking the Gods for giving the rewards of their raid. Clothing: The clothing of the Bradáchs is practically the same as many other nations, although their clothing is decorated in a tartan pattern, typically combining blue and green, but other clan colours are also used. Many wear linen tunics in the summer, or in warmer climates, whilst in the cold, wearing cotton tunics with a woolen cloak over the top, extending down to the waist. The cloak is split down the middle, so the wearer can fold on or both sides over their shoulders when needing to use their hands, or unpin their cloak from their shoulders to fight. Their also usually wear cotton trousers or their tunics instead or as well could extend down to the knees. On their feet, leather and waterproof boots or normal shoes are worn. The hole design of the Bradách clothes is meant to make travel easy and walking through muddy terrain or rivers easy to do as you can simply raise your tunic and keep your feet dry in the water proof boots. Architecture: The build style of the Bradách is based on the real world Britons, using Roundhouses as the main type of housing, and making Hillforts for defence. The capital city of the Bradáchs is a large Hillfort, the walls holding dirt behind making trebuchets very inefficient at breaking through the walls, whilst leaving large amounts of space on the inside for everything needed. Religion: The Bradáchs are a Pagan people, worshipping multiple Gods in the name of different things. If somebody wants the blessings or favour of a particular God, doing something impressive, such as showing no fear in and great skill in battle, or defeating an Orc in a wrestling match, then dedicating the victory to a God, or sacrificing an animal or human to a God will put you in their favour. There are also events and festivals held to honour the Gods. The list and name of the Gods are; Mormaer - Goddess of all the deities. Goddess of Sacrifice and Fortune Belatucadros - God of War, Hunting and the Weather Belisama - Goddess of the Sea, Agriculture and Peace Sirona - Goddess of Fertility, Health and Love Myrddin - God of Knowledge, Wisdom, Planning and Magic. Also the God of the Undead. (Each Clan has 1 God/dess that reflects their values); Cadeyrn’s God - Bendigeidfran - The Giant God of Kings, Resolve and Decisiveness. Military: The military of the Bradáchs is best described as warbands, in which the people will choose someone they trust and if that person has enough followers, they will head out in their warband and conduct raids. These warbands however all answer to the Rí, who himself may have a warband, and usually has the largest. The Rí can call the warbands into his own to create a Fyddin, or army. Since the Bradáchs do not have a standing army, nor professional one, each member is expected supply himself with arms and armour, but may be given what is necessary by somebody else. What is most typical amongst farmers to supply themselves with is gambeson, some owning iron helmets of varying kinds, although all must have at least a spear and roundshield. The seasoned warriors typical own a gambeson and hauberk (short or long sleeved), with a steel helmet. They arm themselves with a shield and spear, but some might choose an especially long spear, with the shield slung on their back, or perhaps using a sparth-axe, or Dane axe. The elite warriors, who are often the members of the Bradáchglass, wear long sleeved hauberks that reach the knees with steel helmets and leather or maille gloves. As weapons, their own a shield (Kite or round), and spear, but it is also very common for them to own a claymore and sparth axe, as well as sometimes even a sword of varying kinds. What is not necessary, but very common amongst all the warriors, except the Bradáchglass, is a bow. Some using longbows, such as the hunters or more dedicated soldiers. Cavalry isn’t too common, but when deployed, they are almost always skirmishing units, throwing javelins and harassing the enemy, or attacking straying opponents so that heavy infantry, such as the Bradáchglass can move in and mop them aside. Military Tactics - The Rí is expected to be a skilled military tactician as the Warriors are in return expected to risk their lives for sakes of glory, loot and path to the Other World. Army Composition - Typically, armies are comprised mostly of skilled warriors, due to the emphasis the Bradách place on combat, but some farmers and such do not have the time to train, although these make up for much less of the army. There are also the elite Bradáchglass, who make up for about a quarter of the army. Archers and slingers are usually taken up by the untrained farmers, but some skilled warriors might choose these weapons. The skilled typically choose the Longbow and get deep in the mix of battle, peeking through gaps and letting a powerful arrow loose into the enemy line, sometimes bursting open maille or dazing men struck in the helm. Cavalry makes up a very small number, also taken up by the skilled, but usually the richer ones, but the Bradáchglass sometimes put their retainers on horseback and arm them with a few javelins. Preparation