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Found 2 results

  1. THE RESULT OF THE VOTE AND APPOINTMENT OF THE TILRUIR’MALI Issued by the Maheral & SOHAER 12th of the Sun's Smile, Y. 169 SA. 1965 FA To the Blessed Citizens of Haelun’or, Our glorious citizen Eistalyn Othelu'maehr has been rightfully busy with plans for the future and betterment of the Silver State with a focus upon diplomacy and internal events within the capital. After elMaheral finished the count twice with the aid of his Sulii'ceru, the conclusion is without debate; elSohaer Theveus Sythaerin remains as Sohaer, yet this is not the end of the challenger. It is with great excitement we welcome Eistalyn Othelu'maehr the position of Tilruir'mali on the 12'th day of the Sun's Smile, Year 169 of The Second Age. May she make her plans become works of reality and may she continue to serve our Silver State well. maehr'sae hiylun'ehya As signed by, Theveus Sythaerin Sohaer of the Silver Realm of Haelun’or Seth Calith Maheral ito Haelun'or
  2. 7th of The Amber Cold, 149 S.A. Sythaerin Manor, Tahn'miar, the Silver State of Haelun’or In the times before Haelun’or’s founding, a pair of well-learned Elves lived in the forest city of Laurelin. Theveus, a tailor, and Alyss, a scholar with a particular interest in the arcane, often found themselves unable to unwind at the end of the day. A life without progress was a boring one, to them. Centuries passed, and the pair had finally found their peers. Under the guidance of Larihei Lohmanih, who acknowledged and embraced their ambitions, they joined the first generation of what would later become known as Mali’Aheral. In the years to come, they would bear a single child, who went off to learn about the world by himself once he was of age, as his father had done before him. As Aegis fell, their story ended. But the family they founded would become a prosperous one over a century later, upon their son’s return to Haelun'or. Once Silvos returned, he quickly found himself befriending a particularly curious Mali’thilln known as Kalenz Uradir, who would show him the way of the scholar. It was there that the true expression of his familial thirst for progress could finally be realized. He’d soon find himself enamored with a female scholar, Hileia’Vione Akeleh, whom he would come to marry and have four children with over the coming centuries, thereby ensuring his bloodline’s continued existence. Lin’evaral, with the Sythaerin tower overlooking it. (Circa. 1442) by Silvos Sythaerin After the fall of Asulon, Haelun’or refounded itself in Lin’Evaral. Here, the Sythaerin family became a known staple within the community. The first Haelun’orian laboratories were constructed, and within it, Silvos thrived as okarir’maehr. Three of his children would soon do as he did when he was younger, and leave to travel the world, giving in to their own curiosity. The remaining daughter married a High elf that could match the ambition and drive of her father, by the name of Kalameet Izalith, soon after which the both of them took their leave from Haelun’or as well. From elSiimah’Sythaerin, within the highest district of the city, Silvos and Hileia gazed up at the stars and watched the future unfold. It would be a long time before the occasional Sythaerin returned to Haelun’or, their old family father always still there, running the labs, until eventually retiring after Hileia’s passing to travel the continents they’d moved to by himself. Centuries later, in Arcas, the laurir came to the gates with three of his descendants, spread across the generations, to give the wheel of progress another good spin. Here, they’d work together to reintroduce Haelun’or to proper research in the laboratories, and Sorcaril would plant the seed for a future career in elSillumiran. They remained for a few decades, then vanished once more as abruptly as they’d appeared. Finally, the Mali’aheral found themselves living in Aevos. A colossal continent, with ample opportunity to explore and wander. The patriarch, finally convinced he should rest, handed the family’s leadership over to his great-grandson Sorcaril. Along with a handful of other descendants, he would come to usher in the new era of Sythaerin prosperity. The Sythaerin Family Portrait (circa 148S.A.) by, Silvos Sythaerin. Depicted from left to right are Maethor Sythaerin, Maerayla Sythaerin, Sorcaril Sythaerin, Silvos Sythaerin, Theveus Sythaerin, Ashwyn Sythaerin, and Tahorran Sythaerin. Since the early days of Haelun’or, Sythaerins have been curious types. The family head, being an overly curious scholar, founded the laboratories. By