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  1. Kingdom of Norland Anime (Axios Arc 2)

    "i'm added to door perms?" lmao
  2. The Pact of Steel, 1630

    "Stupid ******* emperor" screams kaedrini loyalistic algebra de sola
  3. [Your View] 6.0 COMBAT

    I heard 501 saying there was a planned total removal of nexus come 6.0 what has changed?
  4. War Server Test Session #1 Report

    I don't think this post received the attention it deserves. A 70 man battle with virtually no lag whatsoever is something that hasn't been done in a very long time (to my knowledge). This is huge for the server. Really excited to see what comes next.
  5. [Recruiting] Uniting Warband and Clan

    IGN: Treshure RP Name: Makor'Gorkil Race: Orc Professions: Legendary Alchemist (can switch) Discord/Skype: u got it
  6. Player Deaths In Events

    they gathered some of the server's best PvPers, gave them ridiculous gear, buffs, and plugin enhancements (/fly, anyone?) and then set them loose with the aid of hundreds of mobs. what else did you expect lmao i get that this was the first event that reestablishes the antag, they cant lose immediately. but why, why would you give them so much power to begin with and scare off half the server past the portal? Giving the antag less power and making it more of a battle, slowly pushing against the players would have been much more gratifying than having Nazdus fly up and spam the **** out of everyone with -10 haste plus idk who these antag guys are. nor does anyone else. make something relatable, or build up to it
  7. Feedback on Story Line Event and events in general.

    Yeah the event time was stupid. Was still in school when it went down.
  8. Unfortunately it keeps getting curbed towards RP'ers more and more without any fair input from the community. What else generated 12 pages of conversation? We want it balanced.
  9. I'm tired of this "PvP-goon-faction grinder" label slapped on anyone that doesn't want to endure the intense monotony of roleplay fights and the stress they bring. The issue of mass roleplay fights is a bi-partisan issue. Even the famous old White Rose did not roleplay fight people they knew - simply because its hard to trust a random who may so easily be prone to powergaming. Large roleplay fights encourage metagaming (calling for backup), stalling in general, powergaming, and toxicity within those involved. Yes, this is a roleplay server. Yes, we should be focusing on it - but tunnel visioning on "all-things-must-be-rp" knowingly introduces problems into the server. Almost every fight that I've engaged in RPly has involved people spamming the skype chat for reinforcements, stalling emotes for 5-10 minutes each to wait for backup, powergaming to gain an upper hand in the fight, and refusing to compromise for the other side and usually bringing in a GM to resolve the conflict. Not to mention, this can drag on for hours. This happens all the time. PvP is a measure to quickly resolve pursuits in an equally fair manner for both parties, removing all chances of metagaming, powergaming, and whatnot. We're not PvP goons. We just don't want a bullshit, time consuming fight. Too hard to ask for?
  10. Dev Update: Persona Skins

    Quit your whining you sound like a little kid People moaned about donor perks being pay to win People moaned about vip perks being boring after eula Now you're moaning about a decently cool feature being too expensive Just shut up
  11. RP Default - Times changed

    Don't **** on PvP default for this This is a direct result of nexus professions for sponsoring the grinding PvP mindset. Not our fault when every single profession points to pvp
  12. regarding the techlock

    Lol what is the LT going to do if enough of you guys want to do flintlock weapons. If enough of the server decided to carry a gun, it would become canon by default. Just look at Aeldin and the Oren playerbase. Just start mobbing packs of ppl with ******* guns the worse the LT can do is cry to the GMs
  13. [Dark Arts][TA]Rella101

    i've used and taught the magic for practically forever rella is the only student i'd vouch for who could properly teach it to others. her enthusiasm and studious nature knows no bounds
  14. [Your View] Event Team

    nothing you do is memorable and nothing you do makes a difference on the overall experience of players sure if you have 35 ET members each during their own seperate events you'll crank out more **** but really how much more predictable do 1-2 man ET events get. the coolest thing i can recall on LotC was the red realm, and that was a collaboration of EVERY ET member. people who were there for it are still insanely fond of that. that was the only whole ET collab i can think of, and that was the most fun i've ever had on lotc. starting to draw connections? instead of cranking out worthless **** that nobody cares about, get the entire ET and it's sure talent to hivemind around a single concept and then use the collective strength to make it immersive, engaging and fun. i'd much rather occasional giant events that host tons of players (since 35 ET could really bring in a lot of people) than plentiful small events that nobody remembers or ultimately cares about, let alone the fact that they're infrequent. i'd hate to add to the cliche but i've never (and i mean never) seen a ET event. its spread out, infrequent, and sporadic ET are supposed to create events that bring the world to life, events that engage those inside. its hard to do with solo ET or even duo ET running the events, but suddenly becomes much more feasible and has much more potential with a full team commitment.