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  1. Hello everybody who is reading this message. I'm sorry to say I will be leaving Lord of the Craft for now and hopefully get my life in order. life comes first as does all things. I'm typing this as a sad person who has been through a lot in his life, I used lotc as a tool to escape the struggles of life. I have experienced the loss of loved ones (Aunt) and a mother who hates me for her own reasons, I hate her as well, During my parents divorce must have been roughly the worst three years of my life(being dragged through the dirt of the fights of my parents.., It t
  2. Marianne'a Would be visiting the new Duchess of Eastcliff, thinking to herself how much of a fool Andrew was at leading before he was cast out of Sutica's territory as he was cut down by guards. "His incompetence as a ruler is unprecedented" she'd burst into laughter as she speaks to her newly found friend..
  3. *Marianne'a Visconti would sit at her balcony and let out a faint giggle as she hears the news*
  4. Marianne'a VIsconti, watches over Osanora from her Balcony, upon hearing the news via a letter from a close friend, she'd scoff at the now banished group with a hint of amusement at her thought "Idiots!, lower than the shark Feces scraped off a boats Hull" She'd let out a loud laugh scrapping the letter burning it over a little lamp near her writing desk.
  5. Marianne'a Viscontii Iv 'minister of coin' would nod her head in agreement and raise her hands "Hazaaa!"
  6. I’m back and ready to RP, where shall I start

  7. Frost on a summer day; All I leave behind water That has washed my brush -=Music=- A warm summer day, Toyatomi Ashigawa walks down the path, strolling along he’d cross a bridge, Looking over the water flowing down the stream, He’d see a man approaching, After meeting the man whom was his father, Toyatomi Soon found himself down by the river a few moments later, the time passing by almost instantly seeing his father, the lake, the bridge, all a blur or even an illusion. Toyatomi tried to keep his head clear of all thoughts, but the guilt for that awful da
  8. Robert will hear of this family along his travels, “Ay, might like to meet this family..”
  9. I spent over three grand in South African rands, roughly 300 usd
  10. What about Aeriel? https://wikia.lordofthecraft.net/index.php?title=Aeriel
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