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  1. Title says it all. The nephew of Salazar Elibar'acal, under his care/watch. Age range is 40-60 (high elven). Message me if you're interested or hmu on skype (jason.trackter)
  2. You could play a Haddock brother. We're very strong.
  3. Application IGN: Treshure Roleplay name(What your new Torto family members name will be): Mick Torto Skin: will have one made What lineage: Jason Torto Direct descendants of Jason and Meredith are allowed, but only 2 spots open, and you have to be 8-15, no older, no younger. Put yes or no here if you are: Yes
  4. I suggest raising an army of violent halfling on a war of reunification. This is a RP suggestion. It would be best to learn that pattern.
  5. "An essay for a prompt. If you know us at all, King, you know us a blunt people. An armored squad of dwarves bearing the Frostbeard sigil attacked our Prince, and for that we wish you to honor the terms of the treaty. Not once did you request reparations for this alleged murder of your dwarf. This situation, our ultimatum, is removed entirely from that ordeal. You are making incredible leaps of logic. For all of this, we do not want war. We want justice for our Prince. I hope it can be met."
  6. The runes were never said to be of human origin. In the event summary, it said that the tremors/strange happenings were plaguing human colonists, indicating it is a recently settled area never before inhabited by humans. Adventurers would be collected from densely populated areas to sail out and investigate what is really happening. Hope that clears it up.
  7. Issued by the Crown of Norland ====== Tidings, to stout and Norlander alike. On the 17th of the Sun’s Smile, 1598, our beloved Prince’s life was endangered when a host of Dwarven soldiers attempted to apprehend and slay him. This act of hostility will not be tolerated. As per the Norlandic-Urguan Nonaggression Pact, the Grand Kingdom of Urguan has three elven days to either send one thousand five-hundred mina in reparations or deliver the aggressors unto the Prince Artyom. If these terms cannot be met, we will declare war.
  8. confirmed
  9. I imagine the mechanics/lore of this 'subtype' would be practically the same. if the MAT/LT feel as if it would be better as a subtype, let it be so.
  10. -= GLYPH-BINDING =- The soul stream. Bleak, unforgiving, and unwavering in its resolve. The throes of death enshrine the masses of the world, casting souls into a dark stream to be collected and managed like cattle. To the warriors and saints of Norland, this reality was false entirely. To them, this was not the promised land of Kingdom-come, delivered by the All-father. The falsity aroused anger in the departed souls of the Norlandic legends, igniting the rage that had once pronounced them in their mortal lives. And so an objective was set by the departing souls of the Norlandic ancients. They had to, without uncertainty, resist the tug of the soul stream. The pull was strong and everlasting, the strings on their immortal fabric constantly dragging them towards their inevitable fate; but these ancestors were not alone. Conjoined by their common ancestry and memories, the deceased heroes coalesced and became one in unity to resist the riptide of the soul stream. Amongst this conglomeration of souls reigned the prominent: Thoromir, Vykk, Snow, Thomas. Alas, their personalities and traits were weaved into the fabric of this colossal entity, giving it definition and purpose. This coalesced entity, that which wavers betwixt the mortal realm and the soul stream, have become a meta-deity revered by the Norlandic folk and all who would come to worship the All-Father. REVELATION OF THE ANCESTORS The Norlandic faith and belief hinges on two key aspects: the revered state of awe for the Ancestors and the complete and total worship of the All-Father. To them, the two are conjoined in efforts to further the belief of the Norlandic folk. This meta-deity, now coalesced beyond the mortal plane, is capable of acting as a magic source as any deity would. Though many and strong, these paragons of Norlandic faith are not on par with the transcendent Aenguls and Daemons that have come to influence the world. The combined unity of the Ancestors compromises of the strongest and most fervent of the Norlandic legends, capable in their unwavering faith to resist the soul stream’s pull. These ancestors, however, must constantly be drawn back to the mortal realm to keep their attention and energies transfixed, lest they lose cohesion and break apart into the stream. This can be done in several forms. Be it rising burning incense, chanting their sacred names in battle, or erecting monuments and sacrifices in their names and images. This energizes and revitalizes the tired, tortured souls who must constantly resist against the soul stream and her patron. Furthermore, this opens the link between mortal