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  1. ILovChoco


    Jesmyn was born in Sutica, Almaris with a loving family of 5. They were almost the perfect family until her father started to get addicted to gambling and smoking. When he came home, he would yell at them and say bad things and sometimes even hurt Jesmyn's mom. He was murdered by someone he took a loan from but never paid back. Jesmyn's mother was devastated, but she stayed strong for them. She taught Jesmyn's oldest brother business, middle brother hunting, and Jesmyn, gardening. Until we left the house this is what we all mainly focused on. Throught her childhood, Jesmyn would spend her days
  2. ILovChoco


    Jesmyn was born in a dainty village ( now destroyed from village raiders ) a little far off Norland. She had loving parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles. She has 2 siblings and 6 cousins. When she was 3, village raiders destroyed her village and killed her family. Jesmyn, her siblings, and cousins all hid but she never saw her cousins again. After, her older brother picked her up and they all ran away to the nearest place (Norland). When they got there, Jesmyn's older brother built a hut while her middle brother looked for work. She mostly spent her days as a child being taken care of by an
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