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  1. Let's Fix Magic! Vol.2 [ST feedback]

    nobody feels ooh aw magic anymore in a system that fundamentally requires every facet of a magic defined, there will never be room for mystery. The fact is, magic rp declined in Athera to those who actually enjoyed RPing it - excluding those who attained it for an elitist motivation
  2. Arcann gives a hearty chuckle ”you’re no descendent of Kalenz”
  3. Why is having too many creatures a bad thing?

    unique is no longer unique when everyone becomes unique thats the definition of unique oh my god what the ****
  4. The Aspectist Support Act of 1657

    valkorion screams from the grave "you idiots just let the aspectists grow or die in their wood elf district whats so hard to understand we had this all down"
  5. The Conclusion of the War Council I

    arcann witnesses impending high elf genocide 2.0 "you are so screwed"
  6. Lotc Show Yourself Thread II

    lol wheres ohp at
  7. The Coming of Aetah'thilln

    “Join the cultural resistance today and talk to your resident nation leader!” bellows Arcann.
  8. IGN(s): (List all of your accounts that are whitelisted on LotC.) treshure Ban Reason: (Provide a screenshot of your server ban message.): pugsy on a large scale Player(s) Involved: (Tag them using the “@” symbol.): innumerable amounts of nuns Details: (Explain what happened, and why you should be unbanned.): I have always used LotC as an escape, as many of us fellow mine crafters do. It was, however, not to my expectations the fateful night of my deed that i had come to an insurmountable and peculiar rage. perhaps it was my home life falling apart, or that i had been consistently inhaling nose tork ammonia salts for the past 3 hours. whatever it was, it poured through my vape client and it could not be stopped. I must admit I targeted the lame dog. I entered haense square, fully armored as "Vibius de Sola". after screeching an incoherent remark about ethnic homogeneity, i spotted a group of peaceful nuns and began slaughtering them in droves. i didn't stop to consider my actions. i only stopped to pop them and acquire their much sought after loot, such as church heirlooms and lucien crosses. after immediately getting indefinitely banned, I was a bit shocked. Because i was joking, of course. If I could go back to that time, to have one more shot at reconsidering my actions, I probably would have done it again. But thats the past. I want to return to lotc a new man, one that doesn't pugsy on a whim and follows the rules like the inspired wisdom they are. i can truly say lotc is the happiest place on earth for me, and there is nothing i want more than to return and contribute in a wholesome matter. i hope y'all can consider this request and forgive me Additional Media: (If applicable, show any screenshot(s)/video(s) relevant to your appeal.): banned b4 i could screeny
  9. No keeps - Dewper

    15 year old band of mexicans desperately attempt to emulate flays
  10. [Accepted] [Trial]Knox213 gm app

    i found myself surrounded by hungry snow leopards in the nepalese mountain of dhaulagiri, certain to die until knox213 saved me i owe my life to him, my +1 at the very least
  11. Marna's walls aient so tall

    do you rest your mouse on rocks
  12. [Denied]put me in coach

    it is within my personal experience as a long time member of this community that those who hold unfavorable or downright vicious opinions towards another playerbase are not immune to bias against them act like you're impartial and that you 'don't agree with them', whatever, when it comes down to deciding future situations i guarantee you will not be neutral. stick to web dev and stay out of the gms. we don't need even more garbage in there. banned or not i know players, and i've seen these sort of types enter the team for years on end. you are no different
  13. Lotc Show Yourself Thread II

  14. how long is the ban for mass pugsy now?