and ancestor that can allow the transfer of power, or in more simple terms: magic. BINDING GLYPHS Strength is a constantly changing variable for the Ancestral Bloc, waxing and waning like the tides of their eldritch isles. One thing is certain, though: it pales in comparison to the might of true Gods. Though this is a hinderance in of itself, the power of the Ancestors can be gradually channeled into strong spells and glyphs that can rival the strength of other magi. The primary use of the Ancestral Bloc is Glyph-Binding. It involves the imbuement of their power into prepared runes, that which can be activated and used. The technical aspects of imbuing glyphs ensure that the magic is used fairly and without abuse. EMPTY RUNE This is the base for all glyph binding. A rune is prepared with a pure earth material, such as granite or marble. The more pure the substance, the longer the rune shall last, though the increase is minimal. It is the base of which the glyph shall be held. Unlike runesmithing, these meager ‘runes’ are not long lasting whatsoever. Even with a pure and rare base, the rune could not last more than a Saint’s week. Even with disuse, the rune will shatter or crumble once it is incapable of containing the Ancestor’s power. BLOOD GLYPH Hark and beware! Unbridled chaos and destruction is powered through the rune, enabling it with archaic malice to destroy whoever beholds such a terror. The Blood Glyph encompasses destruction, death, and vitality all in one. The Blood Rune activates in a cone (5-7 block radius) in front of itself. Any caught inside it’s medium-sized radius would suffer instant consequences. LIFE GLYPH The All-Father’s will, enabled by the Ancestors, flows through the Life Glyph. This glyph represents growth, life, and nature. Unlike Blood, this Glyph activates in a circle around it (5-7 block radius), affecting life in a targeted, medium radius. POWER GLYPH The warrior’s might, the archer’s dexterity, and the mage’s knowledge are embodied within the Power Glyph. Such a rune drives forth the strength and enablement of whoever is brave enough to wield the glyph. Warriors of yore wield this glyph to strengthen their resolve in battle. CASTING AND CRAFTING Lower skilled ailers in glyph-binding may use single runes. Higher skilled ailers may use double combinations, such as blood-blood to strengthen the use of their spells. The strongest ailers in glyph-binding can mix binded runes to create new spells. All glyph binders are inducted into the art through a secret, undisclosed ritual. First, all uses of the glyphs and their varied effects will be used. Afterwards, the crafting of such glyphs and the varied effects on the ailer will be explained. USES ADVANCED USES CRAFTING The crafting of any one of these glyphs is a complicated process involving skilled glyph-binders and surplus sacrifices. Those who first begin the art of binding glyphs (T1) are inept, tasked with creating empty runes that may be further used. It is only upon further attuning themselves to the Ancestral Bloc that they may bind glyphs to the runes they create. Single glyphs (Blood, Life, Power) require animal sacrifice of clean/pure cattle, such as a spotless cow or white sheep. This sacrifice to the Ancestral Bloc enables the glyph to be bound by the animal’s blood. The same animal’s blood is needed to activate the glyph further on. Double glyphs (Blood-Blood, Life-Power, etc) require the sacrifice of a Descendant, of whose blood is more potent and full of energy than a meager animal. The same Descendant's blood is needed to activate the glyph further on. During said ritual, the sacrifice must be placed in the centre of a circle, flanked by Red Priests of the Norlandic faith on all sides. The rune to be imbued must be placed in front of the sacrifice, ready to be enchanted by the Ancestors above. Only glyph-binders may create glyphs, though any follow of the Red Faith can activate them based on their collective belief and connection to the Ancestral Bloc. CHAOS Whereas many magicks in this world embody grace and beauty, the chaotic art glyph-binding resembles none of these traits. It is a magic born out fierce resistance and enabled through blood sacrifice. There is an eternal uncertainty to the art of channeling foreign magics into your body, and glyph-binding is no exception. Whenever a glyph is made, the binder must make two rolls. One roll for the glyph’s power and one for void-insanity. Each will be explained. Glyph Power The flow of power into the rune is variable to change and fluctuation. A medium roll (8-14) gives cause for a normal glyph with proper levels of potency. A low roll (2-7) gives for a less potent rune, whereas the lowest roll (1) means the failed crafting of the glyph. Anything more than fourteen enables a stronger than average glyph. Ancestral Insanity Pry open the folds to the void and allow the Ancestors to flow through you! The entity