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  1. Treshure

    GM Veterans Club

  2. Treshure

    Music Thread

    @Raomir pure amateur gunna sample some stuff for u folks alt music: old school: country:
  3. Treshure

    Aeldrin's Application Team Application

    While other members of the community can be viciously toxic towards their enemies, I experience none of such with Aeldrin. He commands attention and inspires strength in both me and new players alike. It is evident that he will already be accepted, so I must ask instead: how can we better be like Aeldrin? +1
  4. Treshure

    [Denied][I] heathenshammer's Game Moderator Application

    Given the course of this server and the productivity of your Administration, I don't trust the judgement or verdicts given from it. Your word means nothing. As for Eli, he's one of the longest lasting friends I've had here, so of course I won't have anything damning for this application. The server has traditionally been filled to the brim with snakes (sometimes I've been that one). Eli is none of the sort. He'll speak his mind and be earnest in opinion, how ever offensive or out of status quo it might be for others. He's hard working and has a serious eye for improvement on this server. Kids routinely get the blue tag so he really is overqualified at this point. +1
  5. You’ve gone too deep. The only thing left to do is pound that bro’s guts out tonight.
  6. Treshure

    Into the Seven

    Athos begins to piece it together. ”A crusade is called on the elves in the name of God. A man comes to the Dominion preaching the very God who wants to destroy the Dominion. Am I not getting something right here?”
  7. Treshure

    Mourning a King, 1679

    “Only bronze will remain.” Athos bitterly murmurs during the funeral procession, joined in him the brothers of the Immortals. And so their duties pass from monarch to next.
  8. Looking for folks to play in my dark elf clan Corrin. Clan information below. PM if interested.


  9. Treshure

    Your View: Raids

    My suggestion in the war feedback Discord was this: Abolish non-notice, spontaneous raids. This means you'll only have scheduled 24 hour warning-in-advance raids. Raise the cap to 25 or keep it at 20. Make these raids every 3 days instead of 5. If you succeed in defending against the raid, they don't get to raid you for another whenever. If you close your gates and don't even try to defend, the cooldown won't be put up. The reason being is that spontaneous raids are a massive pain for the city, and do next to nothing for the actual raiders. Raiders will typically catch a city completely off guard in a spontaneous raid, not getting to fight together an organized party and instead just butcher random civilians and whatever poor militiaman logged on to help. The raiders don't get a good fight, the city's activity is demolished for the next couple hours. Nobody really wins in that regard. Instead, give cities incentive and time to prepare a force to retaliate. They know when the raid is coming, so they can usher away their snowflake RPers and rally city defenders to fight off raiders. Raiders will more than not get an actual rally capable of fighting them, allowing for a good fight to take place. Earlier when I led the Dominion's military, we were one of the first settlements to get the 24 hour notice 20 man raid. Even as elves, we rallied all we could and actually had a great time fighting against the bandits. Why? We were given fair notice and had a general idea on when they were going to attack. It just makes the experience better for everyone. Nevermind the RP logistics. A large raiding party should never realistically be able to reach cities going 100% undetected. I think this system works, my 2 cents.
  10. Treshure

    Can we stop using meta birds

    Nah, no need to go that far. There is still plenty of realistic functionality for birds before axing them altogether. I don’t see a problem by having aviaries stationed at cities if you want to contact them that way, especially if our map is as big as it is.
  11. Treshure

    Can we stop using meta birds

    If you can make the process easier, sure. When I was a new player in Anthos, the aviary plug-in was the most confusing **** ever. Eventually I gave up. Make it easier to grasp and conduct then I’m all for it.
  12. Treshure

    Ban Consistency

    Yeah.. if you admit you don’t have an informed enough opinion about iMattyz’s ban reason, this little zinger doesn’t really make sense. I try and raise valid points in every single one of my threads, regardless of how derailed the conversation can get. In the “LotC is Dying” thread, I literally prefaced by saying it was clickbait. I then talked about the issues regarding the warclaim system and prompted a chat to be made discussing such. This thread was comparing two situations and arguing there wasn’t a consistency between bans. But oh, I’m trying to btfo staff? Get out of here man.
  13. Treshure

    Admin Censorship

    how the tides have turned for the people’s champion
  14. Treshure

    Ban Consistency

    And are any of these things less worse than a ban over Discord rants? Compare the ban lengths and return to the conversation.
  15. Treshure

    Ban Consistency

    Now, I have no problem at all with Lionbileti personally but I have to point out some absolutely ridiculous double standards here. Ban Time iMattyz - Banned for 1 year Lionbileti - Banned for 10 days (A staff member quoted the ban length, obviously asked to remain anonymous.) Offence iMattyz - Calling a staff team some mean names in a private (non-lotc, locked) discord channel. If stretching you could say he indirectly told the GMs to kill themselves. (“AAAA shoot yourselves!”) Lionbileti - Sending a noose video directly to potentially a suicidal person in LoTC discord lobby. Position (Admin excuse for iMattyz long ban length) iMattyz - FORMER Admin and other staff member. Lion - CURRENT Event Team Ban History Both players have history of bans. There’s a BIT of a discrepancy here, don’t you think? Matt has risen hell over his ban without much success. I don’t think he’s going to be freed anytime soon. At the same time, I’m not screaming to keep Lionbileti banned either. I hardly know the guy and the ban length has been passed. However, if you’re going to harshly punish a player for private Discord rants, keep that standard consistent throughout ALL of those kind of bans. Otherwise it implies blatant bias.