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  1. If you're going to try and shoot down what I said, respond to the entire post.
  2. Magic isn't whimsical. Magic isn't mysterious. Magic isn't magic, it has been explained down to a practical science and then compartmentalized into dozens of different themes and styles as to where the entirety of it feels fake and and ingenuine. The willingness to let anyone with access to thesaurus.com come up with their own wildly different themed magic conflicts with the overall flow of the roleplay. Game of Thrones has a very specific type of magic, and it is very cool. Harry Potter does the same. Star Wars has it's own, and so on so forth. Mix those all together and you get a clusterfuck cesspool that isn't attractive to anyone. I've said it before and I'll say it again: the server needs a lore wipe. At the very least, a magic wipe.
  3. I had the pleasure of roleplaying extensively with DPM during the Vailor rebellion due to our colluding factions. I found that despite rumors surrounding his group, he was an excellent roleplayer and was actively conscious about not only his experience but those around him - collaborating to make an interesting and engaging story at the time. I am sure his virtues hold even stronger now as they did then. There is no better applicant for ET than him currently. +1
  4. lol idc if its 'morally wrong' or whatever silly term you've coined on it i can do it, its good for me, it tastes good, i will eat meat
  5. costco pizza or gtfo
  6. lol they'll wait a bunch of months and then quietly deny you under the pretense that "they've heard it all before" the devs will never listen. they don't care. tofuus himself said there is no motivation to remove/rehaul professions
  7. mcname "Treshure" has been secured once again..

  8. redemption story around westerlands and mordring. take cues from the community and give them a story with depth to it and meaning. it already has basis as a plot rather than something the player base is totally unfamiliar with
  9. I doubt Kowaman's receptiveness to the community in exchange of the moderators i've seen countless nexus professions complaint threads rise up, garner massive amounts of support and attention, only to get sniped down a few months later with no just reason or cause. when a majority of the server agrees that professions needs to be heavily scaled down, no action plan is given. in the end, regardless of abuse or not, the dev team acts in their own interests. for plunder or plight
  10. It's a stance the staff has been taking ever since it focused on plug-in experiences rather than the facilitation of roleplay When nexus professions came onto the scene people became more obsessed with grinding in communities, acquiring resources, and winning pvp battles. It takes you out of roleplay. Say what you will, and though nexus professions may not be the sole cause, I remember very well what it was like before. The fringe was packed full of action and a **** load of pvp but that didn't hinder any roleplay or turn the heat up on toxicity because there wasn't a reason to: gear was easy to get, it was a game. Now people are out of it. You can take a different path on the server, go grind and get your fun out of lotc. I whined to cablam about the state of things and he straight up told me that donations around nexus professions pay the bills. The devs have crafted a malignant cancer Yeah it'll take a lot of effort to fix this one, and to be honest I don't think the current staff has the charisma and will power to actually do it. They'd rather feed their own egos and maintain an aura of professionalism without actually being pragmatic
  11. "Such a bad decision."
  12. Name(Unnecessary): Weighted Practice Gear Type(Rp, Mechanical, etc): Mechanical Function: This would be some added leather gear to the nexus profession system, ideally crafted by either blacksmiths or leatherworkers. Basically, it would be weighted to around the same as iron armor. When fighting with wooden swords, it'd more or less mimic the same damage/weight as iron armor on iron swords. Who Would it Benefit?: Anyone trying to practice LotC PvP. LotC has a unique weight system that isn't comparable to conventional PvP servers. It would keep more players online and better serve those who are trying to improve.
  13. Pretty much that. I don't think diamond armor was a welcome addition in any case but you shouldn't punish those who capitalize on the opportunity. Grinding has now become an essential part of the server, bringing in donations and players who seek that experience: thus, LotC needs it to survive. Sure, some things can be nerfed to even the playing field, but at the end of the day grinding is here to stay and it is something you have to get used to.
  14. the magic was fine for years until the LT barged in and demanded a nerf smh -1 Sorry ur being held hostage rella