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  1. The Knights Of The Burning Castle are a raiding group that raid to conquer minor cities to bring about a new world order. Lead by “The Blood Crown” they work together to overcome any threat. Our current roles are, Knight: These are simply warriors who fight on the battle field in uniform, other than that the live normal lives. Scout: These are a special team of soldiers who’s work is currently unknown. OOC Info we need: Your Minecraft Username (required) and your Discord username (required) In character info: Character name. (required) Former occupation or titles held (if any) Character Race (required)
  2. I dont understand how this works
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    NVM, I just used Arcas lore and I made those changes you wanted...
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    just to be clear do I use Arcas or Atlas lore?
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    Scaldor Elbio Arvad was born to a warrior family. This family thrived in the Arcas Volcanoes and occasionally left for the nearby wooded areas for a more successful hunt, sometimes venturing as far as Lyria and Urguan. Around 14 years ago, Scaldor’s father took him out to hunt in the forest. The two were separated after an attack by a pack of wolves. His father returned to the tents for assistance from his family, but the family was doomed to fall. The volcanoes on which the family decided to pitch their tents, once thought to protect them, erupted; and burned everything to the ground, leaving no trace of the family’s remains. The lonely boy Scaldor was eventually able to find his way back, only to see everything gone. Because of a past dispute over hunting grounds, Scaldor believed the traders from afar had something to do with the volcanoes’ rage, and he grew a great distrust for any leaders or merchants of large settlements. Though young, Scaldor’s hunting skills were quite admirable for his age, and he lived up in the volcanoes for many years, until now. Following the tradition of his people, at the age of eighteen, he began his travels to the faraway lands. May his story continue...
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    Seventeen years ago Aiden Nimrod King was kidnapped by a scientist who wanted to reform the human race killing off the weak and only letting the elite survive to fight off spirits. The project was known as the Active Javelin Ghost Vindicator (or A.J.G.V) Creating fast, efficient Ghost hunters, however the project was shut down after three years of development by an unknown cause. There were fifty-five test subjects and all of them were found dead except for one (No.fifty-five). One of the cells in sector four was broken and all of the scientist were found dead, no evidence as to what the experiments were have been found.
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