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  1. To all kin and lliran in the realm of the Dominion, In the advent of this new year, I reflect with satisfaction on the troubles and hardships that occurred to the Dominion. There is an undeniable existence of the trial and tribulation that will face every generation of Mali. The capacity to face and overcome is what defines our society from the failed states that preceded it. It now seems that now we have achieved for ourselves a time of peace and growth. Nevertheless, a watchful and critical eye is necessary to further foster the growth of Caras Eldar and the Dominion in extension. In Atlas’ youth, elf and child will flock in and near Caras Eldar to marvel at its structures: to bask in the mutual admiration of a prospective home for the Mali to come. Though in time, this love will fade. The flurry of activity will mar with entropy. Mali of all kind will find it tedious and boring to sit in the city square as they always do; speaking of petty trivialities betwixt one another. Eventually, this innate sloth will prompt another mass exodus to foreign continents we know not. And thus the cycle spins. All lands are not the same. In my tenure as a ranked Virarim, Atlas has given us elves far more than we have taken from it. A specific curiosity excretes from the land. Ruins lay in near and far that tell stories not written on paper. In our set capacity, the Virarim do not have the time or resources to allocate expeditions and explorations of the lands surrounding. This is not without saying that there are many within elvendom who would gladly take the torch and wander forth. It is then in the interests of providing purpose to Dominion citizenry and to satisfy the desire of knowledge for Atlas that I request the creation of an ADVENTURER’S GUILD. Although my current occupation prohibits me from leading such a group, I would gladly extend an arm of helping as would others within the Dominion. Such a group as the Adventurer’s Guild would be tasked with mapping all surrounding areas, training the exploration and subjugation of domestic and foreign monsters, to master the flora and fauna that inhabit this brave new world, and to foster an intelligence and care for individual skill that rivals the monster hunting brotherhoods of yore. I have attached a signup sheet below to those interested in such a guild. Prospective leaders are to be chosen whilst the main prerogatives and goals of the Guild are now drafted. I urge all inclined Mali to seek entrance to such a guild. With blessings and peace, I wish thee good fortunes. Signed, Valkorion
  2. [✗] [Plugin Suggestion] Player Tangibility

    wasnt the reason it got removed was bc of lag? otherwise i'd be all for this
  3. The Thotty Crusades

    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Local discovery of Australian boy that cannot seem to attract girls, circa 2018.
  4. Discussion on Closing City Gates

    you know what destroys rp faster than guys sitting outside a gate waiting for a guard? a group of bandits rushing in the city and killing every slice of life rper inside I can’t count on my guard to have a constant 10 man rally to deter bandits who make it in the city. I can, however, count on a few who actively maintain the gate to deter raiders. Otherwise we have citizen doors for all those who actually live in our city
  5. Caras Eldar - Jewel of the Dominion

    cease this banter on the thread of BEAUTY
  6. [Denied]Treshure's GM Application

    fr though not really related i see where the connection can be made tho
  7. "she's not with us" comments Valkorion
  8. A Dominion officer stresses very hard about this writ. "It was a speech mistake, we're peaceful and have literally never left our forests. Please don't warmonger, I really like my lifestyle of sitting in a forest doing nothing. I know you want to reunite your human kingdoms into an Empire and need a nation to crush to do that, but we've really done nothing to you and want nothing from you. We're happy to say we're not going to conquest or dominate others, because that is quite literally what we're not going to do."
  9. [Actor] Icarnus

    Icarnus has been around long enough to know what he is doing and properly cater events to people. I feel like a lot of ET these days throw willy nilly events and don't think logically around their purpose and reason. I am confident in saying icarnus wont fall to that trap + !
  10. [Denied]Treshure's GM Application

    IGN(s): Treshure Age: 18 Timezone: PST Discord: Treshure#1981 What map did you join during?: Anthos Do you have access to a microphone?: Yes Average daily playing time?: Few hours in the weekdays. A lot more on the weekends, 5-6 give or take. Have you held any LotC staff position(s) before? If so, for how long?: I've been a trial GM for two months way back when, AT before that, and then ET numerous times over different maps. Why do you want to join the GM Team?: I suppose the reason has already been the same from the jump: I've found a genuine home in this community, and I desire to help it in the best manner than I can. To me, that has manifested in different forms in the five years I've been here. As a Trial GM, I enjoyed the challenge of the day-to-day tasks and found a lot of joy in helping out players. I've helped lead a lot of different groups and nations, giving a large perspective over the playerbase and especially war and conflict. I think these specific talents of mine will be a great asset to the GM team. Have you applied for this position before and been denied? If so, link the application: Anything else you want to tell us?: I haven't really applied for much in a while for certain reasons. The past few years I've played as an aggressive, offensive person that really wasn't suited to staff conduct. I've learned a lot through that time period, however, and I find that now I've mellowed out a lot more which warrants a second try at this whole staff shindig. I say this trying to be true to myself, and hope you guys will see it for what it is. Thanks.
  11. Character Playing Cards Artwork [500 Mina]

    absolutely cash my love 500 minas coming in hot
  12. ]hello handsome man..

    1. devvy
    2. Treshure


      ohh tapesauce :) btw ur bronze elves rule the dominion now

      Edited by Treshure
    3. tapesauce
  13. [Plugin] Axes and War hammers

    good idea. make it happen devs

    SIGN UP SHEET FOR THE ONE v ONE MELEE Name: Valkorion Age: 456 Nationality/Faction: Dominion Race: Wood Elf Title: None