of the Ancestral Bloc is ever changing, ever evolving, and ever whispering with thousands of voices motioned into one. The result is the gradual corruption of the mind to whoever who would bind such glyphs. The essence of the Ancestral Bloc intertwines with the mortal mind, befuddling the Ancestors’ experiences with his own. Their voices become his, and eventually his mind is lost to them. Horrific battles and deaths lived by the Ancestors’ become harrowing realities to the glyph-binder, launching him into a reality that is not his own. At the very end, his entire mind becomes lost and is forfeit to the ruinous powers that now inhibit his corpse. Each glyph made adds to the corruption a glyph-binder contains, inevitably advancing to madness. A low roll may cause a sudden blight of sickness and maddening voices, whereas a higher roll gives way for less impact. -= THE ASH GLYPH =- The legend of the Ash Glyph is as ancient as Norland itself. This glyph is uncraftable and thus limited in number, foretold to have been made by the ailers of old. It is held in high regard by the Red Priests and Norlandic elite alike, for its powers have the ability to enhance and destroy any runes it comes in contact with. It has been said to been used by the Norlandic heros of past, disabling cataclysmic destruction wrought by the maddened Red Priests. When used in congruence with any glyph, it either has the chance to completely render the spell null or enhance it beyond comprehensible belief. Once it is used, the Ash Glyph shatters as all other runes do. Those who hold the Ash Glyph stow it away for the greater safety of their land, never to be spoken of or used by the hands of Man lest the situation be dire enough to provoke its use. RED LINES Glyphs can be made only once an IRL day by a binder. A glyph immediately shatters after its use, it cannot be repaired. A glyph’s strength is always second to the original magic. For example, if a blood glyph expunges fire, it will always be weaker than the fire of a similar tiered fire evocationist. One cannot use void magic in congruence with glyph-binding, or vice-versa. The effects of Power Glyphs may not exceed thirty IRL minutes, whereas Blood/Life glyphs last only moments before shattering. Q&A Q: Isn’t this just like runesmithing? A: Not really. These glyphs shatter immediately after use, only last several days (week at max), and is generally weaker than other magic. Furthermore, it requires blood sacrifice. Q: Can others learn this magic, or just Norlanders? A: Those who follow the worship of the Ancestors and the All-Father are capable of learning the magic, as it is derived from the faith. Q: Why doesn’t Aerial hammer-smash the ‘Ancestral Bloc’?: A: Aerial has historically focused on the big players messing with souls, such as Iblees. Their coalition began as a trickle, a few stray souls never arriving in comparison to the hundreds of thousands, even millions of souls frequenting the stream. By the time the Ancestral Bloc had formed, they could resist any incursions upon them. This magic is more for cultural RP than combat based, as all the abilities defined here are weaker than what they are averagely casted as.
  11. [!] A notice is posted around Axios. "Hail! I am buying Tomes of the Fisherman ((nexus)) for high prices! Send a bird to Eirik Haddock to negotiate further." ((Skype: jason.trackter))
  12. Volunteer format MC Name: Treshure Nation(s)/Faction you belong to IC: Norland Time Zone: PST Skype (if applicable): jason.trackter Discord (if applicable): N/A Forum Account Link: https://www.lordofthecraft.net/profile/41786-treshure/ Preferred Method of Contact: Skype/Forums How will you go about assisting new players?: Usually I show them around the city that I reside in/their racial city, passing by the key points of roleplay. I then move on to Nexus and give them a general display of the crafting system. If they can hop on TS/Discord, I talk to them for a bit and shoot the crap on LotC /any other server, just having fun and roleplaying. I try and have new players feel they're apart of something and immerse them into their RP roles.
  13. "Two things mobilize a militant force: desires to defend or desires to go on the offensive. The wood elves are currently under no threat. Likewise, they have zero ambition to conquer new lands. As for crimes, the common vice of violence is not prevalent in wood elven society; rather it is moral degradation that assails them. This is an ambiguous and something taken lightly, nothing to truly motivate a guard force. If none of these variables change, the wood elves will not have an active military."
  14. Every map belongs to a race, right? If humans haven't been done yet, have the next one be inhabited by semi-advanced humans. This would be the introducing plotline for the ancient humans.
  15. Priest of the All-father Norlandic religion. A unique take on organized LotC religion.