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  1. Treshure


    Gwyn shakes his head. “In the Empires of old, the Emperor would have permitted a vassal war. This perpetuates a culture of weakness.”
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    ((This is an off topic post. I’d like this removed @ScreamingDingo.))
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    He had been gone years. Thexan’s journeys rested on the premise of Old Gladewynn. Such an elder and wise society could procure the answers and philosophies needed to reverse Elvenkind from a slow death - one of lust, sloth, and excess. He traveled leagues and far beyond into Atlas’ depths - mountainous ravines, perilous heights, and the forests forgotten. -- Nursing the wounds of prolonged travel, Thexan found himself in no particular tavern at all. It was only another bench and another flagon of ale before his next trek. That was, until the bartender knocked for his attention. “Gladewynn elf, aye? Here - the rider brought it this morn.” He slid the notice to Thexan. “KING KAIRN ITHELANEN VANISHED WITHOUT TRACE. CASSIUS TO BE CROWNED WITHIN FORTNITE. OF ALL ELVENESSE CORDIALLY INVITED.” The elf lifted his head to the bartender. His face was silent and wracked with shock. The bartender finished Thexan’s words where he had failed to form them. “King Kairn is kill.” “no” In an instant, he had gathered his belongings. Within the night, he was returning; bounding back towards Gladewynn on the sea’s most fortunate gales, and the best steeds gold could procure. At long last he had arrived to the throne room. The aristocracy flanked the sides of the lifted throne, and upon it, Cassius himself. Thexan had been blessed to call the Prince a bro. Countless nights had been spent pouring over the literature of Old Gladewynn. Battles, trials, and the union of blood had made the duo super cool. Now he witnessed the very crowning ritual he had uncovered, to which Cassius had finally lifted that sick crown upon his head. The elves rose, and Cassius proclaimed. He was Ithelanen no more; instead that of a royal ‘Atraedes’, now and forever. This, naturally, was lit. Out with the old, and in with the new. Thexan was committed to achieving the epic victory royale with the new monarch.
  4. Treshure

    fix 'next page' mess

    when I paste it in from google docs, there’s an option to paste it in as basic text. I do that and usually go without issue
  5. Treshure

    fix 'next page' mess

    reference thread: seems like this mandatory ‘next page’ crap happens after a certain length of text. I don’t know. I actually liked writing on the forums but this feature is segmenting my **** without any control on my behalf. either make it optional or can the feature, bc its disruptive af. even had an FM lead look at the thread and he couldn’t figure out how to remove it
  6. And thus a dusk settles on the King Kairn Ithelanen. His service, his blood, and his sacrifice laid into the Aldersrock for time immemorial to bear witness. Seven fires light an empty throne. With it’s bare absence, a people and race live without the crown of guidance. The Alderfolk yearn for rule; the fate of Elvenesse demands another take the mantle. A DECREE IS LISTED UNTO THE REALM. “King Kairn Ithelanen has vanished without trace. The seat of Elvenkind remains bound to his chosen heir, for which all of Elvenesse lies vested within. Cassius Ithelanen is to be crowned within the fortnight. The Kingdom of Gladewynn welcomes the following into Caras Eldar upon this occasion to witness the Royarch, THE EMPEROR OF MANKIND, Augustus Horen, his parties and vassals. SOHAER OF HAELUN’OR, Kiljarys, his parties, and respective Mali’aheral. All of Elvenesse is cordially invited to the crowning of Cassius Ithelanen, Royarch of Elvenkind.” SUNDAY | 1/13 | 5 EST at CARAS ELDAR
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    Counting of Elves (Results!)

    yeah this was never propagated in gladewynn chats
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    What are you listening to?

    music rotation! I'll start
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    To the Mali'aheral of Aegrothond

    The whispers of Aelthir Tundrak the Fifty Sixth quickly quelled Thexan’s hope, reminding him of the many victories won under the powerful Snow Elven Empire.
  10. cloud temple force field = big gay
  11. Treshure

    Princely Writ, 15th of Amber Cold 1697

    Thexan pauses while drinking his morning cup. Feverish eyes scan over the paper. “Venerable.. House Sylvaeri,” he said in a low murmur. “Sounds about right. Hail Belestram!” he’d exclaim, launching a forward hand into the air.
  12. Treshure

    Roast Thread

    adopting a tough boy persona over the years while remaining the same chubby white virgin
  13. Treshure

    my thots

    seconded the ppl I looked up to when I first joined the server refused to RP combat with randoms. now I know why
  14. flamboyant has corrected his slight against me and thus I am content

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      Yo Treshure, flambo isn’t interested in listening to opposing viewpoints ; )