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  1. ♪♫♬♫♪ The sky was a blood color. It had only gotten that way once the bright warmth of summer had come and passed. Now, the sky drifted it’s sanguine color towards the horizon and it’s sinking, hollow Autumn sun. A hooded figure stood alone in those vast sanded wastes, observing the celestial host as the passing of yet another season. It had become his only way of knowing time’s passage. Many suns set like that in three hundred years. His journey had brought him back from black, blasted wastes, and places unknown before even that. Onward he tread. In truth, the figure didn’t know where he had come from. Such things drift into irrelevance as years turn to centuries. But not all who wander are lost. No world can be so fruitless for long. The hooded figure emerged from these far lands and encountered society, civilization, and the triumph of Man. But it was not his home. He went forth into the eternal glades of lesser elves. Their wooded air was warm, sweet, and filled with beautiful songs, empty though they were. This sweet respite tempted the figure, and yet alas, it was not his home. The sun began to rise on the third day when he had found what he was looking for. Silver reflections shone on top of a suncrest hill. Brilliant radiance bore into the sky. Polished marble draped across this city’s great foundations. Spires reached towards the sky, and a great iron gate guarded the secrets of paradise to all but few. An ivory statue held post at this city’s entrance, with one arm outstretched and the other clasped and bound to an emerald staff. The first and progenitor, the sacred, the witch. The figure unbound the leather strands holding his hood together. Tufts of blonde hair fell outwards. Vivid, green eyes shone beneath. A letter, gripped in his palm, was wrapped with the seal of a most ancient house. “Home.” “To the mali’thilln of Haelun’or, Too long and vast have my journeys been. Now they must end. I come to you as an elf from our antique ages. I have not been inside the walls of elcihi since Anthos, in the time of Lin’everal. I write this letter with embarrassment and shame, however nomadic my kin are known to be. The duties of a thilln are to his own kind. I will accept your scrutiny at the gates. I will undergo a purity trial to attest the soundness of my mind. I will do whatever is necessary to resume serving the Maer’sae Hiylun’ehya, but first I must ask one question. Is my family still alive? Truly, Irulan Elibar’acal”
  2. bored orenian teenagers will grow frustrated with the ever increasing bureaucracy of the state and formality of their peers, thus inventing microprocessors, thus inventing minecraft roleplay to reenact the conquests of prophet godfrey
  3. that’s a thread killer, devvy. you’re an agent of chaos
  4. you know what to do Alternative: Folk: Older stuff:
  5. when 60fps hypes you, and you try 4x antialiasing, and you fly too close to the sun
  6. Easy! Optifine & BSL Shaders. And arctic air to cool your GPU.
  7. My personal take is that banditry is an education problem. If you’re going to be a wizard, a warrior, or a scholar, you’re typically entering a support structure. There are established players in your niche that can show you the ropes and tell you what not to do. If a particular someone is acting out, fingers can almost always be pointed back to the person who failed to train them right. The PvP element of banditry removes that social privilege. Settlement dwellers don’t incorporate bandits in the social fabric of their roleplaying community; frequently, bandits are seen as the complete antithesis. Settlement dwellers give no room for forgiveness and almost always assume the ulterior motive that the bandit just wants to PvP and take their items. And if enough people assume that, why should this bandit care about roleplay quality? Why should they really cooperate with these hostile, selfish roleplayers? Banditry is an essential part of roleplay. Life isn’t safe – it was more so perilous in ancient times. Banditry encourages settlements to group their brains together and plan better cities, foster militaries, and create social cohesion. This healthy result is going to keep coming about in a toxic process until bandits are seen as part of the roleplay community. The solution? We need to talk about it more. We need forum guides that train fledgling bandits. We need nation leaders to teach cooperation to their playerbase, and we need bandit leaders to discipline their fledglings and give a standard to all bandits out there.
  8. Very strong progress. My only recommendation is to take a breath, see how far you’ve come (100+ CRP event? what!), and pace yourselves. I wouldn’t want to see such a strong team get crippled with burnout. Your work is great, and it matters. Remember that.
  9. old player looking to join a community. i’m very lonely. will make content for you. UwU

    1. Nug




      halfling druid

    2. chaosgamer_
  10. You should use ReplayMod. You can pre-render .mp4 camera paths at any framerate (with anti-aliasing). Considering making a tutorial series to make renders for multiplayer servers – they’re especially difficult, but still possible.
  11. An elder Elibar’acal stirs in an old forest, having heard of passing rumors that kindred of his still lived. He ponders.
  12. In the blackened night, an elf pours over this missive. His figure racks with growing sobs – tormented by memories of an older Dominion and a better time. He slides the scroll from his oak table and sets an empty canvas of papyrus over it instead. He begins to write.
  13. Just for your future reference, this kind of language gives the impression that you’re not interested at all. You don’t align with my suggestion in your reply, and it’s common knowledge that feedback threads and suggestion channels are where ideas typically go to die. You tell me to go to a Manager. You are a Manager. If you’re going to take time to reply to people, help collaborate with them and develop their ideas instead of kicking the can down the road and saying, “Goodluck, someone might like it!”
  14. No, no. I’m not asking you to be accountable for player integration. I just want you guys to track it. You keep record of all these other stats. The first step is knowing what the problem is, and we have little data to tackle the player retention problem. I imagine this can be as easy as some internal coordination with the developers. Make a simple plugin that tracks new players’ play times and time spent in each region. That’s one easy way to see 1.) how many players stay, and 2) what nations have the best retention rates. That alone would be huge in figuring out the next steps and solutions.
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