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  1. From the depths of the diraar barracks, a door creaked open. In poured a courtier of the Royarch, delivering the proclamation to the Parir of the Second Company. She quickly gathered the missive in her hands, proud of each word that the Royarch scribbled onto it. It had been a long year since the declaration had been drawn up but that year had finally come to a close. As the Parir turned to face the camera, she could only help but to utter one thing. "Ladies and Gentlemen. We got them."
  2. not the trans community deciding the best way to promote themselves is dunking on other community.... talk about /tolerance/.... jeez guys

    1. Traveller


      conveniently ignoring the death threats slung (and thankfully removed) before any of that

    2. Asutto


      @Travellerim not gonna make excuses for what some wackos did but if we're talking about conveniently ignoring uncouth behavior, perhaps u need to check urself my guy

  3. "LETS ******* GOOOOOO!!!!" Screamed a loyal supporter of MrChenn
  4. The Parir of the Kym'eria Company sharpens her sword in preparation for an excursion into the lands of the enemy.
  5. "When I close my eyes, I can't see." Parir Aquilan Glanaeri, 171 S.A. 10th of Snow’s Maiden, 173 S.A. From the Office of Ashwýn Sythaèrin With the recent attacks on the Celia’norian populace by the children of Iblees, the Celia’diraar Officer Corps feels compelled to issue additional orders to the diraar to prevent further Incursions from Demonspawn. Recent reports from the Celia’norian Intelligence Agency (C.I.A.) confirm the existence of three Vampires that frequent the Starlands. They are as follows; - Lilith Born as a valah but since then has mutated her ears to represent that of Mali. She is of pale skin and amber eyes. Intelligence warns that her eyes were originally brown and she has undergone significant alchemical mutation to modify her body. She has short black hair. Additionally, Intelligence reports that burn marks cover much of her body. Renae Origin unknown. She is believed to be either Valah or Mali, possibly even an impure half-breed. She was last seen with dyed dark and light green hair while wearing a dark-colored dress. Intelligence reports that she is short, roughly the height of a dwarf. It is believed that she was recently turned by Lilith. Curing her may be possible. Elanil Notably a tall woman of mali’ker descent. She is noted to have white hair and red eyes. She was last seen wearing a snow-white dress and heading off towards Ravenwood. - Diraar are advised to approach all of these subjects with caution. While their exact abilities are not known, they are all considered to be mildly dangerous. Use of Aurum and Salt Tests is encouraged to confirm the vampiric origin of these cravens. If any are found to react poorly to these tests, diraar are authorized to issue a summary execution. If subjects resist taking a test, diraar are authorized to use force to subdue the suspect. Anyone found in cooperation with any of these subjects will be subject to Aurum and Salt tests at the discretion of the Celia’diraar. Anyone found sheltering or protecting these subjects will be subject to punishment by the state, including but not limited to fines, imprisonment, or in extreme cases, execution. If members of the Celia’diraar find themselves lacking in the proper materials to issue an aurum and salt test, they may report to their nearest Parir or Company Commander to retrieve a standard-issued aurum knife and a sack of salt. Instructions for how to safely administer an Aurum and Salt test can be found below. To safely administer an Aurum and Salt Test, diraar will require both an aurum blade and salt. Aurum knives will be provided by Celia’diraar command but diraar will be allowed to use their own weapons if they carry the same effects. Before beginning a test, diraar’s are required to be accompanied by another diraar. If a test negatively impacts a suspect or a suspect shows signs of resisting a test, force will become necessary. When approaching a suspect, diraar’s are encouraged first to disarm their subject before testing. Once a suspect is disarmed, testing may begin. Typically, testers make slits on the arms or palms of a subject with an aurum weapon. The wound needs to be deep enough to draw blood. When done, salt is poured into the wound. Naturally, this is painful to anyone being tested, dark spawn or not, so be sympathetic to your subject. If their blood starts bubbling or boiling or you see any other signs of the unnatural, it is confirmed that the subject is of a dark origin. Diraar’s are recommended to quickly subdue their target and execute them in a secluded area. ✵ AY’PUERAN; The Honorable, Ashwýn Sythaèrin, Parir of the Celia’diraar, Commander of Kym’eria Company, Member of the Sythaerin Talonnii The Honorable, Mathi, Parir of Celia’diraar, Commander of the White Lotus Company
  6. A Haelunorian Councilor hit the bottles tonight. She didn't understand the way of the Magi, for they were all the same. They'd tell you stop or they'll kill you, but they'd never actually pull up.
  7. It's a shame that LoTC Administration were forced to implement a rule regarding this but I'm glad we finally have an answer. The rule change has also brought forth a series of good questions from the community and I hope we can have those answered soon rather than waiting until the next crisis to answer them.
  8. shout-out to the druid community for somehow not being on this report

    1. VoxyNoir
    2. Amayonnaise


      bc elves + druids are still highly stereotyped due to the actions + culture of a playerbase from 8-9 years ago. The current leadership for druids + elves is actually very anti-creep, and regularly makes an effort to protect their communities from weirdos

