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  1. this duke's war video is coming at a juicy time

    1. Lionbileti


      Thanks for the free advertisement 😘

    2. ShannonLeigh
  2. shitposts shouldn't take this long to make
  3. you already know I’m with my boys in pink
  4. i'm going to start deleting reserved comments, don't @ me
  5. Thexan Ithelanen pages over the chronicles of his lineage, fingers tracing over the gilded frames of the artistic recreation, "Sack of Malinor". Many of the details of this genocide were left omitted by his recollection. It was, of course, written by Imperial hands. "Dacael Savus Lye'Imperi," he murmured with bitter, ironic intonation. He gripped the wooden rail that traced his study with an old and rising anger. Gripping, gripping, gripping.
  6. Who here has messed around with composing digital music? I've got a unique task for you if you're up for it.

    Discord: Treshure#1736

    1. Ryloth
    2. DiamondHead


      haven't played lotc in a while but i'd be down

  7. meme videos and scrapped assets new content every time i fail to make actual content (Click & Zoom!)
  8. Lord of the Craft, It is with a sorrowful heart we inform you that a fellow player known as Gargerad has passed away earlier this year; this knowledge has only come very recently. Gargerad joined in 2014 and was quickly known for his love and prowess in building and more personally, the quality of being a warm and true friend. When I recall my personal interactions with Gargerad, I only remember how positive of a presence he was and the joy it brought to be around him. Countless others remember him this way, and the pain of this news is measureless. We’ve come together to make this thread today to celebrate his memory and pay our respects. We'll be shortly organizing a memoriam statue for Gargerad on the server itself.
  9. Removing Monk Guidance, changing Application Standards, measuring Tutorial Island's efficacy (25% reduction in first day quitting), restructuring /apply, organizing the bulk of the team into a rotational roster with measurable success (currently one application open at time of posting), the beginnings of the Wiki's front page rehaul, another project to improve the Wandering Soul experience... I mean, would you like us to dance as well? The above is more than enough to measure with a retention report. I wouldn't dare implement something like the Retention Plugin and muddle the results with everything else we've done. I'm sticking to my guns; we take measurable steps along the way to figure out what does and doesn't work. It's not flashy, it's not pretty, but it gets us there at the end of the day. As for the plugin's delay? You could have found me at any of the tech's doorsteps attempting to bribe them with delivered pizza. The issue is that techs have long operated on a "put-out-the-closest-fire", and there are some projects that are more immediately pressing. But if you've taken a look at the Staff roster, you'll notice an explosion of recent new techs. There's a bunch of really cool stuff happening behind the scenes, but I can't be the one to spoil that for you. Let's just say that it'll be a much finer start than CT farms.
  10. “Lae’leh kalem'Valah yallre. Yet it is true: the quest for purity is never won,” Irulan Elibar’acal reminded himself, combing over the words of his zealous kin with critical, immortal eyes. “It is a standard reached and raised again, refined over the stretch of any one life.” He took a step back and searched his mind for a more nostalgic youth. He recalled the cryptic words of Athri Elibar’acal, “Have you ever sifted sand through a screen? We sift mali’aheral to find the Thilln.”
  11. 1,000 mina to the person who can give me an early (pre-Duke's War) version of Vailor, Brelus, or Felsen. 

    1. Treaty


      ive tried to get an early vailor map for years, no luck tho

    2. Lionbileti


      Please I beg of you 

  12. Making cinematics or anything that requires the 4th wall is virtually impossible without vanish. Players punch at you, disrupt others' RP, and so on. I had to fight to use vanish as a player for this very reason. We're going to be moderating this pretty tightly. Content Creators in vanish won't even be able to see other staff members. The possibility of abuse definitely was made in the conversation, and we'll hand out punishments accordingly. EDIT: Going to try and reach a middle ground on this. Made an edit on the main post, check it out.
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