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  1. A young man sets out to find his lost grandfather. Was a little too impatient to wait to post this little labor of love on the weekend. Enjoy!
  2. Absolute gold, you need to post more of these.
  3. No one should ever have to feel that way. Communities on our server all too often associate IRP goals with personal goals. I've seen roleplay conflicts tear apart friend groups. It's not fun. I hope that when you come back, you're able to surround yourself with people who see you for you, and roleplay for roleplay. My Discord DMs are always open, Proddy.
  4. I use Premiere Pro. It's a good balance between wide support, functionality, and cost. But I'm sure there's better software out there. The main thing that I use for Minecraft is ReplayMod - it is the only thing that can allow me to render these clips at their resolutions. HMU on Discord if you'd like to know more about it.
  5. Hello! I've decided to open up commissions for videos that I upload to my YouTube channel. I make various kinds of videos, and I plan on making even more types in the future. My current "Video Categories" boil down to build showcases, Minecraft video essays, skits, and roleplay coverage. I don't plan to stop there. My channel's goal is to encompass the entirety of the creative sphere that makes up Minecraft Roleplay. Now, you can have a direct hand in the process! How much are your commissions, and what do I get for them? I'm going to start video commissions at $80, an
  6. Mostly because if I render at 4K, I might as well give you more to look at. Believe me, I'm not usually a fan of texture packs. But Patrix is one of the only high resolution packs that I feel stays true to Minecraft's default, and only adds the detail that one might assume would be in a pack with 8x the resolution size. For instance, When resolution doesn't matter and we're comparing two builds from afar, Patrix and default textures look virtually identical. But if we go onto the ground and observe the details of the build, you can instantly
  7. Most of my YouTube videos are designed to use common language to draw in new RPG/Fantasy fans. It's why I opted for "Imperial Rebellion" in the title, rather than Sedan or anything specific. Vassal is an accessible and expedient term. I'll be more punctual next time, though.
  8. I was in the process of editing a future video when I caught wind that there was a fight about to unfold. I cobbled this video together over the next day. I hope you enjoy! Let me know if you'd like to see more videos in this sort of style. P.S. Recognition to @grnappafor firing the first shot of the war.
  9. [[RP]] First Name: Xavier Surname: Avalon Age: 20 Reason for Interest: A renewed interest in the history of our ancestors, and the unending commitment to God's design. [[OOC]] Username: Treshure Discord: Treshure#1736
  10. The folks over at Haelun'or were kind enough to let me take a look at their upcoming build. This is a mix of a Haelun'or teaser and me messing around with the next stage of shaders I intend to use for videos. This build was an excellent playground for it. Enjoy!
  11. Check out my first TikTok featuring Elvenesse!

    (P.S.) View on your phone, since TikTok downscales the quality quite a bit.)
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  12. First off, I want to thank the community for the crazy amount of engagement our latest video got. Llir checked the forums and confirmed that the post has entered the top 10 rep'd threads of all time - and it wasn't even a feedback thread! Getting your foot in the door with YouTube is notoriously difficult, so the massive boost these videos get from y'all don't go unnoticed. Every comment and every share helps promote LotC content to new audiences and gives me the extra motivation to make more videos. So seriously, thank you. On to the topic at hand. I want the exploration of our wo
  13. I went down a very similar path as yours, Skylez. It's easy to look back at Mineman and say, "God, what an escapist hell". And for some people, it's a genuinely good thing to stay away. But remember to stay true to yourself. In recent years, I had gotten so caught up in doing what I thought was the most socially acceptable thing that I forgot what I personally enjoyed. My advice is to live your best life, but make it yours. I found this server during a difficult part of my life, and it without a doubt was escapism. But I found a community and a group of friends for life. I would have never dis
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