this example, most Sythaerins will be driven and direct, though potentially neurotic should one disagree with their ideals or stand in the way of their personal progress. Many of them find themselves unable to remain in one place for too long, expressed by traveling the continent to alleviate their wanderlust. Sythaerins, like most Mali’aheral, have tall, slender builds. Their hair is predominantly a light blonde or white, turning platinum with age. Their eye colors range from purple to cyan, with occasional exceptions. Historically Sythaerins have not been physically impressive as many of htem have pursued the voidal arts, yet restraining from such as most have done in recent years does allow for considerably lean or even bulky physiques. The Sythaerin crest and other Talonnii memorabilia often feature the serpent, a nickname given to Silvos in his younger years in reference to his creation of acid, as well as his animal companion. The Talonnii colors are dark cyan and evergreen tones, cleft by a slither of silver. As such, many Sythaerins often don these colors to represent their Talonnii. It’s a rare sight to see a self-respecting Sythaerin in anything but that. The Sythaerin Talonnii Wax Stamp, created by Silvos Sythaerin Silvos Sythaerin’s likeness, ca. 24 S.A. Silvos Sythaerin (@MrSyth) Malaurir, Founder of the Sythaerin Dynasty, One of the Earliest Mali’thills, Inventor of Acid, Creator of Many a Magical Artifact, C.E.O. of Sythaerincorp Sorcaril Sythaerin (@Cobbler) Esteemed ‘thill commander, led the Haelun’or forces in the Haelunorian Conquest of Nevahlen Theveus Sythaerin (@MailC3p) Mar’sil of elSillumir and C.F.O. of Sythaerincorp Ashwyn Sythaerin (@Asutto) Scholar and Architect Maethor Sythaerin (@DeusVult) Famed Sythaerin Duelist Maerayla Sythaerin (@marikandaperc) Sythaerin Skirmisher Alinar Sythaerin (@Omnicompetent) Sythaerin Skirmisher Prior to the Sythaerin arrival on Aevos, the Sythaerins remained a largely neutral Talonnii. They engaged in conflicts when called on by the Silver State but never initiated one. During Sorcaril’s revival of the Talonnii, the Sythaerins took critical roles in elSillumir, leading them to initiate the Haelunorian Conquest of Nevaehlen. Sorcaril oversaw the majority of the campaign by recruiting the Warband of Mog and initiating several decisive battles for Haelun’or. Other Sythaerins such as Theveus, Maethor, Kenian, and Ashwyn took to the roads and captured several notable members of the Cove including the Matriarch and various council members. They initiated further skirmishes with the Cove and were successful in slowly draining ’ame resources. Notable Sythaerin Engagements The First Balian Skirmish (138 S.A.) | Victory ⚔ During the Sorcaril Renaissance, Sorcaril extended a hand of charity out to the Kingdom of Balian and offered a skirmish between them and the elSillumir. Come the day of the skirmish, Sorcaril fell sick with a cold and Maethor picked up command. Under his command, the Sythaerin-Sillumir force flawlessly defeated their enemy. The Iron Horde Skirmish (140 S.A.) | Victory ⚔ Following their flawless victory over the Balianite Military, Sorcaril sought out a more challenging opponent. He challenged the Iron Horde and the Warband of Mog to a skirmish of even numbers. Under the command of Socaril the Sythaerin-Sillumir force flawlessly defeated their uruk opponents in a three to zero skirmish. The Second Balian Skirmish (142 S.A.) | Victory ⚔ After obliterating the Iron Horde, Sorcaril turned back to invite the Kingdom of Balian to another skirmish after hearing of a mass recruitment drive. Upon the day of the Skirmish, the joint Sythaerin-Sillumir force outnumbered the Balian force by double. Sorcaril, being honorable in nature agreed to allow an equal number skirmish to ensure. In a best out of three, the Sythaerin-Sillumir force demolished their opponents without taking any losses. The Battle of Silver Dawn’s (147 S.A.) | Victory ⚔ After the Asulir of Haelun’or, Kolvar Uradir issued a declaration of war upon the Cove of Nevahlen a joint Sythaerin-Sillumir force led by Silvos and Sorcaril dispatched themselves to the capital city of Nevahlen, where they sacked the city. No casualties were taken. The Battle of Grubnahk’s Charge (148 S.A.) | Victory ⚔ In one of the largest engagements of the war, a joint Sythaerin-Sillumir-Warband force rallied against the Cove in an attempt to occupy the Cove’s south-eastern territories. Sorcail, alongside the mercenary, Grubnahk the Elf commanded the battle which ultimately ended in a decisive victory.
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