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  1. what level is your town hall
  2. favorite build from the last few maps? also favorite jnc moment
  3. just play a kha if you wanna larp as a furry
  4. dwarf i have a stroke everytime I try reading a dwarven emote cuz I can't tell if having absolutely appalling grammar is part of dwarven lore or if none of you can spell
  5. I agree mostly with what Crevel said, though I do believe he could have accomplished such more eloquently. This "guide" seems like it'll set New Players up for failure. Much of the advice on this post will lead players to creating a persona with main character syndrome; tragic backstory, cute lil' quirks, trauma dumping, etc. I believe your heart is in the right place and I do think it's a good idea for an official character creation guide to be published but currently this will only lead to a James2k reddit post about how players need to stop larping as a main character.
  6. Asutto


  7. you forgot to add the iceberg. i need my penguin rp
  8. it's a sad testament when Muffins Toddler Team has ratioed the current community in general competency (besides the fine folks who wrote this post; hope you used a VPN)
  9. Curious to see what you think the race of my old persona, Azariah O'Rourke is.
  10. Anastasia's stomach always weighed heavy when another figure stepped through the gates. Part of her was glad to finally reunite with her son after so long but as she reached out to wrap her arms around the aged Adunian, a silver tear dripped down her cheek. Her hand moved upwards towards his auburn hair, gently running her digits through his locks. "It's regrettable to see you here so soon. We were destined to live forever you know. . ." Jested the former Matriarch with a weak chuckle to mask the sorrow layered in her voice. "You were the best of us all." She lingered on her words for a moment before pulling out of the hug. "I'm proud to be your mother" With that, she reached down to take her little boys hand as if he was seven again. Her gaze turned, peering over towards an ivory pecan tree nestled within the pearly wastes of the skies. "Shall we?" -+-
  11. "Something here screams Vested Interest. But I digress, I've met three year old's that show more competency than Balian's courts."
  12. cant believe acre played themselves lmfao

  13. 8iWUCdM.gif

    Jarvis, Asutto is following us. Inspect their profile. Ponder on their profile picture. Follow them back. Pat them on the back. Join them in their struggle against the CCP. Give them carrots.

  14. Asutto

    mid universities tbh, besides UCDavis and asu

    1. K_rusader


      I'm about to apply to college what's a good uni to apply to

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