for Battle - For the Bradách, there is as much emphasis put on the lead-up to battle as during it. Raiding parties will seat out to harass, kill and sabotage enemy scouts, firewood parties and whatnot. This is an area the Bradách are particularly skilled at, most especially in wooden terrain. They will also poison water supplies or gather in large numbers and feign the army’s advance by scaring birds into large sudden flights into the air, as well as blowing horns and beating drums as though to represent the horns blown before battle or drums beaten to keep order on the march. Also, the Bradách will take great expense scouting their terrain, as well as setting their Derwydd to read the skies for the coming weather. Using these, the Bradách will modify their plans to best suit them. Tactics During a Battle - When two armies have met, the skilled warriors will form a long, relatively thin line and charge, hurling their javelins when close enough and dependant on the enemy’s response, as well as other factors like terrain, who has the higher ground and such, they might continue the charge and slam into the enemy, the first row responsible for defending, the second for delivering blows with their spears. If a charge is not advantageous, they will suddenly stop and quickly form a shield wall, then sometimes making a slow advancing into spear range, or waiting for the enemy’s response, all the while remaining silent. During this stalemate, the slingers and bowmen will pear threw the gaps and periodically fire, as a means to goad their opponent into an attacking. During this time, the cavalry might begin flanking the enemy, hurling their javelins, but usually they have too many missile troops, or superior cavalry. If so, they will constantly try to provoke the cavalry into movement, outside of their missile troop’s range and then hurl their javelins when in range. This will repeat until they run out of javelins or the cavalry make an overly determined charge, in which the skirmishing cavalry will suddenly turn and attack their enemy back, the farmers with their spears running into the melee to finish the cavalry with their spears, which is almost invariably the case, due to the advantage spears offers against cavalry. Then, these men will either attack the enemy missile troops or flank the enemy infantry. The cavalry, if still alive, will do the same and use up any remaining javelins they might have. The Bradáchglass - Mercenary and Elite Band - The Bradáchglass are a unique and new addition to the group of warriors amongst the Bradách. These men are funded by the Rí, or sometimes themselves, so that they can afford their equipment, as well as the time they spend from their potential occupations to become elite and highly trained soldiers. These men are usually raiding and plundering, but the Rí may give them permission to seek or accept mercenary contracts from other Lords. Thanks to @Dewper and @OneGhoulyBoi for giving me permission to claim inheritance from both of their cultures. Here's a link to their cultures; Dewper's https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/163587-daelish-culture/ GhoulyBoi's https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/164652-culture-the-pryderi/
  23. ^ This is as close as I could get ^ [TOX STOLE MY FUCKIN IDEA. . . So I stole like half of his application] Name of Artifact: Lordak Khazadmar Keovid Verok - (Magic Dwarf Want Fly) MC Name of person(s) currently in possession of Artifact: z3m0s RP Name of person(s) currently in possession of Artifact: Kalviin 'Arakh Drakmar' Ireheart MC Name of creator(s) of Artifact (N/A if not applicable): z3m0s RP Name of creator(s) of Artifact (N/A if not applicable): Kalviin 'Arakh Drakmar' Ireheart Effect(s) of Artifact: ( The once was a dwarf who wished to fly, who told this secret to a very bad guy He thought him his friend, then when he went to bed, the man pondered on what he had said To uphold his title he thought of a start, the bad man went and put up a MART. - @Tox <# ) While glancing up at the ever glorious floating dwarven city of Arcadia, a particularly useful dwarven mage thought to himself on the process involved in such an item that would allow him to float himself. Over many decades of serious injury attempting to make mechanical jetpack like creations with the use of air runes. One day after shattering his arm in one of his latest prototypes he had given up, slinging his arm into a brace and sitting down for dinner he'd pull a mug of ale up the table to himself with telekinesis, giving him the idea. Once his arm had healed he proceeded to dedicate his time to the idea of using telekinesis, he'd create various awkward prototypes that were vastly more successful than the air rune creations before landing on a comfortably enchanted cloak. When finally made suitably it would float well enough to hold his weight, controllable within each given direction with little more than the weight of something like a staff in hand, it would act as basically a glorified method of travelling on foot via magic, the enchant straining and dropping him on his face should he choose