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  1. The Right Honorable, Countess of Halstaig quickly pens her signature as a courier informs her of the news. "A true leader always leads by example." She'd recite the phrase quietly to herself, one her father made a point of drilling into her head as a child. "If the Pontiff wishes to parade around, causing unrest & violence throughout the realm, he should be held accountable for actions."
  2. The Countess of Halstaig's gaze set up the blazing paper as it dispersed into ashes. "I wish I knew" Anastasia commented in return to her brother @Jameson_h Her lips drew into a thin line "If it ever turns out to be someone. . . I'd like to have a word with them" She'd mutter. "It's shameful. How even in death father becomes a center point of political affairs."
  3. [!] Two more birds are sent out to Louis LeMon & @Tidgemo Caelan de Jrent @Lickspittle
  4. [!] Two birds arrive at last for Owyn de Joannes & @Emery Peter de Joannes @Blake0205
  5. [!] Birds are sent out to the following Anna Henrietta Pruvia-Provins @libertyybelle Elisabeth Raven @ImStuckInHell Patrick O'Rourke @Jameson_h Keaghen Armas @SortedJarhead Vespria d'Emyth @ncarr95 Edith Garnet @CasualNuker Methas Raven-Kvitravn & @Crows Natalia Kovachev @GrandpaBlue Regarding their applications. The legality of allowing minors to work for the Clerk's Office in accordance to ORC 305.013 is still being discussed.
  6. What was your favorite conflict experience?
  7. Skin: Imperial Sash Bid: 60 Mina Discord: Asutto#5026
  8. 1. Full Name of the Alderman Candidate: Azariah O'Rourke-Elendil 2. Age of the Alderman Candidate: Twenty-Six 3. Street Address of the Alderman Candidate: Rochefort Five
  9. Azariah O'Rourke scanned over the missive, a smile cresting upon her face as she began to read the candidates. "My cousin finally decided to run for the House - I do wish him luck & he has my vote." With that the O'Rourke gazed out her window & down the street towards Varoche Hall, waiting for the moment when the Josephites would sweep the election once again.
  10. IGN: Asutto Name: Azariah O'Rourke ISA Rank: Senior Corporal Event(s): All
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