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    Greetings applicant! Welcome to The Lord of the Craft!

    Before you can begin playing on our server, you need to Apply.

    The following guide is designed to walk you through that process.


    Helpful Links

    • Create an account on our forums, found here.
    • Read our server rules, found here.
    • Get free, ready-to-use skins here.
    • Join our Discord, where you can ask questions and request free skins, here


    Application Rules

    • You must be at least thirteen (13) years old to join LotC. There are no exceptions to this rule.
    • You must have completely read the server rules to be accepted.
    • Your application must entirely be your own original work. Plagiarism isn’t tolerated. If you plagiarize any section of your application, you will be denied. 
    • You cannot create a noble or royal character, or create a character that is friends with a noble or royal, without the permission of the player whose character’s child, or friend, you will be playing.
    • You cannot create a character that:
      • Possesses or knows the details of magic.
      • Is physically flawless or is omniscient, as these are both classified as powergaming.
    • Your Character Age must be at least 18.
      • Humans, elves, and dwarves all reach physical and mental maturity at 18.
      • Culturally, humans reach maturity at the standard 18 years, while dwarves and elves reach this at 50 with the exception of snow elves at 30.
      • Halflings reach physical and mental maturity at 33.
      • Orcs reach physical mature anywhere between 12-18, and they mentally mature at 18. 
    • You can create an evil character; however, you should keep in mind that villainous characters must adhere to our villainy rules, and poor-quality villainy roleplay could lead to Moderation intervention.


    Application Guidelines

    • Remember to read all notes under each text box. Some of these include requirements for your application, helpful tips, and so on. 
    • Your Character Skin should match the gender, race, and physical description (as best as possible) of your character.
    • Generally, try to keep your application free of grammar mistakes and spelling errors. We aren’t looking for perfection, but a well-written application makes the reviewing process much smoother


    Final Note

    • Check often to see if a Community Team member has reviewed your application. You will receive either an Accepted, Pending, or Denied response with a comment explaining what to do next.

    • While waiting to be reviewed, feel free to log onto LotC as a [Soul]. Souls are the unwhitelisted rank that applicants have, allowing them to fly and explore, as well as chat with members of our community in the [WS] chat channel. Our players and staff are always happy to help with questions, so don't be afraid to ask! Our Community Team members have a [C] prefix in-game if you ever are looking to PM someone with a question.
    • Be sure to save your application in a separate program like Google Docs or Microsoft Word while you're working on it, just in case!


  • Your Age: 13 Rules: Yes Timezone: GMT - 6 (Central Time US & Canada, Mexico City)
    Referral: Through a Friend
    Discord: 𝕀𝕃𝕠𝕧ℂ𝕙𝕠𝕔𝕠♕#5775
    Define metagaming in your own words: Meta gaming is basically cheating because our characters don't have any talking platforms, only we do. Our characters can only give and receive information face to face or by messengers.
    Define powergaming in your own words: Power gaming is doing irrational things. Ex : Ignoring magic's side effects, Making your character godly, Having one race ( That we all know is weak ) beating another race ( Which is powerful ), and making your character do things they cannot based on their physical and mental abilities.
    Status: Accepted


               Jesmyn was born in Sutica, Almaris with a loving family of 5. They were almost the perfect family until her father started to get addicted to gambling and smoking. When he came home, he would yell at them and say bad things and sometimes even hurt Jesmyn's mom. He was murdered by someone he took a loan from but never paid back. Jesmyn's mother was devastated, but she stayed strong for them. She taught Jesmyn's oldest brother business, middle brother hunting, and Jesmyn, gardening. Until we left the house this is what we all mainly focused on. Throught her childhood, Jesmyn would spend her days in the backyard. There, she would play with the animals, paint the surroundings, and plant flowers. She did this up till she left the house. When she was 15 she decided to go to Elysium when she left. Her oldest brother ( Agnus ) was the first to leave the house. Agnus was highly intelligent in business now and decided to pursue his career in Haense. She and her other brother ( Braxton ) developed a special relationship with each other after he saved Jesmyn's life. She would trust Braxton with anything. He left the house next, now very skilled with hunting. Braxton decided to settle in the Haense forests. Before he left, Jesmyn and Braxton talked.
      She sobbed "Braxy, do u have to go??". Braxton sadly smiled "Yes Jesmy, I do. I will be close to Agnus so, why don't you come to Haense too?". She sadly explained, "Well, I already found a place but it's not close to Hanse". Braxton replied "Oh....That's alright we'll still visit each other right?". She smiled a little bit "Yea, we would".
When it was Jesmyn's turn to leave, She kissed her mother goodbye, took her things, and got on a boat to Aegrothond, and then got onto a carriage straight to Elysium, Norland. Now She's just about to go and enter Elysium. Wish her luck!