to try movements as intensive as combat. Falling would obviously strain the enchant, able to slightly cushion a fall were it at a lesser height, or drain and leave the wearer to face the full brunt of the fall at greater heights. This is more a gauge of when you'd break the enchant and fall the hell out 1-5 Blocks: Little impact upon the enchant, mild drain for straining weight 5-10 Blocks: If you're a dwarf or smaller you'll probably be okay, increased enchant drain, straining weight would drain all charge and possibly end in light injury 10-15+ Blocks: Ohh he need some milk! (Most likely bones broken and more depending on landing/height) All weight would drain the enchant attempting to keep the wearer airborne ...Yes mine floats on water as well. Red Lines of Artifact: -No fly. . . just float -Can only go one and a half blocks off the ground, nothing higher. It will stay level over the land (Including slopes.) -If dropped from a height, will act like a chicken fluttering its way slowly to the ground to safety but will burn the stored mana of the enchantment drastically, Follow the drop scale listed in the effects. -Can only hold the weight of one -Very minimal lifting would be possible while in use -Can only go as fast as a dwarf could run at maximum -Not usable in combat -Enchant would drain and slow until in need of recharge should the weight exceed roughly seventy kilograms (One-hundred and fifty pounds ish) -Were the user to be twenty or so kilograms over the maximum they would slip from the cloak, making it unusable for them. (Roughly forty-four pounds) Explanation of effect(s) (i.e. how it does what it does - slight bending of magic lore is allowed): Intricate Telekinesis enchantments, the bending of the magic lore as this would break the redline of using something to float. Number of duplicates of this Artifact: I'm a Dwarf, we're not allowed to dupe anymore. Do you agree to keep the MT updated on the whereabouts and ownership of this Artifact by using the Magic List Errors?: Yes Have you applied for this Artifact before, and had it denied? If so, link the app: No
  24. IGN(s): AwakenMyLove Age: 19 Timezone: PST - Pacific Standard Time Discord: Final#1122 What map did you join during?: Anthos Do you have access to a microphone?: Of course. Average daily playing time?: A couple hours a day. Have you held any LotC staff position(s) before? If so, for how long?: Media Team: For however long it lasted for the first incarnation. I was also there when we had players developing their own media teams. Application Team Manager(1.5Y?): I was an AT Manager under the leadership of Tau, Fireheart, and Harrison, I think? Event Team Manager(8M): Freema and Arockstar were the leads. Global Moderator(2Y?): I don't remember who the leads were, I was too busy on getting **** done. Why do you want to join the GM Team?: I'm about to roast ya'll. When did it become okay for Lord of the Craft to become a toxic community? This isn't a case of a liberal seeking 'safe spaces'. This is common courtesy to improve the reputation of a server that has it's legacy being tarnished with it's recent generation(s) of players. Back when I was a Game Moderator (It was actually, 'Global Moderator' at the time) someone couldn't just blatantly troll roleplay, and openly say racial or homophobic slurs. They'd get promptly kicked or banned. Don't get me wrong; I get it. The internet is a culture, and often a hive-mind. Experiences that people receive from the internet are often brought onto Lord of the Craft. This shouldn't be the case. We used to have a standard to uphold, now we don't. Players should know to leave their baggage at the door when they come to this server. Or maybe I'm wrong and SpaceOfAids is starting to push his liberal agenda onto me. Remember #CancerIsntTheAnswer Really though. I'm a veteran when it comes to Game Moderation. I'd be a valuable asset to the current GM-Team. I witnessed, and participated in the transition from Vailor to Axios, so I know just how heavy things get when the server changes maps. My hands have been in the development of the ET, AT, and GM Handbooks. (whether or not those editions are still in use, I'm unsure) So when **** hits the fan from Axios to Atlas, you should count on me to be there to help get things moving again. Finally, I'll fill your diversity quota. I'm a Straight Black Male. Very few of us exist on this server thanks to the efforts of @fighting evil by moonlight aka Chihiros Have you applied for this position before and been denied? If so, link the application: I've never been denied. I'm just that good. Anything else you want to tell us?: Tythus LTD. is on my resume: Clearly, I have a good sense of humor.
  25. .~|The Hammer Bregolach|~. | The Sudden Flame | .~| The Anvil Oninthil |~. | Of Light Unceasing| A few final notes: These artifacts are intended to lend a more in-depth role-play facet to the process of Ascended Infusion, and as such there are some terms which may not be familiar to everyone who reads it. Our growing compendium of existing Ember and Lunar infusions may be found HERE, and the page regarding Braziers may be found HERE.