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  1. Is there a full Fringe map download anywhere?
  2. Salazar snorts derisively. "Larihei separated herself and her pure kindred away from the vapid deterioration that was old Malinor. Any and all newcomers who were not deemed pure, physically and mentally, were expunged from the state. Intruders were liquified. Know our history before you desecrate our paragon's name."
  3. Thumbs up let's do this
  4. when bandits ran up to me and screeched "minas or die" good times
  5. OOC/RP Application MC Name: Teahupoo RP Name: Caedwyn Skype Account ((PM me if you wish for it to be private)): jason.trackter Timezone: PST Profession: Legendary Fisher Do you have Teamspeak?/Are you willing to download it?: I got it PK Clause: Agreed
  6. The server is practically begging for Mordring to be an antagonist and the staff can't seem to get it. You've wanted an antag that sticks for YEARS - and it is here on a silver platter and the user base wants it.
  7. [!] accept me [!]
  8. Hey hey count me in
  9. Approved
  10. THE METZ REPORT - WEEK TWO - Status: Active ==== City Council Members: Maer: Humphrey Tullas (Teahupoo) Marshal: John Frederick de Capua (Gucko) Tavernkeep: Gawain ap Viktor (___Jacko_) Steward: Karl Klargus (GavinTheViking) The City of Metz has, through the recent year, progressed immensely. New taverns and shops have arisen, city citizenship has spiked, and the army has mobilized around the Lord Marshal de Capua to face new threats both domestic and abroad. Bustling commerce, a tavern set aflame with alchemist fire, and much more in Lotharingia’s second edition of THE METZ REPORT! = WAR = In a controversial statement that shocked the world, His Majesty Hughes D'Amaury condemned the use of foreign powers to interfere on the matters of Humanity. When the issue was responded with greater hostility and threats of conflict, the Kingdom of Lotharingia engaged in the active state of WAR! The Lord Marshal has begun to rally the Lotharingian forces to prepare for battle, to plunder or plight! Currently, Lotharingia supports the noble cause of House Ruthern and all those who would come to help. To read the letter of King Hughes, click here. -- = NEW STEWARD = As Maer Humphrey Tullas filled the role of Steward, the search continued. Finally, someone has arrived to aid him in housing the increasing numbers of tenants. Please welcome Mr. Klargus to the City Council of Metz! He and Humphrey Tullas will continue to provide homes within the capital city of Metz. If you have any questions, direct it towards them. -- = UP & COMING BUSINESSES = Within the recent boom of Metz activity comes enterprise and opportunity. New taverns, services, and shops varying from general goods to alchemist wares have risen up on the main strip of Metz. The following have been inducted in the midtown district: General Wears, Town & Country Inc, Maar Apothecary & Tinker Shop, and the Quite Maid Cafe. = BATH HOUSES: a Linden Prospect = A bath house has been constructed on the edge of the Temple District, nestled between the chapel and the Scarlet Cardinal tavern. Many are known to lay down their worries and travels, relaxing in the steaming natural pools of the bath house. Admission is free and the water is clean, so have a visit! = ARMY RECRUITMENT = Due to the new war arisen between the Ruthern forces and Courland, Lotharingia needs now your sword more than ever! If you wish to recruit in the Grand Army, go and see here. -- = TERRORISM IN THE CAFE = Trouble in Metz! The Maer and the Lord Marshal were on a stroll on the 14th of the Deep Cold, inspecting the new taverns arising on the main avenue of Metz. When overviewing the new and upcoming Maid Cafe, a barmaid alerted the Maer of a potential terrorist. Brazened with anger, he led his troop downstairs to confront the supposed terrorists, a duo of high elves. What happened next was unforseen to any: the dagger eared terrorist unleashed nine bottles of alchemist fire. By a pure stroke of luck, the parties involved managed to get away from imminent death and instead sustained massive injuries. The Maid Cafe is under its final round of repairment. --
  11. Approved
  12. Humphrey shakes his head with disgust. "The Lotharingian ilk have been treated with ignorance and belittlement by Courland, threatened with our own very existence should we fail to support them in the coming conflict. There is no recourse but war, and war you shall have."
  13. Ser Andren Tosali rushes into Humprey's room. "pontiff make crusade" "no" "yes, here is" "crusade?" "crusade" Humphrey prepares for battle
  14. holy **** you're a god