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  1. ♪♫♬♫♪ A public letter is posted to Theris Elibar'acal. "Theris, I have long been reluctant to play in these political games. It is a field of snakes, where good intention is smothered with propaganda and deceit. I have always withdrawn -- but your stupid bravery has forced my hand. Your plight for power ends on this day. Do not forget that I was there this last Elven eve, where you appeared to the shock of our citizenry, only to usher away in hushed secrecy with the Sohaer. I now know what was plotted. In one fell swoop, you have been r
  2. @thesmellypocket A public response is penned to Father Pius after observations made in such an Orenian public journal. "Father Pius, You submit to your nation’s journal on religious authority. But for how long has this authority been vested? How many years has it taken to accumulate your insights? Perhaps you look to the youth in your parish gatherings, tap your greying hairs, and cite wisdom gathered over a long and well-lived lifespan. I will provide you perspective. I was born in the land of Asulon. I had become an elven adult when I watched bannermen of the Whi
  3. ♪♫♬♫♪ A letter of challenge is publicly posted throughout Haelun'or. To Daerine Elibar'acal, I hear the whispers of your treachery. I am told that you are bound by marriage to a worshipper of Xan; that you praise this deity’s tenants and mix with the mindless swine who bow to gods. I would readily condemn any thilln who lose their sanity to such things. And yet, the own Matriarch of the Elibar’acal Talonnii? I know you have read my words, mali’ata, so heed them once more! The past defines your family, and you cannot hope to escape it. I chal
  4. (Photo is in 4k. Open in another tab & zoom!) I've been making assets for an ST video that should release soon. Figured I'd release this map as a standalone!
  5. Anyone have screenshots from last night's event? Get featured in an LotC video! Send them here: Treshure#1736

  6. ♪♫♬♫♪ The following document is submitted to the Eternal Library for public viewing. Do you, reader, seek to understand the ancient history of the Elibar’acal lineage? Perhaps you hope to peer into the antiquity of the first Silver Elves. This missive will touch on both. It is evident to me that we as a culture have drifted radically from our tradition whilst resting on those very same laurels to justify ourselves to friend or foe. Speaking of the Maer’sae Hiylun’ehya is nothing without knowing the foundation that has defined it. The Elibar’acal chronicles offer a glimpse
  7. All problems fall to the wayside when you treat the person in front of you with kindness and respect. There are other situations in roleplay (such as extreme conflict) where it can render other players uncomfortable, too. In either case, you should be accommodating out of character and ensure that the roleplay is staying in character. Stop the roleplay if the other person is genuinely bothered out of character. Full stop, it isn’t worth it. Lots of players don’t do this. I don’t buy the “realism” argument when these same people can be seen shouting the same slurs out of character i
  8. Irulan Elibar’acal pens a letter to the Soothsayer. ”These omens harken more to religious fantasia over anything that the thilln have culminated over centuries of reason and analysis. If you are so bold to lull mali’aheral into the thought practice of Druidic seers and orcish brutes, perhaps you will field me in a contest of values. I deign to meet you over tea in Haelun’or so that I may lay these ideas to rest. I eagerly await your response, Irulan Elibar’acal”
  9. ♪♫♬♫♪ The sky was a blood color. It had only gotten that way once the bright warmth of summer had come and passed. Now, the sky drifted it’s sanguine color towards the horizon and it’s sinking, hollow Autumn sun. A hooded figure stood alone in those vast sanded wastes, observing the celestial host as the passing of yet another season. It had become his only way of knowing time’s passage. Many suns set like that in three hundred years. His journey had brought him back from black, blasted wastes, and places unknown before even that. Onward he tread
  10. bored orenian teenagers will grow frustrated with the ever increasing bureaucracy of the state and formality of their peers, thus inventing microprocessors, thus inventing minecraft roleplay to reenact the conquests of prophet godfrey
  11. that’s a thread killer, devvy. you’re an agent of chaos
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