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  1. "Poor thing, did Leopold not offer you a place on his Council of State?"
  2. Victoria Emma blinked repeatedly after reading the missive "I don't know how they expect this to end. Even if they depose of all the Peers of Oren and the Monarchs, do they think the citizens will bend the knee to Haenser rule?" The youth shook her head. "Only further fracturing whatever grip the Church of Canon had left on the Empire. I half expect the Red Faith to be the new majority religion by the end of this saints year."
  3. "Not the Pontiff we deserved but the Pontiff we need." Remarked one Victoria Emma.
  4. "Does that mean the Frostbeard will become my Step-Grandpa?" Wondered a curious Victoria Emma out loud in the streets of Providence.
  5. Ser Trent Tricepts sits within the Karosgrad Church late at night, playing a song on his tuba.
  6. "Poor Yaromir... He's not only the clown but the entire circus." Remarked Victoria Emma.
  7. "I wonder how long it'll take before the Frostbeard gives into their demands." Stated Victoria Emma mid-yawn from atop the walls of New Providence. "They should have asked to become Grand King..." The youth concluded before dozing off.
  8. "Thank GOD!" Exclaimed a Princess of Furnestock upon hearing the news of her former tutors death.
  9. Alone upon the northern forests cloaked in snow sat a woman far from home. By her side laid a battle marked helmet and on her chest was placed the Pertinaxi Cross. Word had just reached her of the Southbridge Massacre and with it, the death of her former mentor. Her face paled at the thought. In silence the woman stood, knocking the snow off of her armor as she mustered the strength to return south to inform her brother of the news. To her torment, she only found further grief.
  10. The Princess Victoria's mind once more returned to the scenery of the Second Battle of the Iron Isles. "The Daelish were employed by Haense." She'd remark, her features souring as she sat the missive upon the desk in her room. "To expel these mercenaries from our land would be a mistake. I hope my father will take all sides of the story into consideration."
  11. "Oh" Simply remarked a young Princess Victoria
  12. From the seven skies, a former Countess of Halstaig smiled down upon her kin.
  13. glad i spent my sunday w/ the family

  14. Eventually the missive made its way into Asterhall and into the hands of one Victoria Emma "How could the fidei defensor do this..." She'd murmur in a low voice from her room "Leaving their allies to be crushed by the Imperial Army."
  15. "Today we fought not Dwarves nor Haenseni but Ferrymen, the same foe Oren has been fighting for a Saint's Year." Remarked a young Victoria Emma from the safety of her room in Aster Hall "I'm starting to wonder why these proud nations send mercenaries to fight and pillage our lands instead of themselves." Her gaze trickled towards her bookshelf, particular to one red book with a golden spine reading 'The Rubern War'. She began to grow empathetic towards the Ferrymen cause, not envying their lifestyle.
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