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  1. Treshure


    “stop hounding the gate! they won’t charge!” “we need reinforcements!” “he’s jumping behind us!” “krugmar on horse! krugmar on horse!”
  2. Treshure

    When Malinor Burned

    The oral tradition of the Alderfolk, IE Gladewynn culture. This is an IC account of past histories – not completely accurate.
  3. “Sounds like this man should run for Parliament!” declares Gwyn.
  4. Treshure

    Freedom’s Fire Burns Once More

    Gwyn folds his hands together, looking northward in direction of the rebellious state.
  5. Treshure

    Interactive Battlefields?

    Yeah, an apparition rose after the Duke’s War. Would like to see something of the sort again
  6. Treshure

    for the love of christ

    you got me
  7. Treshure

    for the love of christ

    in reference to this thread and recent events. On mobile pls excuse lack of format yo like guys can we at least pretend this is a roleplay server and keep it IC? This goes to both sides. I’m already seeing a **** slinging fest and it’s only gunna get worse from here on out man how ducking cool would it be to see big rp posts and people keeping this beef IC? way back when this actually used to happen. I remember a few instances were NLs met over Skype and agreed to keep things cordial OOCly ofc you might say I’m some idealistic nostalgic but I’m trying to say that it’s possible. So far the events of the rebellion HAVE been IC as of last night let’s try and keep it like that w/ good vibes for the rest of the war, at least try im in no stretch a saint and will probably be hypocritical of this post at one point or another, but really man let’s not make this like other toxic wars we can keep it fun xoxo love you all bless, treshure
  8. Treshure

    Views of Atlas

    @Ougi @Jaeden Textures: Conquest Shaders: Sushi Shaders
  9. Treshure

    Views of Atlas

    Sometimes I think people forget just how beautiful this map is.
  10. Treshure

    3.5 and 4.5 In all their glory

    back when quotes weren’t mandatory mm
  11. Treshure

    Gladewynn vs Orcs

    my lotc endorsement contract ended..
  12. Treshure


    Thexan braces for Pond’Rex to die for the Nth time
  13. Treshure

    Message to Elvenkind - Have you seen my waifu?

    Sir Pious the White Knight receives this missive atop his crystalline castle. A white dove fluttered into the room, handing into his perfect Caucasian hands with supreme elegance. He opens it, letting out a squeal of horror. He immediately pens the mali’ame back. “M’lady requires saving! I shall deliver her to you at once! Know that your one and only grace has come. Signed, Sir Pious.” The Knight immediately rode from his Lawful Good abode above the finest machinery, heading for the dark lands of the Dominion.
  14. Treshure

    The problem with the Empire

    On a more serious note, the playerbase is too frequent and the rulers are too cemented. While you will always see the same elven RPers, the same cannot be said for humans. Prominent human players will burn out after a war or two, then to be replaced by the new generation of humans. All the while the same rulers (IE Mog) stay in power. This means two things. The status quo is maintained, and the experience never gets old (simply because most humans right now are experiencing their first Empire). It sucks and it makes us veterans cynical. There is little you can do about it unless you have a new, powerful leader to usurp the status quo and replace it with something better. The Empire, whatever it otherwise may be, is very stable. That is why guys like Mog or Maly reign multiple times – they know how to hold down the fort and maintain authority.