How would you define roleplay, and have you ever roleplayed before?: I've roleplayed in a discord server before. I would define roleplay as doing things with a character different from yourself in a different world for fun.
Are there any rule(s) that confuse you or don’t make sense?: None
Character Name: Jesmyn Gryffon
Character Race: Heartlander
Character Gender: Female
Character Age: 26
Physical Description: Jesmyn is 5"6 and has brown long, wavy, hair. She has green eyes, is not strong, and 140 pounds.
Personality Traits/Quirks: She loves plants, animals, painting, and gardening. She is a generally kind person but has a dark side when she gets angry. She has trust issues from fake friends and, cheating boyfriends.
What is your character’s biggest fear? What caused them to develop this fear?: Jesmyn's biggest fear is losing her loved ones such as her siblings, partner, and her pets. She has this fear because she grew up watching people she loved die and is now traumatized by it and has anxiety too.
What does your character like most about themselves? Why?: She likes that she loves plants and animals because it reminds her of her late grandfather. She also likes her bravery because it lets her experience life at it's best.
What does your character dislike most about themselves? Why?: She dislikes her trust issues and non-business like mind because she loses friends and jobs easily. She also doesn't like her insecurity about herself from judgmental people throughout her life.
Roleplay Scenario:

"Oh hello there! I'm here to settle down and start a new life." Jesmyn sighs as she remembers where she came from. "This seems like the perfect place for me and I hope to not have any problems here" Jesmyn smiled as she thought of all the things she could do. "Well thank you for welcoming me into the city! I will now take my leave since my mother is expecting a letter from me!" Jesmyn proceeded to the market. 




Screenshot of Skin:

User Feedback

Recommended Comments


  • Your character biography makes use of a common character trope (Family killed by raiders when character is young.) Please choose something else.

  • Your Character Biography is missing some lore references! Please remember to include at least two! These can be major events, wars, religion, etc. Here are some links that may help you find some!

  • Your Physical Description is a bit lacking; I suggest adding some more detail! If you’re lost on what to add: Clothing, height, eye color, hair color, hair length, etc. are all good. 

  • Your Character Fear is a bit lacking! Please try to make sure your character's fear connects with their biography! (This must be edited as it falls in line with the common trope and has to be fixed.)

  • Your Character Like is a bit lacking! Please try to make sure your character's like connects with their biography and that more detail is added, (Why do they like this trait? Where did it stem from?)

  • Your Character Dislike must have more detail. Why do they dislike this trait? Where did this come from? Etc. 

  • Your Roleplay Scenario Response is too short and is a run-on sentence.It must be at least 4 sentences long and include at least one piece of dialogue in quotes, and one action! Please ensure all syntax and grammatical errors are smoothed out! 

  • Your Personality Traits/Quirks must include at least one significant negative trait. This can be anything that is a fault in their personality. Please be sure to also include this within your biography. 

  • Your Skin does not match your physical description. Please fix this accordingly!

  • Your Powergaming Definition is incorrect. Please review our Wiki’s definition and correct yours accordingly! I recommend including an example so I know you fully understand. Let me know if you need any help!

If you do not make these changes within 24 hours, your application will be denied. When you are finished, please message me on discord @Mingo#2467 to let me know, or if you don’t have a Discord, send me a forum message, and please do ask if you have any questions. 


If you still need help, make sure to check the wiki, and I highly recommend joining our discord and reading through the New Player Hub as well for all important links and info!


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  • Community Administrator


Hi there, as you can see, you have been accepted onto the server! Well done on your application, you’re doing great! So now, I welcome you to the wonderful community of LotC!

To get started, I suggest doing; /creq Please can a CT monk come assist me starting out?


Here are some links you may find useful while starting out! :




Need help? Feel free to contact me via the forums or my discord [ Treshure#1736]. I’m often online too, so you can message me with /message Treshure to find me in game. If I’m not around you can also use the LotC Discord which is right here! : https://discord.gg/fwEQA2F

You can also use /creq ingame and me or my fellow CT members can help you that way!

Lastly, For guides, tutorials, and how to request help from a CT member, please head to the New Player Hub found here: https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/193743-new-player-hub/ 

Have a great time roleplaying, and I look forward to seeing you around in future!

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