  9. just saw on Linkedin Haense needs a new Chancellor
  10. I was wondering what happened to you... Godspeed soldier, enjoy your retirement
  11. 18th of the Grand Harvest, 170 S.A. From the Office of Ashwýn Sythaèrin ✵ “ilMaehr'sae Ilkun'ehya” Under the Teluan Doctrine of 170 S.A., established by Parir Aquilan Glanaeri, it has been decided that a series of military divisions shall be established under the Celia’diraar. Each division, henceforth referred to by its proper name, Teluan, shall be governed by an incumbent Parir. The goal of these teluan’s is to further integrate Fiyem into the greater Celia’norian society and provide additional training to ensure military excellence across the Principality. Parir Ashwýn Sythaèrin has been selected to lead Teluan Niet (Company Two). In collaboration with her newly assigned company men, the Kym’eria Company has been formed. The Kym’era company is composed of mali from all different walks of life but they all share one thing in common; ambition, and their company reflects such. Combined with Diraar Fali’dra Glanaeri, the Kym’eria has been selected as the teluan sigil. Its mythical power and three heads reflect the drive held by each member of the Second Company. To compliment the legendary animal, Diraar Glanaeri has selected the company colors to be red and orange. TRIAL OF RIGHTS The Trial of Rights is the foundation that builds the traditions of the Kym’eria Company. Any diraar can be assigned to the Kym’eria Company but diraar’s must complete the Trial of Rights to become an oathed member of the teluan. The Trial of Igne consists of three principal challenges. The first challenge is the Challenge of the Smith. Competing diraars must forge their own personal weapon. It must differ from the Celia’diraar standard issues Long or Shortsword. Diraars are encouraged to decorate their weapon in the colors and markings of their Talonnii. Additionally, diraar’s are required to place the sigil of the Kym’eria Company on the pommel, hilt, or shaft of their weapon. Once finished, diraar’s are to present their weapon to the company commander for inspection. The second challenge is the Challenge of the Land. Company members must shed their diraar armor and venture out beyond the borders of the Principality to visit at least three other nations. There, company members are encouraged to learn the traditions of the nation. While in that nation, company members are required to seek out the favor of a citizen of that respective nation. Commonly favor is accrued by completing a quest or helping a citizen in a task. Three tokens of favor must be collected and presented to the company commander before diraar’s are allowed to progress. The third and last challenge in the Challenge of Might. After completing the two former challenges, company members must present themselves to the company commander and challenge them to a duel. Company members must successfully defeat the company commander to succeed in this challenge. Once all three challenges are completed, company members may take the teluan oath. Members are required to kneel before the Company Captain and recite the following Oath. “Let the children of the stars rejoice, for upon this day, I, [Name], of the Kym’eria Company, Teluan Niut of the Celia’diraar, Pledge my mind, body, and soul, to the stalwart defense Of the Principality of Celia’nor. Let me not falter in my duties for my path is clear, I am a child of the stars, I am the blade that guards eternity, I am the fire that fuels the strength of Celia’nor, Proud to Serve; Forever Standing” WAR PAINT The Celia’diraar already has several stored traditions but the Kym’eria Company seeks to build onto that. One of the most notable Celia’diraar traditions is their war paint. During wartime, diraar displays the colors of their Talonnii on their helmet. In addition to doing this, diraars that are a part of the Kym’eria Company are invited to decorate the sides of their helmet with horns, reflecting that of the Kym’eria itself. Members who have not yet completed their Trial of Rights may decorate their helmet with elk, deer, cow, and sheep horns while members who have completed their Trial of Rights are allowed to decorate their helmet with horns from more exotic creatures. BRANDING After reciting the Kym’eria Oath, oathed members undergo a Branding ceremony. On the right forearm of a diraar, just below their wrists, the silhouette of a Kym’eria is branded with a ‘two’ imprinted into its hide. This represents a member's allegiance to the Kym’eria Company and the Celia’diraar. For every battle (warclaim), a member partakes in, a single line is added under the initial branding. Each line represents the trials and tribulations, diraars have gone under to be standing where they are. “Proud to Serve; Forever Standing” ✵ AY’PUERAN; The Honorable Mordu’lar, Sylvir Cerusil, Evarir of the Cerusil Talonnii, Councilor in the Principality of Celia’nor, The Honorable Parir, Ashwýn Sythaèrin, Parir of the Celia’diraar, Commander of Kym’eria Company, Member of the Sythaerin Talonnii
  12. Shoutout to all the forum warriors out there who sacrificed their sanity and sleep schedule to debate about why we should/shouldn't allow fake homophobia while knowing damn well nothing on this thread is gonna change anything
  13. Somewhere a Sythaerin rubbed her forehead. Needless bickering between the dominant mali race was the last thing she wanted to fret over.
  14. A seasoned 'thill read over the missive with a hum. She had been privy to watching the debates but even before that - she had made up her mind. For their was only one answer. One that satisfied both the morality of the 'thill and the legality of the Silver Law. (MC Name: Asutto) Name: Ashwyn Sythaerin Vote 1: Theveus Sythaerin Vote 2: Theveus Sythaerin Was there ever any doubt it would have gone another way?
  15. "three guesses as to what nation this bloke is from. nothin' more than propaganda." grumbled a washed up sellsword as he raised the missive up to wipe
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