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  1. "That's crazy" says Ashwyn Sythaerin, proud hater of wood elfs.
  2. "It is time to remove the rot off of Malin's tapestry." "For Purity and Health" Spoke an armed 'Aheral.
  3. It's really not. Every other Minecraft Server from Potterworld to Hypixel to SchoolRP has figured out how to have their Staff behave in a mature manner. And I'm not suggesting that they wear suit & ties to staff meetings or write an essay report to justify why they banned a sicko. I just believe a Staff members go to response shouldn't be "Cope and Seethe" or call members of the community slurs. This sort of common decency is what's expected out of McDonalds employees. Its not that hard.
  4. As funny as some Moderators quippy one-liners are, there needs to be some level of public professionalism displayed by ALL staff-members. I believe that would unironically go a far way in improving both the quality of the server and the quality of roleplay. Additionally, all staff teams need to stop with the vague rule/lore posting. Don't leave things up for interpretation. Write everything out. The average LoTCer's two braincells can't comprehend anything that isn't spoon-fed to them.
  5. Somewhere Erik Erikson, the Ex-Northlandgrad Delivery Boy reads over the missive and slaps his belly. "Heh. Don't worry. It be quick."
  6. If you could be NL of any Nation at any time, which nation would you choose and what would you do differently than what the current NL at the time did. Also, obligatory 'What is your favorite JNC memory?'
  7. this copy-paste game of thrones lore is getting pretty cringe. at least change the names, man

    1. Show previous comments  7 more
    2. argonian


      LOTR rip off > GOT rip off

    3. Laeonathan


      Gondor rip off supreme!


      love Nรบmendil

    4. warlord of filth

      warlord of filth

      i mean nothing is really original ย and ultimately why does it matter weโ€™re playing pretend lol

  8. Placing glowing items in the vault and then logging off makes their glow effects disappear. Could this be patched please?
  9. From the Greycloak barracks Alysanne O'Rourke mourned the lives of the Aaunies, Balianies, and Haensers that were slain on the King's road. "Where are the armies of 'Canonist League'?" She inquired in a soft muse to herself. "Hiding behind their walls - just like their Orenian ancestors."
  10. "Another Haenser Pontiff? And the Chancellor of Haense no less?" Mused an Adrian Patriot before laying down for bed. "I give him three saints days after his enthronement until he tries to involve himself in global politics and excommunicate the new Duke."
  11. Somewhere an Adrian Patriot prays to Azdromoth before bed.
  12. "An actual menace to society. May GOD strike her down for noone else can."
  13. "The only Duke of Adria to have ever won. It was truly an honor to serve under him." Remarked a Greycloak Sergeant as she prepared for what comes next.
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