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  1. From inside the Velec Bastille, an O'Rourke placed down her book entitled Turning the Nordling March in favor for the newest edition of the Aaunic Times.
  2. "Was there ever any doubt?" Spoke an Adrian Patriot as she prepared to demolish Pro-Alstion monuments.
  3. We're literally going to enter the LoTC Dark Ages if the Administration doesn't resolve this. Don't let this be the LoTC the next wave of tik-tokers see.

    1. Enlightenment


      you bring up a great point, I'm glad the administration has resolved everything for the next wave.

  4. "We simply win." So spoke the O'Rourke softly as the last Aaunish body clashed against the fields. "Adria will not burn. Not now, not ever."
  5. "That's my Duke! Better to die standing than kneeling!"
  6. "If we burn, you burn with us." Yawned an Adrian Adunian from atop the Velec gatehouse.
  7. @Braehn Elendil An'Hiraeth @Nectorist @KosherZombie @AndrewTech I love my JNC homies! :D
  8. "This was just one of our minor victories" An Adrian-Loving Adunian reassured those around her. "It's nothing of note, really."
  9. "Their recognition of our 'Free State' implies we've already won. I was unaware the Balianites had a clairvoyant within their midst." Spoke an Adrian Adunian.
  10. MC Name: Asutto Discord: Asutto#5026 Image: Description of Image: Picture of an Adunian Man from the 18th Century. Dimensions: One Wide, Two High
  11. "How could the Fidei Defensor let this happen?!" Screamed a loyal Empire-Loving Aaunite into the void.
  12. Somewhere an 'Aheral held within her hands a letter detailing private communication between the human High Pontiff and the notorious Antonious Vilac. "Huh. . ." Is all she had to say about that.
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