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  1. Candidate’s Full Name: Anastasia “Azariah” Ilaena Patricia Clover Quinn Vasa Margaret Cassia Maeve Rose O’Rourke of Elendil Age of the Candidate: 21 Street Address of the Candidate: Basrid Boulevard 11
  2. IGN: Asutto RP Name: Recruit Azariah Events: Hunt
  3. Discord: Asutto#5026Rogue Court- 1000Helena Magenta – 500 Forest Gladiator – 500
  4. Discord: Asutto#5026Rogue Court- 800Helena Magenta – 500
  5. Discord: Asutto#5026 Rogue Court- 600 Helena Magenta – 500
  6. Tournament Registry Clan,Settlement,Nation – Darrowmere Name – Valyria Notes - [OOC] Discord- Asutto#5026 [OOC] IGN – Asutto
  7. Asutto


    Valyria grew up in the highland realm with her mother and father until her fourth year. Her mother; A great warrior left them alone. Valyria’s father was heart broken as the love of his life left him so he turned to his new best friend; drinking. Her father spent night after night sitting alone in the Darrowmere tavern, slowly drinking his life away as he forgot about little Valyria. Valyria’s neighbor, a kind old woman took her in and kept her company while her father was gone. Her neighbor was the one who taught her many valuable life skills including cooking, reading and writing. When Valyria turned twelve her father finally died while brawling a knight while drunk. She was then adopted by her neighbor and lived with her for two more years until she too died. Now Valyria was left alone with no home, no money and no family. She set back to seek out her childhood home as a refuge. When she arrived she found it in ruins, charred logs of what used to hold up the roof laid across the ground. Valyria being the curious person she is set into these ruins to try to find out what happened here. Covered in ash and soot she found an old book; her mothers old journal. It was tattered and ripped but it still contained some pages intact. On the pages were cryptic drawings and notes. Now armed with the book Valyria set out to discover why her mother left them. Four years later and she had no luck searching around the highland realm. In those years she picked up a small dagger that she named Knowledge. With her dagger and book Valyria stepped outside of the highland realm and into the rest of Arcas determined to understand what her mother left behind.
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