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  1. Of all the bitter exchanges we've had, my only regret is allowing the conversation to become a question of character rather than ideas - and make no mistake, this is something that I instigated. Life is shitty and friendships will fall apart on LotC, but there is only one thing that brings you and I and everyone else here: the singular passion for roleplay. I'll put my baggage aside and appreciate your efforts towards a better server and niche, if at least for one post. You've put in a hell of a lot of quality work and made sure that the goodness will continue. Cheers to that, and enjoy your retirement.
  2. it was a brutal winter when I had shipped a tub of mass-gainer to heero so that he would not starve to death because of an """empty refrigerator""". I have not received any correspondence afterwards. Please respond.
  3. Change my mind: romance rp doesn’t benefit roleplay, allows more harm than good, and should be banned on LotC

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    2. Narthok


      were you not complicit in the valaryon incident? 

    3. Carson


      idrc what consenting adults do, but the issue lies in whether both parties are honest about their ages.


      a couple years ago there was a royal/imperial couple where one party member was 14 irl and the other was 23 or so, and while i don't remember them romance rping the fact that the characters were married seemed really.... odd. this is no shame to the child, of course. i'm not saying there was grooming, but i, as an adult, would not romance rp with a minor. Even if it was RPly arranged for a political affair, I wouldn't do it

    4. Samler


      Gaius has an interesting take on it with 'just' banning 'sexual' FTB.

  4. This one pulls a bit on my heart strings since I was in very similar waters a long time ago. Although I agree a lot with what others have said above, a simple break isn't the solution here. To explain, let's break down the hours. 630 hours spread out across 2 months (60~ days) averages out to 10.5 hours a day, every day, for two months in a row. It is very difficult to not get upset at a negative RP event, such as war, if the majority of your waking time is invested into LotC. That world becomes your world. I don't know what your situation is, and I certainly can't tell you how to use your time. I only want to warn you that LotC is a different beast than other video games. It's a living and breathing world with the heartbeat of hundreds of concurrent authors throughout the day - thousands in the weeks and months. It's a great escape, but the curse of its engrossment can last longer than you needed it for. Practice moderation like with all things. It is possible to balance roleplay with the rest of real life, but it's not the same prescription for everyone. Check in with yourself periodically -- if you feel that you're becoming too involved, then you probably are. Empower yourself to make that decision because, at the end of the day, it's just Minecraft.
  5. Ancient Orenian souls brighten in the Seven Skies, stirred by the dread-words of war.
  6. I've cleared the air and apologized with those I've mentioned in the video. Have you? Because mentioning their age was one thing they explicitly asked not be done -- and you just did, today, in your reply. As for the aforementioned cases? You controlled every single one of them and shut it down based on the reasons for the video. I quit because when I finally made a stand, you said that you would bin the safety situation because it clearly wasn't attracting any of the other Admins' interest. You mention that I attacked your personal character in our private arguments -- was that before or after you said I was out of my mind because I had run out of my medication that day? You want to keep dragging out personal stuff into a public forum? I mentioned you in the video as a means to the argument's end - you took that personally, and drew on our personal falling out to paint me as some reckless actor hellbent on boosting his own image. If you want to insist on manufacturing these fantasies, do us all the favor to unblock me on Discord and dump these thoughts there. What a waste of everyone's time reading this.
  7. This is a malicious response dressed as something empathetic. Your reply is infested with contradictions, and I refuse to respond beat for beat at risk of riding down your own lane of delusion. The response that @Llirprovided is much more potent and worth reading. I'm going to ask that you get me out of your head. Instead, read through the pages of these responses and see the stories that people have offered up about themselves. I've received an equal amount of folks reaching out through Discord, telling their own stories as minors on the server, many of whom feeling that they could not share it otherwise. Tell them that this is a "small rock in the road". I'm not claiming ownership over any of this, and I'm actively refusing to present anything to the those who identify with it, because it's not about me. But you're not looking at this. You say the video has a fantastic message in your reply, and then quickly turn to accusing it of inciting lynching and throwing around buzzwords. You mock the idea of it spreading "awareness" (your double quotations, not mine). People are excited that these things are being talked about? You say it's not safety - it's a lynch mob. The entire reply insinuates how excessive the video was, but then you promise measures to instill more safety features for the Community. You end in thanking several community leaders for making good of this "heinous" event, when it was the explicit point of the post to defer action to community leaders. You are hilariously tone deaf, but not only that, you try and twist the truth into one of your own making. It's a bad move to make so publicly, and I hope that others recognize the malpractice in this reply. I also want to warn you to be careful of projecting your own feelings into this. I've never called myself a "beacon of hope and virtue" - this is coming out of your head. I did far more than play your little pet character during my tenure, but I'm thankful that I don't feel like I have to justify myself in your presence anymore. It's disgusting that you take this situation, debase it, and then proclaim that you are going to be the one to fix it and make it right. You come off as a deeply insecure human being -- I had only wished you kept it to yourself this one time.
  8. This is one of the things I wish I could go back and insert into the video. The “intuition” in my head says more about getting specialized training and more ability to look into a situation — someone with training to look for insidious signs of grooming, for instance, may need less “nails in the coffin” than someone who needs it spelled out for them. I don’t think witch hunts or throwing around the word “pedo” is going to do us any good. Ideally, I want to start putting together resources to help learn from and educate player leaders & their groups.
  9. activated my trap card lmfao
  10. if ur not listening to this when maxing, ur not livin
  11. Harassment, Hate & Predation are named into the same category because they are often dismissed under the assumption that it is strictly "in-character", when it frequently is not. Blaming me for "trying to conflate RP actions with IRL beliefs and behaviors" is exactly the sort of behavior this video is trying to address. I'm not advocating for a witch hunt of all RP that doesn't align with IRL values - I'm trying to draw attention to the fact that some folks are not so detached from their characters as they'd like you to think. I understand where you're coming from. We need to be prudent every step along the way. But calling for moderation can be harmful before the change has even begun.
  12. Aside from you having your name public on many Discords, I think this shows that you're missing the point on why I took this on camera.
  13. This is meant to stimulate a conversation. Locking or deleting it won't stop that.
  14. What is the OG name of the Cloud Temple?
  15. Good evening, guys. I'm back to work on a new video - The Duke's War, Part I. It details one of the most disastrous civil wars of Oren way back in 2015. It's going to involve a lot of sets, a lot of actors, and a ton of moving parts. I think you'll really like it, but a lot of preparation will be required to make it happen. As the videos I set out to make get more complex, I find myself wrangling whoever I can to coordinate within rather difficult scenes. It's usually a chaotic, last-minute mess. This is my attempt to get one step ahead. I'm looking for actors! There are quite literally zero requirements other than your willing and able spirit. I hope to get a Discord going where we can all be in one place and hang out - it'll be easier to coordinate dates and group sizes from there to film. In exchange, I am able to offer you... credits in the video. I used to have a budget, but in lieu of that, I can make your name appear all sparkly and such in the credits. Great deal, eh? If you're interested, please hit me up on Discord (Treshure#1736) or drop your Discord in the comments below.
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